The Legend of Zelda: After the Battle by BOEG
Summary: Continuation of Rise of the Hell Lords--- Just minutes after the battle against Hell Modeus ends, the Triforce Team discuss what they should do next in their quest to destroy the evil army of Hell. They decide to go back to Earth, and it is there that they meet a warrior with something unbelievable; a fifth piece of the he friend? or foe?....
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Twindora by BOEG
The Legend of Zelda
After the Battle


They were the blessed. The creatures of God. Put into a form so beautiful none in the mortal realm could possibly imagine their splendor. Robed in radiant fabric, clad in white and gold, holy weapons inlaid with gems that glowed with a light brighter than a thousand suns. Armor of an indestructible form of unearthly metal was on their bodies and blades sharp and swift enough to cut a strand of hair in two were entrusted to those of higher rank. Glorious feathered wings like a dove glowed in all of the colors of the rainbow as they flew, and indeed their beauty was so great that if a mortal were to look upon the entire grand army of Heaven, he or she would be blinded and rendered speechless instantly. They lived in a realm neither in this world or the universe. It was nowhere, yet in a way, it was everywhere. It was the realm of Heaven. Infinite in its space and beauty, and there was no hatred, or pain, or misery. It was the realm of good.
But then there was what some would call an imperfection in the blessed, an error that God made in his creation. But not all are able to comprehend the infinite knowledge that God wields like a blade, quick and useful in its movements. God gave to every creature a free will, a mind to wonder and think and do what they would with. Indeed he knew what it would lead to, and intended for it to happen all along. For years uncounted Heaven was at peace, the blessed living in peace unceasing, and they were content. But then from the blessed came one who wished to challenge God. With his convincing words and reasoning he changed many of the blessed, morphing and contorting their thoughts and views into greed and visions of power they could gain from overthrowing God. This Angel was Lucifer, one of the most beautiful of the blessed, and the evilest on the inside.
These Angels that joined him in his thoughts and plans to destroy God and rule Heaven were known as the turned, a small group of Angels that vowed to follow Lucifer to whatever end and try to destroy God at all costs. They marched forth to the throne of light, blades in hand and Black thoughts in mind, a grim smile upon their beautiful faces. Lucifer marched, a large blade with a golden hilt in his right hand, a clenched fist at his side. His wings tensed then relaxed, his golden locks of long hair swaying in the open breeze. It was there, on the throne of light, that a blinding aura shined forth and the metal of the turned blades shined with an intense heat and their hands were scorched, the blades falling to the golden ground and shattering. God then faced Lucifer, and in that moment banned him to an eternal realm of suffering, a lake of fire and brimstone, and here he was doomed to stay with the turned for all eternity. The realm glowed with fire, but at the same time was bathed in an unnatural darkness. There were ninety-nine levels in the realm, Lucifer himself residing in the first level.
Here the turned multiplied and became many, but no longer was the gift of beauty granted to them, but the shapes of their hearts came forth, and where beauty once was there was now contorted horrid leathery skinned creatures, horns and wings and a tail upon their body’s, dark thoughts on their mind. Lucifer’s true form came forth at this time as well. It is told he forsook his original physical body, hating it and all that God had given to him in the beginning when he was among the blessed. It is said that in this time he dwelled in the realm as a mist, a floating smoke, ebbing and contorting into any shape at will, but none of them one that it wished to take on permanently.
Lucifer’s realm was known as Hell, and his name was now Satan, called The Devil by many Earthlings. He appointed many of the turned, now known as Demons, to become rulers of levels of Hell, and to some he granted leave to travel to the numerous planets and try to conquer. Among these many he sent Beyo Mess with an army of his original demons, known as Aku-Mari in the Beyuntanian language, to the planet of Osiris. He appointed Grendals, demons of stone, to guard the Earth gate to Hell, and Lynels, centaur-like creatures to guard Turtle Rock, the Hylian entrance to Hell. To rule over the vast armies of demons he appointed Asmodeus, and at one point in history even allowed him to rule over several warlords on Earth disguised as a man robed in black.
