The Legend of Zelda: After the Battle by BOEG
Summary: Continuation of Rise of the Hell Lords--- Just minutes after the battle against Hell Modeus ends, the Triforce Team discuss what they should do next in their quest to destroy the evil army of Hell. They decide to go back to Earth, and it is there that they meet a warrior with something unbelievable; a fifth piece of the he friend? or foe?....
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Twindora by BOEG
The Legend of Zelda
After the Battle


They were the blessed. The creatures of God. Put into a form so beautiful none in the mortal realm could possibly imagine their splendor. Robed in radiant fabric, clad in white and gold, holy weapons inlaid with gems that glowed with a light brighter than a thousand suns. Armor of an indestructible form of unearthly metal was on their bodies and blades sharp and swift enough to cut a strand of hair in two were entrusted to those of higher rank. Glorious feathered wings like a dove glowed in all of the colors of the rainbow as they flew, and indeed their beauty was so great that if a mortal were to look upon the entire grand army of Heaven, he or she would be blinded and rendered speechless instantly. They lived in a realm neither in this world or the universe. It was nowhere, yet in a way, it was everywhere. It was the realm of Heaven. Infinite in its space and beauty, and there was no hatred, or pain, or misery. It was the realm of good.
But then there was what some would call an imperfection in the blessed, an error that God made in his creation. But not all are able to comprehend the infinite knowledge that God wields like a blade, quick and useful in its movements. God gave to every creature a free will, a mind to wonder and think and do what they would with. Indeed he knew what it would lead to, and intended for it to happen all along. For years uncounted Heaven was at peace, the blessed living in peace unceasing, and they were content. But then from the blessed came one who wished to challenge God. With his convincing words and reasoning he changed many of the blessed, morphing and contorting their thoughts and views into greed and visions of power they could gain from overthrowing God. This Angel was Lucifer, one of the most beautiful of the blessed, and the evilest on the inside.
These Angels that joined him in his thoughts and plans to destroy God and rule Heaven were known as the turned, a small group of Angels that vowed to follow Lucifer to whatever end and try to destroy God at all costs. They marched forth to the throne of light, blades in hand and Black thoughts in mind, a grim smile upon their beautiful faces. Lucifer marched, a large blade with a golden hilt in his right hand, a clenched fist at his side. His wings tensed then relaxed, his golden locks of long hair swaying in the open breeze. It was there, on the throne of light, that a blinding aura shined forth and the metal of the turned blades shined with an intense heat and their hands were scorched, the blades falling to the golden ground and shattering. God then faced Lucifer, and in that moment banned him to an eternal realm of suffering, a lake of fire and brimstone, and here he was doomed to stay with the turned for all eternity. The realm glowed with fire, but at the same time was bathed in an unnatural darkness. There were ninety-nine levels in the realm, Lucifer himself residing in the first level.
Here the turned multiplied and became many, but no longer was the gift of beauty granted to them, but the shapes of their hearts came forth, and where beauty once was there was now contorted horrid leathery skinned creatures, horns and wings and a tail upon their body’s, dark thoughts on their mind. Lucifer’s true form came forth at this time as well. It is told he forsook his original physical body, hating it and all that God had given to him in the beginning when he was among the blessed. It is said that in this time he dwelled in the realm as a mist, a floating smoke, ebbing and contorting into any shape at will, but none of them one that it wished to take on permanently.
Lucifer’s realm was known as Hell, and his name was now Satan, called The Devil by many Earthlings. He appointed many of the turned, now known as Demons, to become rulers of levels of Hell, and to some he granted leave to travel to the numerous planets and try to conquer. Among these many he sent Beyo Mess with an army of his original demons, known as Aku-Mari in the Beyuntanian language, to the planet of Osiris. He appointed Grendals, demons of stone, to guard the Earth gate to Hell, and Lynels, centaur-like creatures to guard Turtle Rock, the Hylian entrance to Hell. To rule over the vast armies of demons he appointed Asmodeus, and at one point in history even allowed him to rule over several warlords on Earth disguised as a man robed in black.
Over the years the demons evolved, changing in shape and strength, and thus was born the ranks of Hell. Among these were Stalfos, Hellknights, Iron Knuckles, Darknuts, Dead Hands, Poes, Boes, Redeads and Gibdos. And during this time Devil sat on his dark throne, plotting and trying to form darkness in the brightest of places. It was at this time that he birthed an evil like no other, one that will not be forgotten, not today, nor a thousand years in the future. He created magic. Not the magic that kings and priests practice today in Hyrule and Termina, but Black magic. With it he created a meteor of unfathomable size, granted invisibility, known as the Apocalypse of the Skies. To this day it drifts around the galaxies, destroying planets wherever it drifts.
Devil also had a plan to get back at God, the being he hated more than his own existence itself. On Earth, the proudest of God’s creations where the Earthlings, his cherished people lived, Devil planted the dark seeds of sin, turning Earthlings from the path of God whenever he could, and with as much subtlety as possible. Temptation. Lies. Deceit. These weapons were greater to Devil then the mighty sword he wielded in Heaven. He changed the thoughts and beliefs of countless Earthlings, condemning them to suffering when they died. He named these the damned, the army that he planned to use as a shield when he at last was allowed onto the Earth and the gates of Hell opened. At the start of this plan Devil thought in his evil heart that he had dealt God a blow that could be unmatched, but again, the being of infinite power and knowledge knew it would happen from the start, and the number of Earthlings he saved was far greater then the number of those he lost, though every soul that joined the ranks of the damned grieved him greatly.
Years later it was told to him that Beyo Mess had been slain, and the Aku-Mari imprisoned in a crystal. The news angered him, but he had a plan to solve his problems in Osiris, so he put the matter aside for the moment, and graciously moved his dark gaze elsewhere. He sent Demons forth into the lands of Hyrule and Termina, an army that in years much farther into the future Ganondorf Dragmire of the Gerudo made use of. Devil’s hatred festered inside of him for hundreds of years, growing ever stronger, fueling his desire to destroy God and the blessed even more, be it by demonic blade or destruction of his followers.
In years much closer to the current time, Devil seeped into the world above, merely a hazy shadow with a voice but no power. He moved across the rivers, and over the mountains, flowing silently with the breeze, wishing to find an insider, an Earthling that would be willing to help his cause, follow his commands without question or a moral sense of right and wrong. One who had nothing left to live for, who had no conscience, who was fighting for the same reason he was. For revenge and power. He found what he was looking for in an unexpected place.
The Mishima organization. A large group of humans supplying more then seventy percent of the world’s weapons centered in Japan. Nuclear testing. New guns. Explosives. Even blades. All were tested in the lowest rooms behind locked doors in the Mishima building. It was guarded by many armored soldiers carrying the most technologically advanced weapons they were willing to reveal, and none who tried to enter without permission came out alive.
At the heart of the Mishima organization was its leader, cold hearted Heihachi Mishima. He studied the art of Ken, and fought with a ferocity none had matched in hand to hand battles. His son Kazuya Mishima was a strong boy, and Heihachi knew this. Therefore, in order to plant a nameless darkness in his heart that would allow him to continue the family line of ruthless backstabbing, he threw his son into a dark crevice and left him for dead.
Devil found the boy, weak and angered, barely clinging to life at the bottom of the crevice. A deep cut ran down his chest diagonally, and blood spilled from the wound like a downpour of rain, splattering upon the rocky ground and leaving a very obvious trail for the ravenous wolves to follow. Devil spoke to Kazuya, appearing in front of the boy as a beautiful being, the form he took when he was among the blessed. He spoke in a calm voice, beautiful in sound but terrible in words that it spoke. In return for Kazuya’s soul, Devil offered him unlimited knowledge in the art of Ken, and aid in killing his father, Heihachi, whom he now hated with everything inside of him.
The boy accepted, and Devil’s spirit entered and leaved the boy at will, returning to Hell for a certain period of time, then coming back into his body via the scar that he bore from the long dark fall into the crevice. As Kazuya grew Devil took control of his body openly at night, killing those whom he wished. He now had a physical body, the one fit for his foul spirit, the one that he desired, and he was content.
Kazuya’s spiked black hair he kept, two long gnarled horns among the spiky strands of hair. His eyes glowed red and his pupils were slit like a reptile, a third, unblinking eye on his forehead. He had no ears, for the need to hear was not present within Devil, for he sensed from a distance all that was said. His teeth were sharp and elongated, as were his claws. A large tail came forth from his back and lashed at the ground, tearing it asunder. Black hair covered his legs, and the scar Kazuya bore glowed red with his presence. Two black leathery wings he bore, and his skin was a sickening purple color.
He took to the air often in this form, flying into the sky and killing ceaselessly. Many legends were made about him during this time, legends of a beast that lived in the woods and feasted upon men, legends of a creature that dwelled in the ocean and tore his victim apart, feeding the pieces to fish, legends of a terribly mutated human. But none knew that it was Satan himself, the dark Hell Lord. Years after these events occurred, the power of mortals was proven to Devil. A group of fighters immense in courage and strength entered his realm of Hell. Of this group, known as the Triforce Team, two escaped alive. Link, the Hylian, and Jet, the Earthling. They worked feverishly to revive their fallen comrades, and after the deed was completed, they entered Hell a second time through Turtle Rock, and using all of the strength they could muster, they put forth their blades, and Devil was slain, his spirit purged from the universe forever.
At this time Mandrag Ganon took up the throne of Hell, and he too was defeated, though not destroyed completely, but simply banished to the realm of the damned. After this happened, a demon who had sat biding his time and prophesizing the fall of the mighty Hell Lord Devil, came to the throne. His name was Modeus. Short in stature, but unlimited in his thoughts and potential energy. He gained energy over time, lying dormant in the first level of Hell, meditating and waiting, and eventually he was born anew. Hell Modeus he called himself, and he was menacing by an Earthlings means, over one hundred feet in height, and red skin as strong as a sword. His tail was gnarled with spikes, thrashing wildly about, and fire was his weapon. He was not gifted with flight, but he needed it not, and traveled to Hyrule field, desiring to lay waste to the kingdom and all of its inhabitants.
It was here that the might of the Triforce Team was proven once more, and Hell Modeus was slain after a long and difficult battle. The gaze of evil is not defeated, for the seeds that Devil planted are still growing to this day across all parts of the world where life may dwell, and a few where it doesn’t. Great evils shall come, and even greater goods shall arise to combat them. Among these greater goods, the Triforce Team is a name worth mention...

Chapter One: Twindora

The wounds of the land were deep and numerous. Hyrule field was the center of Hyrule’s beauty, it always had been. Fields of green grass and paths of sand that led from one area to another were strewn across the field, and it was mighty in its appearance. A mighty wall rose above the round structure in the middle of the field that was Lon Lon Ranch, which was now ruined. Fire had greeted the ranch, and burned both Talon’s house, and the stable.
Indeed fire had caused many grievous wounds to the land, including the destruction of the drawbridge and outer gate of Hyrule castle, along with several damages done to parts of the market closer to the field. Many Hylian soldiers had given their lives trying to protect the market, crushed by the fallen stone or killed by the raging fires.
The small bridge that led across the stream into the entrance of Kakariko Village had been broken, the stone blocking the gentle waters. Because of this the moat had flooded in several areas, covering the area in front of the ruined drawbridge and outer gate in mud. Blood mixed in with water, and the muddy puddles were absorbed by a rank scent.
The fires were large and menacing around the front area of the field, the dirt path that led from the castle to the forest scorched beyond recognition, all that was left of the grass in the area black charred ashes. They were everywhere, and it would take many long hours of work to put even one out, and there were nearly twenty across the whole of the field. However fire was not the only wound that the land suffered from at the moment.
The ancient evil that had been awakened in Hyrule field had used its mighty power to block the river that ran through Gerudo valley. After this dark deed had been done it used its might and knowledge in magical energy to drain Lake Hylia of its crystal clear, life giving waters. The fish were dead or dying, and Hyrule was for the moment cut off from its main source of water. Something would also have to be done quickly about the blocking of the river, as even in the few hours that had passed, Gerudo valley had already began to flood, and the mighty waters lashed out at the bridge that crossed the canyon like many whips against flesh, and the wood would not hold for much longer.
A deep smoking crack ran through the land of Hyrule field from the base of Lon Lon Ranch’s structure to hill that overlooked the desert-like entrance to Gerudo valley. The crevice was dark and ran deep, possibly to the fiery depths of Hell itself, and it was not safe to even go near, as the smoke was hot enough to melt the skin off a man’s bones and char his skeleton in the process. It ran deep, and it was a wound of the land that would be difficult to be rid of, even after many days of work. A certain darkness emanated from it, and if one got close enough to the mouth of the crevice, they could almost hear the whispering of fell voices moving with the smoke, getting closer to them, swirling about them, speaking evils and other things in the Black Beyuntanian language, then taking to the air again to resume their dark designs.
The wall of bare rock that was near to the staircase that led to Kakariko Village had been destroyed, rock spilling onto the grassy field and into the already blocked and flooded moat. It would take many long hours of work and hardship to fix the wall, but it was necessary to save the field’s beauty. Dark clouds had shrouded the blue sky of the field for hours now, and several drops of cold rain began to fall slowly from the sky, not doing much to stop the fires, but aiding the process somewhat.
Hyrule was ultimately in ruin. The water source was ruined, and the land was ravaged nearly beyond repair from the hellish fires. The soldiers had a daunting task ahead of them, and even after they fixed the ruined land and restored the water they had an even more difficult challenge ahead of them: the removal of Hell Modeus’ mighty corpse. Unlike the other demons whom were killed off of their original plane of existence, his body stayed where it was slain, as opposed to bursting into flame. And mighty was the corpse of the Hell Lord, one hundred feet in height at least, and nearly half as wide from shoulder to mighty shoulder. His left horn had been cleaved off during the mighty battle, and blood issued from his left eye, a small wound to him, but a mighty stream of bodily liquid to a human. There was a mighty smoking wound in his chest, the one that was his deathblow, and the flesh and blood around the scar had literally been boiled dry. He had wielded no weapons during the epic battle that had just taken place, and fought only with his fire magic, a weapon that had obviously been quite potent.
Then in the midst of the fires, and the flooding, and the dark spirits of the crevice, and all of the evil that had befallen the realm of Hyrule there was the flicker of light in the darkness. The small candle in the dark cave. There, in the middle of the wounded land sat the Triforce Team, the victors of the massive battle that had just been waged there. The ones that had played a smaller role in the fight sat behind, discussing the condition of the field, and of their top warriors. Zelda and Link sat on their knees, both exhausted, their weapons at their side, breathing heavily. Jet, the leader of the Triforce Team and the king of Hyrule stood hunched and bleeding in front of Hell Modeus’ carcass. His sword was covered with the foul demon’s blood, and with one quick movement he wiped the blade clean with his bare hand. He was tired, and weak, physically spent and ready to collapse, the wounds given to him during the battle numerous and grievous. He was in much pain, and he wouldn’t be able to fight to his full potential for quite some time. He wore the brown pants of his gym leader tunic, and the black combat boots, the rest of his outfit torn to shreds in the fight that ended just minutes ago.
“Look at this place...Hyrule is completely ruined! And it’s all because of that red bastard! Urgh!!!!! I can’t believe this!!! He ruined my land!!! I swore to protect this place and look at it!!!” Link screamed at the top of his smoke filled lungs, a long and painful cough following the speech of anger.
“Look, my sense of duty is just as large as yours, man. Prolly bigger. But I really think we should try to figure out what to do with this place later, and focus on getting our strength back, okay?” Jet asked, his voice lower then usual.
“Yes, I think he’s right we all need some rest,” Zelda said, standing up slowly and walking next to Jet.
“Link, there is a time for the healing of the wounds dealt to the land...and there is a time for the healing of the wounds dealt to the people…which do you think is more vital to the survival of Hyrule at the current time?” Yoshimitsu asked.
“Hmm…but…Hyrule….I don’t want this planet to be destroyed…and I can feel its life force disappearing…almost like the core is wasted…don’t you get it?! I’m the Hero of Time! I’m bound to this land! I feel every wound given to it as if it were me who was attacked! We can’t leave Hyrule behind!” Link yelled.
“We aren’t leaving it behind! If we all die no one will be around to oversee the reconstruction of the field, will they?! Link, I wanna save this place just as much as you do, but we can’t do a thing until we’re all able to help again, and quite personally, I can barely stand,” Jet said in a hoarse yell.
“Jet, calm down…you need rest, and I wouldn’t
mind some either. It’s been a really long and difficult fight for all of us, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we need some time to heal up, if only for a few hours,” Zelda said, her arm around Jet’s shoulder, supporting his weak body.
“Yeah, Link our uses are few if the entire team is half dead,” Samus said, blood running from here eye, her suit damaged greatly.
“But we are also half alive aren’t we?!” Link asked in anger.
“Link welcome to the real world. You can’t always be such an optimist, okay? The death and fire came and damaged the land, killed the people, but if we are depleted of energy, then what happens when the shadow returns? Evil takes no rest, no break. It hunts not the land, not the Triforce, it hunts us!!! It hunts us as instinctively as we breathe! We will be slain before the terror of Hell, and there, alone, the ones you love and care about will be left defenseless, begging to be slain and released from suffering.! And those who are not killed will sit alone in the darkness, whispering black thoughts and wishes to dead air, only to be silenced by the lashing whip, or the iron axe, or the hellfire! Is that what you want?! We are all bound to Hell! None of us escape it with good deeds alone!” Kazuya yelled, a dark air about his body, sweat dripping from his brow.
“We should…get some rest at home…the gaze of evil has worn us all out, and taken a hold of us all…and some of us it hasn’t quite let go of yet,” Link said darkly, walking quickly away, purposefully brushing shoulders with Kazuya as he walked.
Kazuya grabbed link by the shoulder, roughly turning him around, a dark look about his face. He spoke, “What did that mean?” he asked coldly.
“I just don’t really know to what extent we should trust a former Hell Lord,” Link said.
“Link…man…lay off,” Jet said slowly.
“Wake up!!! You moron! Everything isn’t always black and white! I am partly evil! The blood of a demon runs through my veins! I have not double crossed you thus far, Hylian!” Kazuya yelled, enraged.
“This is truly Catalysts Eve! There is Hell all about us! We are dead! And in the midst of this devilry we have a Hell Lord inside our very team! The end is upon us!” Link yelled hopelessly.
“Shut your mouth! Ill words bring ill fate, Hylian! We have two hundred years at least!” Kazuya yelled.
“And you know this from your counterpart Devil?” Link asked.
“…Yes,” Kazuya answered.
“Ha! And I should trust a Hell Lord?” Link asked, his arms at his side.
at this Kazuya became angered and he ran forward, tackling Link to the ground, his fist raised into the air, poised to strike. At this moment, lightning and thunder burst forth from the sky, the rain increasing to a pour, and Kazuya’s anger rising with ever second that passed. He looked Link in the eyes, then slowly stood up, staring at the ground.
“It is that anger I see in your eyes that used to give me a reason to live Hylian,” Kazuya said slowly, brushing mud off of his leather jacket.
“Can we please go? Look at Jet, he can barely stand!” Zelda pleaded.
“Mhm,” Kazuya agreed, looking at Zelda out of the corner of his eye.
“Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled weakly, extending his digivice, the glowing blue warp portal to Earth appearing in front of them.
“May death find you quickly if you touch me again, for I refuse to hurt you,” Link said coldly to Kazuya.
“...I am death,” Kazuya said, walking through the warp. The rest of the team slowly followed.

Earth. The planet bathed in its own self proclaimed glory. Technology ran the realm. In time the planet would die, and it would be the fault of the humans, the main race.
Jet lived in a relatively small town known as Pallet, the houses old but many, several worn down and falling apart, Jet’s house one of the best in the town. There were two levels to the red brick house, a small front porch and very large backyard with short, neatly cut grass.
Far below the house was Jet’s training unit, indestructible metal walls, a room that was ten miles in length, five miles in width, and one mile in height. Kazuya had installed computer generated simulations in the unit, along with several alarms throughout the house which were set off by seismic disturbances in other planets, Earth included.
The weather in Pallet town differed greatly from the dark clouds and heavy rain of Hyrule. The sun was just beginning to lower below the horizon, the blue sky a ruby color, pink clouds floating high in the air. Many people and children played or exercised outside in the fine weather, and the Triforce Team was forced to take a back road through Viridian forest to get to Jet’s house and remain unseen. They traveled with all the speed their weakened bodies could muster through the forest, as it was dark, and dangerous, far more dangerous now than it was at first light of the sun.
Deep roots went deep into the dark soil, winding tightly around the earth and rock, deeply connected to the land. Viridian forest was the closest place to a sacred area on Earth as far as Jet was concerned. It was a place he always went to be alone, a place he went to when something was on his mind, or a heavy worry was in his heart. He alone knew the best paths through the woods, and these he showed to few, and likely Professor Oak of Pallet town was the only other person anywhere near the area that knew of the secret paths Jet took.
“The waters are shouting…and the leaves are whispering…something came through the forest into the town unbeknownst to anyone,” Yoshimitsu said, looking around at the small stream and the large trees looming all around them.
“How do you know this?” the executioner asked, gripping his axe tightly, not trusting what may lurk in the shadow of Viridian forest.
“I am a ninja profoundly connected to the woods, axe man. I spent many a long day listening to the earth, and watching the rushing waters of the streams and rivers, and trying to speak to the animal spirits…it was a way of training……becoming more powerful in the way of the sword by keeping it where it was the least often: in the sheathe,” Yoshimitsu answered rather vaguely.
“You fight much in the way we do, but you’re much more in touch with nature…and living things…why?” Lord Deimos asked.
“You two, though I respect the style in which you train and fight, your styles are born from death, the art of killing. You do not train to gain knowledge in life, you train to gain knowledge in killing, thus you essentially train to gain knowledge in death, therefore, the only spirits you could possibly hope to contact through meditation are the spirits of death, the suffering, the evil…the ones we are trying to stop from entering this world. Therefore, while your fighting style is effective, it is overall different from mine, and inferior in a place such as this,” Yoshimitsu answered.
“Something…passed into…the town?” Jet asked.
“Yes,” Yoshimitsu answered.
“Pallet town?” Jet asked, being more specific.
“That is what the land is saying to me…and the living spirits of nature seldom lie,” Yoshimitsu answered.
Jet nodded and continued to walk through the paths, Zelda holding onto his weak body gently, making sure he didn’t collapse. He was truly close to losing consciousness, and he was in no position to be awake, let alone walking through a dark forest. Zelda worried greatly for his health, as he still bled, and his condition was not increasing in the least. There was a trail of blood that Jet was leaving behind as he walked, and he stumbled slowly, only able to maintain a standing position thanks to Zelda’s support.
“We’re close, man,” Link said to Jet in a low tone, pointing ahead.
“Yeah…f-finally,” Jet said in a low tone, barely audible even to Zelda. There was a dim red light cast over the town ahead of the forest, made from the lowering sun. They walked off from the path they had maintained the whole trip, and back down to the cobblestone path that had been built into the soil there. They jumped over several fences set to the left and right of the path, and snuck into Jet’s backyard, insuring that no one saw them. When they finally made it they all immediately noticed something wrong. Jet’s back door was wide open.
“What the hell? A break in?” Link asked.
“No! It may be one of my father’s workers! If they steal the technology I have set up in your training unit, they could completely kill the U.S!” Kazuya yelled.
“Whaddya mean, Kaz?” Jet asked, raising his bleeding head up.
“That is how Mishima operates! They supply Japan and America with weaponry, the weak test weapons that proved inefficient…then they give the real ones, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, explosives…they give them to small terrorist groups inside of Japan and America, then they work to frame the attacks, make it look like it was other places that made the attack…if they stole that technology, then…we would have a problem,” Kazuya answered.
“You think it was Heihachi?! Your own father?” Link asked, in shock.
“Very well could be…I didn’t think they had the location of this house, but I have been wrong before,” Kazuya said.
“Hmm…yeah…how do we know you didn’t give them the location?” Link asked in an accusing tone.
“Please…shut up. I use my knowledge in the Black arts to aid the greater good. I have since Gotet released me, you know that. What happened today shouldn’t have. We are partners and are bound, whether we are friends or not,” Kazuya said.
“And…I would rather we be friends then enemies,” Link said, looking at the ground sheepishly.
“Apology accepted, Hylian,” Kazuya said, a slight grin growing on his serious face.
“Yeah! Let’s go bust some Mishima spies,” Link said in an excited tone.
“Right!” Kazuya said happily. The team walked slowly into the house, looking at first in the living room, then the dinning room. All of the filing cabinets were perfectly intact and untouched, the thin layer of dust still upon it. All of what Jet would consider valuables were still intact. His large stacks of videogames, CD’s, and DVD’s included. It was then that the team noticed the entrance to the training unit in the kitchen was open. Jet and Zelda slowly walked through the open door cautiously. The metal was very thick, but sound proof, so anything that went on inside the unit, stayed inside the unit.
Standing before the two warriors was a fighter that neither had seen before. He wore a black suit of an unknown material under his armor plates. He had armor covering his lower legs, upper and lower arms, knees, thighs, and elbows. He wore a breastplate with an odd symbol on it consisting of two triangles one on top of another, the bottom upside down. The bottom triangle had a circle in the middle, and the top was the Triforce. A cross connected the two triangles. He had a metal helmet that covered his head, and a face plate. He had an odd crown with a red gem in the center above his brown eyes, the only visible part of his real body. There was a tattered purple cape with many holes in it on his back. He had a belt with an odd bag attached to it, a dagger next to it, and a sword with two oddly designed wings sheathed at his side.
“Who the hell are you?!” Jet asked, in pain, but retaining his usual angry tone he maintained with opponents.
“A question I should be asking you,” the man said.
“Just tell me your name,” Jet said.
“…I am called Twindora,” the man answered.
“Why did you break into my house?!” Jet asked in an angered tone.
“Was there anything that said this was your house?” Twindora asked.
“My mailbox, dumbass!” Jet yelled, blood dripping onto the metal ground.
“What is a mailbox?” Twindora asked.
Don’t play stupid with me!” Jet yelled.
“Was that an attempt at an insult?” Twindora asked.
“Was that an attempt at a suit of armor?” Jet asked sarcastically.
“I would be quiet if I were you,” Twindora said.
“Or what?” Jet asked.
“Hmm…or I will slay you where you stand. Is that what you would like?” Twindora asked.
“Hmm…you seem quite confident…tell you what, match my skill in a battle…and you can join my team,” Jet said slowly.
“Why would I want to join your team?” Twindora asked.
“Because if you can fight as you say, and you came here, then you must be searching for something, and I believe that search has ended,” Jet said.
“Alright…what does this team do?” Twindora asked.
“We fight evil…we are the Triforce Team,” Jet said.
At the mention of the name Twindora’s eyes lit up, and he spoke slowly, “W-what do you know of the Triforce?”
“This,” Jet said, holding up his hand. The Tetraforce glowed brightly, the golden light reflecting off of the metal walls and gleaming on the man’s armor.
“You have one of the Sacred Triangles! What is your name, warrior?” Twindora asked.
“My name is Jet…what planet do you come from? That armor is a type I have never seen before,” Jet asked.
“I come from father died traveling through a warp portal to the realm of Hyrule…I wanted to face my greatest fear and travel there, and when I reached it, I saw a large demon, and many people battling him. I know now that was you and your team. In my fear of the beast, I fled into the portal and ended up here instead of Zedusria. I went into the closest house I found to look for help, and this place was empty, and unlocked. Perhaps the reason you are here is not so different from the reason I am,” Twindora said, holding up his hand. It glowed, and the same symbol that was engraved on his breastplate shined forth on the back of his gloved and armored hand.
“You have a piece of the Triforce!” Jet yelled.
“Yes, the final piece, the Temple Link. What connects Hyrule and Zedusria,” Twindora said.
“Shall we still battle?” Jet asked.
“Jet, please, you’re in no condition,” Zelda pleaded in a worried tone.
“I’ll go easy on him,” Twindora said.
“No…gimme yur all,” Jet said, unsheathing his blade and standing in a ready stance. Twindora did the same and charged forward, attacking Jet. He blocked with his blade and spun around, pounding his sword into Twindora’s breastplate, a fatal blow had he not been wearing armor. He kicked Jet quickly, then delivered a fierce spin slash to him with his blade, the attack cutting Jet’s face.
“Oops,” Twindora said, seeing the wound.
“It’s fine…what is that sword you use?” Jet asked.
“It is called the Twin Diamond sword. I found it long ago from a fallen Zedusrian soldier,” Twindora asked. Jet charged his energy and was then changed. His bull cut was now spiked downwards, his pupils gone. He wore blue baggy pants, a lose sleeveless shirt of the same color. He wore an odd pair of boots, and gloved with retractable blades extending out of the front. He delivered punch after punch to Twindora, which he barely blocked with his sword. He slashed at Gotet, who grabbed the blade and squeezed it with all of his might, blood spilling from his hand onto the ground. He then stood in a foreign formation to the Zedusrian, but all too familiar to Zelda.
“Kame...Hame….Ha!” Gotet yelled, blasting the attack at Twindora. in a sudden movement that none expected, Link jumped in front of Twindora, Mirror shield in hand, and blocked the attack, sending it careening harmlessly into a wall.
“I dun think he was quite ready to block that one, Jet,” Link said.
“Well…you’re on the team Twindora,” Jet said, powering down, then falling to the metal floor, unconscious. Zelda stayed by his side until he awoke, talking with the new teammate about past adventures, and future problems they would face as a team.

