The Legend of Zelda: The Rise of the Hell Lords by BOEG
Summary: Link battles the revived Ganon on Snowhead one day and defeats him only to be sucked away to the planet Earth where he meets Jet and Kari and forms a team of fighters to defeat the dark lord and steal back the Triforce of Power... WARNING: some violent descriptions... later on anyway.. NOTE: the first chapter makes several references to Poke'mon and Digimon but it is in no way shape or form a oke'mon/digimon/Zelda crossover later on it will become a DBZ/Zelda crossover
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The Triforce Team is Formed by BOEG
The Legend of Zelda
The Rise of the Hell Lords


Hyrule, Termina, Earth, Labrynna, Kohnolint island, Holodrum, Subrosia, all of the planets nearly right next to each other. However, none of the planets knew of the other’s existence, Hyrule had some clue about Holodrum and Labrynna thanks to the exploits of the Hero of Time, but other than that, none knew that there were any realms beyond the one they stood in.
Hyrule was a beautiful land, filled with many races, and supreme peace. It was home to the entrance of the Sacred Realm, and it used to be the resting place of the infamous Triforce of legend. The king, Harkinarian ruled the kingdom of Hyrule with his daughter Zelda, and the land’s peace was kept by Link, the Hero of Time, and his faithful partners Epona the steed, and Navi and Tatl the fairies.
The neighboring realm was Termina, an area technologically advanced when compared to Hyrule, and home to many different races and civilizations as different as night and day. At the center of the planet rested a city known as Clocktown divided into four different sectors, and it was the capitol of life and business in the world.
Labrynna is a planet absorbed by myth and lore, the land watched over by an oracle, and constantly at danger from a sorceress who has been revived from death many times. Mostly dominated by Labrynnans, the rarer of races hide on islands or live underwater.
Holodrum is a planet closely linked to Labrynna, as it is also watched over by an oracle, but the land is more at peace. In the northern area of the planet there rests a temple of four seasons, a place to pay homage to the fairies of the seasons. It is also the entrance through which one can reach the volcanic realm of Subrosia.
Kohnolint Island is a very large area surrounded by people and temples and magical animals gifted with speech, but its most interesting feature is undoubtedly Mount Tamarach, the resting place of the hatched Windfish’s egg. Many travelers often go out to sea then go through a magical portal and unknowingly end up in the planet of Labrynna or Holodrum.
And last there is Earth. The most ignorant planet, using every natural resource and literally killing the planet to make life easier, the inhabitants with the most intelligence, the humans, are most likely going to be the ones to destroy the planet. But even the planet Earth has some part to play before this tale is finished.
There are two realms that are rarely spoken of, for few are aware of their existence, except the humans, who build entire beliefs around the areas. These two realms are Heaven and Hell. The realm of Heaven is where the one true God reigns with an army of angel’s waiting for the right time to end the planets life. And the other realm is Hell, where the demonic fallen angel Devil rules with an ever growing army of demon’s, trying to turn people from the path of God and corrupting their hearts, feeding them lies and promises, and then torturing them in his realm when they die. These turned humans are known as the damned. An army of suffering hurting people they are, dead, yet still willing to serve, as their deceitful master even now in their ultimate doom promises them unlimited pleasure if they overthrow the realm of Heaven, a task which is impossible. But for now our gaze leaves the realms of Heaven and Hell and moves towards a much more commonly known area. To Termina. In an uncharted area of Snowhead….

Chapter 1: The Triforce Team is Formed

It was cold. Small snowflakes fell very quickly from the white sky, the crystalline formations unique in shape, catching small rays of sunlight now and then, and turning many different colors before melting or falling to the all ready covered ground. It was beautiful. One of the most beautiful sights anyone could hope to behold in their life. But the two warriors standing in the area had no time to care.
Link dug his Kokiri boots deep into the snow and unsheathed his Master sword. He grabbed the hilt with both hands and held on to his blade tightly. The Master sword. It used to be locked away in the Temple of Time. In fact, just the day before, it was. But Link had gotten news from people in the market that his enemy had returned. The man he now faced was Ganondorf Dragmire. Long ago this man sneaked into the Sacred Realm and stole the Triforce of Power, turning all of the temples of Hyrule evil, and casting a veil of shadow over the land. He had built a mighty castle, and was the supreme ruler of Hyrule.
It was then that Link traveled to the future where Ganondorf ruled and struck him down with the Master sword. Helping him in this quest was Sheik, the princess, Zelda in disguise. The two overthrew Ganon, locking him in the Sacred Realm, then leaving behind the ruined Hyrule in another time zone, then locking the Master sword away.
But when Link heard of Ganon’s return, he went to the temple of Time and took the sword from its pedestal once again. Ganondorf looked at Link with an evil smile. The dark lord indeed still possessed the Triforce of Power, a sacred relic left behind by the goddesses who created Hyrule. Link had the Triforce of Courage, and Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom. There is lore of another piece, but it has never been found. Ganondorf wore a large cape with the designs of his kingdom, Gerudo fortress, a land consisting of all women, in which he was the only man, thus the automatic ruler. Some of the women thought it was unfair that Ganon ruled because he was a man, while others served him like a god. He wore black armor with several gems, one of which he always kept on his forehead, and he had spiked red hair.
“Give it up all ready. You know you can’t win,” Ganondorf called out loudly, fighting to be heard above the icy breeze.
“How can you be so sure Mandrag?” Link asked, calling Ganon by his other name.
“Because…. In my travels I came across something that you might be missing,” Ganondorf said in a proud tone.
He reached behind his cape and lifted up a mask that looked much like Link’s face, except it had long white bangs and red and blue face paint. He grinned and then laughed.
“The fierce deity’s mask!” Link yelled, astonished.
The fierce deity’s mask was one of the magical masks made on Termina, and in it was the power of a warrior. Whoever wore that mask would take the body of a god, and wield the Helix sword, a large blade with magical abilities. Ganon did not hesitate at all and quickly placed the mask on his face.
He was surrounded by a swirling mass of blue energy, and the skies darkened, and a bright flash of light temporarily blinded Link, and when he opened his eyes, he no longer saw Ganon in front of him, but an exact clone of him. Near enough anyway. It stood nearly ten feet tall, wielding the helix sword and wearing a fuchsia Hylian tunic covered in black armor and belts. It had black tights and an undershirt beneath the tunic, and wore a fuchsia hat over it’s silver hair, with long bangs coming down just over it’s white eyes. It’s face was surrounded by blue and red paint, and it grinned.
Ganon had put on the fierce deity’s mask. Link tightened his grip on the Master sword. The two warriors stared at each other for a long time, snow collecting on their clothes and armor, the sun gleaming on their blades. Link then charged at Ganon with a ferocity that he did not expect. Link unleashed four slashes upon Ganon, and he blocked each one easily with the Helix blade. Catching Link off guard, he punched him in the face hard, bruising his cheek and making him lose balance. He fell to the snowy ground, dazed and in pain.
“With this, I will destroy you once and for all, Hero of Time!” Ganon yelled triumphantly. He raised the Helix blade high in the air, but just before he could plant it in Link’s chest, the hylian rolled out of the way and kicked Ganon in the stomach, then stabbed him in the face with the Master sword. The fierce deity’s mask cracked into many pieces, and Ganon was left in his regular form, kneeling in the snow.
Before Link had a chance to realize his victory though, he was surrounded by an odd blue light and sucked into a vortex. He lost all sense of time and space, and flew through a seemingly endless spiraling tunnel of multi colored energy. He closed his eyes, not knowing just what was in store for him wherever he ended up, or if he would indeed end up anywhere, or if he was doomed to die, endlessly trapped in this spinning vortex of energy.

It was a quiet life. It hadn’t always been that way. In his early days as a small child, his parents had died, leaving him alone to care for himself. The one thing his parents had given him before they died was a yin- yang that he always wore around his neck. He had stolen a poke’dex from Professor Oak long ago and captured his first poke’mon in the forest, then moved on to become a poke’mon master, and eventually a gym leader in the platinum league, holding the Skull badge.
It was there that he found the crystal master ball, and got whisked away into another dimension through a warp portal. He landed in the Digital world, and there he met the digi- destined. He was assigned a digimon partner, Haugurumon, and received a digivice. He held the crest of compassion, and when their long journeys were over, he married the digi-destined Kari.
Jet now lived with Kari in his old house in Pallet Town, Earth, the area where he was born and raised, and indeed the same house he had lived in all his life. When he was twelve, he joined the Platinum league of gym leader’s and many of Viridian’s workers had begun work on building him a training unit for poke’mon battles beneath his house.
The unit was made of indestructible steel, and was just recently finished. Jet was now twenty-one, and his wife Kari twenty.
Jet chopped a mushroom several times with a small knife. He was preparing a pizza for dinner, and he loved mushrooms. Indeed cooking was one of the skills Jet tended to hide from strangers, as he was afraid it made him seem less manly, and to Jet, image was everything.
He himself was very handsome. He had a blonde bull cut, a hair style he had since he was roughly eight. He wore a poke’mon T-shirt, black shorts down to his knees, and dirty socks. He always wore a watch and wristband also. He was quite muscular by a human’s standards, and he had blue eyes that could pierce people’s thoughts if he stared at them intently enough. His eyes alone had often won poke’mon battles long ago, as he struck a certain fear into his enemies hearts, just by the way he looked at them. Jet was mysterious like that. He lacked physical power, but his heart seemed to frighten some.
A warp portal opened in Jet’s kitchen suddenly, and a very strange figure appeared in front of Jet.
Jet judged that he was about five foot seven, and his arms were thin, but he had muscular legs. Apparently he did a lot of running. He wore a pair of brown boots with buckles on them, and wore white tights and a white undershirt. He had a green tunic on, with a belt strapped across his chest. On his hands were gauntlets, and both of his pointed ears were pierced. He wore a green hat, had long blonde bangs, and blue eyes. Most peculiar to Jet was the sword and shield hanging from his back.
Both people were completely speechless. It was then that Kari walked in the kitchen. She had short hair, and wore pink all the time. She had a camera around her neck, as photography was a slight hobby of hers.
“I heard a loud noise and…”her voice trailed off as she saw the stranger in their house.
“Whoa… who’s the good looking lady?” Link asked, breaking the awkward silence .
“My WIFE!” Jet answered enraged.
“Oh…. Um sorry,” Link said, stepping back.
“Who, might I ask, are you?” Jet questioned impatiently.
“My name is Link, and if you ask why I am here, I can’t honestly tell you, but I’ll try to explain what happened to me so far,” Link began.
“Okay… explain away,” Jet said, calming down.

After Link was done explaining his story to Jet, he and Kari sat there for a moment, trying to process it all. it was a rather unbelievable story, but after what Jet had seen in the Digital world, he doubted little that was told to him.
“Okay…. Now explain the getup,” Jet said.
“What? This is a Kokiri tunic. Everyone in the Kokiri forest wears one. I’m a Hylian, but I was still raised in the forest, and I guess I just feel comfortable wearing this,” Link answered.
“Okay… I think I’m beginning to understand this is a little…,” Jet said.
“Well…. Now that I found you, can I ask you for some help?” Link asked.
“Help with what?” Jet questioned.
“ I am fighting an evil warlord named Ganondorf Dragmire, and I need assistance in killing him,” Link said.
“ Dude… we aren’t fighters… its not something me and Kari tend to do too often,” Jet said, looking around nervously.
“ I know but I’m really desperate… I can’t defeat Ganon on my own again!” Link pleaded.
“The most I can do for you is send you back home,” Jet said.
He sat in his computer chair and quickly typed in several random codes of digits and letters. He then pulled out his digivice, a tool which he used to use to travel between Earth and the Digital world, and pointed it at the monitor.
“Digi port open!” He called out, and with that, the same spiraling blue vortex of energy Link saw earlier came out of the monitor and slowly grew. Link now knew this vortex a digital portal, digi port for short, which allowed people and objects to travel between dimensions and planets.
It was then that Jet’s plan for a peaceful afternoon were ruined completely. With a sudden burst of flame and energy, Jet’s wall collapsed, and coming out of another warp portal was a man with spiked red hair and no pupils, a third eye glowing on his forehead. He rode on a steed, and swung his mighty sword through the air. This was Ganon in his second strongest physical form.
“This is your fault somehow Link… I just can tell,” Jet said, shaking his head, not surprised in the least by the mounted invader.
“Less words, more fight,” Link said in a rushed tone.
Jet picked up the knife he was using to chop the mushrooms, and twirled it around foolishly, pretending to be skilled at it. Link unsheathed his Master sword and held his Hylian shield at the ready. Kari armed herself with a pot, wanting to be helpful in some way instead of sitting out.
The three ran outside to meet Ganon in combat, and he halted right in front of Link. He jumped off his steed, and attacked Link. The hylian parried the blow, and followed it quickly with a spin attack. Ganon was hit, but barely hurt. He spun his blade around his head and then brought it down hard upon Link, who barely raised his shield in time.
Link then focused his magical energy, and after a few moments of concentration, he changed physical form. He now took on the shape of Fierce Deity. He slashed at Ganon with the Helix sword. Ganon blocked the blow quickly, but didn’t expect the jump attack that followed. Link came down upon his shoulder, and caused a large bleeding wound to appear on his body. Ganon was now enraged, and charged towards Link, who quickly did a spin attack, and cut Ganon’s body clean in half. Both halves fell to the floor, dead. They then exploded in a burst of blue fire, leaving no sign of a body. Link dropped his shield, sheathed his sword, and relaxed.

Zelda walked into the aged stone halls of the Temple of Time dressed in bandages around her face and hair, and wearing blue and black Sheikah cloth. This was her disguise. While wearing this she was not Zelda, nor did she even claim to be a woman, but she was Sheik. She had two daggers strapped to her thighs, and a chain whip on her left hip above the dagger. Behind her back she also stored at least one hundred razor sharp needles at any given time. Indeed she knew how to fight, and how to use magic, but she had only told her father as of late.
She walked down the red carpet of the temple, staring at the altar in which the three spiritual stones sat, and then noticing something wrong, the Door of Time…. Wide open. This disturbed Zelda greatly. She had a telepathic connection with Link, and it did not take her long to pinpoint his location. She used warping magic very quickly, then headed to Earth.

Link had gone to sleep on the grass of Jet’s backyard, while Jet tried to evaluate the damages done to his wall. Kari stood back looking at Link, then looking at Jet, then closing her eyes and thinking to herself about the whole situation. She thought things might return to normal, when another warp portal appeared. Out of this vortex came Zelda, and looking at Link she walked slowly beside him and kicked him lightly in the chest.
“Wake up Link,” Zelda said in a low tone.
“Huh… oh…hi Zelda,” Link said in a tired voice.
“Who are you?” Jet asked.
“My name is Sheik…. Or you could call me Zelda… right now what is important is the message I need to tell you Link. I saw Ganon march across Hyrule field numerous minutes ago,” Zelda said.
“That’s impossible! I just killed him!” Link yelled in astonishment.
“ Wrong… he used magic and revived Phantom Ganon,” she said quietly.
“ Now will you guys help me?” Link asked.
“ Hmm….. yeah fine… I’m in,’ Jet answered.
Hyrule Field by BOEG
Chapter 2: Hyrule Field

Link and Zelda now each had rooms in Jet’s house, and they had been living with Kari and him for nearly a week now. Jet and Kari had taken this week to learn all they could of Hyrule and Link’s journeys to the other planets. Link and Zelda were incredible as partners in story telling and combat, even though the two had completely different pasts. Zelda was always raised in a castle, and though she was tomboyish in several ways, she still got used to the lifestyle of being constantly pampered. Link on the other hand was raised in a forest, and spent most of his life traveling and sleeping outside, having to catch his own food. Because of this he was very good at cooking, and Jet and Kari had enjoyed several new meals thanks to him this past week.
It was on this day that Link told Jet the exact coordinates to set on his digivice to get to Hyrule field. Jet was eager to see this place, and even more eager to see the castle. Jet had always only imagined such things as this, and now he had a chance to see it firsthand.
“Digi Port Open!,” Jet called out, and the familiar blue vortex of energy appeared in mid-air.
Link went first, followed by Zelda, then Kari, and finally Jet, who closed the warp. They flew through the warp portal, their ultimate destination Hyrule field. They went on for what seemed like an eternity to Link through the blue vortex, and he wondered if they were going to make it by night. The digivice always moved slow when it locked onto new coordinates for the first time. After they went there and back, they would be able to make it to Hyrule in a matter of seconds.
Link finally saw a small light open up a small distance away, and he thought that it had to be the end of the vortex. Jet saw bright yellowish green at the end of the portal, and he knew that the color was probably grass. When at last they came to Hyrule field, Jet was in awe.
Directly in front of him was a large castle with white walls, and a large wooden drawbridge. There was a moat with fresh water flowing steadily to a small stream which led to the river. The sun gleamed down on the river, making a beautiful sight. The light flickered on the water with a certain beauty that Jet had never witnessed.
“Look at this Kari! Its all so…. Amazing…. I love it!” Jet exclaimed with excitement.
“Yeah….. its… really great… honey….,” Kari said in a rather weak tone, her mind somewhere else.
“….. Anything… wrong?” Jet asked, rather worried at Kari’s lack of enthusiasm.
“No… well…. Yes…but…. Just… don’t worry about it, okay?” Kari said quietly.
“Yeah… okay… not another word… sorry I brought it up,” Jet said almost to himself.
He looked around again. To his right was a hill and a small bridge crossing the stream, which led to a staircase going up to Kakariko village, a peaceful area at the foot of Death mountain. Far away to his left he saw a rather large fenced in area with stone walls. Link had described this as Lon Lon ranch. Jet planned on trying the milk there sometime, as according to Zelda, Hylian milk was at least ten times better than Earth milk. Jet had no way to tell.
He suddenly turned his thoughts to Kari. They had been very much in love when they met in the Digital world, but as of late, it seemed that they were having more and more problems. They were getting more distant, and whenever Jet would try to see what was wrong, Kari would hide behind a rather obvious lie and flash her fake smile, which reassured Jet even less. In truth, he had no idea if Kari still loved him, if she was happy at all. Some of the love had left Jet due to a fight they had long ago. Kari left one night and Jet was scared nearly to death. He eventually found her, and after a long talk, they resolved things, but their relationship was never quite the same after that.
“Hey! This way Jet!” Link called out, snapping Jet out of his thought.
“ Come on… we need to cover a lot of ground tonight,” Zelda said, disguised again as Sheik.
“ Right behind you,” Kari said, walking quickly to catch up to Link and Zelda. Jet lagged a bit, still amazed at the entire place. What got to Jet was the fact that, unlike the Digital world, this place was real. He could die here, and his soul would leave his body, not be deleted. He could get cut here, and he would bleed, not have skin data get erased. It was all so new and amazing. Jet wanted to explore every planet Link had spoken of, and he planned to.
They walked until the sky was orange and the sun was setting behind the great looming shadow of the distant cliffs. They sat now in a sandy area, under a well shaded cliff. They were near Gerudo valley, the area where Ganondorf was born and raised. They sat in between a circle of rocks, around a small fire, cooking a guay, the main bird of Hyrule, and preparing to eat it.
“ Guay look really dangerous and you’d think they’d have all sorts of diseases, but they are actually really safe to eat… trust me I know from living out here,” Link said, his mouth almost watering at the scent of the roasting bird.
“Again… I wouldn’t know,” Jet said, looking at the bridge that led to the fortress of the Gerudo.
Zelda stood suddenly, readying her needles.
“What is it?” Link asked nervously, unsheathing his Master sword.
“Can’t you hear it? Stalfos. Six of them. Coming right towards us. They must have been sent by Ganon to kill us. They probably saw the smoke from the fire and decided to head this way,” Zelda said quietly, almost in a whisper.
“Should we put the fire out?” Kari asked nervously.
“Nah, that wouldn’t do any good now. They know we’re here, and putting it out would just reinforce that,” Link said quietly.
Jet looked ahead. Stalfos were indeed much as Link described them. Five foot tall warriors who hunched slightly, made completely out of bone, but somehow alive. They wore black and red armor, carried round buckler shields, and wielded large red blades. There were six of them, and Jet relied solely on Link and Zelda, as he knew Kari and him were unarmed, and not that good at hand to hand combat. Jet used street smarts whenever he got in a fight as a child, and even at that he usually lost.
Link suddenly charged, yelling out loudly and hitting one of the Stalfos in the head with his shield, all while slicing off the arm of another. The Stalfos bled all over the dirt, its green blood stained on the Master sword. One of the Stalfos came up behind Link, and Sheik very quickly released five needles into the back of it’s head, and it fell to the ground, then burst into green fire. This surprised Jet, who was still trying to get over the green blood.
Jet ran forward quite suddenly, and kicked one of the Stalfos hard in the head. It knocked the Stalfos down, but did no serious damage, as Jet was wearing Nike’s. The Stalfos almost cleaved his head straight down the middle, but Sheik suddenly shot a blast of golden light out of her hand, accompanied with the phrase “Triforce of Wisdom!”
Jet owed Zelda his life. He would thank her later. He was now fascinated with the Triforce, as it possessed some kind of offensive magic quite obviously. He would have to ask about that later to. Link killed two with a spin attack. Jet, now wanting more than ever to redeem himself, picked up a jagged rock from the circle of stones they were sitting in, and threw it at a Stalfo’s head, causing a large bleeding wound to appear on its skull. It fell to the ground, lifeless, then burst into flames.
The last Stalfos started running away quickly to report to Ganon likely, but Link could not take that chance. Taking out his fairy bow, he strung an arrow very quickly, and pierced its neck. As the sun lowered below the hills, and the skies turned black, the desert was illuminated by a green fire, the death of an entire squad of Ganon’s minions. He would be angered, but it hardly made a dent in his forces. The four rested again.

“So… those things were Stalfos?” Jet asked, out of breath.
“ Yeah…. Six at once is a little difficult,” Link answered.
“How many more are there?” Kari asked.
“Hundreds at least,” Link answered.
Jet and Kari both fell silent. They were truly alone. They didn’t have their digimon partners, and Jet didn’t have his poke’mon. This was the first time in a long while that the two had to rely solely on themselves in the face of danger. When Jet had fought that Stalfos he finally realized just how weak he really was. If it wasn’t for Zelda, his blood would be stained upon the desert right now.
A wolfos howled far in the distance. This was the sign that night had officially came to Hyrule. The wild packs of wolfos also howled at night in Termina. Hyrule and Termina were similar in many ways, but at first glance they seemed completely different.
“Hey, Zelda…. that whole thing back there…. you saved my life… thanks,” Jet said, staring at the ground and kicking a stone.
“We are all partners now…. I wasn’t about to let you die,” Zelda said.
“ Yeah… well, thanks… a lot,” Jet said, looking up at Zelda.
“You’re welcome,” she said, her gaze meeting his.
“Jet… we need to talk….. right now,” Kari said in an urgent tone.
“Um.. okay, talk away,” Jet said, trying his best not to sound nervous.
“Alone,” Kari said, her voice weak.
“Okay….” Jet said.
The two slowly walked off to a grassy area.

They sat down next to a cliff wall, looking out on the amazing field. Jet loved this place, indeed he loved it thousands of times more than anything he had ever seen in the Digital world, and he wanted to see more of it. He had always hated the way Earth felt. It was all so organized. Pay taxes, live in a house, everyone knows where you live, you have to pay for things like water just to keep the world spinning, you need money for everything. He didn’t like it at all. This place was so much freer. Jet loved it. He was happier than he could ever remember being.
“Kari…. Whats wrong? And don’t bother saying nothing… I can tell something’s a matter,” Jet said, turning serious suddenly, his smile disappearing.
“Jet, we are different. I’ve felt it for awhile now, and I know you have to. We aren’t going to work as a couple anymore. We want different things. You want to be free… to be out here and go on incredible adventures and to be a hero. I … don’t. I want to live a quiet life with the luxuries of modern Earth. I like technology Jet…no, I love it. And you’re just… different. I know it’s leading to problems…. I can tell…. So.. goodbye,” Kari said quite suddenly.
“But.. wait.. please,” Jet pleaded.
“Please… don’t say anything else…. It won’t work… this is what…I want…so.. bye,” Kari said in a low tone, choking back tears.
“Digi port open!” Kari called out, crying.
She went through the vortex, and it closed quickly. Jet remembered her face, the warm tears streaming down it and hitting the grass. That was the last time he ever looked upon her face again. He was depressed, yes. But he didn’t feel like crying, as he believed it would only make the situation worse. He got up slowly, then determined to stay hardened, walked back to Zelda and Link. His heart was broken, and he needed love more than ever now, but he wasn’t about to show it.
Jet's Training Begins by BOEG
Chapter 3: Jet’s Training Begins

Jet returned to the area where Zelda and Link were sitting, eagerly eating the Guay. He sat down, saying nothing. He looked into the fire, and suddenly wondered where he had gone wrong. He sat, head in his knees for awhile, thinking to himself. He raised his head and looked around slowly. Zelda had removed her mask of bandages and let her hair down. She now stared straight at Jet. It made him uncomfortable, but at the same time it made him feel better. He was now confused. He looked down again.
“Hey… where’s Kari?” Link asked, knowing full well what Jet was going to tell him.
“She’s… gone now…. forever… we… both wanted different things. But hey, I’m fine! Gimme some of that bird Link! Serve me up a big ol’ helping! I’m hungry tonight,” Jet said in a happy tone.
“Jet… are you okay?” Zelda asked in a concerned tone.
“Yeah man, you sure you’re okay?” Link asked, reinforcing Zelda’s question.
“Hey… I said I was fine… happy even… I’m single now,” Jet said cocking an eyebrow, trying very hard to seem happy, and pulling it off splendidly.
“Heh okay. You sure are good at handling bad things. I admire that. Seriously,” Link said, handing Jet a piece of the Guay.
“Yeah….really good at it,” Zelda repeated, staring at the fire.
“So… when are we goin to set out again? I wanna see more of Hyrule… it’s so amazing! This has got to be the most beautiful place I have ever been to,” Jet said in an excited tone.
“ There is a lot more I can show you. I think I’ll take you to Kokiri forest and lake Hylia tomorrow. You should like those places. Quiet and bright with just a hint of darkness around the edges. Kinda fits you,” Link said.
“ Lets go there tomorrow then!” Jet said with excitement.
“Okay… but now lets get some sleep,” Link said, yawning.
“Yeah… tomorrow we’ll go there…. good night,” Zelda said.
“Good night….”Jet said quietly, still thinking about this nights events.

Jet had many dreams that night, dreams about Kari, dreams about all the new places he finally had a chance to see, and dreams of Ganon, of the evil threat that was moving to kill them.
He awoke, weak and in pain. He had no idea how his relationship had gone wrong so suddenly. A single tear dripped down his cheek, hitting the grass without a sound. But he thought to himself again. He believed that everything happened for a reason. He would not cry over Kari again.
“I knew you weren’t happy,” Zelda called out from behind him.
“How so? I’m perfectly happy. Just can’t sleep,” Jet said, hiding behind the fake tone again.
“I saw it in your eyes. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve seen your cool exterior crack and those hard blue eyes show any hint of humanity. It relieved me,” Zelda said, sitting by Jet.
“It hurts…a lot,” Jet said, sighing.
“I can’t say that I know what it’s like, because I’ve never been in love, and I’ve never had my heart broken,” Zelda said quietly.
“Neither have I…until tonight, anyway,” Jet answered to the statement.
“I’m sorry. I see you cared greatly for her. But…there are other people out there Jet,” Zelda said, avoiding eye contact.
“Yeah, but I really dunno if I’ll ever be able to love anyone again,” he said, hiding his head in his hands.
“I’m gonna try to sleep again. Good night, or good morning or whatever,” Jet said, lying back down.

When morning came Jet was well aware of it. A cucco, the Hylian chicken, crowed very loudly in Kakoriko Village, and its sound echoed all over Hyrule by unknown means. Link had slept well, and was now pacing around the circle of rocks quickly, wanting to head to Lake Hylia.
“There is the greatest fishing spot over by Lake Hylia,” Link began.
“I’m listening,” Jet said, his hands on his waist.
“It’s a pretty well open place. It’s surrounded by stone walls but there’s no roof, so even when it’s raining you can go fishin’ and enjoy nature to the fullest. Ah it’s a great place to go to blow off some steam,” Link said, exhaling loudly.
“Yeah…that sounds cool and all, but…,” Jet began.
“But?” Link asked curiously.
“Could you show me some of those sword moves?” Jet asked sheepishly.
“I thought you’d never ask. Some of them? Heck, I’m gonna make you a Knight!” Link said, unsheathing his blade and twirling it around proudly.
“Yeah, but…I’m unarmed,” Jet said nervously.
“So?” Link asked, slashing the air with his sword.
“Don’t hurt him, Link. He’s new to this,” Zelda said in a worried tone.
“Zelda, is that you? Why be worried? He’s a grown man. He’ll make it,” Link said, laughing.
“Well…never mind,” Zelda said, blushing.
“Ha. Okay. Anyway, come over here, Jet. Let’s start with unarmed evasive maneuvers,” Link said.
“…K,” Jet said.
Link then began to teach Jet several moves, from the proper back flip to a forward roll. They eventually moved on to the tree in front of Lon Lon Ranch. Breaking several branches off, Link took one in his hand and wielded it like a blade.
“Take one. This is your first step in moving to a sword,” Link said, twirling the stick around.
“All right. Now what?” Jet asked, grabbing the stick tightly in his hand.
“Now you fight in rhythm. The key is to not pay attention to the blade. Look at your opponent’s eyes. Straight into them. That’s how you anticipate an attack. Now attack me,” Link said calmly.
Jet rushed forward quickly slashing Link with the stick. Link countered easily, and jabbed Jet in the chest with the stick. He fell to the ground, out of breath.
“That’s a perfect way to lose,” Link began.
“How so?” Jet asked.
“Hmph…You struck angrily and way too quickly. Now fight in rhythm, one…two…three,” Link said, starting to fight in rhythm to the numbers he said. They fought awkwardly at first, then Jet began to make eye contact with Link, and the battle went much smoother. The two sticks now came together rhythmically, and the two fighters both appeared very skilled.
Jet was catching on quickly, and indeed he would very soon be able to take out weaker opponents with the sword skills he was learning.
The two continued their clash for several moments, then Link spun around and hit Jet in the arm with the stick.
“What was that for?” Jet asked, surprised.
“I did it to teach you one thing. When you fight with a sword, ninety-nine percent of the time your opponent will have one, too. That means sooner or later you’re gonna get cut. Most people when they first get hit just…freeze. And I’m tryin’ to make you get used to the idea of getting hit,” Link answered.
“Oh, okay…makes sense,” Jet said, shrugging off the matter.
“Again!” Link yelled.
Jet moved forward, hitting the stick against Link’s again, still in perfect rhythm. Link taught him how to parry, and the jump attack. After several hours Jet collapsed.
“Okay…a little intense…but I feel stronger,” Jet gasped out in between breaths.
Zelda sat beside him. Link and Jet had been training all day, and Jet was completely wasted physically. She looked at his face. His blue eyes were closed, sweat streaming down his face, his blonde hair wet and matted down from perspiration.
“So that was your first time?” Zelda asked.
“…Yeah…and it wasn’t even a real sword…I’m gonna be a great warrior,” Jet said, his face turning red.
“You will…I see it in your eyes. You have the eyes of a leader. Cold and unconcerning on the outside, deep and caring on the inside,” Zelda said.
Jet then looked at her. For the first time she saw his eyes filled with care and compassion. She was absorbed by his gaze and forgot everything.
“Kari wasn’t right for you,” she said suddenly, in spite of herself.
“What?” Jet asked, surprised at how suddenly she spoke.
“Nothing…We should be going,” Zelda said, getting up quickly and walking away.
“Hey, Jet, lets go to Lon Lon Ranch and take a break. You earned it,” Link said.

The ranch was a very large area, a green field with a large fence in the middle. Many horses ran through the field, some fenced in, some free. Of the free horses were Epona, and Link mounted her quickly, quickly going around the ranch.
“Link can be rude like that sometimes,” Zelda said, looking at Jet.
“Nah, it’s fine,” Jet said, returning her gaze.
“I’m sorry about him. Let me show you around. I’ll show you my horse later,” Zelda said, smiling warmly.
“All right,” Jet said, smiling back and following closely behind her.
They walked past the green field and into a small area between two houses. Normally it would make a great spot for shade from the sun, but on this day Ingo the ranch worker was rebuilding the roof of the stable and sunshine poured through the gaping holes. Jet shielded his eyes.
“The house that Ingo is working on is the stable. That’s where my horse and all of the cows are. We can go there later. The one on the left is Talon and Malon’s house. That’s where we’re going,” Zelda said cheerfully.
“All right. You know this place better than me,” Jet said, following Zelda into the house.
“Ah, Zelda. Hiya your highness. And who is this? A friend?” the man asked.
“Yes. We met him in our travels. His name is Jet,” Zelda said, pushing him through the doorway.
“Hey. You are…Talon?” Jet asked.
:Yesiree bob, and this is my daughter, Malon,” Talon said.
Jet looked the two Hylians up and down. Talon was short, and wore a red shirt with blue overalls and patched up holes in several areas. He was mostly bald, and had a large mustache with round red cheeks.
“Hee haw! Well come here now! I’m gonna give you the finest Lon Lon milk we have to offer,” Talon said in his cheery tone.
Jet looked at Malon. She seemed about the same age as Link and Zelda, and wore a tan dress with blue designs on the bottom. She wore the same type of boots as her father, and also had the same smile. Her eyes were green and her hair was as red as fire. She spoke “Zelda, Jet, come over here and sit down,”
“All right….,” Jet said, following her to the table. She handed him a bottle full of white milk labeled in the Hylian language, of which Jet could read very little. He very carefully removed the cork, and sniffing the milk cautiously, put the bottle to his mouth and drank.
“Wow…. It is better than the stuff on Earth,” Jet muttered, almost speechless from the taste.
“That’s because of the wonderful cows we breed up here,” Malon said cheerfully.
“Haha! Hey Malon, why don’t you show Jet the stable! Ingo should be done with replacing the roof by now,” Talon said.
So Zelda and Jet went out of Talon’s house, and indeed Ingo was done repairing the roof, so the two went inside the stable.
The area had a woody scent to it, and sawdust shavings were lying on the dirt ground. Jet walked over to one side of the stable. There three of the cows Malon spoke of stood, eating hay. They were very nice looking cows with clean hair and a good weight. Jet’s attention was drawn to the horses. One horse was white with black eyes, and it seemed to glow.
“What’s this one’s name?” Jet asked Zelda.
“Her name is Moonlight. For as long as I can remember this has been my horse. She’s very old, but incredibly fast,” Zelda said, rubbing the horse’s mane.
“She’s… very beautiful,” Jet said.
“Thanks….,” Zelda said, slightly nervous.
“So… will I ever get to see the castle?” Jet asked, changing the subject.
“Yeah…. Hey can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, sure,” Jet said.
“Your real name isn’t Jet is it?” Zelda asked.
“Nah…it’s William. William James Prescott. I started calling myself Jet after my parents died. I always had to steal food and clothes real quick, so people would call me Jet. I guess the name just kinda stuck with me,” Jet answered.
“William…. Pretty name if you ask me,” Zelda said, staring at Jet.
“Thanks….. for everything,” Jet said slowly, gazing at Zelda.
“Hey, there’s trouble… we have to go,” Link said, entering the stable out of breath.
Ganon's General by BOEG
Chapter 4: Ganon’s General

They left the ranch quickly, moving across Hyrule field with speed, trying to find the distant threat that Talon had spoken of.
The sun was quickly descending behind the mountains, casting Hyrule in a blood red tint. Jet had no idea what Ganon was going to send after them now, but he knew that Stalfos gave him enough trouble.
They quickened their pace now, running quickly across the grassy field, searching for anything out of the ordinary. Link stopped and looked around. Jet readied himself, hoping that he could handle whatever came. Zelda unsheathed one of her daggers and handed it to Jet.
“Here… that may come in handy. Be careful,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…. I will. I handled that Stalfos pretty well, so I’ll be all right,” Jet said.
Link unsheathed his Master sword and readied his Hylian shield, Zelda unsheathed her remaining dagger, and Jet tightly gripped the dagger that was given to him. They were ready.

It was dark. He felt weak. He felt angered. Forced to live underground while they lived in a mighty castle, constantly pampered. Ganon stood slowly.
“Kill them and you will be rewarded,” he said, addressing the Iron Knuckle in front of him.
“With what?” it questioned in a monotone voice.
“I believe you value your life,” Ganon answered.
The Iron Knuckle was tall. It was dressed in silver armor with an axe at its side. It was Onox. Ganon’s revived top general. He was tasked to kill a group of four mortals. He would do so with haste.

“Looks like nothins here,” Jet said, feigning disappointment.
“Don’t let your guard down just yet, Jet,” Link said, looking over his shoulder.
In that moment all three of them heard galloping. Out of the shadow came an Iron Knuckle on a black steed. He dismounted and grabbed his axe. The armor of the evil warrior gleamed in the darkness of the night.
“I was tasked to kill four, yet I only see three,” Onox said, still emotionless.
“One of us…. Left,” Jet said, looking at Onox with hurt eyes.
“Isn’t three of us enough?” Zelda asked, standing by Jet.
Link wasted no time and ran forward, slashing Onox. The blow knocked him back a bit, but he ran forward and swung his axe at Link, who easily blocked with his shield. They fought, blow after blow being blocked, each hit causing either warrior to back up a little. Zelda, getting tired of watching, ran forward and kicked Onox in the face, causing his lip to bleed. Jet then ran behind him and lodged his dagger under Onox’s armor and pulled, removing his heavy breastplate but causing no damage. He ran quickly now, no longer weighed down from his armor. He swung his mighty axe at Jet, who jumped out of the way and punched him in the face cautiously.
“Don’t stand there you idiot move!” Link called to Jet, who stood motionless in front of Onox.
“Oh… sorry!” Jet yelled back, moving quickly.
Onox tried to punch Jet, but he ran to quick, and Onox’s fist hit air. Zelda took out her whip and latched it around Onox’s neck, then proceeded to launch several needles into his chest.
He was nearly defeated, but he had one last trick to pull. Reaching behind his armor he pulled out a large bomb and struck the fuse. Link immediately did the same. Zelda and Jet backed up, and Link and Onox threw their bomb’s at each other, causing a large explosion, burning the grass, and obscuring all vision.
“Jet?” Zelda called out through the blinding smoke.
“I’m okay,” he answered.
“Thank God… what about Link?” she asked.
“I don’t know….,” Jet said in a low voice.
Out of the fire came a figure. It was Link. His tunic was singed and he had a large cut below his right eye, but he was otherwise okay.
“He’s dead…lets go,” Link said.
The Fourth Triangle by BOEG
Chapter Five: The Fourth Triangle

The waters were clear, and the skies blue. Jet was still amazed at Hyrule, the sheer beauty of the clear waters and the scent of the fresh grass making him feel at complete peace. He had almost completely forgotten about Kari now, and on this day, Link continued to train Jet in the art of the sword.
He now trained with a long thin blade, continuing to battle in rhythm, eyeing Link cautiously. The sun was high in the blue sky, and Jet had to shield his eyes as he fought. It was the most difficult battle he had ever been in so far, and Link was unrelenting in his attacks.
Their timing was now nearly perfect, each blow being blocked with ease. Zelda sat by the small stream which Link and Jet were training near, the sound of the fresh water and the shade provided by the small ledge overlooking the water making a perfect training spot on a warm day like this one. Zelda still wore most of her Sheikah disguise, the mask tucked into her left scabbard, her long blonde hair down.
Then the two fighters stopped. On the horizon they saw Malon, long red hair gleaming in the bright sun, calling Links name. She ran forward, her long tan dress flowing behind her, a frightened look in her eyes. When she at last reached the area where the three were standing she was red in the face and out of breath.
“Hey, Malon, what’s wrong?” Link asked.
“It’s…. him…. he came… Ganon came to the ranch…. He’s back… alive… he was looking for you three….. he…wanted you dead…. He told me… to tell you…. If you want to find him… he’ll be in the golden land,” Malon said slowly, sitting down on the grass.
“The golden land… the Sacred Realm! Everyone, we have to go to the temple of Time!” Link yelled, dropping the training blade to the grassy ground and running for the market. Zelda and Jet followed close behind, leaving Malon alone. She sat, scared beyond belief.

The market was a bustling place, activity a constant. People with all sorts of backgrounds came here to trade and do business with each other. The stalls where new people came everyday to try and make a living were filled like always, people shoving their way through large crowds to try and make a deal on a certain item. Most of the time these Hylians who came to sell things were no more then frauds, the items that they attempted to sell garbage, or stolen, and oddly enough, the stolen items were usually the ones that were most sought after.
The market itself was a large square shape, several wooden boxes full of store supplies littering the outside of the cobblestone market area. In the middle of the market there was a large fountain full of lush water so clear that you could see your reflection in it. There were many stores and game shops in the market, the Bombchu bowling alley, treasure chest shop, and shooting gallery just a few of the many Hylian attractions.
The stores were few and close together, but they sold quality items. The Potion shop sold rare bugs, fish and even infamous Poes, ghosts of Hylian legend. The Bazaar next door sold many more commonly seen items, including Deku nuts, bombs, and Hylian shields. The shop owner was a large muscular man who wore a brown leather vest and a grim face on most days. The market also had several back alleys, where townspeople such as Mamamu Yan lived. Most peculiar to Jet was the large amount of wild dogs with shabby hair that roamed around the market. There were so many that nobody even seemed to notice.
In the front of the market there were two long roads. The one directly in front of the three was the long road to Hyrule castle, the stronghold where King Harkinarian dwelled. The grey stones of the castle were cut evenly and packed neatly into place for the walls, and indeed it was the best made building Jet had ever seen. Two unlit torches lined the outside walls of the castle on the sides of the closed drawbridge, and from the moat flowed fresh water. Two Hylian soldiers guarded the main staircase leading to Hyrule castle, and several other guards watched the surrounding field. The Triforce Team took the other road.
It was deserted compared to the road to the mighty castle. Only packs of wild dogs roamed around the street that the three fighters went down. It was a grassy courtyard area with several gossip stones lining the front lawn of the temple. Gossip stones were of Sheikah architecture, built long ago when the race thrived in Hyrule. The temple was tall and ancient, a large clock near the top of it, and several smaller stone spires jutting out of the top of it. There was a narrow set of stone stairs leading up into the doorway of the temple. Link, Zelda, and Jet walked slowly into the temple of Time.
The inside of the temple was even more amazing than the outside to Jet. There was seemingly no roof that building was built so large, and a red carpet went halfway through the room, then stopped abruptly when it came to a raised stone platform with the Triforce emblem engraved on it. After the platform ended, the red carpet continued down the length of the temple until it hit an altar of black stone, in which rested the three spiritual stones of legend. The Kokiri Emerald, the Goron’s Ruby, and the Zora’s Sapphire. Three or four stone stairs were on either side of the altar, and behind it was an opened door with a glowing Triforce emblem above it. It was the Door of Time. Behind it was an octagon shaped staircase going up to an empty pedestal where the Master sword used to rest.
Link lifted the sword in the air, and the Triforce of Courage in his hand began to resonate. Zelda did the same, and Jet held onto her as they were surrounded by a blinding blue light. In an instant, Jet could feel that they were no longer in Hyrule.
Jet was in complete awe. They stood on top of one of the Triforce engraved raised platforms, but this one was gilded. Looking around, Jet was amazed to find that everything was golden.
“Yo, uhh….what’s this platform thing I keep seeing everywhere?” Jet asked curiously.
“It’s a warp pad…different songs take you to different warp pads across Hyrule, but this one is different,” Link answered.
“Oh?” Jet asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, for starters, there’s no song to warp here, because of the power this place commands. The only way here is through the Door of Time, and only if you have the Triforce or are with someone who has a piece of it. Second off, we aren’t in Hyrule anymore,” Link answered again.
“And whe…” Jet was cut off.
“And before you ask, this is the Temple of Light, inside the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce used to be,” Zelda said in a matter of fact tone.
“We have no idea what Ganon wants here, it may be a distraction for something, but he could really mess this place up if we give him a chance,” Link said.
“Well you know where he is?” Jet asked.
“….just follow the fire,” Link said calmly. The trio left the temple in a hurry, and indeed, there were many massive fires on the golden field, burning away the gilded sacredness of the area one ancient blade of grass at a time. Smoke billowed into the golden sky, a perfect allegory of how Ganon was slowly spreading over the Sacred Realm.
They finally reached the King of Evil, shooting magic blasts of burning energy at the ground all around him, seemingly desiring nothing more than the destruction of the realm. His eyes glowed white, the pupils gone, the crystal on his forehead seeming to act as a third eye, his long black cape flowing behind him in the breeze caused by his destruction. Link and Zelda unsheathed their blades and tan forward toward Ganon, while Jet stayed a considerable distance back, unarmed and unable to fight well.
“Heh heh heh…so they come at last…I was wondering how long it would take you to come here after I tipped off the farm girl,” Ganon said in a dark, raspy voice. In this moment, Jet fell to the golden ground, unconscious. Link and Zelda now had even less aid. They ran forward and began to fight Ganon.