Over the years the demons evolved, changing in shape and strength, and thus was born the ranks of Hell. Among these were Stalfos, Hellknights, Iron Knuckles, Darknuts, Dead Hands, Poes, Boes, Redeads and Gibdos. And during this time Devil sat on his dark throne, plotting and trying to form darkness in the brightest of places. It was at this time that he birthed an evil like no other, one that will not be forgotten, not today, nor a thousand years in the future. He created magic. Not the magic that kings and priests practice today in Hyrule and Termina, but Black magic. With it he created a meteor of unfathomable size, granted invisibility, known as the Apocalypse of the Skies. To this day it drifts around the galaxies, destroying planets wherever it drifts.
Devil also had a plan to get back at God, the being he hated more than his own existence itself. On Earth, the proudest of God’s creations where the Earthlings, his cherished people lived, Devil planted the dark seeds of sin, turning Earthlings from the path of God whenever he could, and with as much subtlety as possible. Temptation. Lies. Deceit. These weapons were greater to Devil then the mighty sword he wielded in Heaven. He changed the thoughts and beliefs of countless Earthlings, condemning them to suffering when they died. He named these the damned, the army that he planned to use as a shield when he at last was allowed onto the Earth and the gates of Hell opened. At the start of this plan Devil thought in his evil heart that he had dealt God a blow that could be unmatched, but again, the being of infinite power and knowledge knew it would happen from the start, and the number of Earthlings he saved was far greater then the number of those he lost, though every soul that joined the ranks of the damned grieved him greatly.
Years later it was told to him that Beyo Mess had been slain, and the Aku-Mari imprisoned in a crystal. The news angered him, but he had a plan to solve his problems in Osiris, so he put the matter aside for the moment, and graciously moved his dark gaze elsewhere. He sent Demons forth into the lands of Hyrule and Termina, an army that in years much farther into the future Ganondorf Dragmire of the Gerudo made use of. Devil’s hatred festered inside of him for hundreds of years, growing ever stronger, fueling his desire to destroy God and the blessed even more, be it by demonic blade or destruction of his followers.
In years much closer to the current time, Devil seeped into the world above, merely a hazy shadow with a voice but no power. He moved across the rivers, and over the mountains, flowing silently with the breeze, wishing to find an insider, an Earthling that would be willing to help his cause, follow his commands without question or a moral sense of right and wrong. One who had nothing left to live for, who had no conscience, who was fighting for the same reason he was. For revenge and power. He found what he was looking for in an unexpected place.
The Mishima organization. A large group of humans supplying more then seventy percent of the world’s weapons centered in Japan. Nuclear testing. New guns. Explosives. Even blades. All were tested in the lowest rooms behind locked doors in the Mishima building. It was guarded by many armored soldiers carrying the most technologically advanced weapons they were willing to reveal, and none who tried to enter without permission came out alive.
At the heart of the Mishima organization was its leader, cold hearted Heihachi Mishima. He studied the art of Ken, and fought with a ferocity none had matched in hand to hand battles. His son Kazuya Mishima was a strong boy, and Heihachi knew this. Therefore, in order to plant a nameless darkness in his heart that would allow him to continue the family line of ruthless backstabbing, he threw his son into a dark crevice and left him for dead.
Devil found the boy, weak and angered, barely clinging to life at the bottom of the crevice. A deep cut ran down his chest diagonally, and blood spilled from the wound like a downpour of rain, splattering upon the rocky ground and leaving a very obvious trail for the ravenous wolves to follow. Devil spoke to Kazuya, appearing in front of the boy as a beautiful being, the form he took when he was among the blessed. He spoke in a calm voice, beautiful in sound but terrible in words that it spoke. In return for Kazuya’s soul, Devil offered him unlimited knowledge in the art of Ken, and aid in killing his father, Heihachi, whom he now hated with everything inside of him.