Fire. It was a better fortress then the last he had on Hyrule, but it was nothing compared to the realm of Hell that he had ruled in the recent past. Ganon stood, his green diseased skin glowing in the fiery chamber, breastplate shining red light onto the ground, all three of his evil eyes glowing fiercely.
“What you are now looking over will be my land! Just as soon as we exterminate those who guard it. The Triforce Team!” Ganon yelled loudly, his voice echoing toward his dark soldiers.
“Hail Lord Ganon!” they yelled in unison, as one dark voice. However there was one in the army that had snuck in for Hyrule’s benefit. He was disguised as a Doomknocker, the blue armored evil knight of the underworld. He was a spy for Hyrule’s army, and he would aid the defeat of Ganon, and it would be soon.
The King of Evil's Grand Return by BOEG
Chapter Two: The King of Evil’s Grand Return

“So run me through this one more time,” Goku told Kazuya. They were standing in the kitchen, which had just been recently wired with Kazuya’s new technology. It fit in quite well, looking much like a smoke detector, and sounding relatively close to one also.
“Okay, I’ve wired the alarm so that it sends out waves. If the waves come back to source, the alarm, and they are stronger than they originally were, the alarm reads it as a seismic disturbance, and it goes off, then we go to that spot, and see what’s happening,” Kazuya answered.
“Now how does it work with every planet? I don’t get that part at all,” Goku said, face red with embarrassment.
“Yeah, it’s a little hard to understand at first. Jet and I sat down and studied his digivice a little bit, and from that I put together some of the realm traveling properties in the alarm. It’s almost like a mini vortex. It’s always projecting waves across all of the planets we’ve been to,” Kazuya explained.
“Oh! I see! Kind of like a warp portal?” Goku questioned.
“Almost exactly, except it is much smaller, barely even visible,” Kazuya noted.
“Hello,” Twindora said happily from the entrance of the training unit.
“Who are you and why did you sneak into the house?” Goku asked.
“If it is really important to know, ask Jet. All that matters now is that I’m on this team. My name is Twindora,” Twindora answered.
“Okay…where is Jet?” Kazuya asked.
“He’s resting,” Zelda declared, appearing behind the armored warrior. By the tone of voice she had and the way she said the words, the three others who were standing there could tell she didn’t intend to let anyone disturb him.
“Couldn’t we just get a word with him?” Goku asked, raising his hand into the air and rubbing the back of his head sheepishly like he always did when he was discussing a touchy topic.
“Under no circumstances at all. I refuse. Jet needs his rest, and he is going to get it. You don’t know how badly that demon hurt him,” Zelda insisted.
“But he doesn’t even have to sit up,” Kazuya stated.
“I know, because he won’t be awake,” Zelda said with a smile.
“Well how are we going to talk to him then?” Goku asked.
“I think that’s the point, saiya-jin,” Kazuya said with a sigh.
“Oh…” Goku said slowly, face red.
“If you have any questions, why don’t you just ask me,” Twindora suggested.
“Okay…where are you from?” Goku asked, eyeing the man’s peculiar armor up and down.
“I come from a planet called Zedusria. I serve the King Arbbadeus,” Twindora answered.
“Where’s Zedusria?” Kazuya asked.
“Right next to Hyrule,” Twindora answered.
“Wow….” Zelda said, eyes wide, fixed on the ground.
“What?” Twindora questioned, slightly alarmed at her surprise.
“I’ve never heard of it, nor seen it on starlit nights,” Zelda commented faintly, almost to herself.
“Because it is visible by Hylians but once a year, on the first full moon of the first month of the new year,” Twindora explained.
“Why is that?” Zelda asked.
“A magical seal….long ago, Hyrule and Zedusria used to be nearly as one, sister planets in every regard. Then the small Hylian tribe broke free of its alliance with Zedusria, a much stronger kingdom at the time, and when the war of unity was won, and Hyrule became a kingdom instead of a rebel faction, all ties between Hyrule and Zedusria were broken, and that spell was placed,” Twindora answered.
“But…why did Hyrule completely cut ties with Zedusria?” Zelda asked.
“…yes, you can only see Zedusria on that night though,” Twindora continued on, ignoring Zelda’s question uncomfortably.
“Twindora…..why?” Zelda asked again.
“There are things in Hyrule’s past….and things in Zedusria’s past….and some of the things mixed…and some of the things matched, and created great occurrences, wealth coming to the poorest villages, water to the driest deserts. But…alas, some things did not match, and what they spawned….well…..” Twindora’s voice trailed off.
“I suppose that is about as much of an answer as I can expect from you then?” Zelda asked, hands on her hips.
“They are things that I as a bodyguard of the king am not even allowed to speak of, and personally your highness, I don’t like talking of such matters,” Twindora said darkly in response to Zelda’s half joking question.
“Fine…don’t answer me….keep your secrets. Hyrule thrived, and I’ve never heard of this Zedusria at all,” Zelda said doubtfully.
“Hyrule is in need now…and it this kind of chaos…that Hell Modeus demon…it is that kind of chaos that….t-that…ugh, I’m wasting my time,” Twindora said, walking into the living room without another word.
“That was odd,” Goku said.
“Yes…” Zelda agreed weakly.
“How is Jet doing?” Kazuya asked, changing the subject with as much speed as he could.
“….horribly. It’s just one terrible happening after another. We all die, then he goes and almost dies for me, comes back, dies in spite of his efforts, and comes back in enough time to combat a demon and almost die again. Half dead doesn’t do his condition justice. He’s closer to death than I’ve ever seen a person. It’s the worst pain he’s ever experienced, and in the face of all of it, he has to stay strong. All of this is my doing. I brought him into royalty…it was my doing,” Zelda said shamefully.
“He doesn’t regret it, Zelda. He talks about you nonstop. He couldn’t love you more,” Goku reassured the Hylian.
“Mmmm….I’m going to go check up on him,” Zelda said, turning toward the entrance of the training unit.
“Zelda…” Kazuya called out, trying to get her attention before she disappeared into the training unit.
“Yes?” she asked weakly, turning again.
“I speak from one experienced in the delicate art of tragedy…if he is close to death, do not hold it against him if he chooses to leave this life…don’t be to hurt if he doesn’t awaken,” Kazuya finished quietly.
“…I…n-nothing,” Zelda said quietly, her face pale and white as the crescent moon shrouded behind grey clouds. She turned quickly, going down the staircase that led to the training unit.

A cliff. A tall cliff. He sat on the edge of it, overlooking a vast sea of clear and calm waters, not a fish stirring, nor a boat on the horizon. The sun was shrouded, but brightness did not fail to be present in the area. He looked into the water, seeing nothing below the surface of the massive sea. Shades of blue fluttered to black, then to crystal, all an illusion of the light. He loved illusions. Things that weren’t real, nor could they be, coming to life through things that occurred in nature, or in imagination alone.
He sat in his gym leader’s tunic, the brown fabric lighter than usual, the cool breeze flowing through it and gently lashing at his arms. He smiled. His legs dangled over the edge of the cliff, going nearly straight out into the air, then retreating to the cliff wall. He dislodged several rocks every now and then doing this, but he cared not. It was perfect. This was paradise in his eyes.
The shadow came first. Then the flowing white robes. Finally the entire form of Kenji Ta-Huna, a man who had appeared to Jet numerous times through his dreams, came into view. His eyes were pure black, no hint of light at all. His hair was the same color, very long, flowing down to his back. He had a long slightly curved katana sheathed at his back, the hilt a glowing gold, the blade a shimmering silver. Jet had asked the man to show it to him before, but he refused, saying that blades were not toys, and that he would not treat them as such.
Kenji sat slowly, being careful that his sword didn’t hit the ground behind him, preventing him from sitting, and possibly making him lose his balance. A gentle look crossed his face, and a faint smile entered his lips. Jet compared his likeness to a stone before now, unmoving and powerful, in emotion and strength. He clasped his hands together, and opened his mouth slightly as if to speak, then closed it again, a smile crossing his face once more. After several more minutes his eyes blinked once, and he spoke slowly, his voice rich and deep. It was almost a treat to hear him speak, as his voice was unique, dark but not evil in sound. And calm thought not lulling.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” he asked.
“It’s an incredible sea…” Jet agreed.
“The waters are wonderful when calm…but they can be a great evil to deal with when they become restless,” Kenji stated.
“That’s when you try to calm them,” Jet said, as if it was natural logic.
“Well, tell me, how many sailors do you know who can control the water?” Kenji asked. Jet was silent. “It is not always that easy to get the beauty back. Control isn’t something you always have,” Kenji said.
“Ain’t it the truth,” Jet agreed.
“Indeed,” Kenji said slowly.
“What’s up with this? I mean like, how do you seem to like, know what I’m going through?” Jet asked.
“I know a lot…don’t act so surprised. Our paths aren’t so different, and if the lessons I have learned pertain also to you, then so be it,” Kenji answered.
“That was a bit gruff,” Jet said, slightly surprised.
“Heh….” Kenji laughed a little. He looked down into the waters again, then into the distance. His eyes narrowed. He put his hand behind Jet’s back and with force, pushed him off the cliff, leaping off behind him. They hit the water as if it were a solid concrete road, and they thrashed about for several minutes, trying to keep afloat in the midst of pain.
“What the hell was that for?!” Jet asked between coughs and gasps, spitting out water.
“Look up,” Kenji answered, coughing. Jet complied, and the ledge they had been sitting on collapsed into hundreds of pieces slowly, falling into the water, a massive cloud of dust appearing.
“Woah…” Jet said, dripping mouth open in shock.
“That would have hurt a deal more than landing in water alone. Do not be hasty, Jet. But remember, do not be asleep to your surroundings. Find a balance…there is one,” Kenji said calmly.
“A balance?” Jet asked.
“…Yes,” Kenji answered. Jet was pulled under the water suddenly, and he thrashed about wildly, trying desperately to break free from invisible bonds. Water filled his mouth and nose, and in several minutes, darkness overcame him.

“Jet?” Zelda asked.
“Um….guess I was asleep,” Jet said, opening his eyes and realizing he was still alive.
“Um…how do you feel?” Zelda asked slowly, the sense of worry in her voice evident.
“Like crap…ah my whole body’s achin. To be honest, Zel…I’ve never felt this horrible,” Jet answered slowly.
“Can I ask you something?” Zelda questioned, a pained look in her blue eyes.
“Yeah, sure Zel,” Jet answered, concern written all over his facial expressions.
“You…um…you don’t…want to die…do you?” Zelda asked, a tear rolling down her cheek.
“I couldn’t afford to…I mean…with all of Hyrule and the team counting on me…I just couldn’t,” Jet answered calmly.
“Jet…honey…please just answer my question. Responsibilities aside, if you could die right now…w-would you want to?” Zelda asked.
“Well…yes…” Jet answered very slowly.
“…then…don’t hold back…Jet…if you want to…then…you can leave this place,” Zelda said with a pitiful voice, the words nearly indistinguishable among her loud sobs.
“No…honey…I’m not about to leave you…I couldn’t…I love you with all of my heart…and I refuse to let go of that, not for anything,” Jet declared strongly. He sat up, gently wiping the tears from Zelda’s eyes. He slowly grabbed her hand, her loving touch something he had nearly forgotten in the dark events that had recently occurred.
“But you want to leave! You want to die!” Zelda sobbed out.
“No…I want to protect you…I want to be with you…in safety…I wanna wait for a day that you and I can be in peace without worry or darkness,” Jet said, holding her hand tighter.
“But waiting won’t get us any closer to that day,” Zelda said sadly.
“Which is why I’m willing to fight for it,” Jet said with a warm smile.
“Thank you,” Zelda said with a smile. She let go of his hand and slowly backed away, ready to let him sleep.
“Zel…don’t be so shy…I know what ya want,” Jet said with a smirk.
“I’m sorry…it’s selfish I know…I just…need to be in your arms,” Zelda said, face red.
“Nah…I need you too…climb in Zel, I know you need rest,” Jet said.
“Are you sure? I mean um…well daddy and Impa have always told me it was an evil to sleep with a man and I don’t want to do-,” she was cut off.
Jet leaned forward and kissed Zelda on the lips, then spoke, “We’re married Zel. It’s really okay to sleep with me…I mean considering that night in front of the temple of Death and all.”
“Yes…I suppose I will get some rest,” Zelda said with a smile, removing her shoes and laying next to Jet.
“Zel, you’re gonna get cold down here like that, lay under the covers,” Jet told her in a caring voice.
“Okay…but stop reversing roles,” Zelda instructed, placing the blanket over her body.
“Role reversal?” Jet asked, eyebrow raised.
“You’re hurt. I should be taking care of you, not the other way around,” Zelda explained.
“Zel…taking care of you actually makes me feel better,” Jet assured her. He put his arms around her body, holding her tightly, not willing to let go of her again. She smiled, closing her eyes and easing her muscles, her every breath matched with Jet’s. she let go of every bit of doubt and fear she had in this moment and melted into Jet, the feeling of safety she had in his arms unmatched by anything else.
“I love you so much…I’d be so lost without you,” Zelda said slowly, a tone of happiness in her voice.
“I love you too Zel…with all of my heart. But um…can I tell you something?” Jet asked.
“Yes…” Zelda answered, slightly worried.
“Well…when I was at the crossroads…I was told something from a voice inside my head…I was told that if I continue my life…like I was leading it…that I would go to Hell,” Jet said thoughtfully.
“Then change your life,” Zelda told him sleepily.
“Change my life…thanks Zelda,” Jet said. She had already fallen asleep in his arms. Jet smiled and slowly drifted into slumber.

“Servant!” Ganon yelled at a nearby Doomknocker.
“Yes my lord?” he asked, stepping forward.
“Any word of the Triforce Team among the army?” Ganon asked.
“No my lord,” the Doomknocker answered.
“I shall lure them out myself then,” Ganon said, turning to leave his chamber and enter Hyrule field.

Two hours had passed. Jet and Zelda had gotten much needed sleep, some of the exhaustion gone from their bodies. Jet’s wounds were still horribly painful, the deeper ones still bleeding. They continued to sit in the cool air conditioned training unit’s healing bed, and although it wasn’t the most comfortable mattress or the softest sheets, Jet was with Zelda, and he couldn’t complain.
“Have any good dreams?” Zelda asked happily.
“Well….uhh….funny you should ask about my dreams,” Jet said slightly surprised.
“Why?” Zelda asked.
“Well….um, there’s this gu-,” Jet was cut off by a ringing sound. The dark training unit was illuminated red by a flashing light in the alarm that had been installed there. Jet and Zelda quickly got ready for combat, readying their weapons and clothes.
“Jet…you shouldn’t go out…we can handles this,” Zelda told him. He embraced her, kissing her quickly on the lips.
“I need to be with my team…” Jet said quietly. Zelda argued no more. The team met up with them in the training unit, and with a swift movement of Jet’s digivice, the team was off to face some unknown danger in the already nearly ruined Hyrule field. They hoped it was nothing too serious, as even a small threat could potentially tear Hyrule apart to the point of no return. They went into the warp portal carefully.

Hyrule field. There he stood, amidst the flaming madness and black strangling smoke. Green skin on muscle, the light shining from his three eyes illuminating his face softly. His breastplate engraved with a Triforce symbol had been replaced, as was his black cape. He had knee guards, a large spike emerging from the center. His sword was gone, but he had the power of the sacred triangle on his side once more, and needed it not.
Ganon had returned, but was no longer in demon form. His power had lowered greatly, but the King of Evil was back nonetheless. He grinned darkly, and got into a ready stance.
“L-look…I defeated you once…I’ll get you again…” Jet said in a weak voice.
“Oh, shut up. Triforce of Power!” Ganon screamed, blasting the golden light at Jet. He was hit and flew backwards, making no effort at a recovery. Zelda stepped forward now, an outraged look upon her cloth covered face, her hands tightly clenched into fists.
“You’re an evil tyrant! I knew your true intent the minute I saw you so many years ago in the castle garden! I knew it! You were an evil scoundrel who cared for nobody except for yourself! You need to die once and for all!” Zelda screamed. She readied her daggers and ran at Ganon, kicking him in the face then stabbing at him. He was cut in several places, but not seriously wounded. He hit Zelda in the back of the head, and she flew backwards.
“Okay…now it’s my turn to take a whack at it,” Twindora said stepping forward and cracking his fingers.
“Oh…a new one to play with,” Ganon said happily.
“Oh? Temple Link Blast!” he yelled, and the Triforce piece’s light tore through the air, parting the smoke and hitting the King of Evil in the chest. He bled from the wound, and grunted before warping away. They had won for the moment.
A Feast of Royalty by BOEG
Chapter Three: A Feast of Royalty

“I can’t believe this…we already have enough on our hands without having to deal with him!” Link complained loudly. None had even considered Ganon returning, and now that he had, their minds had gone blank, fears and wild thoughts running rampant through their heads like an untamed beast. They had all heard of Jet’s tale of the slaying of the Hell Lord, and how he had been banished to the realm of the damned, the acidic pools of waste below Hell, and how he could never return.
This was not the first time the unexpected had occurred when Ganon was involved. On Link’s first journey he was certain the seal could not break, he was certain that Ganon could never escape, and that peace had returned for good. How wrong he was. Ganon had returned in full force, armed with the Triforce of Power once more, and angered to a point none had imagined possible.
Healing the wounds of Hyrule would be difficult, but protecting it from gaining more would be an even greater challenge. Link sighed loudly and sat down on the damp grass, drained physically and mentally. For the moment all had forgotten the wounds Jet had sustained during the battle with Hell Modeus, but the memories came back with a frightened cry from Zelda. They all turned their heads and saw Jet, his unconscious head on Zelda’s lap. There was a bleeding wound near the top of his chest, close to his neck. It was the last thing he needed now, and they knew he would likely be Ganon’s largest target.
“Is he okay?” Impa asked.
“He has a pulse…and he’s hardly bleeding, but I don’t know how much more he can take,” Zelda answered.
“…q-q-quite a b-bit,” Jet answered slowly, opening his eyes. He struggled to his feet and smiled, wiping blood off of his lips.
“Jet…no…rest,” Zelda instructed, standing next to him.
“Zel…I’ll be fine,” Jet said with a smile, kissing his wife on the cheek lightly.
“Yeah…now, when did you say the soldiers were gonna start reconstruction?” Link asked.
“Um…they want me to conduct some kind of ceremony or somethin before they start. Ya know, for good luck and protection,” Jet answered.
“Yeah…well uh maybe you should do this ceremony thing soon,” Link suggested.
“Link, look at him, he isn’t exactly in the shape to be conducting ceremonies and overseeing reconstruction,” Twindora said quietly.
“Nah…we’re havin it tonight…it won’t be anything to major…just a dinner with the head of the reconstruction team and us, and then a few prayers…I’ll hardly have to move a muscle…and even if I did…I’ll be okay,” Jet assured them.
“How can you say that? You’re still weak, and to add to it, you’ve been wounded again!” Zelda said in a worried tone.
“Um…it’s just a ceremony,” Jet said calmly, clutching his chest in his hand.
“One that you’re in no shape for,” Zelda told him.
“Zelda…I love you…and I’m glad that you care so much about me…really glad. But…just like you’re the queen…I’m the king…and they need me…we’ll be together, okay?” Jet asked.
“As long as we’re together…I hate the idea of us being separated…ever since that day you came to Hell…” Zelda’s voice trailed off as a tear fell to the already damp grass.
“….you’re welcome,” Jet said, smiling brightly. The team made their way to Hyrule castle to rest and prepare for that night’s feast.

“No! you can’t get in! I am sure no boyfriend of yours has entered the castle! Give it a rest already!” Jonphor yelled, slamming his spear into the ground angrily. The Triforce Team had just started walking up the dirt road that led to the gate of Hyrule castle. They heard the voice of Jonphor, frustration quite apparent in the tone. The other voice was weaker, and hardly audible, but they managed to make out the words spoken.
“But I know he came here! You must let me in!” the female voice cried out.
“I don’t want to have to put you in the dungeon ma’am, but I will if you do not stop and desist now,” Jonphor warned.
“But I know the king!” the woman claimed loudly. This caught Jet’s interest. He knew very few women in Hyrule aside from Zelda.
“Haha, yes! And I govern over the army of Hell!” Jonphor jeered.
“But I know Jet!” the woman screamed, her voice hoarse from the arguing.
“You’re home is burning, I am sorry, but until tomorrow, the reconstruction crew cannot began work. Now please go home and take comfort in the fact that we know you are in aid,” Jonphor tried to persuade her.
“But I can’t take comfort! I need to know he’s safe!” she yelled.
“Who?” Jonphor asked.
“My boyfriend!” the woman yelled.
“Ah! There is no man who knows you in this castle, only me, and I am quickly learning to regret it!” Jonphor yelled.
“Is Link not here?!” she asked.
“Link? You are dating Link?” Jonphor asked.
“Yes!” the woman yelled.
“Then what is your name?” Jonphor asked.
“Malon,” she answered.
“Right…I know the validity of your claim…how?” Jonphor asked. The team walked up the path to the gate upon hearing this, wanting to see if it was Malon. Link stepped forward, and his eyes grew wide, a caring look upon his face.
“That’s my girl,” Link said, his tone weak and unguarded, something none on the team were used to hearing.
“Then you’re okay! I knew you would move to combat that…that beast…and I was so afraid you were dead….Link….how did you do it?” Malon asked, sobbing lightly, her face buried in Link’s chest.
“We had the queen and king…and the queen’s nursemaid…along with all of these warriors,” Link answered, proud of the size and strength of their team.
“Almost all,” Twindora pointed out, arms crossed at his side.
“This is Twindora…he’s our newest member…he comes from Zedusria,” Link said.
“What?” Jonphor asked, awestruck.
“…Zedusria,” Link answered, slightly confused at the soldier’s shock.
“Don’t speak that name in this kingdom…king Harkinarian said it brought ill omen upon all of the land,” Jonphor said with the same disgust he used to bear toward Jet.
“Harkinarian was a damned fool!” Twindora yelled.
“Don’t you dare…… about my father like that,” Zelda commanded.
“Your father….Zelda…was a meandering fool, who could not see defeat in front of him, so he wandered into the path of death, and loss, and…and cost, and the foolish acts he committed are of a caliber you cannot hope to nor should attempt to attain,” Twindora said coldly. Zelda became angered at this, unsheathing one of her daggers and with a single spinning motion, pointing it at the Zedusrian’s throat. Al’ Rashid and the executioner moved forward, restraining the queen. She regained her composure slowly, eyeing Twindora the whole time, sheathing her dagger quietly.
“This is my kingdom…and if you speak badly of my father……you will hang,” Zelda warned, brushing past him.
“Um…how is Jet?” Malon asked, trying to change the subject. To answer the Hylian’s question, Jet stepped forward slowly, his wounds bleeding, and those that had begun to heal leaving large scabs. His body was covered in scars and burn marks, discolored skin nearly a constant, one part of his body different in shade from the next.
“Oh my goddesses…Jet….” Malon said, a queasy look in her eyes.
“If it’s nasty to look at, imagine how it feels to have it,” Jet said with a sigh.
“I’m sorry your highness, incredibly sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that-,” she was cut off.
“No…it’s fine…I wouldn’t be bleedin if I didn’t care about this place….i look at it this way…every cut I have…is one that someone else who is weaker could have gotten,” Jet said.
“Oh…wow…hope you recover soon your highness,” Malon said, returning to her boyfriend’s embrace.
“Me too….” Jet said to himself, walking through the open gate into Hyrule castle.

Light fluttered in through the open window of the room. It reflected onto the stone floor, bathing the Royal bedroom in light. It was one of the largest rooms in the castle, situated on the top level, overlooking Hyrule field from behind a large iron fence built around the castle grounds. There were four windows in the room, three looking out on the field, and one looking out onto the red carpeted hallway leading to the throne room. The bed was simply amazing in every meaning of the word; much larger than the one Zelda had in her days as a princess.
The pillows were very large, stuffed with the soft feathers of some rare, exotic bird that was hunted out of existence long ago. The covers were heavy and warm, perfect for the cold nights in the castle. The entire bedspread was an enchanting crimson color, diamond shaped cuts of sky blue cloth sewed into it.
Jet walked forward hastily, closing the windows in disgust. He loathed sunlight. He grabbed a newly stitched brown shirt and quickly put it on. His gym leader tunic was complete once more. Zelda had been sitting on the edge of the bed, looking doubtfully onto the stone floor, the wide eyed look in her gaze, the one that meant something was wrong. He slowly walked to the bed and sat down beside his wife.
“Zelda…what’s wrong?” Jet asked, obviously concerned.
“I’ve been…thinking a lot about daddy…” Zelda answered quietly.
“Oh…because of what Twindora said?” Jet asked.
“How can he even dare to talk badly about daddy? If he knew….what daddy did for us…that night….” Zelda broke into tears at this, embracing Jet tightly.
“Yes…I remember that night…you don’t have to talk about it,” Jet said caringly, holding Zelda.
“B-but…he has no right…my father was a great man…he never did anything horrible,” Zelda said, calming down, the thoughts of the Aku-Mari slowly disappearing for the time being.
“Well….he never told you about Zedusria…suppose there’s more goin on than he wanted you to know?” Jet suggested.
“I don’t know…I just…don’t know,” Zelda said, frustrated.
“Well there has to be some way to find out…I mean, maybe the-,” Jet was cut off.
“Sir!” a soldier said rather loudly, stepping into the room.
“…um?” Jet questioned.
“The meeting is about to begin sir, we are just waiting for you,” the soldier said, his tone calmer.
“Thank you, we’ll be down in a minute,” Jet said. The soldier nodded and left.
“What were you going to say Jet? Maybe the what?” Zelda asked.
“Maybe the library has something,” Jet answered.
“But as members of the Royal Family we’re only allowed there once in our lives,” Zelda said.
“I know Zel…and you never went in,” Jet pointed out.
“…you want me to do this…without you?” Zelda asked.
“Zel…that library changed me…if you look for the answer…you’ll find it, but it’s a path you have to walk alone…and I have a feeling it will change you too,” Jet said quietly.
“How did it change you?” Zelda asked.
“It gave me a sense of duty…the one that I needed to keep the kingdom safe…it turned me from Jet…to the prince of Hyrule,” Jet answered.
“…then I’ll go,” Zelda declared slowly.
“Can’t be tonight,” Jet said slowly.
“Why…oh. The feast,” Zelda said quietly.
“Yeah…we better get going,” Jet suggested, tying his cape around his neck and standing.
“Jet?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah?” Jet questioned back.
“How are those wounds doing?” Zelda asked.
“I just put fresh bandages on about an hour ago…that curative oil really makes the burnin go away, lemme tell ya,” Jet said with a smile.
“Um…thanks…you know…for everything. I love you,” Zelda said.
“Mmm…I love you too,” Jet responded, holding Zelda tightly.
“Let’s go,” Zelda said.
“You got it,” Jet agreed. The two left together.

The dining room in which they entered was giant, almost as large as the throne room. Seated at the table were several Hylian generals, along with several other soldiers, and a few Kakarikan villagers. All were eager to get started on the reconstruction, each one having unique ideas and ways of looking at the damages. Jet was seated at one end of the long table, and Zelda at the other, the Triforce Team littered around the table, sitting among villagers and soldiers.
The table was lined with hundreds of items of food, roasted birds and animals, fruit and vegetables, soup and deserts, everything a hungry man could desire. Everyone seated at the table had a relatively large copper cup, filled to the brim the finest wine in Hyrule. Jet and Zelda both golden cups, inlaid with rubies. Jet stood slowly.
“Hyrule! Many mighty wounds have been dealt to this land as of late! The creature in question was the lord of Hell, a demon known as Hell Modeus! He has been slain, as you all know, and Hyrule has returned to a state of safety! But also, as you all have heard and seen, the land has been ravaged, torn apart, lit ablaze, drained of water! Now, our first task is going to be unblocking the Gerudo river before it floods the whole valley! This will bring water back to Lake Hylia, and our problems there will be over! Once we have water, we can begin working on the fires, and once they are gone, the reconstruction of the wall outside the village, and the drawbridge will begin! This will be a difficult time, but as an independent nation, set apart from Calatia, and Labrynna, and Holodrum, and Koholint island, and Termina, I believe we are the best, and can overcome this trial alone!” Jet yelled loudly.
“Sir, why not enlist the aid of the other kingdoms?” a soldier asked.
“We have already asked…they refused. Only in a time of war will they help,” Jet said. The soldier was seated.
“Now, let the feast begin!” Jet declared loudly. There were cheers and yells of agreement. Apparently they were all very hungry. Jet himself hadn’t had an appetite for quite some time.
“Nice speech your highness. Hopefully you will lead the Hylians to a better fate than Harkinarian did,” Twindora said, smiling behind his helmet.
“Let us hope so,” Jet said smiling.
“With the condition he left the kingdom in after the war of unity, it is amazing it is still standing,” Twindora noted, looking around at the walls of the dining room, as if he expected them to collapse at any moment.
“Hyrule had to become an independent nation somehow,” Jet said.
“By stepping on its allies feet!? By knocking them to the ground and rushing to the finish line?!” Twindora asked.
“I don’t know what your problem is-,” Jet was cut off.
“I do! It is that damned fool Harkinarian that is my problem! The thing I regret most about his death is the fact that I was there to ring his neck myself!” Twindora yelled. At this Jet stood up, enraged. He kneed Twindora in the chest, and the Zedusrian fell to his knees. He picked the man up and punched him in the armored face, knocking him back. Grabbing the Zedusrian by the shoulders he threw him into the stone wall with all of his might.
“Beyunte Beyunte Sha! Malenios Syentarios Sha! Beyunte Beyunte Sha! Syentocurious!!!” Jet screamed.
“No!!!!” Twindora yelled, closing his eyes in fear of the Death spell.
“You fear it!? Are you scared of it?! Aku-Mari, you fool! An Aku-Mari! King Harkinarian lost his life battling an Aku-Mari! Will you shut up now?!!!” Jet asked, his voice hoarse from the screaming.
“I’m….s-sorry,” Twindora said.
“Get out of my sight, maggot,” Jet said in disgust. In his rage he hadn’t realized all conversation had ceased, and all eyes were on him. Several dropped their food onto the ground, mouths wide open in shock.
“Umm…how about the prayer? We can have that now right?” Link asked.
“….yes,” Jet answered.
“Good…uh…I like prayers,” Link said sheepishly, trying to shift attention onto him, and off of Jet.
“To Nayru, to Farore, to Din, the goddesses who brought Hyrule here, protect these people in the tasks to come! These men being our soldiers, our neighbors, our fathers and children, our mothers, our husbands, our wives, protect them, and keep the family bond strong through this time….thank you,” Jet finished.
“Reconstruction starts tomorrow…have a good night’s sleep,” Zelda said.
“The meeting is dismissed,” Jet said, leaving the dining room.
The Separation of the Two Evils by BOEG

Chapter Four: The Separation of the Two Evils

“They are still at the castle…the Triforce Team…the next sunrise when they leave would be a perfect chance to strike,” Ganon said with a grim smile, the fires lighting his green skinned face.
“Master, do you think maybe you should…focus on a bit more than simply killing them?” Agahnim asked, appearing slowly from the shadow.
“I will tell you when I need your advice, wizard. Silence yourself now. Tomorrow I shall strike, killing them all,” Ganon said, ending the argument before it began.

