The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Link Lover
Summary: Link wakes up one morning, to a fairy...
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1. The adventure begins by Link Lover

2. The Forest and the Fire by Link Lover

3. The Last stone by Link Lover

4. Awaken, Hero of Time by Link Lover

5. Revelation of the truth by Link Lover

6. Into the fire by Link Lover

7. Water isn't always pure by Link Lover

8. House of the dead by Link Lover

9. Secrets of the Sand by Link Lover

10. Destiny Finally Fufilled by Link Lover

The adventure begins by Link Lover
A long time ago

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Disclaimer: These characters and places etc. belong to
Nintendo, no money is being made through this story! Don't sue me Nintendo!

Author's note: This story is strictly following the lines of Ocarina of Time; if you have not played the game or don't want to know the plot, please don't read this and spoil the game if you intend getting it. Otherwise please enjoy it! :)

The adventure begins

A long time ago . . .

Before life began; before the world had form, three golden goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. They were Din, the goddess of Power, Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the goddess of Courage.

Din with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms that would uphold the law.

These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the golden sacred Triforce. Since then the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrules providence. Where the Triforce stood became the sacred land.

In the vast deep forest of Hyrule the great Deku tree serves as the guardian spirit.

A fairy flew around the Kokiri forest searching for "the boy without a fairy". Seeing a tree house that was unique, she flew towards it only to crash head on into a fence. After shaking herself and regaining her senses, she flew into the house to see a small boy of 10 years, lying on the bed sleeping. She flew around speaking softly trying to rouse the boy from his sleep. "Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy." After some time the boy woke up, stretched and yawned and turned to look at Navi the fairy.

"You finally woke up," she commented.

"Come on, the Great Deku Tree has summoned you, and I'm Navi your fairy partner."

"Mmm, Hmm," Link groaned.

"Well . . . are you getting up or not?" questioned Navi.

" Ok."

Link hopped off the bed and walked through the doorway onto the balcony. Outside Saria was running down to greet Link.

"Yahoo! Hi Link," she cried.

Link walked down the ladder and walked over to Saria.

"Hi Saria," Link said quite cheerfully.

"Oh wow Link, a fairy partner finally came to you; that's great, now you're a real Kokiri, I'm so happy for you."

" I'm sorry Saria, I've got to go, the Great Deku Tree has summoned me."

" Really? Wow that's amazing; it's a real honour to talk to the Great Deku Tree . . . well you'd better get going, I'll wait here for you."

"Thanks Saria, See you later."

Link ran towards the Great Deku Tree's meadow. Jumping on the stepping stones in the pond he reached the other side and came face to face with none other than Mido, the Kokiri bully.

" Hey, what do you want Mr. No fairy?" said Mido, nastily looking down his nose at Link, even though Link was slightly taller than he was.

"Mido, I need to get past; the Deku Tree has summoned me."

"Really, well first you need a fairy. Without one you're not a real man . . . Ok so you've got a fairy but you still need a sword and shield first."

"You haven't got them yet."

"What? Yeah I know I haven't . . . yet. Now get out of here!"

Link walked off and talked to some of the other Kokiri, then he headed to the training centre. Once he got there he crouched down and made his way into a small tunnel and out through the other end. After dodging the huge rolling boulder he found a chest and opened it and inside was . . . The Kokiri's sword.

"Ok I've got the sword but now I need a shield."

"Why don't you try the shop?" suggested Navi.

So Link collected a load of about 50 rupees and walked into the shop and bought the Deku shield. He walked out and over to Mido.


"What do you want now?"

" I told you, you need a sword and shield . . . WHAT! Where did you get the Kokiri's sword, how come you get to be the favourite of Saria and the Great Deku Tree . . . to me you will never be a true Kokiri, I will never accept you as one of us."

"Whatever . . . can I go through now?" Link was beginning to get frustrated.

"Yeah, but even with all that stuff a wimp is still a wimp huh?"

Link rolled his eyes.

"GOOD GRIEF!" exclaimed Mido, as he grumbled and moved to let Link pass.

Link ran down the passage and met the Deku Tree. They talked, Link entered and finally reached Gohma.

The huge one-eyed spider dropped down from the ceiling and raised up in front of Link; it moved towards Link but Link stood fast. The creature raised up again and its eye turned red. As this happened, Link pulled out the Fairy Slingshot and aimed it. The creature collapsed as its eye was hit with a Deku seed; Link ran across and slashed it about 5 times. Gohma jumped up again and climbed up onto the ceiling and ran across it; Link didn't take his eyes off the creature and its eye turned red again. As it did he fired another Deku seed and the creature fell to the floor. He ran across to the creature and slashed it another 5 times and that was all it took. Gohma reared up, collapsed to the floor and dissolved as bits fell off it, making it look like it was dying of Leprosy. Link collected a heart container and walked into the blue light, which transported him to in front of the Deku tree.

After a long talk the Kokiri's Emerald was handed over to Link and Link left the Deku tree behind after it had died. The Deku Tree's last words were,

"The future depends upon thee Link, thou art courageous."

Link left the forest and found Saria standing on the bridge in the lost woods. She spoke to him quietly, sadly then gave him an Ocarina to remember her by. Link ran out to Hyrule field without saying goodbye and Saria watched him until he was out of sight.

The sun rose high above Link's head as he made his way across Hyrule field; as he ran up a small hill and looked into the distance, he saw the walls of a market town. He scanned the rest of the field seeing a building not to far away to his left, what it was though he couldn't place because the walls rose high around it and the only thing visible was a house. He looked to his right and saw a river and mountain; the river was flowing quickly into the castle. He turned round and looked behind him and felt a strong urge to run back to the forest, everything was so new to him, he was frightened and alone. The only companion he had was Navi the fairy, who had flown down and was settled in Link's tunic. He turned around and faced the castle and started to run towards it, knowing that if he stopped, his emotions and homing instincts would lead him back to the forest; and after the Deku tree died and everyone except Saria thought he did it, he couldn't go back. Besides he had a job to do.

As he ran across Hyrule field he realised what he had missed out on all these years. Hyrule field was so beautiful. The rabbits dashed across it and nibbled on the green grass, birds swooped overhead calling loudly to each other, butterflies flitted from one flower to the other and lowered their wings to show off their colourful patterns. The sky was clear, bright and blue with huge white fluffy clouds like cotton wool piercing it. "Enough of the day dreaming," Link thought, "I've got to get to the castle." He ran on and it began to turn night so he quickened his pace. As he did, the sun sank behind the castle sending brilliant colours of pink, red, orange and purple shooting through the sky. A long piercing wolf howl hung in the air, the sun sank and the bright, white full moon rose into the night air, crisp, sharp and clear. The drawbridge raised up and Link was left standing on Hyrule field. Then the soil started being churned up and out popped two stalchilds with glowing red eyes.

One took a swing at Link but he dodged the attack easily, he retaliated and hit it twice and it crumpled and disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. He did the same with the other and after what seemed like an eternity of fighting stalchilds, the cuccos crowd loudly signalling the start of a new day.

The drawbridge lowered once again and Link ran inside to the new market town.

The market was filled with people and cheerful music filled the air. After talking to several people, Link noticed a young girl about the same age as him. He walked over to her; she had ginger, silky hair and light blue eyes. She wore a simple dress, cream in colour with blue patterns around the bottom and sleeves, also a yellow tie was around her neck pinned in place with a brooch representing a creature's head called Bowser. He spoke to her and she explained that her father was the owner of Lon Lon ranch and that he had gone to the castle to deliver milk and that she was waiting for him. Link continued on his way towards the castle.

He ran up to the gate and realised the guards wouldn't let some little kid in just because a tree sent him. So he turned around and tried to find another way. He walked round the corner and saw some vines, climbing up them and then running and jumping off the mound wasn't a good idea because one of the guards saw him, seized him roughly and threw him out of the grounds. Returning to the vines Link thought to try again. As he reached the vines he saw Malon standing there, she said her father still hadn't returned and Link offered to go and look for him since he was going to the castle anyway. Malon thanked him and gave him an egg. Later as Link crept passed the guards it turned to night and faded into day again he dived into the moat swam until he found a little embankment and climbed out. He saw a little drainage hole, which was just big enough for him to squeeze through.

In front was the sleeping talon Malon's father as Link neared him the egg hatched and a cucco was born. He brought the cucco out. It crowed and woke the sleeping Talon. He sat up startled but when Link explained about Malon, he jumped up and was away. Link noticed the 2 crates and pushed them so one was on top of the other. He climbed the jumped through the drain and into the castle gardens. After sneaking past the guards he saw an archway and walked cautiously through it.

Standing on a platform was a girl the same age as him wearing a long pink and blue dress. Link walked towards her and spoke, she turned around and started asking questions about the spiritual stones and then about how Ganondorf wishes to claim the Triforce. After about 10 minutes she finished, Link left her and walked up to Impa and she led him out of the castle onto Hyrule field…

The Forest and the Fire by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Forest and the Fire

The midnight sky glittered with stars as the grey clouds parted. The round, bone white moon rose overhead and traced the hills, and reflected in the mirror-like river creating the illusion it had fallen from the heavens. A Kokiri boy ran across the green grass as he headed for the ranch he had heard so much about. The moonlight shone down on the land highlighting everything and creating shadows that danced on the earth underneath the stars.

Two creatures, not monsters and yet not human, followed the young boy. They weren’t dangerous or hideously mutated, just the simple frames of what appeared to be children. They rose up from the centre of the earth at night, wanting revenge though they didn’t know why; hunting down innocent people, just because they, the stalchildren were the wandering souls of the children who lost their lives in the great war, just over 10 years ago. The Kokiri stopped running, tired and fed up; he turned to face the stalchildren as they closed in, they would fight though they didn’t stand a chance against the young warrior. He flung the wooden shield onto his arm, and drew the Kokiri’s sword from the scabbard on his back. The cool, steel blade shimmered in the silver moonlight. Before the skeletons even had a chance to attack the boy swung at them with his sword, they dropped to the ground and faded into the soil. The moon sank behind the wall, pink shards of light shot in to the sky and a cucco crowed loudly to announce daybreak.

Link ran up the slope and into the ranch. Two buildings stood on either side of him, one wooden, one brick. He walked to the right and into the stable. He gazed around; two cows mooed loudly in the left corner of the stable while all the other stalls remained empty. Link then spotted a man with thick brown bushy eyebrows and a moustache to match. Link walked over to him and mustered the courage to speak to him while the man ignored him and continued to grumble.

" Excuse me," Link managed to say. The man looked down and stared at him angrily.

"What do you want?" he snapped.

" Is something wrong, because you seem a bit annoyed?"

"It’s none of your business kid!"

Link opened his mouth to speak but the man was already speaking.

" It’s none of your business, but I, the hard working Ingo, am stuck in here piling horse crap into a bucket whereas that lazy bum Talon just sleeps. I should be in control of this ranch, not him."

"Uh, yeah," Link said as he backed away from Ingo slowly, and side-stepped to the door trying to get as far away from Ingo as possible.

" Touchy," said Link to Navi when they got outside.

"Very!" Navi replied.

They walked on to the main part of the ranch and headed for the area with a fence around it. Inside he saw the girl from the other day, Malon. Her red hair seemed to be glowing in the sunshine. She was gently rocking from left to right while singing a tune. A brown foal stood next to her, glossy coated, ears pricked, scraping the ground with its hoof and occasionally rearing up and neighing. Link walked up to Malon.

"Hi," he said.

She looked at him and then she remembered.

"Oh hi, you’re the fairy boy from the other day."

Link rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, that’s me."

"Thank you for all your help the other day, I really appreciate it."

"That’s Ok, I was glad to help… no offence but is your dad always that lazy?"

" Every single day" Malon sighed.

Link chuckled slightly; the foal who was standing next to Malon neighed and backed away from Link..

" Oh, by the way this is my friend Epona," Malon gestured to the foal, "isn’t she adorable?"

"Uh, yeah she’s lovely."

Epona reared up and galloped off.

"Oh fairy boy, it seems Epona is afraid of you…"

After some time Malon finally taught Link Epona’s song. He thanked her and walked away. After going into the house, playing Talon’s game and winning a bottle of Lon Lon milk, Link set off towards Kakariko.

Navi flew overhead to get a better view of the village as Link reached the top of the steps that led up to Kakariko. He bent down and rested his hands on his knees to get his breath back.

"Come on Link…we haven’t got all day."

"I’m coming."

As usual Link talked to a few people in the village. He overheard however, about a secret in the graveyard so he headed up there.

As usual grey clouds were billowing overhead, there was no sound, apart from the whipping winds and swaying grass; there was just silence creating an eerie and dramatic setting. Link shivered as the cold wind chilled his bare legs and arms.

"Man, this place is really creepy," he commented.

"Well, it is a graveyard. Dead people are buried here so it’s supposed to be creepy you retarded idiot."

"No need to snap" Link sighed and shivered once again.

"Will you quit shivering, you’re annoying me."

"Well I’m so sorry, you’d be shivering if you only had a tunic on… oh and you can talk!" he retorted.

He walked up the path and read the stone with inscriptions on it. After a while he turned up the path and walked towards the back, ignoring the kid that was waving a stick about. He reached the large gravestone at the back and it began to rain. He glanced down and saw a Triforce symbol.

"Link, Link look down here!"

Link ignored Navi.

"Aren’t you even listening?"

"Not really, and I’m not blind. I can see the symbol."

"I know, I just wanted to annoy you."

Link thought what to do next and muttered something along the lines of, "I was better off without a fairy, damn Deku tree."

An idea suddenly popped into his head and Link brought the Ocarina to his lips. He gently played Zelda’s lullaby…

The rain grew harder and lightning streaked across the sky, thunder roared in the distance. Navi glanced at Link’s blue eyes and saw them wide with wonder, amazement and fear. A lightning bolt crashed straight into the gravestone, causing it to break apart and making Link fall to the floor and cry out. Link got up and brushed himself off.

"You wuss," Navi commented. "You’re gonna be in trouble now, ha ha!"

"You could be a little more helpful and reassuring you know" Link stuck his tongue out at Navi .

He stepped forward and jumped down the hole.

Coldness settled around Link. He glanced around and out of the corner of his eye saw two Keese settled at the end of the passage. He inched closer to them and they stirred slightly. Navi the fairy flew to the Keese giving Link a better aim.

After killing a few Keese and being very careful so as not to tread on any bones, Link walked forwards to the next room. In here there were pools of what looked like green slime, with green steam floating up to the ceiling; in each corner of the room were tall brown shapes that looked human, but couldn’t possibly be alive. Then it hit Link, these were the living dead that the voices around the tomb had been warning him about. These zombies were the Redeads. As Link walked down the passage a pungent odour hung around getting stronger with each step he took. It smelled like rotting flesh; Link stepped into the room and the smell became overpowering, he quickly covered his mouth with his hand and hunched over. After a few minutes he stood back up straight and carried on walking. The Redeads stirred so Link started to tiptoe past them. He kept a distance away from the first one but it wasn’t far enough, it turned around and Link froze. It moaned quietly and he looked it in the eyes… or at least where the eyes should have been . . . All that was there were two round black holes. A terrified scream of a woman, long and piercing filled the room. Link tried to move away but his legs wouldn’t move; they seemed to be stuck to the ground and during those few seconds that Link realised it, the Redead dashed around the back of him and bit for all it was worth. Suddenly all Link knew was immense pain. He screamed and sank to the ground and the Redeads fangs sank further into his neck.

When it finally let go Link dashed across the room and through the narrow passageway. He stopped on the little path between the green slime pools. He panted and put his hand on the painful wounds on the back of his neck. Navi would usually be cynical at these times but was too concerned about Link. She knew that this was one of the major things that he had encountered so far though there would be worse.

"Link… are you alright?" She whispered quietly with noticeable concern in her voice

In between his whimpering Link managed to say that he would be OK.

After a couple of minutes Link stood up and walked up to the large slab of upright stone at the back. He read a poem made for the royal family about a certain song.

"The rising sun will eventually set

A new-born’s life will fade

From sun to moon, moon to sun

Giving peaceful rest to the Living dead"

After learning the Sun’s song, Link noticed a small sentence

"Restless souls wander where they don’t belong

Bring them calm with the Sun’s Song"

After walking out of the tomb Link and Navi returned to the forest. When he reached there all the Kokiri told him that Saria was waiting for him in the usual spot. He headed for the Lost Woods and made his way left, right, straight ahead it just so happened that Kaporea Gaborea was waiting for Link. After a few minutes of talking the owl flew off and Link, even though he was only ten swore until his heart was content.

"That f***king owl, next time it comes I’ll rip it’s head off, that bastard is going to pay dearly the little twerping mother f**ker, I’m sure that all that’s in there is crap and s**t,"

"You're pissed off" Navi commented

Link shot her a sinister glance and she back off, slightly scared. As Link continued to walk deeper into the forest he muttered cruel and unusual ways that he was going to kill the owl. The pair walked into the clearing and saw a gate in front of them. Link walked up to it and as he did so a huge grey Wolfos appeared from the grass. Link quickly finished the Wolfos off and his anger made him stronger. The gate dropped and Link gathered up the few Rupees that were left behind and made his way into the maze. After about 1 hour Link made his way up the steps at the end of the maze. After killing the Deku scrubs he headed up the steps in front of him. When he saw who was sitting on the tree stump, however, his anger diminished instantly.