The boy accepted, and Devil’s spirit entered and leaved the boy at will, returning to Hell for a certain period of time, then coming back into his body via the scar that he bore from the long dark fall into the crevice. As Kazuya grew Devil took control of his body openly at night, killing those whom he wished. He now had a physical body, the one fit for his foul spirit, the one that he desired, and he was content.
Kazuya’s spiked black hair he kept, two long gnarled horns among the spiky strands of hair. His eyes glowed red and his pupils were slit like a reptile, a third, unblinking eye on his forehead. He had no ears, for the need to hear was not present within Devil, for he sensed from a distance all that was said. His teeth were sharp and elongated, as were his claws. A large tail came forth from his back and lashed at the ground, tearing it asunder. Black hair covered his legs, and the scar Kazuya bore glowed red with his presence. Two black leathery wings he bore, and his skin was a sickening purple color.
He took to the air often in this form, flying into the sky and killing ceaselessly. Many legends were made about him during this time, legends of a beast that lived in the woods and feasted upon men, legends of a creature that dwelled in the ocean and tore his victim apart, feeding the pieces to fish, legends of a terribly mutated human. But none knew that it was Satan himself, the dark Hell Lord. Years after these events occurred, the power of mortals was proven to Devil. A group of fighters immense in courage and strength entered his realm of Hell. Of this group, known as the Triforce Team, two escaped alive. Link, the Hylian, and Jet, the Earthling. They worked feverishly to revive their fallen comrades, and after the deed was completed, they entered Hell a second time through Turtle Rock, and using all of the strength they could muster, they put forth their blades, and Devil was slain, his spirit purged from the universe forever.
At this time Mandrag Ganon took up the throne of Hell, and he too was defeated, though not destroyed completely, but simply banished to the realm of the damned. After this happened, a demon who had sat biding his time and prophesizing the fall of the mighty Hell Lord Devil, came to the throne. His name was Modeus. Short in stature, but unlimited in his thoughts and potential energy. He gained energy over time, lying dormant in the first level of Hell, meditating and waiting, and eventually he was born anew. Hell Modeus he called himself, and he was menacing by an Earthlings means, over one hundred feet in height, and red skin as strong as a sword. His tail was gnarled with spikes, thrashing wildly about, and fire was his weapon. He was not gifted with flight, but he needed it not, and traveled to Hyrule field, desiring to lay waste to the kingdom and all of its inhabitants.
It was here that the might of the Triforce Team was proven once more, and Hell Modeus was slain after a long and difficult battle. The gaze of evil is not defeated, for the seeds that Devil planted are still growing to this day across all parts of the world where life may dwell, and a few where it doesn’t. Great evils shall come, and even greater goods shall arise to combat them. Among these greater goods, the Triforce Team is a name worth mention...

Chapter One: Twindora

The wounds of the land were deep and numerous. Hyrule field was the center of Hyrule’s beauty, it always had been. Fields of green grass and paths of sand that led from one area to another were strewn across the field, and it was mighty in its appearance. A mighty wall rose above the round structure in the middle of the field that was Lon Lon Ranch, which was now ruined. Fire had greeted the ranch, and burned both Talon’s house, and the stable.
Indeed fire had caused many grievous wounds to the land, including the destruction of the drawbridge and outer gate of Hyrule castle, along with several damages done to parts of the market closer to the field. Many Hylian soldiers had given their lives trying to protect the market, crushed by the fallen stone or killed by the raging fires.
The small bridge that led across the stream into the entrance of Kakariko Village had been broken, the stone blocking the gentle waters. Because of this the moat had flooded in several areas, covering the area in front of the ruined drawbridge and outer gate in mud. Blood mixed in with water, and the muddy puddles were absorbed by a rank scent.