“Wake up!” a voice rang out.
“Ugh…why’s it so damn cold?” Jet asked, not moving in the least.
“Just get up,” the voice ordered. A loud splash was the next thing her heard, followed by the feeling of cold water all over his body. It was not a clean water, this he could tell from the rank scent alone, and the feeling of grime that was upon his skin. His eyes flew open, and he saw a cold, wet road. He was slightly elevated from the road, apparently on a sidewalk. He rolled onto his back, not surprised to see it was Kenji who stirred him from his sleep.
He was different though, not calm and collected as he normally was, but tense. His tunic was tattered, and blood ran from wounds that he was desperately trying to cover. He held his long blade in his hand tightly, almost as if the moment he let go of it something would cease him into the shadows. His black eyes shifted around nervously, and for the first time, Jet sensed that Kenji wasn’t completely in touch with his surroundings.
The source of the water was made clear; a large puddle was next to the sidewalk, and Kenji stood in the middle of it. Jet took this opportunity to examine the surroundings, and found that he was in a large town, a church looming in the sky, large bell atop the highest point of the aged stone building. The rest of the town had modern buildings, houses that were normal enough upon first glance, but frighteningly odd upon closer examination.
Houses with blood painted upon the door, grisly messages upon the old wooden doors and the white painted brick walls. Jet could not read most of the messages, nearly all of them in Spanish or Japanese, some in the Black Beyuntanian language. Of the few that he could make out on the oddly unsettling buildings he read things such as “Give us the living” and “The streets will be washed with your blood.”
The entire town was bathed in a blue hue, dark clouds covering the entire sky, the sunlight gone from the deathly empty town. The bloody messages were obviously new, as the words ran down to the old rotted wooden porches. Jet had no idea what was going on, or where he even was, but fear was quickly overtaking his body.
“Kenji…where are we?” Jet asked.
“An old town,” Kenji answered, looking straight at Jet. His gaze was piercing, but Jet slowly realized he wasn’t staring at Jet; no, he was staring straight past him. Jet turned very slowly, almost afraid to see what lurked behind him. He was relieved in this moment. A small black car slowly made its way down the long empty road, and a smile crossed Jet’s face.
“Ah… finally a hint of civilization,” Jet said, relief in his voice.
“No….get down, to the side, behind that bush. Quick!” Kenji ordered. He almost pushed Jet to the ground, and the two crawled behind the thick bush near to the house behind them with haste. The car slowly drove by, and a man pounded desperately on the steering wheel, wishing his car wasn’t nearly out of gas.
“What’s his deal?” Jet asked.
“He is saddened…for he will not make it through the night,” Kenji answered.
“What….do you mean?” Jet asked, frightened again.
“They will do what they will with him,” Kenji answered.
“Who?” Jet asked.
“Shh….quiet for now,” Kenji ordered. Jet obeyed. A small candle lit the shadow in the dark window of the house behind Jet and Kenji. They did not notice the light and the presence of other life until it was too late. The window crashed open, a sinewy hand thrashing about wildly, an inhuman moan filling the air.
“What the fuck is that?!” Jet asked, desperation in his voice.
“All I can tell you right now is you are lucky that you still have your weapons, now come on!” Kenji ordered. Jet slowly unsheathed his handcrafted sword, and the two quickly made their way around the bush out into the open air once more. The whole abandoned town was frightening as it was, but now that Jet knew they weren’t alone it scared him all the more.
“Run…now….follow behind me, but keep up,” Kenji ordered. He began running, his boots splashing on the puddles, cold dirty water flying into the air with every step he took, his tattered tunic flying in the air behind him. Jet tried to keep up as best as he could, but he had not been forced to run this fast in quite some time. The silent horror the houses in the town had carried came alive now, mysterious shadows shifting behind curtains, red eyes blinking in darkness, claws flying through walls of brick, demonic groans of pain and anger louder than a siren.
Cold rain began to drop from the black clouds, and soon, the streets shined with dampness as dark rain fell from the sky of the macabre town. The rain continued to fall, growing to a speed and force that it became hard to see at all. Kenji suddenly veered into an alley, and Jet bolted quickly to the left, performing a wall jump to try to turn his body quicker.
Rain drops clattered against metal garbage cans, and the rank scent of trash filled the air, revolting Jet. The rain pounded against the garbage cans harder and harder, and the sound grew in intensity. Kenji slammed his blade into a boarded off section of wall near to the bottom of a red brick building that made up the right side of the alley. He pulled away at the resisting wood as fast as he could, every moment making both of them more anxious.
Jet had stood silently the whole time, watching Kenji work, hoping and praying that he would finish in time. Kenji finally worked the last board out of place, and looked at Jet, nodding slightly. He began to step forward, but something with an incredibly strong grip grabbed his shoulder and held onto it tightly. Jet turned, and to his shock and fright, there was a man, dead yet still moving, clutching his arm. It looked as if he had been dead for several weeks, and his body had started to decompose, the scent of water on the rot disgusting.
“Come on! Kill it! Kill it!!! Don’t let it touch you!!!” Kenji screamed. Jet sliced at the creature’s arm with his free hand, the blade cutting through the dead flesh quickly. He stabbed it in the face and it fell to the ground, motionless.
“Down there?!” Jet asked, looking at the hole Kenji had just opened up.
“Yes, quickly!” Kenji answered, leaping into the darkness. Jet followed hastily.

“Just…what the hell are those things?” Jet asked. They had entered the basement of a large building, washing machines and boxes and crates full of old antiques scattered all over. Kenji switched on the lights, two small, dust covered bulbs that emitted short, blinking flashes of light.
“They are…or rather were…the people of this town,” Kenji answered.
“What…town?” Jet asked.
“Very old place called Tyrone…it’s been around for a long time…” Kenji answered, looking around at the basement in the fleeting instances of light.
“Well…next question…what the hell happened to those things?” Jet asked.
“It was an old town, but it hid a pretty evil secret,” Kenji answered.
“Kenji…just tell me the story…we don’t have time to play around with this…how did it happen? And then what do we do?” Jet asked.
“Fine. About twenty years ago now, a group of scientists started working in a small nuclear power plant up north of the town, past the church. One part of the plant was busy working on chemical weaponry…some say that the head of the project was a member of Mishima organization…some say it was Heihachi Mishima himself…no one knows…but that doesn’t matter. Now, the other half of the plant…they were working on improving health with chemicals…giving cures and preventions to diseases…it would save millions of lives,” Kenji started.
“…what happened?” Jet asked.
“There was an accident….humans, so dependent on technology as we are…relied on something to operate correctly…and it didn’t. the two chemicals mixed somehow…and one of the doors was malfunctioning that day…the fumes were let out…the gas made contact with the windows…and they literally blew out…the fumes were exposed to the town. At first it was like a miracle…where there was sickness, there was health, where there was nothing, there was fertile soil, but then something happened…the chemical got into our food…into our water…then into us…the people of Tyrone died….hundreds of them…and then….days later….they got back up…and walked…spoke…moved… they were the living dead…they instinctively hunted those that breathed, scratching or biting them. They were introduced to such a high amount of the chemical that they didn’t even have time to “die”…no…they turned malicious…just like the others…and hours later their heart stopped beating,” Kenji continued.
“Now…that’s where we come in…right?” Jet asked.
“Correct,” Kenji answered.
“What do we do?” Jet asked.
“This will take a few steps…so I’ll start with the easy one…in this basement…in one of these boxes…is a capsule….it’s filled with more fumes…not the same fumes, no. These fumes….they overrode the other fume…because they are acidic….” Kenji answered.
“Acid….but how can we kill a whole town off…with a few capsules?” Jet asked.
“Just help me look,” Kenji ordered, ignoring Jet. He got up quickly, sheathing his blade and looking through boxes. He found old magazines, trophies, photographs, reminders of the life that once was in the old town. “Got em!” Kenji yelled happily.
“Now what?” Jet asked.
“Now we go back there….outside. a little ways from here there is the old church…it too hides a secret. The Mishima organization did leave some things here in Tyrone…among them are explosives…I know there are a few bombs somewhere in the old church,” Kenji answered.
“….I hope I know what you’re getting at,” Jet said.
“Heh heh…let’s go,” Kenji said, approaching the opening in the wall. Jet followed him, climbing out of the hole and back out into the open air. The alley’s rank scent he had gotten used to, but the thought of running into more of the zombies still frightened him. Kenji instantly started running out of the alley and to the north of the town, heading toward a small stone staircase that led up to a bridge over the river. He flung himself over the railing and began running across the bridge quickly. Jet followed, looking back for a split second. Hundreds of the zombies were literally running after them. He picked up his pace.
“W-where…..are they coming from?” Jet asked as he ran.
“The houses….this was by no means a small town in population,” Kenji answered.
“….ugh,” Jet sighed, running faster. Kenji leaped over the railing at the other side of the bridge and ran forward, then bolted off to the right. Jet followed. The houses in this part of town were run down, and more zombies were climbing out of the windows and breaking down the doors.
“Ready your blade…we’ll need to do some fighting to get through here,” Kenji commanded Jet. He obeyed yet again. He readied his Black Sunset and ran with as much speed as he could gather into his tired body. The undead began gaining on the two slowly, and they began battling them as they came. Severed limbs flew to the ground, shrieks of pain filling the air, rising above the sound of the pouring rain.
“Why are they doing this?!” Jet asked, stabbing one of the zombies through the chest.
“We are living remember?! Now hurry! The church is ahead, we just need to lose them somehow!” Kenji yelled.
“It’s raining, shouldn’t they like melt?” Jet asked, angered at their persistence.
“Ugh, shut up! Just come on!” Kenji ordered. Jet silenced himself and ran up the narrow stone staircase leading to the large wooden doors of the church. There the two stood their ground, slicing at the zombies, stabbing and chopping, killing near sixty at the gate alone.
“It’s useless! They’ll just keep coming! Whadda we do!?” Jet asked.
“I don’t know!” Kenji yelled, killing more of the towns inhabitants as he spoke.
“Um…follow me,” Jet ordered. Kenji slowly did so, following beside Jet as he stepped down from the stairs and sliced a path through the zombies with his sword, pointing the blade in front of a few of their faces, amused at their screams at the sight of what they hated about themselves.
“Now what?!” Kenji asked when at last they had made it past the large crowd of undead.
“Now…are there back doors?” Jet asked.
“Not sure,” Kenji answered.
“Let’s look, shall we?!” Jet asked. He didn’t wait for an answer, and bolted off to the side of the massive building. He edged his way along, going slower, hoping none of the zombies saw him as he went. He went carefully now, one foot in front of the other, trying not to make a noise. He at last made it to the back, and to his dismay, he found a wall of solid stone.
“No…” Kenji muttered to himself.
“Damn it!” Jet cursed to himself.
“Now what?” Kenji asked.
“You’re supposed to know!!! Ugh…umm…well…let’s look around…if there isn’t a way, let’s look shall we?” Jet asked.
“Sure,” Kenji said in an angered tone. They looked around the building hastily, trying to find anything they could use to get into the building. Jet spotted a window near to the second level of the large stone church. There were several trees near to the side of the church, large but withered, dead leaves covering their brittle branches. Jet used these trees to his advantage as best as he could.
He began to scale the tree as fast as he could, climbing up, breaking many branches on the way. When he was high enough, he leapt onto a narrow ledge overtop the first level of the stone church. It was slanted to a point, water spilling over both sides to the ground from the enormous downpour, and it was incredibly difficult to stand on.
“Okay…it’s the safest thing we’re gonna find, so climb that tree over there,” Jet yelled down at Kenji. He nodded, sheathed his sword, and began climbing. When at last he made it next to Jet, the two began scaling uneven blocks of stone that made up the wall of the church. They climbed very high, the ground barely visible in the midst of the rain that fell ceaselessly.
They climbed to the second level, then silently edged their way hand over hand and foot over foot to a stained glass window. Kenji went first, breaking the glass with his hand and leaping into the open entrance. Jet followed cautiously, not trusting his skill at jumping as much as he could. To his surprise, he too made it into the church.
The inside was very old and untouched, bibles and old scrolls lining shelves with thick layers of dust upon them. The floor was wooden, creaking with every footstep the two took. Cockroaches and rats chattered loudly, scampering across the floor and into the shadows. Spider webs covered many areas of the old untouched room, their intricate webs cut down with haste by the blades the two wielded.
Kenji took the lead once more, heading out of the room and down a long, winding stone staircase that led to the first level. Indeed it was a large church, and one level was quite far from the next. Their escape would require some thought, or brute strength Jet thought to himself. When they reached the first level Kenji stopped, looking from side to side, sniffing the musty air and standing silently. For a moment Jet thought he had lost his sense of direction.
“In the next room…there is a staircase…but it is right next to the front door…so…go quietly. When we make it down…the bombs should be stored somewhere near there,” Kenji whispered. Jet nodded much like Kenji normally did, and slowly opened the door. He sneaked in slowly, spotted the staircase, and edged silently toward it. The sound of the zombies outside was loud, their moans and cries of anger and torment terrifying and intimidating. Jet and Kenji continued toward the staircase, making their way to the dark entrance. When at last they reached it, they hit the first step, and ran.
“The quicker we get down and find those bombs…the quicker we get out of here,” Kenji noted. The basement was much like the second level, but darker; much darker. Shadow covered the room, and moths and spiders were everywhere. Kenji opened a floorboard near to a bookcase up slowly, instantly finding what he was looking for. Plastic explosives, armed with a detonator. Before the two could plan their escape, something unexpected occurred; the sound of the front door crashing to the cold stone ground echoed through the basement, and the sound of zombies running down the stairway was heard.
“Now what?!” Jet asked.
“Well…we can’t get out the front way…or the way we entered,” Kenji noted.
“So what? How do we get to the power plant?!” Jet asked frantically.
“Heihachi took care of that…Mishima organization built a tunnel from the basement of the church straight to the plant…trust me,” Kenji answered. He wasted no time in pushing aside the heavy wooden bookcase, revealing a section of discolored stone set into the wall.
“What did that do?!” Jet asked.
“That stone is fake, normally you need to punch some kind of code into a computer somewhere to open it, but we don’t have that kind of time, we’re going to have to break it ourselves!” Kenji answered.
“With what? Good looks?!” Jet asked.
“No with- oh shit! Here they come, ready your sword!” Kenji yelled. Jet unsheathed his Black Sunset and ran forward, charging a spin attack at the hoards of zombies. Several were cut clean in half, other losing limbs. The one advantage to the undead was that their bodies were very frail, a fact that Jet had learned just now. He brought his blade down upon one’s head, a zombie who had been running at Kenji.
“Man! What are we gonna do?!” Jet asked.
“Let’s trade places! I take these freaks, and you blast away at this with whatever you can!” Kenji yelled, unsheathing his shimmering blade and running forward to combat the zombies. Jet took his place at the discolored wall and sheathed Black Sunset. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, wondering what he could use. He spotted an old wooden chair and threw it at the wall with all of his might. It shattered into splinters.
“It isn’t working!” Jet complained.
“I meant something strong, not a rotted wooden chair you numbskull!” Kenji yelled, stabbing one of the zombies. Jet thought for a few more seconds, then put his hands into a cup like shape. He slowly spoke, “Mystic….Sand…Attack!” the magical beam of energy hit the wall, doing nothing.
“Ugh…keep trying!” Kenji yelled out, slicing at more of the creatures, trying to keep them away.
“Mystic Sand Attack!” he yelled once more. The wall cracked a little from the force of the magic this time. “Um….I know! Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled. The golden beam of light shot through the darkness of the basement, blinding the zombies for several seconds, and breaking through the stone of the wall. “Kenji, come on!!!” Jet yelled. He sheathed his blade and did so, taking the lead into the dark tunnel that led to the power plant.

The area farthest north of the diseased town of Tyrone. The front gate of the power plant. Large fences traveled the whole way around the plant, the main gate locked, barbed wire atop them, preventing intruders. The power plant was large, several steam stacks on the top of the building, tanks full of God knows what brewing up artificial evils, and broken windows, where the toxic fume was released into the air of Tyrone.
“Heh heh….a fence,” Kenji laughed. He unsheathed his sword and cut straight through it, making an opening. Jet and Kenji went through, running to the front door as fast as they could, not wanting to be seen by the citizens of Tyrone.
“Kenji…we have the bombs, we have the capsules, now…why aren’t we blowing some stuff up?” Jet asked, eyebrow raised.
“First off, it wouldn’t work that well in this rain…I wouldn’t be surprised if the river flooded before we were done,” Kenji answered.
“Second off?” Jet asked.
“Look Jet, what we’re going to do is quite simple. We are going to blow something up…this whole town. We put the capsules near to the bombs, then place them in the center of the plant. We turn on self destruct from there, and try to get out as fast as we can,” Kenji answered.
“Woohoo!!!!! My kind of stuff!” Jet yelled happily. Kenji kicked down the door with haste, and the two entered. They went past winding hallways, kicking down locked doors as they went, being very careful not to go into any chemical areas. They entered a large chamber with buzzing electrical devices, a catwalk all that held them up above an unrecognized green goop.
“We’re here…across the catwalk…set them inside, hit the red button,” Kenji ordered. Jet grabbed them and did so with haste, planting the explosives inside of the center of the plant. He hit the red button hard, then ran back to Kenji. “Don’t waste time standing here, we’re going to be running again, we have ten minutes to make it out of this town alive…you see…the force that explosion had….will…by all means…destroy this town….and the acidic fumes released…will kill it’s every inhabitant,” Kenji said, running. Jet followed.
They made it through the winding hallways and back out again, running as fast as they could for some way to escape. When at last they made it outside, their minds went blank. They had to think of something and they had to think of it fast.
“It’s a risk…but we ca travel by river!” Kenji said.
“…Okay,” Jet agreed. The two jumped into the cold water near to the power plant and let the current carry them to their fate. The river was full of water, flooding in some places, the dark and dirty waters carrying them quickly a safe distance away from Tyrone. Several minutes later the cold black night sky was lit ablaze with the fires of the cursed town, and the end of the cursed lives. With that tragic and beautiful burst of flame went millions of memories, hundreds of lives, but it was for the best. The diseased town of Tyrone was put to rest. Jet took comfort in this, and slowly closed his eyes, letting the current take him wherever it willed.

He opened his eyes. He sat up quickly. A jolt on pain rocked through his body.
“Oh…it was a dream,” Jet said to himself aloud.
“Honey?” Zelda asked.
“Hey Zel….” He said slowly.
“I was so worried…you just left after the feast and when I went to find you, you were asleep,” Zelda said.
“Why were you worried?” Jet asked.
“Because I care about you….” Zelda answered, putting her arm around his shoulders.
“The way I acted with Twindora….ugh it wouldn’t surprise me if they had a vote on whether or not I should remain king…I was an idiot,” Jet said.
“You were fine…it takes a long time to learn the difference between a king’s problems and a man’s problems. You’ll take actions when you shouldn’t, and be silent when you should move…it will happen for a long time…but eventually you’ll become like daddy was,” Zelda assured him.
“How did Twindora take it?” Jet asked.
“Take what? Getting beat up? It was fine…he apologized,” Zelda answered.
“Okay….I’m gonna get some more sleep….good night Zel,” Jet said, kissing his wife on the lips.
“Good night,” she replied, laying down.

“Sir! Ganon is attacking sir! He’s already killed several soldiers! Reconstruction can’t begin until he leaves, it isn’t safe!” a soldier nearly screamed into Jet’s ear the next morning.
“G-Ganon? Ugh…come on Zel….is the rest of the team ready?” Jet asked.
“Awaiting their leader, sir,” the soldier answered.
“Okay…I’ll be down in five,” Jet said. The man nodded, bowed, and left in a hurry.

The drawbridge opened slowly. The Triforce Team ran out, weapons in hand, armor on body. They were ready.
“Twindora….I….I’m sorry,” Jet said looking at the ground.
“It’s forgiven your highness,” Twindora said humbly.
“Ah…Triforce Team…welcome back!” Ganon said happily.
“Shut up….now,” Jet said.
“Oh…I thought I hurt you…your highness,” Ganon said with a smile.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled.
“Triforce of Courage!” Link followed.
“Triforce of Wisdom!” Zelda yelled.
“Temple Link Blast!” Twindora yelled. The golden beams of light formed together as one, piercing the armor and skin of the evil king, sending him back. Marth and Roy ran forward at this, unsheathing their blades and attacking Ganon. He blocked the swords with his hands, slice after slice either dodged or countered. He punched the two warriors in the chest, then stood tall.
“Triforce of Power!” Ganon yelled, blasting the beam of light at the team. Samus rolled to the side of the attack, shooting blasts of plasma at the evil king. Three hit him, the fourth missed. It ate through his armor quickly, burning his flesh. He yelled in pain and shot a blast of magical energy at the bounty hunter, hitting her in the stomach. She fell to the ground.
“Don’t hurt her,” Twindora warned.
“I think I shall kill her, actually,” Ganon said.
“Touch her…and I will hurt you,” Twindora warned.
“Whatever,” Ganon said, ending the conversation. He held his hand up and charged magical energy into his palm, aiming the blast at Samus. She was weak now, unable to move easily in the heavy armor, a perfect target. Ganon shot the magic, and Twindora stepped forward, unsheathing his Twin Diamond sword and batting the magic into the air, then stabbing Ganon in the chest.
“Hmm…well met, Zedusrian…until we meet again,” Ganon said, warping away quickly.
“Yeah that’s right go lick your wounds,” Jet yelled into the air.
“Twindora…you….saved me,” Samus said in awe.
“It was nothing…don’t worry about it,” Twindora said, sheathing his blade.

“We need to strike with more force….that is it,” Ganon said with a smile.
“No…master…it isn’t,” Agahnim warned him.
“Yes, wizard…more force on the leaders, and the followers will fall,” Ganon explained.
“It is foolishness!!” Agahnim yelled.
“Fool….wretched disgusting fool….you do not defy the King of Evil!” Ganon warned.
“Master…please…give me another chance,” Agahnim pleaded.
“Curse your second chances! If you are a master at evil, then build your own kingdom and impress me! I shall banish you to Mount Tamarach! On the island of Koholint!” Ganon yelled, enraged. He shot a sphere of blue magic at Agahnim, and in an instant, he was gone. The partnership between wizard and warlock had ended.
The Wizard's Plan by BOEG

Chapter Five: The Wizard’s Plan

A dark cavernous hole literally worn into the sheer stone wall from a single drop of water ceaselessly pounding against it for over a millennia. The cave had no torches, no red carpet lining the stone ground, just a cold dark floor, and cold dark walls to match it. It was not the amazing kingdom Ganon had built inside the fiery depths of Death Mountain, no; it was just what the King of Evil had intended it to be; a prison, an abandoned nightmarish hell hole. Not even an Octorok stirred atop the high cliff where the Windfish once slept. A pebble was never disturbed, and fresh food had not grown there in hundreds of years.
Agahnim was left alone to himself and his magic, left alone to see what he could do to kill the Triforce Team, if he could even survive the harsh conditions of Mount Tamarach. He had nothing but bitter thoughts in his mind toward Ganon, the one he had served, the one who had treated him like a son. He had loved his surrogate father, he had trusted and served Ganon, as obedient and faithful as a mighty steed is to his rider.
“….t-t-the fool….he will not get away with this…he was a king his entire life….n-now he will be a peasant! And eat the very rats he is forced to live with! The Zedusrian one…Twindora…he is not completely with the others…he still resents the kingdom of Hyrule…and even more so its former king, the old fool Harkinarian…what a wonder it would be…if I could get the Zedusrian…to join me…with a piece of the Triforce at my disposal…my power will match Ganon’s…and then….heh heh….t-then…we will really see….who…is the better dark lord….won’t we….hahahaha!!!” Agahnim plotted to himself.
“Aah! But no…no no no…we need bait…how can I get them…to me? Let us see…I have nothing they need….nor desire…and I have not the energy….to do a thing…to this…diseased land…hmm…let us see just how much…Ganon has limited my power,” Agahnim said to himself. He lifted up his hands and slowly waved them around in circles, creating a warp portal.
“Yes…I can still travel away from this…planet…he must have simply put a seal…on his kingdom…hmm…if I can not dwell in the caverns of Death Mountain…I shall combat them….on the heights…of Death Mountain….haha…yes….with the looming threat of an eruption…one that I could very well still cause…they will have no choice….but to fight me…or to watch Kakariko village burn….or…in a win-win situation…both,” Agahnim said happily, stepping into the portal.

“I can’t believe it…how do you act like it was nothing? You saved me! It was…incredible,” Samus said when the team entered the market after the battle with the King of Evil.
“Samus…I umm….I had to,” Twindora said slowly.
“What does that mean?” Samus asked.
“It means…that…you…you…it means you were in trouble…and I felt it my duty to help fellow teammates,” Twindora answered.
“But why me? Why not Marth, or Roy?” Samus asked.
“Because Samus…you were in danger…the most danger at the time…it was….my duty…as a member of this team to save you, nothing more,” Twindora declared starkly.
“Fine…but I still owe you my life,” Samus said, walking ahead of the armored Zedusrian. Reconstruction had finally begun, and the crew was working on clearing the Gerudo river so that water could once again flow into the empty Lake Hylia. It would take a long while before Hyrule was healed, but it had started, and it would not stop until it was finished, and the proud kingdom was back to its former glory.
Malon greeted Link in the market with open arms, worried once more. She was always afraid he would die in battle, despite the accomplishments he had under his belt as of late. He had helped kill a Hell Lord, and Malon still worried when he engaged in the smallest of fights. She wished he would stop fighting, wished he would put down the sword, but it was something she could never ask him to do, as she knew the passion he had for combat, and it was something she wouldn’t dare try to take from him.
“You’re alive! Okay! Unhurt!” Malon yelled happily.
“Malon…it was just Ganon…he never does too much to any of us…he’s pretty weak,” Link said.
“But he’s dangerous!” Malon complained.
“Not so much…” Link said quietly.
“Yeah…he’s just a frightened coward nowadays…hardly ever comes out of his little mountain to play…and when he does we win and he runs…no more epic fights to the death…just little challenges with no real danger involved,” Jet supported Link.
“Just…be careful….I would hate to see you get hurt,” Malon told him, kissing Link on the cheek.
“I will,” Link promised her. A Hylian soldier ran into the open market gate, a wide look in his eyes, his voice shaky. He had the appearance of a man who had just seen a Poe. His voice trembled as he spoke, “S-sir! The fiery cloud over Death Mountain…it’s back!...there is some terror brewing up there…and if the mountain erupts…the village…is…gone,” the soldier warned.
“…we can’t let Kakariko village fall your highness,” Impa told Jet, stepping forward with duty in her voice.
“Impa…I know how important the village is to you…we’ll go,” Jet assured her.
“Yes…your problems are the team’s problems,” Zelda said with a warm smile.
“Indeed,” Twindora said, following the team with his arms crossed as they walked back into Hyrule field, into the face of danger once more.
“Be careful Link…please come back soon…..” Malon called out. The Hylian didn’t hear her.

It was a long, slim path of stone near to the top of Death Mountain. It led to a spire of flat rock alone in the midst of a pit that led to shadow. Other sharp, pointed spires of rock jutted out of the ground far below, very painful if one were to fall off the edge. It was here, on top of the small spire of rock, that the Triforce Team found the source of the trouble; Agahnim stood tall, white robes flowing, hands poised to strike with magical force.
The team’s main members quickly made it over the narrow path of stone and to the large spire itself, ready to combat the wizard and prevent him from dealing any wounds to the land below. The team members readied their weapons and eyed the wizard, not willing to let him get the first move. Agahnim was powerful; this they knew, but they also knew he was not beyond death, and could still be slain.
“Heh heh heh…hello Triforce Team…..we meet again….trust me…I will not be as forgiving as I was the last time we battled, no…this time…you will all pay…” Agahnim warned loudly.
“I don’t even wanna hear it, Agahnim,” Link yelled out at the wizard.
“Oh…then let us waste no more time with words,” Agahnim proclaimed happily. He raised his hands and shot a bolt of lightning at Link. The Hylian pulled out his Mirror shield, blocking the magic with haste. The force of the mighty attack took its toll at last, and Link’s Mirror shield cracked into several pieces, useless. He threw it to the side and ran at Agahnim with his blade drawn. He slashed at the wizard, and his body was instantly hit with an incredible pain. Agahnim had cast a protection spell on himself.
Agahnim blasted a large magical sphere at Jet, and he batted it back with his Royal Family’s blade. Agahnim caught the attack and charged it with electricity, the blasted it back at Jet, sending him off of the spire of rock. In this moment, everyone’s hope was gone. Agahnim had just knocked the king of Hyrule into a chasm of nothingness. Zelda attacked now, running at the wizard with her daggers, charging her Mystic Light into the blades, stabbing at Agahnim. It had little effect, and the wizard smacked the queen to the side. She fell to the ground hard, rolling to the side and standing quickly, ready to attack Agahnim once more.
“Ugh!!! I can’t believe you!!! Don’t you dare think you can kill my husband and live!!! Mystic Light!!!!” Zelda screamed, blasting the mystic power at the wizard with full force. He was hit hard, and almost knocked over the edge. He regained his footing, shooting a sphere of magic at Twindora. The Zedusrian blocked easily, sending the sphere into the sky.
“Twindora…Zedusrian warrior…I know you despise the kingdom of Hyrule…you hate Harkinarian for what he did….join me…and we can destroy Hyrule…one citizen at a time…with our powers combined, no one would question our authority…” Agahnim spoke to Twindora telepathically.
“…shut up,” Twindora responded to the wizard’s offer. He reached into a small pouch hooked to his belt and threw a powder at Aganim. It burned away at his hands, and in a matter of seconds, the skin was gone from them. He cried out in agony and blasted a bolt of lightning at the Zedusrian. Twindora blocked with ease, then put his hands into a circular formation. He spoke, “Temple Link Blast!!!!” and the golden light hit Agahnim in the chest, sending him over the edge of the spire.
“Aaah….no….I shall cast my last curse on you then….if you do not wish to join me…I take all comfort away from you…!!!” Agahnim yelled as he flew over the edge. A magical aura flew over Twindora, and in a moment, the armor on his upper thigh cracked and crumbled into pieces on the stone ground.
“…Let’s go…we won the fight…but…we lost horribly in other ways…we lost our king…our leader….my husband,” Zelda said painfully.
“….n-no you didn’t!!!!” a voice called out from below the spire. Zelda got on her knees and slowly looked over the edge. There, hanging on with one hand, was Jet. He was bleeding from the wound Agahnim had given him, and Zelda had no idea if he could hold on much longer.
“Jet!!! You’re alive!!! Can you get up?!” Zelda asked.
“Hold on,” Jet instructed. He looked down at the black chasm below him. He then slowly let go of the edge. For a moment Zelda was in disbelief, then relief filled her weary body. Jet had flown back up.
“Thank the goddesses….you’re alive,” Zelda said, embracing Jet tightly.
“Yeah…let’s go,” Jet said, turning for the village.

“Ugh….I couldn’t get him on my side! As if that wasn’t enough I almost died!!! Thank the goddesses I had that warp spell handy…oh well….he who fights….and runs away….lives to conquer…on another day…..haha….” Agahnim said to himself. He was back in Mount Tamarach, in his prison. He was slowly growing to like the area, but his anger for the Triforce Team took all joy away, and his anger for Ganon fueled his lust for revenge even more.
The Evil Creation by BOEG
Chapter Six: The Evil Creation

The night was young. The silver moon had just barely risen into the dark blue sky, and the sound of crickets in the bushes and tall grass was loud as the Triforce Team slowly approached Jet’s house. The sound of armor and weaponry rubbing against fabric was very unnatural in Earth, but it was something Jet had gotten used to. Magic and different planets, evil lords and demonic creatures, all of these were things Jet would have labeled as fairytales less than a year ago, but much had changed since then.
He himself was married to a Hylian woman, he himself was part saiya-jin, he himself was the king of another realm. There were times when he sat alone and wondered about what fate had befallen Kari, where she was at the moment and what she had done with her life when she left him, but they were fleeting thoughts, as he knew his life dwelled apart from hers, and that his true happiness was with Zelda. At the moment he was in too much pain to think about much of anything, except maybe how good sleeping in his own bed with his wife by his side would feel.
He was bleeding from yet another wound, and it seemed as though they were gaining up on him, and he was given no time to heal. Just as one started to form into a scab or scar, another larger one was delivered in its absence. The pain annoyed Jet to a point he almost couldn’t stand it, but he knew it was a passing thing, and if he was to be strong, he would have to continue moving in the face of things like pain and danger. Danger had never gotten to Jet, but pain was one thing he didn’t tolerate well.
He walked up the old stairs of his front porch and slowly turned the knob of his front door, opening it and entering his familiar and much missed living room. Several of the team members sat down on the couch or the floor, exhausted, and too tired to make it into the beds stored in the training unit. Others stood, and a few entered the kitchen for something to eat. Earth food was something that most on the team never had before, but they were quickly growing to like it.
“What are you going to do now, Jet?” Kazuya asked groggily.
“I’m gonna sleep…” Jet answered.
“I’ll follow him too…that battle took a lot of my strength,” Zelda stated, following her husband up the stairs.
“Why are they doing this? It makes no sense…Agahnim had never acted apart from Ganon…they’re a team…they never attack individually,” Link questioned to no one in particular.
“Suppose…they aren’t such an indestructible partnership anymore,” Twindora said, back facing Link.
“What does that mean?” Link asked.
“…just what the words spoke…no deeper meaning,” Twindora answered.
“No…you know something don’t you?” Link asked.
“Twindora…if there is something you know it would be valuable to the team to learn it,” Samus called out from the kitchen, overhearing the conversation.
“…on that spire…when we were fighting Agahnim, he spoke to me, but no words came out of his lips. It was a form of telepathy…and I had no idea he had that kind of power, but that is aside from the point,” Twindora began.
“Twindora…what did he tell you?” Link pressed.
“He told me to join him, and that together, we could overthrow everyone in Hyrule, Jet…..and Ganon,” Twindora answered.
“So he isn’t with Ganon anymore?” Link asked.
“It doesn’t sound like it,” Kazuya answered.
“You didn’t tell him anything did you?” Link asked.
“I simply said no,” Twindora answered.
“…he could use the smallest piece of information against us in the largest of ways….he isn’t weak,” Link said.
“Not weak…but not immortal,” Twindora added.
“What did Agahnim do to you anyway?” Link asked.
“…it was a very odd spell…but I am fine,” Twindora spoke, just as the armor on his lower arms cracked to pieces and fell to the floor. He picked them up quickly and began to walk off.
“Twindora…you okay?” Link asked.
“….yes,” Twindora answered, hurrying up the stairs.