Jet awoke in a place so bright he nearly immediately closed his eyes again. He could tell he still wore his same clothes, and his digivice, crest, and poke’balls were still intact, so he could only wonder where he now was and how he had gotten there. he slowly opened his eyes again, and now was able to see much better. He was surrounded by blinding golden light all around him, but it was not a room, it seemed to Jet to be a large gilded chasm of nothingness.
“Ungh… where the hell am I?” Jet asked.
“You are unconscious…this is merely a dream…but a potent one…I am the spirit of the Triforce…I have waited centuries for one who is worthy…kings have lost their kingdoms…warriors have lost their blades…but I know you are worthy,” the Triforce said.
“Of what?” Jet asked. There was no answer. “Well?” Jet asked again. Silence answered his question. He sat down slowly, hoping for a response soon.

He shot a Black Hole attack and they barely dodged or blocked the five magical blasts. He then shot a beam of triangular energy at the two fighters, accompanied by the words “Triforce of Power!” yelled loudly in a commanding tone. It left a burning hole in the golden ground. Link charged a Spin attack with his Master sword, and hit Ganon several times, some slashes bouncing harmlessly off of his breastplate, others making him bleed. He was now angered. It was going to be a long battle.

“I was examining you life thus far… indeed you are worthy as I thought,” the Triforce said.
“Worthy of what?!” Jet yelled.
“To wield the fourth piece of the Triforce, the strongest one… to wield the Tetraforce…use it, and defeat Ganon…beat him in combat, and he will leave,” the Triforce said.
“Okay,” Jet said with a tone of doubt in his voice. He slowly closed his eyes and let consciousness overtake him once more.

The battle had been going on for nearly an hour now, energy and fire raging all around the three fighters and the unconscious Earthling. Link’s tunic was now ripped and tattered, sweat dripping from his brow. Ganon was cut in many places from Link’s Spin attack, red blood dripping onto the golden ground.
Jet got up slowly, the frightened look now gone from his blue eyes. He was not a warrior in any way, but he now had the confidence of one. He walked straight and slow toward Ganon.
“Mandrag! Leave this realm at once!” Jet yelled, angered.
“Heh heh heh…. Make me,” Ganon said.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, making a quick formation with his hands, then shooting an upside down triangular beam out of his left hand. The blast hit Ganon head on and he yelled loudly, bleeding from a large wound in his chest. He turned and walked away, enraged. The Triforce Team had won the battle thanks to their weakest member.
“You have the Tetraforce?!” Link asked, shocked.
“You know about the Tetraforce?” Jet questioned back.
“Of course, it’s in the book of Mudora, man…it’s like a Hylian Bible,” Link answered.
“How did you get that?” Zelda asked.
“I had a dream,” Jet said, looking at Zelda. he thought her hair looked beautiful in the golden red light of the burning realm, but he wasn’t about to tell her. It was in this moment that Jet became greatly confused. He had loved Kari, but now he had feelings for Zelda. Strong feelings. He followed closely behind Link and Zelda as they traveled to the temple of Light to return to Hyrule.
Two Quests Merge by BOEG
Chapter Six: Two Quests Merge

It had been several weeks since Jet had claimed the Tetraforce in the Sacred Realm and defeated Ganon, and since then, the King of Evil had been silent, making no move to combat the Triforce Team. Jet was even more confused now then he was then. He now had no idea how to act around Zelda, and he avoided conversing with her too often. He felt in his heart that he had strong feelings for Zelda, maybe even love, but he had broken up with Kari less than a month ago. He was not a warrior by any means either, and he had single handedly defeated Ganon. His life had indeed changed, quite dramatically, and he was not completely convinced he liked it.

It was another beautiful day in Hyrule field, the bright sun high in the cloudless blue sky. There were now four pieces of the Triforce that Link knew the exact location to, but in the book of Mudora, it told of one more. For the moment he put the though behind him. Zelda and Jet were back at the house, but Link had felt an extreme desire to be free to train alone today. But on this day Ganon’s anger hit Link with full force.
A creature in orange armor stepped forward as if from nowhere, a large bayonet in place of a left hand, and a large rotating blade in place of a right hand. He stood tall and erect, an unknown symbol inscribed on his breastplate, made completely of lines curving into a single circle in the middle, making the appearance of the skull of a dinosaur like creature. It ran forward, attempting to hit Link with its spinning blade.
Link jumped to the side before the blade could hit him, and he unsheathed his Master sword, quickly slashing the creature in the arm, with little effect. He stepped back. This opponent was strong, and his armor thick. It would be a hard battle.
“Who are you?” Link asked, trying to buy time.
“I am the Armored Stalfos, sent by the Great King of Evil to defeat the Hero of Time,” the armored Stalfos answered. It shot a beam of energy out of the foreign symbol on its breastplate, and Link tried to block with his Hylian shield, but the heat of the beam melted the metal quickly, destroying Link’s shield quickly. He ran forward, trying to uppercut the Stalfos. It blocked again, then slashed at the ground with its bayonet arm. Link jumped over the low slash, countering with a hilt smash to the armored creature’s face. He landed on the ground with a thud, then performed one last Spin attack, decapitating the Stalfos. Its armored head fell to the ground, smoking, and the rest of the body followed, bursting into green fire on the field.
Examining the charred remnants of the Stalfos Link discovered it was carrying something. It was an orange sphere about the size of Link’s palm. It had a single dark orange star in the center of it. Link quickly stuffed the sphere in his tunic pocket and walked on.

Jet sat on the steps to his porch, listening to music as he always did when he needed to think. Jet had always thought Hybrid Theory was a good CD, but hardly anyone in Pallet town was into the rock scene, so he couldn’t really share his musical opinions very much. The sun was bright, the grass green and the sidewalk hot enough to boil an egg on. Jet thought back to when he used to enjoy weather like this. When he was near the age of seven he always burned insects with a magnifying glass, or tried to catch wild Bulbasaur. Now that he had grown older his tastes had changed quite a bit. He liked dark days, clouds with a blue-black tint, and rain. Jet felt good in the rain. Most of the friends he had ever had loathed rainy days, but to Jet, it was one of the few times he felt alive.
He thought to himself again about his love life. Kari had been the only one in his eyes, but she crushed him that night in Hyrule field. Zelda was there for him that night. Her concerned face lit by the fire in the open field made Jet feel better. He had figured after Kari went, things would be just like they used to be. He would never trust another soul or confide in anyone ever again, and would continue to be the loner. But Zelda showed him something different.
He continued to think about Zelda and Kari as he listened to Linkin Park, and he looped Crawling again. It was likely the sixth time he’d listened to the song now. He had always figured it was about rape or something of the sort, but for some reason, the words seemed to fit with Jet’s situation at the moment. Not even in a direct way, but the connection was there in Jet’s mind. He wondered what he could do. If Zelda felt the same way he did. If he should make a move and tell her how he felt, or not. He sat still, slowly closing his eyes and hoping he would figure something out soon.

Link had stopped to rest on the field now. he had caught and promptly killed a Peahat larva, a small plant like creature with large blade like leaves for defense. They had hardly any taste, but they were one of the healthier wild Hylian foods, and easiest for Link to catch. Before Link could bite into the dead creature a tall figure jumped out of a nearby bush and tackled him to the ground.
He tried to break free, but the strength of this person was incredible. He couldn’t move a muscle to get free, and in the end, being utterly defeated, gave up trying to break free. He examined the person who had attacked him. He was relatively tall, and had spiked black hair. His eyes were brown, and he dressed in a blue shirt with an orange shirt and pants over it. He wore two blue wristbands and had odd boots on. Most amazing to Link was the muscles the man had.
“So… you’re the one who stole that Dragonball eh?” the man asked.
“Okay, first off, what the heck’s a Dragonball? And second off, why would I steal it?” Link asked in an annoyed tone.
“You’re honestly trying to tell me you don’t know what this is?” the man asked.
“I don’t! at all!” Link exclaimed angrily.
“Well…..okay then. A Dragonball is one of seven mystical balls made a long time ago. If you gather all seven then you can make a wish and it will come true. I thought you took that one and you were a servant of…him,” the man said.
“Him? and who are you?” Link asked.
“The man I spoke of is not a man, but a changeling. He was recently revived, I don’t know how, but his name is Freiza. He’s after the Dragonballs now, and I thought you served him. I am Goku, a saiya-jin. I’m trying to get these Dragonballs before Freiza does,” Goku answered.
“I only took this because I claimed it from a fallen enemy, not because I knew it had all these magical powers. Hey! Tell you what, it’s a heck of a lot easier to find seven of these when there’s two lookin’ instead of one, right?” Link asked.
“You mean you’ll help me?” Goku asked, surprised.
“Yeah, sure… adventuring is kinda my thing in case ya’ can’t tell,” Link answered.
“Okay then… let’s go!” Goku said excitedly.
“Where?” Link asked.
“I don’t know yet… we’re just trying to find some clue of where to go… without a Dragon Radar this is going to be pretty hard… so let’s just pick a direction and wing it,” Goku said.
“Okay… that way then,” Link said, pointing toward the Gerduo area. The two fighters headed slowly in the direction of the sandy fortress.

It had been several hours since Link left for Hyrule field, and Jet was beginning to worry slightly, but it was just a fleeting concern in the back of his mind, as all of his thoughts were now on Zelda. He slowly got off of his couch and approached her. On this day she wore a pink dress, abandoning her Sheikah disguise for the moment.
“Hey umm…. Can we talk for a minute?” Jet asked, looking down at the ground.
“I’m kind of busy… can it wait?” Zelda asked.
“Umm…. Yeah sure,” Jet said, walking away slowly. He had blown it. He knew it would take weeks to get up enough nerve to try and talk to her again, and he was angered at himself for letting the opportunity pass him up. He walked on silently.

They had been searching near the grassy area outside the entrance to Gerudo valley for hours, but still found nothing. They did not want to venture into the Gerudo fortress, as the race of women there were not allies of Hyrule in any way, and would quickly kill two invaders.
“You sound pretty scared of this Freiza guy,” Link said.
“Scared… no…. he’s a disgrace to the universe and he kills those weaker than him. It’s truly pathetic. He’s frightened to fight against those equal in power to him unless he has to or he has a score to settle,” Goku answered quickly.
“Oh… what exactly is a saiya-jin anyway?” Link asked.
“A saiya-jin is a human like creature born on the planet of Vegeta. They’re all born with tails, but all of us that are left got them cut off,” Goku answered.
“Oh… why?” Link asked.
“Because… if a saiya-jin with a tail sees a full moon…. He turns into an Oozaru…. A giant ape,” Goku said.
“I see….what are you going to wish for if you find all seven of these?” Link asked.
“The destruction of Freiza….right now ending his evil is all I care about,” Goku said.
“And one more question….” Link began.
“Yes?” Goku asked.
“What’s an ape?” Link asked, his face turning red.
“Come on Link… let’s go have a little walk and I can tell you all of this stuff…. What’s an ape… my god….” Goku mumbled to himself, walking away.
Earth's Inevitable Demise by BOEG
Chapter Seven: Earth’s Inevitable Demise

A shape cut through the white clouds of the sky extremely quick, wanting nothing more than to find what it was looking for and be gone from the planet it loathed. It descended toward the rocky ground of the abandoned desert surrounded by a yellow aurora. From scant miles away it looked like a meteor flying toward the ground, but it was indeed living. It had heard that the mighty Dragonballs were on the mystical planet of Hyrule, and it intended to tear the entire planet apart to find them if it had to.
It was not the grand entrance the creature had in mind, but its ship was long ago destroyed, so it had to reach planets by itself now. it landed hard on the sandy ground but made no noise, nor did it disturb a rock or dislodge a grain of sand. The creature was short, with white skin and purple armor-like plates on it’s lower legs, shoulders, lower arms, chest, and head. Its strong tail muscles tensed, then relaxed. The creatures eyes narrowed, and it scanned for an energy level similar to the pattern the Dragonballs held. Not only did it feel a Dragonball nearby, it felt a saiya-jin. Freiza instantly flew in this direction, eager to kill the opponent and steal his Dragonball.

Jet hit the thin metal blade against the strong walls of his training unit again and again. It was difficult for him to train by himself, but he had become more intelligent in the art of the sword as of late, and it showed. He still did not have a blade of his own, but Link had told him he would receive one when the time was right. Jet went through the training techniques almost like a reflex, not thinking about his actions at all.
He had had the perfect opportunity to try to learn how Zelda felt about him, and he had passed it up without so much as another word. He had been beating himself up over the matter all day, and his thoughts about the situation were not becoming any better. She was the only person who tried to see if he was really all right after Kari broke up with him, but she was a nice person, and he had to wonder if she genuinely cared, or if it was just how she acted with everybody. He continued to train.

Many hours had passed. After what seemed like an eternity to the Hylian and Saiya-jin duo, they unearthed a Dragonball several feet into the ground in a crater formed underwater in Lake Hylia. They now had two of the seven Dragonballs, and they sat in Hyrule field, resting before they began their search again. Link had wondered if the sun always shined in Hyrule field, or if the sky was always blue. He couldn’t remember a single occasion when it wasn’t bright and cheery in the field, despite the battles that may be raging on all around it.
“So you need Dragonballs to defeat Freiza? You aren’t powerful enough to stop him by yourself?” Link asked.
“I am…. But the last time we battled it was a little too close for comfort. I just want to do this to insure that he doesn’t come back again,” Goku answered.
“Who, me?” a raspy voice called out, interrupting the conversation Link and Goku were having.
“Freiza! Aah! How did you get here?” Goku asked, shocked.
“I flew… my race can survive in space, remember you monkey?” Freiza asked, angered.
“Shut up Freiza!” Goku yelled, running forward and punching the changeling hard in the face. It did nothing at all. Freiza punched Goku hard in the chest and flipped him over his back, and he hit the ground hard. He got up quickly and began to punch and kick Freiza with a speed Link had never imagined. He couldn’t even see their limbs as they attacked and parried. Then something that amazed Link occurred. The two fighters flew into the air and began attacking each other with lightning fast attacks, each being blocked by the other for several minutes, then one warrior being hit and the other momentarily gaining the upper hand in the battle.
Then there were several flashes in the sky. Link shielded his eyes and looked up slowly, seeing both fighters shooting energy out of their hands. He ruled out the use of magic, on account of the speed that the warriors were shooting these blasts. Blow after blow was dealt in the air, and blast after blast was shot, but neither one appeared to be hurt in any way. The battle continued.

“I wonder where Link is…. He’s been gone for a long time, don’t you think?” Zelda asked Jet, a concerned look in her eyes.
“Um…. Yeah… I don’t think ya should freak out or anything like that just yet though…. You guys live in Hyrule right?” Jet asked, not seeming to care that much.
“Yeah… you’re right…. But I can’t shake that feeling that something weird is going on and we’re missing it…don’t you want to go out there and see what’s going on…. together?” Zelda asked.
“No… well…. Yes… but… no…tell ya what… if he doesn’t get his butt back here in the next day, we’ll go out there… deal?” Jet asked, laying on his couch, hands behind his head.
“Thanks… deal…it’ll give me some time to get ready… I wouldn’t mind seeing daddy again while I’m out there… the whole royalty thing was never my favorite… I was always a tomboy at heart… but I kind of miss the castle,” Zelda said.
“Yeah… well…. I am the king of a pile of crap…. This is my castle…welcome to royalty,” Jet said, looking around at his dirty living room with pride in his voice.
“Heh… it’s one of the better castles I’ve been to, your highness,” Zelda said jokingly.
“I always thought it was quite perfect myself… no servants though…. I’ll have to work on that one,” Jet said.
“Yeah… what’s a castle without royal servants?” Zelda asked.
“In two words….my house,” Jet said.
“Yeah I suppose it is,” Zelda said, laughing.
“Ah, what am I doing keeping you? Go get packed for the castle, I can’t waste anymore of your time,” Jet said.
“Okay, if you insist…. But it was hardly wasting my time,” Zelda said, looking Jet in the eyes again.
“….go on, you got stuff to do…speaking of stuff…. You wouldn’t want to… you know…. Umm… like…. Well…. Umm…. Never mind,” Jet said, blushing.
“Okay, if you ever want to finish that sentence, I’d be glad to listen…. It’s been an honor… your highness,” Zelda said, walking up Jet’s stairs quickly to begin packing for the trip tomorrow. Jet lay his head back and closed his eyes. He felt a lot better now. He felt comfortable talking to Zelda again, but he couldn’t get up the nerve to ask her anywhere. He loved talking with her, and his feelings for her had grown even stronger as of late, and he did wonder about Link, but for some reason, he couldn’t manage to tell her any of this. He drifted off to sleep slowly.

Blast after blast of white energy continued to flow from the fighter’s hands, and now Freiza was bruised in several places, and Goku’s orange shirt was torn and ripped all over. It was anyone’s battle, and so far neither one appeared to be winning. Link was amazed at the speed and strength these two had, and hoped with everything in his heart that Freiza didn’t attack him. In this moment the battle became difficult.
“Did I miss anything?” a dark voice called out from behind Link. He turned slowly and found Ganondorf standing tall, his long Gerudo blade in his hand, a grim smile on his now human face. Link unsheathed his Master sword and got into a ready stance. It was now four warriors fighting for completely different purposes, each hoping to emerge victorious, but none with a guarantee that they would win, or even live.
The Four Warriors Battle by BOEG
Chapter Eight: The Four Warriors Battle

Smoke and burnt shards of clothing rained down upon Link and Ganondorf as they battled on the green field, the two flying warriors high overhead. Ganondorf wielded a very large wide blade, good for defense and almost unbeatable when it came to offense. He swung the blade around quickly over his head then down upon Link, who barely blocked with his Master sword. He parried with a leaping downward thrust, hitting Ganondorf’s blade hard and knocking him back, but making no contact with his flesh. He charged power from his Triforce of Power into his large blade, the metal glowing with a golden light. He rushed forward and lashed out at Link with a fierce Spin attack. Link back flipped away from the attack, then threw a Deku nut at the ground, the flash blinding Ganondorf for a moment, giving Link just enough time to get behind him and kick him hard in the back.
Ganondorf stumbled forward and fell on one knee, his large sword planted firmly in the ground. He then performed a spinning kick, hitting Link hard in the face with his steel plated boot. Link spiraled to the grassy ground, blood dripping from his face. He got up and Ganondorf aimed a punch at his face. He avoided the fist and hit Ganondorf hard in the chest with his gauntlet. Ganondorf then took his sword out of the ground and continued his assault on Link with the mighty Gerudo blade.
The battle between Goku and Freiza in the air was going much the same way, one fighter gaining an edge by a quick or smart attack, then the other outdoing the last intelligent move with an even smarter maneuver. Goku shot nearly twenty of the energy spheres at Freiza, who blocked close to seven. The rest hit Freiza in the chest, burning wounds appearing on his body. He was angered, and launched a large energy blast at Goku, who was hit head on. He flew backwards, regaining control over his aching body just before he crashed into the ground. He flew forward and ran into Freiza, punching him hundreds of times then being whipped by the changeling’s large tail.
Freiza kneed Goku hard in the chest, the punched him in the face, and he flew back, shooting more energy blasts. Freiza was hit by these, but not weakened. He rushed forward, surrounding his fist in lightning like energy, and punched Goku hard in the face. He spat out blood, then flew forward and kicked the changeling hard in the face to make up for the powerful attack. It was still anyone’s battle.

Jet had been training for hours after he awoke later that day, and Zelda was still upstairs packing. Jet was becoming increasingly better at fighting, and the art of the sword was slowly beginning to make sense to him. He could now perform several of the more complicated maneuvers, and he highly anticipated Link’s return to show him all that he had learned.
He still felt as though he was the weakest member on the team, and it was an iniquity he was trying to fix with haste, and with each growing hour he was becoming more intelligent in the way of the blade. He threw the thin sword to the ground and walked out of the training unit, hungry and worn out from the long afternoon of training. He wore a Digimon shirt on this day, and long grey shorts. His clothing was drenched in sweat, and his muscles ached, but he knew that meant he was training properly.
He walked slowly up the stairs of his old house, the wooden stairs making rickety noises, the aged boards lowering from the pressure of Jet’s footsteps, then rising once again. He walked slowly into his room then lay down on his bed. His room was small, but the ceiling was high up, making it seem larger to Jet somehow. For the longest time he had had bunk beds in his room, but no real reason for them, until now. Link now slept above him at night. Jet used to enjoy sleeping on the top bunk just to stare at his ceiling, but the thrill was gone now, and Link had the top one. He had a brown carpet under his bed, and the rest of the wooden floor was exposed. He had a gamecube hooked up to his large television, and a boom box plugged in near the floor. He lay there, staring at the bottom of the top bunk, thinking to himself.
He had started to wonder about Link’s whereabouts, if he was okay or not, if he had found something or was merely wandering around or training. Tomorrow he would travel with Zelda to try and find out, it was a good opportunity to find Link and spend some time with Zelda, and Jet was completely prepared to undertake the task.

Ganon shot a Black Hole at Link, who promptly blocked all five magical blasts with a Spin attack, the fireballs flying back at Ganondorf, hitting him head on. He fell to his knees, coughing up blood, his cape burned. Link rushed forward, Master sword extended, and slashed at Ganondorf who rolled backwards, avoiding the slash and countering with a kick to the Hero of Time’s face. He got up quickly, attempting to slash Ganondorf in the face, but he quickly ducked, retrieving his Gerudo blade from the ground and continuing the sword fight the two had begun earlier.
Freiza flew at Goku shooting several of the large energy blasts at him, each one being blocked by Goku with increasing difficulty. Freiza stopped shooting the blasts when he reached Goku, and began a hand to hand assault. The two fighters continued to move with an incredible speed, punching and blocking as if they were machines. Goku then kicked Freiza hard in the face and performed a back flip while flying to gain distance. “Kame Hame Ha!” he yelled, and a large yellow ball of energy appeared in his hands, and expanded slowly, until it became a large beam of energy. Goku shot this at Freiza, who then flew into the ground with an amazing force. Rocks and grass and soil were torn asunder like a sheet of paper, and when Freiza again emerged, he was angered beyond belief. He flew into the air above the crater he had formed with his own body and raised his right hand into the air.
A small orange ball of energy appeared above his index finger and slowly grew larger until it engulfed at least ten feet of air. Freiza then shot the blast into the ground with a grim smile.
“I was merciful and made the attack weaker than I did on Namek, saiya-jin. You have forty- eight hours to save this place,” Freiza said, flying off to begin his search for the other Dragonballs not in Goku’s possession. Below Ganon and Link fought fiercely, until they were both barely able to stand, their weapons dropped somewhere behind them. Ganon unsheathed a dagger from a hidden scabbard below his thigh and made one last attempt to stab at Link. The Hylian grabbed the King of Evil’s hand, then turning the blade, impaled Ganondorf on it. He yelled in pain, and kicking Link, dislodged the dagger and flew off, angered. They had won for the moment. Goku slowly landed, several cuts and bruises on his arms and legs, his shirt ripped from the intense battle.
“Hey… what were those things you were shooting out of your hands? They looked like magical blasts but you were firing them way to rapidly, so what’s the deal?” Link asked, panting.
“They are called Ki blasts…. Its energy from the body….I would teach you but you need saiya-jin blood to unleash the energy properly. It takes years otherwise,” Goku answered.
“Oh… so… any idea where the rest of these Dragonballs are?” Link asked, changing the subject.
“I suggest we follow Freiza,” Goku answered.
“You mean… by air?” Link asked, a lump forming in his throat.
“Yeah, is that a problem?” Goku asked.
“I don’t fly… it’s not my thing,” Link answered.
“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Goku said, grabbing Link and flying

“Still worried?” Jet asked Zelda, appearing from behind her. It was now night, the black sky and white stars complimenting each other perfectly. She was sitting on the sidewalk, staring at the full moon, the light reflecting onto her hair and her beautiful face, and it was all Jet could do not to stare. Her eyes were a wonderful blue color, everything about her gaze comforting and perfect in Jet’s mind.
“No… Link can handle himself… he’s a good warrior…but I still want to go home for awhile… I miss it,” Zelda answered, still gazing at the moon.
“Oh… well….forget it,” Jet began.
“No… tell me,” Zelda said, not moving her eyes at all.
“I really enjoy being with you….y-you guys…I mean…it’s just… it’s…umm” Jet couldn’t think of a way to finish the sentence.
“Yeah… it’s been really incredible… all the places I’ve seen…. And the person I’ve met,” Zelda said, looking at Jet.
“Umm…. So… tomorrow, yeah?” Jet asked, nervous.
“Yes….it should be a lot of fun…. You’re a good traveling partner,” Zelda said, staring at Jet again.
“Yeah… well… um… sweet dreams,” Jet said, walking back into his house slowly.
“Goodnight…” Zelda said quietly. She continued to gaze at the radiant moon.

They had been traveling for close to an hour, hoping to find the Dragonballs before Freiza reached them. They landed in area of Hyrule field close to the forest, the large wooden log-like entrance beckoning them inward. Owls and other animals made loud noises, the sounds growing together slowly to form a ghastly orchestra.
“Hey, what did Freiza mean when he said we had forty-eight hours to save Hyrule?” Link asked Goku.
“He meant that in two days, that big attack he launched will destroy Hyrule. I call it a Planet Destroyer attack…extremely hard to stop,” Goku answered.
“You sound so calm about it! We have to stop Ganon, kill Freiza, find seven tiny balls, and all in two days or the very planet we’re standing on will explode!” Link yelled.
“Be calm…two days is a long time… anything can happen,” Goku said.
“I know… that’s what’s worryin’ me,” Link said, calming down slightly.
“Just trust yourself a little more Link…it’ll get you a lot farther then you might think,” Goku said.
“Yeah…I guess so…lets go!” Link said, dropping the matter and continuing forward to search for the Dragonballs. They had not made it much farther when they ran into something that didn’t surprise them, but they did not want to meet. Freiza stood tall in front of the two warriors, his muscles much larger, an evil grin on his face, two Dragonballs in his hands.
The Next Battle Ensues by BOEG
Chapter Nine: The Next Battle Ensues

“Those don’t belong to you, Freiza!” Goku yelled, pointing at the gleaming Dragonballs in his hand.
“And they belong to you all of the sudden?” Freiza asked, still smiling.
“No… but I deserve them more than you do… you’re nothing but evil,” Goku said, angered.
“I do not care about your opinions, saiya-jin,” Freiza said.
“Let’s get this over with, Freiza,” Goku said calmly.
“Fine,” Freiza agreed. Goku and Freiza flew into each other, attacking each other with strong hand to hand moves, punches and kicks hitting the two fighters at an incredible speed. Goku shot a large Ki blast at Freiza who dodged and retaliated with a blast of his own. Goku caught the attack, then spinning around, he threw the blast to the ground, leaving a burning hole behind.
Freiza flew forward, kneeing Goku in the chest and punching him several times. He flew backwards quickly, trying to gain distance, but Freiza was on him again very quickly, eager to assault him. He kicked the saiya-jin in the face hard, then spun around and whipped him with his mighty tail. Goku surrounded himself in an electrical aurora, blasting Freiza and preventing him from attacking effectively for several seconds. Freiza shot blast after blast of Ki energy at the saiya-jin, but neither seemed to be winning.
Link could do nothing but stand by and hope that Goku would win and steal the Dragonballs from Freiza. He had never seen anyone move that fast until this very moment, and the speed in which the fighter’s battled still amazed him. He sat down on the grassy field, waiting for someone to gain an edge in the battle. He had a feeling it would be a rather long wait, but he was willing to stay until it was over.

The old chair had made the same noise since Jet was nearly three. It was a sturdy wooden chair, and Jet loved to rock back and forth in it when he had something on his mind. It made a creaking noise, annoying to most, but soothing to him. It was the little things about his house that Jet loved, the things that made him remember his innocent past. He was not proud of the man he had become, despite the achievements he had made. Indeed he had done much in his twenty-one years of life, but the path he traveled down to reach those goals was less than honest.
When he was a small child nothing fascinated him more than the dream of becoming a Poke’mon master. When at last he reached the age of ten, not having enough money to become a licensed trainer, he stole his Poke’dex and poke’balls. Stealing had been a very important part of his life. Nothing was ever simply given to him, and no one in the town seemed to notice him, poor and parentless as he may have been. He was alone. He feared to seek help the few times it was a possibility, and indeed tried to stay away from people as much as possible.
The one thing he had ever had given to him was a gift from his father, just numerous days before he died. His father had given him a yin-yang, something he never once took off. On days when he felt the most alone and weak, he would sit in the old chair and stroke his yin-yang. None of his worries or problems went away, but he momentarily forgot about them.
“Hey…umm… would you mind some company?” Zelda asked quietly, appearing from behind Jet in the dark dinning room.
“Actually…. I kinda came down here to be alone,” Jet said, staring out his window.
“Oh… I guess I’ll leave then,” Zelda said in a slightly disappointed tone, beginning to turn for the stairs.
“No…you can stay down here….” Jet said.
“Okay…I will then,” Zelda said.
“Quiet night, eh?” Jet asked, looking over his shoulder.
“Yes… it’s kind of nice if you ask me,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…. I feel pretty comfortable in the dark…. No one’s looking at me or judging me…” Jet said quietly.
“No one is anyway,” Zelda said.
“No…. not anymore…. But… heh heh…. Nevermind…. I always start to do that with you…I start to tell you something that I shouldn’t,” Jet said, laughing slightly.
“No…the only thing you do that annoys me is you don’t finish what you try to tell me,” Zelda said.
“Well…. What I was going to say was that I used to love bright cheery days. Ya know the kind, birds chirping, sun shinning. But people have to go and judge you. I was the poor kid, the scruff, the loser. No one liked me, and it’s probably the reason I hated everyone. No one was there… you know what that’s like? No… of course you don’t…. you’re royalty,” Jet said.
“It’s not that great…. Trust me….when your father’s the king you don’t exactly have the best family relationship….he’s the busiest man in Hyrule,” Zelda said in a slightly hurt tone.
“Hey… I’m sorry…. It’s dumb to assume that you have the perfect life…. I guess I’m a good example of everything I hate,” Jet said.
“It’s okay… you didn’t mean any harm by it,” Zelda said.
“Yeah… but that brings me back to the point of all of this… I’ve changed. A lot. I love darkness. I feel safe in it. Like no one is there forming opinions of me based on the clothes I wear, or the way I talk, or the condition of my house…. Sorry about going on,” Jet said.
“It’s okay… I understand what you mean…. Again I’m afraid I can’t relate to you, but… I understand,” Zelda said.
“Thanks….” Jet said quietly.
“For what?” Zelda asked.
“For caring,” Jet said.
“Anytime….anytime,” Zelda said.
“I… umm….I…. uhh….screw it,” Jet said lowly.
“…tell me,” Zelda said.
“I can’t…. not yet… I still dunno,” Jet said.
“Don’t know what?” Zelda asked.
“Don’t know how....umm…. never mind…please give me some time,” Jet pleaded.
“You can have as much time as you need, but I am kind of worried about it,” Zelda said.
“…So am I,” Jet said.
“We should both get some sleep….tomorrow’s going to be a long day,” Zelda said.
“Good idea…goodnight…. Again,” Jet said.
“Goodnight,” Zelda said back.

“Kame…..Hame……Ha!!!!” Goku yelled, the large red beam hitting Freiza and exploding upon impact. Freiza was now enraged beyond belief. The fight had lasted entirely to long in his eyes, and he intended to end it. He raised his hands, and two large red energy discs slowly formed above them. “Freiza…. Honestly…. You’ve tried that before…. Do you really think it will work twice?” Goku asked, getting in a ready stance.
“Looks like it is time to see,” Freiza yelled, launching both of the energy discs at Goku with full force. He flew away quickly, the energy discs in close pursuit. He knew that the only way he could stop it was to either make it hit something, or counter it with an even more powerful attack. He began by trying the first method. He flew all through the field, the heat of the discs just mere feet behind him. The discs cut through trees, grass, even sheer walls of stone. They continued to follow Goku. He flew down low near where Link was, and veered upwards at the last second, praying Link was smart enough to predict his idea.
To his relief the Hylian unsheathed his Master sword and hit the first energy disc with all of his might, sending it careening out of control into a wall. The second disc still followed close behind Goku and he knew that Freiza would not let this one go so easily. He flew around in several circles, the disc closing in on him more and more, until it was mere inches away from him and any sudden movement could kill him. He shot a Ki blast at the disc and it bounced off harmlessly, giving him enough time to fly above the disc.
He charged his energy, a golden aurora surrounding his body, swirling electricity flying around his muscular body. In that moment he was transformed. His brown eyes glowed a radiant blue, and his black hair was now spiky and erect, golden as the aurora surrounding his body. He was a Super saiya-jin. He flew at the disc head on, veering to the left and shooting several Ki blasts at the ground, smoke surrounding the field. Goku landed, and the energy disc cut through the smoke, trying desperately to sense Goku’s energy level through the smoke caused by the Ki blasts.
The disc flew over his head, and he barely ducked in time, several strands of his spiky golden hair falling to the ground. The disc went wildly through the smoke, nearly decapitating Goku at least four times. He needed a new plan and he needed it fast. Finally he decided to make the only move he could think of. He flew out of the smoke and straight toward Freiza, stopping for several seconds to wait for the disc to catch up to him, then bolting off to the left. The movement caused the disc to cut the changeling’s arm, and he dropped the Dragonballs.
Link caught the balls quickly, then threw them to Goku, who flew off before Freiza could see him escape with the four Dragonballs. They had done it. They had stolen back the Dragonballs, and with four in their possession, they needed only three more to end Freiza’s reign of terror and save Hyrule. Freiza landed in front of Link.
“Give those to me,” Freiza demanded calmly.
“No… they don’t belong to you,” Link answered.
“You fool! I didn’t come here to play games! Give me those Dragonballs!” Freiza yelled in a commanding tone.
“No,” Link answered again.
“AAh! You will die for this!” Freiza yelled. He plunged his arm through the Hylian’s chest, blood spilling onto the grass and sickening Link. He fell to the ground. “Now… will you give me what I want?” Freiza asked. Link struggled extremely slowly to his feet. He moved forward and unsheathed his blade, the metal heavy for his wounded body to carry. “This is an outrage!” Freiza yelled. He grabbed Link by the neck and squeezed with all of his might until the energy disappeared from his body. Freiza threw the limp body to the ground and kneeled in front of it. “Now… for my Dragonballs,” Freiza said proudly. He searched the Hero of Time’s pockets for several minutes, and found nothing. “No! they must be with the monkey then!” Freiza yelled, flying off without another word.

Several minutes had passed, and by and by, Goku landed in front of Link’s motionless body. He had powered down, his hair back to it’s natural black color. He looked at Link. He was bleeding everywhere, the green color of his Kokiri tunic nearly gone from the blood all over his body.
“You didn’t have to protect me! I could have handled him,” Goku said.
“It’s…. my job…. Right….partner?” Link asked slowly.
“Yeah….. partner… come on…. let’s get you out of here,” Goku said, beginning to lift Link’s body.
“No…leave me here…I’ll be a distraction to the mission… I’m wounded….. asking you to take care of me and hunt for the Dragonballs at the same time is suicide for both of us…. Better one of us die then both of us,” Link said calmly.
“If that’s what you really want,” Goku said quietly, lowering his head.
“Yeah…go kill Freiza…you can do it, Goku…I know you can,” Link said slowly.
“Wish me luck,” Goku said, placing Link’s Master sword in his left hand. He crossed the blade over his chest, then lay his head back, a peaceful look upon his face. Goku would kill Freiza. He flew off.

Night had gone and passed, neither Zelda nor Jet getting much sleep. Both had sat awake in their beds that night, thoughtful of many things. The next morning was slightly awkward, both of them tired and worried about one thing or another. Sun flittered in through the window, the light hitting the floor and brightening the house. The windows in Jet’s house lit up everything in the dinning room quite well, and indeed Jet rarely had the lights on in that room, even at night.
“So…didya sleep well?” Jet asked, his voice piercing the silence like a blade through flesh.
“No….” Zelda answered, staring into space.
“Oh? Why not?” Jet asked.
“I was thinking….” Zelda answered.
“About what?” Jet asked curiously.
“Ganon…. He’s becoming stronger and stronger…and I just know that he’s going to come after us soon…. And if he keeps getting stronger like this…. Then I don’t really know what we can do to stop him… even with three pieces of the Triforce,” Zelda answered.
“Oh…ya just gotta have a little more hope!” Jet said loudly in a happy tone.
“Yeah… hope….he just keeps coming back…it’s impossible to get rid of Ganon… he’s not a being…he’s a plague of Hyrule….and every time he gets revived he becomes more powerful and wise in the terrible art of Black magic,” Zelda said in a hopeless tone.
“Zelda….come on….this isn’t like you…why are you so worried about Ganon alluva sudden?” Jet asked.
“Link’s been gone an entire day and night….and I can’t help but get the feeling that Ganon had something to do with it,” Zelda answered.
“It’s gonna be fine… Link can handle himself remember? I believe those very words came outta your mouth,” Jet reminded Zelda.
“Yes….I suppose so….” Zelda said in a distant tone, as if her mind was somewhere else.
“So…. Do ya want anything to eat? I’m not the best cook in the world, but I’m sure I can whip something up pretty quick,” Jet offered.
“No…I don’t have much of an appetite…. And unless I’m mistaken….i don’t really think you do either,” Zelda said.
“You know me way too well…okay…but I figured I’d ask,” Jet said.
“Thanks anyway,” Zelda said.
“Mhmm….so you ready to go then?” Jet asked.
“Yes…I am,” Zelda replied.
“Fine then…let’s go!” Jet said in an excited tone. On this day he wore his old gym leader outfit, a brown pair of baggy pants and a shirt of the same color and material. He had a brown sash around his waist and a cape about his neck tied in a knot. He wore black boots and black gloves, his digivice strapped to a belt on his waist.
“Let’s do this…” Zelda said.
“Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, and the digivice let open a vortex of swirling energy and data that would take them to Hyrule in seconds.

Grey clouds formed in the sky. It was going to rain very soon, Jet knew this. The air had a certain scent to it, along with a certain feeling of dampness. Jet loved that feeling. Darkness seemed to give him a certain energy, a feeling inside, a confidence almost. It was nearly impossible for him to describe, but it was there, and he loved it.
“So….where do ya wanna go first?” Jet asked.
“Hmm…Hyrule castle…I’m not sure if Link will be there or not, but it’s usually where he goes after battles,” Zelda answered, now wearing her royal dress.
“Okay…off to the castle then….but uhh… are you sure they won’t mind me there? I mean it is a castle after all….and I’m not exactly the royal type,” Jet said cautiously.
“Neither is Link, don’t worry about it okay? If you’re a friend of mine, then you’re a friend of my father’s and that means you have the whole Hylian army on your side….relax a little,” Zelda said, giggling.
“Okay…away we go,” Jet said, walking through the open drawbridge into the market ahead.

The market was full of activity as usual, children running after cuccos and dogs roaming the back alleys, Hylians trying to strike a bargain and angry shopkeepers chasing them away. A slight drizzle of rain fell upon the heads of the people, but none in the market noticed it, and they continued their daily life of trade and argument.
“So you’re really sure that I won’t get killed on sight? I mean they won’t like see me and launch spears through my chest or anything?” Jet asked nervously.
“Don’t even talk like that. You’re so silly when it comes to these things. You know a real easy way to have daddy welcome you?” Zelda asked.
“No….not exactly,” Jet said.
“Show them your hand. When they see that you bare one of the sacred triangles they will know that you aren’t an enemy. Ganon is the only pure evil fighter wielding a piece of the Triforce. So just…come on,” Zelda said, dragging Jet by the hand down the cobblestone road leading to the castle. There were grassy hills of stone all around the dirt road that led to the closed gate, where a Hylian soldier stood guard. He wore a helmet with a red feather stuck in it, and held a long wooden spear with a bronze tip.
“Ah, your highness, we’ve missed you,” the soldier said in a warm tone.
“Yes Jonphor, it’s really nice to be home again,” Zelda said.
“And who is this?” Jonphor asked, looking Jet up and down. He felt he fit into Hyrule a little more with his training outfit on, but apparently he still stood out for some reason unknown to him. maybe it was his hair style.
“He is a friend of mine…his name is William,” Zelda said in a proud tone, her chin raised towards Jonphor.
“Jet,” Jet said, correcting Zelda.
“Excuse me?” Jonphor asked, confused.
“My name is Jet,” Jet answered.
“But the princess just said it was William,” Jonphor said.
“My name….is Jet!” Jet yelled, angered.
“Fine…Jet…let’s see how the guards react to your attitude,” Jonphor said.
“No Jonphor! Stop this madness at once! He is my friend and if you so much as tell a guard one thing bad about him I will see to it that your pay is reduced!” Zelda yelled.
“No! I only get fifty rupees a month as it is, princess! Please don’t do this to me!” Jonphor pleaded.
“Fine… let me and my friend through then,” Zelda ordered.
“As you wish your highness….although I do counsel against it…his type can’t be trusted…they’re scum….the poor ones….the ones without homes or families,” Jonphor said. Zelda and Jet walked on.
“I see what he’s like…he’s just like those kids that used to be in Pallet town,” Jet said.
“What happened to all of those kids that made fun of you anyway, Jet?” Zelda asked.
“They all went away to become Poke’mon masters, then entered my league, I beat the crap out of them in Poke’mon battles, and they left me alone….forever,” Jet answered.
“And what was up with you flipping out on that soldier? That was rather childish of you, don’t you think?” Zelda asked.
“Look….my name is Jet….I hate my real name…nah hate isn’t a strong enough word….I loathe it! It’s part of my past…I only tell a few people my real name…it’s like opening up a door into my secret life.... it’s like someone reading your thoughts…do you know what it’s like to have that feeling? Like someone can see inside your bones?” Jet asked.
“I’m sorry…you told me something personal and trusted me with it….and I let it out…I’m sorry,” Zelda said, walking away quickly, her pink dress swaying gently in the damp breeze. He had blown it. He had hurt Zelda. The one thing he never wanted to do he had just done. He knew now that he loved her. He was completely absorbed by her, every movement she made, every word she said. He loved her, but his chances were gone. He trudged slowly into the castle.