A smile drew itself on to Link’s face, Saria was there…

"Hi Saria"

Saria recognised that voice immediately she looked up and talked to Link for a while before teaching him her song.

" Whenever you want to hear my voice play Saria’s song"

Link once again headed across Hyrule field. Looking at the bright moon while the Stalchilds crept behind him his thoughts wandered back to the royal family’s tomb. He shook his head and headed back to Kakariko, when he reached the village, it had turned to day. He found all the Cucco Lady’s chickens, received another bottle, filled it with milk and headed to the gate at the bottom of Death Mountain. When he handed the guard the letter he read it, briefly looked at Link and burst into hysterics. Link glared at the guard and he quickly stopped laughing and opened the gate. Link took care of the Tektites as he headed up the winding slope. At about half way up Link noticed a large boulder, he looked at the rock next to it… or what appeared to be a rock as he walked towards it popped open and revealed itself to be a Goron. It spoke to him, Link felt a bit weird even though he realised that he was talking to a person and not a rock but he still felt uncomfortable. He carried on up the slope, dodging the rolling Goron and headed into Goron City.

This place was huge there were layers and layers of what appeared to be what looked like streets. In the middle was a large vase with three Goron faces on each with different expressions. He decided not to take the steps but rather to run to the edge and jump to the bottom. When he reached the bottom he spoke to a Goron who explained about the Dodongo’s, thus the food shortage and how the big brother Darunia, had locked himself in his room and would remain in there until he heard from the Royal family. Link had another idea and stepped up to the stone door and played Zelda’s lullaby. The door slowly raised

"Wow!" exclaimed Link " I didn’t expect that to work"

He walked in to see a very large and angry Goron, who he supposed, was Darunia. Link spoke to him, after some time Darunia finally stopped ranting. Link thought "Goron’s like the music coming from the shortcut to the lost woods, which is Saria’s song so maybe if I play that for him I’ll get something good" Link played Saria’s song and waited… after about 3 seconds Darunia started to dance madly, Navi joined in bouncing up and down, Link slowly backed away slightly to avoid getting hit (Check the game he really does back off). After the song had run it’s course Darunia stopped dancing and handed Link the Goron bracelet. Link spoke to Darunia once again.

"Destroy the creatures in the cavern and prove you’re a real man" was all he said. Link walked out of the room, Up to the top level and out of Goron City. He headed to the right picked up a bomb flower and threw it… It hit the boulder and blew it apart revealing the way into Dodongo’s Cavern. Link jumped of the cliff and rolled in to the Cavern. He blew up the next door and quickly scanned the main room. After about 6 hours of running around being burnt, blistered ,hit ,bitten, blown up and everything else that was possible there Link reached the final room. The one good side, was that he found a bomb bag with twenty bombs in it, meaning Link was happy that he could now be a vandal and blow everything up. He was wondering what to do next when he thought he may as well have a bit of fun being a vandal and blow something up (told you didn’t I). He stepped forward placed a bomb in the middle of the room and stepped back, it blew up and revealed a square hole in the floor.

"Cool" Link exclaimed and he opened the chest behind it to stock up on more bombs. He jumped down the hole and landed in a large chamber with a huge lava pool in the middle. He turned around quickly at the sound of a roar, and saw a huge Dodongo standing in front of him. He switched to the Hylian shield immediately as it rolled past. Maybe using some bombs or something will help thought Link. King Dodongo opened his mouth, taking in air and as he did Link ran forwards threw a bomb in his mouth and backed off. The bomb exploded and to his surprise the Dodongo fell to the ground. Link ran forwards and hit it with his sword.

He repeated this process 3 more times… Dodongo curled up into a ball lost his balance and rolled into the lava pit where he died. Link picked up the heart container and was transported outside. Darunia dropped down in fornt of him, made Link his sworn brother and gave him the spiritual stone of fire (the Goron’s ruby) and a broken back. Darunia called three other Gorons to give Link a hug but luckily Link got away.

The Last stone by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Last Stone

The bright sun shone down from overhead, a small figure clad in green climbed the mountain, dodging the huge lumps of falling rock. He reached a far wall and looked up. He brought his head back down and closed his eyes. A wolf howl echoed through the land as the sun sank and the moon rose up into the sky. Scaling the massive wall the figure reached the top as he did so a large shadow of a bird moved as the owl stretched its wings. A bright red light came from a passage as the boy approached a blistering heat surged form the passage. A stone wall that seemed to have been made caught the boy’s eye as the moonlight shone on it…

Link neared the stone wall and wondered, he took out a bomb and placed it next to the wall, hoping that something might happen. He had seen other walls like this down the mountain and had heard the noise of a gold Skultula coming from within one of them so they must be hollow. A large crash pulled Link out of his daydream. In front of him was a large black hole. He walked cautiously towards it and ran through with his sword drawn…

He entered the great fairy’s fountain and gazed around in wonder, the walls seemed not to be walls, but sheets of colourful water blue and purple falling gently to the floor. The soft music floated around the room and combined with the effects of the "walls" it created a harmonic balance. Link felt perfectly at peace in the great fairy’s fountain. He look towards the front of the fountain and saw why it was called a fountain. In front of him was a path of white tiles which led up to a bath like fountain a small step had the Triforce painted on it in gold and two tall pillars topped with flames burnt on either side of it. He walked slowly up to it, his boots not even making a sound. He stood on the Triforce and looked up the top of the fountain stretched up into infinity. Bringing his head back down he noticed that at the back of the fountain was a band of purple and blue that represented a rainbow. He took out the ocarina and raising it to his lips played Zelda’s Lullaby. A small woman jumped out of the fountain growing larger as she circled. She was beautiful, a true fairy. Her hair was long and red- slightly tainted pink. Her body was covered with nothing more than vines, which seemed to form a kind of bathing suit. The only other thing she wore was dark brown knee-high boots. Her fingernails were painted the same colour as her hair as were her lips. She had a kind and gentle voice. As Link stood before her he gazed at her, slightly overwhelmed by her. She taught him a new sword technique and allowed him to use magic. She then disappeared back down into the pool with a laugh. Link walked out of the fountain and the sun hit him full in the face. He looked up at the owl, which flapped around and Link took hold of his talons.

The owl carried him down to Kakariko village on top of Impa’s house. He rolled his shoulders, travelling by means of holding on to an owl’s talons was not exactly practical or comfortable. Link jumped down onto the wicker ledge above the cucco lady’s chicken pen. He walked through a small door and found himself in a cage with a cow. He collected the heart container, turned around and left. Link jumped down into the pen and slowly walked out of Kakariko village as he contemplated what to do next. He finally decided to go and see Zelda again and tell her he had got the second stone, slipping past the guards he sought out Zelda in the usual spot of the courtyard. When Zelda had finished talking to Link he still had only a vague idea of where to go. Navi helpfully flew out of his tunic.

"I wonder if Saria knows where the last spiritual stone is"

Link thoughtfully looked up at Navi. When Link had been escorted out of the castle by Impa, Navi reminded Link.

"Saria may know where the last spiritual stone is," Navi hinted

" But I don’t want to walk all the way across Hyrule field to the forest then find out I have to go far away" Link complained

"Then use Saria’s song, you know she’s always there for you"

" Navi, sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you"

After using Saria’s song and finding out where they had to go next, Link and Navi travelled to Zora’s river when they found non other than that pesky owl Kaepora Gaebora. As Link approached him he spoke talking about how he had grown a little. After the usual talk the owl took to the skies again. Bursting his way through the boulders that stood at the gate to Zora’s river, Link walked to see a fairly fat, bald man sitting on the floor and throwing something out of a brown sack into his mouth.

Link then found out the man was selling "magic" beans. After buying a couple of pieces he jumped over the river with the help of a nearby chicken. After travelling through the twist and turns of the river Link came to his goal.

Two pieces of land were joined to the walls either side of the conclave and they hung in mid-air. Behind these criss-crossing strips there was a huge flowing waterfall. He walked to the top piece of land and saw a kind of plague on the ground. He read it, it turned out this was a "sleepless" waterfall, also known as slumber falls. When the king slept so did the waterfall. Link knew what to do.

"Oh, this is sooo easy" he commented.

Bringing his Ocarina to his lips he softly played the tune Zelda’s lullaby. The waterfall slowed and revealed a passageway. Link jumped over the gap and entered Zora’s domain.

Link had to admit this place was beautiful. A large waterfall gushed into a large pool. There were large pieces of rock jutting out of the water. One flat piece acted as a platform. The rest of the domain was made out rock.

Link followed the path and found himself walking up a set of steps into a room, with a large Zora sitting on a ledge. The sign said that this was King Zora. Link walked onto a platform and talked to the king. It turned out that his daughter, princess Ruto, had gone missing. It was said that Ruto was a "wild tomboy".

" Not another one" Link said aloud

" What?" the king asked

"Oh… nothing," Link replied innocently

Link walked down a narrow passage where he could hear a loud gushing noise. He slid down the wall, sighed, and sat in the water that covered the floor.

"What was that ‘ not another one’ business about?" asked Navi

" The two princesses’ in Hyrule are said to be tomboys, you would think at least one of them would be regal," he replied.

He got up and found that the gushing sound was the large waterfall he had seen earlier. A tall, slim Zora stood nearby. Link got a good look at him. He, like the other Zora’s was tall and slim. He (or she) was pale, almost white but had a blue tint to his skin, on the large tail that grew from his head were hexagonal scales that were turquoise and blue. His skin was wet and made him shimmer. He had fins growing of his arms and thighs and his eyes were small and black. What sex he/she was though Link couldn’t tell as there was nothing to go by. This was just as well anyway since they didn’t wear any clothes at all. Link approached him and as he did so the Zora asked him, if he wanted to play the diving game, Link gave his consent and dived off the waterfall. There was a sharp stinging pain as Link hit the water but he quickly got over it as he scooped up a rupee. He had a fairly long amount of time so he came up for air and dived down to collect another rupee. Link continued this sequence until he had collected all the rupees. The Zora who was watching called out to him when he had finished. Link quickly ran up to him and got a silver scale. He then dived off the waterfall and down into a hole he had seen before. He was instantly taken to Lake Hylia, one of the main watering points in Hyrule. Many people came hear in the summer months to play seen as there were no pools anywhere else and nearly nobody could get into Zora’s domain.

As Link floated in the water he took a good look around. Tall walls surrounded the lake and there were a few waterfalls to his right, which originated from the Gerudo valley. In the centre of the lake was a round island with a fairly large and dead tree standing on it. He could also vaguely make out a small kind of gravestone and a platform with a picture of the Triforce and some other pattern on it. A series of two small but sturdy rope bridges connected to it. These came up to the land next to a large cream coloured building with a purple roof, which was the lakeside laboratory. Tall funnels and platforms came out of this. On the land behind him were two patches of earth with a scarecrow in them.. And then there was the fishing pond. After diving and getting a bottle with a message in it, Link planted a magic bean, did a spot of fishing and returned to Zora’s domain. Taking the message in a bottle with him Link returned to Zora’s Domain and ran up to King Zora’s throne room.

After reading the message King Zora insisted that Link should go and rescue Ruto. He slowly moved aside and Link ran through the passage to the right and entered Zora’s fountain. Navi scanned the area though it wasn’t very large. Just in front of him was the huge fish, Jabu Jabu. He snatched up a fish in the nearby pool and entered the fish by route of the mouth. After finding the princess Ruto and defeating Barnicade, Link received the last spiritual stone off Ruto. Link was puzzled by the fact that Ruto wanted to marry him.

"Hey Link, we should go to the castle and see Princess Zelda" Navi stated

" Yeah, Ok there’s something I’ve got to do first though"

After learning Farore’s wind off the Great Fairy, Link headed across Hyrule field to the castle.

When Link neared the castle he noticed that the sky had darkened and the drawbridge hadn’t been lowered for day. He stood at where the drawbridge should lower and to his amazement it did. A stunning white horse with a grey mane and tail ran past him. It’s riders to his dismay were Zelda and Impa. Zelda turned around threw something in the moat and turned back around facing the front of the horse. No sooner than she had disappeared than another rider and horse appeared. But this was Ganondorf. He stared down at Link menacingly.

"Hey you there, Kid"

Link stared into the Gerudo’s eyes stubbornly as he patronised him.

" That white horse that just ran by, which way did it go? You must have seen"

When Link didn’t answer he said " Do you think you can protect them from me?"

Link drew the Kokiri’s sword and took the shield from his back to buy Impa and Zelda some time to get away.

"You want apiece of me? Very funny" Ganon laughed. He brought up his left hand. It was then that Link noticed, aside from the fact that he was a sorcerer and male, that Ganondorf was different from other Gerudo’s by the fact he had green skin. A huge white light formed in Ganon’s hand, it then shrank and turned yellow and then purple. He brought his hand back and hurled the energy at Link, knocking him back a couple of feet.

" Do you know who I am?" Questioned Ganon

"I am the great Ganondorf and soon the ruler of this miserable land," He said before Link could reply.

With that he took off and headed out of sight and into the darkness. Link watched as he ran off then slowly climbed to his feet groaning at the pain in his stomach. The sky stayed dark but Link was more concerned about the object that Zelda had thrown in the moat. He dived in the water and quickly retrieved the blue object. As soon as he had brought it up to the surface a memory came to him.

Zelda was standing in front of the altar in the Temple of Time clutching something against her chest. She said something but turned around and brought the Ocarina to her lips and played the Song of Time. The memory of this tune was just as real as if it had just been played. Link brought the same Ocarina up to his lips and played the song perfectly.

After he had learned the song he ran into the town got Din’s Fire off the great fairy and ran in to the temple of Time. He glanced around the huge building there were small windows up high but they filtered bright sunlight through. He walked forward and stood on the red carpet before the altar. An inscription on the altar read "He who holds three spiritual stones stand here with the Ocarina of time and play the song of Time" Link took at the blue Ocarina and played the song of time…





Awaken, Hero of Time by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time part 4

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time part 4

Awaken, Hero of time

The legendary blade, The Master Sword, stood on it's own in the small circular room. The one window poured a ray of light into the room illuminating it just enough to let the evil-destroying sword, glint in the sparse light.

Slowly a thin ray of bright light entered the room and began to broaden, the Door of Time, was opening for the first time in millenniums. A young, Kokiri boy of about 10 years stood at the altar and watched in wonder as the door opened. The door stopped resting fully open and the young boy walked up the stone steps. He stood in front of the short passage, his blue eyes, full of determination and wonder. He took a step, paused and took another step. His mind raced with thoughts, he peered into the dark room. He took a few more steps and his boots echoed as he walked down the passage.

The blue light that was the fairy, Navi, flew forwards and gazed at the sword and said "It's that legendary blade..... The Master Sword"

The Kokiri ran forward and drew level with the fairy. He boldly walked forward up the steps and up to the pedestal that held the sword. He gazed around the room, then his eyes focused on the sword, he shivered as thought of Ganondorf, and as he did a cold breeze blew through the room, lifting his blonde hair slightly. He took a deep breath, he knew there was no going back now. He reached up and gripped the hilt of the sword tightly with both hands. He stepped up onto the pedestal. The boy's muscles tensed, using all his strength he pulled the sword upwards. A bright blue light surrounded him and the fairy, then reached up to the ceiling. As it did the boy's vision grew hazy, everything went black.

He fainted


"Link…The chosen one … wake up Link"

The boy named Link opened his eyes, and looked around to see, not the Temple of Time, but a room which seemed to reach into infinity. Several platforms stood around him, floating in the air. It seemed that water was pouring of them and round rays of light shot through each one.

He himself was standing on a large platform. Around the edges were symbols, which represented a medallion. There were six in all each different colours with engravings on them. There was a green one, blue, red, orange, purple and lastly a yellow one.

In the middle of these was the symbol of the Triforce, which Link was standing on. Link looked at the yellow medallion to see a man. He had a white beard and wore long robes with detailed patterns interwoven in them.

" I am Rauru, Sage of Light" said the man

The man continued talking for a while about the Triforce and such then when Link said he understood his own destiny to save Hyrule the man said "Link, do not be alarmed but look at yourself"

Link looked down to see that his clothes and body had changed. Now instead of seeing a small boy’s body, he saw a fully-grown Hylian man, he had broad shoulders, a slim waist and powerful, muscular arms and legs. His faced had changed too, although he obviously couldn’t see he had lost all the soft contours of a child’s face and his face was mature, his eyes were a deeper blue and his bright blonde hair was longer. He was very handsome and although he didn’t know it, he would be very attractive to the ladies. His clothes were different too, albeit only slightly, he wore the same style tunic only underneath he wore a pair of white leggings and a tight white shirt.