“There we go…” Jet said to himself slowly, tying a bandage tightly around his wound.
“…are you going to be okay?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah Zel, it was a tiny cut,” Jet answered.
“No…it was a large wound, that is also burned…are you sure you can hold out like this? Be honest…please…I need to know if this is all a large act,” Zelda questioned.
“Zel…it hurts to move a muscle…okay? It hurts for me to stand, it hurts for me to move…my whole body is like a living, breathing wound. But I’m not going to just…quit. We have way too much on our plate right now. With Ganon and Agahnim there’s no way I’m gonna be bed ridden. Nope…I’m fightin’ till I die,” Jet said.
“…okay…goodnight,” Zelda said, laying down. Jet followed slowly, holding Zelda tightly.

“Out of all the useless things that wizard has ever done, there has to be one thing I can use to my advantage! Spells, spells, spells, all the magic in the world, but isn’t there a single potion he has here that I can use!?” Ganon asked to dead air.
“Sir…perhaps you should ask him yourself,” a Stalfos suggested.
“Ugh! Silence!” Ganon yelled.
“Sorry, master,” the Stalfos apologized.
“Urgh…toad potion, sickness potion, aah….none of them are things I can use to win a kingdom! I cannot destroy Hyrule with an apple tree potion!!!” Ganon yelled.
“….Sir,” a Doomknocker began.
“Shut up insolent fool!” Ganon ordered.
“…yes, sir,” he silenced himself.
“Urgh! Curse the bastard! What’s this?! Love potions?! Aah to think he brought this garbage into my kingdom! Is there nothing I can use?!” Ganon asked.
“Sir there’s a-,” an Iron Knuckle was cut off.
“When I want to hear your voice I will ask you to speak!!!” Ganon yelled, pacing around the room, picking up potion bottles then becoming even more frustrated.
“…yes your highness,” the Iron Knuckle agreed.
“This is ludicrous!!! Age reversal spells?!” Ganon asked.
“Master,” the Stalfos began again.
“What is it?!” Ganon asked, enraged.
“You missed a potion sir. The Superbeast Serum,” the Stalfos answered, handing Ganon a bottle filled with a syrupy green liquid.
“Aah…this may do…fetch me a Wolfos…quickly,” Ganon ordered.
“Yes sir,” the Stalfos complied. It left the chamber quickly.
“I shall destroy you yet, foul Triforce Team,” Ganon said proudly.

“I just don’t get it,” Jet stated quietly.
“Get what?” Kenji asked him.
“All of this crap is just happening too fast…” Jet answered with a scowl.
“What crap?” Kenji questioned with a smile, amused at Jet’s terms.
“We have to deal with Ganon…and Agahnim…when I say we I mean my team…but I have all these wounds…and…I just don’t know how I’m gonna be able to help at all the way I am,” Jet answered.
“Oh…everything will end up as it’s supposed to,” Kenji assured him.
“How do you know?” Jet asked.
“…I just do. I mean, everything happens for a reason, that is a belief that you and I share. And although this small room is rather boring, I must say talking to you is kind of fun, even without the zombies,” Kenji said, grinning.
“Heh heh…that was a pretty close one,” Jet noted.
“Yes…was,” Kenji agreed.
“So…tell me about yourself,” Jet told him.
“What do you mean?” Kenji asked.
“Well…I mean…the Dreamshrine is a realm…so there are villages, and cities, and places like that right?” Jet asked.
“Yes,” Kenji answered.
“Well then…you must have a past, plans for your life, memories, family, you know…tell me about yourself,” Jet explained.
“Yes…well….I came from a small village…very near to the actual Dreamshrine…the temple area of the realm…near Koholint…and this village…was burned…long ago,” Kenji answered.
“Oh? How?” Jet asked.
“With fire,” Kenji answered.
“…I was being serious,” Jet told him, slightly annoyed.
“Fine. The Nightmares came through the Dreamshrine…leaving behind them a path of destruction…and terror…and death,” Kenji answered.
“The Nightmares?” Jet asked.
“They were the shadows, evil forms made primarily from beasts, shadows, other darkness…there were six shadows that made up the Nightmares…the Moldorm shadow, the Buzzblob shadow, The Lanmola shadow, Agahnim’s shadow, Ganon’s shadow, and….then there was the king of the Nightmares, …a shadow known as Dethl…his evil chaos spread the fires through my village…and then he left to try to conquer Koholint island with the other Nightmares…and was slain by Link,” Kenji explained.
“Oh….so you knew about Link before me?” Jet asked.
“He did what I could not…he saved the people he cared about from the Nightmares…he accomplished with ease…what I failed with misery…I did not know him…but I learned to hate him…with everything in my heart…for he was what I could never be; a savior… I will answer no more questions,” Kenji said.
“You tried to fight the Nightmares?” Jet asked.
“I will answer no more questions,” Kenji stated again.
“But they died?” Jet asked, seemingly ignoring Kenji.
He unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Jet’s throat, then spoke, “I will answer no more questions…now…go back to your world…bye for now,” Kenji told him. Jet closed his eyes, and the rather unsettling conversation was put to an end.

Four Stalfos in red armor dragged the ragged beast by heavy chains to the King of Evil’s throne. They were proud of themselves, proud that they were able to deliver what their master wanted, proud that they received such an easy task to complete.
“Hmm….good work. Now, inject the serum,” Ganon ordered.
“Yes master,” the Stalfos complied, carefully picking up a large needle full of the potion with his bony hand. The Wolfos thrashed about wildly in its chains, trying desperately to avoid the Stalfos that was approaching it. The Stalfos moved forward with haste, injecting the potion into the Wolfos arm quickly. It howled wildly, its loud cries of pain echoing through the mountain cavern.
It jerked wildly in its chains, then after several minutes it went limp, unconscious, or dead. Moments passed. The body twitched somewhat, then the serum began to work. The Wolfos’ eyes shot open, but they were not the normal yellow color; they were bloodshot and glowed with a strong emerald light. The minutes passed, and the King of Evil continued to watch the Wolfos change before his very eyes, growing from a normal beast, to a creature that would destroy all of Hyrule.
Its muscle grew; its arms and legs as wide around as small tree trunks. Its claws were sharper, and longer, and its mind was enhanced to a point that it could comprehend many things better than a Hylian. It stood on its hind legs, grey fur still covering its body, vicious intent in heart and mind.
“Armor him up…this will be the new super warrior of my army…Hell Hound…he will usher in the age ruled by the cult of darkness, by my army!” Ganon yelled at the nearby Stalfos. They quickly gathered armor for the beasts chest, knees, and shoulders, fearfully unlocking his chains.
“…..Ga….non,” Hell Hound spoke slowly.
“Yes, that is me, that is the name of your master. Now, go, kill the Triforce Team, but do not stop there, destroy every last town and village, conquer the land for me, so that all that stands in my way are the frail people, whom I will handle myself,” Ganon ordered.
“…..Okay,” Hell Hound agreed, turning slowly for the exit of the chamber. He gave Ganon one last look, nodded, then left. It had begun. Ganon was sure with the power of this beast he was unstoppable.

It was late, and all were awoken in Jet’s house by blaring red lights and the loud warning given off by the alarm. Something powerful was near Hyrule castle. The team armored up hastily, securing belts, strapping on clothes, sheathing weapons, all wondering what new terror could be right on the doorstep to their kingdom. Jet opened the warp portal and the team was soon on their way to Hyrule field, to the closed drawbridge. They saw before them the might of Ganon’s new creation, and with a growl he turned to face them.
“What are you?” Roy asked.
“….who,” Hell Hound spoke.
“Fine then….who are you?” Impa asked.
“He….ll……Hou….nd,” Hell Hound answered.
“He sure ain’t the sharpest in the tool shed,” Jet commented under his breath.
“What do you want with us?” Link asked.
“…you…death…you…to die….all of you,” Hell Hound answered.
“How about the other way around? You are not going to take a single step into that market,” Zelda stated calmly, stepping forward. Hell Hound spoke no more, dashing forward and punching in Zelda’s direction. She leaped to the side, throwing a Deku nut and disappearing. She appeared in the air above the Wolfos, landing on its back and planting her daggers deep into its body. She removed the blades just as the wounded creature reared back in pain, throwing Zelda to the ground.
It slammed its massive claws into the ground, sending a tremor through the area, knocking several off of their feet. Samus blasted the beast with her Ice beam, and Jet shot through the thick layer with his Tetraforce. The creature was burned and bleeding, and he did not accept pain well. It rushed forward, running toward Samus. She blasted the Wolfos in the body with several missiles, the explosions burning the Wolfos but not stopping him. He slammed his closed fist at Samus’ head, knocking her to the ground. She quickly formed into her morph ball, rolling to the side of the angered creature.
She positioned herself under his legs, releasing a Power bomb, then turning back to her normal state. The attack knocked the Wolfos off his feet, and at this, he clawed at Samus’ armored legs, knocking her down once more. He leapt onto her, the force of his weight nearly crushing Samus. She reached her gun arm toward his head, but the creature was swift, and knocked her arm to the ground once more. He raised his claw slowly, enjoying the feeling of power he had in this moment.
Samus was completely at the mercy of the beast, and whenever he wished it, her life would end. He raised his claw higher and brought it down. Samus closed her eyes tightly, readying herself for a pain that she had never felt before. That pain did not come. Hell Hound’s arm stopped mere inches from Samus’ body, a blade through his shoulder. He moved forward and ran into the shadows, gone for the moment, wounded, but far from dead.
Samus opened her eyes slowly to see who it was that had saved her from certain death. Twindora stood proudly, bloody Twin Diamond sword in hand. Samus removed her helmet and stood.
“I…um…I owed you one. It wouldn’t be….right without you….I mean, um, you’re part of the team…and we need you,” Twindora explained.
“Thank you,” Samus muttered, out of breath.
“You’re welcome,” Twindora responded, turning and walking slowly back into the warp portal they had all entered Hyrule field from.
A Higher Evil Reborn by BOEG
Chapter Seven: A Higher Evil Reborn

It couldn’t believe it. It had sat dormant for days now, replaying it in its mind. It had been the perfect set up. Him against a small group of people with next to no power. He was the most powerful being at that time, but he had been overthrown, and he still could not form a reason why in his mind. But it was done now, done thinking, done being angry, done regaining energy. Now it was ready to return and reclaim the world.
Out of the massive carcass of the dead Hell Lord Hell Modeus there came a new wound, one that was not given during the battle. A bleeding hole appeared in its neck, the blood spilling to the ground and making a loud splash as it had the grass of the field. An ebbing spirit emerged from the neck, a black mist with glowing red eyes.
It flew with speed, with purpose, it flew to a spot it had created itself; to the dark crevice in the middle of the field, to the depths of Hell. There it retained its original physical form once more, the short, stone skinned Hell Lord, Modeus had returned. It grinned.
“Servants! Demons!” Modeus called out. There was silence.
“Soldiers in the army of Hell!” Modeus called forth once more. No answer.
“Come forth my soldiers!!!” Modeus screamed loudly. No demon came to answer him. His army had turned from him in shame, awaiting one more worthy of the title Hell Lord. Then, out of the shadows came a tall figure, armored from head to toe in black, a red crystal in his left hand. He had a long flowing red cape, and wielded a large blade.
“The others are weak minded master, unable to see past their own clouded conceptions of a good leader. But I am different my lord. I remain faithful, while these rats huddle weakly together, trying to gain strength in numbers, when it is that very struggle that is dividing them,” the Dark Knight spoke.
“Ah…you…the Dark Knight of Hyrule. You were slain by the Hero of Time correct?” Modeus asked.
“Yes my lord,” the Dark Knight answered, falling to one knee in front of the demon.
“Rise…rise...would you like another chance at destroying him?” Modeus asked.
“Yes master,” the Dark Knight answered.
“You will be the general of my army. Do what I say, and you shall have opportunities to kill him. As many as you want. Go back to Hyrule, I grant you new life. Kill him if you can, for now you are free of order. I have things to attend to down here,” Modeus ordered.
“Thank you master!” the Dark Knight said in excitement. He slowly stood, then left the Hell Lord’s chamber, eager to return to Hyrule. He had another chance at stealing from his son what was taken from him; his life.

“So what are we doing?” Lord Deimos asked.
“Going to see if my planet is alright,” Twindora answered.
“What do you mean?” Ogre asked.
“It’s been awhile since I have been to Zedusria…I don’t know what condition the planet is in…that’s all,” Twindora answered, a crack running through his breastplate, yet another result of Agahnim’s spell.
“Let’s go…Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled out, opening the vortex into the new planet. The team stepped through hastily, some excited, others slightly confused. The vortex flew on for near to an hour, the land very distant from Earth. The portal shined from blue to red, the colors all blurring together into a shadowy black for several moments, then reverting to blue again. Warp portals were beautiful to behold, but very awkward to enter; one would lose their weight and gain an incredible feeling, amazing and terrifying at the same time. It was indeed an experience that was hard to describe with words.
They continued to float on through the tunnel of time and space, shifting colors and morphing shapes creating an amazing show. The portal curved several times, and on the last, a light appeared in the distance. That light was the end of the portal, that light was Zedusria. The Triforce Team flew out of the vortex quickly, and found themselves in a cool, dark forest, tall trees with gnarled roots all around them. There was a thin dirt path in front of them, and a similar path leading away to the right behind them.
“Well….you call it Twindora…where do we go?” Jet asked. There was no answer. He looked around, and after several minutes, the team realized Twindora was not with them, he had seemingly disappeared.
“Where is he?” Kazuya asked.
“You don’t think he left us here do you?” Zelda asked.
“Get lost then con someone into getting a free ride home? Sounds like the way to work to me,” Trunks commented.
“…no….I haven’t left you,” a voice called out from somewhere near to them in the forest.
“Twindora? If you’re there, come out of hiding….now,” Link ordered. From behind a tree came a figure, but it was not the armored form of Twindora. The one who stood before the team in this moment had a long blue cape wrapped around his neck, tunic and baggy pants of the same color. He had red gauntlets, three spikes emerging from the knuckles of each one, bandages wrapped tightly around his lower arms to his wrists. He wore brown boots, and had tall spiked black hair. There was a small metal crown about his forehead, a glowing red jewel in the center, and a dark look in his eyes. Sheathed at his side was a dagger, a satchel of powder, and the Twin Diamond sword.
“Who…are you?” Samus asked, stepping forward.
“I am not Twindora…that is the name I used when I entered the kingdom and became bodyguard of King Arbadeus. My real name is Shinota,” he answered slowly.
“Why did you feel the need to disguise yourself?” Zelda asked.
“…because. I am not proud of myself, of the way I grew up. I chose to be someone else, forgetting my memories and forsaking my name…I chose to do that, and still do…as often as I can,” Shinota answered.
“But you have a piece of the Triforce! You’re a knight! What do you need to hide from?” Jet asked anxiously.
“…you know the evils that can be contained with yourself Jet. You hold the evil Hell metal,” Shinota answered. Jet looked back at his Black Sunset, then nodded, understanding what the Zedusrian meant.
“Now…Shinota…can you please tell us why Hyrule and Zedusria are completely separated?” Link asked.
“It is not something you simply tell. It is not a story…for us Zedusrians…it is…a reality…one we are forced to live with every day, and go to sleep with every night…it is something that those of us who weren’t even alive during the time have learned to hate,” Shinota answered.
“That isn’t telling us anything…what could possibly be that bad?” the executioner asked.
“Many things…I…care not to speak of,” Shinota answered.
“Why not?” Zelda asked.
“…because….wait…wait! No! … I…choose….not to see the king after all…I cannot show my face in the kingdom…not now,” Shinota said, turning and walking back toward the warp portal.

A black steed rode through the open daylight, the Dark Knight the rider. It halted to a stop in front of the drawbridge of Hyrule castle, turning slowly to face a spinning blue vortex of light.
“These…these are the magical tools of transportation my son uses…I follow these…and I find him,” the Dark Knight said to himself. He galloped with haste into the warp portal.

“Why not?!” Jet asked.
“Because…I have my reasons…I will not go there,” Shinota answered.
“You took us all of the way out here…for nothing?” Goku asked.
“It was your choice to come,” Shinota noted. Out of the warp portal there came suddenly a horse with a black armored rider. The steed knocked Shinota to the ground, then rode a short distance away and turned. The rider slowly removed his helmet. His hair was long and blonde, down to his shoulders at least. His eyes were a fierce blue, and his ears were pointed. Below his left eye was a large scar with no skin covering it.
“No….” Link muttered in disbelief.
“The…the…D-d-,” Jet stammered.
“The Dark Knight,” Zelda finished for him, in nearly as much shock as he was.
“Hello son…oh…how I’ve missed you,” the Dark Knight said with a smile.
“…I…I…k-ki,” Link was cut off.
“Yes…you killed me….you killed your father….are you proud? I just thought I’d come to share the grand news of my return….heh heh…until we meet again…hero,” the Dark Knight said calmly, placing his helmet back about his head then riding off into the warp portal once more.
“…we need to go…now,” Link said, turning for the warp portal. The rest of the team slowly followed.
Reconstruction Halted by BOEG
Chapter Eight: Reconstruction Halted

Several days had passed. With the new trials facing the Triforce Team, much was happening, and Hyrule was in a time of change; mass change. In the midst of all of the problems and evils that had arisen, and the true identity of Twindora being revealed, there were also the massive changes being made to the land. Reconstruction was moving smoothly, and the raging fires were now gone, and the lake was filled to the brim with clear waters once more.
There was much yet to do, removing the Hell Lord’s body, filling in the crevice and replanting the grass and trees among the larger of tasks yet to be accomplished. Hyrule’s beauty had been robbed from it, but it was slowly returning, despite the efforts of many to stop it. Agahnim and Ganon were indeed a force to be reckoned with together, but separately, they were worse. Both had their individual skills, Agahnim with his cunning plans and Ganon with his brute power.
Link wasn’t in the soundest state of mind either. It had taken him weeks to get over killing his own father, and now the pain and guilt had come back with the revival of the Dark Knight. They had just barely escaped from the battle with Hell Hound without losing lives, and now there were four evils out to kill them and destroy Hyrule at any cost.
Jet hadn’t gained any wounds in the past few days, and some of his old strength had returned. He walked through Hyrule field now, overseeing the reconstruction with a smile, proud of his kingdom and the way the soldiers and villagers worked so tirelessly. Hyrule would be back to normal in several weeks, and then they could begin to remove the evil from it, once and for all.
Jet stood still in front of Hyrule castle’s gate for a moment, looking at the work the soldiers had done on the wall in front of Kakariko village. The wall was almost back to normal. It amazed Jet how fast and accurate these Hylian men and women were. A group of soldiers approached Jet, worried looks on their faces.
“Sir…there’s something you should see,” one of the soldiers said faintly to Jet, his face pale.
“Lead me to it,” Jet ordered, rather worried. The soldiers did so, and in this moment Jet knew what it was that worried them. A very long stream of blood ran from the large neck of Hell Modeus to the ground below. The wound Jet had not dealt to the Hell Lord.
“What does it mean your highness?” another soldier asked.
“Hmm….continue with the reconstruction as planned…as your king, the only thing I want you to do about this situation is keep the citizens from panicking, and keep an eye out on this body,” Jet ordered.
“Yes sir,” the head soldier nodded. He motioned to his crew and they left the grisly scene with haste. Jet looked at the body, bewildered. How could another wound be made to it? Hell Modeus was very powerful; one did not simply cut him, it took work and determination to make the smallest of wounds, but here, after the battle, there was a bleeding hole in the neck of a dead demon, and Jet could only guess what it meant. His train of thought was broken quite suddenly by a familiar yelling voice.
“Jet!!! Call the reconstruction team off!!! Tell them to take shelter!!!” Link yelled.
“Everyone! Get into the market, now!” Jet ordered. They did so quickly.
“He’s coming,” Link said between heavy breaths when he at last reached Jet.
“Who is?” Jet asked him.
“…my dad,” Link answered.
“The Dark Knight? What does he still want with us?” Jet asked.
“I want the Mystic circle,” the Dark Knight answered, appearing several feet in front of the two fighters.
“The Mystic circle?” Jet asked.
“Yes…it is all of the Mystic powers…combined. I wish to be the elemental lord, and you cannot stop me! Your frail body is all that is keeping me….from your magic…” the Dark Knight’s voice explained darkly.
“Frail body, eh? …mmm…k. so um…why dontcha try…to take it?” Jet asked, getting into a ready fighting stance.
“Very well,” the Dark Knight agreed, unsheathing his blade.

Bubbling acidic pools. An endless sea of sadness and despair. This was the level of the damned beneath the first layer of Hell. This was the very end of the universe. Here the tortured souls who committed the most horrible of crimes were constantly being burned alive by the acidic liquids floating around in the level. There was no shore here, no safe haven.
Ravenous Skullfish and Desbrekos swam through the acid, devouring lost souls when they could. But the suffering did not end there, no. there were the demons of liquid, of water, of acid. The demons that could take shape in anything as long as it was in liquid form. The Aqua demons. They played with these souls gleefully, enjoying the torment of the lost ones. Then there was the source of the massive ocean’s terror. A mighty ship of wood and metal, wood and metal that the acid could not touch or damage. The captain of this ship was a mighty demon in black robes known as the Drifter. Every day he took souls onto his ship and tortured them in unimaginable ways.
“You! Spirits! Lost souls! The damned! How would you like another opportunity at freedom?” Modeus asked loudly from the staircase of stone leading to the acidic pool. There were groans of pain and suffering, but many of them now had hints of hope in their tone.
“Very well…you will be my army…the army of the damned…now, rise! Lift your bodies from the acid and join me! The weak minded demons have failed me…ironic that God’s humans are aiding me, the Hell Lord…heh heh…somebody up there must like me,” Modeus laughed to himself. He had an army once more.

The Dark Knight charged forward, sword in hand. Jet and Link ran in different directions, avoiding the angered knight. Link unsheathed his Master sword and ran at his father, trying to cut the areas of his body where his armor was not linked. The Dark Knight knew well how to defend himself, and easily blocked each of the blows. The Dark Knight punched Link in the chest, the blow knocking him to the ground.
He suddenly held up his cape, expecting an attack. A dagger bounced off of his cape and fell to the ground. Shinota had arrived. All three of the warriors immediately were on the Dark Knight, blades cutting in all directions. Amazingly, the Dark Knight kept up with the three, not being wounded in the least. He charged a quick spin attack, then backed away from the three fighters.
“Mystic Fire Attack!” he yelled, his black armor momentarily shining red as the magic flew from his hands to Jet. He absorbed the magic with his Black Sunset, turning and accidentily launching it at the wall that just been reconstructed. The stone again crumbled to the floor; the wall would have to be rebuilt once more. It was upon closer examination that Link revealed what Jet had unearthed. In place of the wall there was a large cave leading down, much deeper into the rock than the wound that had originally been dealt to it.
“You guys,” Shinota tried to gain the attention of the other two.
“Yes?” Link questioned.
“He disappeared….” Shinota commented.
“The Dark Knight….just vanished…I don’t have a good feeling about this,” Jet said darkly.
“…we don’t have the time to worry about it,” Link said, eyeing the cave in the distance.
“Come on….let’s go check that place out then,” Shinota suggested.
“Fine with me,” Jet agreed. The three made their way across the bridge over the stream to the demolished rock wall. They knelt cautiously in front of the cave entrance, peeking in. there was little light below, and a very evident drop off, no way of walking down into it.
“There’s no way down there,” Link stated.
“Let me go down…I can fly…if there’s a drop, I’ll tell you guys,” Jet offered.
“Be careful then,” Shinota warned.
“Yeah,” Link agreed.
“I will,” Jet said, nodding. He turned slowly, sitting down on the grass and jumping into the dark of the cave. There were two or three seconds of silence, followed by a loud splash. Link and Shinota were assured by this sound, and followed behind Jet, fear gone from them. The cave they landed in indeed was filled with water, ice cold liquid up to the knees of the three fighters. There were a few stalactites hanging from the rather low roof of the cave, and the walls were painted in a haunting red color.
“Oh….my goddesses,” Link muttered to himself, turning in a full circle, examining the walls of the cave.
“What is it man?” Jet asked.
“This place…they mention it in the Book of Mudora. They describe it as a black shadow outlined with blood, filled to the brim with liquid. This place….” Link’s voice trailed off.
“What’s so significant about it?” Shinota asked.
“…this cave…it’s sorta like a fountain of raw energy. The Book of Mudora says whoever drinks from the water is given incredible strength…people have been looking for it forever…to think it was right in front of Kakariko village,” Link answered.
“Who’s gonna drink it though? I mean can we all?” Jet asked.
“…no. only one person every….ah somethin’ psycho like ten years…can drink from it,” Link answered.
“Then who should it be?” Jet asked.
“I vote Jet,” Shinota answered.
“Me too…you need it man,” Link agreed.
“Um…I don’t think I should-,” Jet was cut off.
“Two against one…the decision’s been made…drink it man,” Link instructed. After several moments Jet cupped his hands and carefully placed them in the water. He lifted his gloved hands out once more and moved them slowly toward his open mouth, and it was then that he was struck in the back. He spun quickly around, face to face with the Dark Knight.
“I have been waiting in here for one of you to try that…heh heh…but alas, I have already drank from the pool…looks like you’re out of look…such a tragedy…your highness,” the Dark Knight laughed out.
“We don’t need any kind of water to kill you…” Link said darkly, readying his sword and shield.
“We shall see,” the Dark Knight responded, unsheathing his sword. He swung at Link, the Hylian finding it difficult to dodge attacks in the small cave. He ducked, submerging his body in the water then running at the Dark Knight. His legs were knocked out from under him and he fell to the watery ground, rising after several moments. Jet unsheathed his sword after this, charging a small amount of Ki energy into the blade. He slashed at the knight, blows being blocked, others parried, both fighters at a disadvantage in the dark room.
Jet stabbed the Dark Knight in the shoulder then pressed his fingers tightly into the Hylian’s throat, trying to take the breath from his body. The knight punched Jet hard in the gut and he backed off. He retaliated with a punch which the Dark Knight blocked with haste, so much haste that the red crystal in his hand, the mystic fire core, flew out of his armor and into the dark cold waters below.
The Dark Knight noticed not, knocking Jet back into the cave wall and turning to face Shinota. The Zedusrian flung his powder at the Dark Knight, the attack doing nothing. He unsheathed his Twin Diamond sword at this, slashing at the knight, blow after blow countered yet again. The knight rammed his hilt into Shinota’s face, and in an instant, he was below the water’s surface.
Link ran forward now, shield in front of face, sword in front of shield. With an echoing yell the Hylian stabbed through the leg armor of the knight, and he stumbled back. Shinota resurfaced after this, a smile on his wet face. He held his hands out, then moved them in a peculiar fashion.
“Mystic Fire Attack!!!” Shinota yelled, the entire cave lighting up with the magical flames. They hit the Dark Knight with full force, sending him back against the cave wall, cracking it. He warped away with the last of his magic.
“We won the fight! Good goin’ Shinota!” Jet yelled proudly.
“…Yeah…when I was knocked underwater I just saw the core layin’ there so I picked it up and put it in my gauntlet…good call I guess,” Shinota spoke. Without warning, the crack the Dark Knight’s body had formed in the wall began crumbling, stalactites and debris falling into the water quickly.
“We gotta get out, now!” Link yelled.
“How?! The wall that we came in through caved in!” Jet yelled.
“Maybe we can make another exit?!” Shinota suggested, dodging a large rock.
“Yeah! Good idea!” Link said, pulling a bomb out of his bomb bag and lighting the fuse. He timed the throw perfectly, lobbing it at the wall and blowing it to pieces, open daylight in front of them; but out of reach.
“What do we do now?” Shinota asked.
“Hmm…that big stalactite near the cave…we could climb it…and I know the perfect way to get it down here,” Jet said with a smile. He unlatched his chakram and threw it with all of his might at the rock. It fell to the ground with a splash just as Jet reclaimed his weapon. The three climbed on top of it, realizing they still weren’t close enough.
“Umm…there has to be something…the bridge that leads across the stream!” Link yelled. All three of the warriors held onto each other as Link readied his Hookshot, launching the hook at the bridge. It stuck into the stone, and the three were pulled to safety just as the mighty cave of past ages collapsed into nothingness. It was over for the moment, but the Dark Knight was still alive, and now his hunger for the Mystic circle would be greater.
The Battle For the Mystic Circle by BOEG
Chapter Nine: The Battle For the Mystic Circle

“…so you actually stole it from him? As in he doesn’t have it anymore?” Yoshimitsu asked Shinota in regard to the Mystic Fire.
“I don’t think he has it anymore…I just stole that crystal…and I was filled with this knowledge…this power that I shouldn’t have understood…but I did,” Shinota answered.
“Either way we have the entire Mystic circle now…whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I dunno though,” Jet pointed out.
“…on one hand…we have more power than before,” the executioner said.
“Yes…but on the other…he will have more of a desire to claim it from us with force,” Ogre said darkly.
“We have to kill him…soon,” Zelda declared.
“Yeah…but the question is…where?” Link asked.
“…in Zedusria…on the mountain…it is the smallest place I can think of…I’m pretty sure he would find it difficult to swing that giant blade around with much ease in there,” Shinota suggested.
“….fine with me,” Goku said.
“…yeah…to the mountain it is,” Jet agreed, standing.
“Anytime you’re ready man,” Link nodded, patting his leader on the shoulder.
“Digi-Port Open!!!” Jet yelled, the light shining forth once more from the warp portal. The team entered the mountain of Zedusria with haste.