Jet walked slowly into the open drawbridge, two Hylian guards standing on either end of it, their silver armor and weaponry gleaming despite the rain that had begun to pour. They eyed Jet cautiously, not trusting him at all, but the princess had granted him permission to enter, and they weren’t about to disobey a direct order. The castle was amazing to Jet, the tapestries hanging from the smooth stone walls depicting adventures of soldiers defeating Moblins, and they entire castle lined with red carpet, even the floors of the hallways.
The entire castle was bathed in unfamiliar lore, and it was almost like a fairytale to Jet. Everything was so amazing in Hyrule, and Jet loved the planet. He wished he lived here instead of Earth, for all of Hyrule just felt purer somehow. He loved the natural beauty of Hyrule, the fact that no skyscrapers lined the skies, no bridges crossed large oceans and that there was no pollution. It was perfect. He walked into the main room of the castle, and there was the King, Harkinarian, seated on his golden gem inlaid throne.
King Harkinarian was an old man, rather large and short, a long white beard on his face, and bushy eyebrows, but a kind smile and nice eyes. He wore a red robe with the Triforce symbol on it, and had a blade sheathed at his side. Beside him sat Zelda, a hurt look in her eyes. It was enough to make Jet cry as he knew it was all his fault, but he wouldn’t show that much emotion, especially in front of the king of Hyrule himself.
“Ah, welcome, Jet. So you are a friend of my daughter’s eh?” the king asked, his old voice soothing compared to the hard tone Jonphor and the rest of the soldiers had.
“Yes…I would like to think so anyway. We are very good friends, your highness,” Jet said, bowing.
“Get up…I am the king but I hate it when people humble themselves in front of me because of the title I hold. I am a Hylian just as anyone else, the only difference is the family I was born into,” the king said.
“Yes, of course your highness,” Jet said, getting up quickly.
“Ah… you don’t get it. I don’t want you to look at me and be frightened because I’m the king. And your highness gets annoying after awhile. Don’t refer to me like that when you talk to me,” the king said.
“Yes your-…. Yes,” Jet corrected himself.
“Daddy, has Link been here? We figured we would find him here,” Zelda asked.
“No Link never came around here…is he missing?” the king asked.
“Yes…he’s been gone for a day, and we need to find him,” Zelda answered.
“Do you believe it has anything to do with Ganon?” the king asked.
“Maybe…” Zelda replied.
“Whatever happened to him, we need to figure it out soon,” Jet said.
“Let’s go look for him tonight, if you still want to,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…let’s do it,” Jet said.
The Search For the Final Dragonballs by BOEG

Chapter Ten: The Search For the Final Dragonballs

The rest of the day had gone by very quickly to Jet, the feeling of pain in his heart heavy, and his thoughts only on Zelda. He had been given permission to sleep in the upper class visiting chambers by the king after he showed him the Tetraforce. The bed in the room was quite comfortable, red pillows stuffed with cucco feathers and sheets of the same color. Jet enjoyed the luxury of the crimson bed, but it did not ease his heart in the least.
The walls were made of stone, but they were incredibly smooth, and it indeed took hundreds of years to construct a castle of this quality. Jet was amazed by everything in Hyrule, but thus far, the castle was what amazed him the most. He did wonder where Link was now, and was indeed quite worried, but he did not tell this to Zelda. He hadn’t spoken to Zelda since the meeting with King Harkinarian in the royal chambers, and he had no idea if she was angered or hurt or both.
Birds chirped through the open window in the room. They were a beautiful blue color, their beaks as red as the sheets which Jet laid on. It was raining very hard now, but no rain entered the open window. The sky was an odd blackish-grey tint, a color which Jet loved in the sky. Everything had gone so perfect the past few days, and he couldn’t believe he blew it. He got up slowly and walked out of the guest chamber to find Zelda. He hoped she wasn’t with the king, but he knew she probably would be after being away from home for so long.
He had no idea where to go, the castle still quite foreign to him. He tried to find someone to ask, but on this day, there were no maids or soldiers in the hallways. Candles lined the stone walls, softly illuminating the castle and granting it a feeling of warmth and comfort. The sound of rain on the castle’s massive roof was heavy, and the overall silence of everything else scared to Jet to a certain degree.
He turned a corner and before him was another long stone hallway, but the sides were lined with doors of a beautiful wood with golden knobs. He knocked on several, each time finding only servants and guests, and not Zelda. He walked on slowly, slightly lost from all of the hallways he had passed, and eventually made his way to the royal chamber to look for Zelda.
The large metal double doors were closed tightly and locked, a number of people talking from the inside. Jet listened intently to the words being spoken, but could only hear few. He pressed his ear closer to the metal door.
“Sir…there have been many signs of destruction near the entrance to the Gerudo valley. Burnt grass, large smoking holes, raging fires, the army can barely keep up with the path of destruction left behind,” a soldier stated.
“Why was I not informed of this earlier?” the king asked.
“You didn’t ask for a report on the land your highness,” the soldier answered.
“That is not something to be included in a land report! That was an attack! You must inform me of attacks made on Hyrule! So…it was near the Gerudo’s land?” the king asked, angered.
“Y-y-yes sir…that’s the closest the fires were,” the soldier answered.
“Do you think that attack was aimed at us?” the king asked.
“I find it nearly impossible considering the distance it was from the castle, your highness,” the soldier answered.
“They could have missed,” the king said thoughtfully.
“Yes…there’s a small chance of that I suppose…but I doubt it,” the soldier said, still frightened at the king’s anger.
“Fine then, what do you believe made the attack and for what reason?” the king asked impatiently.
“Have you considered it may have been an attack made by Mandrag?” the soldier asked.
“Hmm maybe…but why would Ganon attack an area so close to his birthplace?” the king asked.
“I do not know the answer to such a question. Maybe the Hero of Time was there, who knows…” the soldier answered.
“Speaking of Link, has he been seen at all?” the king asked.
“No sir…he may have been somewhere near the fires, but our soldiers didn’t dare get close to them in fear of injury…we’ll sweep the area for corpses after the flames subside,” the soldier said. This was enough for Jet. He backed away from the metal doors, not caring for the rest of the meeting. He knew much more about Link’s possible whereabouts now, but more questions arose then answers.
“You dirty spy!!! So that was your reasoning for befriending the princess! You met her, used your words of deceit to seem as though you were an ally, gained the Tetraforce with the help of those who trusted you, and now you enter our castle, the very center of Hyrule’s life, and spy on the king’s meeting, hoping to find out what he knows. And all for the wealth and power of your master Mandrag Ganon!” a cold voice yelled out loudly, his stern tone echoing through the empty hallway. Jet turned slowly, extremely angered, to see who it was that just made the speech full of lies. In front of him stood Jonphor, his spear pointed mere inches away from Jet’s chest.
“That’s a load of sh,” Jet was cut off.
“Hold your tongue, or I shall you where you stand, traitor!” Jonphor yelled, enraged.
“I am not a spy! I hate Ganon just as much as you do! How can you accuse me of this?!” Jet asked, angered beyond belief.
“All of the evidence points to it! Your style of clothing, your ability to travel between planets, it all points to your true identity, a servant of the King of Evil!” Jonphor yelled.
“It’s a…never mind,” Jet said, knowing that the truth would only make the story seem more far fetched.
“Accepting the fact that you were caught finally? A smart choice from a stupid man. But do not fear that your master will slay you for being captured. Rest assured, we will assassinate you in the most painful of manners ourselves. One as foul as you does not deserve the Tetraforce, and trust me, we do have methods of removing it from your body,” Jonphor said.
“I’m not a servant of Ganon!” Jet yelled again.
“And I can believe you how?” Jonphor asked. Jet was silent. “My point has been made….do not defy the Hylian army…we will not allow the evil of Ganon to corrupt us anymore… guards! Take this one to the dungeon…we will question him later…as soon as the king is made aware of his treachery,” Jonphor ordered.
“Cast away your allies! be like this! See if I care! Ganon will end up coming and slaying you all, all because the ones who can stop him or rotting in a dungeon of the ones they are trying to protect!” Jet yelled as two very strong blue armored soldiers carried him away.
“The king must be informed of this at once…a traitor…with the strongest piece of the Triforce….” Jonphor said to himself.

Goku had been searching for hours, a heavy pain in his heart. There was barely any time left to save Hyrule, and by midnight, the entire land would be destroyed, it’s every citizen dead. Goku had found one more Dragonball near the land of the Zoras, but it was hard to gain. The king Zora claimed it to be a sacred gem, and so it was placed in the crown of their deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu. After hours of reasoning and hundreds of offerings of fish to the Lord Jabu-Jabu, he finally claimed the Dragonball for his own. There were now but two left, and he had a pretty good idea of where to find one, the one he would claim last.
He had not run into Freiza since their confrontation in Hyrule field, and it made his job much easier. He knew very little of the geography of the land without Link, after searching for many hours by air, he stopped in one last place. The stone staircase leading to Kakariko village. He traveled up it quickly, and entered the village. Upon arrival he received many strange looks, no one knowing quite what to say to him.
“Umm… hi! Heh heh…has anyone here seen a strange looking orange ball about the size of my fist?” Goku asked, not to anyone in general.
“Ask Dampe’… any treasure in this town he steals and claims he dug it up,” one of the older villagers in a blue robe with a long white beard said.
“Umm, cool, thanks,” Goku said.
“Yes…anytime,” the villager said.
“Yeah… where’s Dampe’?” Goku asked.
“In the graveyard,” the villager answered.
“Oh….where’s the graveyard?” Goku asked, slightly embarrassed.
“Ugh…past the well, to the right of the windmill, the grassy path in between those two stone walls, do you see it?” the villager asked.
“Oh…yeah. Thanks again!” Goku said, running toward the graveyard. He went into the path and saw the graveyard, about twenty stone graves lining the fenced in walls, a cobblestone path to walk on. At the head of the graveyard there were two graves next to each other, a Triforce symbol engraved in a small pile of soil in between them, and a large hole in front of the graves. Goku walked past the wooden entrance to the graveyard, and knocked cautiously on the Grave keeper’s hut.
“It’s still daytime…the Heart Pounding Grave Digging Tour is over…come back at night…maybe you can find a ghost in the day?” Dampe’ said groggily. It was his standard speech to people who woke him up in the daytime.
“I’m not looking for a ghost, Dampe’,” Goku said in a stern voice.
“What do ya want then?” Dampe’ asked, agitated.
“I want a treasure from you,” Goku said.
“What treasure? I don’t commonly give up things that I found myself, with my own hands…and if I do give it up, I don’t want to, so I consider it stealing,” Dampe’ said.
“It didn’t belong to you in the first place….I call that possession of stolen property thank you very much,” Goku said.
“Urgh….” Dampe’ muttered. He opened the door, and Goku was slightly surprised by his appearance. He hunched very low, and was bald. His face and skin were very pale, and his eyes were small and black. He wore brown suspenders and a shirt of the same color, many patched up holes all over his clothing.
“Give me that Dragonball,” Goku ordered.
“The Dragie whatie?” Dampe’ asked, confused.
“The orange pearl with six stars on it,” Goku said.
“AAh…w-w-what orange pearl?” Dampe said, his pale face turning bright red. His short arm reached for the door.
“Close that….and I’ll break it down. I don’t have time for this…give it to me,” Goku said again, holding his palm out.
“Fine…j-just…don’t touch the graves!” Dampe’ ordered, handing Goku the Dragonballs and slamming the old door shut with haste. Goku smiled to himself and walked quickly out of the graveyard, eager to enter the area in which he knew the last Dragonball dwelled.

It was nearing six o’ clock. The sun had gone down nearly a half an hour ago, and Jet had not come. Zelda had waited for an hour, remembering Jet’s promise to meet her and search for Link. He had not come. She wondered why he had not met her, and he was sure he had his reasons, but she couldn’t be sure.
She mounted her white haired steed, Moonlight, and quickly galloped off to search for Link. She rode around all of Hyrule field with no idea to look, then came to the last place she could think of. She stopped near the entrance to Gerudo valley, where a small fire raged in the field. She got off of Moonlight and walked around the field for near to ten minutes, finding nothing. It was then that she heard a call. She traveled instantly in the direction of where the sound came from, and found Link, Master sword in hand, laying on the grassy ground, stained red from his blood.
“Link! What happened! No!” Zelda asked, terrified.
“Ugh…..ungh…..was…..not….” Link struggled to talk.
“Was not what?” Zelda asked.
“Not….Guh…Guh…ungh…Ganon….” Link managed between heavy breaths.
“Then who?” Zelda asked, frightened.
“Ugh… him…. the….ch-ch-ch-changeling…. Fur…Fur…hmm….Freiza,” Link said slowly.
“Freiza?” Zelda asked curiously. Link then went unconscious. Zelda picked up his limp body and placed it on back of Moonlight, then mounted the horse herself and traveled to Jet’s house as quickly as she could.

A gloved and armored fist flew through the darkness of the dungeon and hit Jet square in the jaw. Blood flew out of his mouth and hit the cold stone floor. It was nearly the sixtieth time he had punched in the last hour, but it may have been more, as he lost count. He was tied to metal chair with strong ropes. His ankles were cuffed to the legs of the chair, and the chair was bolted tightly to the back wall of the barred chamber where he sat.
“Now…I’ll try this again….What does Ganon want to know?” the soldier asked.
“I… don’t…….know,” Jet said again. The armored fist flew into his bleeding face again.
“Maybe I’m just asking the wrong question….or maybe Ganon’s little lackey isn’t smart enough to comprehend what I’m saying!” the soldier yelled loudly. Jet spat blood in the soldier’s face from the statement. “Oh…that’s how it is, eh?” the soldier asked, punching Jet hard in the chest. “Now…why did you deceive the princess?” the soldier asked, crossing his arms.
“I…….didn’t,” Jet said slowly. The soldier angrily punched him in the face again.
“Your choice to lie to us is not serving either of us, is it?” the soldier asked, a grim smile on his face as he watched Jet bleed.
“I… am….not….lying!” Jet yelled slowly. The soldier turned around and sighed. He stood there for a moment, completely still, then he spun around quickly, kicking Jet hard in the face with his metal boot. He walked out of the chamber, locking it behind him.
“It’s no use sir, he’s not speaking,” the soldier said outside of the cell.
“Mhmm,” another soldier answered. Jet could hear the small response well enough to tell if it was anyone he had met.
“You try it,” the soldier said, walking away. The cell opened slowly, and in walked Jonphor.
“Why are you not cooperating with us? It would be so much better for you….don’t you think?” Jonphor asked slowly.
“I think…..that you are a jackass,” Jet said slowly.
“I have ways of making you cooperate,” Jonphor said, a smile upon his face.

Zelda had taken Link to Jet’s house with haste, laying him on the couch and bandaging his wounds. His bleeding had stopped but he was incredibly weak. Zelda was terrified of Freiza, despite not knowing who or what it was. She had gone into her room and sobbed for near to an hour. Jet had abandoned her and Link was nearly dead at the hands of a creature who had just appeared less than a week ago.
She wondered where Jet was, if he was wandering around Hyrule, or if he had met a terrible fate at the hands of this Freiza. She slowly walked down the old stairs of Jet’s house to check up on Link. Looking at the couch, she was completely shocked. Link was gone, and so was his sword.

“Aah!!! Why!!! W-w-why are you doing this to me!!!!?” Jet asked, enraged and in complete pain. Jonphor had been torturing him for the last hour, demanding answers to things Jet didn’t know about. Jonphor had begun the painful method of shoving hot splinters underneath Jet’s fingernails, and several minutes ago he had begun to carve strange symbols into Jet’s arm and hand.
“Because of your disobedience and betrayal!” Jonphor yelled.
“Aah!!! I didn’t betray… a person!!!!” Jet yelled.
“Even now you continue to protect your master!” Jonphor yelled.
“I don’t serve h-h-him!!” Jet yelled.
“Shut up!!! hold your tongue! Do not speak! Not a word! Your fell voice has infected the kingdom of Hyrule! And if I do not get answers soon, then your body will leave this dungeon without life in it!!!” Jonphor yelled, backhanding Jet. Jet fell silent again.

It was hundreds of feet beneath the earth. Near the center of Hyrule, in the middle of the field. Goku knew an incredibly small amount of information about the land of Hyrule, but he knew this location very well. It was the Dragon temple, and he knew it was where the last Dragonball, and the destruction of Freiza dwelled. the courtyard was full of black soil and littered with corpses, some clinging to sinewy flesh, other reduced to rotting skulls. The reason there were so many corpses there was stunningly apparent. A large guillotine was in the middle of the dead temple entrance, moving up and down ceaselessly.
“Don’t you dare go in there without me!” a voice yelled out from behind Goku. He turned slowly to see who had followed him. he was stunned beyond belief to see Link standing tall, Master sword in his left hand, the last Dragonball gleaming in the other.
“How are you alive? How did you get here? Where did you find that?” Goku asked, amazed.
“Zelda rescued me, and I had a feeling you would come here. I found the Dragonball in the moat of the castle, and here we both are. Now I have a question…. What’s here?” Link asked.
“At the center of this temple there is a room with a stone altar and seven places where the Dragonballs are to be placed. That will summon the dragon, and then we can make the wish,” Goku said.
“Sounds easy enough,” Link said.
“Yeah…except…” Goku began.
“Except what?” Link asked.
“It’s ten thirty….we have an hour and a half to find that place, beat Freiza, and make our wish,” Goku said.
“Yeah…so? Remember? We gotta have faith in ourselves! So let’s go!” Link yelled, taking the lead. They both made it past the guillotine and then ran quickly through the black winding corridors. They went around for what seemed like an eternity, but was in reality only about forty minutes. They at last reached the center of the temple, and found the altar.
“Step away from that altar, saiya-jin,” Freiza’s dark voice called out from above.
“Freiza?! You’ve been waiting here?!” Goku asked.
“Don’t act so surprised, monkey. I knew my hopes of stealing or finding the Dragonballs were gone, so I decided to wait here then murder you,” Freiza said.
“ugh….Freiza! let’s end this! Now!” Goku yelled, charging to a super saiya-jin and flying into the air to meet Freiza in combat. It was the most intense fight Link had seen thus far, and both fighters were putting everything they had into it, desperate to win. Energy and electricity flew through the air, and again Link could do nothing but watch and wait for a victor, hoping it was Goku. Blast after blast was shot, and both were getting hit many times more than they did the last time they clashed. Link figured it was because they were both nervous. One’s attitude often affected their performance in combat. They were both bruised and bleeding after only five minutes of the fight, and though both of them looked defeated neither would give up.

“Willing to cooperate with us?” Jonphor asked, stroking the knife in his hands.
“……No,” Jet answered.
“Oh…..I’m not letting you go….so I will instead strip you of your power in the only way I know how….I shall cut the Tetraforce from your foul hand,” Jonphor said, approaching Jet with the knife extended.
“That won’t work… its energy…not a physical thing….it’s a Aah!!!!” Jet yelled as Jonphor dug the dagger into his hand.
“Shut your mouth….you claimed to be hunting for Link’s whereabouts….you could have just asked someone!” Jonphor yelled.
“No one….was….hmmmm,” Jet gave up arguing with him. he was much too weak, and beginning to hope for death. He lay his head back, wondering where he had gone wrong, and how his life had come down to this.

Neither warrior had come back, and Zelda could do nothing but sit alone in the house and pray for their safe return. Freiza sounded incredibly strong, and if he could nearly kill Link, he knew that Jet stood an even smaller chance. She opened the front door slowly and sat on the sidewalk, sobbing softly. She hadn’t been raised like this. She was always raised to be strong, to not show emotion, to not have emotion. But she couldn’t help it.
She was alone. She was helpless. She stood no chance against the power that this changeling commanded. And she knew if Link and Jet were dead, the moment she set foot in Hyrule, Ganon would kill her. No one was on the street tonight, and the entire town seemed dead. She was glad in a way, for she hated people seeing her vulnerable, but in another way she wanted nothing more than to be with someone.
She was powerful, it was true. But without her friends, the ones she held closest in her life, she was weaker than a baby. She hoped that someone would come soon. She continued to wait.

Goku dived under Freiza, grabbing his ankle with one hand and his arm with the other. He spun Freiza around several times then slammed the changeling down upon his knee, cracking his back with a loud snap. Goku let go of Freiza and he plummeted into the temple ground. He got up slowly then flew to Goku again attacking him with greater speed than ever before.
Link continued to watch the battle, hoping that it would end before midnight. Energy blasts were shot faster and faster, punches were launched with increasing speed and force, and neither one gave up. They continued to battle quicker and quicker, their movements now a blur to Link, and his hope disappearing with every minute that passed. Then with a sudden speed that neither Link or Freiza expected, the tide of the battle changed.
Goku appeared behind Freiza with incredible speed, and plunged his hand into the changeling back. He charged his fist with electrical Ki energy, and Freiza screamed in pain. The changeling fell to the floor, motionless after several seconds of being electrocuted from the inside. Link stood up slowly, then kicked Freiza’s body. To his relief, it didn’t get back up.
Goku then landed on the ground beside Link and powered down. It had been a short battle, but it was very difficult. Freiza’s dead body now bled everywhere on the black ground, and the sound of rumbling was strong. It had started. The end of Hyrule was beginning.
“We have less then an hour! Let’s do this, and do it quick!” Goku yelled.
“Right!” Link agreed, carefully placing each Dragonball on the altar. After several moments, the altar began to shine with an alien-like green light, and the room was filled with an odd smoke. When at last it cleared, there floating before the two fighters was a large muscle bound dragon.
“Ye who have summoned me from my rest, what is it that you want?” the dragon asked.
“I came here to wish for the end of Freiza once and for all and the safe being of Hyrule from his planet destroyer attack,” Goku said.
“You can have one, not both, make your choice,” the dragon said.
“Fine…I wish to save Hyrule,” Goku said, sighing.
“Your wish will be granted…..on one condition,” the dragon said.
“What is that?” Goku asked.
“That you and your friend pay for awakening me!!! Or if you defeat me I will gladly grant the wish also, but the chances of you two dying are much greater than the chances of me being overthrown!” the dragon said.

Jet was very near to death, and he welcomed it at this point. Life wasn’t a concern to him anymore, because in truth, everything he had to live for was gone. Link, Zelda, his parents, all gone. He now hoped they would kill him. he sat still strapped to the same chair, bleeding everywhere.
“Ugh…what….a-a-are these c-carvings in m-m-m-m-my arms and chest for?” Jet asked, not even really caring anymore.
“So that if you do manage to get out of here alive everyone will know that you are a traitor to Hyrule. You shall be cast among the wolves and eat from the garbage as you were meant to. You will be shown no mercy anywhere, and will know no peace,” Jonphor answered.
“Kill me,” Jet said calmly.
“Excuse me?” Jonphor asked.
“Kill me….please,” Jet asked.
“Maybe there is a reason to keep you alive…tell me what I want to know, and I will kill you…is that a deal?” Jonphor asked. Jet was silent.
“Jonphor…that is enough for today, you may report to your sleeping quarters and continue this tomorrow,” the king said, appearing from behind him.
“Yes your highness,” Jonphor said, leaving the cell at once.
“Jet…I can’t believe you…how could you do this to our kingdom? I trusted you, just as my daughter did,” the king said, shaking his head slowly, then walking away. The candles were put out, and Jet was left alone, bleeding in the darkness.

Link ran forward and slashed at the Dragon, the blade bouncing harmlessly off of his tough armor-like skin. He laughed and punched Link, who flew into the nearby wall from the force of his fist. Goku appeared from behind him and tried to use hand to hand moves, but the dragon whipped him with his large tail before he had a chance to attack.
Link got on the creatures back and began to slash at it, but it did no damage at all. Goku tried the attacking it again, this time with Ki blasts, and ended up with results similar to Link’s: nothing. Goku was now angered, and charged to a super saiya-jin.
“Kame Hame Ha!!!” Goku yelled, shooting the attack at the dragon with full force. It stunned him and he backed away for several seconds, giving Link enough time to blast him with the Triforce of Courage. He immediately followed the attack followed with a powerful slash to the dragon’s tail, and in that instant, a loud scream was heard by all in Hyrule, and the strange smoke filled the temple chamber once more. When at last it cleared, the dragon was gone.
Link and Goku made their escape from the temple, and midnight came and passed. Hyrule was not destroyed. The moon was high in the sky, the rain clouds now cleared from it. Everything felt safe and normal in Hyrule once more, and Freiza was dead.
“Well…. It looks like we won,” Goku said, a large smile on his face.
“Are you going to come back to Jet’s house with me? You are a part of the team now right?” Link asked hopefully.
“I am a member now, of course. I’ll always be there to help, but…no…my friends and family need me more at the moment….we will meet again someday…relatively soon too…but for now….bye,” Goku said, turning and flying into the clear sky. Link looked up until the saiya-jin was gone from his sight, then he traveled back to Earth.

It was near two o’ clock when Link arrived at Jet’s house again. He opened the door slowly and walked into the dark house. He quickly switched a light on and found Zelda sleeping on the dinning room table, her head in her arms.
“Hey! Zelda! wake up!” Link yelled.
“Uhh…hmm…..Oh….Link! you’re back! Where were you?” Zelda asked, excited.
“I was out helping Goku… it’s a long story… I’ll tell you tomorrow, but Freiza is dead,” Link said proudly.
“Good! Did you go to the castle?” Zelda asked.
“No…should I have?” Link asked.
“No, just wondering actually,” Zelda said.
“Is Jet still awake?” Link asked.
“You mean….you didn’t meet up with him either?” Zelda asked.
“You mean he’s not here?” Link asked.
“No…he never came back…he was supposed to meet me to go look for you earlier….but he never came…he hates me…I know it….that must be it,” Zelda said.
“That wouldn’t be a reason for him to abandon his own house,” Link said.
“I guess not,” Zelda said thoughtfully.
“Hmmm this isn’t good…. You don’t think Ganon has him do you?” Link asked.
“I really hope not,” Zelda said.
“Okay…looks like the night’s just started for us….get dressed up and ready your weapons…we’re gonna find him,” Link said. Zelda was now worried beyond belief. What if Ganon had captured Jet? What if Freiza had killed Jet? What if he did abandon his house? None of it made sense, and she couldn’t think clearly enough to even try to put anything together. She just followed Link like a machine, no emotion or flow in her movements or words. She was too frightened to show emotion. She wanted to see Jet again more than anything. And she was convinced she would. She just hoped he would still be alive when she found him.
Part 2: The Search For Jet by BOEG
Part II

Chapter One: The Search For Jet

The hour hand on the clock struck four. The night was nearly over, and hopelessness had reigned supreme for almost three days now. Lies and false assumptions were made, all while the vile enemy sat on his dark throne, planning revenge against those who had defeated him in the past.
The sky was black and the air was clear. The distant sound of hooves riding hard against the wet grass slowly grew louder. Two horses, Epona and Moonlight, galloped as fast their legs would carry them, and atop the steeds sat Link and Zelda, worried beyond belief. Link and Goku had defeated Freiza and saved Hyrule just hours ago, but it seemed as though Link hadn’t quite earned his rest. Zelda felt that Jet’s disappearance was her fault completely, and she feared she would never see him alive again. Both horses halted to a stop in the open field.
“Do you think he could have been around here?” Link asked, looking around at the fenced in entrance to Lake Hylia.
“I don’t know…we’ve been to nearly every other place in Hyrule tonight. It’s either here or the castle,” Zelda said, doubtfully.
“Would he be in the castle?” Link asked.
“No…he hates the castle…he wouldn’t spend anymore time in there than he absolutely had to,” Zelda answered.
“Well then…let’s search the lake!” Link said in a loud determined voice, galloping over the fence and leaping over it with great ease. Zelda slowly followed.

Jet awoke with a start. No one had even made a move to slow down his bleeding in the night, and it was apparent. The wounds on his arms and chest had dried, and Jet could now see the symbols quite clearly. They were of an ancient form, the language of the Hylia, and Jet knew none of it. The cell door opened. In walked Jonphor.
“Did you sleep well?” Jonphor asked, feigning concern.
“No….have you ever had that dream where you’re falling?” Jet asked, surprised at how much his voice had returned over the long night.
“Who hasn’t?” Jonphor asked in response to Jet’s question.
“Have you ever hit the ground?” Jet asked.
“No,” Jonphor answered.
“Heh heh…I am going to die aren’t I?” Jet asked, a grim smile on his bloody face.
“That is what it appears to be coming down to isn’t it, William?” Jonphor asked, taunting Jet.
“Heh heh…fool…it’s like offering meat to a starving man! I am hungry! I crave death!” Jet yelled, his dark voice echoing through the even darker cell.
“When it is time to give the starving man his meat, I shall bestow him with the most poisoned piece I can find…now shall we get started? We shall. Why did Ganon send you here?” Jonphor asked.
“He didn’t,” Jet said calmly. He was punched hard in the face. It had begun again.

“Nothing…I don’t get it…not even a body? What could have happened to him?” Zelda asked, not even wanting a response. They had not found a thing at Lake Hylia, and the night was over, the sun slowly rising over the pointed mountain tops. Zelda and Link now sat on their horses outside the gate to Lake Hylia, trying to think of where Jet could be.
“Zelda, it sounds stupid, but let’s check Hyrule castle, please?” Link pleaded.
“It’s foolish, but…okay,” Zelda agreed. Without another moment of hesitation, they turned their horses around and galloped toward Hyrule castle.

“I….do not… serve….Ganon,” Jet muttered between mouthfuls of blood. The armored fist flew into his face once more. Large drops of blood flew to the cold ground of the cell like rain. He wanted nothing more now than to die, for everything dear to him was gone.
“You lie through your teeth, scum,” Jonphor said angrily. He removed his sharpened scabbard once more, and walked slowly toward Jet. He slowly drew the blade across Jet’s unresisting body, more blood dropping to the ground. It didn’t hurt Jet anymore, and he hoped it would cause him to die. he didn’t answer any more questions, only bled and remained silent, watching Jonphor’s anger rise. He knew that his body couldn’t take much more physical torture, and he was glad. He accepted death with open arms.

It was now around six o’clock, any traces of darkness gone from the land. The sky was again a clear blue color, the sun giving the land a very hot feeling. The grass was always green and rich near the castle, and the sound of moving water in the moat and small stream was very soothing to the two worried fighters. Link and Zelda dismounted and tied Moonlight and Epona to posts on the side of the outer castle gate and entered the market quickly.
It was a very early hour for the Hylians, and indeed few were in the market. The shops had not opened yet, and the cobblestone streets were nearly empty. Several voices and the fountain’s rushing waters were the only sound in the market at this time. None of the lights in any of the houses were on yet, and most of the Hylians in the market were likely still asleep.
There was one stand near a back alley that was open, and two men were arguing there. One behind the counter and one in front, shaking his fist in anger. It appeared as if the man behind the counter was selling some sort of set of knives, and the other man was arguing over not getting one. It was most likely a disagreement over rupees, a conflict that happened often in Hyrule’s market. It was then that Link’s attention was completely drawn to the men in the counter.
“Give me that blade!” the man yelled.
“No…you must pay the proper money for it!” the man behind the counter said angrily.
“You don’t understand you old fool! I need this blade!” the other man yelled.
“And you shall get it! Once you pay for it!” the man behind the counter yelled.
“Shut the Hell up! aah!! I’ll just take it then!” the man screamed, pulling a long katana out from under his red robe. He spun around and pointed the blade at the other man’s neck. He put his hands up, a frightened look on his silent face.
“Okay! That’s enough of that! Put that sword down now!” Link ordered, unsheathing his Master sword.
“Shut up! both of you! I need that dagger! It belongs to us!” the man yelled.
“Us?” Link questioned.
“Don’t ask for I won’t tell you!” the man screamed, running out of the market without another word.
“Hey, are you okay?” Link asked, sheathing his sword.
“Yes…he didn’t hurt me,” the man answered.
“Hey…uhh. You wouldn’t happen to have a Hylian shield I could buy would you?” Link asked.
“Yes sure….but here, you must take it for free….you saved my life,” the man said, handing the large metal shield to Link.
“Thanks a lot…by for now!” Link said, turning and walking slowly toward the castle with Zelda. He had no idea who that man was, or what he meant when he said “us” but he knew he was bound to find out sooner or later, so he let the subject drop in his mind and continued on down the cobblestone road to enter the castle.

The sun shined down upon the dirt road leading to the castle, making the rocks seem grayer and the grass seem greener somehow. The inner castle gate made of stone was guarded by another soldier on this day, which surprised Zelda, as it had been Jonphor’s job since she was nearly fourteen. Zelda and Link slowly approached the soldier who guarded the gate then stopped.
“Hey your highness,” the soldier said with a smile.
“Hello,” Zelda said.
“And Link,” the soldier said, nodding.
“Hi,” Link replied.
“Where is Jonphor?” Zelda asked.
“I wasn’t told. He just told me to take his watch at the gate for the next few days. He said he was busy,” the soldier answered.
“That’s weird…” Link said.
“Oh…right! You guys want in, right?” the soldier asked.
“That would be true,” Link answered.
“Right away!” the soldier said, slamming his spear into the dirt ground. The black gate slowly raised, and Zelda and Link passed under it quickly, eager to see if Jet was there and to find out why Jonphor wasn’t at the gate.
They walked quickly through the drawbridge and into the castle, working their way through the many hallways and greeting soldiers and maids as they passed them. Soon they made their way to the king’s chamber. Zelda stepped forward and knocked on the metal doors, hoping that her father wasn’t in a meeting at the moment.
“Who is it?” a cold voice asked from behind the door.
“It is me….the princess of Hyrule,” Zelda said, rather agitated.
“Do you want to see the king?” the soldier asked.
“Yes, I do,” Zelda said.
“I will see if the king will see you now, give me just a minute your highness,” the soldier said. Zelda was now enraged. She was the princess, she didn’t need permission to see her own father. After several minutes the man came back and spoke from behind the closed metal doors once more. “Okay, you can see the king now,” the soldier said. The doors slowly opened, and the silver armored soldier stepped to the side and quickly closed and locked the metal doors again.
“Daddy, what’s the point of this?” Zelda asked.
“To keep out spies. There is a heightened need for security right now…we have captured a spy…he was listening in on our meeting a few days ago…and now we fear his comrades may be plotting a rescue….so we must be careful,” the king said.
“What spy? Who?” Zelda asked.
“Perhaps it would be easier if you saw,” the king said.
“I guess…..but where is Jonphor? Why isn’t he at the gate?” Zelda asked.
“He is questioning the spy in the dungeon,” the king answered.
“May I go see them?” Zelda asked.
“Yes…but…just…don’t grow too attached to things in life my dear daughter….not everything is as it seems….deceit is rooted in the most unexpected of places,” the king said. Zelda and Link slowly left the king’s chamber, confused by his speech.
“What in the world d’ya think that meant?” Link asked.
“I have no idea, but after we see this prisoner we have to ask daddy if Jet has been around,” Zelda said.
“I agree,” Link said. They traveled slowly down the long stone staircase, feeling their way as they went due to the poor lighting of the dungeon. There was little light because it was not meant to be a comfortable place, and indeed it wasn’t. it was where the murderers and thieves went. It was where those sentenced to die went. Zelda doubted that this spy would even be alive, and if he was he would likely be so close to death it didn’t matter. The two walked slowly down the black corridor lined with barred cells. Slowly a voice grew louder in the darkness.
“Why did Ganon send you to spy on that particular meeting? What did he expect to learn?!” Jonphor asked. So it was a servant of Ganon. Zelda now knew why her father guarded the entrance of his chamber so closely. The spy’s motive was likely to assassinate the king. Link and Zelda slowly came before the cell, the spy still shrouded in shadow.
“Jonphor…come forward,” Zelda ordered.
“Right away your highness…..I’m not done with you yet, traitor, so don’t ease your muscles at all,” Jonphor said, looking at Jet. Zelda now knew more about the spy. Apparently he was operating inside of the castle.
“Jonphor…you may take a break from the questioning….may we see this spy?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah, sure, do whatever you want with him…I’m just sorry about how he deceived you two,” Jonphor said, wiping the blood off of his armored hand then walking away.
“Give me a minute with this spy Link…he might think you’re there to execute him…I don’t want to frighten him…it might be his last time seeing someone who won’t hurt him,” Zelda said.
“Sure…” Link said, stepping back. Zelda slowly walked into the cell. In this moment, every feeling she had over the past three days came crashing back to her, memories of conversations, feelings in her heart, thoughts in her mind, everything. She fell to her knees, sobbing. She had no idea how she could have done this to him. She shouldn’t have gone to look for Link. She should have stayed with Jet the whole time. And now her chances were over.
Jet sat in the same metal chair, a bleeding hole in his hand where a dagger had dug, strange designs in the Hylia language on his arms and chest, and his face beaten horribly, blood dripping out of his eyes, nose, and mouth.
“Jet! No! how! Why did they….why did they do this to you! Why!!! Please….forgive me….forgive me for all of this!” Zelda pleaded.
“I’m gonna die…..” Jet muttered.
“No! Please don’t die! Please!!!” Zelda begged.
“There’s….s-s-something….that I’ve been trying to tell you for the past few days now…but let me start by apologizing….I never meant to hurt you….” Jet said slowly.
“All of that is over…don’t talk anymore…please…just rest,” Zelda begged, still sobbing.
“Zel….if I’m gonna die…this is gonna be the last thing I say….so just let me say it okay?” Jet asked.
“….Mhmm…” Zelda nodded.
“Well…..that night….on the field….when Kari left….you knew I was hurt….you knew it….and that night….when me and you and Link were all sittin around the fire…I looked into your eyes…and I knew that everything was going to be alright….look…there’s no easy way to say this…and if I try to find an easy way, I’ll be goin around in circles for hours….but…it’s just…you cared….you were there for me….and….I….I love you,” Jet said slowly.
“…….I love you too……the last couple of nights when we talked together I saw a side of you I didn’t know…..a side that wasn’t concerned with the way he looked or acted or sounded….the real you…behind the tough image…like I said….I saw past your cool exterior…and I loved what I saw,” Zelda said. She looked into Jet’s bleeding eyes. They looked as though they were in extreme pain, but they were still the most beautiful blue color, and they made Zelda feel like everything would be all right. She closed her eyes, then slowly pressed her lips into his.
Jet was in extreme pain, but in this moment he was in complete bliss. Nothing was wrong and to him, nothing could go wrong. He pulled her closer as they continued to kiss, her soft lips easing his weariness completely. After several minutes they pulled apart and Jet smiled gently, then laid his head back.
“Jet?!... please… tell me you’re okay…please?” Zelda said slowly.
“I’m fine….but this chair is crampin me up a little,” Jet said, his eyes still closed.
“Link! Come in here! We’re getting the spy out!” Zelda said. Link walked in slowly and was both shocked and angered to find Jet bleeding and in pain, strapped to the metal chair. He unsheathed his blade and cut the binds on his legs and feet, then picked him up gently in his arms. The three slowly ventured up the dark narrow staircase and exited the dungeon.
“No! Put him down Hylian! It has been proven that he is a spy and he cannot be taken out of this castle, much less the dungeon!” Jonphor yelled, angered.
“Jonphor….shove it,” Link said, walking past him quickly.
“Why did you do this to him?” Zelda asked, tears in her eyes.
“Because he is a spy!” Jonphor said.
“What proof do you have?” Zelda said.
“…..We have our sources,” Jonphor said.
“You’re a bastard…..I will hate you forever for what you did to him….but since you are so concerned…tell my father this… I love Jet, and until he betrays us, he is a friend of this kingdom,” Zelda said, following behind Link with haste. Jonphor had done what he thought was right for his kingdom. And he would continue to do so. Even if it meant losing the trust of the princess, Zelda.
The King of Evil Returns by BOEG
Chapter Two: The King of Evil Returns

The pain was there. Indeed it was present and even stronger than it was inside the cell in the dark Hylian dungeon. But there it was. The very thing that made it all bearable. The very thing that made him forget about the bleeding, and the aching muscles, and the label “traitor” that had been placed upon his head. It was Zelda. He had her love now, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. She held onto his hand tighter. He opened his eyes slowly.
“Hey…how are you doing now?” Zelda asked, the concern in her eyes and voice soothing Jet.
“I’m…great,” Jet answered. His bleeding had finally stopped, and several oils and curative juices had been placed on his wounds, which were now wrapped in tight bandages. His strength was still nearly gone, but he felt much better, and was very eager to set out again.
“That’s good….hmm….I’m glad you didn’t die….I was afraid I wasn’t going to get a chance to tell you how I felt,” Zelda said.
“Same here…I had no idea how you would react…but after I flipped out on…him…I thought you hated me anyway,” Jet said.
“No…but that brings up an interesting point…what do you think is going to happen to Jonphor? daddy finally believes me…I told him about all of the things you did to help us…he knows you’re with us…but Jonphor…he hates you,” Zelda said.
“I can tell….we didn’t get along too well in the dungeon in case you didn’t notice,” Jet said in an agitated tone.
“I’m sorry….everything’s okay now though…I promise,” Zelda said in a reassuring tone.
“I know…but who healed my wounds? You aren’t that good at it are you?” Jet asked, changing the subject.
“My nursemaid…she’s watched over me since I was born….her name is Impa…she’s the last surviving member of the Sheikah race,” Zelda answered.
“The ones who made the Gossip stones, right?” Jet asked.
“Yes, that was her race,” Zelda answered.
“Oh…can I meet her? Just to thank her for fixin me up?” Jet asked.
“Sure….I’ll go get her,” Zelda said, leaving the room. Almost as soon as Zelda left, Link entered, almost as if he was hoping Zelda would leave.
“Hey man! How ya doin?” Link asked.
“Bored out of my mind man! I wanna go out and adventure again! I wish I wasn’t in this much pain…I learned some pretty great sword moves….” Jet said.
“Yeah…once you’re well enough….we’re gonna make you a sword,” Link said.
“Make me one! Where? How!?” Jet asked, excited.
“…Death Mountain,” Link answered.
“Death Mountain? Nice name….” Jet said grimly.
“You’ll be fine,” Link said, chuckling. In that moment Impa entered the healing room where Jet sat. She was a tall woman with short grey hair, small bangs in her relatively neat hair. Her face had silver paint on it and she wore a black and purple outfit with a breastplate. Strapped to her back was a long sheathed machete.
“Impa?” Jet asked, looking the Sheikah woman up and down.
“Yes…I am glad to see that you’re finally doing better,” Impa said.
“Yeah….so am I…I was afraid I wasn’t gonna make it for awhile…thanks a lot for healin me up,” Jet said happily.
“Of course….it was my duty…you’re Zelda’s boyfriend after all,” Impa said with a smile. Link’s jaw dropped.
“You are! Woah! Tell me about this! I wanna know everything, man!” Link said excited.
“It started that night that Kari broke up with me…” Jet began.
“You were fine though, right?” Link asked.
“No…I was just pretending,” Jet answered.
“Wow…you fooled me,” Link said, looking at the carpeted ground of the cool healing room.
“That was the idea, man,” Jet said.
“Yeah…but what happened?” Link asked.
“I just…looked at her…and felt safe. It was weird but it’s what happened. Something just clicked….and I knew she was the one,” Jet said.
“The night after you lost your wife?!” Link asked, astonished.
“Yeah…well…I just knew….”Jet said. Zelda walked in now, a tray of food in her hands.
“You need to get your energy back, okay? So eat,” Zelda said, looking at Jet.
“Uh…Zel….I’m not really hungry….I still feel kinda queasy from my little meeting with Jonphor,” Jet said lowly.
“That’s okay….just get better okay? We’ll take care of Jonphor…somehow,” Zelda said, her eyes blazing. Jet could see her hate for Jonphor, the very mention of his name angering her greatly. He decided not to speak of the Hylian soldier again unless he had to.
“But as I was saying…I will protect the one the princess loves as I would protect the princess herself,” Impa said.
“Does that mean you’re joining us? I mean you can fight and everything…and you are a formidable opponent…so…please?” Link asked.
“Yes…I will join this team,” Impa said. They had a new ally in their battle against Ganon. Impa was a Sheikah, the Sage of Shadow, and very skilled at combat. They needed help greatly, an they were slowly but surely receiving it. Link and Zelda talked with Impa about their journeys and their goal to defeat Ganon, and Jet slowly laid his head back and drifted off to sleep once more.