The man named Rauru continued talking, interrupting the young man’s thoughts. He was finally transported back into the Temple of Time, he made to leave but then sensed something behind him….. He quickly drew the Master Sword, and turned around to face… a young man about the same age as him. He had blonde hair and red eyes, but he couldn’t see the rest of his face as it was covered with a white ripped cloth, which extended down to his waist. He wore a blue bodysuit and a white turban on his head. Link also noticed he bandages wrapped around his fingers and chest, there was a mystery about him and he reminded Link of Impa, Zelda’s nursemaid. Not being able to see his face fully made Link uneasy, and he was sure he had seen the symbol on the man’s chest somewhere before.

" I am Shiek, survivor of the Shiekah" he told Link. He continued talking for a little while.

The evil has infected the temples. You will find the sages in the temples :

One in a deep forest

One on a high mountain,

One under a vast lake,

One within the house of the dead

One inside a goddess of the sand

"As I see you standing there, with the mythical Master sword you really do look like the legendary Hero who is destined to save Hyrule.

He then told Link that he was not equipped to enter the first temple. He told him to head for Kakariko village to get what he needed.

Link walked out of the Temple of Time, the sky was dark, full of purple and blacks. Death Mountain had a bright cloud of fire around it. He walked into the town.

The sight before him was sickening, redeads wandered around the dilapidated town. He ran past them quickly as they let out their moans. He quickly ran down the path that led out of the town. He walked into the building to his left and talked to the Cyclops inside.

After being seriously freaked out by what it had said he ran towards Lon Lon ranch, as he ran away from the castle walls the sky brightened and then darkened as he approached the ranch. He read the sign nearby which used to state about Lon Lon ranch, now it read:

The Great Ingo’s

Ingo Ranch ahead.

Link ran up the slope and into the ranch, the sky was dark now but the ranch didn’t seem to have changed. Link entered the stable and was shocked to see a young woman, the same age as him staring sadly at the ground as she grasped a bucket with both hands. She had bright ginger hair and blue eyes : it was Malon. Link approached her walking quietly. When he was a few feet away from her he spoke

"Excuse me," As Link spoke he noticed his voice was deeper than when he was a child. It was now deep and soft. The woman looked up as Link walked towards her more. She smiled softly but in her eyes there was a sadness and anxiousness.

"Oh, It’s been a while since we’ve had visitors."

"Why?" Link questioned

Malon answered him, ending up in tears over the emotions inside and her worry about her father who had been kicked out of the ranch.

Link walked outside and towards the enclosed area in the middle to see if there was anything he could do. Standing at the entrance to the fenced area was none other than Ingo dressed very smartly. Link approached him and noticed that there were gates up, which were closed. On the passage between the house and stable there were small gates as well.

Link glanced in the field and saw a brown horse standing in the middle, it was Epona. After paying Ingo ten rupees Link stepped into the field and called Epona over to him with Epona’s song. The horse was about sixteen hands high, chestnut in colour with a white mane and tail. Her ears and nose were black as were part of her legs, which finished off white. On her face was a white diamond right between her eyes, which dotted into three white spots. Link climbed up onto her back and rode her around the field, jumping over the fences. He talked to Ingo who challenged him to a race with a wager of 50 rupees. The first round Link beat Ingo with ease Epona was easy to control and the fastest horse in Hyrule. The second round wasn’t as easy but it wasn’t a challenge either.

After winning Epona, the young man headed to Kakariko as Shiek had told him. As he approached the village after going up the steps he noticed the sky had darkened just as it had when he was standing by Hyrule castle and when he went to Lon Lon Ranch. He walked to the entrance to see that there was no ‘clock’ soldier. He walked through the entrance and saw the two young men that always fought with each other standing underneath the tree, fighting. The music that filled the village when he was a child was still playing but it sounded different somehow. It was the same tune but it seemed saddened and slower. He noticed that the frame that had once been the beginning of a building was now complete and was the shooting gallery in which Link had once practised his slingshot skills. He walked past the well and noticed it was empty, but the cucco lady still stood by her pen. Link walked into the graveyard and into Dampe the gravediggers hut. It was cold and musty in here but he read his diary anyway. It said something about a kind of treasure.

He walked outside and up to the first row of graves. Each of them was dedicated to common people such as the ones who lived in Kakariko and Hyrule castle town. At the end of the first row there was no sign of a ‘Dampe’ anywhere. The last name Link had read had been a ‘Sigon’ it mentioned the father and when ‘Sigon’ had been born and died but nothing more. This grave was of no interest to Link, although he did silently pay his respects as he looked down at it. Link walked up to the row on the side and read the first gravestone he saw, it read:

‘Here lies Dampe the grave keeper. Born? Died? May he rest in peace.’

The grave was no different from the others apart from the fact it had small flowers in front of it. He walked round to the back of the grave and pulled it back revealing a small square hole. He jumped down and found the bright ghost of Dampe hover above the ground. After speaking to the ghost he ran after it through the twists and turns of the maze. At the end after he had caught up with Dampe he spoke to him again and a chest appeared. He opened it to find the hookshot. He walked to a small exit at the back of the small, damp part of the grave. A huge slab of stone slammed down behind him, leaving him trapped. A large blue block in front of him was blocking his way. This block had the same symbol on it as the door of time. He wondered … Link took out the blue Ocarina of Time, it had been 7 years since he had played it. The tune of the song of time floated out of it and a blue light surrounded it the block then shrank away with the light revealing a staircase with light at the end of it.

Link climbed up the staircase when he was halfway up the stairs he stopped and listened, a faint noise was coming from the building ahead. He proceeded up the steps listening carefully, then it hit him, this was the windmill. He ran up the few remaining steps and looked down at the spinning platform below then at the pillars across from him. On one of the platforms was a heart piece and taking out the hookshot he fired it towards the wood on the platform. He took a hold and then dragged him across he picked up the heart and jumped down and ran towards the musician.

When he spoke to the man he was less than glad to see Link. He grumbled stating that the hard times was that ‘Ocarina kid’s’ fault. Bringing the Ocarina of Time out the man remembered some evil kid’s song and taught Link the Song of Storms.

After exiting the windmill Link saw no reason in staying in the village any longer. He paid a quick visit to the skulltula family and ran towards the exit of the village. Link ran swiftly down the steps and mounted Epona immediately and sped off towards the first temple in the Kokiri forest.

To be continued…

Revelation of the truth by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time part 5

Revelation of the Truth

A dust cloud created by horse and rider
headed for a group of tall trees at the entrance to a forest. The sun was high
over head and was shining brightly, not a cloud obscured the sky but a rough
wind rustled the tree’s leaves. The horse was stopped abruptly at the peak of
the hill and the rider looked around cautiously, his blue eyes scanning the
countryside. The horse stamped impatiently so the rider took off again, his
blonde hair lifted by the rush of air which pressed against his face and body,
flattening his clothes against his chest. The horse and rider passed under a
group of arched trees and stopped next to a large hollow log hidden in the

Link walked onto the familiar lang=EN-GB>Rope lang=EN-GB>Bridge, the
last time he was here was seven years ago and what he would have called his
carefree days. Nobody else would have referred to them as that due to all the
bullying Link had received, but then again that was the only childhood that
Link had, not to mention the fact that compared to the task Link now faced as
the hero of time, those were carefree days. He quickly came out of his
daydream; he had a job to do. He walked to the next door way and entered the
Kokiri forest.

What Link saw shocked him. He took in a
sharp gasp; the once beautiful and peaceful Kokiri forest had been bombarded
with enemies. Link was suddenly thrown to the side and then slammed into the
ground. He looked to his right and saw the cause, a giant mutated Deku Baba was
next to the entrance to the Kokiri forest and had attacked him. He quickly
killed it and moved forward his eyes scanning the village, a mad scrub suddenly
popped up and spat a nut at him.

Instead of fighting it Link side-stepped
into Mido’s house and saw two very depressed Kokiri boys sitting around. He
quickly talked to them and carried on around the village figuring there might
be some information he could gain. After to talking to everybody and being
shocked that the other Kokiri had stayed the same, he ran off into the lost
woods. He slowed his pace, thinking, not only had the Kokiri not grown up, they
also didn’t recognise him. He soon ran into Mido, who like all the other Kokiri
didn’t recognise Link, Mido stated that Saria had asked him to guard that particular
entrance. Link played Saria’s song and Mido let him pass.

After running through the rest of the Lost
Woods, Link walked into the Sacred Forest Meadow. He walked through the gate
but stopped when he heard a grunt. Link cautiously peered round the corner of
the wall and shrank back again quickly when he saw a Moblin walking down the
passage. He reached back and took out his sword and shield and waited round the
corner the Moblin passed him. He ran into the passage and ran down it. A roar
stopped Link and he turned to see the Moblin running at him full speed with its
spear facing towards him.

Link slammed into the wall and the spear
caught him in the side. Blood ran slowly from the wound, it wasn’t a major
injury but being slammed into the wall had knocked all the breath out of him.
He crawled on all fours round the corner and gasped for breath.

“You could have warned me what those
Moblins do,” Link said to Navi, between breaths

“You should have asked before you ran in
its path” she retaliated

“ Your supposed to be helping me, not
sitting back watching me get killed” he argued

“Ask and maybe you won’t get hurt”

“I can’t be bothered arguing with you right
now I’ve got other things to do”

“Finally you’re acting your age, a little
more mature”

rolled his eyes and got to his feet, it just so happened that the moblin that
had injured him walked into his path. He decided to get revenge: he killed the
moblin with one swing off his sword.

Link made his way through the maze and
reached the steps. He heard an extremely loud grunting noise come from the
field above him. He drew his sword again and cautiously walked up the steps,
suddenly in front of him was a moblin about three times the size of a normal
one. Resting partly against the floor was an extremely large club.

“Little help here Navi” Link hinted

“I dunno, I’ve never seen one this big” The
luminous orb replied. Link looked up at her.

“A moblin I mean” the fairy clarified

“Oh right”

“Just try to be careful Ok, Link,” she said

Taking a few steps forward, Link approached
the creature. It immediately started to bring his club up and slam it into the
ground creating a cloud of dust which could knock him back easily. Link ran to
the right and the huge club followed him. Link zigzagged across the area and
eventually got past the moblin.


The young man, walked up the steps with his
sword drawn, he ran forwards keeping his gaze fixed on a small tree stump.
Instead of seeing his best friend Link only saw a vacant stump. He looked down
it and held back the tears that were starting to blur his vision.

Out of no-where Sheik jumped down.

“The flow of time is always cruel…

speed seems different for each person but no-one can change it…

thing that doesn’t change with time is a memory of younger days…”

After teaching Link a melody, Minuet of
Forest, which would let Link warp to a certain point in the forest, Sheik

He entered the temple and after some hours,
Link reached the boss room. Link had found a Bow along his way through the
temple. He pushed the walls round unlocked the door and entered the next room.

The room was dimly lit, a large circular
platform stood in front of him with railings around the edge and there were
multiple pictures hung on the round wall. All of these pictures however were identical.
Link walked up the steps to his right and onto the platform. He walked round
trying to figure out where this boss was supposed to be. On the floor right in
the centre was a picture of the Triforce, which was surrounded by a
representation of the sun. Seeing that there was no enemy Link turned around
and began to walk off the platform. Just as he reached the gap, which had let
him in, three bars tipped with arrowheads shot out of the ground preventing him
from leaving. Link turned around to see a black horse with none other than
Ganondorf on its back.

“Navi, isn’t this a bit early to be
fighting Ganondorf? I mean we haven’t even woken the second sage yet” Link
questioned as he looked apprehensively at the King of Evil

“Yeah you’re right” she replied

At that point Ganondorf or what appeared to
be Ganondorf pulled off a mask revealing a skull shrouded in flames.

“Eeeeewwww” commented Link, looking at the
grotesque head.

Then Phantom Ganon took off on his horse
and leapt into a painting and galloped off into the dark woods. Link looked
ahead and saw Ganon gallop towards him again.

“Oh this is too easy” stated Link as he
took out the bow he had gotten earlier and aimed an arrow at Ganon, but when
Ganon or rather the copy of Phantom Ganon reached the bottom of the picture it
turned around and galloped off back up the path.

“Shit” Link said aloud causing Navi to look
at him as if he had just committed a major crime. She tutted disappointedly.
Ignoring Navi Link looked up to see Phantom Ganon overhead and shooting down a
bolt of lightening. Link closed his eyes to then bright light and readied
another arrow and aim it at a painting on the wall as the phantom approached
the bottom of the painting a large purple vortex formed to let him out of the
painting. As Phantom Ganon started to come out of the painting Link let the
arrow loose it struck the ghost and it started to shrink back into the picture.
It then turned around and galloped back up into the dark woods. Twice more this
happened and Ganon was dismounted. He started to float a couple of feet off the
ground and then raised it’s staff to shoot an energy ball at Link. Using his
sword as a bat Link hit it back at him; they continued to hit the sparkling
ball of energy back to each other, becoming faster and faster with each hit
until it hit Phantom Ganon. Link rushed forward with his sword and quickly
delivered 6 or 7 blows, the phantom groaned with each hit. After a while of
battling the ghost (And Navi shouting annoying comments like ‘Ten love’ and
things to do with tennis) Link finally defeated the Phantom. It then floated
lifelessly (Literally) into the centre of the room and was banished by
Ganondorf to a dark void. He then spoke to Link.

Link was transported to the Chamber of
Sages he discovered, though he had known it since Sheik gave him a clue, that
Saria was a sage of the forest. After speaking to her and receiving the forest
medallion, Link was transported to the great Deku Tree’s remains. He noticed a
small spike sticking from out of the ground, as he bent down to get a closer
look at it, the spike popped up and revealed itself as a sprout. It then
started to speak to him. The sprout explained about the enemies and stuff.

“Now Link, the reason that the other Kokiri
have not grown up as you have is because they never will, the Kokiri stay
eternally children and do not recognize you because you have grown up. You may
have guessed by now why you’ve grown up and the other Kokiri haven’t, you are a
Hylian and were always bound to leave this forest, it was your destiny.

A Hylian woman came to the forest with her
baby boy, she was injured and passed away but before she did she asked my
father, the great Deku tree to look after you.

That baby boy was you and now the truth has
been revealed to you at last,

You are a Hylian and were always bound to
leave this forest and now you have learned what it is that you must do, that’s
right, you must awaken the sages and save Hyrule, now Link go and defeat this
evil before it is too late.”

Link walked back to his tree house, hanging
his head as he walked, he climbed the ladder to his house and sat down on his
bed. His only friend, the girl who had raised him, that girl being Saria,
didn’t even recognize him. He would probably never see her again but he would
always be friends with her and he could still speak to her with the Ocarina.
Link was depressed and confused at the same time, why hadn’t the Deku tree told
him he was a Hylian before? But at least this explained why Mido always used to
pick on him.

The young warrior shook his head he had more important things to worry about, he could
think about these problems later. He walked into the main forest and noticed
that it was peaceful again. The Kokiri children were out and playing, Link
smiled to himself at least this place was safe. He walked onto Hyrule field and
mounted Epona, riding away from the forest; his eyes were now focused on Death Mountain, that
was where his next task lay…

Into the fire by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 6

Into the fire

The clear blue sky was gradually replaced with a dull grey of storm clouds, as a lone figure on
horseback made its way to the next destination. A bright cloud of fire encircled
the Peak of Death Mountain, casting fear throughout the land and wreaking havoc
in the villages. The figure’s horse was slowed to a stop at the bottom of the
steps that led up to the halfway hilltop village, and the figure dismounted and
cast his eyes around uncertainly, for any signs of danger. After seeing none
the figure made its way up the steps and into the village.

Link looked up at the
cloudy sky and sighed,

Why couldn’t Ganondorf
just be happy with the power he had before? He had been the most powerful
person in the land at a normal amount of power. But noooo, he had to go getting
more power didn’t he, and make life a living hell for everybody else the little

Link hadn’t realized that he had been walking
and actually muttering this out loud and by the time he looked up he was
standing in front of the gate leading to Death
Mountain trail. Walking up the
sloping path Link’s mind began to wander again. He began to think of the
mysterious Sheik and of Zelda. He hoped with all his heart that she was OK, he
had barely known her for a few months and then Ganon had fully invaded the
castle, scaring her into fleeing with Impa. He was rounding the corner and only
just noticed the huge boulder rolling towards him. He had been so deep in thought
thinking about Zelda that he had almost missed it. After dodging the boulder he
continued on his way, heading for the Goron
City, he was glad he had come here
as he really wanted to talk to Darunia.

Link walked into the
city and the familiar drum music pounded in his ears, however, the Goron that
sat near the entrance to greet the people that entered the city wasn’t there.
As he dropped down onto the 3rd level (second from the top) he also
noticed neither were any of the other Goron’s, even the large vase in the
centre of the room had gone. The whole city was barren there was nothing here
moving but him, as he thought that he looked up and saw a gold Skultula. He
killed it and pocketed the token.

Well, there isn’t
anymore any way”

He dropped down another
level and stared in disbelief at the rest of the place. This place had always
been warm (literally, it’s next to a volcano) and friendly and full of life. He
looked around suddenly as he heard a rumbling sound he realized that there was
a Goron rolling up to him but when it saw him it turned the other way and went
back. Knowing that it was the only way to stop the Goron and that it wouldn’t
hurt him Link stood and waited, when the Goron was a few yards away he lit a
bomb placed a floor and ran. BOOM. The bomb exploded right as the Goron rolled
next to it, the creature stopped in its tracks.

could you do this to me?