The fires were large and menacing around the front area of the field, the dirt path that led from the castle to the forest scorched beyond recognition, all that was left of the grass in the area black charred ashes. They were everywhere, and it would take many long hours of work to put even one out, and there were nearly twenty across the whole of the field. However fire was not the only wound that the land suffered from at the moment.
The ancient evil that had been awakened in Hyrule field had used its mighty power to block the river that ran through Gerudo valley. After this dark deed had been done it used its might and knowledge in magical energy to drain Lake Hylia of its crystal clear, life giving waters. The fish were dead or dying, and Hyrule was for the moment cut off from its main source of water. Something would also have to be done quickly about the blocking of the river, as even in the few hours that had passed, Gerudo valley had already began to flood, and the mighty waters lashed out at the bridge that crossed the canyon like many whips against flesh, and the wood would not hold for much longer.
A deep smoking crack ran through the land of Hyrule field from the base of Lon Lon Ranch’s structure to hill that overlooked the desert-like entrance to Gerudo valley. The crevice was dark and ran deep, possibly to the fiery depths of Hell itself, and it was not safe to even go near, as the smoke was hot enough to melt the skin off a man’s bones and char his skeleton in the process. It ran deep, and it was a wound of the land that would be difficult to be rid of, even after many days of work. A certain darkness emanated from it, and if one got close enough to the mouth of the crevice, they could almost hear the whispering of fell voices moving with the smoke, getting closer to them, swirling about them, speaking evils and other things in the Black Beyuntanian language, then taking to the air again to resume their dark designs.
The wall of bare rock that was near to the staircase that led to Kakariko Village had been destroyed, rock spilling onto the grassy field and into the already blocked and flooded moat. It would take many long hours of work and hardship to fix the wall, but it was necessary to save the field’s beauty. Dark clouds had shrouded the blue sky of the field for hours now, and several drops of cold rain began to fall slowly from the sky, not doing much to stop the fires, but aiding the process somewhat.
Hyrule was ultimately in ruin. The water source was ruined, and the land was ravaged nearly beyond repair from the hellish fires. The soldiers had a daunting task ahead of them, and even after they fixed the ruined land and restored the water they had an even more difficult challenge ahead of them: the removal of Hell Modeus’ mighty corpse. Unlike the other demons whom were killed off of their original plane of existence, his body stayed where it was slain, as opposed to bursting into flame. And mighty was the corpse of the Hell Lord, one hundred feet in height at least, and nearly half as wide from shoulder to mighty shoulder. His left horn had been cleaved off during the mighty battle, and blood issued from his left eye, a small wound to him, but a mighty stream of bodily liquid to a human. There was a mighty smoking wound in his chest, the one that was his deathblow, and the flesh and blood around the scar had literally been boiled dry. He had wielded no weapons during the epic battle that had just taken place, and fought only with his fire magic, a weapon that had obviously been quite potent.
Then in the midst of the fires, and the flooding, and the dark spirits of the crevice, and all of the evil that had befallen the realm of Hyrule there was the flicker of light in the darkness. The small candle in the dark cave. There, in the middle of the wounded land sat the Triforce Team, the victors of the massive battle that had just been waged there. The ones that had played a smaller role in the fight sat behind, discussing the condition of the field, and of their top warriors. Zelda and Link sat on their knees, both exhausted, their weapons at their side, breathing heavily. Jet, the leader of the Triforce Team and the king of Hyrule stood hunched and bleeding in front of Hell Modeus’ carcass. His sword was covered with the foul demon’s blood, and with one quick movement he wiped the blade clean with his bare hand. He was tired, and weak, physically spent and ready to collapse, the wounds given to him during the battle numerous and grievous. He was in much pain, and he wouldn’t be able to fight to his full potential for quite some time. He wore the brown pants of his gym leader tunic, and the black combat boots, the rest of his outfit torn to shreds in the fight that ended just minutes ago.