There was a very large black, skull shaped rock at the top of the mountain’s winding path, fires glowing fiercely in the eye sockets of the stone. Just as the team had hoped, the Dark Knight had taken the bait, and was awaiting them on the summit. His sword was in his hand, and his armor had been repaired, but his mind was filled with anger and hatred, and his actions would be swift and powerful. This was the battle; he was going to claim the Mystic circle, or take their lives trying.
He was nearly powerless now, and the second choice seemed more likely, but either way, he would make them suffer. They had stolen his prime source of power from him, the one thing that had given him an edge in his quest to destroy his son and reclaim the Mystic circle. He saw them make their way up the steep trail, weapons in hand, combat lingering on the edges of their minds.
“Give it up Dark Knight!” Jet yelled out.
“…I refuse it,” the Dark Knight responded, leaping off of a high ledge onto Jet and Shinota, knocking the fighters off of their feet. They each rolled to the opposite side then stood, attacking the Dark Knight with their blades. He blocked easily yet again, punching the Zedusrian in the face and hitting Jet in the chest.
“…I’m really growin’ to dislike him,” Shinota grunted out.
“Join the club pal,” Jet responded, Black Sunset in hand. He twirled the blade around his head and brought it down upon the knight, cutting his shoulder. He clutched his body in pain and kicked Jet into a nearby wall, dislodging several small stones from the mountain.
“Ugh…Mystic Ice attack!” Kafei yelled, blasting his chilling magic at the knight. It hit him in the chest, forcing him back. He tried forcing the magic back at Kafei with his sword, the blade doing nothing in his defense.
“Mystic Lightning attack!” Link yelled, following Kafei’s lead. The skies darkened as Link harnessed the forces of nature, electricity flowing through his hands at an incredible rate, blasting out in the force of a magically charged beam at the knight.
“Mystic…Sand attack!” Jet yelled, pummeling the knight with more magic, the blinding sands obscuring his vision and distorting his thoughts.
“Mystic Fire attack!” Shinota called out after Jet, the Dark Knight’s greatest weapon becoming the instrument of his defeat.
“…Mystic…Light…Attack!!!!!!” Zelda screamed, her voice echoing over the hills and valleys of the tall mountain. The beam of light shot from her hands, mixing in with the rest of the Mystic circle then parting the magic as it itself dispersed and slowly disappeared. When the magic faded, the Dark Knight’s form was gone, sent through a wall of sheer stone in the mountain.
“….you…do not…take…away…my magic…my power…my life!!! And hope…hope…to get away with it,” the Dark Knight called out, stepping out of the debris that used to resemble a wall of solid rock. His armor was cracked and ruined once more, the helmet about his head covered in dust and cracked from large rocks. His sword had been destroyed yet again, cracked in half. He stood now, nearly powerless except for his bare hands.
“..Shinota…remember what I taught you? That thing I was telling you about in my training unit?” Jet asked.
“…yes,” Shinota answered, doubt in his voice.
“…Try not to mess it up…we have one shot…only one…” Jet instructed.
“…Fu,” Shinota began.
“Sion,” Jet continued, his movements precise and exact in timing with Shinota’s.
“Ha!!!!” they both called out. Two beams of light shot down from the blue sky, blinding the team and the evil knight. The two lights shined together as one, and when the light was parted, there was one figure standing to face the Dark Knight, Jet and Shinota gone from the battlefield.
The man who stood to face the evil knight had tall black hair spiked high with blonde streaks running through it, his eyes white without pupils. He wore gloves with blades emerging from them, a fusion jacket about his muscular chest, baggy blue pants below them, standard saiya-jin boots on his feet.
“I…am Shinotet,” the saiya-jin called out.
“…try…kill me,” the Dark Knight taunted.
“….Hya!!! Spirit Ki!!!!” Shinotet yelled, charging a large orange Ki blast into his palms. He spun around, flying into the air and launching the attack at the Dark Knight. The ground around the warrior was destroyed, a large explosion made in wake of the attack. When at last the fires and light faded, the Dark Knight was no more, dead.
Time passed, and within a half hour, thirty mere Earth minutes, the fusion split, and Shinota and Jet were again two.
“Welcome to the family Shinota…you have saiya-jin blood now,” Jet told him, panting.
Part 2: A Shadow Returns by BOEG
Part II

Chapter One: A Shadow Returns

The red fire was made into a tiny flicker of light in comparison to the mighty blue lightning like aura that filled the mountain cave in this moment. There was a loud scream, deep and menacing, evil in sound and painful upon the ears. The blue light flashed stronger and stronger, and when at last it faded, and the mountain cave was again shadowy, with a red flame lighting it gently, there was not a mortal god sitting on a black throne; there was a demon standing tall, golden sword and trident in claws.
Ganon was once more in his true form, the form that the Triforce of Power morphed him into; the true image of his heart. There in his mountain chamber he called forth four spirits whom had not been summoned for some time; the dark forms of the Triforce bearers. Dark Jet, Dark Zelda, Dark Shinota and finally the leader, Dark Link. They were defeated before, but there power was stronger now, and the shadow they wielded had more force as the experiences the team went through became worse, it was a more potent tool than before.
“So…we are tasked to do what we could not before?” Dark Link questioned.
“You could do it…you were not defeated…if you were defeated then you would not still exist,” Ganon answered.
“So….we still try to depress them into a hole?” Dark Shinota asked.
“Yes…” Ganon answered.
“Make them want to die?” Dark Zelda asked.
“And if that doesn’t work?” Dark Shinota asked.
“Then we do what we do best…tear them to shreds with our bare hands,” Dark Jet answered, cracking his fingers.
“…Yes,” Ganon uttered again. The dark entities left the throne room of the King of Evil with haste.

“So…you’re a saiya-jin now?” Samus asked, sitting down Indian style on the metal floor of the training unit.
“Yeah…” Shinota answered.
“Does it feel different?” Samus asked.
“No…” Shinota answered slowly.
“Oh…ummm….can I tell you something?” Samus asked.
“Sure Samus…what?” Shinota asked.
“Well…I know this really has nothing to do with what we were talking about…but…thank you so much for saving me,” Samus said quietly.
“Samus…we already talked about this…I don’t want you to keep thanking me for it,” Shinota complained.
“Yeah…I know…but…have you ever seen someone…and you just looked into their eyes…real suddenly, so they don’t notice, but you look into them nonetheless…and…the look that you give you back makes you feel….like…you’re special? Like that look was meant for you?” Samus asked.
“…yes…very recently,” Shinota answered.
“Oh…… too,” Samus said, her voice low with sorrow.
“Yeah…” Shinota said quietly.
“Can I ask you just one more thing then?” Samus questioned.
“You technically are…but…go ahead,” Shinota agreed.
“Who is it?” Samus asked.
“What?” Shinota questioned back, confused.
“Who was it that you looked in the eyes?” Samus asked.
“umm…wow…this is really hard to say,” Shinota said, sweating slightly.
“…you won’t hurt me,” Samus assured him.
“…Umm…no…the one I was looking at…was….you,” Shinota answered.
“Y-you…were?” Samus asked, awestruck.
“Yeah…” Shinota said sheepishly.
“…well…umm….you and me…tonight…let’s go have dinner together,” Samus suggested.
“…Okay,” Shinota agreed.
“Great! See you tonight!” Samus said happily, running up the stairs of the training unit exit.
“What have I done? I can’t act right with women…I’ve only ever been with my mother…and I was just a baby when she died…ugh,” Shinota said, feeling sick to his stomach.

When he was a small child blood had terrified him. He would cry at the smallest of cuts, the sight and the color frightening him because he knew it was wrong. He knew he was not supposed to bleed, that the blood was not supposed to be outside of his body. The pain had never gotten to him, but the fear of what was wrong occurring had scared him nearly to death.
Blood was something he was all too used to now. His own blood, others blood, demon blood, he knew all about it. If asked, he could explain the taste of blood in great detail, the way it feels when it is running down nearly all of your body, and the way you want to be sick when you’ve been around too much of it.
Jet’s wounds were healing yes; but he still had several bad habits, picking at scabs being one of them. He had suffered many, many infections lately because of this, and he seemed to bleed almost everyday because of it. He was less than pleased with his physical appearance since the battle, the wounds covering most of his body.
On this day he chose to sit in one of his favorite spots and think to himself about the situations he and his team had been forced to go through as of late. He sat on an old log in a hidden path deep in Viridian forest. No one ever came to this spot, but Jet had discovered it a very long time ago, possibly one of the nights he spent alone after his parents died; he couldn’t remember.
“Do you always just leave without warning like that?” Zelda asked, appearing behind him and slowly sitting to his right. She was wearing a sweater and blue jeans, her long hair down behind her back as usual. Seeing Zelda in Earth clothes wasn’t something Jet was used to, but he had to admit she would make a beautiful Earthling.
“How did you find me?” Jet asked.
“I’m your wife…it’s my job to know everything about you,” Zelda answered with a smile, hiding any real information.
“Heh…keep your secrets then,” Jet said with a smirk.
“I think I will your highness,” Zelda teased.
“You always know how to make me laugh…” Jet said slowly, as if he was deep in thought.
“What’s wrong?” Zelda asked.
“A lot’s changin’ Zel…I dunno if I can keep up with it all,” Jet answered quietly.
“What do you mean?” Zelda asked, worried.
“I mean…Zel…I’m from Earth. I used to sit at my house on my butt, wearin’ a t-shirt and listenin’ to Deftones on my CD player on Saturday mornings…I mean…I went from that…to a king. There are thousands of people depending on me…and I’m not this grand warrior….I’ve been fightin’ with a sword for less than a year…I’m not powerful at all…they need someone like Link…or Shinota…someone who can actually protect them,” Jet explained.
“This is more my fault than yours…I chose you…I never really asked you if you were ready for this royalty...” Zelda’s voice trailed off.
“Zel…I’m the one who asked you to marry me…I guess I just forgot who you were…and who I was…and how they don’t mix…” Jet said slowly.
“What are you saying? You don’t want to get a divorce do you?” Zelda asked, fear in her eyes.
“Never! I just meant…I’m not fit to be a king,” Jet said.
“Jet…” Zelda said quietly.
“Jonphor was right back then…I’m not on your level…they can’t rely on me,” Jet said darkly.
“Listen to me! Daddy was proud to have you as a prince! He knew you would grow into a fine king one day…you killed Hell Modeus…you defeated the Aku-Mari…you have never let anything evil pass that drawbridge…and that is the only thing our people really need,” Zelda assured him.
“Honey….I love you,” Jet said, slight grin upon his face.
“I love you too….so much…no matter what kind of warrior or king you are…you will always be my love…and that is one thing you cannot fail at,” Zelda assured him, kissing him slowly. He held onto his wife tightly, slowly pulling away from the kiss. “Did I do something wrong?” Zelda asked.
“No…I just wanted to say…thanks,” Jet answered, pulling her closer. He slowly pushed her down to the ground, lying atop her body. They continued the passionate kiss, tongues lashing at each other, lips locked tightly, eyes shut in bliss. Jet gently caressed his wife’s cheek, his tongue retreating as he kissed Zelda with more force. She moved her hands under his shirt, feeling his muscular back. They continued to move their lips quicker, eager to get at each other more and more, the kiss somewhat like a competition in this way. Jet forced his tongue back into Zelda’s mouth, moving it around with quickened pace, Zelda barely able to keep up. He continued this method, eager to get some response from his wife. She held tightly onto his back as he continued to quicken the kiss, his mind finally eased of his dark thoughts. Zelda slowly moved away from the kiss, out of breath. She sat up slowly, and Jet followed.
“Something wrong?” Jet asked with a smile.
“No…I just wanted to say….thanks,” Zelda said with a smile, mocking Jet.
“Heh heh….let’s go,” Jet suggested.
“Yes…we really need to stop meeting in forests,” Zelda teased.
“…no we don’t,” Jet said with a smirk.
“Let’s go,” Zelda said, laughing. The two slowly left the hidden trail to return to their house.

Shinota had sat in the training unit for close to two hours now, worry and doubt filling his heart. He couldn’t handle a date, not with the woman who was slowly consuming his every thought. He knew he would mess something up, he knew she would end up hating him, and he knew he would never forgive himself. It was almost as if there was a voice inside of his head telling him everything that would happen, a voice which he trusted.
“That’s it…I know what I have to do…I have to break my date with Samus…there’s no way someone that wonderful could ever have something with me….I can’t even be truthful to my team…they know there’s more to Zedusria and Hyrule than I’ve told them…ugh,” Shinota said darkly, angered at himself. He slowly lay down on the cold metal of the training unit floor, doubt and shadow covering his every thought.

“…You can’t give him what he wants,” a voice that sounded like her own echoed through Zelda’s ears.
“What?” Zelda questioned to the dead air of Jet’s room.
“You cannot give your husband what he truly wants…he is weak…you know that,” the voice answered.
“What does that have to do with anything?” Zelda questioned.
“Everything…do you not see it? Everything he has told you about being a king, and everything about his care for the team is a lie…he holds on to his life because he cares for you…you are keeping him here…against his will,” the voice called again.
“No…I can’t be,” Zelda argued, sadness in her heart.
“Even at that you are not being honest to him…” the voice continued.
“What?” Zelda said, worry in her voice.
“Don’t you think he would like to know what you are hiding from him? Don’t you think the idea of a secret between you would tear both of you apart?” the voice asked.
“I can’t tell him yet…I’m…I’m just not ready,” Zelda said, sitting on her bed, hands covering her face while the voice inside of her head kept speaking evils to her.

“Twice…” a voice called out.
“What? Who’s there?” Link asked, unsheathing his sword and readying his shield.
“Just yourself…” it answered.
“Twice what?” Link asked.
“Twice now that you killed your own father,” it answered.
“I had to,” Link tried to reassure himself.
“Bullshit. Don’t you see it? He wanted to come back into your life. That’s the reason he returned…the Mystic circle simply caught his attention…but no…you could not aid him…only silence him,” the voice said.
“…Does he forgive me?” Link asked.
“…he is hurt far more than you could ever imagine…he thinks that his own son hates him,” the voice answered.
“…father,” Link said quietly, choking back tears.

“The wounds given to Hyrule are your fault…o’ mighty king,” a voice called to Jet.
“How so?” Jet asked.
“…you are the king…it is your job to make sure that things such as that don’t happen…great job at leading your people,” the voice answered.
“Heh heh…you do know it’s Friday the 13th right? Try to come on less of an ironic day,” Jet laughed. He turned suddenly and lunched his chakram at the wall behind him. A shadowy figure appeared in this moment, the figure that Jet had expected to see; Dark Jet.
“Ugh…why do you always make things more difficult than they have to be? You could have just killed yourself like I had planned,” Dark Jet complained with a sigh.
“Sorry I’m makin’ you engage in a battle you dun think ya can win,” Jet said with a smirk. He stood tall, electricity surrounding his body. His muscles slowly grew, and a shining golden light surrounded his body. When at last the light faded, Jet had changed completely; a new level of Super Saiya-jin, one that Goku had not yet achieved. His hair was the same as usual, as were his white eyes. His nipples were pierced and he wore no shirt. Spikes emerged from his shoulders, elbows, hands, and knees. A black plate of armor was over his left shoulder, and in place of a left arm there was a rotating blade. A tail emerged from the back of his baggy blue pants. He was a super saiya-jin seven.
“Real nice trick…wanna see something even more impressive?” Dark Jet asked. A black light surrounded his body, and when it faded, he was an exact copy of Gotet in his first form, except for the shadow all about him. His eyes were black, as was the metal of his glove mounted blades.
“There’s no way you can defeat me as you are,” Gotet warned.
“We’ll see,” Dark Jet called back. The two ran at each other, Dark Jet launching punched at Gotet’s chest while Gotet sliced at Dark Jet with his massive blade. Both were cut and wounded in this endeavor, but neither defeated. Gotet in this moment, tired of the fight and the possibility of his other team members getting hurt, pulled his secret weapon.
“Kame….Hame…Ha!!!!” he yelled, the beam sending Dark Jet very far back.
“Tetraforce Power!!!” he finished, blasting Dark Jet with the golden light. He did not come back. Gotet powered down slowly. Jet stood. He had to find the rest of the team.

“Why can’t you just tell him the truth? Do you enjoy hurting him? He knows that something is wrong…he is not stupid…he can tell you have your secrets…and one day he will find out about it…and you’ll lose him,” Dark Zelda taunted.
“Shut up…I can never lose him…I know that…and I know who you are…leave…now,” Zelda ordered. The voice haunted her no more. She lay down slowly, exhausted.

“…I don’t know who you are…or what you want with me or anyone else…but please…go away…I don’t believe any of what you’re saying…I …love…Samus…and we will go on that date tonight,” Shinota called out.
“As you wish,” Dark Shinota called out, his shadow gone.
“Wow…I have to get ready…look at what time it is,” Shinota mused to himself, standing.

“Please…go away…” Link pleaded.
“Never,” Dark Link disagreed.
“…leave,” Link ordered pitifully.
“Remember what we used to have together?”
“You took control of me,”
“And it was the most purpose that frail body has ever seen,”
“No…it isn’t…aiding the team is,”
“You label yourself as a hero…but…you have none of the traits a hero has,”
“Entertain me…tell me what you know…about being a hero,”
“Ugh…this isn’t over,” Dark Link yelled, disappearing from Link’s thoughts.

It was a grand restaurant, one of the best in Viridian city. Samus and Shinota liked Earth food, and this was the most of it they had ever eaten, and without a doubt the finest quality. The lighting given off from the ceiling mounted bulbs was comforting and gave the large restaurant a cozy feel to it. The tables were round and made of shining glass, and the chairs were of a soft red fabric.
The middle of the table had candles and colored leaves decorating it, and there were several empty glasses and plates on it, not a scrap leftover from the meal the two had just shared. Shinota sat across from Samus, looking into her eyes again.
“You know…I was getting really worried about tonight,” Shinota admitted.
“Because it’s Friday the 13th?” Samus questioned.
“Nah…I don’t even know about Earth holidays…aside from Christmas,” Shinota answered.
“Hehe…Friday the 13th isn’t exactly a holiday Shinota,” Samus said, laughing.
“Oh…well…um…ya see…I have no experience with women whatsoever,” Shinota continued, shrugging off his ignorance toward Earth customs.
“Well you’ve been a perfect gentleman tonight,” Samus complimented with a warm smile.
“I have? …I mean…thanks. I really didn’t want to ruin tonight…because…all of those times I saved you…it wasn’t because I felt like I had to because you were a member of the team…it was because I knew you were the one…it’s almost like I’ve seen you in my dreams before…like the face I just recently met has been stored away in my memory since I was a small child…I…love you Samus,” Shinota said slowly.
“I love you too….I had no idea how you would receive it…so I just kept my mouth shut about it,” Samus said.
“Let’s get out of here…we have a lot to talk about,” Shinota suggested.
“Good idea…I’ll pay,” Samus said, laying the money on the table. The two stood, then left, arms around each other.
The Conflicts of the Two Kingdoms by BOEG

Chapter Two: The Conflicts of the Two Kingdoms

Why am I always running in my dreams? Is it something I am afraid of? What would I be afraid of?

Maybe it is the fact that you are not being truthful to him?

No; it isn’t that. Of this I am sure…I have always been running in my dreams…you would know about as well as me…hmm…I wonder sometimes…am I crazy? I mean…talking to myself like this…is it normal?

You aren’t crazy…everyone does this…whether they care to admit it or not…but why is it that you refuse to tell him the truth? Is it not something that you feel he needs to know?

I’m afraid he’ll-

He will stop loving you…is that what you were going to say?

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t

I know

It is just…so hard…to say something you want to say…when you-

When you know not how the other person will react

Exactly. I have been with him all of this time…I don’t know how I will cope if I cannot continue to do so

When you look into his eyes what do you see?

Beauty…pure…natural…beauty…something that I cannot begin to describe…something that I don’t even want to describe for fear of tainting or disrespecting what it is I truly see when I look into those blue, caring, eyes…

Does he ever speak of his future?


Does he speak of you in it?

No…not exactly

Which proves my thoughts


He is afraid also…he won’t tell you his most personal dreams in fear that you will not want to be a part of them…

Exactly the same as I feel for him…

Your fears are not as different as you would have yourself think


Tell him

I’ll try


You will, or you won’t…secrets are the most potent weapon…guaranteed to kill a relationship without fail

…I will

“Honey….honey wake up,” Zelda said, nudging her husband gently. He groaned, gripping the crimson bed sheets of the castle bedroom and turning over. Zelda continued to nudge him, applying more force each time. He eventually gave in, and with a sigh and a loud moan of displeasure, he sat up.
“Yeah Zel?” he asked groggily, rubbing his eyes.
“We need to talk,” Zelda declared.
“Why can’t we ever need to talk in the morning…or better yet, in the afternoon?” Jet asked sarcastically.
“I’m sorry. Umm…can I ask you something?” Zelda questioned.
“…Sure,” Jet agreed, half awake.
“What are your plans for the future? Your honest, deep, real plans?” Zelda asked.
“…sometimes…honey…I start thinkin’ about real weird stuff. About quitin’, or just givin’ it all up…ya know, leaving Hyrule, stepping down from the throne…I think about how different it would all be if I never met any of you…but my honest plans for the future…are to be with you…no matter what,” Jet stated with confidence in his voice.
“I…haven’t told you the truth Jet,” Zelda said darkly.
“What do you mean?” Jet asked.
“I’m…afraid of how you’ll react to this….” Zelda began.
“Please…tell me what you’re hiding,” Jet said, wide awake now.
“I’m….pregnant,” Zelda answered.
“Zelda…” Jet said slowly.
“…if you want me to leave for not telling you…I’ll understand,” Zelda said pitifully. He said no words, shaking his head and walking out of the Royal bedroom. Zelda slowly put her head back on the soft pillow and gently cried herself to sleep.

The loud crow of the cucco rang loud and clear the next morning. Sunlight flittered in through the open window, the curtains drawn aside. The light made gentle shapes and shadows on the stone floor, and for one slowly drifting out of sleep, it was a pleasant sight. Zelda gripped the crimson sheets tightly and turned over, then was overjoyed at the sound of her husband grunting.
“Jet?!” Zelda asked, hope in her voice.
“Yeah?” he answered.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you,” Zelda stated.
“And I’m sorry I just walked off like that…especially considering I had the nerve to just crawl right back into bed. I just didn’t know how to handle that…I’m definitely not ready to be a father…” Jet uttered helplessly.
“Well it isn’t going to happen overnight you know,” Zelda teased.
“Yeah…but…it’s just hard,” Jet said with a scowl.
“I’m going to need support to you know,” Zelda reminded him.
“Yeah…and I’m gonna be the one to give it to you…I swear,” Jet assured her.
“Thank you,” Zelda said, holding Jet tightly. There they sat for several moments, absorbed by each other. It would be a difficult time indeed, but it was a time they would both face together, and together they would overcome any challenge. They were in love; and in love they would stay.

The sun did not make the conditions better. They made them far worse. The smell of the stable in Lon Lon Ranch was horrible, and with the heat, it was only made worse. The cows and horses could work together to form quite a scent, and it was one that Link did not enjoy, to say the very least. He had offered to help Malon very early each morning at the ranch, unless of course something came up, and this was one of the days in which something hadn’t come up, and he was forced to work in the horribly musty stable.
“This is certainly different than what I normally do,” Link said, planting his shovel in the ground next to a pile of hay.
“Yeah…guess so…I’m sorry for dragging you out here,” Malon said, eyes focused on the ground.
“It’s really good actually, gives me a chance to…ya know…work out a bit…if you’re a hero you gotta keep strong,” Link said with a smile, kissing Malon on the lips.
“You know how to make me laugh no matter what don’t you?” Malon asked with a grin.
“Guess I do,” Link said, tickling her. She giggled and jerked away, face red.
“You know I don’t like that,” Malon said, laughing.
“Heh…but I do,” Link said, feigning a sad look.
“Awww….we can’t have you be sad now can we?” Malon asked, playing along. She lifted his face up gently with her hand and kissed him slowly on the lips. He moved his arms to her back and closed his eyes. After several moments the two parted lips.
“Wow…umm….thanks…I love you,” Link said with a grin.
“Yeah…you would say that after I kiss you…hee hee…I love you too,” Malon said, returning his smile.
“We better get to work, huh?” Link asked.
“Yeah…we better,” Malon said, laughing. Link slowly picked up his shovel, still smiling.

“One…two…three….now!” Jet yelled. Shinota obeyed, delivering ten punches then blasting Jet with Ki energy. He easily dodged all ten, catching the Ki blast in his hand. He closed his fist tightly, suffocating the energy.
“Was that good?” Shinota asked. He was dressed in the orange training tunic that Goku had used during his training with Master Roshi so many years ago.
“It was better…you’re getting pretty good at fightin’ with me…but remember…that’s with me…and I’m not tryin’ to kill you,” Jet warned.
“Yeah,” Shinota said, panting.
“Your energy count is good…and you’ve gone super saiya-jin once. So…you should be pretty good to go for awhile…we just need to keep trainin’ like this,” Jet said.
“Yeah…hey! We need to get changed…quick. I told King Arrbadeaus we would speak with him today,” Shinota reminded Jet.
“Yeah…let’s do it…all of us?” Jet asked.
“No…only me, you and Link,” Shinota answered.
“Okay…we’ll pick him up at the ranch on the way to Zedusria,” Jet said, heading for the stairs.
“Right,” Shinota agreed, following him.

The inner city of Zedusria was grand, incredible to look upon, except something was horribly wrong with it. Surrounding the entire city there was a white wall of stone, rising hundreds of feet into the air, a sight to behold. The sun shone brightly on the circular wall, bathing it in light and glory, but there was something irrevocably dark about it. Rough around the edges one could say. Parts of the wall were cracked, and it looked as though no one had worked on fixing it in many a long year.
The three had not even made it into the city and already Link and Jet were in awe. Never before had they seen such grand splendor as the caliber of beauty that dwelled in the city’s gate. There were two very large stone doors, attached to the main wall by thousands of chains. Whenever one requested to enter, many men pulled the chains, opening the gate, then worked tirelessly again to close it.
“This is incredible…so this is the main city?” Link asked.
“There’s nothing incredible about it,” Shinota said angrily, not even answering Link.
“Umm…what’s the big deal? Do you not like the city or somethin’?” Jet asked.
“Not like it? Not like it?! I hate it!!!” Shinota yelled loudly.
“Why?” Link asked.
“It represents everything!!!” Shinota screamed.
“What the hell do you mean it represents everything? It’s a damn city!” Jet yelled back.
“Shinota…what’s wrong? You’re fine one minute, then you just go crazy on us,” Link commented.
“My problem is that you’re Hylian!” Shinota yelled.
“Excuse me!” Link yelled back sarcastically.
“Look Shinota, just tell us what the big deal is between Hyrule and Zedusria…please,” Jet said calmly.
“That;s the very thing that makes me hopping mad!!! Harkinarian should have told you Jet! He should have told you before you became prince! He should have remembered, because my people can never forget!” Shinota yelled.
“What are you talking about?” Link asked.
“Don’t try to tell me for a moment you don’t know,” Shinota warned Link, shaking his fist in anger.
“What do you mean?” Link asked.
“Look in that little history book of yours…under “Unity War”…maybe that’ll give ya a clue,” Shinota suggested angrily.
“I have…hundreds of times…it’s one of my favorite stories…they don’t mention Zedusria at all,” Link stated.
“Dammit! Even your books lie?!” Shinota asked.
“Guess so…can you just tell us what the hell is goin’ on?” Jet pleaded.
“…no,” Shinota answered stepping forward. He called out several phrases in Zedusrian and then yelling loudly. He stepped back slowly. There was a loud rumbling, and in several minutes the gates slowly began to open, thousands of men pulling the chains. Jet and Link were amazed at the appearance of the men. They were bald, very muscular but covered in lash marks, apparently fed well but beaten a lot. There skin was tanned greatly, and they obviously spent much time in the blazing sun. They did not pull the chains with their hands or feet, but rather by metal bonds around their ankles and wrists. They were dressed in tattered rags around their waists.
“What’s up with them?” Jet asked. Shinota turned and glared at Jet angrily, then continued walking. The city they entered was nothing compared to the gate, and Link and Jet were again awestruck. Behind the large wall and heavy gate there was a very poor looking village. Houses made of cheap wood with straw roofs, several made of weak clay, cracked and destroyed in areas.
Around the houses and strewn across the dirt streets were large pieces of debris, chunks of rock and fallen statues, smooth pillars and pieces of heavy stone, reminders of a life long gone. Atop a hill of dirt was a large castle, the stone walls cracked, spires fallen, no money to fix the castle or feed the villagers.
“Link…you’d be wise to leave your shield here…if the people see a Hylian shield it won’t be accepted to greatly,” Shinota suggested.
“Right,” Link agreed, confused. He placed his shield on the ground and walked forward with the other two. They headed slowly up the dirt hill and to the closed drawbridge. Shinota knocked heavily on the closed drawbridge. It opened, and several soldiers greeted Shinota.
“Sir…there’s been an accident…we need you and your friends to come to the throne room immediately,” the soldier said slowly.
“What is it? What’s wrong?!” Shinota asked in a worried tone.
“Please sir…no questions here,” the soldier pled, walking with haste toward the castle. Shinota followed, sorrow in his eyes, and Jet and Link walked quickly after him, confused. When at last they reached the throne room Shinota entered first, and there was a loud gasp, then the sound of sobbing. Jet and Link followed quickly.
Seated on the throne was King Arrbadeuas, bloody blade in hand, wound in chest.
“What happened?” Shinota sobbed out.
“We found this sir,” a soldier answered, handing him a scroll. He read slowly, and when he finished, he set the scroll aside, placing his head in his hands, sobbing quietly. Link picked up the scroll and read.
“Hmm…it says that he couldn’t keep up with the way things were going…that the kingdom falling was his fault…and he could no longer live with it…he killed himself,” Link said, handing the scroll to a soldier. He walked forward, examining the bloody blade and then the wound in the king’s chest. “This isn’t a suicide,” Link said quietly.
“How do you know?” Jet asked.
“The way the blood is smeared is wrong…he was killed…did he have any enemies, Shinota?” Link asked.
“….yes….I have to go,” Shinota said angrily, standing up. He left the throne room with haste.