I am
Link, Hero of the Gorons

 Hear my name and fear”

Link walked up to the
small ball of rock and looked down at it as it shook in terror.

"My name's Link

What? Your name is
Link too?" The quaking ball that was the small Goron stood up and looked
at Link.

Link nodded as the
young Gorons face took on an expression that mainly showed awe and a mixture of
relief and excitement.

"That would mean you’re
the legendary hero and Dodongo Buster, my father is Darunia, he named me after
you, it's a cool name. I really like it."

"Uh-huh" the
Hylian mumbled, wondering how long it was going to take before he could get on
with his job

“Your story has been
passed down through the Gorons"

"OK, so where is
everybody anyway? I mean I can't see anybody else except us"

"That's the thing,
you see a couple of weeks ago Ganondorf and his minions they came and took
everyone except my Dad to the Fire Temple, Ganon has revived Volvagia, the

Link, the Goron
explained that Ganondorf was going to feed the Gorons to Volvagia and that his
Dad had gone to the temple to rescue everybody. He was planning to use an
ancient weapon from Legend to defeat the dragon. It seemed that an old Goron
hero had used it before for the same job, the Legend was true because, apparently,
Darunia was a descendent of the Hero.
"Oh, one more
thing, I really admire you..."the young Goron said, blushing " so I was
wondering if I could have your autograph sign it' To my friend Link, Hero of
the Gorons

"This really isn't
the time for giving out autographs" Link reminded the youth while silently
wondering why it was him who had to do this.

"Your right, I'm
sorry, by the way take this..." Link was presented with a Goron's tunic
which would protect him from extreme heat.

After thanking the
Goron, Link headed down to the bottom floor, into Darunia's chamber and into
Death Mountain crater.

A wave of heat pressed
against Link as he entered the volcano he was thankful that he had changed into
the Goron tunic before he came in here. At least he could defeat the evil
inside this temple, even if it was in a pool of lava.

Link walked over to the
rope bridge which had half collapsed. Using the hookshot he had obtained he
swung himself over to the part of the bridge that was still stable. He took a
couple of steps, looking around for any sign of Sheik. Right on queue he
dropped down from somewhere and walked towards him.

"It is something
that grows over time...

A True friendship

A feeling in the heart that grows even
stronger over time

The passion of friendship will soon blossom
into a righteous power and through it, you will now where to go...

This song is dedicated to the power of the

Listen to the Bolero of Fire...


I'll see you again."

He put away the golden
harp and took a few steps back, as Link tried to approach him a wall of fire
shot from the lava below. There was a bright flash of light and then Sheik was
gone, leaving a stunned Link alone with Navi.

Link had slowly,
painfully, made his way through the inferno of the fire temple. He had managed
to obtain the Megaton Hammer and had freed all the Gorons, however, there had
been no sign of Darunia apart from a brief conversation with him at the
beginning. He was now standing outside the door which led to the boss’s room.

The room was eerily
dark, lighted only slightly by the lava which occasionally glowed. In front of
him, Link could just make out a large cylindrical platform in the centre of the

"So Navi, please
tell me where this boss is or am I going to have to run around trying to find
until it suddenly appears" Link asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice

"You got me,
you’ll probably have to run around trying to find him, it's pretty hard to miss
a dragon though"

"Hmm" Link
mused, not really paying attention

"Why don't you try
going on the platform, I can see holes in it"

"Well really Navi,
I never would have guessed" he retorted sarcastically

"Just do it
already Link"

The gap between the platform and the steps which
Link was standing on, was fairly large, but nothing Link couldn't handle. He
hopped over onto the platform. The holes in the platform were filled with
glowing lava.

A rumble
started to shake the room and a head sprung out of the hole. This was Volvagia,
it had blazing blue eyes and a long crest of intense burning flames, it's face
was protected by thick black bone which curved to make two horns. Rows of sharp
white teeth glinted in it's mouth and thick red scales, as hard as diamond
covered it's neck and body. This guy was tough.

reared it’s head and swung itself at Link, hoping to knock him to the floor.
What happenend instead was that a dizzying blow came down onto the side of
Volvagia’s skull, Link had hit it with the megaton hammer. It collapsed to the
floor and lay there, stunned, Link of course took this opportunity to strike
the firey creature with the Master Sword. It recovered and cast a streak of
blazing fire from it’s mouth and Link hadn’t moved away quickly enough. He fell
to the floor and screamed as embers burnt the skin on his waist, he rolled
around trying to put out the fire, while all the time keeping an eye on
Volvagia. Link repeated the process several times, without getting burnt again.
He was about to deliver another blow to the overgrown blazing snake, when it
reared and flew into the air shaking rocks from the room. Link climbed down the
side of the platform to avoid getting hit, the intense heat of the lava
tortured his skin as he grasped the loose rocks that were part of the island.
Eventually the shaking quietend and Link climbed back on top to let the battle
commence again.

The dragon
and the warrior fought, eventually however the battles end was in sight as
Volvagia began to  collapse. Link swung
the blade of his sword towards the flaming serpent, as he did so the tip of the
blade found a gap in the dragon’s tough armour and slipped through the scales
penetrating the unprotected inards of Volvagia.He rose out of the pool of
molten rock and the long lava covered body twisted in the air, in pain.
It was then that a large torrent of fire shot from between the scales, this was
followed by another, further down it’s body. The dragon was consumed by fire
and the scales now useless, burnt. Finally all that was left was a skeleton,
floating in the air, the bones dropped and pounded the platform and made the
lava rise up like a wave of the ocean. There was a large, dull thud as
something heavy hit the ground as Link opened his eyes again he saw the bone
white skull of Volvagia, it faded into a heart container. Link then noticed
something shimmering on the ground and there on the floor lay a shimmering red
scale and a long white fang. He picked them up and looked at them for a moment
before putting them into a pocket in his tunic. He then stepped into the
blinding blue light that would transport him out of there...

to be continued
Water isn't always pure by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time Part 7

Water isn’t always pure

A distant figure walked hurriedly, North-east. The mirror-like surface
of the river was broken as he waded through trying to reach the small patch of
land in front of him. Stepping upon the land he broke into a run as he moved up
the slope of the hill. The sun was lowering in the sky sending out shards and
streaks of warm colours, which reflected patchily in the moving water. The sun
sank and the moon rose over head and the sky turned a deep
velvet blue.

The howl of a Wolfos broke as night came around, the moon spot-lighting
plants and creatures and accentuating the rock faces that surrounded Zora’s
River. The water to his right rapidly surged and crashed into the rivers banks
threatening to collapse them. A fairly large leaf hovered magically a couple of
inches off the ground, next to the black iron fence that blocked the rest of
the land. Link stepped up onto the leaf and it immediately rose of the ground
and carried him to the bridge that led to the Waterfall that protected the
entrance to Zora’s domain. He jumped off and quietly walked over the bridge and
up the winding paths to the showery veil that flowed over the opening. Link
stood on the metal plaque that lay on the floor and was inscribed with a clue,
and looked up at the sky. It had turned from a vivid blue colour to a dull
dusty grey that completely blocked out the moon and stars. As he was staring at
the sky in dismay he saw pure white flecks of snow falling, he held out his
hand and caught one, watching it melt and the water soak into his leather
gauntlet. Rummaging around in his tunic Link finally brought out the Ocarina
and played Zelda’s Lullaby, the water slowed and Link jumped over to the ledge
and gazed out at Zora’s River as an incredible feeling of dread washed over

A chill settled around Link as he walked into Zora’s Domain and he took
in a gasp of the cold frosty air. Zora’s Domain had once been a beautiful place
with crystal clear fresh flowing water; aquatic life had lived here in bliss,
from the Zora’s to the fish and plants, now however the only moving thing was
Link. All the water had been frozen leaving an uninhabitable ice palace, true,
in a way seeing the ice glinting like diamonds in the weak light from outside
was beautiful but there had always been life here and the sounds of flowing
water. Even the large waterfall stood now as a frozen pillar leaning against
the wall.

"Why is it that every place I enter, there is no life, nothing moving”
Link asked in dismay

"You have that effect on people Link” Navi replied

“Not a time for joking Navi, come on let’s see if he’s royal largeness,
King Zora is in”

Link walk ed up the steps, looking at the icicles that hung from the
ceiling, watching Navi as she flitted ahead of him and disappeared into the
white light ahead.

"Link! Come here quickly”
Shouted Navi’s high pitched voice

"Why? What’s happened? Is King Zora about to eat you? Oh, now that would
be a shame wouldn’t it” Link shouted up to her sarcastically, while wondering
what life would be like without Navi. He sighed contentedly as he thought about

Link reached the top step and his eyes widened at what he saw. Encased
in what looked like a block of red glass, was the gargantuan King of the Zoras’.
The surprised Hylian raised an eyebrow as he wondered how this could have

“D’you reckon he’s still alive?” Link asked the
luminous orb that was floating above his head

"I dunno, he could be go and have a look”

“Why me?I have to walk all the way
round, you could just fly up there look and come back”

“I haven’t good as good as eyesight as you”

“Stop making lame excuses, will you”

“I’m serious”

“How come then that you always spot things when there really far away
and I don’t” Link asked trying to out do her

“I have a better vantage point, and besides you’re the Hero, not me”


He ran round the slope and up to the frozen king and peered through the
smooth surface. He saw the King’s body moving slightly as he took in shallow

“Well, at least he’s breathing, but what is this stuff” Link brushed his
fingers on the polished surface, as he did so an icy numbness spread throughout
his hand which was quickly replaced by a burning feeling. He retracted his hand
from the block and rubbed his fingers, trying to get rid of the stinging

“What’s wrong with your hand?” Navi asked, not sounding particularly

Link merely ignored her and looked up at the mass in front of him

“Aw, is the poor wimpy hero in too much pain to answer”

“Navi will you be quiet. I know this sounds weird so don’t freak out on
me but…”

“But what?” She asked sounding sceptical

“When I touched that ice stuff…”


“Well, when I touched it…” He paused seeing how much he could annoy Navi


"Keep your hair on” Link told the enraged fairy


"Well when I touched the ice, it felt normal, really cold, but then the
cold was replaced with a like, well, burning sensation”

“Well, that is strange I suppose this stuff is just red ice, despite the
fact that you just got burnt…by it”

“At least the entrance to Zora’s fountain is still open, c’mon Navi”
Link took one last look at the frozen king, turned away and walked down the ice
covered path.

“Are you telling me that we’re just going to leave him like that?”

“That’s all we can do, besides, there might be something it Zora’s
fountain we could use to free him”

Link turned around and walked into the shallow water.

Upon entering Zora’s fountain, Link stared around, a blank
expressionless look on his face. He had now got so used to things being a lot
different after seeing the domain, that nothing really surprised him anymore.
Navi however let out a small squeak, in shock. Like Zora’s Domain there was ice
everywhere, only this ice was floating in the large pool of water, as opposed
to completely freezing it. The Oktoroks were still hiding beneath the surface
of the water but the mammoth of a fish (more like a whale) Jabu – Jabu, had
gone. Link walked up the steps onto the platform, which Jabu-Jabu’s head used
to rest, in place of the fish was a large piece of ice. Link ran up and
narrowly avoided skidding off the end; he looked down into the murky water and
noticed that there seemed to be a large mass at the bottom surrounded by a halo
of light. He kneeled down and craned his neck over the waters surface and
squinted his eyes as to see it better, he lowered himself completely onto the
ice. The icy coldness stung Link’s body as he lay on it, the tip of his nose
was almost touching the water, and he made out a shape near the back of the
creature and recognised it as a tail, a very large fish tail. It turned out
that Jabu-Jabu had been encased in ice and had sunk to the bottom of the water
filled crater.

Link got up brushing off the ice that was clinging to his tunic and
jumped onto one of the large pieces of ice that was floating nearby. He
continued jumping from one frosty stepping stone to the next; he collected a
piece of heart and continued over to the cave that stood to the left of the
platform near the entrance to the fountain. He turned and entered the ice
cavern. It took Link a good half an hour to get to the end of the cavern, apart
from the ice keese that kept freezing him there were ice knights, spinning
blades and several of those things that skid across the floor and try to hit
you when you get near them. He had however learned how to melt the red ice, by
using blue fire (well, you never would have guessed would you?). When Link
reached came to the end he fought a rather large white wolfos.

Link stood admiring the room, now that the wolfos had gone; the walls
seemed to be made from stars and multiple streaks of colours, much like the
ones inside the Fairy & Great Fairy Fountains.

A noise made Link turn and he saw the familiar Sheikah standing there,
in his normal relaxed but wary pose, he seemed to be unaffected by the cold,
Link however was shivering very slightly.

A childish dream becomes noble ambition

Young love becomes deep affection

The clear waters surface
reflects growth

Now listen to the Serenade of
Water, to reflect upon yourself”

The song was taught to Link and then Sheik disappeared.

Link turned back and found a Chest in the middle of the room; he walked
over to it and lifted the lid, finding that it wasn’t locked. Inside were a pair of rather heavy looking boots, the soles of
which were made out of cast iron. He changed into them and looked down at a
small rectangular patch of water and slid into it, hoping it wasn’t too deep.

Once out of the water Link changed back into his regular footwear and
rang the water out of his tunic.

"You know Link, if you start choking underwater, you can always take the
boots off”

"Really Navi! I never would have guessed
that, thank you so much for letting me know. It’s greatly appreciated” he
retorted sarcastically, snapping at her.

Link continued out of the cavern and to Zora’s Fountain and tried to
leap over to the ice floating nearby; instead however he plummeted straight
into the water. The icy water felt like knives stabbing him all over his body.
He started to swim towards the land.

“Have you ever heard of ‘Look before you leap’ Link?”

"I’m not even going to dignify that with answer”

He continued swimming and made it to the land and stood in the shallower
water, which came halfway up his thigh. He suddenly shivered and rubbed his
hands over his arms trying to keep warm. The results however were, less than
satisfactory and Link sneezed loudly, causing Navi to giggle. He rolled his
eyes and walked out the water, back to Zora’s Domain.

As soon as Link got back in Zora’s Domain he uncorked the bottle that
held the blue fire and emptied it onto the red ice, which king Zora was encased
in. The ice melted and the King carried on as if nothing had ever
happened.  Link jumped onto the platform
that stood in front of King Zora, he spoke to him and when the King realised
that Link had saved him he gave him a Zora’s tunic as a reward, this would
allow Link to breathe underwater.

Link ran out of the Kings’ chamber and slipped on the ice and slid on
his backside all the way to the edge of the waterfall… and stopped. As he sat
there he noticed a scratching noise and killed the Golden Skultula that was on
the wall on his left. He stood up, as he did his foot slipped off the icy curve
and plunged down, with the rest of his body following.

Sometime later, Link was removing himself from the floor, he groaned as
he got up, wincing at the pain in his body.

“Next time I’ll be a bit more careful” Link muttered

"Look b...” Navi started

MAINLY YOU” Link screamed at the fairy

She gulped and closed her mouth as she continued to circle Link’s head.
Link without saying a word to Navi, played the
‘Serenade of Water’ and warped to Lake Hylia When he arrived
at the platform in the middle of the Lake (if it could be called that), his
eyes widened slightly as he took in the sight before him. Lake Hylia could no
longer be called a lake. It had dried up and was now just an empty crater, as
Link wondered again how something like this could have happened, it began to
rain.Great’ thought Link. He moved
under the tree and changed tunics, to the blue Zora tunic. He quickly checked
that he had no injuries from falling off the waterfall and dove into what
little water there was. He slipped on the iron boots underwater and opened up
the Water Temple.

Link took of the Iron boots and resurfaced, inside the water temple. He
stood on the stone in front of him and looked around; the temple was filled
with water, pure and crystal clear, in front of him was a large sort of cream
coloured structure, with ornate patterns carved into it. There were ledges
surrounding the under- water chamber, leading off to other parts on the temple,
the floor was simply sand with rocks on the bottom of it and on the platforms
of the structure in front of him were water tektites.

“Hey Link, d’you reckon that Princess Ruto has got over her crush on you
yet” She teased

"It seems woefully unlikely, Navi” He replied emphasising ‘Woefully’. He
slipped on the boots again and sank to the bottom of the temple, taking the
first passage he saw. He ran to the end of it and came face to face with none
other than Princess Ruto herself.

Oh dear Gods” Link muttered

“Link, Well, Hello, I’ve been waiting for you”

“Uh – huh”

“It’s me your fiancée, Ruto, Princess of the Zoras”

Navi snickered and Link muttered something along the lines of ‘Kill Me’
under his breath.