“Look at this place...Hyrule is completely ruined! And it’s all because of that red bastard! Urgh!!!!! I can’t believe this!!! He ruined my land!!! I swore to protect this place and look at it!!!” Link screamed at the top of his smoke filled lungs, a long and painful cough following the speech of anger.
“Look, my sense of duty is just as large as yours, man. Prolly bigger. But I really think we should try to figure out what to do with this place later, and focus on getting our strength back, okay?” Jet asked, his voice lower then usual.
“Yes, I think he’s right we all need some rest,” Zelda said, standing up slowly and walking next to Jet.
“Link, there is a time for the healing of the wounds dealt to the land...and there is a time for the healing of the wounds dealt to the people…which do you think is more vital to the survival of Hyrule at the current time?” Yoshimitsu asked.
“Hmm…but…Hyrule….I don’t want this planet to be destroyed…and I can feel its life force disappearing…almost like the core is wasted…don’t you get it?! I’m the Hero of Time! I’m bound to this land! I feel every wound given to it as if it were me who was attacked! We can’t leave Hyrule behind!” Link yelled.
“We aren’t leaving it behind! If we all die no one will be around to oversee the reconstruction of the field, will they?! Link, I wanna save this place just as much as you do, but we can’t do a thing until we’re all able to help again, and quite personally, I can barely stand,” Jet said in a hoarse yell.
“Jet, calm down…you need rest, and I wouldn’t
mind some either. It’s been a really long and difficult fight for all of us, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we need some time to heal up, if only for a few hours,” Zelda said, her arm around Jet’s shoulder, supporting his weak body.
“Yeah, Link our uses are few if the entire team is half dead,” Samus said, blood running from here eye, her suit damaged greatly.
“But we are also half alive aren’t we?!” Link asked in anger.
“Link welcome to the real world. You can’t always be such an optimist, okay? The death and fire came and damaged the land, killed the people, but if we are depleted of energy, then what happens when the shadow returns? Evil takes no rest, no break. It hunts not the land, not the Triforce, it hunts us!!! It hunts us as instinctively as we breathe! We will be slain before the terror of Hell, and there, alone, the ones you love and care about will be left defenseless, begging to be slain and released from suffering.! And those who are not killed will sit alone in the darkness, whispering black thoughts and wishes to dead air, only to be silenced by the lashing whip, or the iron axe, or the hellfire! Is that what you want?! We are all bound to Hell! None of us escape it with good deeds alone!” Kazuya yelled, a dark air about his body, sweat dripping from his brow.
“We should…get some rest at home…the gaze of evil has worn us all out, and taken a hold of us all…and some of us it hasn’t quite let go of yet,” Link said darkly, walking quickly away, purposefully brushing shoulders with Kazuya as he walked.
Kazuya grabbed link by the shoulder, roughly turning him around, a dark look about his face. He spoke, “What did that mean?” he asked coldly.
“I just don’t really know to what extent we should trust a former Hell Lord,” Link said.
“Link…man…lay off,” Jet said slowly.
“Wake up!!! You moron! Everything isn’t always black and white! I am partly evil! The blood of a demon runs through my veins! I have not double crossed you thus far, Hylian!” Kazuya yelled, enraged.
“This is truly Catalysts Eve! There is Hell all about us! We are dead! And in the midst of this devilry we have a Hell Lord inside our very team! The end is upon us!” Link yelled hopelessly.
“Shut your mouth! Ill words bring ill fate, Hylian! We have two hundred years at least!” Kazuya yelled.
“And you know this from your counterpart Devil?” Link asked.
“…Yes,” Kazuya answered.
“Ha! And I should trust a Hell Lord?” Link asked, his arms at his side.
at this Kazuya became angered and he ran forward, tackling Link to the ground, his fist raised into the air, poised to strike. At this moment, lightning and thunder burst forth from the sky, the rain increasing to a pour, and Kazuya’s anger rising with ever second that passed. He looked Link in the eyes, then slowly stood up, staring at the ground.