“What do you advise we do with him?” the king asked a soldier in regard to Jonphor. There was a rather large meeting going on to determine the fate of Jonphor. Some soldiers disagreed that he was even breaking the Hylian law, and that he was just fighting to protect his kingdom, while others fought to prove otherwise. Zelda and Link were present at the meeting, along with twelve other soldiers and the king. Jonphor was in dungeon awaiting the decision of the king and the people of Hyrule.
“I do not know the answer to such things…what was the complete story to your knowledge, princess?” the soldier asked.
“To my knowledge….” Zelda began, an angry tone in her voice.
“Yes?” the soldier asked, prompting her to continue.
“To my knowledge…Jet and I came to the castle….and that bastar-soldier….captured him for some reason unknown to me, then beat him to a pulp, claiming he was a spy of Ganon….and…just…I don’t understand why…..” Zelda said sadly.
“You seem awfully attached to this man, Zelda,” the king said, a concerned look on his aged face.
“Jonphor didn’t tell you?” Zelda asked.
“No…what?” the king asked.
“I love Jet….and we are a very happy couple,” Zelda said proudly.
“I see….congratulations my daughter,” the king said.
“Thank you, daddy,” Zelda said.
“You are very welcome my dear,” the king said.
“Now what of Jonphor?” Link asked.
“We will take a vote….I will announce the decision in fifteen minutes,” the king said. The room went silent as the soldiers wrote down their thoughts on the occurrence, and what they believed should happen. After each soldier was done, they left the royal throne room. Link and Zelda followed, going to the healing room to see Jet and Impa.

“So…have they decided what they’re going to do with Jonphor yet?” Impa asked.
“No…they are taking the vote…in fifteen minutes we’ll all find out…including Jonphor….I hope he dies….” Zelda said lowly.
“Zel…don’t talk like that…you’re really scaring me….all he did was try to protect Hyrule…in his mind it was the right thing. I mean…you can’t really blame him for being loyal to his kingdom,” Jet said.
“Yes I can! He nearly killed you! I’m not just going to….going to…let him get away with it….listen Jet….I love you…’s the greatest feeling in the world….and he nearly took it away from me…I won’t sit around and watch him try to finish the job,” Zelda said.
“I really don’t feel right about it,” Jet said slowly.
“About giving death to one who nearly killed you?” Zelda asked.
“How many minutes until the decision is made now?” Jet asked.
“About five…why?” Zelda asked, confused.
“I don’t know,” Jet said lowly.
“Jet…please don’t feel any remorse for him….please,” Zelda pleaded.
“I can’t help it, Zel….I mean….he did beat me up pretty bad….but I he doesn’t just deserve to die…I mean….come on….that’s almost as bad as what he did to me,” Jet argued.
“You guys….it’s time! Let’s go back to the throne room….Impa…you come too…Jet…stay and get your rest…we’ll tell you how it turns out…okay?” Link asked.
“Yeah…sure,” Jet answered quietly. There was a heavy feeling of dread in his heart. He was about to let a man possibly die, all while he was laying in a soft comfortable bed being pampered to. He lay his head back to think.

Link and Zelda walked into King Harkinarian’s throne room behind the twelve soldiers who had voted on what fate Jonphor had. The twelve had not been allowed to speak to each other and each had gone to different rooms, but now they were all together again, and Jonphor was present by the king, bound by the hands. Zelda sat next to Link in the front row of seats, eyeing Jonphor with a cold look. He returned the gaze, but his mean eyes were shadowed by his Hylian helmet.
“The fate of Jonphor has been decided….the twelve soldier’s on the crime unit declared that for the violence caused to Jet in the dungeon cell, Jonphor is to be put to death. We will not waste any time in carrying out the execution….Jonphor…please follow the axe-man,” the king said, looking at the hooded robed man with a large axe in his hand. Jonphor followed behind the man slowly as he left the throne room to prepare for the execution.
“Good….it serves him right…I can’t believe what he did to Jet…is he returning?” Zelda asked.
“Yes…the execution is going to take place in the back of the throne room where we now stand. You will all see Jonphor put to justice before your very eyes,” the king answered. All of the soldiers shouted loudly in agreement.
“He does deserve it…completely,” Link said. After several minutes, the axe-man returned, leading the bound and blindfolded Jonphor, now stripped of his armor, by a chain. He knocked Jonphor to his knees and placed his head on a metal chopping block prepared for public execution.
“Now….after the final prayers are made….the execution will be made,” the king said quietly.

Jet couldn’t get the thoughts of Jonphor out of his head. The Hylian soldier had beaten him to a bleeding dying pulp, but it was what he thought was right. He couldn’t be angered at him for serving his king. Jonphor felt that he was right in his judgment, and Jet couldn’t be mad at him for carrying out what he thought was the right thing. It was a gut feeling Jonphor had, and Jet often followed that same feeling.
He couldn’t stand it. He got up out of the bed, white bandages around his arms, hand, and chest. He still wore his brown pants, but he had no boots, nor could he find any, so he walked out of the healing room in his bare feet, and ran as fast as his wounded body would carry him to the throne room.

The final prayers were now over, and Jonphor rested his head sideways on the metal chopping block while soldiers cheered, a smile of satisfaction growing on Zelda’s face with each passing second. The axe-man raised his axe slowly.
“No! Stop it at once! I can’t let you do this! I heard through the doors the final prayers…and I knew that you had made the decision…stop it! Please let him go!” Jet pleaded in a loud voice.
“He has done wrong against you…the Hylians want justice,” the king said.
“Jet….” Zelda muttered, nearly in shock.
“Zelda…if this is what he wants, don’t try and stop him,” Impa said.
“The Hylians want justice, but he hasn’t wronged them! He has hurt me! and I say let him go free! Please!” Jet pleaded again.
“Fine….axe-man! Unbind and free Jonphor,” the king ordered. The axe-man did so promptly, and Jonphor was freed.
“Now…Jonphor…I shall spare you on one condition….armor up and get back to the gate,” the king ordered.
“Yes sir!” Jonphor answered.
“Jonphor!” Jet yelled. He turned.
“Yes….Jet?” Jonphor asked slowly, the disgust in his voice still slightly apparent.
“It looks like spying from behind closed doors isn’t always as bad as you might think eh?” Jet asked.
“Why did you do it?” Jonphor asked.
“Because…no one deserves to die for following their heart,” Jet said. Jonphor nodded, then turned and walked out of the throne room, eager to return to gate guarding. Jet walked to Zelda slowly.
“Jet…I’m sorry…I didn’t listen to you at all….you’re right no one should die for fo,” Jet kissed Zelda before she could finish the sentence.
“It’s fine….okay? now…I just wanna heal up…so we can get outta here and back to adventuring! So whaddya say we all go back to the healing room and have a little celebration?” Jet asked happily.
“Sounds good to me,” Zelda agreed with a warm loving smile.
“Me too,” Link said.
“I think I’ll join you also,” Impa said. The four made their way back to the healing room.

He was back. For the first time in years he had set foot on the sandy ground of his old kingdom, the Gerudo fortress. He would get his army to aid him. willingly, or by force. Ganon would kill the Triforce Team.
The New Gerudo Leader by BOEG
Chapter Three: The New Gerudo Ruler

A man robed in black slowly walked through the featureless desert of Hyrule that was the Haunted Wasteland. This area was amazingly dead, no clear features or distinct landmarks that set one area of sand apart from the next. Leevers, green burrowing creatures with a spiked top, often wandered through the sand, searching for anything to eat. The man that wandered through this area was not searching for food as the creatures though. He was searching for the desert kingdom of the Gerudo.

It was unbearably hot. Even with special protection made by the Gorons, it was still nearly impossible to enter the lava filled chamber deep inside of Death Mountain Crater. The Gorons were an incredible race, man-like in shape, with skin as tough as metal. They had small tufts of brown hair on their round heads, and no ears. Their eyes were very large, usually black or blue, and they were very muscular.
The Gorons had granted Jet several pieces of heat resistant armor which he wore under his gym leader outfit, the wardrobe that he now always wore to Hyrule. Link wore a dark red Goron tunic, made of a heat resistant non-flammable fabric, likely found in the leathery leaves of the bomb flower, the Goron’s top crop. The room they were in was very small, with a low square of lava and liquid metal in the middle.
“You can make it any shape you want….just so long as you can fight with it,” Link said.
“You got it,” Jet said, beginning to shape his sword. His wounds had almost completely healed, except for the deep one Jonphor had cut into his hand. He would get over the wounds, but he had no real desire to return to the castle anytime soon. For now his thoughts left the castle and returned to his current task. He could barely believe it. Soon he was going to have a sword, and then he could finally aid the team.

The Gerudo fortress. At least twenty entrances were on the two levels of the large stronghold made of brick and smooth stone. The Gerudo race had consisted of all women for as long as anyone could remember. The last exception was Ganondorf Dragmire, their king.
The man robed in black slowly made his way to the gate of the fortress. In front of the Haunted Wasteland was a large stone watchtower with a heavy wooden gate that could be raised via a chain operated by the watchman.
“Let me in,” the robed man called out. By and by, three Gerudo women mounted on proud steeds rode to the spot where the mysterious man stood. Two stayed behind, and one rode forward, dismounting her horse. She had bright red hair and tanned skin, a taunting yet seductive smile on her large lips. She was dressed in white unlike her fellow officers, who were clad in purple, veils of the same color about their mouths. She unsheathed a scimitar and pointed it at the man’s throat. She spoke, “What is a man doing in our fortress?”
“Do you not recognize your own king when he appears before your very eyes?” the man asked.
“Our king was Ganondorf Dragmire and the Hero of Time killed him long ago,” the woman said.
“You foolish Gerudo!” the man yelled. He pulled off the black robe and threw it into the air. All in the fortress were in awe. His Triforce engraved breastplate gleamed in the sunlight. His two white eyes and the shinning gem in his forward glowed fiercely. His spiked red hair swayed in the wind. Ganon was back.
“I’m sorry master, I didn’t think,” she was cut off.
“”I agree. You did not think. Now that I have returned I have an announcement to make. We are going to use any method necessary to kill a group of warriors called the Triforce Team led by the Hero of Time,” Ganon said.
“But master….we could all die if Hyrule retaliated,” the woman argued.
“…..I care not,” Ganon said, walking into the fortress.

The round metal hilt gleamed. The block shaped wings shined with gilded light. The blade was short, only about two feet long, and the tip went up diagonally, coming to s sharp point. There was his own sword, made by his own hand, strapped to his waist, a leather sheathe around it.
Link and Jet had walked to the center of Hyrule field, relieved at how much cooler it was. They had just barely stopped to rest when they heard a familiar sound. They heard flying from a short distance away. After several minutes, Goku landed in front of the two fighters, a disturbed look on his face.
“Ganon is in the Gerudo fortress…..I saw him while I was flying…he’s going to attack Hyrule with that army,” Goku said.
“It’s time to end this before it starts…Goku! Stay here with Jet….I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m gonna go get Zelda and Impa,” Link said.
“Why? Where are we goin?” Jet asked.
“Gerudo fortress,” Link said. He pulled out his Ocarina of Time and played Epona’s song, then mounted his horse and rode away toward Hyrule castle without another word to Goku or Jet.
A Sacrificial Premonition by BOEG
Chapter Four: The Sacrificial Premonition

The sun lit up the sky as the five warriors trudged through the scorching sands of Gerudo Valley. They all had their blades drawn, the sun reflecting onto the gleaming metal, a dead giveaway of intruders from at least a mile away. It was dangerous, but the team didn’t trust the Gerudos and they weren’t about to let their guard down. They slowly marched across the rickety wooden bridge, walking right into a battle that none knew the fate of. Despite the uncertainty the battle held in their minds, they were ready. They marched without fear and without anxiety. The marched with courage.
“This is gonna be a tough one you guys,” Link whispered as they approached the entrance to the fortress.
“Especially if we try to sneak in the front entrance,” Impa said sarcastically.
“I would take that into consideration, except….” Link began.
“Except?” Impa asked, urging him to finish.
“Except we aren’t sneaking,” Link said. The group continued on through the sandy ground, eventually reaching the end of the valley and the beginning of the fortress. There across two stone walls hung the aged sand swept banner of the Gerudo, and two paths branched ahead of the team. The one directly in front of them was a small hill going upward, still sand filled, that led to the watchtower gate to the Haunted Wasteland. The other path was to their immediate right, a staircase leading to the main entrance of the fortress. Link and Impa took the stairs, while Jet and Zelda went up the small hill.
Their agreement had been to sneak up their paths then start killing as soon as someone spotted them. It was a plan they would follow through on.
“Jet…are you scared?” Zelda asked, her Sheikah disguise tight about her face.
“Are you gonna be fighting beside me…..the whole time?” Jet asked.
“Yes,” Zelda answered without hesitation.
“I’m not scared,” Jet answered. There were no more words as the four fighters blazed into the sandy fortress. Goku had went into the air to scout out the land and serve as back up, and for now, the team needed no help. The orange sands were quickly stained red with the blood of the Gerudo, Link impaling several and Jet fighting to stay alive. The Gerudo fought with either spears or scimitars, and they were unmatched in skill with both weapons. It would be a difficult battle, but not an impossible one.
More of the women fell to the ground dead, deep slashes or stab wounds in their chests, several decapitated by the dark style of combat Impa practiced. More and more of the women fell, the sound of blades and shattering wood loud in the fortress. Twin scimitars clashed against armor and swords, the four warriors sustaining a surprisingly small amount of wounds from all of the combat they were enduring. The army began to drop like flies at the courage of the tiny Triforce Team, and then the tables turned.
Out of the fortress came a dark soldier in the army that none needed to look at, for all felt. It was Ganon. He had emerged from the fortress, and whatever success they had experienced thus far was about to be challenged completely. Even in the sunlight and bright sands of the desert fortress his eyes glowed with an evil light. His black and red cape flowed in the wind.
“Get out of the way you useless fools….this is my battle!” Ganon yelled loudly. The Gerudo’s ceased the battle almost instantly. Ganon stepped forward to face the team, a smile on his face. “Who has the might to defeat me here?” Ganon asked. In response to Ganon Link blasted the King of Evil with the Triforce of Courage. Zelda and Jet followed with their Triforce of Wisdom and Tetraforce. Ganon stumbled backwards dazed, a small trickle of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He regained his steadiness, then shot a powerful blast at the team with his Triforce of Power.
All four were hit by the blast, knocked off their feet and wounded. Ganon laughed at the sight of the fallen warriors. He stepped forward slowly and shot a large magical blast at Link, who barely rolled out of the way in time. The blast of glowing energy hit the ground, blasting sand into the air. Impa ran forward and slashed at Ganon. He blocked the attack with his arm and kicked Impa in the chest. She fell to the ground, and Zelda wasted no time in taking her place.
She began to slash at Ganon with her daggers, the King of Evil dodging nearly every attack. She did a low sweeping kick, which tripped Ganon, then stabbed him as he fell. He punched Zelda in the chest, and she backed away, holding her stomach in pain. Ganon bled from the stab wound, but he didn’t hold it or wipe away the blood, indeed he barely acknowledged it was there.
“Hey! Didn’t anyone tell you it’s not nice to hit girls?!” Jet yelled, angered. He ran at Ganon with his sword, slashing him many times. He now bled from several large cuts in his arms, but again it didn’t seem to phase the dark King of Evil. Jet blasted him with the Tetraforce from nearly point blank, the amount of energy used causing a swarming mass of smoke and sand to launch into the air. When the dust and smoke cleared, the King of Evil stoof tall, his cape burned and his breastplate shattered, blood dripping everywhere.
“You….cannot defeat me….!” Ganon yelled, blasting the warriors with his Triforce of Power once again.
“Hey, remember me?!” Goku yelled, reaching the ground in front of the Triforce Team. He was charged to a super saiya-jin, and he looked stronger than ever to Link.
“Ah yes…the one that was fighting that…thing in the air….it didn’t finish you off so I presume you came here to ask me for aid?” Ganon asked.
“Something like that,” Goku answered.
“Goku…you know the drill,” Link said.
“Right,” Goku answered. He began to charge a Kame Hame Ha wave in his hands, then at the last moment, he shot the blast at the sun. he then rushed forward and began to attack Ganon. After several minutes, the blast came back down from the sky, intensified at least one hundred times from the energy it gathered in space. Link blocked the wave with his Mirror shield, reflecting it straight at Ganon. The blast hit him, and he yelled loudly, falling to the ground.
After several minutes he got back up, bleeding everywhere, the sand around his body stained red. He stepped forward once more, the same smile on his face. He stopped mere feet away from the team.
“I…challenge…you Link…” Ganon said slowly.
“Fine…name the spot,” Link said.
“The top of the fortress,” Ganon said, slowly floating up to the roof.
“Hey, Goku…can ya gimme a ride?” Link asked.
“Yeah…show him who’s boss,” Goku said, carrying Link to the top of the fortress. He wasted no time with words and ran at Ganon, punching him at least ten times in the chest. He coughed up blood on the smooth stone floor, then kneed Link in the chest. he backhanded Ganon, then grabbed the King of Evil by the throat. He slowly carried Ganon to the edge of the roof, but before he could throw him off, Ganon hit him in the sides with all of his might. He dropped Ganon, who hit him with a powerful uppercut. Link attempted another punch, but Ganon blocked. Ganon tried the same with the opposite arm, and the Hero of Time blocked it. The both held each other’s arms, and it was now a battle of will.
With an incredible burst of energy, Link cracked Ganon’s arm then tripped him with a low kick, and he slowly fell off of the roof of the fortress. He fell to the sandy ground on his back, spitting blood out of his foul mouth. He lay still. Link slowly made his way down to the bottom again. To his shock, the King of Evil got up again.
“What are you doing this for?” Link asked.
“Long ago…hero…I had a purpose…a reason for trying so hard to achieve so much…but…no more….now I fight for one reason…and that is to kill you…I will never be satisfied until all of you are dead,” Ganon said.
“Zelda…I understand my dreams now,” Jet said, stepping forward without another word.
“Jet….” Zelda said slowly.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, aiming the blast at his own chest. He was knocked back several feet, bleeding profusely from the self inflicted wound. Smoke rose from the hole left from the blast, and for a moment, all were silent.
“No!!! Jet!!!” Zelda screamed in shock. She ran forward, stabbing any Gerudo she saw with her daggers. There was blood all over her hands, tears dripping to the sandy ground. She continued her attack of rage, killing at least fifty Gerudos.
In that moment, a swirling mass of energy surrounded Link’s Master sword. Without any hesitation, he ran forward and delivered four slashes to Ganon, and in that moment, he was surrounded by red smoke. When it cleared, he was no longer in his immortal form, but he was again Ganondorf Dragmire.
“What are you waiting for you fools?! Kill them! They could get away now!” Ganon yelled.
“We care not,” one of the Gerudo’s said.
“Girls! Lets go!” another women said. Without another word or a single sign of remorse, all of them moved forward and stabbed Ganondorf with their spears, blood spilling everywhere. He fell to the ground, dead. All cheered. The Triforce Team slowly exited from the fortress. They would have to discuss this matter with the king later on, and possibly try to form an alliance with the Gerudos, but for now none could think of anything but Jet. He was gone. Zelda had just found the love of her life, and he was taken away from her. They slowly traveled back to Jet’s house. They had won, but it was a bittersweet victory.
The Cult of Hyrule by BOEG
Chapter Five: The Cult of Hyrule

She sat in her room, the tears of sadness continuing to fall. She didn’t know who to be mad at, but she knew she was angry. She hated the Gerudos for attacking, she hated Ganon for all of the pain he had caused them, she hated Jet for going away, and most of all she hated herself for doing nothing about it. Jet was the one person she had ever loved, and now, thanks to that fight, he was gone. Because of his death he enabled Link to defeat Ganon, and she knew it was for the good of the world, but she couldn’t help thinking that he could have done something else. She recalled the last thing he said to her, “Zelda, I understand my dreams now.” at the time she didn’t remember what he meant, but hours later the painful memories came back. She thought about the conversation they had had again.
It had been a few days ago now, and Jet and Zelda were alone at the dinning room table on that particular morning, Link off training or fishing at Lake Hylia. Jet told Zelda he had been having a nightmare for the past few days, and she had asked about it.
“It’s real weird…I see a lot of sand…then a lot of blood…then I see you…and I get that warm feeling like everything is gonna be alright even though I had no idea anything was wrong in the first place. Then you go away, and I see Ganon, and then I see more blood…then I see this weird field…completely black….no light or anything…then I see myself…and I’m…..not moving…and then I wake up,” Jet said.
“It’s probably just a nightmare…you’ve seen a lot that you never knew existed recently…your mind just isn’t used to it…that’s all,” Zelda said in a reassuring tone.
“I guess so…it just feels different from a nightmare…it feels like it already happened….or it’s goin to real soon….and it’s a real bad feeling,” Jet said slowly.

When she told him it was just a normal nightmare she was trying to convince herself more than she was Jet. It had worked for awhile, until Jet uttered those last words in the Gerudo fortress. She knew in her heart that she hadn’t done a thing, but she blamed herself for Jet’s death deep down. She blamed herself for not trying to stop him, or at least help him understand what the dream meant. There was a knock on her door.
“Hey, Zelda, are we still goin to Hyrule castle to talk to the king about that battle?” Link asked through the closed and locked door.
“Yes…I’m ready…just give me a minute to get my weapons ready,” Zelda said, trying to hide her depressed tone. She quickly wiped aside her tears, then strapping on her twin daggers, she opened the door and slowly traveled with Link to Hyrule.

The metal doors in the king’s room were no longer locked, and the “heightened need for security” was finally lowered. It was a rather small meeting, four Hylian soldiers, Link, Zelda, Impa, and the king the only ones present. They all sat in wooden chairs, the soldiers discussing to themselves, the Triforce Team not speaking at all.
“So when you reached the Gerudo fortress, what was your purpose?” the king asked.
“To kill Ganon,” Link answered.
“And…the Gerudos attacked you correct?” the king asked.
“Yes…we didn’t strike first,” Impa answered.
“And then Ganon emerged from the fortress, am I right?” the king asked.
“Yes….” Zelda answered.
“And he killed Jet then?” the king asked.
“No! that foul beast didn’t kill Jet!” Zelda yelled.
“Who did then?” the king asked.
“He…killed himself,” Link said slowly.
“So he couldn’t handle the challenges that come naturally from being a hero…a truly sad fate,” the king said.
“Shut up! I don’t want to hear you talk about Jet like that anymore! I loved him! I still do! He did what he did to help Link! If you had the slightest inkling of how much he has done for us, and how brave he was in the face of danger, then maybe you wouldn’t talk like that!” Zelda yelled, enraged. She began to sob again, Impa trying her best comfort her.
“I will ignore that display of ignorance for now, my daughter. Was it not the Gerudos themselves that killed Ganon?” the king asked.
“Yes…they did,” Link answered.
“And Jet committed suicide…to help you kill him?” the king asked.
“Yes…he did,” Link answered.
“Then….either you an incredibly bad fighter…or he was an incredibly stupid man, for neither of you defeated him, and indeed it was his own soldiers who brought about his downfall,” the king said.
“Your highness….with all due respect, he was a good fighter…and his heart was in the right place…and they have been through a lot lately…so…could you please speak less harshly of their friend?” Impa asked, embracing Zelda.
“Very well…thank you for discussing the battle with me…these soldiers you see next to you will travel to the Gerudo fortress to try to negotiate an alliance with the Gerudo,” the king said.
“You’re welcome, your highness,” Link said.
“You are dismissed,” the king said. The Triforce Team exited without another word. Zelda hated how her father didn’t trust Jet, even after it was proven he was an ally. Her father wasn’t with her at all. She was now truly alone, the only people in the world who truly felt the way she did were Link and Impa. Goku had gone back to Earth to aid his family again, and the house felt dark and alone without Jet. They had no idea what to do now.

“Where am I?” he asked through the darkness.
“Everywhere…..and nowhere….you are at once at the gate to every realm in the universe…and locked inside a realm of ….nothing….this is the land of the dead…” a voice said through the blackness.
“Why am I here?” he asked.
“You died…and were not meant to be dead…everything you are meant to do has not been accomplished….and so you come here,” the voice answered.
“How does this place help me accomplish anything?” he asked.
“It is not Heaven….and it is not Hell…and it is not Earth, Earthling. You have a week to get back to your planet…or you are sealed here forever. Somewhere in this land is the entrance to your planet…you will feel it as you get closer…do what you want with the time that has been given to you…” the voice said.
“One more question…who are you?” he asked.
“I am the Spirit of the Dead…if ever you need assistance in the art of death…look to me,” the spirit said. In that instant, some of the blackness lifted from the infinite dark of the realm, and he could see who it was before him. It was oddly shaped, similar to a Terminan black boe but with a longer tail. Its eyes, nostrils, and mouth were an odd whitish color, and it seemed to float with a black mist around it. “Good luck, Jet,” the spirit said, disappearing.
“Thanks…looks like I’m gonna need it,” he said to himself. He examined his body. The large wound in his chest was gone, and his gym leader outfit was completely restored, not a damaged thread in the fabric. He got up and looked at his surroundings. It was then that he got a small idea of just how difficult this journey would be. The sky was a haunting black, blacker than anything Jet had ever seen in Earth or Hyrule. He stood in a field of some sort, grass of a sick grey color up to his knees. What frightened him the most was the fact that it was the same in all directions, no landmarks or anything different, just miles of grass. He picked a direction and followed it, hoping to find some luck amidst the dead grass and black sky.
He walked for hours through the field, amazed at the fact that nothing lived here. Jet figured that other people who never accomplished their life’s purpose were sent here, but thus far, he had seen none. He had many second thoughts about the choice he made to die in order to stop Ganon. He remembered the look on Zelda’s face as she realized what he was doing, and the pain in his heart from seeing her hurt eyes was yet to go away, but now his only thought was getting out of the land of the dead.
After several more miles he heard a sound from behind him, almost like a burrowing noise. After several minutes of staring intently at the grassy ground, a shape burst forth from the dirt. It was humanoid in shape, brown sinewy skin hanging off of it’s bony body. It had black holes for a mouth and eyes, a foul fluid dripping from the holes as it ambled slowly toward Jet. Link had told him about this creature, and he knew it as a Redead.
He instinctively reached for his waist, and was relieved beyond belief to feel the hilt of his sword. He unsheathed the blade and quickly rushed at the creature, slicing it in the arm. It held the limb in pain, blue blood gushing from the large wound. It stared at Jet with it’s blank face, then let out a loud shriek. It was a truly terrifying noise, and Jet was paralyzed from the shock of the sound. The creature moved slowly toward him, and he tried with all of his might to move, but the terror was spread about his body like a heavy blanket, and he couldn’t move a muscle.
The creature made its way behind Jet, then bit his neck with it’s painfully sharp teeth. Jet could feel his warm blood running down his neck, the Readead surprisingly strong. With one last burst of willpower, Jet finally moved, slamming his hilt into the Readead’s chest and spinning around, blade in hand. He stabbed the creature in the head and it fell to the ground. Jet wiped the blue blood from his blade, then sheathing it, continued on.
His encounters with dead creatures quickly increased, and he could barely defeat one before another took its place. A Redead grabbed onto Jet’s shoulder, then another, and finally a third Redead appeared behind Jet, getting ready to plunge its foul teeth into his neck. He hastily untied his cape and ran off through the field, trying desperately to keep the beasts off of him. hope then returned to him. A drop of cold rain hit his face. Then another. And another. After several minutes a shower was falling, and Jet knew he was closer to Earth. He ran on.

“Link…I could have gotten him to do something else…this is all my fault…I can’t believe it…I loved him…he meant everything to me….I might as well had blasted him myself,” Zelda said. Link and Zelda were sitting in Jet’s living room, Link on the floor, Zelda seated on the couch.
“Don’t talk like that…you know he did that to save us…he gave us exactly what we needed….a chance…I came here and asked him to help us kill Ganon…and he did….in my mind it’s alright,” Link said.
“It’s not in mine! I can’t help but blame myself for it…I want to hate him so much for doing it….but I want nothing more then to love him right now,” Zelda said lowly.
“I know…but he did it cuz he didn’t wanna see you get hurt,” Link said.
“But why am I hurt more than ever then?” Zelda asked.
“Because…you miss him…and you think it’s your fault,” Link said.
“I’m going to go to my room…I need some sleep….bye,” Zelda said, getting up and going slowly up the stairs.
“Bye…” Link said to himself.

There was a loud noise from behind him. He unsheathed his sword and turned slowly to face what was following him. He was in awe. There were two disembodied purple hands of a giant size in front of him, behind them a large floating mass of flesh, a large red eye in the middle of it. This was Bongo Bongo, the dead guardian of the Shadow temple. He didn’t know how to defeat this creature, but he knew it was kill or be killed. With a yell he ran forward, blade extended.
He attacked the large body of the creature, but it flew higher, and the left hand retaliated with a large swipe. Jet was knocked over, the air knocked out of him. He got up quickly and performed a jump attack on the eye. It closed its large steel like eyelid, and the right and left hands clapped together, enclosing Jet’s body between them. Its grip tightened, and in a final desperate act, Jet plunged his sword into its left hand. Green blood gushed from the wound and it dropped Jet to the ground. He hit the ground hard, but he wasn’t injured. The creature’s eye was now open, and Jet performed another jump attack. The blade sliced open its eye, and it fell to the ground.
Jet ran forward toward it, then stabbed it again and again, green blood covering his blade. The creature didn’t get up again. Jet removed the blade from its eye and held it high in the air, the rain washing the bloody sword clean. Lightning struck in the sky and Jet quickly sheathed his blade, then ran off again. He was even closer.

He had asked Zelda to come, but she refused. She said she couldn’t return to Hyrule so soon after Jet’s death, and that it would bring back to many painful memories. Link had accepted her decision, and walked about Hyrule alone. He had just recently came into the market, and to his disbelief, the robed man with the long katana was harassing the same stand again. Link unsheathed his sword and readied his shield, then ran toward the stand.
“You old fool! That dagger is ours!” the robed man yelled in anger, spinning around quickly. He moved with a speed that none in the market had seen before, and in an instant, the man behind the counter fell to the ground in two halves. Link was fascinated and disgusted at the same time. The amount of force it takes to cut a man in half would be nearly impossible to match when moving that fast.
“Hey…what do you mean by “ours”?” Link asked.
“The dark cult of Hyrule! I need this dagger…and I shall take it!” he yelled, grabbing the dagger and running off with speed.
“The dark cult of Hyrule?...this really isn’t good…everyone here I’ve ever known has followed the goddesses and all of their teachings…but a cult…I gotta stop this,” Link said, sheathing his blade and running out of the market to tell Zelda about the death of the salesman.

She had been sobbing for hours now. She knew it wasn’t her fault. But she couldn’t be angry at Jet. So she had to blame herself. She knew she had to continue and help Link, but now that Ganon was dead, she didn’t know what more there was to even fight for. Ganon was gone, and so was Jet. Any purpose she had for living was gone. She thought that she might as well end it.
She figured it would be best. She would get to be with Jet again, and she would no longer bother her father. It would be perfect. Everyone would be happy. She unsheathed one of her daggers, and gripped the hilt tightly. She turned the blade so it was pointing toward her chest. Sweat dripped from her body as she thought about what she was about to do, and how it had come down to this. Tears fell from her bloodshot eyes. Her hands trembled as she gripped the dagger tighter. She moved it slowly toward her stomach.
The door opened. Jet quickly walked in.
“Zel!....don’t do that….no one will be happy,” Jet said.
“Jet…?” Zelda asked.
“Yes?” Jet asked.
“Am I dreaming?” Zelda asked in a dazed voice.
“No….I’m here now…so you can stop crying,” Jet said. He looked into her eyes again. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, and he felt like the luckiest person in the world to be with her. He kissed her slowly, her soft lips and gentle touch a welcome feeling to him. He opened his eyes just quick enough to see that hers were closed, then he nervously pushed his tongue into her mouth. She was surprisingly unresisting and welcomed his tongue, following his action. The two sat there on her bed together, probing the inside of each other’s mouths with their tongues in an intricate pattern, both of them eager to explore every inch of their lover.
They separated after nearly ten minutes, both of them breathing heavily, an odd smile crossing Jet’s face. The two embraced for several minutes, then slowly got up and went downstairs to wait for Link and talk of the past day’s events.

His tribe. His own family. They killed him. but fortunately enough for him he was immortal. He no longer possessed the Triforce of Power, and for now he was a mortal, but he had a second chance at life, and he wouldn’t waste it. Ganon continued to fly toward Snowhead to train for his next battle with the Hero of Time.
The Dark Knight by BOEG
Chapter Six: The Dark Knight

“There’s a place where people who aren’t supposed to die go? Holy crap!” Link exclaimed after listening to Jet’s tale. Link had recently returned to Jet’s house, walking through the door and finding him sitting on the couch with Zelda as if nothing had happened. For the first time since before Jet died Zelda wore a smile, and what Jet said really was true. Zelda’s smile did seem to light up the room of wherever they were, be it a house or a dingy dungeon cell.
“Yeah…but…uhh…now that we’re all alive…and Ganon’s dead…then uhh…whadda we do?” Jet asked, confused.
“We celebrate my friend….remember Saria?” Link asked.
“Oh…the uhh Kokiri girl?” Jet asked.
“Yeah, her….she wants to have lunch with us,” Link said.
“Okay…now?” Jet asked.
“Yeah..but only us…sorry Zelda,” Link said.
“I’ll be back soon…I promise,” Jet said, kissing Zelda softly on the cheek then getting up, digivice in hand. The two quickly warped to Hyrule to meet Saria in Kokiri forest. Zelda slowly laid down to sleep, the rest well deserved and needed.

Dark clouds formed in the sky. The sun disappeared behind the shadow. Large drops of cold rain fell from the dark sky, at first very slowly, then increasingly faster, and soon, there was a large shower, the entire field wet. Link and Jet enjoyed the rain, a relief from the extreme heat of the last few days. They walked slowly through Hyrule field, approaching the entrance to the Kokiri forest by and by. Several gnarled trees grew out of the ground near the log entrance of the forest, the branches twisted and contorted into what looked like claws.
The two went through the large log entrance, crossing the old wooden bridge quickly to reach the forest. Jet instantly fell in love with the forest, as it seemed magic. Small huts littered the forest, a hill on Jet’s immediate right with a winding fence at the top. To the left was Mido’s house, the chief of the forest. Behind his house was an elevated ledge which led to a wall with large thick vines growing on it, above which rested the log entrance to the Lost Woods, the general entrance of the Sacred Forest Meadow, resting place of the ancient Forest temple.
Link had told Jet that the Kokiri were an odd people, and indeed he was correct. Most of the Kokiri were nearing their twenties, but due to the Great Deku Tree’s gift of immortality to the forest peoples, their bodies forever held the appearance of children. They were all clad in Kokiri tunics and Kokiri boots, and Link spoke the truth when he said one size fits all. Ahead of Jet was a small pool with three large stepping stones on it, the water coming from a stream dripping down from a crack in the wall. The water likely came from the Sacred Forest Meadow, but no Kokiri had ever checked. Across the pool was the Kokiri shop, and past that was the Great Deku Tree’s clearing.
They passed by Link’s house on the way, indeed the most unique house in the forest. Link didn’t live in a hut like the rest of the Kokiri, but instead had a tree house. There was a ladder made from Deku sticks that were tied together leading up to the one room house, and the small porch was lined with stones set into the wooden frame. There was a drawing on the trunk of the tree that Link had made when he was about four, and several mushrooms grew outside the entrance to his house. Like every other Kokiri house, Link’s living quarters didn’t have a door, but he had more privacy than the others by a small curtain that went down over the entrance.
Directly next to Link’s house on an elevated ledge was Saria’s house, a normal hut like the other ones. There was a winding elevated path that went around her house and led to a bridge that went over the pool, a watchtower at the other side.
“Ah…this is so great…we can finally go around Hyrule without a sword in our hand,” Jet said, sighing in relief.
“Yeah…it’s pretty nice,” Link said.
“So….this is Saria’s house I take it?” Jet asked, looking at Link with an eyebrow raised.
“Yup…come on,” Link said. Jet followed behind Link as they entered the small hut. The inside was better looking than the outside Jet had to admit to himself. He took a moment to look around. There was a rake and a shovel propped up against the wall right next to the entrance, and a rug in the middle of the room, a wooden table and two benches on either side of it. The roof was hardly accommodating to Link and Jet, but they got used to it quickly. Near the ceiling Saria’s fairy flew.
Jet next took time to look at Saria. She was small, indeed she had the body of a ten year old, and she wore the standard Kokiri tunic, but had custom made green boots, and wore no hat. Her hair was a lime green color, and her eyes matched her clothing.
“Link! Right on time. And this is…Jet…?” Saria asked, looking him up and down.
“Yeah…that’s me,” Jet answered.
“Good, good. Have a seat, I insist,” Saria said. Both of them sat down quickly, the scent of the food irresistible to the hungry fighters. There were several plates full of food, Kokiri herb, meat of an unknown creature, most likely a Wolfos, the main predator of Hyrule.
“Mmmm…this is amazing, Saria…where’d ya get it?” Link asked, his mouth full of food as he spoke.
“All of us Kokiri recently went hunting…you wouldn’t think it, but when we all get together we can find some pretty good food. Oh…and…don’t eat with your mouth full! Use some manners!” Saria said in a joking voice.
“Um, yeah…sorry,” Link said between mouthfuls of the meat.
“Isn’t it incredible?” Saria asked.
“Huh?” Link asked, having no idea of what Saria was talking about.
“This weather…it hardly ever rains this hard,” Saria said.
“Oh…yeah…for Hyrule it’s a pretty nice shower….the place where I live now it rains a lot more often…” Link said.
“Oh? Where is that? Outside of Hyrule I presume?” Saria asked, intrigued.
“Yeah…it’s a planet called Earth…pretty amazing place…but it doesn’t feel the same as Hyrule…the sense of magic…is…nearly gone in that place,” Link said.
“What do you mean?” Saria asked.
“It’s so absorbed in technology that it’s almost completely mechanical…there are hardly any beautiful spots there anymore, and the prettiest places in Earth don’t nearly compare to anything here,” Jet answered for Link.
“I see…sounds like a pretty sad place,” Saria said.
“It can be…” Jet said slowly. Out of seemingly nowhere another Kokiri burst through the entrance to Saria’s house. He stood taller than most of the other Kokiri, and his body appeared to be at least two years older then the other Kokiri. His hair was blonde and slightly spiked, coming down over his forehead. He wore a Kokiri tunic and Kokiri boots, and he was sweating. It was Mido.
“Link…you have to…go to Hyrule field….there’s a … a… a….” Mido stuttered for several seconds.
“A what?” Jet asked.
“A….terrible…thing…it’s unlike anything I’ve seen….it’s worse in appearance than Ganondorf!” Mido said.
“Saria…I’m sorry, I swear me and Jet will make it up to you sometime…but we gotta jam,” Link said, standing up quickly.
“Jam?... I’m not sure I like this Earth place…” Saria said slowly. They exited the house quickly and ran as fast as they could to Hyrule field.
“Link…we don’t have any weapons!” Jet yelled in a frightened tone.
“We’ll just have to do our best,” Link said.

They approached the area with the “thing” that Mido spoke of hastily. It was a knight, nearly six and a half feet tall, a red feathered spike on top of his helmet. His visor was grey, but the rest of his armor was pitch black. He had a red cape attached to his armor, and a large sword in his right hand. On the back of his left hand was a red jewel.
“Hey, you!” Link yelled. The knight turned slowly.
“You….” He muttered slowly.
“Who are you?” Link asked.
“I am the Dark Knight! I have come to kill you and anyone else that tries to protect you!” the Dark Knight yelled in a loud voice. Link ran forward and kicked the Dark Knight hard in the breastplate, the attack doing nothing because of the knight’s nearly impenetrable armor. He swung his sword around quickly, Link barely back flipping away from the attack.
Jet hit the Dark Knight in the back of his helmet and he stumbled forward, but no damage was done. He spun around and attempted to hit Jet with his sword, but the Earthling moved away from the attack just seconds before it was made. The Dark Knight then sheathed his sword and began to make several movements with his hands. He then formed his hands into a shape similar to the formation used when Goku used the Kame Hame Ha wave.
“Mystic Fire attack!” the Dark Knight yelled loudly. A raging mass of flaming energy flew out of his hands and scorched several feet of the field, hitting Jet and Link in the process. They were on the ground, weak and defenseless. The Dark Knight unsheathed his blade and slowly moved toward the two wounded fighters. He raised his blade, then stopped and turned around.
Standing before him was a man with a hooded cape concealing his mouth and nose, it’s color black like the rest of his clothing. He wore a black sash and gloves, boots, and pants of the same color. He kicked the Dark Knight in the face then used several pressure points in the areas that the armor wasn’t joined. The Dark Knight fell to his knees, and the man drew a long dagger. He made a stab at the knight, but before he could pierce the Dark Knight’s neck he grabbed the dagger with his hand and threw it. The man did several backward hand springs then made a formation with his hands.
“Triforce of power!” he yelled, and the golden triangle shot out of his hands, hitting the Dark Knight head on.
“You fools…the Hero of Time will die…” the Dark Knight said, whistling loudly. His black steed quickly galloped toward him, and mounting the horse, he rode off with speed.
“You have the Triforce of Power?!” Link asked in awe.
“Yes…I found it,” the man said.
“Who are you?” Jet asked, getting up slowly.
“My name is….Magnum,” he said slowly. He walked slowly to the area where his dagger was thrown. He picked it up, sheathed it behind his back, then threw a Deku nut, and when the blinding flash of light subsided, he was gone.
“That was…interesting,” Jet said.
“Yeah…just a little bit….let’s go back to your house and try to figure out what the hell we’re gonna do ‘bout this,” Link said. The two quickly warped back to Earth to try and form a strategy.
The Search for the Tetraforce by BOEG
Chapter Seven: The Search for the Tetraforce

“That guy who needed that dagger….I bet he had something to do with the Dark Knight,” Link said. They were sitting at the dinning room table, and it was nearing eight o’ clock. Jet had told Zelda of their latest fight in Hyrule field, and she agreed to come next time to help. They now all sat and discussed the matter.
“You mean ya think the Dark Knight is the leader of that cult?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…it all fits together pretty perfectly,” Link said.
“But….uhh…I think I would be able to help you guys a little better if I had something,” Jet said.
“What?” Zelda asked.
“…the Tetraforce,” Jet said slowly.
“You don’t have it?!” Link asked.
“No…it must have left my body when I died in the Gerudo fortress,” Jet said.
“Well….if you really want it back….you know where to go,” Link said.
“Yeah…I’ll be back later you guys…try to figure something out about what to do with this Dark Knight guy,” Jet said, using his digivice to quickly warp away.
“What can we do? He sounds incredibly powerful,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…he is…he completely beat us…but…we were unarmed,” Link said.
“Let’s hope it goes a little better next time then,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…we can hope,” Link said in a doubtful tone.