“You’re a bad man, making me wait all these years”

“Yeah, um, sorry … about …that” Link replied, not sounding particularly

“Well, now is not the time to talk about love”

“Oh, Thank the Gods”


“Uh, nothing, I just think we should get down to business”

“Ohh, I love it when you talk dirty Link”


“But we can’t do that before we’re married” Ruto continued and let Link

He travelled through-out the temple until he came to a room that didn’t
feel right to him. He felt a severe sense
of cold, frosty air and a definite wetness around his feet, he looked down to
notice that the whole room was filled very slightly with water, pure and clear,
it was a strange experience, he had never seen such water of this purity, he
saw his reflection and the reflection of the ceiling which was a basic flat
ceiling with an art deco effect in each corner which he could barely make out.
He looked around scanning the room further. A heavy fog was laced into the
air  around but nothing that could be a
distraction of the sight before him, the sight being a single tree, right in
the centre of the room even though he could not tell how big the room was
because of the fog but it was obviously vast, he walked towards it .The tree
got bigger as he paced but was very small, and very dead, not a leaf on it , he
hadn’t yet noticed that Navi had not followed him to the tree until now, she
had sensed something as well as Link and he took out the master sword from it’s
scabbard on his back followed by his shield. Navi floated aimlessly in the air
for a few seconds looking in the opposite direction behind Link and then
shouted to him


Link had come to learn that
when her voice was that urgent he had better take her seriously. He spun around
to see why she had screamed and saw why; standing in front of Link was a man
who looked like a shadow. Link stood, ready for an attack with his sword raised
high and pointing towards the figure…….nothing.., the figure merely stared at
the floor, Link was in a large amount of shock that the figure was wearing
Kokiri clothing like his own but in black, staining the clear water beneath
them both, he was holding an exact copy of the master sword in his right hand,
the only difference was that the handle was jet black and the blade looked
iron, Link’s Master Sword was platinum coated with steel, the figure held a
copy of a Hylian shield in his left, these were the opposite hands to how Link
held them. It was definitely male and obviously not Kokiri faith, then it hit him….Link's eyes
widened as the man looked up and he saw that it was Link himself but with pitch
black skin. Link noticed his fingers were tightly wrapped around the hilt of
the master sword copy as if it were afraid it would fall to the floor if he
didn’t hold it tightly enough. The copy of Link started playing mind games with
Link, trying to break Link down so he would be vulnerable to attack. It spoke
to him in a deep and spiteful voice. Link stood still poised to attack, but he
started to breathe heavier as the demons voice pierced into his mind.It then swung it’s sword around showing off it’s skill, then raised it
to point it at Link in an attempt to startle him, it didn’t work, it lowered
its sword and stared at Links feet and saw the water ripple and creating
miniature waves as his pulse raced and his heart pounded against his ribs, like
a bird trying frantically to escape a cage. It then looked back up at Link and
smirked through finding that Link was not the fearless warrior that the
creature thought he was.

“Why are you afraid
Link?" it asked still smirking, it said its counterparts name as though he
had a bad taste in its mouth

 "is it because deep down you know that you
could defeat all the greatest warriors before you, perhaps even the mighty
Ganondorf,… but not your dark side ?" it went on as it raised an eyebrowlang. It looked at Link
directly, and then Link noticed that it had blood red eyes.

Link spoke to it, his voice
trembling “What do you want from me?" he asked

“Your life” it replied. It
then lunged at Link and they clashed swords and locked for a few seconds before
it finally said, "Conquer yourself!" The battle raged on neither of
them making much progress, they had both made lethal injuries on each other but
none had made headway against the other. Link was now bleeding badly, his life
force flowing from his veins; his enemy had pushed his sword through Link’s
left shoulder. However, when he had been that close Link had sliced down Dark
Link’s chest, opening a gap, now un-protected by clothing. Link’s blade had
slid horizontally down, as if the flesh 
were a loaf of bread, this left the ribs exposed so the lungs could be seen
inflating and then deflating as it took breaths. They both took a moment to
assess each other’s injuries. On Link, as well as the major cut through his
shoulder, which made it hard for Link to use his sword, because of the pain,
there was a long slit down Link’s face, it started at his hairline and ran down
past the right side of his nose, over his lips and ended at his chin. The blood
from this cut had run into Link’s right eye reducing his visibility, there were
also scratches in various places on his body. Dark Link had several long scratches
across his stomach and arms as well as the main cut down his chest. The two
figures lunged at each other again, dropping their swords as they collided;
they took each other to the floor, struggling to get on top. Link was suddenly
on top; however, Dark Link drew the Kokiri’s sword (Link had kept it as a
dagger) from its scabbard, which was strapped to Link’s left thigh. He brought
his arm back and plunged the short sword into Link’s stomach. Link cried out
and Dark Link took advantage of Link’s pain, he pulled himself on top of Link,
grabbed the sword and turned it in a circle as it was still in Link’s stomach,
severely damaging Link’s liver. Dark Link then got up and kicked Link in the
and body, Link grunted as each blow took place, but he ripped the blade from
his stomach and sprung to his feet. Dark
Link stood shocked and Link took the opportunity to get his foe back, he ran up
to him grabbed him by the shoulders and rammed his knee into Dark Link’s groin,
he crumpled onto the floor and Link ran to get his weapons back. Dark Link saw
this and struggled to get his own blade back, Link ran back to him and they
looked at each other with steely eyes, they dodged each others attacks but Link
found that Dark Link had become slightly slower than Link himself. He waited,
swung his blade at Dark Link, stopped it mid swing and sank his sword into its
heart, before it had time to realize what had happened, he withdrew his blade
and stared at it as it faded. Link looked at it and as it fell it said one
thing ‘Nice Job, you’re good’ and then it died. Link watched it and looked at
its heart through Dark Link’s punctured lung, as it suddenly stopped beating.
The black figure faded away until there was no sign a battle took place, but
the scratches and wounds on Link. Several bruises had now formed, darkening
Link’s skin to a purplish-black colour. He collapsed onto his knees and tried
to get his breath back, his wounds were still bleeding although the amount of
blood from his shoulder was now only trickling in drops into the water, turning
the water red. He sat down and lay on his back, exhausted form the battle.
Finally he sat up again wincing at the pain in the his stomach, it burned like
fire but he brought out a bottle of red potion and drank it, it didn’t make him
feel any better for the moment but all the same it would help the wounds heal
quicker, though the Triforce within him, would do most of the work. He stood up
and looked around the room, he hadn’t noticed that the fog had cleared until
now and he could see the walls of the room which were just blue. Link turned
around and walked over to the Kokiri’s sword, which he had ripped from his
stomach, he looked at the blade, it was covered in his blood and it looked as
though it had been dipped in red paint. He brought out a rag which he used to
clean his swords and wiped the blade clean, revealing its silvery colour again.
He sheathed it in its holder against his thigh. Walking over to the tree, he
sat down next to it and leaned his head back. He quickly fell asleep, Navi who
was hovering nearby watched him, she wouldn’t even bother to try and wake him,
he was badly injured and needed rest.

When Link awoke he was stiff and sore, his muscles ached and his wounds
immediately stung again, he looked around and found Navi lying on the floor
sleeping next to where he was slumped. He smiled softly as he looked down at
her, though she could be annoying she still looked cute at the moment, her
wings were drooping and brushing against the floor, the light that surrounded her
was dimmer and he could make out her small human form within the halo of tinted
white light that surrounded around her, he hadn’t noticed before but the white
was tinted with blue. He slid his hand underneath her, lifting her up, it was
only now that he really studied her, if she had been a regular size, he could
see her attracting a lot of attention, as she was very pretty. He softly said
her name and she awoke. The glow about her miniscule body immediately
brightened, she lay in his palm for a few more minutes before stretching her
wings and taking to the air again.

"Are you ready to carry on again Navi?” Link asked her as he stood up

"Yeah… but are you, you’re badly hurt Link” for once Navi was actually
being nice

“I’ll be fine, besides if the goddesses really want me to defeat Ganondorf, theyll make sure I'll survive”

“But you won’t be able to fight like that, not and win anyway”

"Navi... have faith in me will you”


They continued through out the temple and eventually came to a room that
contained the boss. Link sat down and released a fairy to ease his weariness;
he relaxed slightly as it healed his wounds a little more and recovered his
strength completely. He checked his wounds which he had primitively tied a rag
over as a kind of bandage. He stood up and wiped the sweat from his forehead,
with the sleeve of his once white under shirt (I say once white because it’s
probably red or black by now). Standing up he walked over to a pot and smashed
it and bottled the fairy that had been briefly set free. He put the bottle away
and checking he had the right equipment out, Longshot (it’s been adapted),
Fairy Bow and the Ocarina (for no apparent reason, other than he fancied having
it out) he opened the door and entered the room. The room like all the others
in this temple had blue walls and a light blue ceiling. The bottom of the walls
were lined with spikes in most places, although there were gaps. He looked at
the pool in front of him, it was large covering nearly the entire floor apart
from the rim that Link was standing, inside the pool were four large square
platforms. He wondered what kind of boss was in this room, something aquatic
obviously. He walked nearer the edge and noticed something swirling underneath
the surface and instantly drew his sword. At this point the boss reared up from
the water. It was a long thing watery worm; it was bright blue in colour and
seemed to sparkle at the light in the temple. In the middle of it was a small,
round, pink, brain type of thing, which was a nucleus. This was Morpha, a giant
(and they mean giant!) aquatic amoeba. Link stepped back and eyed the creature
watching it carefully. It suddenly shot out a few tendrils and Link narrowly
avoided being grabbed by them. Navi screamed to Link something about The Long shot. Link took her advice and patiently waited when the nucleus
was spinning around again he used the Longshot to drag the nucleus away from
Morpha and then hit it with his sword. This was repeated several times by Link,
until he missed grabbing the Nucleus. The tendrils shot and wrapped around Link
and dragged him back to Morpha, he struggled, kicked and bucked like an enraged
bull, trying to get Morpha to loosen its grip, he continued to pull, tug and
tried to push the wet coils off him nothing worked. He stopped for a moment to
try and catch his breath and felt the snake like body tighten around his,
trying to crush him and force the air out of his lungs. He screamed loudly in
pain but it was suddenly cut off as all the air left his lungs. He was suddenly
slammed into the wall, probably a little higher than Morpha wanted because he
didn’t become impaled on the spikes. Link lay on the floor dragging air back
into his lungs, but he shot up and ran when he saw the tendrils fly at him
again. Link went back to repeating the process of killing Morpha. It was over
soon and Morpha was slain, its body returned to pure water and the water
drained from the room and back out into the lake outside. Link heard this
through the walls of the Temple and grabbed the Heart Container and finally ran
into the blue light that would carry him to the Chamber of Sages.

He arrived in his familiar spot of the Chamber and looked immediately at
the saddened Zora in front of him. A very depressed Princess Ruto stood before
him. She told him of how she could no longer marry him, as she was a sage. Link
was glad about this but could not help but feel sorry for her when he saw how
upset she was. But, before he could say anything to comfort her he was
transported back to Lake Hylia after receiving the water medallion.

It had turned to day again and the sun was shining brightly overhead,
the dark grey clouds were gone leaving nothing but clear blue sky. He pulled
off the blue Zora’s tunic and the stained white under-shirt, he rang the water
out of them and dropped them on the floor and proceeded to remove every article
of clothing, save for the black shorts he wore as underwear. He dumped them all
into a pile on the floor and then dug out the Ocarina from his clothes and
played Epona’s song. The mare ran over the rope bridge quickly, with no fear of
falling, she reached Link and he reached into her saddlebag and pulled out a
towel. He quickly dried his hair and body off, wrapped the towel around his
waist and lay on his back, glad to feel the sun against his body.

Standing up, he pulled a green tunic, white leggings, white under-shirt,
black shorts and the rest of his clothing out of the saddle bag. Link stripped
off the shorts and quickly changed into the clean, dry clothes. When he
finished changing and was about to mount Epona, Sheik appeared. He assured Link
that Princess Zelda was safe and congratulated Link on his defeat of the
creature in the Water Temple. Link was still wondering where Sheik had come
from and deduced that he must have been hiding behind the tree, and in fact, he
had! (PERVERT!)

Once Sheik had gone Link read the slab that was on the floor nearby,
flipped into the tree, miraculously jumped across the water to the platform
nearby and shot an arrow at the sun. In return he received Fire Arrows. He used
the Longshot to return to the platform and then mounted Epona. He rode across
the bridge, out of Lake Hylia and onto Hyrule field.

House of the dead by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time part 8

House of the Dead

The bright sunlight shone down on the earth below, casting dark shadows across the land where the rays were obscured by walls and trees. A young man on horseback basked as the horse briskly made its way across the vast field, heading for the north, back to the small Sheikah village. The horse’s pace slowed as it moved up a hill and its rider cast his eyes around the landscape, looking for any signs of danger. Seeing nothing the horse and rider began to move again, galloping swiftly downhill and over a small wooden bridge and next to a flight of steps.

Link dismounted Epona and led her over to the only tree standing nearby and tied her reins to it, before petting her and walking up the steps. Link trudged up into the village all the while with his eyes cast downwards, as he thought to himself. His head however shot up as he heard the unmistakeable roar of flames and smelt the stench of heavy black smoke. He looked around and saw that nearly every building was alight and engulfed in flames. He could see people frantically trying to put out the fires and save their homes. Link walked through the chaos and smoke after seeing a lone figure standing near the well he approached the man.

“Stay back Link” Sheik warned

Link quickly looked behind him to see that there was suddenly no one about. A rumbling startled Link into turning around to look at the well. As he did a large purple cloud-ish looking thing shot out of the well, it cast around wildly in the air before turning and seeming to spot Link and Sheik. It seemed to become enraged at the fact that they were not showing the slightest hint of fear. It let out a screech and charged for the two humans. Both tried to dodge it but only Link managed to evade it. Sheik was knocked into the air and then landed with a dull thud on the floor, then continued to lie perfectly still. Link was about to run over, but the creature had turned and started to head for Link. He held up his shield and drew his sword to fight the creature, but a few seconds later it slammed into his shield with full force sending him into unconsciousness.

Link’s eyes slowly opened and he found himself lying on the floor, with Sheik kneeling by his side, apparently after Sheik came back to consciousness he had knelt by Link to make sure he was OK. Link sat up, wincing at the pain in his stomach and shoulder from his fight with dark Link, he noticed that it was raining and that the fires had been extinguished by it. He looked over to Sheik.

“Did you stay with me all the time I was out?” Link asked

The Sheikah nodded.


“You’re welcome. What happened Link? All I remember is being hit by that evil spirit and when I woke up I saw you laying on the ground, on top of that your shoulder is bleeding and so is your stomach”

“Where do you want me to begin?”

“How about with what happened while I was unconscious”

“Well, I was about to go and see if you were OK, just after you got hit, but that spirit turned around and headed for me, I drew my shield and sword to see if I could get it to leave, but it slammed into my shield and knocked me out”

“Yeah, he’s really thick enough to think he can frighten a spirit” Navi piped in

“Oh, shut up, Navi. It’s more than you did, I could feel you shaking” he replied

“Yeah, but you Link, a boy dressed in tights, not to mention a blonde, I mean come on!!”

“I DON’T WEAR TIGHTS!!!!!!” Link replied angrily

“What are they then?”

“They’re leggings”

“Excuse me for interrupting your argument… but I need to discuss our current situation with Link” Sheik said politely, but there was a commanding tone in his voice. The Hylian and the fairy looked at Sheik and Navi immediately hid from him, ashamed of the way she had been so childish, whilst talking to Link. Link quickly stood up and he and Sheik walked around the silent village, while Sheik explained to Link the problem.

“Looks like I’m going to have to take a trip back to my childhood, doesn’t it?” Link said, not sounding particularly thrilled about it.

“Yes it does, I’ll wait for you in the Temple of Time, Link” He taught Link the Nocturne of Shadow and with that the Sheikah disappeared. Link slowly walked out of the village, down the steps and mounted Epona, travelling the short distance to Hyrule Castle Market Town. He dismounted and walked over the broken drawbridge into the dilapidated town and ran past the redeads that lurked there. He entered the Temple of Time and it seemed to be a lot lighter than the first time he had been in here as an adult. He paced slowly towards the chamber where the master sword was kept. There he found Sheik waiting for him, just as he said he would be.

“How does he do that?” Navi whispered to Link

“He’s a Sheikah it’s in his nature to do this; he obviously has his ways” he replied.

“You have destroyed wicked creatures and awakened three sages. But there are still more that need your help. In order to awaken the remaining sages you must become even more powerful. You have travelled over mountains, underwater and now you must travel through time. If you want to return to your original time return the Master Sword to the Pedestal of Time. By doing this you will travel back in time 7 years. The time has come for this to happen and you have returned here quickly, I will teach you this song now. The song to return you to the “Temple of Time”, “The Prelude of Light”.”

Sheik brought out his golden harp and played the melody.

“As long as you hold the Ocarina of Time and the Master Sword, you hold time itself in your hands…. Link, we shall meet again” and then once again the Sheikah disappeared.

Link walked over to the pedestal and look down into the narrow slot where the Master Sword was to stand again. He drew the Master Sword looked the blade up and down and then taking the handle in both hands, plunged it into it’s resting place. A blue light encircled Navi and Link and took them back 7 years.

Link opened his eyes to see himself standing in front of a very large looking Master Sword. He let go of it and turned around to see the Temple of Time filled with light again. He walked out of the round chamber which held the sword and into the main part of the temple and out of the door.