“It is that anger I see in your eyes that used to give me a reason to live Hylian,” Kazuya said slowly, brushing mud off of his leather jacket.
“Can we please go? Look at Jet, he can barely stand!” Zelda pleaded.
“Mhm,” Kazuya agreed, looking at Zelda out of the corner of his eye.
“Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled weakly, extending his digivice, the glowing blue warp portal to Earth appearing in front of them.
“May death find you quickly if you touch me again, for I refuse to hurt you,” Link said coldly to Kazuya.
“...I am death,” Kazuya said, walking through the warp. The rest of the team slowly followed.

Earth. The planet bathed in its own self proclaimed glory. Technology ran the realm. In time the planet would die, and it would be the fault of the humans, the main race.
Jet lived in a relatively small town known as Pallet, the houses old but many, several worn down and falling apart, Jet’s house one of the best in the town. There were two levels to the red brick house, a small front porch and very large backyard with short, neatly cut grass.
Far below the house was Jet’s training unit, indestructible metal walls, a room that was ten miles in length, five miles in width, and one mile in height. Kazuya had installed computer generated simulations in the unit, along with several alarms throughout the house which were set off by seismic disturbances in other planets, Earth included.
The weather in Pallet town differed greatly from the dark clouds and heavy rain of Hyrule. The sun was just beginning to lower below the horizon, the blue sky a ruby color, pink clouds floating high in the air. Many people and children played or exercised outside in the fine weather, and the Triforce Team was forced to take a back road through Viridian forest to get to Jet’s house and remain unseen. They traveled with all the speed their weakened bodies could muster through the forest, as it was dark, and dangerous, far more dangerous now than it was at first light of the sun.
Deep roots went deep into the dark soil, winding tightly around the earth and rock, deeply connected to the land. Viridian forest was the closest place to a sacred area on Earth as far as Jet was concerned. It was a place he always went to be alone, a place he went to when something was on his mind, or a heavy worry was in his heart. He alone knew the best paths through the woods, and these he showed to few, and likely Professor Oak of Pallet town was the only other person anywhere near the area that knew of the secret paths Jet took.
“The waters are shouting…and the leaves are whispering…something came through the forest into the town unbeknownst to anyone,” Yoshimitsu said, looking around at the small stream and the large trees looming all around them.
“How do you know this?” the executioner asked, gripping his axe tightly, not trusting what may lurk in the shadow of Viridian forest.
“I am a ninja profoundly connected to the woods, axe man. I spent many a long day listening to the earth, and watching the rushing waters of the streams and rivers, and trying to speak to the animal spirits…it was a way of training……becoming more powerful in the way of the sword by keeping it where it was the least often: in the sheathe,” Yoshimitsu answered rather vaguely.
“You fight much in the way we do, but you’re much more in touch with nature…and living things…why?” Lord Deimos asked.
“You two, though I respect the style in which you train and fight, your styles are born from death, the art of killing. You do not train to gain knowledge in life, you train to gain knowledge in killing, thus you essentially train to gain knowledge in death, therefore, the only spirits you could possibly hope to contact through meditation are the spirits of death, the suffering, the evil…the ones we are trying to stop from entering this world. Therefore, while your fighting style is effective, it is overall different from mine, and inferior in a place such as this,” Yoshimitsu answered.
“Something…passed into…the town?” Jet asked.
“Yes,” Yoshimitsu answered.
“Pallet town?” Jet asked, being more specific.
“That is what the land is saying to me…and the living spirits of nature seldom lie,” Yoshimitsu answered.
Jet nodded and continued to walk through the paths, Zelda holding onto his weak body gently, making sure he didn’t collapse. He was truly close to losing consciousness, and he was in no position to be awake, let alone walking through a dark forest. Zelda worried greatly for his health, as he still bled, and his condition was not increasing in the least. There was a trail of blood that Jet was leaving behind as he walked, and he stumbled slowly, only able to maintain a standing position thanks to Zelda’s support.