It seemed a lot larger when he was alone. It was bathed in light, but there was a certain darkness to it. It was the second time Jet had ever been to the Sacred Realm, and this time he was completely alone. He knew where he had to search, and he quickly made his way toward the Temple of Light. He entered the golden temple, making his way up the large golden staircase, past the winding corridors, and down a large, wide hallway. By and by he made his way to a large open chamber high up on the temple. The golden sky shined through the room. The roof was elevated by four very thick golden pillars, and there was a raised platform in the center of the room.
Jet slowly stepped forward, and he heard a loud whistling noise. A swirl of wind surrounded the area directly in front of him, and a black cloud of smoke erupted from the swirling wind. When at last it cleared, a golden armored knight stood in front of him. it wielded a large ball and chain, a katana sheathed at it’s side.
“Ye who seek the fourth triangle, defeat me and I shall grant it to you,” the knight said.
“…k,” Jet said doubtfully, unsheathing his sword. It wouldn’t be an easy fight.

“So…what are we gonna do bout this?” Link asked.
“Do you think it would be wise to go out on the field now? we could look for him,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…hmmm….I just dunno what to do anymore…I thought after Ganon died….I wouldn’t have to face anything like this again,” Link said.
“Yeah…but this is our job,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…some job,” Link said, sighing.

The large iron ball and chain planted itself firmly in the golden ground. This was nearly the twentieth time Jet had just barely dodged the attack. He had to think of something, and think of it quickly. He went around the room in a circle again as he had been doing, then he stopped in front of a pillar. The knight swung his mighty weapon at Jet, who jumped to the side quickly. The ball and chain wrapped itself around the pillar, and Jet severed the knight’s hand from his wrist with his sword.
Angered and in pain he unsheathed his sword and entered into a duel with Jet. The two fought for several minutes, then Jet kicked the knight in the chest and stabbed him in the neck, and he fell to the floor, defeated. He burst into red flame, and a treasure chest materialized on the small elevated platform.
Jet slowly made his way toward it, then opened it up. resting inside of the chest on a red cushion was the Tetraforce. He picked it up, and it glowed brightly like everything else in the realm for several seconds before being absorbed into Jet’s body. He had the Tetraforce once more. Now he would return to Earth and develop a strategy with Zelda and Link.
The Mystic Powers by BOEG
Chapter Eight: The Mystic Powers

The field was damp from the large shower that had dropped from the sky for nearly a day. Zelda, disguised in her Sheikah outfit, Link, Jet, and Impa had ventured into Hyrule field, but their search for the Dark Knight had born no fruit. Near to the area they fought the Dark Knight the day before they encountered Magnum, standing still on the battlefield, singed grass all around him. He turned slowly to face the Triforce Team.
“I can’t tell you where the knight in black armor went, but I do know that there is an evil cloud over Termina…in Ikana canyon….do what you will with the information I have bestowed upon you, but be swift! Remember Hero, while the black armored knight seeks to harm you, I seek to help you, but all three of us cannot always be in the same place at the same time…not even with the use of magic,” Magnum said, disappearing before anyone on the team could question him.
Choosing without any good reason to trust the words of this man they knew about as well as the Dark Knight, they traveled quickly to Termina, to the dead canyon of Ikana. Termina was a realm that Jet had not yet ventured to, and he wasn’t quite sure what the planet was like, but he knew if Magnum was right, they had a battle on their hands.
On they flew through the vortex of multi-colored data streams, odd sounds and information whizzing by them, the colors changing rapidly, millions of odd symbols and shapes forming doorways into other dimensions. The endless streams went on with seemingly no end, a small orange dot in the distance. All knew the trip would take what seemed like hours, when in reality they would be there in less then ten seconds. But it was then that the trouble began.
All of the warriors were suddenly overcome with an extreme feeling of coldness, an icy chill they couldn’t escape, despite their armor and thick tunics. The symbols all around them began to become farther spaced and less frequent, going from incredible encrypted data symbols to simple digits. The numbers began fading and crackling, the sound of static strong all around them. Soon the numbers had all but disappeared, and the swirling vortex was as dark as the black of space. A surge of white electricity cut through the portal and all went unconscious, accepting the darkness.

Impa awoke first. She opened her eyes slowly, and saw white. She stood quickly, an incredible chill on her bare legs. She was startled to find that they were surrounded by snow, an icy mountain looming in the distance, snow falling from the sky incredibly fast. She roused the other fighters quickly, Link the only one to recognize the area.
“Jet, what the hell happened?” Link asked.
“Ungh…the digivice shorted out…coulda been caused by a fuse that blew out in our house…a lightning storm….it mighta ran outta juice, too….” Jet answered slowly.
“We can get out of here right?” Impa asked.
“Yeah….but a little question, Link. Where is here?” Jet asked, standing up and wiping snow off of his gym leader tunic.
“This is where we wanted to go…just off by about…half the world…this is Snowhead…it’s in Termina….but it’s the other side of the planet from Ikana,” Link said.
“Do not worry…I was just exploring a little in Ikana…and it wasn’t an energy shortage Jet…it was an energy overload…I wanted to fight you here….where I have been training since our last confrontation,” Ganon said, appearing behind the team, unwounded.
“No! Not you! You’re supposed to be dead!” Zelda yelled, almost in tears.
“Oh…am I?” Ganon asked.
“Yes…allow me to help you,” Magnum said, appearing behind him and hammering him into the snowy ground.
“That was nice, you foolish Terminan! But I fear you have something that belongs to me,” Ganon said, reaching out his hand. In a minute Ganon had disappeared, his laugh trailing off into the distance.
“What was that all about?” Link asked.
“Terminan? So you come from this place?” Jet asked.
“Yes…but what did he- ….No!!!!!” Magnum slammed his fist into the icy ground in anger, sending snow crashing down around him and the team, clouding their vision and destroying their sense of direction. When at last the torrent of snow subsided all of them stood in more of it, cold and wet.
“What did he mean?! What’s wrong?!” Link asked.
“The Triforce of Power….Ganon has it again…” Magnum said slowly.
“No! that’s dumb! Now we’re right back where we were! With one more lunatic to deal with! Joy!” Jet yelled, angered.
“I am sorry…this is all my fault but…” Magnum began, cut off by more rumbling snow and cracking ice beneath his feet. To his shock shards of crystalline ice clearer than the air itself began to rise from the ground, increasingly faster, then staying in mid-air as if by some magic force. Magnum got up slowly, examining the shards. They were quite real, and very cold, colder then anything Magnum had ever felt.
“Uhh….dude…should you be playin around with that stuff? I mean if it’s been down there that long, then d’ya suppose it’s been there for a reason?” Jet asked.
Magnum kept moving slowly forward, almost in a trance, paying no heed to Jet’s words. The ground in front of his black booted feet cracked in all directions, and out from the cloud of ice and snow that busted forward came a glowing sphere. Magnum instinctively unsheathed his long dagger from its hidden scabbard and stabbed the sphere. Cracks formed along the surface of the sphere, and a blinding blue light shot forth, and when it was gone, a blue crystal rested in Magnum’s hand. The shards of ice fell to the ground, breaking into millions of pieces on the snowy ground, and Magnum was broken from the trance. He looked at the team, then threw a Deku nut, disappearing without another word.
“Okay…I know this has been asked in one way or another already, but what the hell just happened?” Jet asked.
“Um…well…from what I’ve gathered…Magnum told us about some shadow in Termina…so we come here, find Ganon, who is alive again, and Magnum comes here. Ganon steals the Triforce from Magnum, disappears to do whatever it is he does in his free time, then Magnum, in his complete and total rage, does something weird to the land, almost like he activated a hidden power by feeling alone, and he ended up with some weird crystal….” Link answered.
“Yeah….now how does that fit into anything, and how is it gonna help us in our battle against the Dark Knight?” Jet asked.
“That isn’t for us to decide…calm down a little….the way will be shown to us…trust in fate a little more, okay?” Zelda asked in a reassuring tone, putting her arm around Jet.
“Yeah…okay,” Jet said in a calmer tone.
“I suggest we get out of here. Regardless of fate or luck there are two inevitable battles that will have to take place, and I for one want to be ready for them,” Impa said.
“Right…Digi-Port Open!!!!” Jet yelled, opening the vortex and leading the team back to his house in Earth.
The Legend of the Mystics by BOEG
Chapter Nine: The Legend of the Mystics

“Okay…I’d say it’s about time to piece together everything we know about this situation as a whole,” Zelda suggested when they reached Hyrule field after their meeting in Snowhead. Magnum was present, and they all now stood at the battlefield which used to be a beautiful grass covered area of the field.
“Hoo boy I love this part…” Jet said in a slightly sarcastic tone.
“Well…that day we Zelda and I went to see if Jet was in Hyrule castle after my fight with Freiza, we ran into this weird guy in the market, I didn’t think anything of him at first, but he said he wanted a dagger, and he had a long katana. Now, the next time I see this guy, he kills the man at the stand, steals the dagger, and says he is a member of the dark cult of Hyrule. Now, I dunno if I’m any good at putting stuff like this together, but I think maybe the leader of the cult is the Dark Knight…I’ve told my fellow team mates about it, but I wanted to know what you thought, Magnum,” Link began.
“Describe to me the dagger,” Magnum ordered, ignoring the rest of Link’s speech, for the moment at least.
“Uhh…jee….it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it,” Link said.
“Try,” Magnum said in a stern voice.
“Okay…uhh….the hilt was wrapped…in a black cloth…and the blade curved slightly, and there was some weird etching on the blade…can’t be too specific about the etching…that’s what I remember,” Link said.
“ is beginning to be made clear to me,” Magnum said.
“Then do us a favor and clarify a few things for us….cuz if everyone here is like me….then I still don’t get it,” Jet said. The team nodded in agreement.
“You see….the way you describe this dagger, I am led to believe it belonged to a man named Khmer,” Magnum said.
“What does Khmer have to do with that mob or the Dark Knight?” Impa asked.
“Khmer was one of the Hylia…the ancient race of Hylians…Impa has heard of him as she is a Sheikah, one of the elder races of Hyrule, but she does not know the significance of this piece of information. Khmer was a man who was obsessed with magic. His name comes up very early in the Book of Mudora, so he was one of the first of the Hylia, and indeed that means Magic likely had existed in Hyrule for no more than one hundred years at the most. You see, he studied magic as a living, and invented the Mystic energy,” Magnum explained.
“Mystic energy?” Zelda asked.
“He used his skill in the Black art to learn to harness the elements of nature…he made a Mystic power for every important force except the one he believed in most….for he needed not to harness it, and if he did, the very dark lord himself would probably claim it…indeed its powers would be too terrible, and he knew it. That power was Darkness. But he constructed Mystic Fire, Ice, Lightning, Sand, and Light,” Magnum explained.
“Okay…keep going…I still don’t understand everything here,” Jet said.
“Well…you see…Link was right. That cult man was looking for Khmer’s dagger. He served the Dark Knight. Do you not remember what the Dark Knight used in his fight with us?” Magnum asked.
“The Mystic Fire!” Link yelled, remembering the attack.
“Yes. Now, each Mystic magic was embodied in a crystal, the “core” of the magic if you will….if we were to destroy the Mystic Fire’s core, then we would destroy the magic, thus turning the Dark Knight into nothing more than just that: a knight,” Magnum said.
“Yes! We have a plan now! one that could actually work too!” Jet yelled in excitement.
“Not yet…there is one problem…I examined the Dark Knight’s body. The crystal is lodged in the armor of his right hand…the hand he wields his sword with…he knows the importance of the crystal I deem…and he will guard it as he guards his life…” Magnum said.
“So what do you suggest we do?” Zelda asked.
“We have two options. The hard one…and the easier one,” Magnum began.
“Both….easy first, hard afterward,” Link said.
“Okay…the easy method requires a little more story telling. Khmer made more magic in his life time, and he made sure the Mystic powers balanced each other out, except he ran into a problem…Mystic Fire’s force ran strong within him, it was his most prized magic, as it was the first Mystic power he mastered and completed flawlessly, so it always had more power than the others. So in order to solve the problem, he made a magic that could counter its powers. Far below the ocean here…there is the Aquia crystal…a crystal of raw water magic…the equivalent of a Mystic Water…if we were to find it now, we could destroy that core easily enough….or,” Magnum began.
“Yeah?” Jet asked.
“Or….we kill him in standard combat,” Magnum said.
“We choose to find the crystal,” Link said.
“I hoped you would say that…in the event that it comes down to regular combat…there is one thing that could aid us…but I will only tell you of that if it comes down to it,” Magnum said.
“Okay…and uhh…what was all that back at Snowhead?” Link asked.
“I have the Mystic Ice now,” Magnum answered.
“Woah…..let’s go!” Link said, standing.
“Impa, Zelda, you two stay behind, get some rest, I insist….Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, and the three were gone in mere seconds. Impa and Zelda slowly walked off to the castle.

It was an uncharted area of Hyrule, past the corners of the map. It was past the infamous valley of Death far below the gaze of Calatia, the neighboring kingdom of the land. Few had been there since the days of the Hylia, and Link, Jet, and Magnum were the first to set foot there in at least fifty years. It was a sandy beach. Link knew it was there because of hints made in the Book of Mudora of the ocean. Most of Hyrule knew that all of the water in the land had to come from a greater place, but none knew of the exact location of the ocean except for him and Zelda.
“How are we all gonna do this?” Jet asked.
“Huh?” Link asked, staring at Jet.
“Magnum said this crystal is under the ocean….so how are we gonna all go down there?” Jet asked.
“Oh…you can wear my Zora tunic under your gym leader tunic, and I’ll use my Zora mask. Magnum….uhhh…”Link’s voice trailed off.
“It’s fine…I have the Mystic Ice…I can survive quite nicely in water now…and I have weighted boots…so don’t worry about it…let’s just go…and quickly,” Magnum said.
“Ight,” Jet said, removing his gym leader tunic and quickly suiting up. the Zora tunic Link had acquired from King Zora in Zora’s Domain on his mission to unfreeze the land and retrieve the Water Medallion. The tunic allowed him to breathe underwater forever if he so desired, and it increased defense slightly. Jet wore his gym leader tunic over the outfit, along with Link’s iron boots. Magnum tied iron weights to his boots and trudged slowly into the water with Jet.
Lastly Link placed the Terminan Zora mask on his face. The magical mask molded onto his face, changing his very body in an instant. He was still as tall, but now he was changed. He wore Kokiri boots and gauntlets, and still bore the bottom half of his tunic, but now he was a young Zora with a slight build. His blue eyes shined and his head tail was a green shade to match his hat. His fins were elongated the way Zora warriors always wore them, very sharp and ready for combat, or launch if the need arose. He followed the other two into the water to begin the search.
The water was very clear, the sun’s rays shining into it, brightening the ground before them and making their quest much easier then it would be in complete darkness. They trudged on through the sand, running into several fish and large rocks, but very few large threats. Skullfish and Desbrekos were native to Termina and didn’t dwell in Hylian water, one less thing they had to worry about. They came eventually to a place veiled in shadow, a dark area of the Hylian ocean, littered with Like likes, evil tube like creatures know for swallowing people and animals whole, then spitting them out, devouring their possessions, be it clothing, money, or weapons. They defeated these as they came, and when at last they reached the end of the dark part of the ocean they came to a sunken chest.
The wood was incredibly old and nearly rotted to the point one could pry apart the boards without even opening the lid. The lock was gone, and the metal plate with the key hole was rusted so badly that it would be useless anyway. Willing to waste no time lifting the aged chest to the surface, Magnum hit the lid with all of his might, bubbles swirling around his arm as he fought against gravity. The lid broke open, aged rotted splinters floating to the surface slowly. Link reached into the chest, rummaging among the aged soil that sat in the chest and eventually finding a sapphire blue crystal much richer in color than the Mystic Ice core. The three warriors floated to the surface and swam back to the beach hastily, eager to discuss what they had found.
“We have it! Let’s go ki-….” Jet was cut off.
“Kill me? I travel….fools….I am still only after the Hero of Time though,” the Dark Knight said, appearing behind Jet. The three warriors slowly turned to face him.
“You’re the one who is foolish if you think you can defeat us!” Magnum yelled, unsheathing his dagger and running toward the Dark Knight. He grabbed Magnum by the neck and hoisted him into the air, squeezing tighter and tighter until he dropped his dagger.
“I am tired of these games, Kafei. I have played much too long with you…and now it is time to end it, Terminan,” the Dark Knight said, squeezing tighter. Magnum was about to let go and fall into the open arms of death. Everything seemed distant, and death sounded good, but the thought left him as he hit the sandy ground. The Dark Knight let out a loud cry and clutched his bleeding shoulder tightly, Jet wiping the red fluid off of his sword.
Link ran forward sword outstretched and began to battle the knight as he fought with one hand. In anger he threw down his blade and once again played his trump card.
“Mystic Fire Attack!” he yelled, the flames shooting out of his hands in a large beam once more. Link sheathed his blade and pulled out the crystal, blocking the attack easily, and sending a torrent of water at the Dark Knight. He stumbled backwards, then in anger ran forward, picking up his blade on the way. He clenched the sword tightly and brought it down upon the crystal, cracking it in half. “Urungh!!!! Ah! I will kill you later!!!” the Dark Knight yelled. He whistled once more, and his black steed came running in the sunlight. He mounted the horse and galloped off without another word.
“Damn…we could have gotten him! we could have!” Jet said.
“Yeah….it’s my fault…” Link said.
“No…bad planning on all our parts…” Magnum said lowly.
“That reminds me…Kafei eh?” Link asked.
“Yes…it’s me,” Kafei answered, pulling down his hood and removing his mask. His eyes were large and brown, and he had long purple hair down to his shoulders parted in the middle. Link had reunited Kafei with his fiancÚ Anju in Termina on his journey there long ago, but he hadn’t expected in his wildest dreams to meet Kafei again, let alone on these conditions.
“Why did you do it? Isn’t your wife worried sick?” Link asked.
“I did it because of what you did for me Link….this is my way of paying you back for that even though I know it could never compare…” Kafei said.
“Oh come on…that was a long time ago…and it was less then three days of your life,” Link said.
“In three days you changed my entire life…I am indebted to you…” Kafei said, getting on one knee and looking down before Link.
“Then do me three favors,” Link began.
“Yes?” Kafei asked.
“Go back to Termina and tell your wife what you are doing, and that you are okay….second off……be more careful… and finally…join our team,” Link said.
“Okay…I will….from this day forth I shall be a member of the Triforce Team!” Kafei said proudly. The three went back to Jet’s house to strategize.
The Next Mystic Magic is Discovered by BOEG
Chapter Ten: The Next Mystic Magic is Discovered

“We look to the land of Termina for the Mystic magic!” Jet yelled proudly.
“Let’s start with a place most of us know, and the rest can get used to,” Magnum suggested.
“Which is?” Impa asked.
“Yes, the only place I am familiar with in Termina is Snowhead and Clocktown,” Zelda said.
“Exactly…it is said that in the Bomber’s tunnel to the Astral observatory there is a hidden chamber…in that chamber is said to be a treasure of unfathomable power…the legend in Termina is that Sakon the thief hid it there and forgot its location long ago…but I have a different version of the tale. I believe that when Khmer looked for a place to hide the Mystic magics, he hid all of the regular ones in Termina, and that he put that Mystic power in that tunnel…I know Sakon never had it because I talked with the man once…though he did not know my identity…he said he never found it though he was looking for it and it would make quite a nice addition to his collection,” Magnum said.
“Clocktown, Termina then,” Link said.
“Buckle your safety belts everyone, it’s time to ride….Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, and the team once again ventured to Termina, to the center of the planet, to the proud town of Clocktown.

There was a large outer wall guarding the city, four Terminan soldiers spread throughout the town, one at each gate, their long spears ready to pierce the skin of any intruder. They entered through the east gate, the main place for games and attractions. There were many games in this part of town, shooting galleries, mazes, everything. This was also the location of the Stock Pot Inn and the Mayor’s residence, where Mayor Dotour and Madame Aroma lived, and meetings with the carpenters and soldiers were held almost daily.
The team slowly approached an opening in a brick wall leading down into a black looking entrance. Thid was the secret entrance to the Astral observatory that the Bomber gang, a group of children in Termina used. Standing guard at the gate was a short boy with a blue cap on. his eyes were wide at the sight of the odd group and his knees shook wildly.
“I-i-i-I’m sorry….b-b-but you can’t go through here…don’t hurt me,” the boy pleaded, covering his face.
“Ha…hey, dontcha recognize a member of your own gang, kid?” Link asked, getting down on one knee to face the child.
“L-l-l-Link?! I’ve heard about you! You are like the Bomber! This is amazing! Go right on through!” the boy said, stepping to the side gleefully.
“You’re doin a good job kid, keep it up,” Link said, patting the boy on the head and walking into the pitch black entrance slowly. The others followed.
“So…Link…where exactly does this place lead? And where are we goin?” Jet asked.
“If we go straight…it leads to a ladder that will take us to the Astral observatory…it’s where the only telescope in Termina is…the doctor there examined the Terminan moon a lot when I went there…that was some curse Majora brought on….” Link said thoughtfully.
“Majora?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…it would be real bad news if he ever came back…but I don’t see that happenin anytime soon….so let’s go,” Link answered.
“Okay…” Jet said slowly.
“No, not that way! Into the water, hang a left…the wall directly next to the other broken one should be able to be destroyed….let’s try it,” Magnum said. The team made their way into the ankle deep water of the dark chamber, walking slowly to the wall Kafei spoke of. Link dug around in his pack and eventually pulled out a bomb. He struck the fuse then threw it at the wall, raising his shield and instructing the others to get behind him. They obeyed. The wall exploded much as Kafei said it would, and behind it was an aged chest, a sign written in an unreadable language planted firmly in the aged dirt next to it.
“What does it say Kafei? We can’t read Terminan language,” Zelda said.
“That’s not Terminan…it’s his language…it’s Hylia,” Magnum said.
“Allow me,” Link said, pulling the Book of Mudora out of his pack and opening its aged pages to decipher the sign. He turned page after yellowed page looking for the proper symbols to match the ancient etchings made on the wooden sign. “It says…I hide it here…’tis mine…’tis my magic, and I shall keep it…I would sooner take it to Hell than leave it here, but death is near me in my old age…and so I must hide the magics here…in this realm…look to the sand, to the water, to the mountain, and the last I have put elsewhere…’tis my magic, and I shall keep it,” Link finished.
“It clearly says he doesn’t want anyone else using it…you don’t think there could be a curse attached to the Mystics do you, Kafei?” Impa asked.
“I feel fine…and the Dark Knight suffers no curse…that is apparent enough…someone claim it, quickly, before we are found out to be treasure hunters and chased out of town…” Magnum ordered. Link stepped up onto the soiled platform and kicked open the chest. The lid flew completely off, hitting the wall behind it and splintering into several pieces. Link took the orb from the chest and it glowed with a yellow light. He let go of it with one hand, then both, and the yellow orb continued to float. He unsheathed his Master sword and slashed the orb down the middle. An incredible light shot forth and when it subsided a fiercely burning yellow crystal gleamed in Link’s palm.
“It’s the Mystic Lightning! Yeah!” Link yelled proudly, spinning around and thrusting his hand into the air.
“Look to the sand…I am sorry we cannot celebrate your claiming the Mystic power more now, but we must do just what Khmer has instructed us to…we must look to the sand…quickly! To Ikana canyon! Where the next Mystic power lays hidden!” Magnum yelled, running with haste out of the entrance and past the guard that watched the eastern gate of Clocktown. Link pocketed the crystal and followed the rest of the team as they ran after Kafei.
The Battle for Mystic Power by BOEG
Chapter Eleven: The Battle for Mystic Power

They made their way into the canyon quickly, Link and Jet riding on Epona, Zelda and Impa riding Moonlight, and Kafei reaching the canyon by means unknown to the team. They slowly made their way up the large wall one at a time via a secure latch Link’s hookshot made onto a nearby tree. When all five were up they quickly made there way past the rocky path that led to the river the formed the canyon itself. There was a small wooden pier near the grassy area of land that led to the dead looking river. To their right the grassy path led upwards above the river into a cave like entrance. Past the entrance was the large impenetrable wall behind which rested Sakon the thief’s fortress.
“Okay…I’ll make the hook…you guys follow,” Link said, stepping onto the pier. He raised his Hookshot and twisted the handle, then loosened his grip, the chain flying into a tree stub on a raised platform. He placed a rock on his Hookshot keeping it in place and slowly climbed up the chain, the others following. This method they repeated three more times, each time going higher and higher until finally they reached the top of the opposite canyon wall.
Link and Kafei’s minds were instantly filled with memories of their run in with Sakon so long ago in the canyon. Sakon had stolen Kafei’s wedding mask he had prepared for his wife Anju, and Link had vowed to help Kafei get it back. The two snuck into his base and stole it back, then escaped, just hours before midnight. It had been close, and neither had ever forgotten it. The rest of the team looked slowly at the unfamiliar canyon.
To the left of the warriors was an owl statue, a piece of architecture spread across Termina by Kaporea Gaborea, the owl spirit, which allowed Link to warp around the planet. There was a dead tree’s shadow looming over it, and several stunted bushes growing. Directly behind them were more bushes and the dead tree they had hooked to climb to this point. Behind the owl statue was an elevated hill that led to a house where a watcher spirit of the canyon had guarded four Poe spirits named Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg long ago. Past that house was the entrance to the tunnels of the Gibdo infested well.
To their right was the fallen entrance to Ikana castle, where a mighty army used to stand guard. The dead spies of Igos Du Ikana, their king, still linger in the canyon to this day. They are the Garo, the evil ninja spirits of Ikana. Past the castle entrance was the run down house that led to the Great fairy’s fountain, the one source of good in the dead area. She had long ago watched over a mighty weapon, the Great Fairy’s sword. Next to it was the most evil looking piece of architecture anyone could construct in Termina. It had the appearance of a monstrous devil creature, the doorway being its open maw, the staircase leading up its vile tongue. This was the entrance to Stone Tower, the source of Ikana’s evil.
Past there on the northern wall of the canyon was cave where the source of the foul river dwelled. And near it was the abandoned music house that a young Terminan girl Pamela and her father lived in long ago when her father, a distinguished paranormal scientist, was experimenting in the canyon. The house was now nearly overrun with Gibdos and anyone foolish enough to venture would not come out alive.
“It could be anywhere in this canyon…and we’re losin sunlight…this isn’t good,” Jet said slowly, looking around at the canyon and the low sun.
“Hello you fools! I am sorry I left so quickly after we met but I needed to give the Triforce of Power time to fuse with my body once more. But trust me, I am once again the immortal man you remember from before!” Ganon said from behind the team, a proud smile on his green skinned face, his arms crossed and his red and black cape flowing in the air.
“No! you shouldn’t even be alive!” Impa said.
“Oh? Is that so, woman?” Ganon asked in a cocky tone.
“Come on Ganon! You’re unarmed! We can kill you even faster than before!” Link yelled.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, the triangular beam of light shooting from his hands with great speed. Ganon raised his left arm, the beam bouncing off harmlessly.
“You fool! I have risen beyond that type of attack! Throw something more powerful at me why don’t you!” Ganon yelled. He crossed his arms, surrounding his body in a darkness blacker than night. He formed energy in his hands slowly, then released it quickly. Four magic blasts and three blasts of lightning magic flew from the King of Evil’s hands, hitting the team with full force. Impa unsheathed her long machete and ran at Ganon, delivering slash after slash at the King of Evil, who blocked each blow with the back of his arm.
He retaliated with a kick to Impa’s stomach, which was blocked easily by the Sheaikah woman’s breastplate. She threw a Deku nut in his face, a useless attempt due to his eyes, which had no pupils, thus having no sensitivity to light. He backhanded Impa hard in the face and she fell to the ground, rolling to the side.
“Who’s next?!” Ganon asked in a proud tone.
“Let’s go Mandrag! I will make you pay for that battle in Hyrule!” Zelda yelled, stepping forward, brandishing her chain-whip. She stood in an odd stance, relaxed yet incredibly tense looking at the same time. She looked Ganon in the clear eyes and cracked her whip mere feet in front of where he stood. He stood still, undaunted by the princess’ attempt at intimidating him. She cracked the whip hard again, bringing up dust and rock in front of Ganon’s face.
“Come little girl, let us get this over with!” Ganon said in anger. He stepped forward and Zelda lashed the whip at him. With amazing speed he grabbed the chain with his hand pulling it away from Zelda and snapping it over his armored knee. She unsheathed both of her daggers and ran forward stabbing at Ganon very quickly. He dodged every stab then knocked one dagger out of her hand, snapping her other wrist. He focused dark energy into his body and punched her hard in the chest, sending her flying back into the team.
“Zel! Are you okay?!” Jet asked, kneeling next to her, an extremely worried look on his face.
“I’ll be fine…just…need…some…rest,” Zelda said, going unconscious in Jet’s arms.
“Urgh…it’s on now Ganon!” Jet yelled unsheathing his sword.
“Finally have a blade do we?” Ganon asked in a teasing voice.
“You mother fu-…” Jet was cut off.
“Let’s not be too hasty now okay you guys! I’ve been watching this whole thing…why don’t you let me handle him?” Goku asked, landing on the ground.
“Handle me eh? Like you handled Freiza in Hyrule? I suppose I’ll play with you for awhile then,” Ganon said, facing Goku.
“Oh…it won’t be like that Ganon…trust me…I’m going to show you just what I’ve got this time!” Goku yelled, charging to a super saiya-jin and shooting a torrent of Ki blasts at Ganon. A cloud of smoke appeared in front of him, and when it cleared, all were amazed. Ganon was bleeding from a wound to the cheek.
“Triforce of Power!” Ganon yelled, shooting the beam at Goku. He flew into the distance, destroying a large wall. Link stepped forward placing the Fierce Deity’s mask on his face and turning into the mighty warrior. He unsheathed the Helix sword and shot several energy disks at Ganon, who blocked most of them, but was hit in the chest by the last. It bounced off his breastplate and he walked toward Link slowly.
“Hey Link! Let’s do it, now!” Jet yelled.
“Right! Kafei, you go first!” Link yelled.
“Mystic…..Ice…..attack!!!!” Kafei yelled, making the formation with his gloved hands. A large sphere of blue energy appeared in his hands, and he quickly shot a beam that froze over at Ganon.
“Triforce of Courage!” Link yelled, shooting his energy at Ganon.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, continuing the attack.
“Kame….Hame…Ha!!!!” Goku yelled, finishing the attack. When the smoke cleared, Ganon was gone, a dangerous amount of blood on the ground where he used to stand.
“Did we get him?” Jet asked.
“Heh heh heh…good job fools! You have hurt me…but I will not die! I know of something that will help me kill you, and I will get it! Look to the light, Hero of Time, look to the light!” Ganon’s voice echoed through the air.
“Look to the light?” Link asked in a confused tone. The skies above them suddenly darkened, and the ground beneath them cracked. Out of it came a glowing orange orb, floating by itself.
“It must have been awakened from the energy used during the battle! Someone, claim it, quickly!” Kafei yelled. Jet stepped forward, unsheathing his blade and stabbing the orb. The same light the team was beginning to get used to shot forth, and when it was gone, an orange crystal rested in Jet’s black gloved hand.
“Mystic Sand….” Jet said.
“Ungh….the light….he means the Sacred Realm…we have to get there before he does…and I have to come with you….” Zelda said, stirring from her rest.
“You sure you’re up to it?” Jet asked in a soft voice.
“Yes…I know what he is after too…the Mystic Light…so let’s stop him…okay?” Zelda asked.
“I’m up for it!” Impa said, standing slowly and waving her machete in the air.
“Me too!” Kafei yelled.
“I have to go!” Link said.
“Don’t count me out of this one!” Goku yelled. Jet nodded at the team, then picked up Zelda and placed her on his shoulders, taking his digivice out of it’s pocket.
“I would say no…and that I wanna sleep…but…there’s a time for work, and a time for play….but no time for rest now, I must sleep another day,” Jet said in a cocky voice.
“Beautiful, truly moving, now can we go?” Link asked.
“Digi-Port…..Open!” Jet yelled, leaping through the portal to the Sacred Realm. The rest of the team followed quickly.
The Mystic Light by BOEG
Chapter Twelve: The Mystic Light

Impa, Kafei, Zelda, Jet, Link, and Goku ran with speed toward the center of the Sacred Realm. The wounds of the golden field had been healed by the magic of the sages and the natural life bestowed upon the realm since it’s creation, but all in the team knew more damage was about to be dealt to it. They stopped when they reached the center of the golden field. Blades of gilded grass and a bright sun that reflected onto clouds of gold all shined at once. The entire realm was gold on this field, and indeed you had to travel hundreds of miles to find a green blade of grass or a white cloud, or even a red brick.
The team’s attention turned from the geography of the land when they saw who stood before them. It was there like a thorn in the side of a proud lion. Like a piece of a puzzle that didn’t fit, but was being forced into the frame. The darkness that Ganon brought into the Sacred Realm was something that all felt, and desired to destroy. Zelda was now strong enough to stand on her own two feet, and the whole team would now fight Ganon. He was hunched, his breastplate cracked, blood dripping from his eyes and mouth, a large bleeding smoking hole in his chest from the assault the team had given him in Ikana.
“Let us mix things up a little shall we? Just a little magic…Heeyah!!!” Ganon yelled, raising both of his hands and shooting two bolts of blue hued lightning at Link and Jet. “That is my possession magic! Do you like it? These two will fight to kill each other, and there is nothing you can do but watch as they slowly tear each other apart, limb by foul mortal limb,” Ganon said with a laugh.
“Impa….look behind him,” Zelda whispered to her nursemaid.
“That tower wasn’t there before was it?” Impa asked.
“No…he must have recently had his underlings construct it…I wonder….if we took that down….maybe it would hurt him,” Zelda said.
“Whatever happens...the four of us need to focus on Ganon right now…and hope Jet and Link are okay,” Kafei said.
“Right,” Zelda said.
“Hey, come on Ganon! Afraid of us? Then let’s go! Now!” Goku taunted, motioning the mortal god forward with his hand. He accepted the challenge and ran forward delivering punch after punch to the saiya-jin. He blocked them all easily, then kicked Ganon in the wounded chest, the sickening sound of his boot making contact with the raw flesh forming a look of involuntary disgust on his face. He infused every punch he released with darkness, hitting Goku several times in the face, then knocking him in the chest. Kafei unsheathed his long dagger and ran forward.

Jet and Link battled ceaselessly nearby, their mighty blades drawn, each blow given just barely blocked by the other fighter, several missed. They locked blades, then Jet tightened his grip and spun backwards, gaining distance. He took a step forward and attempted a heavy slash at Link, who blocked with ease. The two continued their assault with their swords, neither one aware they were trying to kill their best friend. Link took a slash at Jet’s waist, an attack he couldn’t block in time, and he was cut in the lower chest. He looked at the wound in anger then ran forward.
He performed a jump attack and Link held his blade in front of his face blocking the blow and retaliating with a low kick to Jet’s legs when he landed. He lost his balance and fell, but back rolled out of the way as Link planted his Master sword in the gilded earth. He rolled to Link’s side and got up, then punched him hard in the side. The Hylian spun around, hitting Jet in the face. He shook his head, blood dripping from his mouth, and punched Link in the face almost five times, and he bled from the nose. The fight continued.

Magnum blocked punch after relentless punch from the King of Evil, mixing several attacks of his own into the fray, all while attempting a stab. Ganon was quite skilled at blocking attacks made with weapons, something that he likely learned in his days as king of the Gerudo. He kicked Kafei in the chest, an attack he did not expect, and he fell to his knees. Ganon charged dark energy into his leg, then with a surge of Black magic, kicked Kafei hard in the chest again. He flew a considerable distance back, and lay still.
“Kafei! Are you okay?!” Impa asked, running to the Terminan’s side.
“Yeah…and so is he…that’s one of the biggest wounds I’ve seen in my life…and he is completely fine by the looks…and feel…of it,” Kafei said, standing up slowly.
“Okay…my turn again!” Goku said running forward, now a super saiya-jin. He shot at least fifty Ki blasts at Ganon, and after the smoke cleared Ganon stood on one knee, hunched, bleeding, and clutching his right arm.
“We’ve got you Ganon! Give it up now!” Zelda ordered.
“What you have…is a one way ticket….to your untimely death…in a foreign land!” Ganon yelled, ripping his limp arm out of its socket. Zelda felt as if she was going to be sick at the sight of Ganon, bleeding profusely, holding his own arm in his left hand. “Triforce of Power!” Ganon yelled, shooting the beam at the Triforce Team with one hand. Most of them were hit, still in shock from the display they had just witnessed.

The blade cut Link’s arm. His eyes glowed white in anger. He ran forward and punched Jet in the face. He dropped his sword and returned the favor. The more the two bled, they angrier they both became. They continued their hand to hand assault, neither one gaining the upper hand. Red blood continued to spill upon the golden ground, as the warriors fought in a circle, their anger rising.
Finally Link’s fury hit a boiling point.
“Triforce of Courage!” he yelled, the triangle flying toward Jet incredibly fast.
“Oh no ya don’t!” Jet yelled, back flipping away at the last moment. The blast hit Ganon’s tower, and in seconds, the white structure collapsed, dust flying into the air.
“My tower! No! you morons! That was the source of my magic in this realm!” Ganon yelled. The golden ground cracked, and out of the golden light shined a glowing white orb. “The Mystic Light! At last! I shall claim it and kill you all with it!” Ganon yelled.
“No one…possesses us…and gets away with it,” Jet said, unsheathing his blade and stepping in front of Ganon. Link followed doing the same.
“Urgh! I don’t have time for this!” Ganon yelled.
“We know,” Link said, slashing at Ganon. He blocked. Jet did the same. Soon Ganon was engaged in another battle with the two warriors. The distraction had been made. They now had a small window of opportunity. Zelda stepped forward, then unsheathed both of her daggers. She stabbed the orb, and two beams of white light shot forth, then slowly subsided. In Zelda’s palm rested a clear crystal, the Mystic Light.
“Mandrag! Your evil has ended, for today at least! Now you shall leave this realm, or suffer dire consequences!” Zelda warned.
“Come on princess! You have claimed it, but I am immortal!” Ganon yelled.
“Yeah, immortality would suck in twelve little pieces wouldn’t it?” Link asked.
“Hmph….do your best,” Ganon taunted.
“Very well….I shall smite you with the sacred Arrow of Light!” Zelda yelled in a commanding voice. She drew a bow as if from nowhere, then strung an arrow. She pulled it back slowly, and glowing light surrounded the metal tip. She let go of it slowly, and it flew to it’s target with speed. It shattered Ganon’s breastplate and flew into his chest, light bursting forth from the smoking wound and his empty arm socket.
“Ahhh!!! Urgh! I shall kill all of you!” Ganon yelled, stumbling out of the realm quickly.
“Zelda…wow…that was…awesome,” Jet said in a stunned voice.
“Thanks…I feel a lot weaker though,” Zelda said.
“Hey, Kafei…you said that if we had to fight the Dark Knight in standard combat there was one more thing that could help us…I want it,” Link said.
“Okay…in the depths of Death Mountain Crater…there is said to be a treasure that will enhance one’s physical attributes…what that means I can not be sure…but it should not be guarded….” Kafei said.
“Jet, let’s go…we’re goin digging…meet at Hyrule field you guys!” Link said.
“Yeah…Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled. The team slowly went through, taking another stream than the one Link and jet traveled through. It would end today. Either he would die, or they would die trying.
The Gift by BOEG
Chapter Thirteen: The Gift

Jet and Link had wasted no time in traveling to the crater of Death Mountain, an area very sacred to the Gorons. There was a large statue in Darunia’s room, the leader of the Gorons and the sage of fire. The statue covered a doorway into the crater, where a wooden bridge led to the elevated warp pad there. Past there was a tunnel that led to a ladder that led down. At the bottom of the long dark shaft was the Fire temple, an area where the Gorons went to worship the fire spirits.
Link and Jet were both dressed in Goron tunics, and Link had brought his Megaton hammer with him. He was digging into the ground with the back end of the mighty weapon, eager to find the weapon that Kafei spoke of. Jet was using a shovel that had been lent to him by the Gorons, and was digging near the same spot that Link was, both trying to find the item quickly. They had no idea what it was that they were looking for, but they knew that when they found it they had to battle the Dark Knight.
Link struck the ground with his hammer once more, and their search ceased. Out of the ground burst a pillar of fire, and the fire quickly split into four burning columns which took the form of arms and legs. A living black ball floated in the middle of the flame and cackled maniacally. It was a Flare Dancer. Link slammed his hammer into the ground and the flames disappeared, the creature falling to the ground. Jet unsheathed his blade and stabbed the creature with haste. He sheathed his blade and backed up, and the creature exploded in a bright fiery flash.
Out of the ground came a dull white orb. Link hit it hard with his hammer, and the orb split open, a pale green light emitting from it. A crystal rested in his hand after the light faded, and he almost immediately began floating.
“Um…Link…you’re flyin dude,” Jet said in shock.
“Yeah…I think this is what he was talking about,” Link said, staring at the ground below him in amazement.
“Well come on, everyone’s waitin in Hyrule field! Let’s go and get this guy!” Jet yelled in an excited tone.
“Right!” Link agreed.
“Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, opening the portal into Hyrule field. The two warriors went through quickly.