It was a very regular day at Hyrule castle, maidens running around the softly lit hallways with haste, noblemen walking slowly together, speaking of who had slain the larger dragon, or who had rescued the more beautiful damsel. Impa was in the healing room, concocting new potions and curative oils, and Jonphor and a host of other soldiers were guarding the gate and other areas of the castle.
It was still relatively early, and normally Zelda would still be sound asleep, but on this bright morning, she found it difficult to rest. She had been tossing and turning, and finally she had just given up, getting out of bed and walking down the emptier of hallways in the castle. She was clad in a white gown and her wedding ring, her appearance very beautiful, but fleeting, as she moved with haste.
She turned the dark corners, putting out the candles where she could, enjoying the darkness for once. She traveled on through the castle, her soft footsteps the only sound. She was at peace for the moment, thoughts and worries gone, only one thing on her mind. She walked slowly, approaching the large doors of the library. She breathed in heavily, then exhaled slowly.
“This is it Zelda…you can only do this once, so try to make it meaningful,” she told herself. She took one more breath, then opened the doors and quickly stepped inside, closing them tightly behind her and latching the large lock. She looked around, taking in the incredible view of the hundreds of shelves of books, and the clean floor. There were ten tables at the front of the room, old wooden chairs on the sides and ends. At the other end of the room there was a small staircase with a railing of silver leading up to a large second level, filled with more books. There was a large crimson chair with faces and animals carved into the wooden frame overlooking the balcony, softly glowing candles behind it, obviously a place to conduct research.
Quite apparently the library had not been used since Jet had set foot in its halls on their wedding day. Just as he had said, there was broken glass in one if the aisles, his tuxedo folded next to it, a black book lying open on the ground. She let out a slight gasp of surprise, amazed that Jet had not been hallucinating on that day. The thoughts of the things Jet spoke of reminded her of the Aku-Mari, and with the memories of the demon came the memories of her father’s last moments of life, and she painfully tried to think of something else.
She looked to her sides, and saw that the books were organized in colored groups, going from red to blue to green to purple to black to white and back again. The colors were something she would have expected herself to notice upon first entering, but something about the library made it feel dead, colorless, as though it was simply black and white, colors gone. An odd feeling overcame her body upon thinking of the deadness the entire library seemed to hold; almost like a cold draft traveling up her spine she felt it, growing very cold and crossing her arms, trying desperately to gain some kind of warmth.
“W-why is it so cold in here?” she asked herself, hoping that hearing her voice would give her some kind of thought. There was suddenly the sound of gusting wind, and the candles on the balcony went out, the library bathed in darkness. Upon seeing this she wanted to leave more than anything else, but her feet went forward, almost against her will.
She walked to one of the aisles of books that stood in the middle of the room slowly, picking up a red book and carefully opening the yellowed pages. There was nothing particularly interesting in the book; it was an account of a poet during the takeover of Hyrule castle so long ago. She closed the book and placed it on the shelf once more, a slip of paper falling out. She fell to her knees and picked it up cautiously.
It read, “Here begins the paper trail that the one who stands here shall follow to its utter end. Red being the color of blood…it can represent life…or it can represent death…Death is the color Black…Life is the color White…a risk you take whichever one you pick…pick wisely.” The note confused her in many ways, but she nearly instinctively walked to the section of white books and picked one from its shelves.
Opening the front cover slowly, she found another piece of paper. It amazed her how whoever left these notes seemed to know which book she would pick. She read the note, “Ye who hath chosen life in the face of death, now must pick which life. The life given by Water is Blue, the life given by the Plants and all things living is green…the choice again rests with you.” She thought for a few moments, then traveled to a shelf of blue books.
She opened one slowly, finding another note, “ ‘tis here that the ultimate choice will be made. The meanings will not be given to you, simply the colors in which the meanings are hidden. Choose either Purple or Black. Decide with haste.” Darkness entered her heart, and the thought of picking the wrong color and the consequences of doing so frightened her. She slowly traveled to the area of the library littered with broken glass, picking up the Black book that Jet had dropped. She looked carefully through all of the pages, and found writing scribbled on the back of the front cover.
It read, “And here your decisions come to a close. Purple represented Ignorance, and Black represented Knowledge…you have chosen truth. On the second floor there is a chair, one that I know you have noticed. On the chair there is a golden book, read it. I am sorry there was so much I could not tell you, I only hope that you can find it in your pure heart to forgive me,
Your loving father, Harkinarian.”
A tear fell from her eye as she slowly placed the book back on the ground. She wondered what he meant by “forgive him.” In her mind, her father was a great man, one of the best she had ever known, and there was nothing to forgive. She slowly stood, walking forward thoughtlessly, cutting her bare feet on the broken glass, not even noticing the pain or the blood she left with every step she took. She walked up the stairs slowly, finding the golden book atop the chair just as her father had written. She picked it up and opened it slowly, leaning on the rail of the balcony overlooking the broken glass and the Black book.
The Gold book read, “Entry # 1- The Beginnings
Of the beginning of Hyrule much is written, but little is told.
Indeed those writings simply meander from one pointless topic to another, nothing important ever really being addressed.
But of the things that will be discussed of Hyrule’s kingdom and its people, is the tale of the Unity War and how it broke out, spreading like a wildfire does through a forest.
In the later days of the first ages of Hyrule, there were two groups; those that still clung to magic and its powerful deity’s and healing properties, along with the ability to kill. The Hylia.
And the civilized group, wanting to grow in knowledge and technology; these people were known as the Hylians. Many small battles were fought between the two groups, but no great fight had ever broken out until late into the first ages of Hyrule.
The Hylians, led by their new master who had just came to age, a warrior in his prime named Harkinarian, the Hylians attacked the Hylia where they were the weakest; in the middle of Hyrule field. Here an option was given, two to be technical.
Either the Hylia conformed, and joined the Hylians, or they would be slain; every last one of them, from man, to woman, to child. The Hylia chose to fight. It was then that the Unity War began, the title given to it by the Hylians, in remembrance of the few Hylia that did change their ways, and united with Hyrule.
The events that shall now be described are ones that occur a short time before the Unity War. Hyrule and the neighboring realm of Zedusria were very close, sister planets. One kingdom gave to the other and back again, and one aided the other in battle, then the favor was returned. Harkinarian and Arrbadeuas were very close war partners, and much is told of their battles together.
When the time of the Unity War came, the kingdom of Zedusria answered the call for help in giving the Hylians independence, freedom, their own kingdom. They aided in the battle, sending their armored soldiers and steeds to the field to wage war against the magically powered Hylia. Many were killed on all three sides; Hylian, Zedusrian, and Hylia, but the final battle that would soon take place would decide the fate of many, and seal the fate of others.”
Zelda was fascinated and at the same time terrified, filled with excitement to turn the next page, and restrained by a sense of fear. She continued to read, “Entry # 2- The Battle on the Field
When at last all three groups had fought to their full potential, and all three were on the verge of utter defeat, it came to the final battle. Fires raged across the field, black smoke choked the moonlight, extinguishing the burning flame in the hearts of all of the warriors. None wanted to fight; they wanted only to live, and the ones with the most determination seemed to be the ones who were silenced the quickest.
The group the Hylia commanded was tiny, less than five hundred, and together with the combined efforts of Zedusria and the Hylians, Harkinarian was sure they could win. But there was one thing that Harkinarian had not counted on; among the living Hylia, there was the leader, the Warlock of the Hylia, Sediroose. He marched forth to the field, shrunken heads on waist, skulls on head, blood painted on face. He wielded a large blade crafted out of the sharp teeth of many animals, and the leg bones of several men. He was skilled in a form of magic none could defend properly against.
Zedusria pulled back, suggesting that they along with the Hylians forfeit the battle. Harkinarian refused. There was a vote, and the vast majority agreed to the forfeit option, but minority, mostly consisting of Hylians, wanted to stay and fight for Hyrule. It was in this moment that Harkinarian pulled the sword to the head advisor in battle tactics and ransomed his life in return for the Zedusrian’s aid in the war. They disagreed, claiming he had not the heart to kill the man, and in another moment he was on the ground, throat slit.
In fear of any harm to their king, the Zedusrian fought alongside the Hylians in the Unity War once more. The Hylia were slain with ease, but the Warlock Sediroose in his rage cast a spell upon the Zedusrians, a Plague spell, one that would destroy their proud buildings, ruin their crops, kill their animals and introduce vile creatures and disease to the people. With his dying breath Sediroose uttered this dark spell, and the buildings of Zedusria were instantly rendered useless, fallen to the ground or literally vanished.
In his anger Arrbadeuas spat on the Hylian flag, vowing revenge and leaving the realm. He swore he would take away that which the Hylians fought so hard for on this day, and that Harkinarian would pay the ultimate price.”
Zelda was angered that her father could kill a man so cold bloodedly, but she read on, finding no fault with her beloved father. She turned the page and read, “Entry # 3- The War of Allies
Harkinarian and his soldiers built a might castle in the north end of the field, building around the Temple of Time, the one sacred building that both the Hylians and the Hylia had shared. The common people, women and children were then sent to live in the market that was built outside the castle. Impa, sole survivor of the Sheikah race, founded an area near to the castle, sending soldiers to build houses and a windmill, along with a well. This area would grow to be known as Kakariko village, populated by many Hylians.
It was after Hyrule had established its massive kingdom that the fallen kingdom of Zedusria struck back. They had once towered above Hyrule in all ways, but now they were ruined, their castle nearly destroyed, their population lowered by thousands. The Zedusrians sent their war threat if Hyrule would not step down from the kingdom they had happened upon.
Hyrule refused; Harkinarian ordered a strike against Zedusria. The Hylians invaded, and after a short period of time they took control of Zedusria completely. King Arrbadeaus gave up leadership of the kingdom, but was allowed to keep his title to keep the people from panicking.
Some time early in the takeover, before the full surrender of Zedusria, Arrbadeaus’ head advisor, a man named Ganron, suggested that they recruit more soldiers, abandon the castle, and strike when the Hylians least expected it. Arrbadeaus refused, saying it would be cowardly to hide. In his rage toward the king, Ganron left, wandering through the forests and deserts, plotting his revenge on the king for handing Zedusria to the Hylians.
To the current day, a large group of Hylians work in the shadows of Zedusria, controlling its every move, making slaves of its people, and keeping the kingdom from growing; Harkinarians final revenge, the wish for the complete extinction of the Zedusrians.”
Zelda dropped the book to the ground, shocked that her father, a man who she believed to be incredibly kind and fair, betrayed his allies to their deaths. She couldn’t believe it was still going on, and that he had never told her. Suddenly, all of Shinota’s anger made sense her, and similar rage ran through her body. She cried softly, confused and hurt at her father’s actions.
She gently placed the book back on the crimson chair and stepped backward slowly, tripping. She fell, over the balcony and onto the broken glass on the floor. It was a very long drop, and she lost consciousness, bleeding everywhere from the glass, several pieces lodged into her skin from the force of the fall. She was alive; but if she did not wake, it would take many days for anyone to find her.

“Man…what are we gonna do?” Link asked.
“We follow him, nice an’ easy,” Jet said with a smirk.
“How can we follow him if he’s gone?” Link asked.
“We know the direction he went…so we just catch up to him,” Jet explained.
“Jet…he went on White Comet…he had his horse…we don’t…” Link said doubtfully.
“Heh heh,” Jet laughed out.
“What…no…Jet! I don’t do that very well! Man, no! I have a fear of height-,” Link was cut off as Jet picked him up, flying through the air with speed.
“You’ll be fine!” Jet said happily, dodging trees and flying circles.
“Ugh…I’m gonna be sick,” Link said, frightened look on his face.
“Look! Down there! Is that him?” Jet asked, slowing to a stop and lowering to the ground.
“Yeah…but it doesn’t look good…he’s fighting that other guy,” Link said grimly. The man Link was referring to had long blonde hair and piercing green eyes, solver armor on his body. He fought with no weapon. Shinota was dressed in Zedusrian armor, once more assuming the form of Twindora. He had his sword drawn, and was trying to cut past the thick armor of the man he was facing.
“Why did you do it Ganron?” Shinota asked.
“Kill that old fool?” Ganron asked.
“That old fool was the closest thing I ever had to a father! He was my only joy in this entire place!!! Without him I might as well be dead!!!” Shinota yelled.
“I can arrange that!” Ganron yelled, charging a blue magic into his hand and punching Shinota hard in the chest. He flew back, breastplate broken. He stood once tall, slashing at Ganron again. He blocked the blade and punched Shinota, the Zedusrain barely dodging the armored fist. Ganron grabbed Shinota by the armored head, charging magic into his hands, the armor cracking, his face burning. Shinota kicked him in the chest and he backed away, stopping the painful attack. Shinota slowly removed the rest of his armor, standing clad in his black muscle suit.
“I will not let you get away with this!!!!” Shinota screamed, turning into a super saiya-jin.
“Shinota! Stop! Let me help you!” Jet yelled out.
“No!!! this is my fight!!!” Shinota screamed.
“But you’re too angry! You can’t focus your powers right! He’s gonna tear you apart!” Jet yelled. Shinota ignored Jet, attacking Ganron with speed. Ganron countered every attack, then kneed Shinota hard in the face. He drew a wrist mounted blade and slowly approached the fallen Zedusrian, but before he could speak, a shadow surrounded the entire area, and a gloved hand pierced through his chest, breaking his armor, blood splattering to the ground. When the Zedusrian fell, the form of Ganon stood behind him.
“Why…did you save me?” Shinota asked.
“…I……I…urgghhh!!!!! I don’t…know…!!! Wait….no…this isn’t right…it just isn’t right!!! Hya!!!” Ganon screamed out, forming a barrier around him and Shinota, sealing the others from helping him. He kicked Shinota in the face, knocking him back into the barrier, the energy electrocuting him. He fell to the ground, no longer a super saiya-jin. “Triforce of Power!!!” Ganon called out, blasting the Zedusrian back on his face. Ganon dispelled the barrier and warped away.
“What the hell was that?” Link asked.
“…I…don’t…” Shinota passed out before he could finish the sentence.

“What is happening to me?! This happened only once before…but the feeling wasn’t nearly as strong….what is happening?!” Ganon asked enraged. He sat back down on his throne slowly. He wouldn’t change. He would kill them. He returned to his dark plans, eager to come up with the most full proof destructive plan yet.

“Ow…ugh…I have to…get up,” Zelda told herself. The pain was terrible. She had awoken nearly fifteen minutes ago, and she had been trying to stand the whole time. She finally made her way onto her knees, picking glass out of her body. She was very depressed, the feeling of hatred for her father strong, and the feeling of guilt for hating him stronger. She quickly used her magic and warped to Zedusria, still bleeding. She had to tell Jet.
Independence Day by BOEG

Chapter Three: Independence Day

The magic took her to the middle of the forest of Zedusria. Deep it was; covered with vines and wild flowers, exotically colored petals glimmering from a recent rain shower. The soil was damp, and the insects slithered through it with ease, some searching for food, others becoming a meal for larger creatures. The trees were giant, trunks very wide and thick, the bark on the trees of this forest told to be stronger than the metal of a blade.
She realized her appearance was less than normal, she wore a tattered gown with no boots, and she was bleeding everywhere from numerous wounds, the white of the gown a red color in most areas. She stumbled quickly through the forest, her gut instinct to head north of where she ended up. She traveled for close to an hour, not finding any sign of an exit, weariness overcoming her bleeding body. She kept traveling to the best of her ability, beginning to trip over low vines and broken branches on the damp ground.
After several more minutes of stumbling about she began to hear a noise, a most welcome noise in the midst of the forest; the noise of flowing water. Excited, she traveled with more haste, a surge of energy moving through her weakened body. She was desperate for the water, and she no longer cared to retain a path; she simply followed the noise, plowing through bushes and vines, even Skulltula webs, frantically wanting the cool waters. At last she found what she was looking for.
Nestled very deep in the dark, unforgiving wood was a large flowing stream, red and white rocks underneath. The current was weak here, and Zelda saw this. She kneeled down on the rocks, putting her hand in the water. It was very cool, a relieving cool. She stood, removing her tattered gown and stepping into the waters nude. She kneeled down once more, cupping her hands in the water. She slowly drank, the cool liquid flowing easily down her sore throat.
She tested her voice, relieved that it felt better, then she slowly began to hum an old lullaby that Impa had sang to her when she was a baby. She gently splashed the cold waters over her wounds, the bleeding coming to a near immediate stop. The red waters flowed away, and she was eased of weariness. It was then that she heard a noise that did not belong in the forest, though she could not put her finger on what it was. She listened more intently and heard chattering. Upon listening closely for a few more seconds she heard voices, and in horror, crossed her arms, hiding behind a nearby bush.
Out of the wood came two Deku Scrubs, gleefully shaking their leafy heads. They stopped, yellow eyes piercing through the dark and shadow of the forest. One spoke, “Why did you stop?”
“Stop what?” Zelda asked, calmer now that she knew to whom the voices belonged.
“That singing,” the other answered.
“You heard?” Zelda asked, embarrassed.
“Yes…we were both walking through the wood, searching for stick to fuel our fire,” the first Deku answered.
“A task which I don’t like especially,” the other Deku piped in.
“Yes, but we heard the sound of moving water, and we were frightened…we thought for a moment you were…him,” the first Deku continued.
“Then we heard that beautiful voice…and we knew you couldn’t be him,” the other Deku finished.
“Thank you…but…may I ask you something?” Zelda questioned.
“Yes,” the first Deku agreed.
“Who is this… “him” you speak of?” Zelda asked.
The two Dekus looked at each other, then the second one spoke, “He is a very terrible creature…he is called by us the Wood Thief…but the Zedusrians call him the Black Troll…no one who enters the wood without his permission are ever allowed to leave…he has some sort of magical power…and he changes the land around you…so that where you go…is where you started.”
“Black Troll eh? Well why is that a problem for you? You Deku Scrubs live here, correct?” Zelda asked.
“Yes we do…but…he does many terrible things to us…when he is angered…he comes and tears apart our houses, destroys our trees…when he is hungry he takes our brothers and sisters and eats them…and when one questions his authority…he destroys our crops…we are already half starved,” the second Deku explained.
“I won’t let him keep that up,” Zelda said, clenching her fist.
“What are you going to do?” the first Deku asked.
“I’m going to get rid of him for you Dekus,” Zelda answered.
“How? You are nothing more than a naked Zedusrian with no weapons or clothes…and you have wounds…even now you bleed,” the Deku pointed out. Zelda turned red, forgetting she was not wearing clothes. The weapons she could take care of easily enough, but the wounds were something else.
“I will get rid of him…no matter what…you have my word…and…I’m not a Zedusrian,” Zelda said.
“It matters not who you are…we will take you with us, and treat your wounds...anyone who is willing to help us…is a friend,” the second Deku said, eyes wide in happiness. It led Zelda by the hand away from the stream.

“There,” the Deku scrub said happily, placing the last crushed herb into the wound in Zelda’s shoulder. It stung a little; but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. She had forgotten about telling Jet and Link about Zedusria when she had gotten caught up in the Deku’s problems, but for the moment it had to wait. She knew not what she could do to help the Dekus, given how strong they made the Black Troll sound. But there was one thing Jet had taught Zelda that she would use every moment of her life; no matter how bad a situation gets, or how high the odds are stacked against you, you can’t let the other person know, because power isn’t an actual thing, it’s a word, and as long as the opponent believes you have power, you are just as strong or weak as he is. A piece of knowledge she would use to the best of her advantage.
“Thank you,” Zelda said, sitting up.
“Now…how will you fight him? You have no weapons, or armor,” the Deku said. Zelda stood slowly, bending one leg and extending the other, putting her hands together. A spark lit up the dark forest, followed by more and more, and in mere seconds, Zelda had assumed the form of Sheik, whip, daggers, and needles ready at her hips.
“Now I’m ready…I just need to know where he is,” Zelda said, standing tall.
“Past the stream…try to walk into the daylight…and he will stop you,” the Deku answered.
“Okay…if I succeed, I will leave a sign…you will know it is me,” Zelda said, leaving the small Deku village with haste. She did as the Dekus said, passing the stream and going on the main path once more. There was open daylight ahead of her, the exit of the forest. She walked forward slowly, taking small steps. A black cloud fell out of the trees and hit the ground, and a hot breeze blew through the forest, and when it cleared, a Moblin-like creature in black armor with a large club stood before Zelda.
“You do not exit woods…if you wished so greatly to get in…then you have no reason to leave,” the Black Troll said calmly.
“I don’t wish to leave,” Zelda responded.
“Is that so?” the Black Troll asked.
“Yes…it is,” Zelda said, launching needles at the Black Troll quickly. He held up his club, blocking all of the needles. He ran forward quickly, slamming his mighty club into the ground, tearing the soil asunder. Zelda kicked him in the face, back flipping away before he could swing his mighty weapon around. Zelda jumped forward, head butting the Black Troll in the chest. He was knocked down, and Zelda readied her whip. She swung it, the chain wrapping around the Black Troll’s neck. She held the whip tighter, sitting on top of the Black Troll and unsheathing both of her daggers. She looked him in the eyes, then stabbed both of them, wiping the blades clean of blood and sheathing them once more.
“Mystic Light Attack!!!” she yelled, the entire forest ablaze with powerful light. She had given the Dekus her sign. She ran out of the forest quickly, toward the ruined white walls of the enslaved kingdom of Zedusria.

“Is he okay?” Link asked in regard to Shinota, who was bleeding and unconscious. The three had not left the battlefield, and were still in the open area of Zedusria, Ganron’s dead and bleeding body nearby. They had had no luck in waking up Shinota, and they were left weak and confused. Ganon had aided Shinota, then single handedly beaten him to a pulp. The conflicts between Zedusria and Hyrule were getting any easier to deal with either.
“Yeah…he’ll be fine…it is a lot of blood, but some of it isn’t his,” Jet pointed out. Link nodded.
“Whaddya think of those guys who opened the gate?” Link asked.
“I think they’re slaves,” Jet said.
“Me too…but why?” Link asked.
“Jet!!!! You have to stop it!!! During the Unity War daddy enslaved the Zedusrians!!! He took their kingdom, but allowed the king to stay with his title to keep the villagers from worrying!!! They fought the leader of the Hylia…and he placed a curse on the Zedusrians…that is why the buildings are in such poor shape…and…and…all of the soldiers….and people….and men at the gate…they are all slaves….being watched over by a group of Hylian soldiers!!!” Zelda called out frantically, running toward Jet and Link.
“Oh my God….why didn’t he tell us?!” Jet asked, shocked and enraged.
“I…hate him….I love him with all of my heart…but I hate him!” Zelda yelled, crying loudly, every emotion she had felt in recent hours coming back to her. Jet held her tightly for several minutes, thinking in his mind about all of the things that Harkinarian hid from him, and how he could possibly right the wrongs between the two kingdoms.
“It’s simple man. He didn’t tell you because he wanted to keep the illusion that Hyrule had no knowledge of Zedusria as real as possible…Harkinarian was a great man, but I guess honesty was one of those traits the old man struggled with,” Link answered, arms crossed.
“Eh…eh…eg…exactly. T-that’s…exactly what it is…now…that you know…w-what…are huh…huh…we gonna do ‘bout it?” Shinota asked, sitting up slowly.
“We’re gonna do what we can…we’re gonna free Zedusria!!! I am the king of Hyrule! I can make them pull back!!!” Jet yelled.
“Hold it! Don’t rush in there…you’re young…you do not have the appearance of a king,” Shinota pointed out.
“Yeah but I have the Royal Family’s sword…I’ll tell them that Harkinarian died,” Jet explained.
“They knew Harkinarian only as a powerful fighter…they would not believe he died…if you showed them that blade…they would think that you assassinated him…you would not live long…it’d be best to hide that sword. We’re gonna have to go about this some other way,” Shinota said, thinking.
“Yes…it figures,” Zelda said darkly.
“What do you mean?” Link asked.
“Everyone thought he was a great warrior…even in death he is complicating things,” Zelda said with anger.
“Zel, you don’t mean that. Harkinarian was a great man…this was early in his life. He was just headstrong, excited at the idea of giving all of his people something they had never had before…a safe home,” Jet said.
“I’ll tell you what I do and don’t mean,” Zelda said darkly.
“All I’m saying is that your father didn’t have any of the burdens back then that he carried in his later years of life…everyone makes mistakes, Zel…and some are harder to fix than others,” Jet pointed out.
“Are you taking his side on this? He’s dead Jet! Obviously he did something wrong!” Zelda yelled.
“What did he do wrong? Try to protect his daughter?!” Jet asked.
“….you shut up,” Zelda said in anger.
“Honey…I think you should just cal-,” Jet was cut off.
“Don’t call me that. You’re taking his side…my father was a fool…and knowing that you walk so closely in his footsteps really proves how much you love me. Thanks…a lot,” Zelda said angrily, slapping Jet in the face. She turned and walked a short distance away, staring at the ruined city.
So anyway,” Jet began, shrugging the matter off, hiding any pain.
“What about Zelda, man?” Link asked.
“What about her?” Jet retorted angrily.
“Doesn’t she have some part to play in this?” Link asked.
“Ask her yourself,” Jet said, arms crossed.
“Zelda! Get over here! We need you for this!” Shinota called out. She walked slowly to the group, avoiding eye contact with Jet.
“Well the quickest way to free the prisoners at the gate if you ask me would be to just cut their bonds, take off their chains and let ‘em go,” Link suggested.
“No…it would never work,” Shinota said with a sigh, shooting down Link’s idea.
“Why not?” Zelda asked.
“Zedusria used to be incredibly advanced in technology. Now everyone but the Hylians in control have been robbed of that technology. The metal bonds around the prisoners wrists and ankles cannot be removed….they’re wired with bombs. Anyone tries to take them off….and the whole lot of ‘em…just…die,” Shinota answered.
“Can we cut the chains then?” Jet asked.
“That might work…as long as the bonds remain intact, no explosion should be set off…but then that’s the hard part…there’s a forest path that the old rebels made to escape the Hylians. At night, the Hylians go into the castle, leaving the slaves alone. If they escape then, they have a chance, but if any Hylian notices that they’re gone, he could just set off the bombs…killing all of them. Now, in the path that I spoke of….there are three resting points…and then two metal poles that are wired with a magnetic energy that shuts off the bombs,” Shinota answered.
“Now how are we gonna go about this one?” Link asked.
“Well…there are four of us now…one of us will work with the slaves and aid them up the path…one of us will make sure the Hylians don’t check the slaves by any means possible…and the other two will try to figure out something to do about ridding the planet of the Hylians,” Shinota answered.
“Umm…freeing the slaves…that’s great and all…but it doesn’t do anything to really free the Zedusrians,” Zelda pointed out.
“I know…near the end of the path there is a Hylian camp….when the bombs are shut off, and the bonds are useless….if we could somehow re-wire them so that we would be in control of them…we could give the illusion that they were still slaves…then strike from there,” Shinota explained.
“I know! I’ll be right back you guys, don’t start without me! Digi-Port Open!!!” Jet yelled, stepping into the warp portal. Within several moments he returned, Kazuya Mishima with him.
“Did Jet explain?” Link asked him.
“He explained enough…I have the tools to re-wire them,” Kazuya said.
“Good…now…even if they do still look like slaves…Kazuya is gonna stick out,” Jet said.
“I have an idea,” Zelda said.
“What?” Kazuya asked.
“Follow me,” she instructed, heading for the city.

“Ugh…are you sure this will work?” Kazuya questioned in a whisper, hiding behind a tree. The two were hiding near a Hylian camp.
“Yes…now…when a soldier walks by…just…throw it as fast as you can to a place where the armor isn’t joined,” Zelda explained.
“Fine,” Kazuya said with a weak sigh. They waited there for close to fifteen minutes, when an armored soldier finally walked by. Kazuya quietly launched one of Zelda’s needles at the man; he missed. It bounced harmlessly off of his helmet, and he turned. With a yell he ran forward, slicing at Zelda and Kazuya. Kazuya quickly killed the man, but not before at least twenty more soldiers were on them.
“Kazuya! Take his body and run!!! I can handle them!!!” Zelda yelled. Kazuya obeyed, hoisting the dead man on his shoulders and running off.

“There he is! ...but wait…he’s alone,” Link said in a worried tone.
“Kazuya! Where’s my wife?” Jet asked, standing, worry all over his expressions.
“…we were cornered by Hylian soldiers….she told me to run…I obeyed,” Kazuya answered.
“What?! Why?!” Jet asked, angered.
“It is better one of us fall and the task at hand is still accomplished, rather than all of us fall, and Zedusria is under Hylian rule forever,” Kazuya answered.
“She’ll be fine,” Shinota assured Jet.
“Yes, but our time is quickly running out…if they do capture Zelda…they’ll interrogate her…and either way security will be heightened now,” Kazuya explained.
“Then quickly…fit into your armor…cut the slaves chains…and take them up the path,” Link instructed.
“Mhm,” Kazuya agreed, nodding.
“Now…Jet and Link…you two try and figure out what to do with the Hylians…I’ll make sure no one enters the slave quarters…and Kazuya will get them through the path…good luck everyone…I have this cold feeling in my heart…that tonight…we’re gonna need it more than ever,” Shinota said darkly. The four slowly went their separate ways, each ready to start their part of the mission, and each fearing for the other’s safety. Their strength had always rested in their power as a team, now their strength was to be tested again; each warrior alone.
The Forest Path by BOEG

Chapter Four: The Forest Path

He strapped the armor on as quickly as he could with his trembling, sweating hands. In all of his years of life Kazuya had never done anything this important. The Zedusrians would either gain freedom tonight, or they would greet the morning in a blaze of flame and a torrent of death, and either way Kazuya was partly responsible. The pressure was intense, almost unbearable, but Kazuya was a member of the Triforce Team now, and risks were taken on a day to day basis.
“Hey…how’s it goin’?” Jet asked, sitting next to Kazuya on the dirt ground.
“Could be better…could be worse. Knowing full well just what I’m marching into I can’t say I understand my reasons for not turning back…but here I am. How about you?” Kazuya questioned.
“I’m feelin’ good about what I’m actually gonna be doin’…but…otherwise,” Jet’s voice trailed off.
“Otherwise?” Kazuya asked.
“I’m being a horrible husband…Zelda is wounded, pregnant and hurt…and I just set her off,” Jet answered quietly.
“Jet…not to sound rude…but…forget her for awhile,” Kazuya said.
“What will that help?” Jet asked.
“There’s an old saying…a samurai’s spirit rots and splinters when he finds apart from his duties…another reason to live,” Kazuya recited slowly.
“I guess I’ll focus on Zedusria for now then…thanks Kaz,” Jet said with a smirk, standing.
“Good luck out there,” Kazuya called out. Jet nodded and continued walking.

They marched quickly into Zedusria, Shinota calling out the phrases in his native language, watching the gate open, then rushing in, blade extended. Kazuya and Shinota worked feverishly to break the chains of the slaves without making an incredible amount of noise, something which took close to an hour and a half. When at last they were all freed, and understood what was happening, they followed Kazuya, determination and each and every one’s face.
“Now…Kazuya…head left when you get near the castle….a little past that there is a broken stone wall, and behind it is the path through the forest,” Shinota instructed.
“Why are there rest points? It’s just a forest,” Kazuya questioned.
“Because…it goes up the entire time…very steep, winding stone path,” Shinota explained.
“Okay…come on you guys…stay close to me…and get rid of any hope on your face…no one can get any idea what we’re up to,” Kazuya ordered. They complied, following him with haste, feigning looks of pain and misery. Shinota unsheathed his Twin Diamond sword and stood ready, keeping a watch on all of the streets. The slaves quickly ambled past most of the house, trying to remain as silent as possible, although several of them were very weak, and shuffled their feet as they walked. The thought had not crossed Kazuya’s mind that none of them had boots, and most didn’t even have presentable clothes that would aid them in any way. He hoped the path was not a dangerous one.
He continued to march with the slaves, praying that no one saw them. It was now several hours into the night, past the curfew for the villagers. Kazuya was wearing the Hylian armor, and in the most technical sense, if anyone did see him, he could arrest them, but he wished to keep the number of real Hylian soldiers he dealt with to a minimum, and causing panic among the people would not be the way to go about it. Several of the slaves tripped or fell, being dragged short distances across the rough, unforgiving soil, and Kazuya felt remorse, but he would not slow down. He couldn’t. every person in the entire group was a walking bomb until they made it past the magnetic poles, and he did not want to blow anyone or thing up.
After several minutes they made it near to the castle, and Kazuya’s heart nearly stopped in fear. Hylian soldiers patrolled the entire area, and any mistake hi made would end the mission before it started. He paced slowly in the lit up areas of the castle grounds, ushering slaves down the shadowy street to their left as subtly as he could. When all were across the street and back into the safe arms of shadow, Kazuya turned and began to walk, but was stopped by a voice.
It spoke, “What is your business?” Kazuya turned, seeing what he feared the most in this moment, a Hylian general who likely knew the names of all of his soldiers.
“I am patrolling for runaway slaves sir,” Kazuya answered nervously.
“Oh…you cam from the camp past the wood then?” the general asked.
“Yes sir,” Kazuya agreed, relieved there was a camp past the forest.
“Okay then, go about your business,” the general said, nodding and walking away. Kazuya breathed a sigh of relief, then walked quickly into the shadowy street that the slaves had entered just moments before.

“How d’ya think they’re doin’?” Jet asked.
“How would I know?” Link asked.
“I dunno…” Jet answered slowly.
“Me either,” Link said.
“…what are we gonna do to get rid of these guys?” Jet asked.
“No…idea…whatsoever,” Link said darkly.
“And I thought we were getting’ the easy job…” Jet said with a scowl.