“We’re close, man,” Link said to Jet in a low tone, pointing ahead.
“Yeah…f-finally,” Jet said in a low tone, barely audible even to Zelda. There was a dim red light cast over the town ahead of the forest, made from the lowering sun. They walked off from the path they had maintained the whole trip, and back down to the cobblestone path that had been built into the soil there. They jumped over several fences set to the left and right of the path, and snuck into Jet’s backyard, insuring that no one saw them. When they finally made it they all immediately noticed something wrong. Jet’s back door was wide open.
“What the hell? A break in?” Link asked.
“No! It may be one of my father’s workers! If they steal the technology I have set up in your training unit, they could completely kill the U.S!” Kazuya yelled.
“Whaddya mean, Kaz?” Jet asked, raising his bleeding head up.
“That is how Mishima operates! They supply Japan and America with weaponry, the weak test weapons that proved inefficient…then they give the real ones, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, explosives…they give them to small terrorist groups inside of Japan and America, then they work to frame the attacks, make it look like it was other places that made the attack…if they stole that technology, then…we would have a problem,” Kazuya answered.
“You think it was Heihachi?! Your own father?” Link asked, in shock.
“Very well could be…I didn’t think they had the location of this house, but I have been wrong before,” Kazuya said.
“Hmm…yeah…how do we know you didn’t give them the location?” Link asked in an accusing tone.
“Please…shut up. I use my knowledge in the Black arts to aid the greater good. I have since Gotet released me, you know that. What happened today shouldn’t have. We are partners and are bound, whether we are friends or not,” Kazuya said.
“And…I would rather we be friends then enemies,” Link said, looking at the ground sheepishly.
“Apology accepted, Hylian,” Kazuya said, a slight grin growing on his serious face.
“Yeah! Let’s go bust some Mishima spies,” Link said in an excited tone.
“Right!” Kazuya said happily. The team walked slowly into the house, looking at first in the living room, then the dinning room. All of the filing cabinets were perfectly intact and untouched, the thin layer of dust still upon it. All of what Jet would consider valuables were still intact. His large stacks of videogames, CD’s, and DVD’s included. It was then that the team noticed the entrance to the training unit in the kitchen was open. Jet and Zelda slowly walked through the open door cautiously. The metal was very thick, but sound proof, so anything that went on inside the unit, stayed inside the unit.
Standing before the two warriors was a fighter that neither had seen before. He wore a black suit of an unknown material under his armor plates. He had armor covering his lower legs, upper and lower arms, knees, thighs, and elbows. He wore a breastplate with an odd symbol on it consisting of two triangles one on top of another, the bottom upside down. The bottom triangle had a circle in the middle, and the top was the Triforce. A cross connected the two triangles. He had a metal helmet that covered his head, and a face plate. He had an odd crown with a red gem in the center above his brown eyes, the only visible part of his real body. There was a tattered purple cape with many holes in it on his back. He had a belt with an odd bag attached to it, a dagger next to it, and a sword with two oddly designed wings sheathed at his side.
“Who the hell are you?!” Jet asked, in pain, but retaining his usual angry tone he maintained with opponents.
“A question I should be asking you,” the man said.
“Just tell me your name,” Jet said.
“…I am called Twindora,” the man answered.
“Why did you break into my house?!” Jet asked in an angered tone.
“Was there anything that said this was your house?” Twindora asked.
“My mailbox, dumbass!” Jet yelled, blood dripping onto the metal ground.
“What is a mailbox?” Twindora asked.
Don’t play stupid with me!” Jet yelled.
“Was that an attempt at an insult?” Twindora asked.
“Was that an attempt at a suit of armor?” Jet asked sarcastically.
“I would be quiet if I were you,” Twindora said.
“Or what?” Jet asked.
“Hmm…or I will slay you where you stand. Is that what you would like?” Twindora asked.
“Hmm…you seem quite confident…tell you what, match my skill in a battle…and you can join my team,” Jet said slowly.