“Okay you guys…here’s the plan…we go out there…and we give him all we got,” Link said.
“Right!” the team yelled in unison. They traveled with speed through the field, trying to find the Dark Knight quickly to make a sneak attack. The sun was high in the sky and their hearts were hopeful. With the new Mystic powers they felt in their hearts they could defeat the Dark Knight, and they would give it everything they had. They slowly made their way over the hill and found him standing tall, sword in hand.
“Mystic Sand attack!” Jet yelled, blasting a torrent of energy and blinding sand in the Dark Knight’s face.
“Mystic Ice attack!” Kafei yelled, shooting his energy.
“Mystic Lightning attack!” Link yelled, blasting the Dark Knight with his energy.
“Mystic Light attack!” Zelda yelled, shooting the last blinding ray of energy at the Dark Knight. Link took out the crystal and floated high into the air, then unsheathed his Master sword. He put the crystal back into his pocket and performed a jump attack in the air as he fell. He sliced straight through the Dark Knight’s armor and past his chest to his waist. He fell to the ground, bleeding everywhere, dead at last.
When Link landed he sheathed his weapon and walked slowly toward the Dark Knight. He looked at the other team members who nodded in agreement, and he kneeled in front of the armored bleeding corpse. He slowly removed his helmet and gasped, a lump forming in his throat.
“What’s wrong man?” Jet asked, placing a hand on Link’s shoulder.
“That’s… father,” Link said in awe.
“How do you know? You’ve never seen him,” Zelda said.
“Yes…I have…there was a painting….of me and my family…it was made during the war…right after I was born….before my father was called to the edge of the field…and before my mother was wounded….and I was left in the forest…I killed my own father,” Link said.
“Then why in the world did he want to kill you?” Impa asked.
“I…don’t know,” Link said, still dazed.
“Let’s go home and get some rest….Link needs it,” Kafei said
“Yeah…Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, opening the warp to his house. Link couldn’t believe it. His sword was stained with the blood of his own father. The just Hero of Time, savior of Hyrule, was foul enough to slay one of his one family. He had no desire to be a warrior anymore. He was not fit to protect the free peoples of Hyrule when He could stare his father in the face and slay him. He wasn’t fit to be the respected hero. It was then that he made the vow to himself. He would not fight again for as long as he lived. He went through the warp.
Part III: The Revival of Evil by BOEG
Part III

Chapter One: The Revival of Evil

The vanilla candles continued to burn, the flickering flame forming intricate shadows on the wall of the dark room. Link continued to lay in his bed, the top bunk of Jet’s room. Kafei had gone home to visit his wife Anju, and Goku was off protecting his friends and family again. Zelda and Jet were off somewhere in Hyrule, and Link was alone for the day. He had had many nightmares, dreams of the artist making the painting of his family, dreams of his father as a proud Hylian soldier, and memories of the shock that came with the realization that he had killed his own father. He had not forgotten the oath he had made, and he still swore to himself that he would never fight again.
He had not touched his sword since the battle with his father, for every time he looked at the blade or grabbed the hilt he remembered his father’s death cry, the blood that was all over the ground, and the look on the dead man’s face. In his mind one who kills his own family is not a hero. He would fight no more. Jet suddenly opened the door and turned the light on.
“Link…we need to talk…now,” Jet said.
“Ungh…what is it?” Link asked, pretending to sound drowsy.
“I’ve been havin these…dreams lately…of this…mask. I told Zel about em…and she told me to talk to you…said you would know about it…so…what’s the deal?” Jet asked.
“The only reason I can work in my mind why you’re seeing him is that he’s back, and he’s tryin to get to me…but that’s aside from the point for now. ya see, this thing is that Majora’s mask I was telling you about…a mask possessed by an evil spirit…I dunno how it came back…but it’s talking to you through the Dreamshrine,” Link answered.
“Dreamshrine?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…it’s a realm…its main center is a bed in Kohnolint island…but from it is the realm where dreams, nightmares and premonitions all dwell…I dunno what it wants but you have to stop it,” Link said slowly.
“I? dude, what happened to we?” Jet asked.
“I’m sorry Jet…I won’t fight anymore,” Link answered.
“Link! He was tryin to kill you! You had a reason to attack him man!” Jet yelled.
“Jet! Shut up okay!? I killed him…not the other way around, okay?! Just…go to sleep and you can enter the Dreamshrine…you can kill it…I know you can….good luck,” Link said.
“Thanks…I’ll need it,” Jet said, lying down on his bead cautiously.

“Master, should we contact the wizard?” an Iron Knuckle asked in a monotone voice.
“Such is not necessary,” Ganon answered slowly.
“Why not my lord?” the Iron Knuckle asked.
“For we have other servants…stronger…willing to fight for us,” Ganon answered.
“Whom?” the Iron Knuckle asked.
“Step forward servants,” Ganon ordered. Out of the shadows came three warriors, each resembling one of the Triforce Team. The one on the right was a woman, long black hair down to waist, glowing black eyes, and pale grey skin. She wore a black and white dress, the evil Hylian symbol on her dress. The one in the middle was dressed exactly like Link, veiled in shadow, a dark sword and shield strapped to his back, glowing red eyes. The last figure on the left was physically built like Jet, a black bull cut hair style, grey clothing on, large muscles.
“What do you wish master?” the figure in the middle asked.
“Dark Link….Dark Zelda…Dark Jet…go forth…kill them. Zelda and Jet will meet their dark forms in combat…Link will not fight…Dark Link! Work your way into his mind…if you cannot kill him with your blade…make him take his own life!” Ganon yelled.
“Yes my lord,” Dark Link said, motioning the other shadow forms to follow as he walked out of the chamber.

White. Nothing but white. The entire area glowed white, and Jet had no idea where to go, except for the figure in front of him. it was a small child, near the age of ten. He was dressed in ragged white clothes, with short orange hair. He had a purple spiked mask with lined designs on it about his face. Jet instantly recognized this as Majora’s Mask. He unsheathed his sword and walked forward.
“You little KID!!!” Jet yelled running forward to hit the child with his sword. The nodded once and shot a beam of light at Jet. He dodged the attack and sheathed his sword. “Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, attacking the child with a stronger weapon. He blocked the attack and shot a beam at Jet again. This time the attack made contact, leaving a burning hole through Jet’s chest. A wide eyed look crossed his face and he faded slowly into shadow, his last thought about the fact that he let Zelda down again. It was over. His life was gone again.

His eyes flew open with a start. He gripped the white sheets tightly, the soft fabric seemingly unreal to him. He looked at the bottom of the bed on top of him. He sat up slowly.
“Link?” Jet asked.
“W-what?” Link asked in a shaky tone.
“Uhh…I died,” Jet said.
“No you didn’t…you’re fine,” Link said in the same dark tone.
“But it killed me!” Jet argued.
“It was the Dreamshrine! You were asleep! You were just dreaming! Don’t worry okay?!” Link said, angered.
“Fine…what’s your problem?” Jet asked.
“It’s just….me,” Link said slowly.
“What the hell is wrong with you!? Huh?!” Jet asked in an angered tone.
“…nothing, okay?....just…leave me alone,” Link answered.
“Okay….later,” Jet said, leaving the room and slamming the door behind him. He didn’t mean to anger Jet, but it happened, and he had no time to repent. Jet couldn’t understand what he was going through, he never could. He lay back down to try to sleep, to forget his past.

Jet didn’t understand Link. He had been trying, and he had thought he almost had the Hylian figured out, but lately, he changed his character completely. For the past few days Link had acted completely depressed, as if his life was over. The Dark Knight was his father, but he was trying to kill him. In Jet’s mind it was a quite logical reason to fight. Kill or be killed. It seemed to be the way they fought all their battles before, and he did not see why Link should change his views just because it was his father fighting.
Maybe the reason he didn’t understand Link was because he had never had parents, but he did not know. It hurt for Jet as well, and many times the pain hit very near to his heart. The memories of his parents that he had were good ones, and the day that they died was still very clear in his mind. His dad had been killed by a business rival, and in her rage and depression, his mother had taken her life. He had been alone from a very young age. He continued to walk through Hyrule field, but was almost instantly halted.
Majora’s Wrath stood in the field, the mask forming the center of the body, a large demonic head in between the main horns, and two muscular legs. His arms were very powerful, and whip like appendages took the place of hands. Jet couldn’t believe it. He unsheathed his blade and ran forward. The creature shrieked loudly and snapped its arms at Jet, who jumped over the attack and sliced at Majora. The attack missed him, and he grabbed Jet tightly with both tentacles, squeezing tightly. Jet could not breathe. He felt the life escape him slowly, and the realization that he was in Hyrule and not a dream hit hard. He was dying. Hope then returned in the most unexpected of places.
“Triforce of Power!” Ganon yelled, hitting Majora in the back hard with the attack. Jet unsheathed his blade and sliced the creature’s tentacle off, green blood spilling everywhere. It shrieked again, and Jet shot it with the Tetraforce. He then took his blade and stabbed the creature in the center of the forehead. It lay motionless, and quickly burst into light, dead.
“Ganon?” Jet asked.
“Do not let it go to your head, Earthling. As we speak I have sent forces to kill you…it will end for you and your team soon,” Ganon said, disappearing.
“Thanks…a lot,” Jet said, turning away to walk to the castle and tell Zelda of the recent events.
The Dark Forms Attack by BOEG
Chapter Two: The Dark Forms Attack

Zelda met up with Jet in the center of the market, remembering his dislike for the castle and respecting it to the best of her ability. He refused to face Jonphor, and did not want to see the king again unless he gave him the proper respect he deserved. He knew he seemed to be acting stuck up, but he had almost been killed, and he was nearly completely silent during and after the entire ordeal.
“Jet, your face is…blue…what happened?” Zelda asked.
“Majora…came back…and…and…Ganon helped me,” Jet answered.
“What?!” Zelda asked, in shock.
“Yeah…it was weird…he just…helped me…he made a remark about sending something or someone to kill us though, so I’m pretty sure we can rule out him switching sides,” Jet continued.
“Something to kill us? Like what? It’s not like Ganon to unleash a servant to fight his own battles unless he can’t fight,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…and judging by what’s left of Majora…I’d say he can definitely fight,” Jet commented.
“Mhmm….I think it would be in our best interest to get out of here and try to find out what he’s sent after us,” Zelda suggested.
“Okay…if you’re up to a fight…then I guess I am too,” Jet said.
“I am…let’s go,” Zelda said, walking quickly out of the market and into the field. Jet followed.

It was not long until they came to an area of Hyrule field consumed by shadow. Visibly, there was no difference, but the feeling of weariness and pain in the hearts of Zelda and Jet was quite heavy. They could instantly feel the darkness and depression almost overwhelm their every thought, and they knew it must be a trick of the King of Evil. They moved forward with caution.
A voice called out through the field without a body accompanying it. It spoke “Jet…you shall meet your challenge here….Zelda…right quickly toward Lake Hylia…there your challenge shall lie…come quickly!”
“Jet?” Zelda asked in a worried tone, almost as if she was asking permission to follow the voice.
“Go on…I don’t think anything too bad will happen…but just in case…I love you,” Jet said slowly.
“I love you too...” Zelda replied slowly.
“Be careful, honey,” Jet said, a worried look in his eyes.
“I will…” Zelda said slowly. She whistled loudly, and her white horse Moonlight quickly rode to her side. She mounted the horse and looked at Jet again.
“Ride fast…ride safe…I won’t say goodbye until I’m covered in blood, dying in front of my enemy,” Jet said.
“Mhmm,” Zelda said slowly, riding off into the distance toward Lake Hylia and an immanent threat.
“What do you want with me? huh? Show yourself!” Jet yelled, taunting the disembodied voice.
“Fine…do not cower in fear at my sight though…Earthling…for I am built to be in your form…one with a piece of the triangle who uses its powers for the work of peace has one of us…your opposite….your negative…the one to balance out the peace you bring…by spreading an equal amount of destruction…we are all of the evil you set aside from the inside of yourself when you claimed the Triforce piece…we are your dark forms…even the great King of Evil has a good side somewhere….buried deep inside his mind and heart…he has greater mastery of it though…that is why it has not come forth as we have to you…now it is your time to die…it is our time to unbalance the peace. We are the dark spirits…the part of you meant to live…we shall herald in the age of destruction…goodbye… Jet,” the voice said in a dark tone.
A figure appeared in front of Jet, the exact same height and almost the same in appearance. He had a black bull cut and his muscles were much larger. There was a dark shadow under his eyes, an evil feeling in the way he stared, talked, and moved. He wore a grey muscle shirt and baggy sky blue pants, wearing large black combat boots buckled tightly. He moved forward without speaking another word and hit Jet hard in the chest over and over with his bare fists. The wind had been knocked out of his lungs already, and now it was merely a battle to stay conscious as his dark form ceaselessly pounded against his chest like a drum.
He punched Jet hard in the face and blood flew from his mouth as he spun around and hit the grassy ground face forward. He didn’t get up and barely even moved, the dark form standing proud over him. Dark Jet stepped on Jet’s back hard, digging his tough boots into the Earthling’s back, causing him an incredible amount of pain. It was much less physical abuse then he had taken in the castle, but for some reason he didn’t understand it seemed to hurt much more. Dark Jet continued to beat at Jet, wearing away at his body, but it was only the first step. Next would come the abuse on Jet’s strongest weapon; his mind.

“So…you’re me?” Zelda asked, gripping both of her daggers tightly and facing the clone in front of her.
“Yes…you as you should be…I know you hate it, Zelda…your father doesn’t respect you in the least…you are the rightful heir to the throne of Hyrule…and he respects you about as much as a soldier…and you know it….and he hates Jet…are you going to let him treat the love of your life like that? Come on Zelda…you could kill him…I know the thought has crossed your mind…come on…kill him….kill him…you want to do it…no more criticism…no more of that being looked down on that we hate…you are the princess…a great princess…so do something great…become a queen…become the queen…feed off your hate…nourish yourself with the sweetbreads of anger…bathe in the waters of your lust…you want the respect…you want to be loved…by all…and it can happen…it is just…him in your way,” Dark Zelda said slowly.
“Shut up you bitch!” Zelda yelled.
“Why? Because I proved your deep desires? And I know more Zelda…don’t make me go on,” Dark Zelda taunted.
“Go ahead…I will kill you, despite how much you talk in between attacks,” Zelda said angrily.
“Fine…I’ve seen the way you look at Jet…despite your clean image…the way you sit, the way you dress….your choice of words…everything about you…it all screams out just how pure of a person you are…Mystic Light…ha! That right there is enough to make most people believe you don’t have an evil…or impure thought in your mind,” Dark Zelda said.
“W-w-what do you mean?” Zelda asked nervously.
“Don’t make me go on…you know what I’m talking about,” Dark Zelda said.
“Yes…it figures I suppose,” Zelda said, standing tall and proud.
“Fine…I will be nice to you no longer…I know how you burn with desire…the way you look at Jet…he has to be crazy to not notice it…you crave him…you want him to turn you into a real women…you want it so bad your mouth almost waters when you see him in battle….you want it like a starved poor man desires a meal that isn’t water and bread…the way that a slave desires to be free of chains…you want his arms around you…your face in his mind…him inside of you….” Dark Zelda said in a taunting voice.
“That’s it! How do you….” Zelda’s voice trailed off as she gripped her daggers tighter.
“How do I know? Haha….sad…truly sad…if I didn’t know I am now assured…come at me…kill me…or I may tell Jet your thoughts of him,” Dark Zelda said slowly.
“My thoughts of him are great! I love that man with all of my heart…he is the only one I have ever loved…and I will personally cut your head off with a single needle of mine if you fill his head with lies!” Zelda yelled, running at Dark Zelda, daggers outstretched. She stepped to the side of Zelda’s crazed attack and launched a ball of Black magic at her back. The blast hit Zelda hard and she stumbled forward and fell to her knees. She spun around, slashing Dark Zelda’s knees. She yelled in pain and fell to her knees. The two fighters now faced each other, both ready to kill.

Link sat on Jet’s bed, facing the closed door directly in front of him. He sat with his head down, his eyes closed. He had been focusing on the darkness all day now, and felt as if he would be consumed by it any minute. He accepted it. Recently a voice had entered his head, a familiar voice. It felt to Link as if it was him, but he knew deep down it wasn’t. he knew in his heart Dark Link had returned, and that he was trying to seduce Link, but the Hylian did not resist. He welcomed the dark thoughts.
“What do you want with me?” Link asked out loud suddenly, his voice scaring him in the empty house.
“You…” Dark Link’s voice echoed through the room.
“…me?” Link asked, confused.
“Your body…we would be one…we would be happy…that feeling you have of being incomplete would disappear…we are one…accept it…and let me join you…help you….absorb you…I will take care of your every problem…cater to your every need…I am the side of you that used to handle this…this pain. You would stuff it down…bottle it up….and it was my job to keep it down there…keep it hidden….so no one remembered….not even you…we used to make a pretty good team you and I….remember?” Dark Link asked.
“Go ahead…I won’t stop you…I just want my life to have purpose again…almost as much as I want it to end…so I won’t resist…join me again…I ask with open arms,” Link said slowly. The Dark entity traveled into his body without another word, and in an instant, Link was changed. His eyes glowed a faint red color, but aside from that, he was physically the same.
“Come…we go to Hyrule…the others should nearly be done by now,” Link said slowly, going through one of the warp portals Jet had left open. He would kill Jet and Zelda. He did not care for Link’s thoughts. His vow to never fight again meant nothing to Dark Link, a point he was about to prove.

“I…I….know w-w-w-what…you’re doing,” Jet said slowly, standing.
“Oh?” Dark Jet asked.
“Yeah…and I am not dependent on you! In the least! I do not need you! I’ve been doin fine without you, and I will continue to do so! So go away! I don’t need you! No one does!” Jet yelled. Dark Jet’s physical body faded and he turned into a shadow. Jet wasted no time in unsheathing his blade and slashing at the shadow. With a muffled yell it faded, and Jet’s heart was at peace. He sat down on the grass, Indian style, and waited for Zelda to come back.

Zelda spun around again, launching several needles into Dark Zelda’s chest. She fell to the ground, jolting violently. Zelda sheathed her daggers with a dark smile on her face. She walked slowly to where Dark Zelda lay.
“Go away…you say nothing but lies…I may have those qualities inside of me…but the good outweighs the bad ten fold at least…so…leave…now,” Zelda ordered in her normal calm tone. Dark Zelda faded into shadow and disappeared quickly. Zelda took a deep breath and mounted Moonlight, riding quickly toward Hyrule field, to the area she left Jet at.

When Zelda reached the area where Jet sat she dismounted and fell to her knees next to Jet. She was relieved beyond belief to see him safe, but her mind was quickly overrun with questions. She breathed deeply several times, still weak from the fight, then she faced Jet.
“Are you okay?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah…well, no, but I’ll be okay…I got beat up a little…” Jet said, looking down.
“By one of those…dark forms?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah…I got him though…what about you?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…she’s gone…but she told me more about myself than I really wanted to remember…” Zelda said slowly.
“Anything you want to talk about?” Jet asked.
“Thank you…for being there…” Zelda said slowly, resting her head on Jet’s shoulder.
“You’re welcome….” Jet said slowly. Link suddenly appeared in the distance, but he seemed somehow different. He walked slowly, a dark look about his face, and no sword in his hands, just as he swore.
“Jet…” Zelda said slowly, eyeing Link.
“Yeah…I got the same feeling…” Jet answered without even allowing Zelda to finish.
“What should we do?” Zelda asked.
“Simple…we beat it out of him…plain and simple…I don’t like it…but it needs to be done…I just hope this one isn’t too powerful,” Jet said.
“This is Link…he is one of the strongest we have…next to Goku…and he’s our friend…but I trust you…so…let’s fight,” Zelda said, getting up and standing next to Jet, who had already unsheathed his blade. They didn’t want to fight their partner for fear of hurting him or worse, but it was necessary, and they would do anything it took to keep Hyrule safe and return Link to normal.
A Difficult Battle by BOEG
Chapter Three: A Difficult Battle

“What do you want?” Jet asked, his blade in hand.
“I have come to put an end to your nonsense, just as the King of Evil suggests. We came here to destroy you from the inside…together you are strong, nearly unstoppable, but when the group faded it should have ended…but it appears your time together has made you all stronger as individuals as well….but I am the loner as usual…I stand out from the crowd…purposefully. In this case, they failed…and I didn’t…either way you will die,” Link said slowly.
“Let him go! Get outta there, or I will beat it outta him!” Jet warned.
“Your comradery with this Hylian is too strong…you would never lay a hand on him,” Link said. Jet spun around and slashed Link’s face, the Hylian’s blood on his blade.
“You may know him inside out, but it looks like you still have a thing or two to learn about me,” Jet said in a taunting voice. Link kicked Jet hard in the chest and he fell to the ground.
“Such a bold attack was unexpected…but I also believe such a quick counterattack was also unexpected eh, Jet?” Link asked in a dark, teasing tone.
“Yeah…was…how bout this? Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, getting up slowly and attacking Link with all of the energy he could muster. It hit Link and he fell down. He lay on the grassy field, motionless. Jet knew in his heart that Dark Link’s tricks had just begun, and he did not relax in the least. He knew he was taking an extreme risk in attacking Link, for he had no idea if Dark Link was the only thing keeping Link alive. He had no time to care.
Link stood slowly, stumbling forward, a dazed look on his face. A black shadow surrounded his body, and his muscles slowly began to grow larger and larger, and his eyes glowed a fierce red. His muscles were now as thick around as ropes, and he moved toward Jet quickly, his increase in size not changing his speed in the least. Jet got out of the way of Link as fast as he could, but the Hylian hit him with his large fist, sending him flying into the grass.
“Hey, fatso, pick on somebody your own energy level!” Goku yelled, flying at Link with speed. He ran into the Hylian, knocking him down, the fall accompanied with a loud crash. He got up and launched an unknown form of dark magic at Goku, causing him to lose focus and fall. He got up quickly and began to ready an attack.
“Goku! Remember this is Link! So don’t,” Jet was cut off.
“Yeah, I know…I won’t kill him, trust me okay?” Goku yelled, running forward and punching Link hundreds of times, the speed of his movements incredible. Goku was a full powered super saiya-jin, but Link was holding him off easily. Link grabbed Goku by the arm and swung the saiya-jin behind him, then kicked him in the stomach before he flew back, doubling the force of the attack. He got up slowly then turned and shot many Ki blasts at Link. The smoke cleared and the Hylian’s tunic was singed and his skin burned.
“Zel, I don’t like this at all,” Jet said quietly.
“I know…I’m worried about both of them,” Zelda said.
“And there’s absolutely nothing we can do about this…we’re both too weak…all we got is out Triforce pieces, and that just hurts him a little,” Jet said.
“Yes…and we don’t want to hurt him at all,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…but we have to,” Jet said.
“Why does everything always have to be so difficult?” Zelda asked.
“I guess it’s just what we have to do…I think everything happens for a reason Zel…I mean, we’re together…and I definitely believe that was destined…so there has to be some reason for this, and some reason that it’s us here and not two other people,” Jet answered.
“Yeah…I just hope something happens soon,” Zelda said, continuing to gaze at the battle in front of them. Link punched Goku in the chest and he barely blocked it with his hands, following it with a Ki blast to the Hylian’s face. Goku flew backwards, trying to avoid a counterattack from Link he knew would follow. It was then, as the saiya-jin’s strength began to wane that the help he requested from his friends came. A distant call came from the sky, and another saiya-jin landed in front of Link.
He stood a little taller than Goku, and his hair was spiked much higher, bright yellow from the super saiya-jin energy flowing through his body. He wore a tight blue body suit that revealed his muscles, and over it he wore an odd breastplate. His white gloved arms were crossed, and he wore boots much like his armor. This was Vegeta, prince of the saiya-jins.
“Vegeta, you made it!” Goku yelled happily.
“Yes, Kakarot, it is a relief to know that you can still see, now can we take down this oaf and talk later?!” Vegeta asked in an agitated tone.
“Yeah, sure,” Goku said.
“Good,” Vegeta said. The two saiya-jins circled around Link cautiously, their hands raised in defense from an attack they were waiting for. Link eyed the saiya-jins as they circled around him, trusting them as much as they did him. Vegeta was the first to strike. He outstretched his hands and shot an amazing amount of Ki blasts at Link, a cloud of smoke forming around the Hylian, a choked cry of pain in the midst of the strangling mass of smoke.
“Vegeta! We can’t kill him!” Goku yelled.
“He’ll live,” Vegeta said in an uncaring tone. Out of the smoke stumbled Link, still possessed, and angrier then ever. His chest was bleeding from numerous burned cuts, and his eyes glowed through the smoke like a raging fire. He ran forward, both of his arms straight out in front of him. he ran in between the two saiya-jins and opened his arms quickly, hitting them both in the side of the head and knocking them down. They both rolled out of the way and shot a Ki blast or two at Link, who let them hit his wounded body.
“Kakarot, the odds are stacked against us! What do you think about using our secret weapon?” Vegeta asked.
“If you’re up to it, then okay,” Goku answered.
“Sure….you start,” Vegeta instructed the saiya-jin. Link stood still and watched the two saiya-jins, eager to see what trick they had up their sleeve. They began moving in an odd way, each one following the other’s movements to the exact second.
“Fu,” Goku said.
“Sion,” Vegeta said in response to Goku.
“Ha!” they both yelled. A blinding flash of light sprang forth and covered the whole field, and the two saiya-jins were surrounded by an aura nearly ten times brighter then the one they regular used during battles. When the light was gone from the field, there was no longer two standing to face Link, but one. He stood tall, his hair style similar to Goku’s at super saiya-jin, and he wore an outfit like Goku’s. He had Vegeta’s eyes, the same stare, but he was different. Goku and Vegeta had fused into the warrior Vegetto.
“Your little illusion does not phase me. I have heard of the fusion, I am not a fool. The Triforce Team will be destroyed, and I will be the one to do it, regardless of what techniques…you happen to know,” Link said.
“We are Vegetto….the fused warrior…Dark Link…I am giving you one last chance…leave Link’s body, and I will not hurt you…this is your last opportunity to go back to your master without suffering,” Vegetto said.
“heh…no,” Link answered, turning down Vegetto’s offer. He swung his large fist at Vegetto, and the saiya-jin grabbed his wrist and snapped it. He stepped back in pain and attempted a kick. Vegetto grabbed his foot and flipped him onto the ground with ease.
“It’s time to end this,” Vegetto said. He spread his legs apart and dug his saiya-jin boots into the ground, then readied his hands into a familiar shape. “Kame….Hame…Ha!” Vegetto yelled, blasting Link with full force. Link bled from a large wound in his chest now, but Dark Link still clung to his body by a thread.
“Vegetto! Finish it! Now!” Jet yelled, unsheathing his sword and throwing it to Vegetto. He caught the blade and plunged it into Link’s chest without delay, and he fell to his knees. His muscles slowly shrank as the dark energy that filled his body with muscle and power left. When Dark Link left his body and his foul shadow was gone from Hyrule, Link flashed Jet one fleeting glance, a glance full of sorrow and remorse, and then he fell on his face in the grass. Jet and Zelda ran quickly to his side. Zelda grabbed his arm and felt for a pulse while Jet examined his wounds.
“He’s going to be okay…I mean, he’s alive at least,” Zelda said.
“Good…um…Vegetto…what was that armor Vegeta err you were wearing earlier? I mean, I’ve never seen it anywhere before,” Jet asked.
“It is saiya-jin armor. All of Freiza’s servants wore it, but I stole some the last time I went into his ship. One size fits all too…anyone could fit into it…does that answer your question?” Vegetto asked.
“Yeah…but one more thing…Vegeta…are you going to join the team after the fusion splits?” Jet asked.
“No…I have matters much more important to attend to…you don’t need me when you have Kakarot,” Vegetto answered.
“Yeah…guess not…well, in that case, thanks for helping,” Jet said.
“Yes…you’re welcome,” Vegetto said.
“Jet, give me a hand…we have to go back to your house and treat his wounds,” Zelda said in regard to Link.
“Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, opening up the portal into Earth. Zelda grabbed Link and placed him over her shoulder, then stepped into the warp. Jet and Vegetto followed.

“Am I alive?” Link asked, his eyes still closed.
“Yeah…thankfully,” Jet answered.
“You came really close to dying though,” Zelda said. They were in Jet’s training unit. Impa had brought many of her curative medicines from Hyrule and had been treating Link for close to two hours now. Most of his larger wounds were wrapped, and the rest had been covered in a healing oil.
“I’m…so sorry for everything,” Link said suddenly.
“Whaddya mean?” Jet asked.
“I mean…abandoning the team, then nearly killing you…I said I wasn’t going to fight anymore but I took a break from my vow just long enough to try to kill my friends? I’m horrible,” Link said.
“Link…I have heard the entire story from Zelda. Dark Link took control of you, no one blames you for anything,” Impa said.
“I blame myself! I’m no hero! I’m just a murderer!” Link yelled.
“Link!!! Snap the fuck out of it! Okay?! Seriously!!” Jet screamed, not able to control it anymore.
“I tried to kill everyone! I killed my father! I damaged Hyrule field! I’m not worthy of any of the praise I’ve ever gotten!” Link argued, almost in tears. Jet suddenly punched Link in the jaw with all of the force he could muster at the time.
“Shut up! now! we can’t afford this garbage! Ganon’s still out there, man! And he won’t try to kill us, he will kill us! He’s perfectly aware of what he’s doing, and he loves it! Can’t you see?! We need you Link! Hyrule needs you! You only stop being worthy of the title hero if you stop helping those who need it!” Jet yelled.
“Jet…you guys…none of you hate me for this?” Link asked.
“No…not at all,” Zelda said.
“Nope…” Jet said, crossing his arms and looking to the side.
“So…what are you going to do Link?” Impa asked. Link slowly stood up, finding that he was dizzy, and stumbled to where the weapons were. He took a deep breath, and picked up the Master sword. He turned around, blade in hand, a hurt yet confident look in his eyes.
“I’m gonna fight….I’m gonna fight until Hyrule forgets the meaning of the word evil…that’s what I’m gonna do,” Link said. Jet stood beside him.
“Me too,” he said proudly.
“I’m with you one hundred percent Jet,” Zelda said.
“And I can’t leave behind the princess at any cost…so I’ll fight as well,” Impa said.
“Welp, there we have it then….the Triforce Team…back in action…now let’s get some rest, then take down Ganon! Whaddya guys say?” Jet asked.
“I’m up for it,” Link said.
“Me too,” Zelda said.
“I’ll fight…if you promise we can eat first,” Impa said.
“Heh, sure. Well…we’re back, and Ganon won’t know what hit him when we’re done!” Jet yelled proudly.
The True Evil Emerges by BOEG
Chapter Four: The True Evil Emerges

He rode alone. A knight of the order of heavenly soldiers. Their quarters were deep within the walls of a hidden fortress in the Hylian desert. Few knew of them, and even fewer lived to tell about them. Their way of life was an odd one and they operated more like a cult then an army. The children were raised to fight with a sword and ride a horse, and when they were large enough in stature they were put into white suits of armor that gleamed in the sunlight, and these they only ever removed while in the deep halls of their caves.
They were absorbed in the myth of Demon versus Angel, and their entire lives were dedicated to the slaying of demons. They were the only beings aside from the Triforce Team that dwelled in Hyrule to know of Hell, or Satan, or Heaven, or God. He had been wounded, and clung tightly to the white mane of his special bred steed. He rode with speed toward smoke that rose high into the black night of the field.
He pursued the smoke like his life depended on it, going over hills, through water, and over long reaches of land. The moonlight hit his white armor and it still gleamed weakly, a perfect representation of the soldier’s fading life. There was a deep grievous wound in his back where a blade had broken past armor and tore through flesh. His right arm was nearly useless, the feeling gone from an attack made by a form of magic he had never seen before. The man’s predicament further worsened also: he was right handed, and had trouble steering a horse or wielding a blade with his left hand, the only one that he still held control over.
To the oath made by the army he held true, and even in the midst of intense pain he refused to expose his face to the cool and soothing night air, and the white helmet was still about his face, the visor down. He looked upon the stars, and the black sky, and the shinning moon, and a deep sorrow entered his heart, for he knew it would be the last night he would see. Animals of all kinds flew and crawled around the area that the man galloped past. He at least reached a clearing in the woods he had been traveling through, and he found the source of the smoke.
Trees had fallen, a fire burning the wood and the grass and the flowers. It was at once beautiful and terrible. The wild dandelions and other flowers were burning slowly to a black, the wild heather ablaze, the orange and red flames lashing out at the air fiercely, shattered shards of bark and fallen leaves strewn across the dirt. For a moment his dying heart was eased, until he saw that which he feared to find.
Set to the side of the clearing, near several bushes and trees that had escaped the carnage, there were two piles. The first was piled higher, white armor and long blades piled high, several helmets still holding heads, the blood of the decapitated slowly oozing to the dirt beneath the pile. The second pile, the smaller one that piled lower, was where the carcasses of the army members and the ones they had waged war with had been burned. The soldier noticed several of the ashes had been spread across the battle field, and at this sight he silently prayed to himself, for he knew it was a ritual practiced by the demons, and he then knew who had taken the lives of his comrades.
He had no idea why they decided to strike his order so suddenly and with such force, but with this attack, his line had nearly died out, and it was now imperative to protect the women of the order. They were the ones who were upholding the entire belief, and they could not die, or all would be lost. He dismounted from his horse and slowly hobbled over to the spot where the armor and ashes were piled.
He slowly kneeled before the pile, his blood still dripping to the dirt ground of the cliff he had rode up with great difficulty. He prayed for the spirits of his order that had passed, and in that moment, all hope disappeared from him. He heard the sound of armor scraping against deathly dry soil, despite the damp feeling the air had. He got up slowly, a sharp pain in his bleeding back. The blood continued to spill, his white armor a dark red in many places. He turned very slowly, unsheathing the blade at his side, clutching it tightly with his left hand.
The one standing before him was also wounded. It was a demon armored in gold from head to toe. He was skeletal in shape, very few muscles required to give life to the vile creature. A heart, brain, and spinal cord were all it took, along with blood. It had three toes on each foot, and three claw-like fingers on each hand. An armored tail thrashed about, spikes lined around it. It had two elongated horns on its head, going straight out then pointing down. Its eyes glowed a fierce red, and the golden mask on its face was even more terrible than its true visage. It clutched two short battle axes, and was obviously angered at the sight of the white armored knight. This was a Hellknight.
It spoke, “Like insects to the flame, those who we didn’t kill ride hard to get to this spot, graciously cutting our work in half,”
“…you know the Hylian language?” the soldier asked, astonished.
“Since mine is the last face you will see I will tell you several truths before I slay you, mortal. We all know the language of those we are sent to kill. The second thing I will tell you is that we are not as you see us. Our race once consisted of angels. Beautiful angels. We are very smart. A deal more intelligent than you! And the last thing I have to tell you is probably the least useful to you….but…they are always better to eat alive…the blood tastes warmer, and the screams…the screams make it so much better…Goodbye…knight of the heavenly order,” the Hellknight said slowly, raising his axes, ready to strike. The soldier attempted a kick, then realizing the incredible weight of his armor on his dying body, he simply kneed the Hellknight. He drew his blade across the Hellknight’s right wrist, and the axe fell from its foul hand. At this it became angered, and hit the helmet of the soldier with his axe-hilt. He stumbled back, but regained his posture in time to see an axe coming at him. With all of the strength he could muster he lifted his numb right arm into the air, and the axe hit it, the blood gushing from an artery. He pulled with all of his might, and the axe flew from the Hellknight’s hand, still embedded in the soldier’s arm. He then stabbed the Hellknight in its confusion, and it dropped to the ground, dead.
The man dropped his sword, knowing that he couldn’t fight if any more demons encountered him. He had to get away. He had to warn someone of the demons before it was too late and he passed into death of the mountainside, where none would hear his cries except the chilled breeze and the wolves. At first he made several attempts to remove the axe, but then decided it better to leave it there, as it applied a small amount of pressure, and every time it was lessened even the slightest, his bleeding became greater. He walked slowly to his horse and climbed on with all of the force he could get from within himself. It was then that another voice spoke to him from the trees, and he was frightened.
“You, knight of the heavenly order,” a voice called from the unburned forest.
“I do not have time for your devilry! Stay back foul beast, or I will slay ye with the sword of the white knights of Hyrule!” he warned, trying his best to intimidate the voice.
“I am not your enemy, now look up and face me,” the voice called out again. The soldier looked up slowly, and was relieved. He had been found by one of the beast spirits of Hyrule. Of these spirits in legend it was told that only one could manifest itself in physical form at a time, but he had never paid much attention to Hylian legends. Indeed this was turning into a life changing night for the Hylian.
“The…beast spirits…are…real then?” the soldier asked.
“Yes…but so is your beliefs…they all branch from the same area, and that is Heaven…you fight for a valiant cause…” the spirit answered. He had the body of an owl, large wings with white feathers, brown on the rest of his body, and mighty claws. His appearance was that of an animal, but in his eyes was the same gaze that was present in a man.
“Why do you come to me now, when my death is imminent?” the soldier asked in a low tone.
“Because…have you ever heard of the legend of the Hero of Time?” the spirit asked.
“Yes…is it true?” the soldier asked.
“Yes…now, have you ever heard of his guiding spirit? Not the fairy, but the one whho simply watched over him from a distance?” the spirit asked.
“In all of the legends I have heard he is called Kaporea Gaborea, is that correct?” the soldier asked.
“Yes…that is me, my friend,” Kaporea Gaborea said.
“I see…then why aid me?” the soldier asked.
“Because…I know of someone you could warn…and he would answer the call of help your order gives….do you want me to repeat anything?” Kaporea Gaborea asked.
“No…but…who is this person that could help my order?” the soldier asked.
“Dismount your horse. Trust me, he will be safe here. Now, grab onto my talons, and hang on tight. I will take you off of this summit, and there we shall find the Hero of Time, and you shall make your plea of help…after that, you may die in whatever way seems best to you,” Kaporea Gaborea replied.
“I will do this then,” the soldier said slowly, getting off of his horse. He slowly approached Kaporea Gaborea, then realized that the owl was not much larger then him. He did know to what extent he should trust the spirit, but he clung on to the creature’s left talon with his left arm, praying that he didn’t fall on the way down. Kaporea Gaborea then took to the air, flying with a speed that both shocked and amazed the soldier. They flew for many miles, and he saw many things.
The moon was again high in the sky, the clouds no longer covering the beautiful white sphere. The trees went by quickly below him, moonlight flittering in through openings in the forest, giving faint light to the multi-colored leaves. Flashes of red, orange, and green went by below him, and he was reminded of the changing of the seasons that was upon them. Soon the land would be covered in snow, and the trees would have white upon them like a cloud in the sky. He saw deer, wolfos, other types of animals running around free in the woods, sleeping, hunting, protecting their family. He heard the rushing sound of the waters in the stream, hitting rocks and lashing against the dry ground from time to time. And then the wonderful trip was over, and he was on his own two feet again.
“Go now, and find him. He is not far from here. Warn him, and…enjoy the rest of your time here…I hope I brought some peace to you in our trip,” Kaporea Gaborea said slowly, turning and flying off into the night sky, slowly becoming a black shadow, then disappearing from sight altogether. He was back on Hyrule field, near the Gerudo Valley. He walked slowly, and found two people sitting under an arch of rock. There was a fire in the middle of them, and it seemed as if they were talking about something amusing, as they both laughed as they ate the food they had cooked and undoubtedly caught. The first man he did not know, and he was garbed in brown, a short sword sheathed at his side. The second he knew greatly from the legends. He was a grown man, dressed in a Kokiri tunic, the Master sword sheathed behind his back. He hadn’t believed it until now. There was the Hero of Time from the legends.

“Yeah, and then the guy says it’s only open on Sundays, and he chases me out with a broom,” Jet said, laughing. Link and Jet had been entertaining each other with odd stories and things that happened to them since the sun was still up. It was now midnight at least, and the sky was black.
“A broom? Like he was gonna beat you up or something?” Link asked, laughing out of control.
“Yeah! He was twirlin it around actin like he was gonna get all kung fu on me or something, it was great,” Jet said, his laughing slowly ceasing as he looked out to the distance.
“Somethin wrong, man?” Link asked.
“See that guy? He’s been here for a few minutes now…just watchin us,” Jet whispered into Link’s ear, covering his mouth so that the man could not read his lips.
“Yeah…kinda peculiar…I’ve never seen a knight in that type of armor in Hyrule…but look at him…he’s bleeding everywhere, and he’s got a…axe in his arm,” Link replied slowly, noticing the severity of the man’s wounds.
“Whaddya think we should do? You aren’t thinking about helping him are ya?” Jet asked.
“Well…look at him, Jet. What would you do? Honestly…he looks like he’s about to die…” Link answered.
“Well…looks like we’re about to find out what he wants…here he comes,” Jet said, looking at the bleeding knight in white armor.
“Who are you?! Speak quickly!” Link questioned, his sword in hand.
“I am a knight of the heavenly order. We live in a hidden fortress in Hyrule and we live to slay the demons of Hell. My order was attacked by a force of demons being led by a radical creature of immense strength…all were lost…except a few…some one hundred men, four hundred women, and twenty children. An animal spirit who went by the name of Kaporea Gaborea told me to seek you…and plead for your help in the protection of the remainder of my order,” the knight said.
“Do you know who the leader of that group of demons that killed your order is?” Link asked.
“Yes…sometime in the distant past Devil appointed him the ruler of the entire army of demons in Hell. He is a terrible demon known as Asmodeus. I am certain that if you could overthrow him, then the attacks on my order would stop,” the knight answered, coughing.
“You want us to…kill a demon lord?” Jet asked, trying to hide the fright in his voice.
“Precisely…I do not know you, but if you and the Hero of Time are traveling partners, then you must have some skill. You can take him down…please…you must at least attempt it… if not for me then for the well being of your planet,” the knight pleaded, the grass red from the man standing still for so long.
“What do you mean?” Link asked.
“Asmodeus is a master of deceit, as are most of the demons. He can change his form to the likes of whatever his mind can come up with. If you let him kill my order and continue to draw breath, he will seep into the towns…the mountains…the waters…and he will poison the minds of all the free peoples, disguised as one who is helping. Zora will attack Goron, Goron will attack Hylian, Hylian will attack Zora, until all are dead. You must destroy him, or at least ensure that he will never enter Hyrule again,” the knight answered, the tone of desperation stronger in his voice.
“…okay…but…how do we find him?” Link asked.
“We only know of the entrance from another realm…a place called Earth,” the knight answered.
“We can work with that,” Jet said, standing up at the mention of his planet.
“Okay…I believe it is somewhere in Asia…shrouded by the jungle…there is a dark cave…and stairs leading down…and down…and down…and there…that is where one will find the gate to Hell,” the knight replied.
“Okay…may you find peace…we’ll protect your order as long as we live, right Jet?” he asked, looking behind him.
“Yeah…you got it,” Jet answered. The knight nodded once, then stumbled out of sight. His task was complete, he could now rest.
“I won’t waste any time with words…we got stuff to do….Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled. They traveled to the continent that the knight spoke of, and began there search deep in a jungle, shrouded by leaves and vines.