A bright light met his eyes as Link stepped outside and into the sun. Instead of a horrible howling wind and a dark landscape, it was sunny and bright with the sounds of birds filling the air and a bustling town a little way away. He slowly walked down the steps and past the pools of water, into the town and made his way towards the exit of the town. He said nothing as he walked towards Kakariko village, with Navi bobbing and flitting behind him. He reached the village and was greeted with the soft music as he ran towards the well. Contemplating whether he should actually carry on, he brought the Ocarina up to his mouth and regretfully played the Song of Storms.

The skies turned dark and cloudy, the wind picked up and the heavens opened pouring rain onto the earth. Up the flight of steps the windmill began to turn faster and faster, as it happened the water began to drain out the well, it started slowing down and finally returned to its normal speed after emptying the well completely leaving at the bottom a small black doorway. Link jumped down the well took one look back up at the village and walked into the darkness.

It was cramped, dank, damp, and dark and a disgusting stench that smelled like rotten fish filled the air inside the well. The walls dripped with water and there were skeletons littered around the small passage, most were animals, rats and such, but in one corner a human skeleton leaned against the wall. Link began to walk, eyes straining against the almost physical darkness. He made his way along the winding passages until he became completely engulfed in darkness. He brought out a deku stick, using Din’s fire to light it. He encountered many redeads along the way and skirted around them, vividly remembering the pain one of them had caused him once. Inside his tunic Navi was shaking in fear, he chuckled lightly at this, but even he was nervous and it was comforting to have another live, friendly (and I use the term loosely) creature with him, even if it was Navi. He eventually reached a room containing row upon row of pure white hands sticking out the ground. As he approached them they began to twitch and flail around in an attempt to grab him. Out of the corner of his eye he could see something white on the ground; he took a step back in case it was dangerous. That was a mistake, as it he stepped back the closest white hand grabbed him from behind. The white patch in the corner became a sort of melted human looking monster. White/grey slime dripped off its bony body, it approached Link as he struggled to escape from the cold clammy hand that was closed round the back of his neck. As the creature drew closer the hand let go and the creature lunged at Link, he drew his sword as quick as he could and performed a strong vertical strike on it. It reared back and screeched in pain and then disappeared into a white puddle again. After five minutes of luring the creature out again and again it fell to the floor with an ear piercing shriek. The hands behind him became still and a chest appeared. He walked over to it and opened it, finding inside a kind of magnifying glass, the lens of truth. Its outside was purple with three red spikes on the top, not unlike the ones seen above the Sheikah eye symbol, the lens itself was a blood red colour. He made his way out of the well and played the Prelude of Light and warped to the Temple of Time and transformed himself into an adult again and then warped to the Shadow Temple.

He entered the dark Shadow Temple, situated behind the graveyard and slowly made his way through battling against redeads, keese, stalfos and the like walking through dangerous traps, like a guillotine above your head about to drop. He eventually reached a Viking longboat kind of platform, which began to move as he stepped on it, a few Stalfos dropped down which he dealt with quickly.

He entered the boss room, still wearing the hover boots he had found in the temple. The room was dark, with the only light coming from Navi. The boss then appeared and Link stepped out onto what appeared to be a drum. The boss itself was a large purple ghost, composed of two hands and a large red eye, and it was called Bongo Bongo (of all things). It began attacking Link by trying to hit it with its huge hands. He fired the longshot at the hands to incapacitate them and then ran forwards and slashed Bongo Bongo’s eye, which had sank lower down due to the incapacitation of its hands. He did the repeatedly until he got hit and thrown across the room by the ghosts hand. He landed with a thud on the surface of the drum; he quickly got up as it started to pound its hands against the drum. Link started to attack it again until it collapsed and disappeared. He collected the heart and stepped into the blue light and was transported to the Chamber of Sages, where he met Impa and was told by her that she was the Sage of Shadow. Link was then transported out of the Chamber back down into Hyrule to continue on his quest to save Hyrule…
Secrets of the Sand by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Part 9

Secrets of the Sand

A lone figure on horseback kicked his horse into movement at the bottom of a flight of steps, the creature moved slowly starting to pick up speed as the roaring light of the sun sank behind a wall and the cry of a wolf was thrown into the air and a silence took hold of the night. It moved faster over a small bridge and galloped onto short velvet like grass. The mount flew over the grass legs flying in long powerful strides, the rider rocking with every thrust of the legs of the creature, against the ground. The beast slowed into a walk, mane settling on its neck once again, rider returning to a sitting position as they passed through a gap in a fence, it turned right sharply and continued pacing slowly, its rider hanging his head with fatigue. The horse moved down a slope and onto a hard, gritty type of surface, on a surface above dead trees stood, leafless branches seeming to scratch and claw at the sky. The smooth sky above almost pitch black in colour, with only the milky white moon standing in stark contrast, began to lift its heavy veil of darkness slowly, almost resentfully. The rider took his head down again and nudged his horse into life again, and entered a place that few races had ever entered.

Link looked up at the sky with tired eyes and saw the light returning to the sleepy land, the sun rose in the sky once more and he took a moment to watch the glowing orange orb rise upwards. It was a magnificent sight, the sky turning from velvet blue into purple with a hint of red finally fade into a clear blue sky. He looked over at the broken bridge in front of him and moved Epona so that she was in line with it, he had no other option so he kicked Epona into a gallop she raced towards the bridge … and jumped. In what seemed like an agonizing eternity to Link, Epona jumped over the chasm in a graceful arc and Link glanced down at the swirling torrent of the river below him.

There was a sudden hard thud as Epona landed on the other side of the broken bridge and slowed to a halt at the top of the small ramp that led up to normal ground. Link looked behind him at the gap that Epona had jumped. He patted her on the neck and scratched her behind the ears before kicking her into a light trot forward into the Gerudo fortress.

It was sweltering here and the sun wasn’t at midday point even up properly yet it was only about 9:45 so it was still fairly cool around on Hyrule field. Link tapped the heels of his boots against Eponas sides to get her to walk slowly. The sky was strikingly blue here and the sun blazed overhead, the air was dusty and dry and there was little wind. Link glanced around at the fortress above him and kicked Epona into a light trot again as she moved up a slight slope into an open area in front of the dark stone complex. A Gerudo guard saw him however and screamed

“Halt. You kid. Over there”

The guards cry alerted the other Gerudos and they crowded around, their spears and zanbatous pointing at him.

“Get off the horse kid” one of them commanded. Link swung his left leg off from around Eponas back. He jumped onto the ground and immediately several Gerudo guards grabbed him by the arms and held him back. One of the Gerudos in the group that had encircled him walked forwards towards him and looked him up and done as if trying to guess his strength.

“He’s just some kid playing dares with his mates, probably thinks he’s tough for coming here and carrying a sword, he doesn’t look dangerous” she decided

A small chuckle and murmur ran round the Gerudos as they looked at Link.

“Don’t bother frisking him, just blindfold him and throw him in a cell” she told the Gerudos holding Link, she turned to Link himself

“You’ll have to learn some lessons about the Gerudos before you come here again kid” she stared at him for a moment before turning away, he watched her walk away until a cloth was put over his eyes and tied behind his head. He was turned in a direction and felt a spear tip press into his back as an indication to start walking. Link was lead into a building and then outside again, his blindfold was ripped off and he was pushed down a hole into a cell. He landed with a loud thud onto the floor.

“Get in there and stay quiet. Stupid Kid”

Link pushed himself up off the floor and he could hear the guard muttering something about Hylian teenagers as she walked away. Link brushed some sand off his tunic and walked around the cell looking for a way out, he couldn’t get out from the square hole at the top but there was an opening in the cell that had a wooden sill over the top of it. He brought out the longshot and aimed it at the sill, as soon as the arrow at the end embedded itself in the wood it pulled him up and he stood on the ledge, and took a moment to look at the Gerudo Fortress.

At that point Navi flew out of Link’s tunic to check out the situation

“You’re an idiot, you do know that don’t you Link?” Navi commented as she flitted around Link’s head


“Riding out straight in front of those Gerudos, you know they hate men and were bound to imprison you”

“So what would you have had me do?”

“I dunno”

“Exactly. Shut up and be helpful will you” he retorted

He spotted a Gerudo about a metre away from the bottom of the wall where his cell was and took out his bow and an arrow.

“I hope you’re not going to do what I think you’re going to do”

“And that would be?”

“Shoot her?”


“But Link you can’t!” Navi exclaimed hysterically

“I won’t hurt her, besides do you want us… me to be thrown back in”

Navi didn’t answer but let out a sound that sounded like ‘why is this boy insane?’. Link ignored her and took aim while the Gerudo was standing still; he pulled back the string and released the arrow. It hit the Gerudo in the back and she immediately fell to the ground.

“GREAT SHOT LINK. You’ve killed her” Navi screamed at him

Ignoring her, Link jumped from the ledge and landed lightly on the floor below and stealthily approached the fallen Gerudo. He dragged her behind the crates on the floor and put two fingers to her neck, feeling for a pulse.

“She’s fine Navi, just unconscious” He turned the Gerudo over and pulled the arrow out of the Gerudos back and put it back in his quiver and walked away, leaving the Gerudo on the floor

“You’re leaving her there, unconscious?” Navi almost screamed at him.

“What do you want me to do? Wait by her side until she wakes up and then say ‘oh good, you’re alright, excuse me but I shot you in the back, I do hope we can still be friends’”

“OK, good point, let’s go”

Link walked towards the nearest door quickly looked inside and then entered. It was pleasantly cool inside the fortress, although there was still some sand and hot air entering the complex from out side, Link stealthily made his way into a large room without seeing any Gerudos.

On the left hand side of this room was an alcove cut into the wall, with bars over the front of it making it into a cell, inside was a somewhat large man, he called Link over.

“Hey you there, young man over there”

Link walked over to the cell.

“I don’t how you managed to get past all the guards around hear, but you’ve got guts, me and my three carpenter buddies got thrown in here, if you can get all of us out, we’ll make it worth your while,

but you better be careful, there are sure to be Gerudo guards... Around... Here… somewhere.

Wow watch out!”

As the carpenter said that Link felt a searing pain across the small of his back, he turned around to see a Gerudo dressed in red instead of purple standing in front of him, her scimitars were drawn and one was dripping with Link’s blood. Link quickly drew the Master Sword and Hylian shield and raised his shield in defence. Without a word the Gerudo stepped backwards and the two warriors started to fight each other, backing off then coming in close again to attack. The Gerudo took a horizontal slash at Link, but he blocked it by bringing his sword up vertically, the Gerudo was stopped and Link took a quick swipe at her, slicing at her arm and leaving a trail of blood.

The Gerudo woman looked down at it, as if in disbelief that he had hurt her. She backed off again, holding one scimitar above her head, the other down by her knees, as she circled Link, she backed off further and Link stood opposite her, just watching. The Gerudo crouched down and pulled the scimitars back, then launched herself at Link in a spin attack. Link barely missed being caught by her blades, he stood behind her, but she was dizzy and didn’t know where Link was, against his nature Link took another swipe at her, cutting into the small of her back, she screamed and breathed heavily before turning around to face Link again. This process was repeated by Link again and again, but on the tenth injury the woman collapsed to the floor, looked at Link with terror and hatred in her eyes, dropped the key to the cell and jumped up and disappeared.

Link walked over to the key that was lying on the floor and picked it up. Inside the cell the carpenter was throwing up his arms into the air, while Link walked over to the cell opened the door and stepped inside.

“Whoa boy, you can fight, that was incredible. I’ve never seen any man take on a Gerudo like that before. By the way my name is Jiro; I’m one of the four carpenters. We were really interested in joining the Gerudo’s all female clan

“I bet you were” Link muttered under his breath, Jiro however seemed no to have noticed

“But when we got here” he continued “they threw us in jail just because we’re men. We’re not interested in joining them anymore, they’re so rude. Please free my other buddies” and with that Jiro ran out of the cell and out of the Gerudo fortress. Link followed the direction in which the carpenter had run and came outside again. He quickly ducked down behind the crates to his right and moved over to the door on his left and walked inside. Link continued to make his way throughout the fortress, fighting three more Gerudos and freeing three more carpenters. After the last carpenter had ran off, Link turned around to see a Gerudo warrior, again dressed in red, standing before him, outside the cell.

“You’re quite a fighter” she commented “I used to think that all men, besides the great Ganondorf, were stupid, worthless and useless, but now that I’ve seen you fight I don’t think so anymore” Link looked at this woman with surprise written across his face, she smiled at him and pulled off one of her gauntlets and brought out a piece of paper, she put her gauntlet back on and shook out the piece of paper and beckoned Link to come out of the cell. He walked towards her slowly, warily until he stood in front of her. When he reached her she handed a piece of paper with writing on to him. He took it off her and read it.

“This is a Gerudo membership card, it will give you access you all areas of the training grounds, including the haunted wasteland and Desert Colossus, which is where the spirit temple is situated” She informed him as he read it.

“Right… thanks” Link said as he looked up at the Gerudo

“Oh, and the Spirit Temple is the headquarters of the exalted Nabooru, who was second in command to Ganondorf, she left me in charge of the fortress, so if she asks you how you got the membership, you can tell her that Lyrana gave it to you”

“Right thanks again” he said again as he smiled at her and walked out of the fortress.

He jumped down to the ground from the top of the fortress and walked to the left, and headed up the ramp to see what was up there, as he reached the top of the slope he saw large wooden targets on a course with some crates and a wooden fence in front of them. He walked up to the Gerudo who was standing underneath a canopy, trying to shield herself from the sun, which now was at it’s high point in the sky. Link walked up to the Gerudo and she informed him that the course was the Gerudo’s horseback archery grounds, where the Gerudos came to practise their archery skills.

“When you learn to ride a horse come back and try your skill” she laughed. Link looked at her with a disgruntled look on his face that showed his annoyance at being treated like a child, so he turned around and took out the Ocarina of time and called Epona with it. She swiftly came galloping to him and he mounted her as soon as she stopped. Link then looked at the Gerudo.

“So you can ride a horse huh? Well, let’s see if you can hit any of the targets.” She ran down the line of crates, setting out pots on top of them then turned around and ran back.

“A hundred points for each pot you can hit, thirty for the outside of the targets, sixty for the next three lines in and another hundred for a bulls-eye. The current high score is two thousand points.”

She started to count down and Link brought out his bow and set an arrow to the string “GO!” She shouted and Epona took off, running flat out. As she neared the first pot Link let the arrow loose, smashing it, and quickly readied another arrow letting it loose as he quickly came to the next pot, he repeated this hitting eight of the ten pots and then facing forward and firing two arrows at the target in front of him one hitting a sixty the other hitting a hundred. He lowered his bow as he went round the back of the target and brought it up again, fitting another arrow to the string. He let it go as he approached the first target and grabbed another from his quiver the arrows he shot flew through the air and he shot two more as he came up to the last target.

“One thousand five hundred points” the Gerudo stated as Link rode up to her. “That’s really good, especially for a rookie, well, you’ve earned this” She turned around and rummaged threw a pile of crates before turning around and handing him a quiver.

“This is the biggest quiver made in Hyrule, it carries fifty arrows, use it well” She winked at him and went to sweep up the remnants of the pots and pull the arrows out of the targets.

Link turned Epona around and kicked her into a gallop as he headed down the slope and turning right at the bottom, then dismounted her and entered the Gerudo’s training grounds.

After about an hour and a half Link emerged from the training grounds, out of fairies but with the Ice arrows. He then mounted Epona again and steered her towards the gate and then slid off her back and climbed up the ladder, he briefly spoke to the Gerudo and she opened the gate for him and he slid down the ladder and walked under the arch.

“Hey” she called to him, just as he was about to enter the desert. “You’ll have to face some challenges first, to start with there’s a river of quicksand you have to cross, follow the posts we’ve set up there and they’ll lead you to a stone we’ve set up, where there’s a fairy’s fountain. After that you’re three quarters of the way through the desert, you’ve then got to either find your way to Desert Colossus on your own or you can find the phantom that hangs around there, but you need an eye that can see the truth to see him, follow him and he’ll lead you out. Oh, and one more thing, the winds there are really rough and the sandstorms never stop. I know that won’t stop you, but I thought you might as well know”

“Thanks for the info” he called up to her, and plunged into the sandstorm of the haunted wasteland.

It was hot and dry and windy in the desert, the sand stung Link’s eyes as he trudged through the sand, trying to make out the flag poles, he finally reached the stone in the middle of the desert and dropped down the hole and into the fairy’s fountain. He walked forwards a couple of steps and then sat down watching the water and the fairies, glad to be out of the sun, after a few minutes he stood up and walked towards the water, bottled a fairy, and with a sigh walked back to the pad and jumped outside. Link quickly shielded his face and brought out the lens of truth, and seeing the Poe in front of him, started to follow it towards Desert Colossus.