It was a very short stone wall, and it had indeed collapsed right to the ground, several plants growing over the pieces of stone. The path was obvious enough, even in the middle of the night, and Kazuya had a feeling he wouldn’t be the only soldier in the depths of the wood. He walked quickly into the dark protecting shadow of the wood, taking a single step, bending his knee the whole way in order to continue up. Shinota had not lied. It was a very steep hill.
This is going to be hard to travel up…be careful,” Kazuya warned. They began up, traveling very slowly, a few mere feet every five or so minutes. There were fallen branches and rocks on the hill, making it very easy to trip, and it had quite apparently rained recently, evident from the wet soil. This wasn’t a problem for the bare footed slaves as much as it was for the metal booted Kazuya, but they all kept going nonetheless.
It got worse as they traveled, several of them crawling up on hand and knee, clawing at plants and grabbing onto branches for support. Kazuya dug his spear into the ground as he walked, having better balance than the others, but having less than a clean conscience about it. After nearly two hours of hardship, they came to the first resting spot.
“We must go quickly…I know this has been difficult…but…we can stop for no more than five minutes,” Kazuya told the group. There were sighs and cries of pain from the group, but Kazuya’s mind was not changed.

“Over here….maybe the slave quarters is what they were after,” a soldier called out, walking with speed toward the darkened ruined clay huts that the slaves lived in during the cold nights. The two soldiers present did not like the abandoned atmosphere of the entire area in any way. It was unusual to not hear a thing stirring in the night. Slaves would often cry out in pain from the hard labor of the day, while slave children would run about and play past curfew, silenced by the whip.
But here, in the midst of the slave quarters, not a person or creature stirred, and every footstep the Hylian soldiers took echoed loudly through the empty roads. The taller soldier slowly walked into one of the huts, yelling in shock to his other partner, “The whole damned place is abandoned!!! Quick! Tell Dikendi! He must be informed of this!”
“I would stop,” a voice warned in the dark.
“You’re under arrest, step forward,” the Hylian ordered.
“Like Hell,” the voice said sarcastically, shrugging the threat off.
“Come into the open or we’re going to bomb the whole damn place…including the slaves, wherever they are,” the other soldier warned.
“As you wish,” the voice obeyed, the figure of Shinota dropping from the ceiling, Twin Diamond sword in hand. He ran at the first soldier, slicing his blade in the man’s direction. He ducked, punching Shinota in the gut. He backed away, hitting the man in the chest with a roundhouse kick. He disappeared into the shadows, and the next thing the man saw was a blaze of flame, then he was on the dirt floor, dead.
The second ran at Shinota, stabbing at the Zedusrian with his mighty spear. He stepped to the side of the blade, grabbing the shaft and breaking it with his hand, then kicking the soldier hard in the face. He flew backwards, landing on the ground, blood spilling from his mouth. Shinota stabbed him in the chest quickly and left the room, eager to find Jet and Link.

“We are very near to the last resting point, just keep going,” Kazuya told the slaves between loud gasps of breath. They were very near to the top, and Kazuya and the rest of the Zedusrians prayed that no Hylians found them, or worse yet, discovered they were missing. It had been a very long journey thus far, but after the final resting point, there was near to ten feet to climb, then they were at the magnetic shutoff poles. Kazuya entered the final resting point first, followed by all of the weak, bleeding slaves.
He sat down quickly, removing his metal helmet and wiping his sweat drenched forehead with his violet gloves. Many of the slaves had gotten deep wounds on the way up, and Kazuya knew a few of them would get infected because of where they stood, on a dirty hill in the middle of nowhere. He looked up into the small pieces of sky that were visible among the cloud of tall tree branches. The night sky was a dark shade of blue, and soon, dawn would be upon them.
One of the slaves spat blood onto the ground, an exhausted look on his face, and a discouraged one in his eyes. He sat on his knees, staring at the dirt ground. He was in no condition to keep going, but he had to, and he knew it. Kazuya had spoken to him earlier. He had a wife and two children, and he was willing to do anything to free Zedusria and be with them again. He didn’t want to continue, but he would until he died.
“Let’s go…we’re almost there….once we get past the poles, I’ll rewire one of the bonds, and since they are linked, the rest should change also. After that, we can hope that fate works with us,” Kazuya said to the group, standing. The rest of the group slowly followed his lead.

“You guys! We need to come up with something quick!” Shinota yelled, approaching Jet and Link.
“Whaddya mean?!” Jet asked, surprised to see Shinota so soon.
“The Hylians are on to us somehow! We have to get to the camp next to the forest path, fast!” Shinota answered in a rushed tone.
“There’s only one way to make it there in time,” Link said with duty in his voice.
“You’re actually gonna?” Jet asked with a smile.
“…yeah,” Link said with a slight smirk. He put his arms around Jet’s neck slowly. Shinota nodded, and the three flew into the fading night sky.

Four feet. Three feet. Two feet. Every steep area of ground they passed brought them closer to freedom, until they were mere inches away from a life not bound by the threat of death or dictated by the iron fist. Kazuya passed first, and then the slaves quickly ambled past the magnetic shutoff poles, a loud hum emitting from their bonds as they were deactivated. After several minutes the entire group of gate slaves had made it, and Kazuya had already rewired them.
“So…we won’t die?” one of the slaves asked Kazuya.
“I am in control of the bomb now…and I have no plans to detonate it,” Kazuya answered.
“Kazuya!” Shinota yelled, landing in front of him, followed shortly after by Jet and Link.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” Kazuya asked.
“Did it work?” Link asked.
“Yes…I have just rewired them,” Kazuya answered.
“Awesome!” Shinota yelled proudly.
“Now what?” Jet asked.
“We have to end this once and for all…there leader is a Hylian general named Dikendi…we find some way to remove him from power, then we prove your connection to the Royal Family…either that…or we kill them all,” Shinota answered.
“Kazuya…take the slaves and march toward the camp. When you meet Dikendi, that’s when we’ll come in…one way or another Zedusria is going to be free this morning,” Link said with a grin.
“Okay…let’s do it,” Kazuya agreed, leading the slaves toward the camp.

The slaves marched slowly behind Kazuya, feigning pain and doubt. It was not an easy job, as this was the happiest most present had ever been, but they weren’t about to throw away their freedom by blowing their cover. Kazuya slowly approached the Hylian camp, his helmet low over his face. Just as he had expected, he made it close to the entrance of the main tent, and was stopped by two regular soldiers, and one silver armored general. He walked slowly out of the tent, his officers behind him.
“Where do you come from soldier?” Dikendi asked, eyeing Kazuya with a look of suspicion.
“I am from the slave quarters in the main city sir. I bring the slaves requested to work in the mines,” Kazuya answered.
“Mining soldiers….quite a shortage of ‘em these days, wouldn’t you say so?” Dikendi asked.
“I suppose so…good work is always hard to find nowadays,” Kazuya answered.
“Now, can I tell you one of my largest concerns before I allow you to pass soldier?” Dikendi asked.
“Yes sir,” Kazuya agreed, eager to escape from the man and get inside the camp.
“My largest concern in this camp is when soldiers who do not exist literally pop out of nowhere, delivering slaves who were not called for,” Dikendi pronounced with a grim smile.
“What do you mean?” Kazuya questioned, feigning ignorance, and hoping that the general could not see past his weak lie.
“What I mean is that you need to cut this little game of yours out right now, Zedusrian. I have no idea how you got use of that suit of armor, but I assure you it will be the last outfit your frail body will wear,” Dikendi answered angrily, stabbing at Kazuya. He ducked, the large metal spear barely missing his head. He head butted Dikendi, and in an instant, near to ten soldiers were on him, but just as quickly, Link, Jet, and Shinota were attacking the Hylians. In almost no time, all of the Hylians were subdued, laying on the ground dead or in pain.
“Dikendi…we are more powerful than you….let these Zedusrians go now,” Link ordered.
“Who are you to say a thing about these Zedusrians, foolish rebel?” Dikendi asked in anger.
“I….sir, am the Hero of Time,” Link said, unsheathing the Master sword and wielding it proudly.
“And you?” Dikendi asked Shinota.
“I am a Zedusrian….former bodyguard of the King Arrbadeuas,” Shinota answered, voice low and guarded.
“I have no reason to-,” Dikendi was cut off before he finished his sentence.
“Yes…you do. Harkinarian has died…whether you believe me or not I speak the truth. You bow down to me now…and I command you to leave Zedusria at once,” Jet said in anger, stepping forward.
“You are not the king! These people will never be free!!!” Dikendi screamed. Jet unsheathed his Black Sunset, holding it in front of Dikendi’s face. He screamed loudly, terrified at the sights he viewed through the stainless metal of the cursed Hell blade. He unsheathed his own sword, stabbing himself through the chest. The Hylians that remained conscious bowed down before Jet in this moment, leaving Zedusria after several hours of long explanation.
After this long period of time, Zelda also, was freed from the grasps of the Hylians who had invaded the city. The king and queen of Hyrule tried their best to explain the entire situation to the Zedusrians, and after many long hours, most took Jet’s side, trusting that he would now use the Hylian army to aid the Zedusrians, an end finally put to the countless years of wounds that had been dealt to its land, people, and pride.

“I can’t believe it Samus!!! We gave the entire planet freedom!!!” Shinota yelled happily.
“I am very…very happy for you,” Samus said with a smile, kissing Shinota on the lips.
“This is what I have dreamed of…since I learned the name Hyrule…this is it…this is peace…true peace….for the first time in years…my people are free,” Shinota said in disbelief, a tear streaming down his face.

“So….this seat taken?” Jet asked Zelda, who was sitting on the sidewalk in front of their house that night.
“It might be a bit crowded…but I could probably use the company,” Zelda joked. Jet nodded, sitting down slowly.
“I never meant to-,” Jet was cut off from his apology.
“Don’t…just…don’t even start to apologize…I hated him Jet…I hated him more than I hated Ganon…or the Aku-Mari…I wished he would come back to life so I could kill him myself…and I know how selfish and foolish I was being, but…don’t you apologize…you were strong…you saved them…I just hindered you,” Zelda said with a look of sorrow.
“It’s okay to hurt Zel…I know what it’s like….but I will never take anyone’s side except for yours…I will always be on your side, and while I may have different views of things, I’ll always be there to support you,” Jet tried to assure her.
“mmm….thanks. funny isn’t it?” Zelda asked, looking at the full moon.
“What is?” Jet asked, putting his arm around his wife’s shoulder.
“When you were young, like…ten…you always used to look at the full moon right?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah…it’s scientifically proven that the full moon alters one’s mood…maybe that’s why I felt so…I dunno….safe….when there was one. But…what’s so funny about it?” Jet asked.
“Well…to think that it is the same moon in this sky as it is in Hyrule…to think that we both used to look up at the same thing…with no clue that the other one of us even existed…in a way…I feel like I’ve known you all of my life, honey…but what’s funny…is that when I look at that full moon…it’s almost like a memory that you and I both share…no words, no places, no dates…just the pure feeling…and well…it’s nice,” Zelda said with a smile, laying back on Jet’s lap.
“Yeah…I know what you mean…the first time I looked you in the eyes…when I first entered Hyrule was that night that me and Kari had broken up…I looked into your eyes, and it was so familiar…like something I was trying to remember…that I had forgotten…and it kinda makes sense now…looking into your eyes is like looking into the full moon. It’s surrounded by so much darkness, and so many clouds, and all around it there are little flickers of lights, but looking into them makes you feel safe…like…a candle in the blackest cave…a blanket on the coldest night…I looked into your eyes and I was reminded of my childhood…all of those times I was so alone, and I just looked at the moon…and I smiled, because I knew it would always be there, watching over me, and I would always have its light to protect me no matter what…it was a safe feeling….the best feeling in the world,” Jet said slowly.
“Mmm….thank you…for everything…let’s go get some sleep,” Zelda suggested.
“Yeah…I need some rest,” Jet agreed. The two slowly stood, walking back into Jet’s house, but not before glancing at the light of the full moon once more.
The Superbeast Returns by BOEG

Chapter Five: The Superbeast Returns

The thing moved through the Hylian forest quicker. It brushed past trees and leapt over rocks and thick weeds. It came by and by to a river, dipping its wounded paw in the waters. It remembered the scent of those who hurt it. It would not let them get it once more. No; they were the ones who would die. It had gained strength since its last battle, and it had shed its skin; grown larger. Its eyes still glowed a fierce red, but it was covered in black fur now, and its claws were sharp.
It ran through the dark forest, the moonlight just barely illuminating the surroundings around it. After several more minutes of rushed wandering, it burst out of the forest, back in the open night of Hyrule field. It was hungry, and angered greatly. It began to hunt out the trail of those who had wounded it before.

They walked through the town, taking their time, enjoying the cool air. The sky was covered in grey clouds, and it was obviously going to rain later on in the day, but neither of them were complaining. Far from it in fact. After the heat of the past few days, rain was indeed a welcome thing. It was the first day they had spent in the town, but it seemed to be hot and humid no matter where they wandered. One would think the two would be used to it by now, but they didn’t accept heat very well, as nearly one hundred percent of the time, they were covered in armor or weaponry.
Jet and Kenji continued walking through the rather empty town, looking at the old houses, and the closed stores. Apparently it had not gone through many renovations, evident by the amount of run down buildings and antique soda machines lining the streets. As they continued to walk something dark slowly began to form in the sky. Jet was the first to notice.
“ that a funnel cloud?” Jet questioned, pointing to an oddly shaped dark cloud floating through the sky. The mysterious man from the Dreamshrine stopped and looked to the sky, and a slight smirk entered his usually serious face, and he replied, “Yes...but I doubt it will turn into a tornado.”
“Hmm....those things make me nervous,” Jet said, face red.
“After all you’ve been through? How is that even possible?” Kenji asked.
“Hmm...dunno...I just don’t like the idea of one of those things comin’ down and tearin’ through my house...makes you feel powerless,” Jet answered.
“Then again....maybe it will come down.....” Kenji’s voice trailed off. Jet looked up to the sky once more, and the cloud was now a deep black, swirling mass of wind, descending to the ground with increasing speed. A worried expression entered Jet’s face and he slowly backed away, but the swirling black cloud kept advancing, until at last it hit the ground.
To the surprise of the two, no damage was caused when the tornado hit the ground, but instead, the black cloud disintegrated, and thousands of very large black birds with bone like tusks emerging from their beaks flew out of it, landing on nearby buildings and power lines. Jet stared at the evil looking birds in shock.
“What the hell just happened?” Jet asked.
“...don’t always fear the things you aren’t in control of...sometimes there is no real danger at all, except for the danger you place in your own head,” Kenji answered.
“Hmm....I kinda figured this was some kind of trick,” Jet said with a scowl.
“A trick? No. A lesson? Heh...just remember what I said...wake up now,” Kenji ordered. Jet closed his eyes, and let the town fade away slowly.

“Sir...sir!” a voice called out loudly, in a rushed and frightened tone.
“Uhh....yeah?” Jet asked, rubbing his eyes and sitting up.
“There’s a...thing...outside the castle, yelling out your name over and over, like he wants to...challenge you or something,” the soldier answered.
“Oh? Doesn’t that figure....what time is it?” Jet questioned.
“It’s about three in the morning sir,” the soldier answered.
“Where’s my wife?” Jet asked.
“Getting an examination...Impa insisted. The queen took quite a lot of wounds in the past few days, and her nursemaid wanted to make sure the baby was alright,” the soldier answered.
“Okay...and Link?” Jet asked.
“He is out training in the forest order to get to him you would need to pass through the field anyway...” the soldier’s voice trailed off.
“Umm....Shinota?” Jet asked desperately.
“He is with Samus and Malon,” the soldier answered.
“Doing what? This is an emergency,” Jet asked.
“The two women are getting checkups,” the soldier answered.
“Why?” Jet asked.
“Because they both believe that they are pregnant,” the soldier answered.
“What?! Ugh...fine. If anyone gets back, send ‘em in my direction, alright?” Jet ordered.
“Yes your highness,” the soldier answered, bowing, then leaving.
“Just my day...and it’s still dark out,” Jet said to himself with a sigh, standing slowly.

He was still in pain. All of the battles and debates of late had taken there toll on the king of Hyrule, but still he marched, ready for anything, alone as he may be. Readying his Royal Family’s blade for the battle, he marched silently out of the castle gate into the cool, open night air of Hyrule field. He breathed in, closing his eyes, then slowly exhaled, his keen blue eyes shooting open once more, seeming to light up the area around him.
They were better adjusted to the dark, but he saw not the opponent that the soldier had spoken of. He sighed, loosening his grip on his blade, then turned, only to find himself face to face with a massive creature covered from head to toe in black fur. He brought his blade up above his head quickly, but the creature was quicker. It tackled Jet to the ground, slashing at his chest.
He moved his blade forward in a stabbing motion, but the beast slapped his arm to the ground, knocking the blade a short distance away. He raised his arm with all of his strength against the weight of the beast, and pointed his index finger at the creature’s chest. With a flash of light and a drowned out howl, Jet was again on his feet.
“You...will not hurt me...again,” the beast spoke.
“Again? I’ve never seen you before,” Jet said, cycling through his memory.
“Hell....Hound!!!” it screamed, pouncing at Jet. He rolled to the side, readying his chakram and launching it into the Hell Hound’s chest. Blood spilled to the grass and the diseased Wolfos thrashed about wildly, ripping the chakram from his broken flesh. It sliced in Jet’s direction once more, and he dodged the claws for the most part, receiving small wounds here and there.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, hitting the beast square in the chest. It grunted something, then stumbled into the woods, a trail of blood behind it. Jet kneeled down to the bloody ground, picking up his chakram and latching it to his belt. He walked back into the castle slowly.

It was five o’ clock in the morning. Jet stepped into the castle slowly, drenched with sweat, despite the cool air. The fight he had engaged in was not the most difficult one he had ever fought, but his body was still weak, and the wounds given to him in recent fights still remained. Several soldiers questioned his health, to which he responded with reassuring words, and not one man in the Hylian army would question the health of their king after seeing him walk proudly into his castle.
He was a good man, but one of his largest problems was his tendency to lie. He had never done it with any intent to hurt anybody, but simply to protect and keep from the arms of worry. He walked slowly into the throne room, hoping to himself that he would see Zelda, or at least someone from the team. He didn’t.
He sat slowly on his golden throne, the one that had belonged to Harkinarian less than a year ago, and began to think. Harkinarian was like him in a very large way, lying just to keep those he loved from being hurt. At the time Jet had not understood his reasons for hiding all that had happened during the Unity war, except for the fact that many would not accept such a ruthless ruler. But now he was slowly beginning to think differently. Jet knew deep down that Harkinarian did not want to hurt his daughter, and that Zelda was the single small amount of joy left in his life.
Jet pitied the man in this sense for a moment, then thought to himself that Harkinarian was strong, and did not need joy to live a prosperous life. Jet on the other hand, was weak in many ways, and relied on the care of those he trusted to go on in the face of darkness. After almost an hour of silent thought in the dark throne room, Malon, Shinota, Samus, Link, and Zelda entered, apparently given word that Jet had entered it.
“How’d it go?” Jet asked, mostly to Zelda, but not directing it at her.
“They’re all fine,” Zelda answered with a smile.
“Good, good,” Jet said, grinning. He was very relieved. After all of the wounds Zelda had taken, Jet was nearly certain there would be some complication with the birth. Miracles indeed still did happen.
“Yeah...what happened to you?” Link asked, just barely noticing that Jet was bleeding.
“Remember Hell Hound?” Jet asked in a matter of fact tone.
“...yeah. Don’t tell me he came back!?” Link asked with shock.
“Yeah....and he must have shed or somethin’....he looks completely different now,” Jet said, rubbing his bruised arm.
“I’m sorry we weren’t there honey,” Zelda said, sitting beside Jet on her throne.
“That’s fine...I want all of you to focus on the health of your future children. I wish I could right now, but I have too much to handle,” Jet said with a despairing look on his face.
“As long as we’re all safe...there’ll be time for all of that,” Malon piped in.
“Yeah....” Jet said quietly.

Jet awoke suddenly from an unrestful sleep. It was well into the day, the sky a clear blue. On nearly every other day, Jet would have countless duties to attend to, but on this day, Jonphor and the other soldiers let him sleep. It was the battle he had engaged in with the Hell Hound, he guessed. He sighed.
Zelda was with him, sleeping peacefully, and he smiled at this. She had gotten little rest as of late. He had been very worried about her health, and her state of well being. She had been wounded both physically and mentally, and very slowly were those wounds healing.
His train of thought was broken. There was a faint yell from the green field outside his window. He stood slowly, latching on his weapons and putting his boots on his sore feet. He walked cautiously to his window and drew his curtains aside. He was in shock. There were near to three hundred Doomknockers and Iron Knuckles combating Hylian soldiers below him.
With a powerful gust of chilled air, the door of the room was on the stone ground, splintered to pieces, the dark form of Ganon in the doorway with his hand outstretched before him. No wonder no one woke him. They were dead.
The Great Plan by BOEG

Chapter Six: The Great Plan

“I knew if I were to wait for an opportunity to strike it would appear before me,” Ganon said smiling.
“Don’t start. What do you want?” Jet asked angrily, pointing his Black Sunset toward the King of Evil’s armored chest.
“...heh. I want what I have always wanted...your death. I have gained strength, o’ mighty king!” Ganon yelled, blasting magic at Jet’s blade. The Black Sunset was split in half; useless, splintered shards of metal strewn across the cold stone floor. Zelda awoke at this.
“How did you?...” Jet’s voice trailed off as he slowly backed away. Ganon laughed slowly, stepping into the room. Jet flexed his arms, ready for a fight.

He slowly sat on the grass of the field, death and violence all around him. He was in total disbelief. Ganon’s army of darkness came, laying ruin to everything in their path, including the people. The ranch was under tight guard, and if the Hylians made any advance toward it, Shanti, the armed leader of the Doomknockers, would motion the invasion that would take the life of everything inside. Cuccos, horses, cows, and even the owners, namely, Malon and Talon.
Link had fought and fought, but it was not doing anything. The number of guards around the ranch seemed to remain the same, despite the number of them being slain on a near constant level. In all of his years of combat, he could think of not one solution to this dire dilemma. He closed his eyes and slowly prayed that the three goddesses would give him some guidance in this hour of need.
Not far off, Samus and Shinota fought hordes of armored soldiers, but their greatest challenge arose in this moment. As Ganon’s army began to wane in the very slightest, he pulled his secret weapon, the trump card he intended to use to lay ruin to Hyrule. A massive dragon of shadow and metal appeared on the field by air, blasting Hylians with a black substance Samus knew all too well.
“Sa,us! Move outta the way!” Shinota warned, red armor of Twindora gleaming brightly on his body.
“S-sorry. I...know this thing,” Samus responded, sidestepping out of the path of the massive creature.
“What is it?!” Shinota asked.
“Ridley...infused with phazon and given a cannon of some could Ganon possibly know?” Samus answered.
“Mystic Fire Attack!” Shinota yelled, blasting the creature in the back of the head. It was unhurt, turning and flying toward Shinota. He rolled to the side of its massive form as Samus shot several missiles at it. The explosions did next to nothing, and Ridley simply blasted a beam of energy at Samus to retaliate. She was hit, flying into the air and landing hard.
The creature swooped down at an amazing speed in this moment, blasting a beam of phazon energy at Shinota. The Zedusrian was instantly drenched in the black sludge, his life wearing away like a flame in the wind. For a moment all was still, but then the armored form of Shinota emerged from the black of the phazon, changed. His eyes were covered by a visor of red, and a large cannon was mounted on his left arm. His tattered cape was gone, but his sword remained, and his armor was black as night.
“Shinota! You’re alright?!’ Samus half asked, half stated, sitting up.
“Yeah...but this stuff is supposed to kill ya’ isn’t it?” Shinota asked, staring in the air, fearing the mighty Ridley.
“Apparently your body was strong enough to fuse with it. Try to help me now!” Samus explained, blasting a shot of ice at the beast. Shinota nodded in agreement, running toward the creature, blasting it with his phazon cannon. The attack slowed it somewhat, but it retaliated with smoking missiles.
Shinota ended the fight much quicker than he thought possible with a blast of his cannon and a ray of shining light from the Temple Link. The creature fell lifelessly to the ground of the field, smoking and defeated.

The King of Evil hit Jet hard in the face with gloved fist, sending him to the ground once more. This was near to the tenth time Jet had fallen in the small amount of time, and each time he had cut himself on the shards of his broken blade. Zelda had already tried her hand at defeating Ganon, and was unconscious on the floor. Jet stood once more, kicking Ganon in the chest and backing away.
“Heh heh heh...don’t even try it, pathetic fool. Triforce of Power!” Ganon yelled, the light flying at Jet.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet just barely countered, running forward and punching the King of Evil several times in the face. Ganon kicked the man hard in the leg, sending him to the ground once more. He slowly pointed his gloved hand at Jet’s head, charging a sphere of dark energy into it.
“Goodbye...king of Hyrule,” Ganon said with a smirk. He launched the blast, and Jet grabbed the broken hilt of his Black Sunset, sending the magic back at Ganon. Apparently the attack was intended to kill Jet, as it shattered through Ganon’s breastplate with incredible ease, sending him back into the wall of the room. He warped away without so much as a word, and in the same moment, his army also disappeared from the field.
“Zel....honey..wake up,” Jet said gently, kneeling beside his wife. She regained consciousness surprisingly fast, and also retained her memory.
“Did you kill him?” Zelda asked, standing.
“No...afraid not. Let’s go see how the army is doin’,” Jet suggested.
“Alright,” Zelda agreed, following him. The sight they came to behold was not a welcome one. All of Jet’s bodyguards were dead, armor ruined and cracked, expressions of pain on their pale faces. And there, in the front of the hallway by the staircase leading down, there was Jonphor, dead and bleeding, impaled upon his own spear.
“....No. It can’t be,” Jet muttered.
“Jet...he wasn’t that great of an ally....he even tried to kill you before,” Zelda tried to remind him.
“No Zel...he was more than that...he was a friend. A good friend. Now this is personal. I will kill matter how weak I am,” Jet declared, fist clenched.
Part III: The Rising Tide of Evil by BOEG

Part III

Chapter One: The Rising Tide of Evil

“They still hurt a lot...but they’re starting to get better,” Jet said in regard to his numerous wounds.
“Yeah, but you’re gonna have some ugly scars after all of this is over,” Trunks pointed out.
“Thanks for the reminder Trunks...but doesn’t every great warrior have a few here or there?” Jet asked.
“If a great warrior has a few, then you must be the best fighter in the entire universe!” Trunks jeered.
“Yeah...well at least I’m still alive,” Jet said with a sigh.
“Yeah...that’s something,” Trunks agreed.
“Guess who wants to see his father,” Zelda said with a gentle voice, carrying a small baby with light blonde hair over to Jet. He took the child in his arms with a warm smile.
“Hey Gogetta, how are you doing, kid?” Jet asked in a tone that he rarely used unless he was with Zelda.
“He looks just like you,” Zelda said quietly.
“I hope he doesn’t turn out like me...” Jet said lowly.
“Why? Don’t you want our son to be like his father?” Zelda asked in a worried voice.
“No....” Jet answered slowly.
“Why not honey? What’s wrong?” Zelda asked.
“Nothing is Zel...I just don’t want Gogetta to turn out like me...there are a lot of things in my life I’m not especially proud about,” Jet responded quietly.
“There are things that everybody’s done in their past that they regret, man,” Trunks said, slapping Jet on the back.
“Yeah...but I wanna raise a kid who’s his own person...I want him to be himself, that’s what would make me proud,” Jet said, rocking Gogetta gently back and forth. Samus and Malon had also birthed their children just within three months of Zelda. Samus and Shinota had a baby named Samson, and Link and Malon had a boy named Link the 2nd.
“I guess I understand that....I’m going to take Gogetta down with the rest of the babies for their nap in the training’s the warmest place in the house...strangely enough,” Zelda said, picking up Gogetta.
“Okay....I love you,” Jet said quietly.
“I love you too,” Zelda said with a smile, walking into the kitchen.

“It’s a shame the king could not join us your highness,” the leader of the Gerudo army said coldly.
“Yes it is. The goddesses know he would do better than I when engaged in such a thing as this, but our time was drawing thin, and we feel we needed to speak to you,” Zelda agreed nervously.
“I’m warning you, don’t try this negotiation ploy then attack us. I have all of my best soldiers right here, and if a fake peace treaty is what the Hylian army has stooped down to to defeat its enemies then-,” the Gerudo was cut off.
“It isn’t. Let me assure you. The only reason my husband isn’t here to handle this issue is because someone had to tend to the children. The rest of the team is here,” Zelda explained.
“Quite frankly, your highness, I don’t really care. Say what you have to say,” the Gerudo shot out without warning.
“Very well then. Your former king, Mandrag Ganon, made a devastating attack on our kingdom just this past year. We are still recovering from the wounds dealt to the castle and the people,” Zelda began.
“We don’t care. Don’t invite me here asking for a pity party. You no the Gerudo are no longer affiliated with Ganon in any way. He’s a lone thief now,” the Gerudo said angrily.
“May I finish please?” Zelda asked impatiently.
“...sure,” the Gerudo complied angrily, trying to compose herself.
“Ganon is not a lone thief. He is a terrible dark lord. He is brewing an army on the heights of Death Mountain as we speak,” Zelda pointed out.
“And we care because?” the Gerudo asked bitterly.
“After he takes Hyrule, the largest kingdom in the free world, what makes you think he won’t go for the smaller kingdoms? Gerudo fortress included,” Zelda answered.
“He wouldn’t dare......he couldn’t.....what I mean is....err.....what do you propose we do then your highness?” the Gerudo asked, utterly defeated verbally.
“I propose that we form an alliance and quit this senseless fighting. We need each other, and we can both benefit greatly from an alliance,” Zelda answered.
“Let all present be the alliance of Gerudo and Hylian!” the Gerudo yelled standing up. She firmly shook Zelda’s hand. The queen smiled brightly. Jet would be very pleased by the news.

“The fool is sleeping,” the shadowy essence thought to itself. It had seeped into the training unit of Jet’s house on Earth easily enough, and now it saw its targets. Three babies. It would be a quick job. He cared not that they were young children. The offspring of the heroes had to be stopped at all costs. With a swift movement he transformed from an ebbing shadow to the physical form he usually retained.
He had made it. The King of Evil would kill the offspring of the Triforce Team, then destroy the entire house. He moved his gloved hand toward Link the 2nd’s mouth, ready to crush the child’s skull as it were a tomato.
“What do you think you’re doing Ganon?!” Jet asked angrily, appearing from the shadows just as quietly as Ganon had.
“Putting an end to that which threatens my kingdom!” Ganon yelled.
“Oh? That would be these babies?” Jet asked angrily.
“Yes, but it would seem that I have to deal with you first,” Ganon said in a bored tone, as if Jet was just a weak nuisance.
“Then let’s get it over with already,” Jet said, cracking his neck and readying himself for combat.
“Very well,” Ganon said, getting into a ready stance. Jet needed to be very careful with how he fought. There were three babies in the middle of this battlefield, who were all very susceptible to any attack that missed an opponent, a fact which Ganon would likely exploit to the best of his abilities. Jet made the first move, wanting to stay in control of the fight. He punched Ganon in the face, knocking the abomination of a Gerudo back a little bit.
Ganon punched Jet in the chest, followed directly by a spinning kick. Jet was slightly disoriented from the two powerful attacks, and Ganon knew this. He pointed his outstretched palm toward Jet and began to charge a ball of dark matter in front of him. This would be it for the king of Hyrule, and then Ganon could get on with his task.
He released the energy, and with a blinding flash of darkly glowing light, all was still for a moment. Then shock set in. There stood Jet, unharmed, hand in front of his face. Ganon was awestruck. He had deflected the blast, the damage meant to be dealt to him melting a wall somewhere behind them.
“A year ago that would have killed me, but I’m warning you Ganon. The wounds that were dealt to me have healed, and after the battle, I became a stronger person both mentally and physically. Now do you want to care on with this crap or can ya’ just leave?” Jet asked in a proud voice.
“You will never win this war, nor will you walk away from this battle!” Ganon yelled, his voice reverberating through the training unit. He had lost his cool. This was when he was most dangerous, a fact which Jet had learned from all of the long fights he had endured against the king of evil in the past. He attempted to knee Jet in the chest, but the king grabbed Ganon’s leg and flipped him to the metal ground.
Jet drew his Royal Family’s blade and stabbed at Ganon’s direction, but the dark lord rolled to the side and kicked Jet in the stomach, returning to his feet. He fell back against the wall but regained his posture quickly, not trusting Ganon’s respect on the battlefield. Ganon charged a large amount of dark energy into his closed fist, and in a matter of seconds, his Gerudo blade was in his hand.
“Two can play at that game your highness,” Ganon said with a smirk on his diseased face. His eyes glowed fiercely in the darkness of the training unit as he rushed toward Jet with his massive blade extended. He sliced down at the king, who jumped to the side of the blade. The metal of the blade slid against the metal of the floor and made a loud, scraping noise. Fortunately enough the two were far away enough from the babies to wake them up. He then swung the large blade horizontally. Jet leapt over the blade easily, stabbing Ganon. The sword slid against his breastplate, doing no damage. He reared back, punching Jet in the face. He fell to the ground, and Ganon brought his blade down upon Jet. He just barely blocked with his own blade, rolling to the side and shooting Ganon with several ki blasts.
“Tetraforce Power!!!!” Jet yelled, the light filling the entirety of the dark room. Ganon was pelted against a wall like a small pebble, bleeding now from the corner of the mouth.
“I would continue this, but it is not the right time for such a have not won, you are simply walking away alive. Enjoy your life for now, foolish immigrant to my realm,” Ganon said angrily, warping away. Jet sighed loudly and walked toward the babies. It was about time for their midday snack.