There was no path. In the midst of all of the technology, and all of the weaponry and warfare of the planet Earth, there were still areas like this. Though small in number, when they were found, it was a challenge to get by. Their swords were drawn, and they had been slashing a path through vines and bushes for close to an hour. Large insects, poisonous spiders that scampered quickly toward prey, shadowy animals hiding in the trees. All were present in this jungle Jet and Link were slowly becoming lost in. they had known they would likely have to form their own path, but they never imagined it would be this difficult, or the trip would be nearly as long.
After almost two hours had passed, they came to what the knight had spoken of. A dark cave in the middle of the jungle. They looked at each other, then with a nod they both slowly made their way down into the cave, the darkness overwhelming. They had no idea where it was they were going, and felt the walls as they awkwardly made their way down a long black passage. They were both half expecting some creature to leap out at them in the darkness, but nothing here dwelled alive.
This form of traveling they kept up, feeling their way to the end of a corridor, then when they ran into a wall, feeling around until their hands ran into more dank, cold air. The passage wound around like this for countless miles, but then there was an abrupt change. Link turned a corner, and in the next moment, Jet was startled by a yell, followed by the sound of several collisions, then a moan of agony. He carefully moved now, slowly placing one foot ahead of the other. He took four steps, then his right foot went down onto a lower piece of land. He carefully placed his left foot down next to his right, then repeated the process. Quite apparently these were the stairs leading down that the knight spoke of, and if they were nearly as long and narrow as the knight made them sound, then Link could possibly be very injured. He quickened his pace to the best of his abilities, not wanting to lose his footing and fall like Link.
The journey then became more difficult. Jet ran into a wall, and had to feel his way around a dark corner all while descending a narrow staircase. He hoped Link was alright, but as the minutes passed, he began to realize that the chances of him even being alive, let alone okay and unhurt, were very slim indeed. He kept working his way down the staircase, and then found something that eased his fear greatly.
Placed along the left side of the staircase there was an old and rusted stair rail, crumbling apart from the ravages of time and the darkness that absorbed all. It was painful to grip, rusted shards of metal cutting Jet’s hand, but it was necessary. He did not want to fall. The wounds on his hand would likely become infected, years of decay and virus running through his blood, but he had not the time to care or acknowledge any pain. He continued down, going slightly faster, and then trouble befell him as well. The rail abruptly ended, the surprise of his hand slipping causing Jet to lose his balance on the narrow stairway. He spun around quickly and grabbed onto the rail, the age and rust finally taking its toll, the rail coming lose in Jet’s hand. He fell onto his back, losing his breath and rolling down the rest of the way.
The black was still all around him, but there was a faint light in the distance. An orange color, very unnatural, but present. He placed his bleeding hands on the cold ground all around him, wet soil greeting his fingers. He felt around more, and by and by, he felt the familiar fabric of Link’s Kokiri tunic. He was relieved to an extent, but still feared for the Hylian’s life.
“Ungh…L-Link?” Jet called out faintly, slightly weak, and slightly frightened.
“Yeah…looks like you found yer way down to, eh?” Link asked.
“Yeah…heh…good to see you’re alive,” Jet said lowly.
“Yeah…good to be alive,” Link stated.
“See that light?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…think we should go that way?” Link questioned.
“I think that might be the gate to Hell,” Jet answered.
“Now…question is…is it really worth it to go to Hell to save a group of knights?” Link asked.
“And what are the chances of us getting out?” Jet questioned back.
“Looks like we’re about to find out,” Link answered, standing slowly.
“You did just get up, right?” Jet asked.
“Heh…it is way to dark in here,” Link answered, thrusting a hand toward Jet’s general direction. He grabbed onto it and stood slowly, readying his sword and heading towards the light. They walked slowly toward the light in the distance. They both feared what rested there, but they knew the time had come to find out. They would defeat this demon to save Hyrule.
When at last the black around them faded, and they were in the chamber where the light dwelled, they were in awe. There were several glowing candles atop blue stone torches lining the room, giving it a small amount of illumination. In the center of the black chamber was a gate consisting of two massive doors, in front of which there was an ebbing, alive looking mass of orange glowing vein like vines. Without a moment of hesitation, the two warriors unsheathed their blades and cut through the mass of unknown material, then with force, kicked the doors of the chamber open.
There was a worn looking bridge of blue stone being supported by unknown means. Below the bridge was a chasm that led down to a dark infinite pit of nothing, a place neither of the two had any desire to enter. They crossed the bridge slowly, not daring to look down, not wanting to look forward. When at last they reached the platform across the bridge, they were slightly relieved.
The platform was a hexagon shape, six sharp points where edges turned abruptly. It was the same blue stone of the bridge, and it was apparently a rock that had some abundance in Hell. What they immediately noticed was an odd design set in the stone floor. It was orange in one moment, then it phased to red, then to a fierce yellow, and back to orange. They both stepped forward, and it was then that the demon king was awakened.
Out of the design in the floor came a pillar of oozing lava, and it slowly morphed and contorted into a shape. Its head appeared first, two golden horns jutting out of the back of its skull. He was covered in red skin, and his eyes were yellow, the pupils gone. He had a great maw, lined with many razor sharp teeth, and strong neck muscles. He had a six-pack and the arms that formed out of his body were mighty in shape and strength. He had five claw-like fingers on each hand, and in this moment, he sprouted another pair of much smaller arms. He had no legs, and was apparently held to the ground, the lava-like substance unable to completely separate from the ground. Ten spikes jutted from its back in pairs of two, parallel to each other. This was Asmodeus.
It let its mighty left arm fly outward, its clawed hand closed into a powerful fist. It hit Link, the move sending him back a reasonable distance. He rolled to the side and got back on his feet, mere inches away from the edge. He ran forward, blade in hand, and bashed Asmodeus in the head with his Hylian shield, the attack’s noise reverberating through the demon’s skull. He slammed both of his fists into the ground, and several cracks ran through the platform, pieces of stone falling into the pit. This worried Jet and Link greatly, but Asmodeus cared not. He aimed a fist at Jet, who leaped to the side and stabbed the foul beast in the back of the hand. He pulled hard, but Jet’s grip was strong, and only after much flesh was torn was the blade removed.
Link then charged his spin attack. The chamber grew even blacker than it already was, and his blade was surrounded by a golden glow. He let the magic loose, and the sword cut through Asmodeus’ back several times. He spun around in anger, a grim look upon his demonic face. He shot a blast of fire at Link, who jumped to the side, the blast flying into a wall on the other side of the chasm.
“Link, let’s show him what we got, eh?” Jet asked, pulling the orange crystal out of his pocket.
“You got it, man!” Link yelled, pulling a yellow jewel from his tunic.
“Mystic Sand attack!” Jet yelled, the swirling mass of sand and energy flying at the demon.
“Mystic Lightning…attack!” Link yelled, electricity coursing through Asmodeus’ body. He was now enraged, and would kill them both. He turned to Jet and whispered a spell in his own demonic tongue, and he outstretched all four of his arms. A swirling beam of blue hit Jet in the arm, and in that instant, his left arm was useless. He sheathed the blade he dropped with his right hand.
“Uhh….Link…we have to go now…okay?” Jet asked.
“Yeah, good idea!” Link yelled. The two ran quickly across the bridge and out of the gate, escaping the cave as quickly as they could, the angry snarls of Asmodeus echoing in the distance. This was like no enemy they had faced before. It would be a very challenging fight.

“So…he’ll be okay, right?” Zelda asked Impa in regard to Jet.
“His left palm is infected…some virus entered the wound on it…likely from rust or something…and I have put some curative juices on his arm…they should seep into his bloodstream easily enough…it was a very odd form of paralysis poisoning…and to think it was from a spell…” Impa’s voice trailed off.
“Why does it seem like they all want Jet dead?” Zelda asked, a concerned look on her face.
“It’s simple to me…the Tetraforce,” Impa answered.
“Yes…maybe that is it…” Zelda said slowly.
“Well…any way ya slice it….we gotta kill Asmodeus…and kinda quick…there’s an entire order of people who could die,” Link said slowly, staring out the window. They were back in Hyrule castle, a place that Jet hated, but for now, he had to be there. When he awoke Zelda would explain everything, and her reasoning for bringing him here. He would understand. But the fight would come. And it would be difficult.
The Day of the Triforce by BOEG
Chapter Five: The Day of the Triforce

“So you see, we had to bring you here…you would have died if we took you to your house,” Zelda said, her hand on his heated forehead. Jet had awoken almost an hour ago now, and Zelda was doing her best to explain her reasoning for taking him to Hyrule castle.
“Yeah…okay…so…I just collapsed when we got out of that cave?” Jet asked groggily.
“Yeah…you just fell down,” Link said, looking at him.
“So….when’re we gonna go out and finish that thing off?” Jet asked.
“You’re in no condition to fight alone,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…that’s why you’re comin with me, right? …please? Aww come on….you have to,” Jet pleaded.
“Yes…I’ll be with you,” Zelda answered.
“Good…he’ll find us…let’s go to the Lost Woods,” Link suggested. They agreed, and the team was quickly off for the forest.

Trees that rose high into the air. Grass up to one’s knees. Owls and other animals making their sweet melody, bringing life into an otherwise dead area. The forest had lost its magic since the death of the land spirit of the area, the Great Deku Tree. They knew that if a fire were to start, that nothing in the ancient forest would be spared, but that is why they planned to slay the demon before any fires were launched. They were convinced they could kill him too. They had the Triforce. Their prime weapon in the battle against evil.
Asmodeus was the most difficult thing Link had ever fought, but he had sworn to protect the knights of the heavenly order, and he would fight until one died. Either Asmodeus, or him. They continued to walk through the forest, trying to find a clearing where a battle could be waged. They found this a small distance away from where they had originally been traveling, and apparently, it was a path that someone had made before them, as they grass was bent and broken in spots, an obvious sign that someone had been there before.
“Do you hear that?” Jet asked, referring to a low rumbling noise that seemed to come from all around the three. They looked around nervously, almost expecting Asmodeus to appear from nowhere.
“Do you think that’s him?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah…it’s him alright,” Link answered, his hands balled into fists at his side. the ground began to shake violently, and several cracks appeared in the soil, chunks of dirt and weak roots flying into the air. Out of the ground burst a red shape, and in a moment, Asmodeus the demon king was before them in all of his terrible glory, the dark feeling present with every breath he took.
A smile grew on Jet’s face and he moved his hands in a triangular movement, then spoke, calm but loud, “Tetraforce Power!” his call was answered by dead air. The Triforce did not come forth from his body, and Asmodeus stood, unhurt and amused. Zelda now tried her hand at attacking, blasting the demon with Mystic Light. It hit him in the chest, and his red skin was flayed in a spot, blood falling to the ground, his cry of pain loud.
Link ran forward at this sight, Master sword extended, ready to strike the demon from behind. Asmodeus turned as if he expected the attack, and threw Link through the air as if he were a small stone. His shoulder was impaled by a piece of ancient wood from a tree that had recently fallen. He bled profusely, the tunic about his body red with his blood. His eyes closed, and he was still. All were worried, but none had time to see if he was okay. They had to focus on the task before them. Combating Asmodeus.
“Zel, you better be careful…I can’t do this alone ya know,” Jet called to Zelda.
“I’ll be here, Jet, I swear…you don’t give your girlfriend nearly enough credit,” Zelda called back to him, dodging an attack made by the demon lord. The two fighters were holding their own against the demon, but they were slowly weakening, and without the aid of the Triforce they were nearly helpless. As their power waned, one with new energy and a desire to defeat evil came forth.
His hair was a grey color, yet he was young, and powerful. He wore a black muscle shirt under an olive green jacket with the words “Capsule Corp” on the front. He wore black pants and odd brown boots, two buckles and latches on each one. He had a belt across his chest, a sheathe behind his back, in which rested a large sword. This was Vegeta’s son, the half saiya-jin warrior Trunks, sent by Goku to aid the Triforce Team.
“Let’s see just what you’re made of, okay?” Trunks taunted, unsheathing his blade. The saiya-jin ran forward, delivering blow after blow to the demon, the attacks seeming to do nothing. He slashed at Asmodeus one last time, then turned his back to the demon lord, a smirk upon his face. In several seconds, ten bleeding scars appeared upon his body as if from nowhere.
“Who are you?!” Jet asked.
“My name is Trunks…Goku said you might need help! We can talk later!” Trunks yelled. Asmodeus thrust his mighty fist toward Trunks, and the saiya-jin back flipped then blocked the punch with his blade. He stood still, and a bright light flashed, causing all in the Lost Woods to close their eyes. In that split second, Trunks was changed. His eyes were blue, and his hair a fierce gold, spiked very high into the air, but going out in many directions, as opposed to straight up. He was a super saiya-jin.
He removed his Capsule Corp jacket and threw it the ground. He then ran forward and stabbed Asmodeus. The demon’s yell of agony was loud, but he was not nearly defeated. He slammed both of his fists into the ground, and the saiya-jin fell on his back, out of breath. Asmodeus then slammed his fist into Trunk’s chest, blood dripping from the saiya-jin’s mouth. He kicked Asmodeus arm away, then rolled to the side, regaining a standing position.
“I have many more skills then you know of…but today, I’m going to kill you with my sword…if that’s okay with you, of course,” Trunks said in a cocky tone. He held his blade in both hands, then charged saiya-jin energy into it. It now glowed a faint gold, and Trunks began another assault on the demon lord. Asmodeus punched Trunks in the chest, and he flew back into a nearby tree. When at last he got back up, he was finished playing around. He charged every remaining ounce of saiya-jin energy he had into the blade, even until his own power was diminished and he was again a regular saiya-jin. His blade was now surrounded by a golden aura, and a well placed stab would be fatal, a fact which he knew.
He ran forward and slashed at Asmodeus with the blade, the demon lord holding up his hand to block the attack. His arm was cut, and he bled from the large wound, putting his arm down to his side once more. Trunks then stabbed him in the chest, and with a loud shriek, he punched the saiya-jin, and melted into the ground, disappearing to his lair of fire. It was over for now, and the Triforce Team had won.
“So…are you joining the Triforce Team?” Zelda asked.
“Yeah…but I’m not going to live with you guys…as Goku always says…he has friends and family who need him more…but we will be around when there’s big trouble. I swear it,” Trunks said, sheathing his blade and flying off into the sky. Zelda and Jet quickly made their way to where Link was lying, the large branch still through his left shoulder. The fear they had forgotten was now back into their minds, and a deep weariness overcame their thoughts.
“Link! Wake up, man! He’s gone for now! We won!” Jet yelled.
“Ugh…yeah…for now…I thought I was dead…come on…gimme a hand…then we can figure out just what to do with this freak,” Link said slowly. Without the aid of the saiya-jins, the team was disadvantaged slightly, but they would defeat the demon, and return peace to the order of heavenly knights.

“So…d’ya have any clue why the Tetraforce didn’t work when I tried to use it earlier?” Jet asked. They were back at his house, working out a strategy. So far, no plan they had come up with was something they all wanted.
“Yeah…I’ve been looking around in the Book of Mudora some. And it turns out today was the day of the Triforce. One day every year, the Triforce’s powers cease to work…it has something to do with returning energy to the goddesses,” Link said.
“Okay…now…what are we going to do about Asmodeus?” Zelda asked.
“Since nothing else we’ve come up with works…I say we just wing it like always,” Link answered.
“Sounds good to me,” Jet agreed.
“Okay…” Zelda agreed slowly. It was decided. They would battle Asmodeus head on, and hope for the best.
The Demon Lord Strikes by BOEG
Chapter Six: The Demon Lord Strikes

Link, Jet, Zelda, and Kafei. These four stood ready in front of the outer gate to Hyrule castle. The drawbridge had been raised, and the warriors knew that the capitol of life in Hyrule would likely be the place where Asmodeus went to strike an attack. There were Hylian soldiers guarding almost every square inch of the market and castle in case Asmodeus appeared inside the market, and the team guarded the outside, weapons in hand, Triforce back in use.
The demon lord took the bait relatively quickly, bursting forth from the ground of Hyrule field in front of the raised drawbridge less then a half hour after the Triforce Team began guarding the castle. He appeared to be healed of the wounds Trunks gave him, and they now knew the extent of his healing powers. It was now or never. They readied their weapons, then began their attack.
“Mystic Lightning!” Link yelled.
“Mystic Sand!” Jet followed.
“Mystic Light!” Zelda yelled.
“Mystic ice!” Kafei finished. The four beams of elemental energy flew at the demon lord, and for a moment his dark image was covered behind smoke. When it cleared, Asmodeus appeared, his main left arm destroyed, a bleeding mass of flesh all the remained. A broken bone hung loosely from the remainder of the limb. He used his right arm and slammed his fist into Kafei, knocking him out.
“Fine…if he wants to be like that, then we can take care of him, right guys?” Link asked.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled.
“Triforce of Courage!” Link yelled after Jet.
“Triforce of Wisdom!” Zelda called loud but calmly. The three beams of triangular energy flew into Asmodeus, and the demon now bled from a very large wound in his chest. he cried out in pain then grabbed Jet by the neck with his main right arm, squeezing with all the might he could muster. He outstretched his two smaller arms and called forth the same paralysis spell on Zelda and Link that he used on Jet several days before. The attack was aimed at their legs, and they fell to the ground, unable to stand and attack.
“So…what do you do now!? Your allies, your shield, is broken and splintered, forgotten on the ground! Now, wielder of the Tetraforce, what do you do in the face of death!? When the very scent of death is all over you? Mmmm….isn’t it euphoric? I can taste the fear all over you…it’s intoxicating…I can’t wait to ea-,” Asmodeus was cut off, blood spilling out of his mouth before he could finish his speech. He dropped Jet to the ground, who rolled to the side in time to avoid the large demon lord’s body falling on top of him.
Sticking out of the back of Asmodeus’ neck was a Hylian spear, and blood bubbled above the wound, falling to the ground quickly, the life of the demon lord over. His body slowly morphed back into the red lava-like liquid, scorching the grass and burning past the soil into the ground, fading away. Asmodeus was dead. They had done it. They had saved the knights of the heavenly order.
In this moment, the soldier who threw the spear went to reclaim it, wiping the blood off of it and placing it back in front of him. Jet looked to see who it was, and was instantly in awe. He couldn’t believe it. There, standing before him, was Jonphor. The very Hylian soldier who had tried to take his life had just saved it.
“I….owed you one…you needed help…and you helped me…for that I am indebted to you, Jet, and I will protect you whenever you are in trouble, if I am there. To this I swear on the king Harkinarian’s life,” Jonphor said, the tone of disgust gone from his voice, respect in its place.
“Thanks…a lot…a whole lot. Hey, uhh, can you gimme a hand and take Link’s body to the castle for me? I got Zelda. they’re alive, just unconscious,” Jet asked.
“I know,” Jonphor said.
“How?” Jet asked.
“…it is not always an evil to spy…a lesson I learned from you,” Jonphor said, picking up Link’s body and placing it over his shoulders.
“Maybe Hyrule castle isn’t such a bad place after all…” Jet said to himself, following Jonphor into the market, Zelda on his shoulders.
The Guardian of Hell Comes Forth by BOEG

Chapter Seven: The Guardian of Hell Comes Forth

Black. Past the fire, and the lava, and the acid that slowly burns away at the skin of the damned, there he stood. On the ninety-ninth level of Hell. He stood in front of the Hylian entrance to Hell, a few mere inches all that separated him from his dark home. The dark staircase that descended down was his main comfort, the blackness below the chasm and the faint echo of screams and shrieks comforting to its mind. He had been sent by Satan himself to destroy the ones that killed Asmodeus. He had been sent to kill the Triforce Team. And as the guardian of the Earth gate to Hell, he would do so with speed.
He jumped out of the maw shaped hole in Death Mountain, and walked slowly down the stony path that descended into a back way into the field. He could not risk going through the village, as his master would punish him if he killed anyone other then who he was instructed to. So he took this way. It was in reality very quick, and he would likely get to Hyrule field quicker this way than he would if he took the path that led to Kakariko village.
He looked around at his surroundings when he got to the bottom of the narrow path, and he sniffed the air with his ancient nostrils, which were not but mere holes in his face, and then his muscles tensed with anticipation. He swung his left arm around, the hand he had been dragging his iron hammer on the ground with, and he now wielded the weapon with two hands. He had their scent. He could smell them, and his appetite for flesh was great in this moment. He began his search.

He looked into her eyes again. Every time he gazed into her beautiful blue eyes, it felt to him like the world was gone, like nothing could possibly go wrong. They were sitting in a grassy area of Lake Hylia, looking out over the crystal clear waters of the calm lake. The grass was cold, slightly wet, and the sky was the most beautiful blue color, with just a hint of orange on the edges of the horizon as the sun began to lower. There was a long white cloud in the air, long and then curving upwards at the end, fading into the blue of the sky. Zelda had thought it resembled a snake somewhat, but he couldn’t see it.
But right now, all of their surroundings, the cry of the Guay in the air as they swooped down into the lake to try and catch fish, the scent of the grass, and insecurities he had, they all disappeared with her calm gaze. She had a gentle look in her eyes, and no matter how hard she fought, or how stern she was with anyone else, when he looked into her eyes, and his gaze met hers, that gentle look came back into her beautiful face. And a gentle smile formed on her soft lips.
She broke the gaze and looked out at the setting sun. He had no idea how long he had been looking into her eyes, but apparently it was longer than he had thought, as the sky was now darkening around him, the orange on the horizon all that was left of the sunset.
“I love you,” she said slowly, staring at the waters.
He put his arm around her shoulder and spoke, “I love you too…this day has been so perfect…I’m really glad you’re here to share it with me.”
“I’m really glad I met you, Jet,” Zelda said, holding him closer.
“You really are beautiful…but um,” Jet began slowly.
“What is it?” Zelda asked, looking at Jet.
“Well…uhh….well….” his voice trailed off as he tried to find the right words.
“…You aren’t breaking up with me are you?” Zelda asked.
“No! never! Ugh…why is this so hard? Well…I know it’s only been like…a few months, but I feel like I’ve known you all of my life…don’t you?” Jet asked.
“Yes…actually…it feels like I finally started living when I met you,” Zelda said with a warm smile.
“Well…um…I don’t mean to sound like I’m rushing you or anything, like I don’t enjoy this time…but…well….ummm,” he tried to continue again. He sighed lowly then stood up. For a moment Zelda thought he was going to go away, but he then extended his hand and lifted Zelda up. He looked into her eyes again, and the sense of fear that was so strong in his heart disappeared. He fumbled around in his pocket for several moments, then pulled out a small crimson box about the size of his palm. He opened it, and removed a diamond ring, inlaid with small green gems around the golden band. He got down on one knee, then spoke, “Zelda…I know that our pasts were quite different, me being the poor kid in my town…havin no friends, havin to steal to survive. You being the princess, the one that everyone looked up to, that everyone wanted to be…I know that it shouldn’t be for real, that it doesn’t naturally happen like this, but I also know that it was destined, and well…would you marry me, princess of Hyrule?” Jet asked.
A tear fell from her cheek, a smile upon her bright face. She looked into his eyes, and he moved his hand to her face, gently touching her cheek and brushing the tear aside. She finally spoke, “Of course I will!” she responded quickly, a large smile on her face. Jet placed the ring on her finger, then stood slowly. He embraced her, and looked into her eyes once more before pressing his lips into hers. There they kissed, as the moon rose into the sky, and the gentle waters continued to flow.

They had barely made it out of the gate to Lake Hylia on Moonlight when they saw Kaporea Gaborea perched on a nearby tree. The moonlight hit his feathers, lighting up his entire body, the glow in his humanoid eyes unsettling for some reason.
“Jet…I have something for you…the soldier that you and Link talked to that night…from the heavenly order of knights…he requested I give you his horse…’tis a special bred horse, and ‘tis named Firestar,” Kaporea Gaborea said, flying off.
Tied next to the gate was a horse, very strong and healthy in appearance, with a brownish-red coat of fur, and a white mane. Jet dismounted from Moonlight and slowly untied the horse. He got on top of it relatively easy, and instantly knew how to ride, thanks to lessons from Link he had received on Epona.
Moonlight and Firestar carried their riders to the gate to hyrule castle with speed, and there they met up with Link. He had Epona with him, but he was not riding the steed, and had a concerned look in his eyes. Zelda and Jet dismounted quickly and walked to where Link stood.
“What’s wrong, man?” Jet asked.
“It’s something I found in the Book of Mudora tonight…listen to this. It says,
“He is the ebbing shadow
He is the Hell bound beast
He is the creature of Satan
On the flesh of man he will feast,”
That was an ancient poem talking about the guardian of the Earth gate to Hell. Apparently he was once a man, who was transformed into a horrible demon by Asmodeus’ magic, and was forever bound to the demon lord’s fate. If he died, the creature would ceaselessly hunt the ones who killed it. His name is Grendal,” Link said slowly.
“Another homicidal demon eh? This has been the best week for us hasn’t it?” Jet asked sarcastically.
“Looks like the wedding plans will have to wait,” Zelda said in a disappointed tone.
“W-w-wedding!!?” Link asked, astonished.
“Yeah…we’ll fill ya in later…if there is a later,” Jet said slowly.
“It’s said that the Hylian entrance to Hell is in Turtle Rock. That’s on Death Mountain, so he should be here any minute,” Link said slowly.
“But…I wasn’t ready for a fight, I’m completely unarmed,” Zelda said in a worried tone.
“Uhh…take my sword then,” Jet said, unsheathing the blade and handing it to her.
“I can’t, what will you fight with?” Zelda asked.
“I’ll be fine okay?” Jet said, doubting his words more than Zelda did.
“Okay,” she agreed slowly, holding the sword at her side. a large stomping noise was then heard by the three. They turned slowly, and there, gleaming in the moonlight, was the creature Grendal. His skin was blue, and looked similar to the stone in Asmodeus’ chamber. His eyes glowed yellow, again no pupils. There were several cracks in his skin, the red lava-like substance running through them, all of them coming to a hole in his chest, the only spot that looked vulnerable in the least. His claws were sharp and terrible, of which he had five on each hand, and the hammer he wielded was massive. He had two short golden horns protruding from the back of his head, much like Asmodeus.
Link ran forward and slashed at Grendal, the blade bouncing off and stinging his hand in the process. Grendal slammed his hammer around at Link, who barely blocked with his Hylian shield. The blow knocked him to the ground, and he rolled to the side just as Grendal attempted to jump on top of him.
Jet kicked him in the face with all of his might, the attack hurting the sole of his foot. He lost his balance and rolled to the side with Link. Zelda rushed forward and stabbed at Grendal, the blade bouncing off. Grendal slapped her to the side with Jet and Link. He spun around quickly and began walking toward them, ready to annihilate the ones who defeated his master. Grendal picked Jet up, readying a hammer strike. He moved the hammer backwards, and Jet reached his arms up with all of his might, forcing two fingers into Grendal’s eyes. The creature dropped Jet, but not before scratching him with his claws. Jet now bled from five scratched, and his arm was in great pain. He went to rejoin his teammates.
“Hey…sorry I wasn’t there to help you fight Asmodeus,” Goku said, landing next to them, a super saiya-jin. He ran at Grendal, underestimating his strength from the start. He ran at Grendal, and was hit with the back-end of the demon’s massive hammer before he could attack. His chest was bleeding, the flesh torn apart. He flew back into Jet, and the two were still for a moment.
“That’s it! No one hurts my teammates, or my fiancÚ’!” Zelda yelled, rushing forward to attack Grendal. Jet got up in this moment, and saw the attack. She attempted a slice with Jet’s blade, but Grendal slashed her hand, and the blade fell. He then grabbed her, lifting her body into the air, scratching her as he did so. She yelled out in pain, blood falling to the ground.
“What can I do to help her?... I have to do something…I can’t let her die…but I’m powerless,” Jet said to himself, a nameless anger awakening in his heart and mind. He clenched his fist, continuing to hear Zelda’s yells of pain, as she struggled uselessly against Grendal’s attacks. “Hey! Grendal! Get yer fuckin hands offa my girl!” Jet yelled, knowing that it probably wouldn’t result in anything. Grendal snarled and clawed at her bleeding skin tighter, her yells growing fainter as she began to weaken. “Ah! I said let her go! Now let her the fuck go!” Jet screamed, clenching his fists and screaming. His screams soon became louder than Zelda’s were, and suddenly he was surrounded by a golden aura. His body was changed. His muscles had increased in size and strength, his pupils were now gone, and his hair was straight and spiked downward. He wore a sky blue training shirt, and pants of the same color, odd boots and gloves on, blades emerging from the gloves.
Grendal smirked and threw Zelda to the side. He began to walk toward Jet, snarling the entire way.
“It is useless to fight me, Jet,” Grendal snarled.
“I am not Jet…I am Gotet,” Gotet answered in response to Grendal’s taunt. He extended both of his gloved hands, and charged Ki energy into the blades. Two glowing balls of yellow energy formed around the blades, and shot together, charging into another large ball of energy, then blasting into a beam. The beam went through the hole in Grendal’s chest, through his body. With one last snarl he exploded in a torrent of blue rocks and red blood.
Gotet powered down in that moment, the saiya-jin energy in his body gone. He fell to the grassy ground, out of energy.

“Jet…wake up,” Zelda said slowly.
“Um…hey…are you okay?! I was so worried about you,” Jet said looking at Zelda.
“Yes…I needed to get bandaged up a little, but I’ll be fine,” Zelda answered. She looked at Jet and kissed him quickly, a smile on her face.
“Mmm…I love you so much…I don’t want to ever lose you,” Jet said slowly, staring at the stone floor of the castle.
“You won’t…I promise…I love you with all of my heart and that is never going to change,” Zelda said in a reassuring tone. Jet loved it when she made him feel secure. It was the best feeling in the world to him, and he cherished every moment he had with Zelda.
“So…uhh…does anyone have any idea what happened to me yet?” Jet asked.
“Yes…it’s interesting…really interesting…you and Goku were both bleeding, and apparently, his blood mixed with yours somehow. It literally changed your DNA Jet…your blood has morphed…you’re part saiya-jin,” Zelda said.
“Wow…saiya-jin…” Jet said slowly.
“Yeah, and I’m going to train you to make sure you know how to fight right,” Goku said, appearing in the doorway.
“Okay…fine with me,” Jet said with a smile.
“Hey…you guys…bad news…we gotta be ready to fight, and soon,” Link said.
“Why?” Goku asked.
“Because…Ganon’s back…and he wants us…and he doesn’t care how many citizens he has to go through,” Link answered.
“Fine then…we’ll give him a fight he won’t forget!” Jet said proudly. They were going to defeat Ganon. Once and for all.
The New Triforce Team by BOEG
Chapter Eight: The New Triforce Team

A man robed in black had been venturing to dangerous territories for nearly a week now, recruiting warriors to aid Hyrule in the fight against Ganon. He was one of King Harkinarian’s spies, usually sent for stealth missions, or acquiring information, but the position of gatherer was also quite easy for them, apparently enough. He had been recruiting fighters from around the galaxy for a week now, and finally, here, in Hyrule castle’s main chamber, they would all come together.
There had been much talk within the large group that had been recruited, but it settled when the main members of the Triforce Team entered. Jet, Link, Zelda, Goku, Trunks, Kafei, and Impa entered the room, and all were silent. They all sat on the floor, motioning the others to follow so they could begin the discussion. They followed.
“I don’t know if any of you have even heard of Hyrule until now, but there is an evil known as Ganon in this planet who is threatening to destroy all life. We looked for you warriors because you had some renown in your own areas as fighters. Now, I want each of you to give me your name, and tell me if you’ll help us fight Ganon,” Jet said.
The one closest to Jet was a person in an odd suit of armor, orange and yellow in color. There was an odd helmet about the person’s face, a green visor on it, large sphere-shaped shoulder pads, and a gun arm on their right hand. The person spoke, “I am Samus Aran, a bounty hunter. I work for the Galactic Federation and kill Metroids and Space Pirates for a living. Oh, and I think I forgot to mention, I am a woman. I will aid you in this fight.”
The next person around was a young man with spiked red hair and a blue crown around his forehead. He had a red cape, and white armor on, a long green bladed sword sheathed at his left hip. “I am Roy, dragon slayer. I will fight Ganon!”
Next to him was a man with a crown, blue hair falling over his face. He had a navy blue cape and gloves and clothes of the same color, a sword sheathed behind his back. “I am Marth, I have fought with Roy in the past, I will also fight Ganon.”
Next to him was a man armored from head to toe in red, a black visor on his spiked helmet, a large sword sheathed at his back and a mace at his side. He spoke in a black tone, a thick accent evident in his voice. “I am Lord Deimos, weilder of the Mace of Tannis, and War Lord of Bavaria in past ages of the Earth. I will slay this Ganon.”
The next man was muscular, wearing two belts around his chest, and black pants, with brown boots that had many buckles. His nipples were pierced, and he wore black gloves like his boots. He had a black mask about his face, red eye slits in the mask. He had three decapitated heads tied by the hair to his belt, and had a large axe behind him on the floor. “I am known only as the executioner. I live to kill, and deliver suffering. I will kill this Ganon then flay his skin and hang it from my chamber. I rule a vast fortress in a past age of the Earth.”
The man next to him was dressed like a ninja, green pants and several pieces of armor, including a face mask. He had a glowing sword sheathed at his left hip. “I am Yoshimitsu, leader of the Manji clan of ninja. I will fight Ganon, justice will prevail!”
The one next to him had a shield on his arm, and dressed in an odd garb, with a golden helmet on, his red eyes shinning. His skin was a pale green, and he spoke slowly. “I am Ogre…I shall eat the spirit of Ganon, after I destroy his flesh and break his mind.”
“I’m Jet,” Jet said.
“I’m Link,” Link said.
“I am Impa, nursemaid to the princess,” Impa said slowly.
“I am Zelda, the princess of Hyrule,” Zelda said in a calm tone.
“I am Kafei of Termina, also called Magnum by some,” Kafei said.
“I am Goku, the saiya-jin warrior of Earth,” Goku said.
“And I am Trunks, son of the prince of saiya-jins,” Trunks said, arms crossed.
“We will all fight Ganon…he will not live this time,” Jet said slowly.

They did not spend much time discussing in the castle, and they all desired to defeat the beast before they celebrated. If what had been told to them all was true, Ganon would be the single most difficult opponent they had ever battled. They journeyed near to the middle of the field, behind the large stone wall of the field. The entire land was cast under shadow, a slight drizzle of rain falling to the ground, the air cool. The weather was ideal for a battle in Link’s mind.
They kept walking, the fourteen looking quite odd together. They each had their own individual skills and techniques in battle, but the victory depended on their ability to work together as a team and take down Ganon, a task which none had been able to complete thus far. The evil of the Gerudo King had reigned over the land for several years, and no matter how many times he was defeated, the dark will of his heart manifested itself in the Triforce, morphing and contorting its powers so that it would keep his vile soul alive.
Indeed Ganon was a master at wielding the Triforce, and if the other pieces were to fall into his hands then there would be no hope. Hyrule would be his. They marched with these dark thoughts in their minds, sharp blades and powerful weaponry in their hands. They were ready for Ganon. They would fight until they defeated him.
A rumbling that seemed to start below them and work its way upwards began with no warning, and seven Fire Keese flew in a circle in front of the warriors, spreading their flame to the center of their circle. They kept this odd formation for near to a minute, then their bodies fell to the ground, charred and dead. Out of the fire cam Ganon, in the true form of his heart.
He stood large, no longer in the form of a man, but that of a beast. His muscles were like ropes tightly bunched together, and his skin was a foul green color. He stood almost ten feet tall, though hunched, and had a large tail adorned with spikes. He wore a tattered robe, and the glowing yellow jewel in his forehead shined with an intense light in the darkness of the field. He dug his large hooves into the ground, his clawed hands tensing. He had two long, gnarled horns coming out of the side of his head, large teeth in his mouth. He had the nose of a boar, and red eyes that glowed with a dark light. In his left hand was a golden sword, and his right there was a gilded trident. This was Ganon’s true form.
Samus readied her arm cannon, shooting several smoking missiles at the King of Evil. He held up his arm, and the explosives bounced harmlessly off, like a rock against a wall of steel. He laughed and swung his mighty trident around his head, a whirlwind of dark energy forming in the sky. He extended his blade and pointed at the Triforce Team, and the funnel of darkness flew at them, scattering the team across the field. They got up quickly, blades and other weapons ready.
Roy and Marth ran at Ganon, their blades cutting through the air quickly, flames forming around the blade of Roy’s sword, Marth’s Falchion blade leaving behind nothing, not even a noise. The King of Evil was wounded slightly from this attack, his robe red with blood that had spilled from his slashed chest. Ganon slammed his trident into the ground, flames bursting forth from the ground. Marth was instantly down, the flames burning his body and wounding him greatly. Roy however, was used to fire attacks, and stood, unscathed, in front of the King of Evil.
“Triforce of Power!” Ganon growled, the triangle’s energy blasting forth from his claw and hitting Roy in the armored chest, his breastplate breaking. Lord Deimos stepped forward, his all seeing blade in his hand. He spun it around his head, yelling out several muffled words in his dark tone, the blade surrounding itself in fire, the eye on the hilt glowing a fierce gold. The flaming blade cut through Ganon’s tail, and his scream echoed through all of Hyrule. He slammed his trident into the ground again, a large shockwave bursting forth from the weapon, knocking all of the team off of their feet.
Zelda regained her balance and brandished her chain-whip, cracking it in front of the beast. She wound the weapon around his claw, and Jet moved forward, stabbing his hand with all of his might. He yelled in pain, then ripped the whip from Zelda’s hand, knocking her down. “Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, the Triforce piece tearing through the evil King’s flesh. He yelled in pain and raised his trident, spinning it around once more. In this moment he was surrounded by a swarm of Fire Keese, bats surrounded by a super heated flame. They flew after the team, gaining up on each member and making it difficult to attack Ganon. They were all becoming burned, and were struggling to kill the Keese, with little results.
Goku and Trunks stepped forward, shooting Ki blasts at the Fire Keese. The attacks were quick and precise, and after several minutes, all of the Fire Keese were dead. Ganon was now enraged, bleeding and losing the battle. He charged the Triforce of Power’s energy into his trident and blade, and smashed them into the ground, the whole of the field glowing with a bright golden light for several seconds. When the golden light was gone, explosions rocked random areas of ground, and with a blinding flash, lightning magically charged with the power of evil began to strike the ground where the explosions missed land. All in the team were hit by many bolts of the lightning, the attack burning through flesh, heating armor, and attempting to steal life.
“Will you surrender now?! Will you be gone from my sight?! Will you no longer hinder my plans?!” Ganon asked with a grunt.
“No…way,” Jet said, standing up. Ganon growled loudly, raising his trident into the air. He threw the weapon, and it spun around almost like a boomerang, pursuing Jet with speed, he slashed at the weapon with his blade, and it went off toward Link.
“Triforce of Courage!” Link yelled, blasting the weapon with his Triforce piece. In moments all that remained of the trident were smoking shards of metal.
“Ah!!! Fools!!!” Ganon screamed.
“You took out his source of magic! That was how he was attacking! Come on you guys, let’s take him down!” Kafei yelled, unsheathing his dagger and running at Ganon. Kafei and Impa stabbed Ganon, followed by a fierce attack by Yoshimitsu. The executioner stabbed Ganon with the lower portion of his axe, and Ogre uttered several words, and Ganon fell to his knees, bleeding and without magic. Link stepped forward, Master sword and Hylian shield ready. Ganon raised his sword into the air, parrying slashes made by the hero. Link slammed his shield into Ganon’s blade, and it was knocked back. He took this moment of opportunity to stab the King of Evil in the heart. He twisted the blade in Ganon’s body, ensuring he didn’t make it. He removed the blood covered sword and stepped away, turning away from Ganon, who was still on his knees. He took several steps forward, then turned, and launched his Hylian shield straight into Ganon’s neck, and he fell to the ground.
Black shadow surrounded his body, then a bright golden light, and when these two unearthly aura’s left, his body was gone, and the shadow over Hyrule was lifted. They had won the battle. Ganon had been defeated in his true form, and killed. He would have much difficulty returning to Hyrule, and the sense of fear and dread that was always so strong in the hearts of the Triforce Team was now lifted. They cheered and jumped and laughed despite their great wounds, and all were overjoyed. They had defeated Ganon. The King of Evil was dead, and Hyrule was safe.
“That was a great battle you guys! We got him! We saved the planet! But…well…would you join our team?” Link asked, retrieving his weapons from the ground.
“I’m in,” Samus said slowly.
“As am I…the pain in every breath he took was apparent…” the executioner agreed.
“Yes,” Lord Deimos answered.
“I will help defend Hyrule,” Marth said proudly.
“And I will help him,” Roy followed.
“Yes…evil shall repent, so long as I am here to persuade it!” Yoshimitsu said slowly in a loud tone.
“I will join…but only because I fear the recklessness in which this group is absorbed by. You would all rush into battle because of a single victory? We killed Ganon, that is apparent enough, but what about when the other dark spirits come to realms where they don’t belong? We cannot be cocky, or we will all die, to the most unlikely of causes. I will join you, to keep some sanity in the group,” Ogre agreed grimly.
“Good…we will fight together…we are the Triforce Team!” Jet yelled.
Part 4: The Newest Member of the Royal Family by BOEG

Part IV

Chapter One: The Newest Member of the Royal Family

“….I do,” Jet said slowly.
“You may now kiss the bride,” the aging man said slowly, a smile upon his face. He pressed his lips into Zelda’s once more, her soft touch and the taste of her lips still an incredible experience, even months after they had first kissed. With those two words he had just uttered his way of life was now changed forever. He knew in his heart that Zelda was the one, and that the fate that had befallen him and Kari was not destined to occur with them.
They were more in love than ever, and the feeling of happiness in Jet’s heart was overwhelming, to the point where he could begin crying at any moment. Jet and Zelda had decided to hold the wedding within the halls of the ancient Temple of Time. The turnout was incredible, nearly all of Hyrule market there to see it, Jet assured that it was the princess they were there to see. The Triforce Team and Jonphor were present, sitting near each other, smiles on their faces.
Zelda was dressed in the most expensive piece of clothing in Hyrule, worth millions of rupees altogether. It was the dress that the queen had worn long ago; Zelda’s mother. It was cleaned and kept safe in the castle everyday, extra care put into making sure it was kept undamaged. It was the only family heirloom in the Royal family, aside from a sword, and the Ocarina of Time, which now belonged to Link.
Jet was dressed in a tuxedo, and he hated every moment of it. He wanted nothing more than to be in his shorts and t-shirt right now, wearing a comfortable pair of tennis-shoes, but no one in Hyrule would ever forget it. As soon as he got to the castle he was going to change into his gym leader tunic, no matter what anyone said.
After the wedding was over everyone greeted Jet and Zelda, giving their congratulations and small gifts, wishes of good luck and stories of past relationships gone awry. The whole day had been so new and exciting to Jet, but he was never very social with people he didn’t know, and he was bored out of his mind talking to villagers about things he didn’t know or care about. He wanted to get to the castle as soon as he could so he could take part in the last ceremony of the day. After roughly forty more minutes of the conversations with citizens, Jet and Zelda made their way into the open market.
It was then, standing on the cobblestone street of the crowded market, cries and cheers going all around them, that they truly comprehended what had happened. They were a married couple. They could now be together forever, and their love would become a stronger link than any friendship either of them had ever had. The sun lit up Zelda’s long flowing hair, and the dress she wore was beautiful. Pink and white, inlaid with gems, and almost as perfect as it had been when the queen wore it so long ago.
“I love you so much,” Jet said, a large smile on his face. The two embraced for several seconds, then slowly made their way up the dirt path that led to Hyrule castle.