It was another hour before Link reached the Spirit Temple that was located in Desert Colossus, he ran as fast as he could to the temple and sat down on the steps in what little shade the temple provided. He panted desperately and pulled out a bottle of water from inside his tunic and drank it, barely stopping to breathe as he drank the whole bottle. He drank the last few drops and put the empty bottle back inside his tunic; he closed his eyes for a moment trying to block out the heat of the sun and wiped the sweat off his face with the sleeve of his white undershirt. He stood up and as he did Sheik appeared, he spoke to Link for a moment before pulling out his harp and playing the requiem of spirit and then disappearing again, Link walked inside, savouring the cool air, however stale it was, ‘at least the air in here hasn’t got sand in it’ he thought as he walked towards the woman in front of him, who he guessed was Nabooru. He spoke to her and she mentioned something about a room, but she was too large to get into it and only a child could get into there.

Link turned around and walked away and was about to take the Ocarina out to warp back to the Temple of Time when Navi flew out of his tunic.

“Man it was hot out there, and the air is so stale in here” She commented, with dislike staining her voice

Link rolled his eyes. “It’s a desert out there, did you expect it to be refreshingly cool or something?” he asked, patronising her

“Anyway, we have to get back to the Temple of Time”

He took out the Ocarina and played the prelude of light and warped to the temple of Time. Upon reaching the temple he sprinted up to the pedestal of time. He drew the Master sword looked at it, and raising it above his head, slammed it into its slot. Blue light rose up from the floor encircling him and Navi.

Link opened his eyes again, as a child and walked down to the steps and into the main chamber of the temple, before checking his equipment and warping back to Desert Colossus.

The wind was blowing harshly again and the sand stung Link’s eyes upon his arrival to the desert. He ran across the sand and into the Spirit Temple, to get out of the heat. Once inside the Temple he ran to Nabooru and talked with her, he then entered the room and eventually collected the Golden gauntlets. He then warped back to the Temple of Time. When he returned to an adult he took a moment to look at the Master swords blade, it was perfect. It had lost none of its sharpness, and it still had no scratches on it, despite the battles it had been through, and its perfect silver colour was as bright and as magnificent as ever, regardless of the amount of blood that had coated it. It looked as though it was brand new, though it was probably about 1500 years old. Link thought about this as he looked at it, knowing that that was the last time it would probably be pulled out of the pedestal, if Link succeeded in his task, the Master Sword would be returned and it would never need to be used again.

‘But there’s always that probably’ Link thought. He then slid the sword into its scabbard and warped back to the desert. (How many Bloody times is he going to do this, it’s getting on my nerves). He entered the temple and made his way through, fighting iron knuckles, armos statues and other various monsters. He finally reached a long room; it was dark and eerie, illuminated only by the candles on the wall, six large pillars stood in the room, three on either side of the red carpet that ran up the middle. There was a door on the far side of the room which resembled a ying-yang like sun, but the door was barred.

“Looks like we’re going to have to do something in here” Link muttered, fatigue staining his voice

“And what gives you that idea, Link?” Navi asked, not without sarcasm

Link looked up at her, rolled his eyes and suddenly took a step back, his eyes widened as he looked at the sight before him.

A pair of gold armour clad legs had appeared in front of Link and the rest of the armoured being was quickly following. Finally, the golden, giant iron knuckle stood towering above Link, its large axe was extended towards him. It suddenly raised its axe up and brought it crashing down into the floor as Link jumped back.

“Oooohhhhh, shit!” Link exclaimed

“Link, manners please”

“Fine, KUSO!” He cursed again

“That means the same thing! Just cos’ it’s in Japanese, doesn’t make any difference” Navi scolded

Link however, was far to busy with the knuckle in front of him to be bothered about Navi. He dodged attack after attack, hitting back when he could, but his weariness was slowing him down, he was barely missing the attacks now. He dodged the axe again and dashed forwards hitting the Knuckle under the armpit, red blood started to trickle from the wound.

“Hang on!” Link thought “Knuckles don’t bleed”

He jumped back as the Knuckle raised it’s axe again and brought it down towards his right shoulder, his body though was tired and he needed to rest, he tried to step back and the axe hit his shoulder and dragged down a little, stopping halfway down his chest. Link screamed and stepped back once more. The Knuckle brought up its axe slowly and Link charged a spin attack up. Just before the knuckle slammed his weapon into the floor Link let the attack loose. He hit the knuckle just about everywhere that the sword could reach; Link staggered backwards shaking from his injuries, combined with fatigue and dizziness over the last attack.

To his amazement the armour fell off the knuckle and disappeared. Nabooru collapsed to the floor. She was the Knuckle!

Two witches suddenly appeared on either side of Link and Nabooru, both were dressed in black and on broomsticks, they also had hideously large noses and bulging eyeballs. However while one of the witches had a red jewel on her head, the other had blue.

It turned out that these two witches, named Koume and Kotake, had been controlling Nabooru. They cackled as they thought about the stunt that they had just pulled, their voices were high and squeaky and when they talked it sounded like nails being scratched down a blackboard.

Link winced as they cackled, loathing just about everything about them, from their grotesque features and voices, hunched shoulders and short backs, thin claw like hands to their actions and personalities, which were both exactly the same.

They suddenly summoned one ball of energy each, one blue, one red. By the time Link had recovered from the blinding light Twinrova had disappeared, along with Nabooru.

He collapsed on the floor for a moment, shaking with exhaustion.

“Link! This is no time to be sitting down on the job, get up and let’s go.” She hollered at him. Link slowly struggled to his feet, but his knees gave way again, leaving him crouching on the floor. Navi flew down to his eye level.

“Link, this is Navi, your partner” she said in a calm voice, then paused and proceeded to shout “GET A GRIP AND GET ON WITH YOUR JOB!!! WHAT ARE YOU, A YOUNG BRAVE HERO, OR A GIBBERING OLD MAN”

Link looked up at her, teeth bared. “Stop shouting at me and telling what to do” he growled quietly “I know what I have to do”


Link continued to watch her silently.

“WELL?” she shouted

“STOP IT NAVI!” he suddenly shouted, his temper was starting to fray because of his physical condition “You’re supposed to help guide me and generally help me out… why can’t you see that I’m trying as hard as I can?”

“You’re not trying though Link, you’re sitting on the floor doing nothing”

“I’m sitting on the floor Navi because I’m exhausted, I need to rest, I haven’t eaten or slept for two days in a row and I’m still finding the strength to fight, on top of that my injuries are slowing me down and I’m losing a lot of blood” he stopped, shuddering, trying to get his breath back

Navi briefly looked him over, his cheekbone and bottom lip were bleeding slightly from the force of an iron knuckle hitting him earlier, there was a large purple bruise underneath his left eye that took up almost all of the left side of his face, the gash on his right shoulder, which reached down to his chest, was deep and sore, blood flowing freely from the wound and soaking into his clothes and the rest of his body was still covered in bruises and cracked scabs from previous fights.

She gave a soft sigh a she looked at him, realising what he was being forced to do.

“Link… why don’t you use a bottled fairy to help revive yourself” she asked, anger suddenly diminished.

“I only have one left and I need it for the next fight, besides, I don’t think fairies are going to help here, I need to sleep” he spoke quietly and looked down at the wound on his shoulder then tore two strips off the bottom of his tunic and used one to clean the wound on his shoulder and the other to wipe his face. He sat for a moment and then slowly stood up, using the pillar beside him for support, trembling he made his way forward to the next room, and faced Twinrova.

The battle for Link was long, hard and utterly exhausting he battled as hard as he could, getting struck by Twinrova’s fire and ice attacks. After what seemed like an agonizing eternity to Link, Twinrova collapsed to the floor and disappeared into nothing, leaving behind a heart container.

He smiled briefly and walked into the light to talk to the sage, who turned out to be Nabooru.

‘So let the monsters beware!’ Link thought as he was transported back to Hyrule.

He then went to face whatever waited for him in Ganondorf’s ominous castle….
Destiny Finally Fufilled by Link Lover
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time part 10