“Why would I want to join your team?” Twindora asked.
“Because if you can fight as you say, and you came here, then you must be searching for something, and I believe that search has ended,” Jet said.
“Alright…what does this team do?” Twindora asked.
“We fight evil…we are the Triforce Team,” Jet said.
At the mention of the name Twindora’s eyes lit up, and he spoke slowly, “W-what do you know of the Triforce?”
“This,” Jet said, holding up his hand. The Tetraforce glowed brightly, the golden light reflecting off of the metal walls and gleaming on the man’s armor.
“You have one of the Sacred Triangles! What is your name, warrior?” Twindora asked.
“My name is Jet…what planet do you come from? That armor is a type I have never seen before,” Jet asked.
“I come from father died traveling through a warp portal to the realm of Hyrule…I wanted to face my greatest fear and travel there, and when I reached it, I saw a large demon, and many people battling him. I know now that was you and your team. In my fear of the beast, I fled into the portal and ended up here instead of Zedusria. I went into the closest house I found to look for help, and this place was empty, and unlocked. Perhaps the reason you are here is not so different from the reason I am,” Twindora said, holding up his hand. It glowed, and the same symbol that was engraved on his breastplate shined forth on the back of his gloved and armored hand.
“You have a piece of the Triforce!” Jet yelled.
“Yes, the final piece, the Temple Link. What connects Hyrule and Zedusria,” Twindora said.
“Shall we still battle?” Jet asked.
“Jet, please, you’re in no condition,” Zelda pleaded in a worried tone.
“I’ll go easy on him,” Twindora said.
“No…gimme yur all,” Jet said, unsheathing his blade and standing in a ready stance. Twindora did the same and charged forward, attacking Jet. He blocked with his blade and spun around, pounding his sword into Twindora’s breastplate, a fatal blow had he not been wearing armor. He kicked Jet quickly, then delivered a fierce spin slash to him with his blade, the attack cutting Jet’s face.
“Oops,” Twindora said, seeing the wound.
“It’s fine…what is that sword you use?” Jet asked.
“It is called the Twin Diamond sword. I found it long ago from a fallen Zedusrian soldier,” Twindora asked. Jet charged his energy and was then changed. His bull cut was now spiked downwards, his pupils gone. He wore blue baggy pants, a lose sleeveless shirt of the same color. He wore an odd pair of boots, and gloved with retractable blades extending out of the front. He delivered punch after punch to Twindora, which he barely blocked with his sword. He slashed at Gotet, who grabbed the blade and squeezed it with all of his might, blood spilling from his hand onto the ground. He then stood in a foreign formation to the Zedusrian, but all too familiar to Zelda.
“Kame...Hame….Ha!” Gotet yelled, blasting the attack at Twindora. in a sudden movement that none expected, Link jumped in front of Twindora, Mirror shield in hand, and blocked the attack, sending it careening harmlessly into a wall.
“I dun think he was quite ready to block that one, Jet,” Link said.
“Well…you’re on the team Twindora,” Jet said, powering down, then falling to the metal floor, unconscious. Zelda stayed by his side until he awoke, talking with the new teammate about past adventures, and future problems they would face as a team.

Fire. It was a better fortress then the last he had on Hyrule, but it was nothing compared to the realm of Hell that he had ruled in the recent past. Ganon stood, his green diseased skin glowing in the fiery chamber, breastplate shining red light onto the ground, all three of his evil eyes glowing fiercely.
“What you are now looking over will be my land! Just as soon as we exterminate those who guard it. The Triforce Team!” Ganon yelled loudly, his voice echoing toward his dark soldiers.
“Hail Lord Ganon!” they yelled in unison, as one dark voice. However there was one in the army that had snuck in for Hyrule’s benefit. He was disguised as a Doomknocker, the blue armored evil knight of the underworld. He was a spy for Hyrule’s army, and he would aid the defeat of Ganon, and it would be soon.
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