“ actually formed an alliance....with the Gerudos?” Jet asked.
“Yes...the leader was very frank and angered at first...but we’ve been talking all day. They’re aiding us with the reconstruction and lending their armies in the fight against Ganon,” Zelda answered.
“ never cease to amaze me never do,” Jet said with a smirk. He pulled his wife into a tight embrace and gently kissed her on the lips. They both closed their eyes, enjoying the personal moment they hadn’t had a chance to share in awhile. They moved their lips slowly, enjoying each other’s embrace, warmth, taste. Everything was perfect.
“Hey, Jet....?” Zelda asked in a low tone. He could tell she wanted something.
“Yeah honey?” Jet asked.
“Do you think we could go to our room, light a few candles and just you” Zelda asked.
“Hmm......I dunno,” Jet said with a slight smirk.
“Awww, please? Our anniversary is less than a week away, and I want us to spend as much time together as possible, you know, to make for all the time we missed lately...Yoshimitsu is watching the kids...” Zelda pleaded.
“Yeah....I think I could use some time with my wife...I’ve missed you today,” Jet with a smile, taking Zelda by the hand.
“I love you,” Zelda whispered into Jet’s ear.
“I love you too Zel,” Jet said smiling.
Once Upon a Time there Lived a Happy Couple... by BOEG

Chapter Two: Once Upon a Time, There Lived a Happy Couple...

“How is it....that something like that could happen? It is as if the goddesses of Hyrule themselves are protecting those three children,” Ganon mused to himself, pacing around his dimly lit mountain chamber.
“Maybe my lord...I mean, excuse me my lord,” a Darknut in red armor began.
“Yes servant?” Ganon asked, stopping, his red cape flowing behind him.
“Maybe it’s a sign. That you should....stray from the children for awhile. If the ones you were trying to kill initially were distracted, say...wounded or something of the sort...then killing the others in the bloodline would be easier,” the Darknut answered.
“Hmmm....yes. But this time I shall not strike my cunning lies elsewhere than in my ability to fight. I shall strike from elsewhere,” Ganon said, his glowing eyes lighting up even more than usual.

Lying still. Sitting slowly. Standing. Pacing quickly. Jet had no idea what he was doing, but he rarely did anything without purpose, so Jet wasn’t really in a position to be thinking thoughts in his head. Kenji Ta-Huna had been repeating this chain of actions for several minutes now. In truth it was beginning to irritate Jet, but he wasn’t about to speak up. He wasn’t quite sure whether it was out of respect or some sort of bizzare fear.
“Okay....that’s enough,” Kenji said, standing.
“Enough what?” Jet asked, eyebrow cocked.
“Movement. After you’ve slept for need to get the circulation going again,” Kenji answered.
“Umm....okay,” Jet replied quietly, not interested enough to pursue the matter any further.
“Jet,” Kenji called out, his eyes focused on a wooden gate ahead of them.
“Yeah?” Jet asked.
“You have seen it right? In your dreams set apart from me,” Kenji asked.
“Seen what?” Jet asked.
“The vision,” Kenji answered.
“Of?” Jet asked.
“It’s coming Jet. Don’t be surprised when it happens. And by all means....don’t back down. It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Kenji stated, ignoring Jet’s question as he usually did when confronted with one.
“What do you mean?” Jet asked nervously.
“Tell your wife that you love her Jet. Let your partners know you need them. Let your kingdom know you are there. Let the enemy know you are moving. And’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Kenji ordered. Jet awoke.

“Look who finally woke up,” Al’Rashid jeered as Jet entered the training unit.
“Ha....ha. I needed my sleep,” Jet said with a smirk.
“ is the big day?” Ogre asked.
“ me and Zel are celebrating our anniversary....of two years,” Jet said with a smile. Everyone present in the training unit clapped loudly and cheered.
“That’s really cool man....I never thought in a million years you two would get together,” Link said with a smile.
“Yeah...miracles can happen,” Jet agreed.
“So...what are you gonna do for her?” Goku asked.
“’s gonna be the perfect anniversary,” Jet assured the team.
“How d’ya figure?” Al’Rashid asked.
“Oh....let’s see.....dinner at the best restaurant in Fuschia city...followed by a horse ride though the Calatian country side,” Jet explained.
“Woo....lucky woman. Almost makes me wanna marry you,” Goku joked.
“Yeah....I hope it’s one of the best nights she’ll ever have,” Jet said quietly.
“ Good luck man,” link said with a smile.
“Thanks....I got some stuff I need to do to get ready, so I’ll be in Hyrule if anyone needs me,” Jet said, waving. Seconds later he disappeared from the training unit.

The market at Hyrule castle was full of people as usual, but so far it had been a good day for Zelda. Of course there were always a few people that bowed at the very sight of her, going on about how grateful they are to be able to breathe the same air as her, but there weren’t hundreds of them today as there usually were. Zelda smiled.
Her mind had been drifting a lot lately, worries of Ganon, of the wounds Jet sustained during the fight with Hell Modeus, anger at her father for hiding the secret of Zedusria, but on this day, nothing was going to get Zelda down. She had been with Jet, the love of her life, for two years today, and nothing was going to ruin it for her.
She smiled at the two soldiers guarding the road to Hyrule castle. They were young, and full of life and energy. They knew battles, but they knew not the hardships of war. Zelda knew eventually they would lose their innocence to such things, just as she had, and it saddened her to a point. But she knew that while ignorance may be bliss, there’s always too much of a good thing. She was not bitter about losing that protected, pampered lifestyle; she was quite grateful. So much had happened to her in her life ever since she met Link. She was no longer a young naive princess. She was a queen, and a potent fighter.
She looked at one of the soldiers at the gate and realized it was Joba, Jonphor’s nephew. She had remembered how much he had wept the day he learned of the soldiers death. Zelda had never quite learned to trust Jonphor. She wasn’t like Jet. She could forgive but forgetting wasn’t something she could just do. She had to have a very deliberate purpose.
She walked slowly over to Joba and spoke, “Beautiful day isn’t it?”
“Yes your highness, lovely,” Joba agreed, eyes on the cobblestone ground. He was a very respectful young man. He never looked Jet or Zelda in the eyes, for fear they would view it as disrespect. He lived for one thing: to serve his kingdom. It was apparent in everything he did.
Suddenly as always, the peace was broken. There never seemed to be a reason or motivation behind when or where the darkness struck, just pure desire to kill. A black shadow sifted through the air, and out of it came the form of Ganon.
“Ah....your highness....I’ve missed you so much,” Ganon said, smiling.
“Lay a hand on me....and I will kill you,” Zelda said, not a single hint of fear or discouragement in her strong voice.
“Oh?” Ganon asked. He stepped forward, then kicked the queen hard in the stomach. “I owed you that one...since I couldn’t do it while you were pregnant.”
“Triforce of Wisdom!!!” Zelda yelled, moving her hands in the proper formation. Nothing happened. Ganon laughed at the attempt.
“You see my queen, not only is this your is also the Day of the Triforce!” Ganon declared happily.
“Then you’re just as weak as I!” Zelda yelled.
“Oh no....I am a warlock. I have many forms of magic. And now, my fair queen, you are mine!” Ganon yelled, grabbing Zelda and warping away.

The sun was high in the Hylian sky and the air was cool and crisp. Jet smiled and held the reigns tighter. Firestar galloped quicker. They were near to Hyrule castle. Jet was to soon pick up Zelda, for what he hoped would be a perfect night. He reached the open drawbridge and tied Firestar near the moat, dismounting the beautiful steed. He walked into the market slowly. It didn’t take him but a few minutes to realize something was wrong.
The expressions on the faces of the people were dark, some fearful. Jet sighed. His night with Zelda looked as if it would have to be put on hold. He walked past the crowds of frightened people, approaching the castle. Joba stopped him.
“Your highness!” Joba yelled.
“What is it? What the hell’s goin’ on here?” Jet asked.
“G-ganon....he took Zelda,” Joba answered in a weak tone.
“That isn’t like Zelda....did he say anything?” Jet questioned.
“He mentioned something about the Day of the Triforce, but I have no idea what he was talking about,” Joba answered.
“Damn.....thanks....take a break Joba....” Jet said, turning and running as fast as he could for the drawbridge.

Cold. It was very cold. She opened her eyes slowly. Darkness. She blinked. More darkness. Then, ever so gently, a soft red light flashed. She was still freezing, but she could now see. She was chained by the wrists and ankles to a stone wall. Her sleeves had been cut, and her dress as well. The red light was coming from two torches next to each other. The torches were not lit with fire, but small red orbs that gave off an intense light.
There was a small set of near to six steps leading up to the wall she was chained to, and a door of iron bars on the opposite wall. The room was black otherwise, cave-like with a high ceiling. Ganon walked slowly into the room, leaving the door unbarred.
“I don’t know what it is you want to do with me, but it will not work Mandrag,” Zelda said.
“I don’t want a thing with you, don’t flatter yourself,” Ganon said coldly.
“What do you want then?” Zelda asked.
“You are the bait....the my loach,” Ganon answered.
“Don’t you dare lay a hand on Jet,” Zelda said angrily.
“Shut up, petty bitch,” Ganon said, blasting Zelda with a weak magical blast.
“He will be here any minute,” Ganon said, arms crossed.
“How do you know?” Zelda asked, in slight pain.
“Don’t you see it? He believes so blindly that he can save you, that he’d rush into the very lava of this mountain itself if your charred skeleton was floating amid it. When he is around you, or even thinking about you, he feels he can do anything. This foolish weakness I will exploit to the fullest of my abilities,” Ganon explained.
“You won’t have a chance,” Zelda said.
“Silence, dog!” Ganon yelled.
“ won’t ruin the kingdom of Hyrule...I know it is your goal, but it is an impossible task,” Zelda said. Ganon opened his palm, blasting dark magic into Zelda’s chest. It burned the fabric, as well as the skin and flesh. She closed her eyes in pain.
“Don’t touch her!!!” Jet’s voice echoed out through the chamber.
“Do you believe you can stop me?” Ganon asked.
“I don’t you think you have the heart to,” Jet said.
“’re right....I don’t have a heart...” Ganon agreed, walking up to Zelda slowly.
“Ganon....unchain her now,” Jet ordered.
“Your highness.....this kingdom,” Ganon declared, clipping Zelda across the head.
“Stop it!” Jet yelled.
“I think not,” Ganon said, punching Zelda in the chest. She coughed, blood spilling to the ground. She was in agony, it was quite apparent.
“Stop now!!!” Jet yelled.
“If he makes so much as a move to save you....I will take his life with my shadow,” Ganon warned Zelda.
“Jet......s-stop,” Zelda told him.
“No! He needs to stop this!” Jet yelled. Ganon unsheathed a dagger, then quickly plunged it into Zelda’s chest. She cried out in pain, blood falling to the cold floor.
“No!!!” Jet yelled, running toward Ganon. The king of evil spun around, kicking Jet. He leaped over the attack, punching Ganon in the face.
“Mantie Mordurok, sha!” Ganon yelled, blasting Jet with a strange form of Black magic. He fell to his knees.
“W-what did you do to him?” Zelda asked weakly.
“If he makes a single move to bring you back from the realm of shadow...when at last his life fades....he will be locked in Hell forever,” Ganon whispered to Zelda.
“Stop it Mandrag!” Jet yelled.
“Is pleading all you can do? You’re so very...fragile,” Ganon mused, grabbing Zelda’s head with both hands and slamming into the stone wall behind her.
“Jet......don’t bring me back.....” Zelda cried out, tears streaming down her face.
“What do you mean?” Jet asked.
“Don’t.....bring me back to life,” Zelda said, tears mixing with her blood. Her blue eyes closed, and she was silent. A blank look entered Jet’s face. His wife was gone. The one thing in his life that had ever mattered was gone. The one thing that gave him relief, shelter, anything, was gone. There was no one he could blame but himself. He didn’t make a move when he had the chance.
He had to listen to Zelda. But he couldn’t. How could he? There’s no way he could simply watch as his wife’s spirit floated away. He glared at Ganon, standing proud and tall, unhurt, the only blood on his body belonging to Zelda. He watched the King of Evil laugh, his eyes light up at the sight of his gruesome victory. Jet wasn’t going to take it. He stood slowly, unsheathing his sword and running at Ganon full speed, yelling at the top of his lungs. Tears flew from his eyes to the rock ground as he ran, and he was overcome with a single emotion.
Anger. He had to make Ganon suffer. This was the last straw. The mortal god turned in surprise, just in time to meet Jet’s blade head on. It stuck through his chest, piercing past his armor and out the other side. Jet slowly pulled his blade out from the menace’s chest and smashed him in the shocked face with his hilt. The king of evil grunted something under his breath, warping away. Jet had almost finished it, but he had not the energy to engage in a fight to the death.
He ran to his wife’s body, cutting the chains that bound her to the stone wall. He carried Zelda in his arms to the small set of stairs and sat. he cradled her gently in his arms slowly, and to his shock, the Hylian opened her eyes slowly.
“How....did-,” Jet was cut off.
“S-s-sometimes.....playing dead.....c-can be helpful,” Zelda said with a small smirk. Jet gently kissed Zelda on the lips, holding her wounded and bleeding body tightly.
“I love you so much.....” Jet said in a grateful tone.
“I love you too,” Zelda said smiling.
“Happy anniversary....sorry it didn’t turn out right,” Jet said remorsefully.
“Don’t be.....I’m your arms....alive,” Zelda said, holding onto her husband.
“Let’s get you home,” Jet said, standing with Zelda in his arms. He grabbed his Digi-vice from his belt. “Digi-port open!” he called out, the portal to Earth opening. Zelda was right. Everything was perfect.
The Darkest Deed by BOEG

Chapter Three: The Darkest Deed

He saw the field. The beautiful Hyrule field. Ruined by the fire and the flame of the battle waged on its grasses last year. Then he saw something different. Another field. More flame. Except enveloped in shadow. Yes, it was a dark flame. This gave Jet a very dark, insecure feeling. He didn’t understand it, and he didn’t want to. He wanted it to leave. Thoughts of Kenji questioning him about a certain “vision” came flowing into his mind. He was sucked out of the vision quickly. He awoke with a start.

Jet bolted upward in his bed. He looked around. It was still very early, and the entire room was covered in shadows. He lay back down slowly, wiping the cold sweat off of his face. He looked next to him. Zelda was sleeping very peacefully. He smiled and put his arm around her. It was a smile to assure himself everything was fine. He knew nothing was. He knew there was a lingering shadow, one in which Ganon paled in comparison to.

He was a very standard soldier in Ganon’s army. A Doomknocker. A knight covered from head to toe in blue armor, wielding two battle axes. It was quite a random assignment for a soldier of his class. He wasn’t anyone special, nor anyone of anyone bloodline, just a random soldier picked for a random task. He stood tall before Ganon.
“Then you know what it is you must do?” Ganon asked.
“Yes. I go the house, and I kill the child,” the Doomknocker answered.
“Don’t fail me. I picked a soldier like you because I know you lack the intelligence to mess up something as simple as the extermination of a baby,” Ganon explained.
“Yes my lord. Thank you my lord,” the Doomknocker said, nodding and then leaving the mountain chamber. Ganon had opened the magical portal which would carry the soldier to Earth, to Jet’s house. It was there that he would eliminate the child of the Hero of Time.

“Kenji....I had the vision. The dark flames spreading across a field that was alien to me....what was it?” Jet asked in a very frightened tone.
“It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Kenji smiled to himself.
“Okay....fine then, man of few words. Enough talk about me. How about....” Jet began.
“Don’t even start,” Kenji warned.
“Start what? I just want to know why you hate Link so much for killing Dethl,” Jet said.
“I told you...I was the only thing standing between the Nightmares and my people. I failed. And Link saved Koholint Island from them...he did what I couldn’t....he saved those he cared about,” Kenji answered, eyes on the ground.
“But you did the best you could....” Jet tried to assure Kenji.
“ don’t anything about this Jet. Just stay out of it.....” Kenji ordered, his voice weaker than usual. Jet nodded, and the dream slowly faded away.

He was woken by a yell. A yell of desperation, and obvious pain. A yell from a familiar person, a yell from right next to him, where he lay, in the training unit of his house. It was Link.
“Man, what’s wrong?” Jet asked in a worried tone.
“How can you ask me something like that?!” Link asked, desperation in his voice.
“W-what happened?” Jet stammered out, becoming increasingly worried. Link unsheathed his Master sword and pushed Jet against the wall in anger. He looked into the Hylian’s eyes, and saw tears forming. He could see more pain in Link’s eyes than he ever saw before.
“You fell asleep.....while someone took my child.....” Link said slowly in disbelief. He sheathed his blade slowly and stepped away.
“Link....I’,” Jet was cut off.
“Don’t even say it.....just shut the fuck up! I thought I could trust you! No, I knew I could trust you!!!” Link yelled.
“Link.....” Jet said slowly, at a loss for words.
“I’m sorry.....but I can’t stay here anymore.....bye,” Link said, turning before Jet could see the tears falling from his eyes.
“Goodbye.....old friend,” Jet said quietly, a single tear falling to the cold metal of the training unit.
The Hell Lord Emerges: Apocalypse Modeus by BOEG

Chapter Four: The Hell Lord Emerges: Apocalypse Modeus

It’s black spirit rose into the putrid air of the realm, transparent among the many pillars of black smoke and silent in contrast to the screams of agony and torture all around it. It was free again, stronger and much more powerful, free from the confines of it’s stone body, like a serpent who molts off his skin to grow into something larger and more deadly.
It was it’s time. There was now nothing that could stand in it’s way. There was nothing that had a single hope of standing in it’s way. It sought after it’s target viciously. It’s target was simple. Life. The kingdom of Hyrule was at the moment not it’s concern. It’s thoughts were on the recently liberated kingdom of Zedusria.
How did it know of the liberation of Zedusria if it had slept for so long? It could smell the hope of the Zedusrians. It was a scent that revolted him. He loathed it more than anything, except maybe God. Soon none of his hate and worry would matter though, for the burden would be on all unfortunate enough to remain alive during his rein. He would strike the beautiful Zedusrian fields hard and fast, crushing all life. His power would spread to the kingdom, and from there, he would take control of the entire universe. It was all so genius, the amount of time and cunning put into the plan. It would be near to impossible to stop the course of events from taking place now.
His top fighter, the mighty Dark Knight, resided in Hell, watching guard over the realm with his fiery magic and large blade. The Aku-Mari were at the gates of the mortal realms, and all was still. The Zedusrians lives would fade right before them, before they had a clue as to what struck.

“Jet...honey...please,” Zelda pleaded.
“Zelda....I don’t care if Malon forgave me. I let down my best friend. It was all my fault. I don’t care what anyone says....the death of an innocent little baby is on my hands. I can’t carry that for the rest of my life and expect to have a clean conscious,” Jet argued hopelessly. Zelda put her arm around her husband’s trembling body.
“He’ll come around....he has to,” Zelda tried her best to assure him.
“I dunno Zel....I just-,” Jet was cut off as Lord Deimos burst through the door of Jet’s room. He was fully armored, but both Jet and Zelda could tell someone was wrong.
“Couldn’t you hear it?” Lord Deimos asked, panting.
“Hear what?” Zelda asked with a voice of concern.
“The alarm...there’s something giant at Zedusria,” Lord Deimos answered in a rushed tone.
“How big?” Jet asked.
“About an eighth of the size of Zedusria’s field,” Lord Deimos answered.
“That’s bigger than the market and castle of Hyrule combined!” Jet exclaimed in disbelief. His heart sank.
“What should we do?” Zelda asked.
“Hmm.....assemble the entire team....we’re goin’ to Zedusria field....we don’t know what this is....but we have to stop it,” Jet declared, standing. For the moment his personal problems had to wait.

They had all been to the field before, all knew of the green grass and red soil and beautifully colored flowers that grew there. The Triforce Team saw none of the beauty that had been bestowed upon the realm by the goddesses. They saw carnage.
A great shadow loomed over the entire land, a shadow which was given off by an even fiercer beast. It’s skin was a grey-black color, like that of a battle worn sword, and it had a horned skull lined with spikes running down the nose atop it’s massive head. It had pierced nipples, and two large wings that flailed about in the air. It had a massive tail, very powerful and menacing, almost as much so as the creature itself. There was a belt of chains around it’s waist, and a gargantuan sheathed sword at the belt. It was a different creature but it carried the air of an old fiend about it. Jet recognized the creature instantly.
“Hell Modeus! What are you doing in Zedusria?!” Jet yelled, pointing up at the beast.
“My Apocalypse Modeus!!! tremble before the might that I carry and wield like a blade!!!” Apocalypse Modeus called out, his deep voice cutting through the air and sending chills down everyone’s spine. They drew their weapons, poised to engage in a battle. They were ready, but they knew that they stood little chance.
“Don’t try to defeat us!!!!” Jet taunted. Apocalypse Modeus laughed, taking a single step. All on the field were knocked off of their feet.
“I would not call it trying, pathetic fool,” Apocalypse Modeus jeered. Yoshimitsu stood, followed slowly by the rest of the team. He ran at the massive demon, stabbing at his foot. The blade punctured the skin, leaving a tiny wound in comparison to the amount of pain the demon could now tolerate. Jet threw his whip at the demon’s foot, an equally useless attack. Apocalypse Modeus smiled to himself. His plans for the destruction of the planet’s life would have to wait for a short while; he never could pass up an opportunity to have a little bit of fun.
His wings tensed, and he whipped his arm around, the gust of wind knocking Jet and several others off of their feet. Ogre lifted into the air, wearing a golden ceremonial mask. His eyes glowed fiercely. He rushed into the Hell Lord several times, the force of his body doing more damage than even the demon himself expected. He was bleeding now, albeit from a small wound.
“So you aren’t all walk,” Apocalypse Modeus mused. “Hmm, but the question is, if I am bleeding, am I hurt?” Apocalypse Modeus asked, the evil glare in his demonic eyes hidden by his skull-like face mask.
“We have killed you once before!” Al’Rashid warned, scimitars pointed in the air.
“You killed Hell Modeus. Though I have the same soul, the body in which it inhabits, it quite, quite different,” Apocalypse Modeus retorted.
“Akvar!!!” Al’Rashid called out, pointing his blades outward and launching a large whirlwind of sand into the demon’s body. He was blinded by the dusts for several seconds, giving Trunks the chance to fly toward his body. Before the demon knew it, the super saiya-jin was upon him, bringing charged slashes with his mighty blade down upon the skull helmet he wielded. A small crack formed in the center, but Trunks was thrown to the ground far below with a single swipe of Apocalypse Modeus’ massive claw.
“Pyro bomb!!!!” Apocalypse Modeus cried out triumphantly, covering most of the field in fire, wounding all present on the land. The attack was much fiercer than anything they had faced during their last confrontation with Modeus in Hyrule. The Hell Lord was right. He was a completely different creature.
A War of Fire by BOEG

Chapter Five: A War of Fire

The Hell Lord’s black form rose into the air to the pinnacle of its height, and he then spread his large wings, whipping his gargantuan tail into the earth. The Triforce Team was deterred but not defeated. No one had a single inkling as to how to defeat this foe, but as long as they could still fight, they would. It’s fierce eyes glowed dimly through the shadow of its skull helmet. A small light glowed from his closed fists, and the team could only guess what form of magic the evil demon would unleash upon them next.
Marth and Roy stepped forward, the Sword of Seals and the Falchion shining brightly in the raging fires spread across the field around them all. They readied themselves in the same stance, poised to strike. With a single motion they slammed their blades together, Marth’s power and Roy’s flames melding into a single powerful force. With another motion and a cry of energy, they released the attack, which pounded uselessly into the Hell Lord’s chest. He chuckled lightly, the energy still clenched in his hands.
“Do not try to defeat us!” the executioner warned, launching several of his dismembered heads at the demon. They shattered to pieces upon contact with his skin. Jet and Shinota both transformed into super saiya-jins with a flash of golden light, speeding quickly towards the demon. They unsheathed their blades, charging them with energy just as Trunks had. They let lose the attack upon the skull helmet of the demon, and it shattered to pieces, falling to the burning field below. Apocalypse Modeus released the energy stored in his clenched fists now, a fiery red light shining forth. Along with the light came piercing beams of powerful energy that tore the earth aside like a blade across skin. The two saiya-jins were hit, plummeting to the ground quickly, crashing through the earth as they landed.
They both stood again, bleeding, but not wore down to the point of defeat. Ogre stood tall, drawing energy from around him into his body. In a few mere seconds, his body was changed, and he stood in his true form, a large demon-like dragon, near to eight feet in height, golden jewels adorning his neck, forehead, and wrists, two wings and a heavy tail now part of his body. His eyes glowed fiercely as he slowly flew toward the demon. Apocalypse Modeus did not regard anyone as a threat, and would let them have their fun for the moment.
Ogre launched a torrent of fire at the demon’s chest, singing his skin slightly. He was slapped to the side like the others quickly. Samus rolled to the foot of the Hell Lord, charging a shot of her Light beam. The blast flew quickly and accurately at the demon, splitting into several white hot beams and piercing through his chest painfully, black blood spilling to the ground in mighty globs.
He yelled loudly, overcome by pain, the wounds smoking and bleeding very rapidly. Within seconds, Shinota was at his wife’s side, donning his phazon infused armor, cannon at the ready. Apocalypse Modeus had drawn his mighty blade, and was ready to kill every last person present. He slammed the metal into the ground, and Shinota jumped to the side, blasting the blade with every ounce of phazon in his system. His armor returned to its regular red color, the blade cracked and ruined.
The Hell Lord raised his arms, and brought them down quickly, a ring of black fire surrounding the team, lighting the field ablaze in a subtle, gothic manner.
“This is the Black Flame....he who tries to escape this flame will be condemned to the realm of the will only disappear when I have, you shall meet your final doom Triforce Team!!!” Apocalypse Modeus roared proudly. He unlatched his chain belt and slammed it into the ground. It was his new weapon. The real fight had just begun.
The Saiya-jin Strike by BOEG
Chapter Six: The Saiya-jin Strike

Jet and Shinota stood tall and ready, in their super saiya-jin forms. The golden aura surrounding them lashed out to the air, small sparks of rainbow colored light flying every which way. They stood like statues of heroes, unmoving, determination etched into every detail of their bodies. Almost like they could swallow the whole world with their open maws and still hunger for more. They stood against the might of Apocalypse Modeus, ready to fight, and even more ready to die if the need be.
“Tetraforce Power!!!!” Gotet started, flying toward the demon and launching the golden power at his chest. More black blood bursted forth. Shinota flew behind the demon’s back, blasting the energy of his Temple Link at the back of the foul creature. The demon’s skin burned, and hung loosely from it’s body, and it was angered. He covered his body in a fiery aura, blasting the two saiya-jins to the ground. They stood quickly, and looked at each other, a smile crossing their faces.
“Fu-sion-Ha!!!!” they both called in unison, their energy combining into one. A white light continued to grow around the single fused warrior, growing larger and brighter. Zelda stepped forth, not ready to let Apocalypse Modeus crush the one attempt they may have at victory.
“Mystic Light!!!!” she called, raising her hands into the air and blasting the magic into the demon’s already bleeding chest. With a terrible scream he reared back, black blood covering the ground and spilling faster than the ground could make places for it to fall. Puddles of black now formed all over, and in the air was the foul scream of the Hell Lord. The light next to her subsided, and standing tall was Shinotet, a super saiya-jin five, grey fur covering most of his body, incredibly long grey hair on his head, and red and blue tattoos on his face. He drew the Twin Diamond Sword from it’s sheath, covering it in saiya-jin energy, and rushed at the demon.
The fused saiya-jin gave two slashes before powering down and falling to the ground, unconscious. The chain whip fell in two, and the mask that the demon wore fell into pieces. The two saiya-jins separated, and they saw it: their opportunity to end the battle.
“Shinota! Get him! Finish it!!!!” Jet yelled. Shinota stood slowly, bleeding and weakened. He raised his Twin Diamond Sword. It would end now.
The Final Strike by BOEG
Chapter Seven: The Final Strike

Shinota used every ounce of strength he could muster from his weak body and lifted himself into the air, floating high but unsteadily. He rushed forward, unleashing every ounce of anger he carried in this moment. He carved the Temple Link’s shape into the skull of the Hell Lord, stabbing through the middle of the emblem with force. With a river of black blood and a burst of red light, the Hell Lord’s life faded. The ground began to shake, cracks and steam rising from below the already scorched earth. Shinota flew to safety as the rest of the team fled, and the Hell Lord’s body fell below, the very ground swallowing him. His body gained speed the farther down it fell.
With an incredible crash that tore asunder the black rock and sent the toxic acids flying through the air, the Hell Lord’s body landed in the very realm from whence it came. After the dust had cleared, and the great form of Apocalypse Modeus had become one with the realm of Hell, a spirit rose. It was the Dark Knight. In his anger he spoke, “It is amazing he did not take the entire realm with him! I cannot believe this! They have escaped victorious once more! I will not have this!!!”

The team had not moved from the battlefield. Many treated their wounds, while others lay sleeping on what remained of the grassy field. The sky was lit ablaze with pulsating rainbow like colors, flittering particles free spirits and blithe souls. The entire dark blue night sky was alive with the colors, and for the first time in a long time, things felt right in the world.
The lights burned down on the field, causing everyone present to be illuminated in the glow, and even the gaping maw of Hell which had been opened was lit up under the beautiful aurora. Jet and Zelda sat close to each other on the ground, their weapons and equipment nearby.
The wounds Jet had sustained were few, but large. His left eye had been mostly bruised shut, and the skin on his right arm had been torn and ripped. He spoke slowly “We did it....twice,”
“Yes....are you going to be okay?” Zelda asked, looking at her wounded husband.
“I’m......great,” he replied, looking into Zelda’s eyes. The two kissed slowly, and it was the best thing either of them had experienced in a long while.

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