Destiny finally fulfilled
A cold, howling wind blew about the deserted town. Dark figures stood lurking in shadows. A figure lay on sickly dead grass outside the towering building. Any light that floated around the figure cast black evil shadows that danced on walls. Dark shadows covering anything and everything, toying with and torturing lights weak protestations. Nothing bright and friendly shone out through the darkness, no comforting aura to give strength and hope. No diamond like stars glinted in the sky, no moon broke the inky blackness and at dawn no roaring aurora of the sun would part and break and shatter ghostly figures of clouds.
Link lay on the grass in front of the Temple of Time, trapped in a deep sleep. Icy numbness travelled throughout the air in the abandoned market town. Navi hovered nearby, keeping watch as the wounded Link slept.
Link stirred in his sleep and slowly woke up, wounds suddenly throbbing and muscles aching. He shook his head, stretched, yawned and blinked trying to wake up properly. He had finally defeated the Spirit Temple and was ready to defeat Ganondorf. He had been transported to outside the temple of Time and had been told to go inside when he woke up. Navi flew down to him, her light fully waking him up.
“Come on Link, we’ve gotta go inside” she chirped
“Ummph” was the only response Link could make, annoyed at Navi for making him move so quickly after he had woken up.
He pulled his Sword, Shield, Bow and Quiver onto his back and lethargically stood up and moved towards the Temple.
Link entered the temple to see a figure standing by the altar, he recognised it as Sheik. Link walked up to him and stood waiting for him to speak. Sheik said nothing however, just raised his hand. A Triforce symbol faded into visibility and started glowing, shining with golden light.
Links mouth dropped open with shock as golden lines crossed Sheik’s body and his whole body became enshrouded by it. Link stood, watching in amazement as Sheik’s glowing body changed shape and gradually faded into a visible form again. Suddenly standing before him was a seventeen year old woman. She had long flowing golden hair down to her waist, pale snow white fair skin, deep sapphire blue eyes and a perfect curved, petite feminine figure.
“Zelda?” Link breathed, questioning
The woman nodded and smiled at him.
Link couldn’t believe it, it was Zelda! She was here, and safe, and the most beautiful woman he had seen in his entire life.
She smiled at him once more and began to speak softly to him, explaining about her disguise as the Sheikah, the temples and sages and at last the final piece of the puzzle, the Triforce pieces.
“What do you mean, what about the Triforce?” Link asked, not quite understanding.
“When you opened the door of time Ganondorf entered the sacred realm, as did you, and took the Triforce of Power. With one of the Triforce pieces taken the Triforce, obviously, was no longer whole” she explained.
“Oh, right… so the other two pieces of the Triforce had to go to someone as well”
“Exactly, the Triforce pieces of Wisdom and Courage need someone to guard them, so they go to the people who entered the sacred realm and who have the strongest of those traits… which means that I have the Triforce of Wisdom” she held her right hand up to show off the Triforce mark, proving her point “and you have the Triforce of Courage” she glanced at his left hand. Link looked down at it too, and slipped off the Golden gauntlet he was wearing, and there on the back off his hand, was a faintly glowing Triforce mark.
“It also happens that I am the last sage too, the leader of all the others, which is the reason I had to teach all the Ocarina songs” She stated.
Link nodded his head in understanding and opened his mouth to speak when he heard a quiet rumbling that was growing increasingly louder. Zelda had heard it too and was listening intently, her head tipped so that her ear closest to the sound could hear better.
A moment later and the rumbling turned into a laugh, deep, low, evil and ominous…Ganondorf’s laugh. He had discovered the princess was in the Temple of Time and… there was a flash of light around Zelda, a pink crystal formed encasing her, there was another blinding flash… and she was gone.
Link immediately turned and ran out of the temple, turning right sharply at the town and heading up towards Ganondorf’s dark fortress.
As he reached the top of the slight hill he skidded to a halt, staring at the sight of the fortress, floating over a pit of lava.
“Oh this is just perfect” he exclaimed “Now what am I supposed to do?”
“Nothing” Navi squeaked “Just watch”
Link looked back to the lava and saw a streak of green to his right. A bridge was being formed through the sages power, green, red, blue, purple, orange and yellow merging into each other to create a solid platform.
Link walked towards it and gingerly put his foot on it, testing its strength.
“I don’t care how powerful the sages are, I do not like this” Link muttered, slowly taking steps and realising that if he did this he would stay on the bridge longer. He stopped looked around, drew his sword and shield… and ran, straight into the fortress.
An inky blackness engulfed Link as he walked into the forbidding stronghold of Ganondorf. The air lay around, thick, heavy and dusty matching the dismal malevolent feeling of the castle. Everything seemed to pulse with evil energy, from the floor beneath his feet to the air and narrow corridor walls which brushed his shoulders. In the far distance a dim flicker of lamps could be seen, and a clear light streaking across the room ahead. Link quickened his pace, breaking into a run. The room was slightly illuminated by six streaks of light, green, red, blue, purple and orange all converging to a point on the ceiling and the other end sinking into a wall above a door, a large yellow beam stood in the middle of them all. On each door their was the symbols of each separate sage with their colour above it. At the far side of the room a beam of black, that seemed to glow and pulse with malicious energy struck into a large door with Ganon’s face on it.
“We have to go into each room and defeat it to break the barrier so we can get up to Ganon” Navi informed, her voice shaking.
“Never” was Link’s sarcastic response.
He headed down the steps to each room defeating any enemy that was stupid enough to attack him (all of them then). In the forest room there were Stalfos, Wolfos, Bubbles (the floating skulls) floor masters and Poes. In the fire room there were all the creatures Link had fought in the fire temple and so on with all the rooms.
When Link was just entering the spirit room Navi piped up.
“And in this room Link we’ll have to face…” Navi started in a patronising tone, but she didn’t get to finish her sentence due to Link grabbing her and slamming the tiny fairy into a wall.
“Three points Navi.” Link growled, fed up with her “One, it is not ‘we will’ it’s ‘you will’ meaning me, you don’t do anything. Two, I already know what will be in here. Three, if you patronise me one more time, you will find yourself in a bottle on my shelf at home or worse still about to be hit by a fly swatter.”
He let Navi go and she let out an indignant little ‘humph’ and disappeared down his tunic again.
Link continued on his way through the spirit room fighting his enemies as he went until he reached the exit.
The final sage barrier, orange, faded from sight as Link left the room. Cautiously, he walked towards the door with Ganondorf’s (extremely ugly) face on it, he stopped in front of it staring into the portraits eyes for a moment, a scowl forming on his face in hatred. He looked up to the barrier that was above him, still shining but seeming to have dulled, the yellow barrier standing in the middle of the room suddenly pulsed brightly, and Link walked up to it, it continued to pulse and Link stood perplexed as to why nothing was happening.
He suddenly got an idea and took the Master Sword, placing it in the middle of the beam of light. At first nothing happened, but he stood back and waited anyway. After a few seconds the light began to pulse again, brighter and brighter until the beam began to grow and the room was filled with the yellow light. Link closed his eyes until the light passed, when he looked at the door to Ganondorf’s chambers, the black beam had gone. Taking the Master Sword in hand again he headed for the door to confront Ganondorf.
Link climbed the stairs, going higher, and deeper into the fortress, low notes form an organ filled his ears, as he climbed, he stopped after about ten flights of steps and sank to the floor.
Link breathed heavily as he sat on the step, listening to the notes and gritting his teeth. In his moment of rest he took a moment to think about everything, the present, past and future, his adventure and how his life could have been different.
His main thought however was “How did it come to this? How did things get so bad?”
He sat with his head in his hands, his legs were screaming for rest, while the rest of his body screamed in pain as well. The music was grating his ears and thoughts swirled in his head “How did it come to this?”
He suddenly stopped thinking and stood up, thinking only of the welfare of Hyrule and Zelda, nothing else mattered for the moment, and he started to climb again.
It took a long time to get the top, and needless to say Link was pretty pee-d off about the climb. He now stood outside the door of Ganon’s chambers, taking deep breaths and steadying himself before he plunged into that hell-hole to find goddess knows what. He took one final deep breath, drew the Master Sword and prepared to show Ganon what the Hero of Time could do.
Link threw his weight onto the heavy door, and it slowly creaked open. Link regained his balance and looked at the scene in front of him.
Zelda was standing in a pink crystal that was hovering high in the air; her face broke into a smile as she saw him. Link looked up to her and smiled, bowing his head to her at the same time, but the smile faded from his face when he looked at Ganondorf. He was still sitting at the huge organ and just finishing the music he was playing, he glanced down at his hand and turned with a smirk to face Link.
“Ah, so the great Hero of Time appears at last” his sarcastic smirk told Link all he needed to know
“What do you want you moon faced assassin of joy?” Link spat out at him, seeing if he could get a reaction.
Ganon’s smirk promptly faded at Link’s words, but he replied anyway
“You know what I want” and he gave a little flourish with his hand, sending waves of energy towards Link. Link threw his hand up, his Triforce blocking the energy, he still felt himself being pushed back slightly though.
“That’s it” Ganon smirked again, using his powers to pick up Link and throw him across the room. Link slammed into the wall with a sickening crunch and fell to the floor. He was still conscious though and about to get up when Navi flew out.
“I’m sorry Link, but I can’t help you this time”
Link looked up at her
“I didn’t expect you to anyway”
He stood up again and as he did the room faded into a new one.
Link looked around again, noting the change. The walls were no longer iron and stone, but stained glass windows. Reds, yellows and oranges made up the window panes, looking like a flame gone wrong. The floor was crumbled in places and the room was so pathetically lit that Link could barely see anything.
Ganon was in the centre of the room, floating a couple of inches of the ground, just like the ghost version of himself.
“He’s already shown me how to beat him” Link thought
“And so we come to it at last” Ganon commented breaking the silence in the room. The room fell silent again, but to Link, the silence was deafening. His heart pounded frantically, a bird trying to escape a cage, he wanted to get the battle over and done with, but apparently Ganon had other ideas.
“Don’t let him know your nervous, don’t let him see your courage slip even a millimetre. He’ll take the moment of weakness and kill you” Link’s mind screamed at him and his heart still pounded in his chest, but he was determined not to let it show.
So Link stood tall and straight, his head high and face unreadable, poised for battle with sword and shield drawn ready for attack.
“Fine, let’s go…but I should warn you. I’m going to thrash you within an inch of your life… and then take that inch.” Ganon threatened
Link merely snorted, and rolled his shoulders before settling back into his battle stance. He looked up at Ganondorf, his face set firm and he watched as Ganondorf pulled back his hand creating a ball of energy in it before hurling it straight at Link. A cocky grin formed on Link’s face and he effortlessly swung the Master Sword, hitting the ball back at Ganon who deflected it back it Link. They hit the ball back and forth and it grew faster and faster until finally there was a scream of pain and a figure fell to the ground clutching at his chest and gasping. Before Link could get up though Ganondorf cast another ball of energy, pitch black in colour and puling with energy, he hurled it at Link , who screamed in agony again and… suddenly the floor began to crack and the Link disappeared down into a dark room.
Link landed on the floor with a heavy thud and gasped as a chunk of the floor from above hit his leg. He looked back at it for a moment and then back up at Ganon, who was sitting with his legs thrown over the edge of the pillar that was still standing in the centre and grinning, seeming to think that Link was already beaten.
The Hero of Time yanked himself free of the rock and crawled over to underneath the floor above, covering him in shadow.
“I’ll show him what the Hero of Time can do” Link thought to himself. He slipped his hover boots on and began climbing up the pillar. When he reached the floor above him, he found a loose slab and pushed it up, just enough to see. Ganon was sitting with his back to Link, apparently savouring his easy ‘victory’. With a silent nudge Link pushed the stone slab up and crawled through onto the floor and then silently crept to a corner of the room, directly behind Ganondorf, where he knew the floor was solid. He turned to look back at the unwitting ‘King of Evil’ and drew out his bow and a light arrow, nocking an arrow to the string.
Ganon looked at the sudden light on the wall in front of him.
“What the…?” He looked down to the rock where Link’s leg had been. “That means…”
He turned quickly, and got a glimpse of Link holding a light arrow to the string of his bow, before he was engulfed by pain and light as the arrow hit him.
Link dashed over to the downed, large figure of Ganondorf and plunged the Master Sword deep into his heart, the sword plunging through the thick armour as though it were nothing more than paper.
Ganon looked up at Link, a snarl forming on his face as he looked up at him.
“I can’t believe that I, the great King of Evil have been beaten by this kid” he said to himself
Link pulled the sword out of Ganondorf’s chest and watched him sink to the ground.
“This isn’t over yet Link” he growled out as he coughed up blood. Link watched him for a few seconds and then found himself back in Ganondorf’s chambers, Zelda’s crystal gently lowering to the ground in front of him.
“Zelda…” he breathed, unable to believe she was here and it was over.
She smiled at him, but a sudden jerk of the castle and a rumble made he smiled disappear.
“Link, he’s trying to bring down the castle with his last breaths…we’ve got to get out of here quickly or we’ll be buried alive” she shrieked. “Follow me!”
Link ran after to her over to the door as she used her magic to open the lock…
Ganondorf lay on the floor in the room him and Link had fought in. Blood pooled around him, but he held his hands in the air, using his powers to bring down his fortress.
“As long as though two goody two shoes brats don’t survive, I’m content. I’m going to kill them, it may be the last thing I’ll do, but I’m going to do it” he growled out to himself, increasing his concentration to bring down the castle even faster.
Link and Zelda fled, forcing their legs to go even faster as they ran through the collapsing castle, Zelda screaming magic spells to open gates and doors, while Link used his sword to cut down anything stupid enough to get in his and Zelda’s way.
They ran across a thin metal bridge that vibrated under their feet as the castle shook. A large piece of stone suddenly slammed itself into the walkway making a three foot gap in the path. Link slid to a halt, and looked down at the ground below, hundreds of feet down. He looked back up at Zelda, who was standing on the opposite side of the gap.
“GO!” he shouted at her “Leave me here and get out!”
“I’m not going anywhere without you Link” she screamed back at him
“Listen to me! Every second you stand there is another chance to kill you. Go on and I’ll try to catch you up!”
She stood for a second, looking torn, then turned and ran. As she did, another piece of rock slammed into the walkway behind Link. He turned quickly to see how much it had knocked off. But when he turned around he was face to face with a re-dead. He bit back a scream of surprise when he saw it.
“It must have been next to me, in the shadows”
The re-dead stared at him blankly for a moment, and then jumped over Link, landing on his back and sinking its fangs into his neck, drinking the blood that was running down the back of Link’s neck. Link screamed in agony, pain radiating from his neck as the re-dead bit him, drinking his blood and then driving its fangs in further until it hit the bone. He struggled, grabbing the re-dead’s arms and throwing it off in some sort of creepy somersault. However, as he had pulled the zombie of him, it had closed it jaws, sinking the bottom row of fangs into his flesh as well; as a result it had ripped a huge piece of skin from his neck. Link looked down at the stunned zombie as it lay on the ground, disgusted by the sight of his flesh still in its jaws; he angrily dug the sword into its body and then kicked it away. He turned back to the gap in front of him, he took a step back and a deep breath, placing his hand on the wall beside him, and he took another breath, steeled himself and jumped using the wall as leverage.
Zelda suddenly stopped when she heard Link scream. She had ran about three more layers and was right underneath where Link was standing. She shouted to him but the wind carried the sound of her voice away and Link’s next scream drowned her second cry out, she looked around in desperation, there was nothing she could use to climb up to him and the castle was still collapsing. The next thing she knew was there was a zombie’s body lying, twitching on the floor in front of her, a clump of bloody flesh clasped between its jaws. She noted with particular disgust that there were still a few strands of Link’s blonde hair attached to it. She wrinkled her nose up at the sight and used her magic to hurl the body into the lava still so far below. She took in a sudden gasp as she saw Link launch himself across the gap in the metal walkway.
Link landed on the piece of metal with a sudden thud and gasp, the edges of the ripped metal digging deep into his legs, but he still pulled himself up ignoring the scrape of metal against bone and blood dripping down his legs. He stood up his bloody, wounded legs shaking, but he thought nothing of it and continued to run.
Zelda saw Link jump, but didn’t see if he landed safely or not. A huge stalfos that she had no chance of winning against, with her current state of exhaustion, was standing behind her. At that point another huge chunk of rock smashed into it, but more were standing a little way behind and she fled.
Link tore through the building, desperate to catch up with Zelda before something happened to her. Three levels down and a bunch of stalfos were crowded around the body of another. He stayed back, he couldn’t fight them all…but then he heard the worlds: Zelda, Kill. With a sudden spring of hope that she was still alive, he charged through the stalfos, running his sword into two and knocking the others into the lava below. If Zelda was still alive there was a chance they could get out together. He charged into a room and saw Zelda surrounded by flames and stalfos he killed them with arrows before they even knew he was there. He ran over to Zelda and caught her as she collapsed; she opened her eyes and looked up at him.
“Link…You’re alive” she said apparently surprised. Link smiled and nodded at her and hoisted her up, putting his right arm, complete with shield around her waist. Zelda put her left hand on Link’s left shoulder, grasping it for support.
“Are we secure?” he asked
“Yes, can we go?”
They started running again, Zelda opening doors for them, still clutching to Link. She glanced continually at the patch of flesh missing form the back of his neck and grimaced, quickly turning her head away from Link when he noticed her looking at it. Blood was streaming from the wound, but Link didn’t seem to notice, and soaking into the soft material of the gloves on Zelda’s arm. She suddenly noticed they had stopped running, and that Link was looking at her with a strange mixture of looks on his face. There seemed to be impatience, expectance and a sort of amusement drawn into his features, why though she couldn’t tell until he flinched his head towards the door. She muttered an apology to him and opened the door.
“Ok” Link thought “Why is she just staring at my neck, I know it’s horrible but this is the way out” He flinched his head to the door and she seemed to come back, she muttered some sort of apology and opened the door for him.
The two figures struggled out of the castle. Zelda suddenly broke from Link’s grip and ran to a patch that was very slightly lighter than other patch around. Link ran towards her, with his head turned to look back at the collapsing castle, he reached her, stood for a moment …and collapsed to the floor.
“LINK!” Zelda shrieked as he collapsed and sank to her knees beside him.
Link lay looking up at the sky for a moment and then sat up as Zelda knelt beside him.
“I’m OK” he gasped out and then smiled at her, then looked back at the castle, enjoying watching it collapse.
There was a low creak of iron and one by one the four pillars holding the layers of the castle up, fell and shattered into large blocks of iron and stone on the ground. The top layer of the castle, the tower where Link and Ganondorf had fought highlighted by its coloured windows, sank into the layer below it. That one then sank into the other until all that was left was a large, metal, slightly domed piece of land, littered with rubble.
A huge pile of rubble sat in the middle of the area.
Link let his head drop back in exhaustion, resting. A huge explosion brought him back and he looked to where the noise had originated, a bright flash followed the noise and a small ball of light continued to hover in the midst of the pile of rubble.
“Oh, great. What now?” Link groaned as he stood up, picking up the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.
He walked slowly, warily towards the pile, unsure of what he would find. As he approached the pile, the ragged figure of Ganondorf burst out and stood before him, glaring at the young Hero. Link let a growl of annoyance escape his throat.
Ganondorf’s form started to change, in the same way that Sheik had turned into Zelda, but this time instead of a person Link was glad to see, he was horrified.
A huge beast that resembled a warthog stood before him. It was large about 11 foot, thick muscles lined its body, great tusks grew out of its face and it had eyes like white flames. Merciless and utterly malicious.
In each hand, similar to the size of a dragon’s foot, was a huge golden trident, the edges cruelly jagged and the points sharper than a spear or arrow head.
Link looked up at this creature, Ganon, his mouth dropped open and eyes wide. For the first time in his life he was utterly terrified and it showed on his face.
“So much for not letting my fear show” Link thought, still staring at the beast in front of him.
He took a step back from the creature and as he did, it swung one of its huge tridents at him.
The trident slammed into Link, knocking the air out of him and impaling his side. He let a scream tear out of his throat as he was lifted into the air on the trident’s forks but as Ganon lifted the trident vertical he slide down further, becoming completely impaled at totally helpless. Ganon lifted a huge hand, dropping the other trident, and brought it to Link’s face. The 2 foot long claws scraped across Link’s cheek and jaw line, a hairsbreadth away from spilling his blood. The claws moved away from his face, Ganon seeming to be bored by Link’s reaction. But without warning the claws slammed savagely into his head, scraping across his face, leaving huge bloody lacerations, and then slamming again into his chest and stomach and finally into both wrists. Link screamed again, loud enough for the world to hear, the scream seeming to tear the skin from the back of his throat.
“That re-deads bite wasn’t agony, this is” Link thought through the pain.
His body was marked by lacerations from Ganon’s claws, his right wrist hung limply, broken from the force of Ganon’s attack.
Link looked down at his body. He was covered in crimson blood, bruises, scabs (cracked and newly formed) and cuts. Blood was gushing from his neck, legs, face and torso, bruises were already forming around the wounds and else where. He looked to his right wrist, hanging limp and broken and then his left.
“Something’s wrong here” Link thought. He stared at his left hand for a moment and the realization hit him like a ton of bricks.
“SWORD! Where’s the Master Sword. Without it I’ve got no chance”
He turned his head painfully, causing more blood to come from the wound on the back of his neck, and saw the Master Sword planted firmly in the ground, next to where Zelda was standing. A huge ring of fire had sprung up, cutting Link and Ganon off from Zelda. With a vicious move Ganon turned the trident and threw Link off it, his leg landing in the fire. Link yelped and pulled his leg out, looking to Zelda. Her face was paler than usual and he noticed, with a sudden pang of guilt, that she was crying…because of the injuries he was suffering from. He turned his attention back to Ganon and pulled himself painfully up off the blistering ground.
“I’ve got no chance” Link thought suddenly, panic sitting at the edges of his mind, trying to push themselves deeper
Link studied Ganon carefully, his hide was as thick and tough as any armour created, and Link couldn’t use the Master Sword now. He looked for a weakness and noticed; right at the base of Ganon’s tail was a fleshy purple area. He ran forward towards Ganon stopped in front of him and took out the Light arrows and his Bow. He took careful aim, right between Ganon’s eyes and fired. With a flash of light Ganon was brought to his knees and Link ran round the back of him, slamming the Megaton hammer onto the purple patch. Ganon howled and Link ran to his front side again.
The battle lingered on, Link scoring hits, but weakening fast. With a stroke of luck a hit brought the dancing flames surrounding him and Ganon down. He ran at full speed towards Zelda and turned quickly grabbing the Master Sword as he skidded round back towards Ganon. With her remaining energy, Zelda held Ganon in place whilst Link rushed at him full speed and with a cry of victory for Hyrule, Link plunged the gleaming blade into Ganon’s heart once again.
With a cry from Ganon, it was over. Victory was Link’s and Hyrule’s.
Link closed his eyes at the feeling of it all finally being over and welcomed it. He had finally fulfilled his destiny.
When Link opened his eyes again Ganon was gone, leaving the remnants of the fight behind.
A moment later he and Zelda were in the clouds, watching the people of Hyrule rejoice in the peace.
“Link…” Zelda said softly, breaking his gaze away from the villagers at the ranch partying.
He looked at her and smiled, something he felt he hadn’t done, not truly anyway, in seven years.
“Link…I want to apologise” Zelda whispered
“For what?” he asked walking towards her
“For making you miss those seven years of your life, it was stupid of me to think that a couple of children could take on Ganon, even with the Triforce”
Link just stood, looking at her.
“I want to return you to your true time, to relive the seven years you lost”
Link looked at her, shock and sadness etched into his features.
“But … I don’t want to leave”
“But you have to. Why don’t you want to go?”
“Because I don’t want to leave you or this time”
“We’ll see each other again Link, you know that in your heart don’t you”
“Yes, but … do I have to go now”
Link turned and watched the land below, smiling at the madly dancing lumbering Gorons, the slim tanned Gerudo women, the Hylians, his own race, the Kokiri’s (and a very depressed looking Mido) and finally the tall Zora’s and the contrast they all made with each other. He smiled, making sure that the sight would stay in his memory forever, He turned slightly and saw, with a sudden gasp, all of Hyrule and he marvelled at his homeland. The beauty of it.
The tall, proud Death Mountain, looking commandingly over Hyrule, the large ring of fire that had once surrounded its peak gone, small Kakariko village, nestled cosily in its shadow.
The small Zora River running throughout Hyrule, and its gushing waterfall and fountain, giving life
The lush green, life filled Kokiri forest and lost woods, his childhood home.
The clear, blue, pure, sparkling lake Hylia.
The dry dusty, desert in Gerudo valley but still held beauty in its golden sands.
Hyrule field, its great expanse covering Hyrule.
And finally Hyrule castle, returned to its magnificent grey splendour.
Link looked at it all together, the whole country, protected by the goddesses, sages and him the Hero of Time.
He turned back to Zelda, who now had the other sages standing behind her. Light, Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit and Time. He was suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling of gladness and wonder, after seeing Hyrule in all its glory and now the sages, each different people, different races and personalities but each working to the same cause.
The ancient form of Rauru, Sage of Light, whom no-one knew the race of. The tiny Saria, Link’s best friend, who would live forever in her immortal Kokiri form, the Sage of Forest. The massive rock like Darunia the Goron, who had even named his son, Link after the Hero of Time, the Sage of Fire. The slim, tall form of Princess Ruto a Zora, who held and unrequited love for him, she was the Sage of Water. The mysterious Impa, whom no-one knew much about apart from the fact she was one of the last of the dying Sheikah race, the sage of Shadow. Nabooru the Gerudo who had betrayed her own King, Ganondorf to help Hyrule, the sage of Spirit And finally, Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, sage of Time. And there were no words for her.
He nodded to all the sages, silently thanking them for all their help. They all smiled and left. Save Zelda.
She stood watching Link and he approached her.
Link leaned towards her
“Before I go, I wan to say, I’ve just realised how much I love you” he whispered into her ear.
Zelda looked at him , but before she could say anything… he kissed her. They stood like that for a minute or more, just kissing.
Link broke away, handing the Ocarina to Zelda. She took it but for a moment, she let her hand linger in his. Quietly and sadly she played the song of Time and watched Link disappear.
Link found himself back in the temple of Time.
He drew the Master Sword and watched it shimmer in the light for a final time
“There’s always that probably” he thought and plunged the Master Sword back into its pedestal.
As Link was pulled back to his original time, he remembered everything, his final thought before he turned into a child again was
“We’ll see each other again, Zelda”…..

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