When they made it into the throne room, they were amazed. Nearly the entire Hylian army was standing in several rows on both sides of the room, the red carpet of the throne room the only empty spot in the entire room. Jet and Zelda slowly walked down the aisle, staring at the soldiers and generals, their gleaming armor and sharpened weapons. They held hands as they walked, Zelda wearing a pair of thin green gloves, the ring that Jet had given her on her left hand.
Seated at the front of the large room on his golden throne was King Harkinarian, and next to him was an ancient stone pedestal, several scratch marks across the top of it, as if many battles had been waged to protect it. On top of the pedestal was a long blade, the hilt wrapped in a bandage-like cloth, a red tassel hanging from a ring on the bottom of the blade. There was a red crystal on the top of the hilt, and the blade was long and shinning, katana-like in appearance.
“Jet…congratulations! Congratulations my dear boy! For all of the wounds I have ever caused to you, mentally or physically, by my servants blades or fell words, I repent. I know now to what extent you will go to protect Hyrule and its kingdom, and that your love for my daughter is genuine and you are not trying to gain anything. After the battle with Ganon I have been proven completely of your loyalty, and you are welcome into this castle, anytime you want my boy! I shall treat ye as my son from this day forth! I truly do not know how I could possibly make up for what I put you through, but please, accept the Royal Family’s sword as a token of my apology, and the protection of the Hylian army,” King Harkinarian said, pointing his open palm toward the pedestal.
“Your highness….it’s all forgiven….and this….this sword…is mine now?” Jet asked, staring at the blade like a child looking at a new toy.
“Yes…it has been in our family even before Hyrule was united…I give it to you,” the king answered.
“Thank you, your highness,” Jet said slowly, picking up the blade and twirling it around a bit, trying to get used to the weight.
“You are now a member of this family, and you shall be recognized as a member of the Royal Family of Hyrule from this day forth!” the king said proudly. The soldiers cheered loudly, pounding their spears into the ground rhythmically.
“Now…I want you to go to the castle library, Jet. It is a place where we who are new to the royal family have gone for generations, to study the art of Hylian magic, to become one with yourself, to prepare to be the man you will have to be for the rest of your life. The one exception to this is that you must go alone, and with no weapons. It is a very ancient place, we cannot risk damage,” the king said.
“Yes your highness….Zel, take these and watch em for me okay? I’ll meet ya back here in a couple of hours…go out and find Link while I’m gone,” Jet said, handing the weapons to Zelda. the king stood slowly, putting his sheathed blade at the side of his throne, and motioning Jet to follow him. He obeyed.
“Jet, my boy, your tunic is in the library. You’ll have plenty of privacy to change there, and I can sense your dislike for the current cloth around you,” the king said with a chuckle.
“Awesome! I mean…um…thanks, your highness,” Jet said.
“Heh heh…yes. Enjoy this time alone my boy…it is your time…any thoughts you have, anything you need to do…in the confines of the library you will find peace. All of the books on the shelves are available to you, but might I advise a bit of discretion with some of them…namely the Black ones…they discuss manner of topic that you may not be ready to know about in your young life…do what you will…for there is no such thing as a lost action. We all do what we are meant to do,” the king said with a smile. They arrived in front of the large wooden doors.
“Thanks….for all of this…I’ve gone from feelin like an outsider to feelin like a part of the family in a few hours…I’ll see you in awhile your highness,” Jet said with a smile. He entered the room without another word.

The room was amazing. It was completely deserted, but he didn’t feel alone. There was a feeling to the area that made it feel like it had been abandoned for some time, but there was not a mote of dust on anything. There were many walls with countless books, row after row, and aisle after aisle. It was the largest room in the castle by far, yet Jet had never even heard of it until now. He wanted to learn so much, and figure so many things out, but there was only one shelf that caught his attention.
The shelf on the opposite side of the massive room. Filled with Black books. He slowly walked towards the shelf, the air seeming to get thicker, and the light of the warm candles seeming to grow black, still present, but emitting shadow where a soft glow should be. The room seemed to become distorted, and the shelf seemed to move closer, while the walls on his sides spread farther apart, until it was only him, and the shelf of Black books. His footsteps grew louder and louder on the cold stone, and his thoughts were consumed by what those ancient pages hid, until it was all he could think about, and all else faded. His thoughts of Zelda, of Ganon, of the castle and the team and his own life faded, and he desired only to read the Black books.
He suddenly tripped and fell to the cold stone ground. His thoughts returning to normal. There he noticed something odd near him. He was standing in between two shelves, but both were empty. He looked up at the ceiling, and found that in the center of the room, on the ceiling there was a glass mirror. Jet looked at himself, and realized that he wore the tuxedo he loathed. He looked around on the empty shelf for a few minutes, then found what he was looking for: his gym leader tunic, boots, gloves, and cape.
He undressed quickly, carefully folding the expensive outfit and placing it on the empty shelf. The mirror in the ceiling then caught his attention once more. He stood completely nude, his reflection startling him somewhat, as he hadn’t had a chance to see his body in some time. His muscles were indeed larger than they had been before his blood mixed with Goku’s, and the training had helped. Suddenly, the mirror broke, and the shards of broken glass fell to the stone ground. It startled Jet, and he fell to his knees in spite of himself. The impact hurt, and he examined his body. He had skinned his bare knees on the rough stone of the library floor.
He edged his way over to the glass on the floor, still on his hands and bloody knees. He placed his hand on a piece of glass that he didn’t notice, and a sharp pain entered the limb. He yelped loudly, and examined his hand. Blood dripped slowly to the ground, making a loud noise in the abandoned room as it fell to the stone ground. He put his bleeding hand to his mouth and tasted his blood. It was salty in flavor, but thicker than he expected, the texture sickening him somewhat.
He looked at the glass and a ray of light reflected onto the pieces on the floor from the candles on the wall and shelves, and for a fleeting instant, he saw a face. It was a man sure enough, long black hair down to his thighs, completely black eyes, no whites or pupils. Just black. He wore a white robe, and a smile crossed his lips. It was but a flash, and the reflection of the man was gone in an instant. At this, Jet stood up, and quickly got dressed.
Trying to place the memories of the odd reflection behind him, he headed slowly toward the shelf of Black books, not completely sure he wanted to read from their pages anymore, a dark feeling in his heart. When at last he made it to the shelf, he carefully picked a book out of the shelf. It was leather bound, black like the others, with yellow pages. He read much from the book for near to an hour, learning of Black spells, and a nameless shadow.
“The language of the Devil…the Black Beyuntanian language…the shadow in Hyrule…the shadow made by demons….they will ensnare the world, acting as ally, as friend, as protector, then the Black spell will come forth, and all will fade,” Jet read aloud from the book.
He continued to read from the book, fascinated by the talk of the end times, and of the Black Beyuntanian language. According to the Beyuntanian books, four demons would appear in Hyrule on horseback, ringing in the end of the world with a torrent of destruction and chaos. And it would all start with one spell. He poured through several of the Black books, learning much of the Beyuntanian lore. He found several descriptions of the end times in Hyrule, and fear awoke in his heart.
“The darkened moon is rising
But the peasants do not
The evil sand is sinking
And the royal food - it rots
(In Hell)
The piles of bone rise to speak
Curses to each other
Birth is given in reverse
Intended just to smother
(Faith) “
He had recited it to himself several times, one of the few that had caught his attention thus far. He found another one that went into vague detail, prophesizing events but not giving a time nor a location, except for Hyrule, which was too general for Jet’s taste.
“Skies filled with smoke
The demons will rise and take away that which our gods have given us
…they bring death
Civilization will crumble, as will the people of this world
The good will be taken to live eternal life
The evil will be taken to live a life in the realm of the damned for eternity
And skies…
…will be filled with smoke”
Jet wondered who these four demons were, if they were of higher ranking than others, or were just chosen at random. He hunted more and more, wanting to find out about the end of Hyrule, obsessed with finding an answer to a question he did not fully comprehend. He found one last verse in the Black book, and he read it slowly, trying to piece it together with the other two, trying to form a message, a warning, anything he could use.
“Black clouds will block the light…
The sun will disappear…
The world will be cast into eternal night
The right and just slain by the servants of fear
The oceans will dry…
And the deserts will swell…
Many will die…
Many will be cast into Hell…
And the trees, the forests, so full of life…
Will wither and fade, like the memory of a lost life…
And when all is consumed by shadow…
And none remember day,
They will come forth…
And the good they shall slay…
Hope will be a distant memory,
Peace a distant dream,
And the four demons of doom and death will come forth…
Their dark armor and evil blades will gleam

Beyunte Beyunte Sha
Malenios Syentarios Sha
Beyunte Beyunte Sha
At that moment, a darkness entered Jet’s heart, and weariness overcame his body. He dropped the book to the ground, the noise of leather on stone loud. Jet fell to his knees, and dark visions entered his head. Visions of unearthly armies led by terrible evils attacking Hyrule, visions of the good being slain, visions of a temple, and visions of a man in black, reciting the spell he had read over and over. He picked up the book and closed it, placing it on the shelf and leaving the library with haste.

He walked with speed out of the library, wanting to escape the dark visions that had filled his head, wanting the pain and hurt to go away, wanting to unlearn everything he had discovered. He turned the corner of the long hallway, making his way toward the throne room. Zelda stopped him in the hallway.
“Jet! You’re hurt! Are you okay? Come into the healing room. Link and Impa are waiting there,” Zelda said with a concerned tone, looking at his bleeding hand. It was covered in blood, and he hadn’t noticed it. Apparently the glass cut deeper than he had realized.
“It does kinda hurt now that ya mention it…yeah…okay…let’s go there, Zel. Sorry if I took a little longer than I expected. I found something…in the library, one of the Black books….um…I’ll talk about it in the healing room,” Jet said, a distant look on his face.
“Okay….are you sure you’re okay?” Zelda asked him quietly.
“Yeah…let’s go,” Jet replied, a feeling of dread in his heart.

Link and Impa were waiting in the healing room for Jet to return, and neither could wait to congratulate the new couple. When at last he returned, there was no happy exchange of words, or not even a faint smile. Jet carried a dark aura about him, and all felt it. He sat down on the bed in the healing room quietly.
“Jet! Your hand! How did that happen?!” Impa asked, rushing to get bandages and curing oil.
“…glass,” Jet answered, tasting the blood again.
“Glass? As in broken glass? Nothing ever breaks in the library…the king has never even spoken of glass,” Impa said.
“There was a mirror…and…I saw….myself…and then…it broke….and I fell….and…I bled,” Jet responded.
“Well um, what studies did you do?” Link asked, trying to change the subject.
“I read the Black books…a lot of the Black books…and…yeah,” Jet answered darkly.
“Oh…didn’t the king say those were dangerous?” Link asked.
“A point he didn’t stress enough…” Jet said slowly.
“There you go, all fixed up,” Impa said in regard to Jet’s hand which was now bandaged tightly and covered in healing oil.
“Hmm…I wonder…do you think the Devil has Black blood?” Jet asked, examining Impa’s work.
“What kind of question is that, Jet?” Impa asked back.
“A good one…I mean, does he bleed like us? Or is he completely on another plane of existence…? Could someone even hurt the Devil?” Jet asked.
“Jet…what’s wrong?” Zelda asked finally, not able to hold the question in anymore.
“There’s a temple…past the forest…deep in a shrouded part of Hyrule…we have to go there,” Jet said slowly.
“Why?” Zelda asked.
“Because…” Jet replied, not answering a thing.
“Jet…why do we have to go there?” Zelda asked more specifically.
“Because! Don’t argue with me! None of us have time for this! We’re all gonna die!!!” Jet screamed.
“Fine….let’s go,” Zelda said, a hurt tone in her voice.
“Okay…” Link said slowly.
“I can’t…I have a meeting with the king later on…I’ll be here when you guys get back,” Impa said.
“Okay…wish us luck, Impa…we’re all gonna need it,” Jet said slowly.
“…good luck,” Impa said. They left the room and headed for the temple.

They had ventured past the areas that had been mapped in the Lost Woods, and were now traveling through a forest path which they had made with their weapons. It made no sense to either Link or Zelda, but they traveled despite their doubts. They were both slightly angered by how much Jet wanted to go, with no real reason for traveling. It was nearing nightfall, the skies already darkening, and they wanted to be in the castle, or at Jet’s house, not in an uncharted part of the forest. They stopped when they came to a crevice in the ground, leading to a river with jagged rocks and white water below it. There were two ways across, a very old wooden rope bridge, the pieces of wood literally rotting off, or several thick vines wound together that one could hang onto and climb over.
“So…Jet…before we go killing ourselves, do ya wanna tell us what this is all for? Why we’re doing this!? Why you led us out into the middle of nowhere, to die trying to cross a canyon!?” Link asked, angered.
“In the Black books, it spoke of the end times, and four apocalyptic demons who would come forth on steeds of death. Out of the temple of death they would come, brandishing weapons of destruction, and ringing in the end of the Hylians, and the reign of the Aku-Miriu, the demons of Hell. With one spell, an Aku-Mari will come forth, killing those who guard the world. When they are gone, the Aku-Miriu will come forth from the temple and kill everyone else, and then Devil will come to Hyrule and rule over the world, like a second Hell. I came to stop the spell from being uttered…we need to do this…” Jet answered. The dark tone in his voice heavy, as if every word he uttered would come to pass in moments if they didn’t act now.
“Wow…okay…let’s go,” Link said, amazed at the information and how fast Jet gave it to him.
“How do we know this is going to happen?” Zelda asked.
“Because…the Black books wouldn’t lie,” Jet answered.
“The Black book is evil Jet! Can’t you tell!? It could very well feed you lies! You’re leading your friends and family into danger!” Zelda yelled.
“You’ve only been part of my “family” for one day, okay? I know I couldn’t protect my family! That’s why they’re all fuckin dead right?! I know that! I can’t protect anyone! But can ya blame me for trying this time?! I wanna save Hyrule! But I can’t do it alone! Okay!?” Jet yelled back.
“….do you love me at all?” Zelda asked.
“…….yes,” Jet answered slowly.
“I’m going to go this way, Link, meet you over there,” Zelda said, going toward the vines.
“Okay…” Link said slowly.
“Come on…I guess that means we’re takin the bridge, eh?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…guess so. You know, man….Zelda is your wife now…you shouldn’t have snapped at her like that,” Link said, looking at her as she slowly began to work her way hand over hand across the vines.
“I have a reason to be mad…none of you seem to believe me…and I just wanna save Hyrule…I know that my parents dying was my fault…that I didn’t do a thing, but-,” he was cut off.
“You were like what, three? Don’t blame yourself, Jet. There’s absolutely nothing you coulda done. Zelda just didn’t see why you wanted us to come out here with such little talk or anything like that,” Link said.
“I can’t help feelin guilty about my parents…that’s why I never take off this yin-yang…it was the last thing my dad gave me…he told me to wear it all the time…and that it always brought him good luck…I dunno what the deal was with it, I guess it was just something he kept from back when he was a hippie or somethin, but it reminds me of him. Kinda ironic that the day he gave me that he was killed eh? Maybe it was good luck. Either way I wear it hopin that if I do it’ll make up for not doing anything, and not growin up to be the man he wanted me to be…I know if he saw me now he would hate who I’ve become…I lied and stole my whole life, and all to come to this. I don’t have a job on Earth, I just sit around at my house,” Jet explained.
“Your dad would be proud of you…I know I’m amazed at some of the things you do,” Link said.
“Zel prolly hates me now,” Jet said.
“No…you probably hurt her pretty bad though…Zelda loves you with all of her heart man, she just cared. She said friends and family to mask what she really meant,” Link said.
“Huh?” Jet asked.
“You know Zelda. She would follow you anywhere without question in a minute. She was just worried about you. She saw how you looked when ya walked into the healing room, and it made her worry. She didn’t want ya to march into a battle you weren’t ready for,” Link explained.
“Wow….I really am a jerk…aren’t I?” Jet asked, more to himself than to Link.
“You can’t do what’s best for everyone all the time, man,” Link answered, walking slowly to the bridge. He carefully placed one foot onto the rickety bridge, not trusting the old wood at all.
“D’ya think we can make it?” Jet asked.
“Step onto it,” Link said nervously. Jet did so slowly, and to the relief of both, the bridge supported their weight. They began to move slowly across the bridge, stepping over weak looking boards of wood, and narrowly avoiding holes here and there. They had nearly made it across when a Skullwalltula dropped from a nearby vine onto the bridge. There was a low creaking noise, and a soft rumble.
“Link….grab onto the ropes on the side, and hold on…we’re gonna fall,” Jet almost whispered. Link did so, along with Jet, and just as he said, the wood and roped collapsed, the bridge plummeting into the water, Jet and Link holding tightly onto the ropes. They ran into the stone cliff hard, almost losing their grip, but not falling. Link began climbing up the rope carefully, looking for footholds in the stone wall, and finding few. He eventually made it to the top, and slipped. He unsheathed his blade and stuck it into the rock with all of the strength in his body.
He prepared himself for pain and grabbed onto the blade, his only grip to get up with. He at last made it to the other side of the canyon, bleeding and in pain, wounded by his own sword. Jet followed slowly, thinking about many things, Zelda among them. She had made it to the other side with relative ease, running into no real problems, and not getting wounded in the least.
It was now well into the night, midnight at least, the trip across the canyon taking a great amount of time away from them. None on the team wanted to spend their night going through an uncharted forest, with unknown dangers, but none were about to let Hyrule succumb to shadow, so here they stood.
“That’s the temple in the distance…I’ll go on ahead and try to find anything that could be useful…I’ll be back here in awhile…I hope. I dunno what’s gonna be in there, but I can handle it,” Link said, sheathing his Master sword and turning.
“Wait…we can come with you, it’s not safe to go out there alone, man,” Jet argued.
“No…I insist,” Link said, walking off. He was slightly angered at Jet still, but he now understood his reasoning a little clearer, and he knew that he needed to make up with Zelda, so he offered to venture into the temple by himself, a decision he was sure he would regret later on. The forest went deeper and deeper, becoming shrouded by vines and trees, even more clogged than the jungles in Asia. There were many trees, even on the other side of the canyon, so close to the edge. He traveled, slashing vines, and journeying around trees in an effort to make it to the temple that was just barely visible.
The shadow was great here, and cries and screams of animals that sounded all too evil were heard everywhere. He had no desire to be here, but if what Jet said was true, he really had no choice. He eventually made it to the front gate, and found an odd symbol on the door. It was a circle, with an odd shape made of curved lines, a circle in the middle. There was a small inscription in Hylian below the design.
It read, “Here is the temple of Death, the gateway through which the Aku-Miriu shall come forth and destroy. An ill fate will befall those who enter this temple who aren’t servants of darkness, and the Beyuntanian symbol of the Death spell shall act as a guardian, keeping an eye on all who enter who carry light,”
This disturbed Link greatly, and he held his Hylian shield in front of his face before pushing his way through the door, hoping that the metal would keep whatever dwelled in the temple from seeing him. It was surprisingly bright in this temple, torches lining the walls of every hall, a blue flame bursting forth from them, casting the temple in an eerie, but effective light. Link walked quicker, wanting to get out of the temple quickly.
He wound around several more hallways, then finally came to a large chamber, and was in shock. Standing before him in the room was a man he knew very well. He was aged, but stood tall, wearing a white robe and sash, a cape, and a mask and hood of the color. His eyes were brown, and he had long lashes and bushy brows. His hands were wrinkles, but steady, and he held a book in them, a Black book. This was Agahnim, the wizard of Hyrule, servant of Ganon for as long as anyone could remember.
“Hero, do not try to hinder me…I do not have the time,” Agahnim spoke.
“Why are you doing this? Ganon is dead now,” Link said.
“I know this…it is for the rising tide of death…when the Aku-Miriu come to Hyrule and kill all of you, the gates of Hell will be opened, and my master shall come forth again,” Agahnim said proudly.
“Stop it! Now! I won’t let you do this!” Link yelled, unsheathing his blade.
“Beyunte Beyunte Sha! Malenios Syentarios Sha! Beyunte Beyunte Sha! Syentocurious!” Agahnim yelled. A black sphere of energy appeared in front of Agahnim’s face, and grew larger, until it was greater in size than the very temple. It soon spread around the whole of Hyrule, and the insidious magic of the spell was unleashed to its full power. In mere hours, an Aku-Mari of Hell would come forth to combat the Triforce Team, and it would fight to its death in order to kill them.

They had been sitting together for several minutes, waiting for Link to return, silent. Neither had spoken a single word, both unable to find anything to say in response to the night’s events. Jet had a heavy feeling of guilt on his heart, and finally, unable to take the silence, he spoke.
“Look, Zel, I’m really sorry…it’s just…I don’t want this world to be destroyed…if you knew what I went through in that library…what I read in those Black books…you would be doing anything you could to save Hyrule too. I’m just tryin to do what’s right…and I hate myself for hurting you at all…it’s just…really hard. The King was right…my life has changed…a lot. And it’s gonna stay that way…but…it’s just a lot on my mind for one day…will you forgive me?” Jet asked, looking at the ground.
“I can’t be mad at you…you did hurt me…a lot….but…I know that your family is something you don’t like talking about…I should have been a little more careful with what I said,” Zelda said in response to Jet’s speech.
“Don’t apologize…you always do that…it’s a flaw of yours, Zel…you apologize to try to take the blame off of other people, even when you didn’t do a thing wrong,” Jet said.
“I guess so…I’ll try to stop that,” Zelda said quietly.
“I’m so sorry about all of this…I know this isn’t the honeymoon you had in mind…you wanted to go somewhere nice and beautiful and enjoy the moonlight, and look at the stars, and talk. Someplace near the ocean if I remember…you wanted to be near water….listening to the sound of the waves lashing against the rocks on the shore. You wanted to have a good time. And here we are, the night after our wedding, sitting in the middle of a dark, dank, hot forest, getting eaten alive by mosquitos. The rotting wood of the trees out only comfort in front of a massive temple of Death, hunting out something that hasn’t even been released from Hell yet…fully armored and carrying weapons…I know this isn’t what you had in mind at all,” Jet said slowly.
Zelda gently touched his face, and he grabbed onto her hand gently, a sad look in his eyes. She moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips slowly. He moved closer to her, embracing her tightly. He sat still for several minutes, enjoying the warmth, and wishing the darkness in his mind would just fade into light. She lifted his face up and looked into his eyes, then spoke, “It’s going to be okay…everything…I promise.”
He kissed her again, moving his tongue into her mouth quickly, taking her breath away. He forgot pain, forgot the darkness, and only remembered her. They moved their tongues quicker, exploring every space of the other’s mouth. He still held onto her tightly, and he was completely absorbed by her. Her taste, the scent of her hair, the look in her eyes. It was all so wonderful. He gently pushed her down onto the ground to a laying position, the two still kissing passionately. They continued to kiss, both losing their breath, but not willing to stop. He slowly moved his hand down her chest and squeezed lightly. She moaned lowly in spite of herself, slightly embarrassed. He began to feel her soft breasts, moving his hand around quickly.
He continued to do this, untying his cape with his left hand and throwing it to the ground near the trees they were under. He continued the long kiss as he slowly reached his hands under her shirt.She lifted his shirt above his head and threw it to the side with his cape, and he slowly lifted her up, doing the same to her. They went back down quickly, resuming the kiss, their bare chests against each other, both of them breathing heavily. He kicked off his boots as he continued to move his tongue around in her mouth. She was growing slightly tired of the kiss, her tongue worn out, but she continued. He moved his hands down and slowly and slid her pants down her legs. She instinctively did the same to him, and there they both lay, nude in the forest, so close to shadow, but so wrapped up in their love for each other that they didn’t care.
He slowly pushed his body into hers and a sharp pain momentarily shot through her. He held onto her, and slowly began to move rhythmically back and forth. She began to moan lowly after several minutes of this, and he increased his speed, fueled by the sounds of her pleasure. He continued to move quicker and quicker, and her moans grew louder, the feeling amazing her. She came after only a few minutes, yelling out loudly as she hit her climax.
Jet now moved even quicker, gripping her shoulders tightly so he could increase his speed. He tightened his grip on her body as he finally shot his seed into her body. He gave a few more finishing thrusts, then lay next to her, exhausted. They held onto each other tightly, their love for each other as great now as it had ever been. They were still for several minutes, sweat dripping from their bodies, their heavy breathing loud in the forest. After almost a half hour Jet slowly sat up.
“We should probably get going, Zel…We need to find Link,” Jet said slowly.
“I don’t want this night to end….I don’t want to go out and fight…and lose you…I want to be with you for the rest of my life…I don’t want to risk having you taken away from me…I wish this night could last forever,” Zelda said quietly.
“It can’t Zel…but…I won’t get taken from you…I swear it…I’ll be there…always…but we need to find Link…” Jet said slowly.
“I know…I just…it’s…I love you,” Zelda said, failing to find the words for what she was trying to say.
“I love you too…and I always will…we’ll have time…later on…for now…let’s get dressed and find Link,” Jet suggested.
“Okay…and…thanks….for everything,” Zelda said, a warm smile on her face.
“You’re welcome,” Jet said slowly.
The Aku-Mari Escapes by BOEG
Chapter Two: The Aku-Mari Escapes

He placed his black gloves back on his hands, and sheathed his two blades at his side. The wound on his hand was devoid of pain now, and he was ready to travel. Zelda was near him, her daggers sheathed at her hips, her mask back about her face. His thoughts were still on his wife, and the feeling of darkness in his heart had been eased and forgotten for a few hours, but now it was back, dominating his thoughts slowly. He feared what was within the temple, and he feared what darkness would be released from its dark halls.
“You guys! We have to go, now!” Link said, running out of the temple.
“Why?” Zelda asked.
“Agahnim is back…and he said that spell…you know the one Jet,” Link answered.
“The Black spell of Death?” Jet asked.
“Yeah, that one…and that demon thing…is gonna attack soon,” Link said.
“The Aku-Mari?” Jet asked.
“Yeah!” Link answered.
“Let’s get to the field…there we might be able to at least make a good enough defense,” Jet suggested.
“When that demon gets here, we won’t be safe anywhere, you know that right?” Link asked.
“Yeah…but we have to try to kill it…it will hunt us…it will hunt us forever…but it will have to get through me to get to her, and I will put up a hell of a fight if I have to,” Jet said, putting his arm around Zelda’s shoulder.
“And he’ll have to get through me to get to you,” Link said.
“Let’s go…we need to warn the market, and the village, then ask daddy to help us…if he gives us even a small group of soldiers then we have a better chance than we did alone,” Zelda said, a sense of duty in her voice.
“Zel, you know Aku-Mari are bad news right?” Jet asked.
“Yes, but…these are some of the greatest fighters in Hyrule…we need to ask them for their aid,” Zelda said.
“Okay…but let’s all make an agreement to be careful, and not rush too senselessly into this one, okay?” Jet asked.
“You got it,” Link said.
“Yes…I won’t be taken from you either,” Zelda said, looking Jet in the eyes. He smiled, and the three quickly made their way out of the dark forest path. Roots rose above the soil, tripping them, low hanging branches and thorn studded bushes were large and great in numbers, cutting them. The forest went from a place of supreme peace and beauty, to a dark maze that was working to kill them. They finally made it out of the dark gaze of the uncharted wood, and back into the familiar area of the Sacred Forest Meadow.
“Come on…we don’t have enough time to get to the castle by foot and beat that Aku-Mari there…” Jet said, looking toward the entrance back into the Lost Woods.
“You’re right,” Zelda said doubtfully. Link pulled out his ocarina, playing Epona’s song. To their great relief, all three of their steeds came in response to the short series of notes, and they mounted quickly. Moonlight, Epona, and Firestar galloped out of the woods faster than any of the three had ever moved in their lives.

It had been fifteen minutes. Yoshimitsu had warned the market, and all hid in their houses or in the safe halls of the Temple of Time. Kafei had gone to warn Kakariko village, and the small group of Hylian soldiers dispatched there were guarding both entrance and exit to the village. Jet, Zelda, and Link stood in front of the castle gate, weapons in hand, fear in their hearts. Even after they had slain Grendal and Asmodeus, the terror they Aku-Mari wielded in the early days of time was too terrible to imagine, and they feared it greatly, even one.
A black shadow grew on the field, and it became dark, even for night. One could not see his hand in front of his face, if not for the light of the moon, which was weak itself. There was no sound at all, not the usual sound of people in the market, or the clanging of metal and moving armor as soldiers walked around the market at night, nor even the sound of cuccos crowing loudly or Wolfos howling wildly. Just the sound of the three warriors heavy breathing and the rushing waters of the stream and moat.
Out of the black silence came what all of them were waiting for, but hoping in their hearts would not come, would forget them. Out of the dark black of the silent night came a terrifying dark, like one million shadows overlapping, and not even the most distant of lights were seen in this moment. The moon turned to black, and the stars were veiled by shadow, and here, in the dead of the black night, an Aku-Mari of Hell came to a realm of the living for the first time in nearly a millennia.
At first it was like a black storm cloud in appearance, floating gently in the air, no shape or hint of life, just a dark presence. It then began taking in shadow, eating fear from the lives near it, and using it to its own vile will. It slowly took shape after gaining enough dark energy, and its true form came forth. It was black, completely black, blacker than the shadow or the night or the thoughts of the people of Hyrule in this moment. It had a long neck, and a short face, two long gnarled horns coming out of the back of its head. Its eyes glowed blood red, fiercely illuminating the darkness, casting the field in a blood red glow. Its arms and legs were long and whispy, each clawed finger nearly fifteen inches long, and its armspan up to ten feet. Its teeth were long and sharp, and it wore a grim smile, exposing all of them.
“How….do we combat this?” Jet asked, a true feeling of terror in his heart.
“I…don’t know at all,” Link said, astonished at how much he feared the creature in this moment.
“We…can’t fear it…” Zelda said slowly.
“I know…but…it’s too terrible to even approach, Zel,” Jet said, not able to remove his gaze from the glowing red of its eyes. It shrieked loudly, gaining energy from their fear. It absorbed the shadow and doubt, and a long tail burst forth from its body, followed by massive wings that spanned over fifteen feet. The Triforce Team could no even move, their fear too great in this moment, the terror that the Aku-Mari wielded incredible and so terrible in its might.
The team heard slow footsteps on the cobblestone ground of the market, and they were growing louder, instead of fainter. They knew not who could possibly be coming in this direction, but they would advise against it with every bit of reasoning they had, could they move or speak. The sound of footsteps grew louder, and in a moment, they stopped. The sound of a long blade being removed from a sheathe was heard, and a familiar voice rang out through the dimly illuminated blackness.
“O’ foul beast who has set his gaze upon my kingdom, begone from this realm at once! Go back to the fiery pits from whence you came, and leave Hyrule now, giving no heed to any thought or desire your master has for you to return here, for you will not conquer a thing, and death will find you quickly!” King Harkinarian yelled out, long blade in hand.
“….You do not understand Harkinarian, king. I do not come to conquer a thing, nor do I serve anyone. We are the Aku-Mari, friends of the Devil, not servants. And we do not want land, your highness….we want blood, and skin, and bones, charred or white. We want screams, live screams as we tear them limb from limb, and feast upon them. We want to feel their spirit leave their body! We want the people…those sweet gobbets of flesh….mmm….I can taste them now…their screams filling our ears with every bite…do you know what it is like to wait so long to feast upon live man!? Do you!? It’s excruciating! I hate it! And now, we, the Aku-Mari, will finally get the renown we deserve! And when Lucifer comes here, those who do not serve him as they serve the goddesses of the Triforce, will be our slaves. Our playthings. Our meals….you see…I love your people…your highness…just not in the same way you do,” the Aku-Mari spoke, its voice as dark and shadowy as its ebbing physical form.
“May death find you quickly for that statement!” the king yelled angrily.
“I am death….your highness,” it spoke again. The king ran at it, holding his blade tightly. He swung it to the left of the creature, and it held up its right arm, blocking the blade. It slashed at the king with its left arm, and he quickly blocked with his blade. The demon whipped him in the side with his massive tail, and he rolled to the ground, regaining a standing position quickly. He stabbed at the Aku-Mari, and it covered its body with its wings, the blade bouncing off harmlessly.
He charged a spin attack, the faint red glow of the field replaced by a golden light for a moment. The spin attack did little, and the Aku-Mari backhanded the king, and his sword flew to the ground. He began to run toward it, but the Aku-Mari extended his long hand and grabbed his leg, sending him to the ground quickly. He began dragging the king toward him, and he thrashed about wildly, clawing at soil, kicking with his free leg, anything that might make the Aku-Mari drop him. It lifted him up, and he dug in his coat, pulling out a dagger. He stabbed the Aku-Mari in the hand, red blood spilling from the creature. It slammed the king into the ground and stepped on his chest, then removed the dagger and threw it to the ground, licking the wound.
None in the team could move, or speak, or do a thing. They just watched silently, in disbelief of the whole thing. Never before had any of them felt such pure terror, and helplessness. They were the Triforce Team, protectors of the world, and they were too frightened to do a thing.
The Aku-Mari grabbed the king again, and spread its massive wings, flying into the sky. He threw the king to the ground, breaking his legs instantly. The king’s voice was weak, and trembling, and he sounded as if he would begin to sob any moment. He spoke slowly, “Z-Ze-Zelda…I’m so….sorry….for not trusting Jet from the start…my daughter…I h-h-have never been the father you wanted me to be…never…I’m so sorry….I love you.”
The Aku-Mari landed on the ground before the king before any could respond. He grabbed the king with both hands, lifting him into the air. The king cried and pleaded for his life, his loud terrified voice crying out every prayer it knew in Hylian and Hylia, praying to be spared, praying for something to happen.
“Be…silent!” the Aku-Mari screamed loudly, biting through the kings neck, all while he gargled and prayed for salvation, unto to the very last moments of his life. When his head was severed from his body, the Aku-Mari spat out his flesh and spoke in disgust, saying, “Such a thing was not even fit to eat.”
All in the team believed they were going to be sick in this moment, and whatever hope they had was now gone. They couldn’t fight this terror, not after what it did to King Harkinarian. The energy from the kings life and the fear of those still living filled the demon’s body, and he was gifted with demonic armor born of shadow. It was golden, and gleamed red like the field. He had golden gauntlets, knee guards, and shoulder armor, a spiked ring on his tail.
Zelda removed her face mask and fell to her knees. She was sick behind the team, unable to hold it in any longer, her coughs loud in between the uncontrollable tears that fell from her face. She was frightened and disgusted and saddened beyond belief. Every negative thought she ever had about her father she regretted, and her time to repent was now gone from her. She had stood by and watched her father die, without even saying a word. In truth, it was not him that wasn’t a good father, it was her that was a horrible daughter. She would never have another chance to tell him how much she loved him, and how perfect he was, never again. Not another chance to apologize.
“Zelda….why do you cry your highness? Your father didn’t taste good…that means that when we destroy your world, his rotting maggot infested corpse will be dumped in the greenest field we cannot rid ourselves of…doesn’t that comfort you at all? I promise…his body will not be further devoured. He was a very sour man in life and personality…it only figures that same sourness would transcend his spirit and move to his body, affecting his taste….sad. If you want, I’ll even let you keep the head…you know, for memories,” the Aku-Mari offered, lifting up the King’s decapitated and slightly consumed head.
She cried more, becoming sick again, the tears of sadness falling faster and quicker. She wished above all else that she would die right now, for she knew not what she could possibly do. She had let her father down, and not even acknowledged his apology, and now here she sat, having a demon offer his head to her.
“No? pity…it’s a very pretty head…how about you, Link? No, Jet, you must want this head….take it!” the Aku-Mari screamed, launching the head at Jet. He ducked, and it fell into the moat, floating downstream, the waters turning red, a blood stain on the castle wall from where the head hit it.
“That is it! You can’t do this to her! No one does this to her and gets away with it! I don’t care if you’re an Aku-Miriu, and Aku-Mari, or Satan himself! No one, and I repeat, no one, does this to my wife!” Jet screamed, unsheathing the Royal Family’s sword. He slowly walked toward the Aku-Mari, his movements steady and quick like one who feared nothing, when in reality, he was likely the most scared there.
“No!!! He’ll take you!!! He’ll take you!!! Please Jet, no!!!! He’ll take you!!! You said I wouldn’t lose you!!! He’ll take you!!! Please stop!!!” Zelda screamed, hysterical, pleading for Jet to stop.
“You didn’t like my gift? It was a gift from the heart too…I wanted to give you something to celebrate your new position in the Royal Family,” the Aku-Mari said.
“Huh?” Jet uttered, the angry tone still strong in his voice.
“Why, you married the princess, and I do believe the king is dead, wouldn’t you say so? So that would make her…the…queen? And you are her husband…at least until I eat you, and that makes you…the king, now doesn’t it?” the Aku-Mari asked.
“Fine then, my first great acheivment as king of Hyrule, will be to slay you!” Jet yelled.
“Wouldn’t that just make your day. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for it. In order for Devil to rule Hyrule, there cannot be a king, despite how much I like your pessimistic attitude,” the Aku-Mari said.
Jet wasted no more time with words, and slammed his blade against the demon’s armored claw, the attack doing absolutely nothing. He moved his arm in a circle, and the blade moved away. Jet slammed it against his claw again, and the demon stuck his mighty fingers into Jet’s chest. Zelda saw this, the blood spurting from the wounds, and began screaming at the top of her lungs, calling out Jet’s name, and random prayers, begging for his life to be spared. She knew she couldn’t handle losing two people in one day, even though she knew in her heart it was going to happen, and Jet would die, just as the king.
The Aku-Mari contimued to move his claws around inside Jet’s chest, his screams of pain loud. Angered and in extreme pain, Jet unsheathed the sword he had constructed and cut off the Aku-Mari’s fingers, one by one. It’s blood was hot, and Jet’s hands were burned. He sheathed both of his blades, and both Link and Zelda thought he was giving up for a moment, until the blood red glow of the field turned to a golden light, and Jet was transformed to Gotet for the second time, the daggers on his gloves extended.
“Just…j-j-just…mmm….just you try that one…again,” Gotet taunted, weak and bleeding. He punched the Aku-Mari, who swiped his hand aside with his one good arm. Gotet backflipped away and shot a Kame-Hame-Ha wave at the Aku-Mari, and he bled greatly from the chest, smoke rising into the blackness, his heated blood burning his own flesh.
“Tonight will be a mighty night for me indeed…I will slay two kings…in one moon,” the Aku-Mari said, angered. It grabbed Gotet and lifted him into the air quickly, beginning the same attack he killed the king with. Zelda saw this, and her tears increased more, and she closed her eyes, wishing it would all end. Link had done nothing this whole time, but try to piece together things that Agahnim told him with events that actually occurred. The Aku-Mari dropped Gotet, the distance even higher than when he lifted the king into the air.
“…Please don’t let this training go to waste,” Gotet whispered to himself. He concentrated with everything in his heart, trying to find his center of energy and focus it to his weight. Just mere feet away from the ground, and a fatal collision with it, Gotet floated in mid-air. “Yes!” Gotet yelled proudly. The Aku-Mari was enraged. He flew at Gotet, pinning him to the ground. He was now on top of Gotet, his weight incredible. Gotet could barely breathe, and it was apparent.
“I was going to let your suffering be small in amount, and great in appearance, but after this display, I have re-thought that. I am going to take you to Hell with me, after I have bled you here, in front of them. Then I will slowly skin you, and boil your flesh, all whilst you live. Then I shall sew together the pieces of your flayed skin, and you will use it as a blanket at night. Then I shall eat a part of you everyday, until nothing remains. You will be begging for death before the end, but I will not give it to you,” the Aku-Mari said, angered to a boiling point.
“Oh…I know you won’t give me death,” Gotet said in a cocky tone.
“And why’s that?” the Aku-Mari asked.
“When you pin someone to the ground…make sure you have equal pressure on all of their limbs…or one of them might…break free,” Gotet said suddenly, stabbing the Aku-Mari through the chest with his dagger-studded hand. Blood spilled from its chest and fell onto Gotet, burning him more. The Aku-Mari shrieked and screamed, slowly standing, still clinging to life.
“I will kill you!” it said in a menacing voice, forgetting its plans and opting for revenge. It moved toward Gotet and slashed him in the chest, knocking him to the ground. It moved toward him quickly, angered and bleeding. Gotet got up, and stabbed him once more.
“Give my regards to Ganon down there, okay?” Gotet said, removing his dagger from the Aku-Mari’s chest, then slicing its throat. It fell to the ground of the field, its blood burning away at the grass. A great black shadow swarmed around it, and its dead body moved again, jolting and moving, giving it the appearance of one with a seizure. After several moments of this, the shadow was lifted, and the foul corpse burst into green fire. As if on cue, rain began to fall from the fading night sky, grey replacing the black.
Gotet powered down, and was again Jet. He hurried to where Zelda sat, head in her arms. He extended his hand and helped her stand. She was still sobbing and trembling uncontrollably.
“I told you I wasn’t going away, honey…it’s okay now…everything is going to be okay…I promise,” Jet said, holding her tightly. A large group of Hylian soldiers marched out of the drawbridge, the rain hitting their armor and making a unique noise which Jet rarely heard.
“Sir…where is the king, and what happened to the Aku-Mari? We heard its shrieks all night, surely it hasn’t retreated,” a soldier said.
“It didn’t…it was killed. And he isn’t to be referred to as Jet anymore…he’s the king of Hyrule now, and Zelda is the queen,” Link said, the first words he spoke in several hours.
“Let my first command to you as king be to remove Harkinarian’s body from the field…I suggest you don’t look at it…it’s a grizzly sight. Recruit a search team…his head is probably somewhere in Lake Hylia…if you want it…for funeral purposes…he was lost trying to slay the Aku-Mari…he was a noble man, down to the very end….I dunno what hopes I have of ever filling his shoes,” Jet said to the soldier.
“Yes your highness, I’m sure you’ll do a fine job,” the soldier said, motioning his troops forward to find the king’s body.
“Jet, Zelda…the Aku-Mari was only the beginning. I know this is the worst possible time I could have mentioned this, but…Agahnim told me something in the temple of Death. He said…that the last person to ever utter that spell…was a man, a corrupt Hylia…he bound another magical incantation with that spell, a revival spell. And whoever uttered the words of the death spell, would also revive him. He was known only to the Hylia in the Book of Mudora as the Master of Curses. And it was foretold, that in order for him to be revived after the spell was said, two sacrifices needed to be made. King Harkinarian is dead. And so is the Aku-Mari. We have to kill this revived wizard…before he takes Hyrule,” Link said in a dark tone.
The Master of Curses by BOEG

Chapter Three: The Master of Curses

“…I can’t believe it,” she said in disbelief, the sick feeling in her stomach still present, and growing stronger the more she thought about the gory battle on the blood red field. Zelda had been sobbing non stop after the death of the Aku-Mari, shocked by the rutheless manner in which her father, King Harkinarian was murdered, and frightened beyond all reasoning at the near loss of her new husband, Jet.
“He fought because he loved you…he wasn’t the man he promised himself he would be. After your mother died, he lost all hope. In his mind he was defeated, no matter how many wars his soldiers won. I was looking out on the balcony of the castle at the fight. It was both horrible and wonderful the end your father came to. When last I spoke to him, he had that flare back in his eyes. The one that disappeared with the life of the queen. The same glare that took the hearts of the men that kept Hyrule from becoming one united realm. Be happy Zelda, your father died exactly like he wanted to. With a purpose. He always said he would likely die of old age, when purpose had evaded him for too long, and he sat like an aged building, that eventually just…caved in. He always said that if he were to die, he wanted it to be a gallant death, and for something. You were his reason, Zelda. And it was the best reason he ever had to fight,” Impa said, sitting with Zelda in the healing room.
“Mmm….where’s Jet? Tell me he’s okay…please?” Zelda asked, suddenly remembering how wounded he was after the battle. She had calmed down, and was back to her original rational and intelligent state of mind, but her worry and fear traveled from one person to another, and she now worried greatly for her husband.
“Zelda, honey, this is the healing room. If Jet was in that great of a need to be saved from death’s arms would he not be laying here, bleeding and unconscious?” Impa asked.
“Where is he?” Zelda asked.
“With Link and Jonphor in the throne room. He too has his share of challenges with the death of the king. He now must take up the throne of a realm that he is an alien in…he must rise, or Hyrule will fall,” Impa said doubtfully.
“He’s a great man…he’ll return peace to Hyrule…but I have to help him…I am the queen now, after all. I’m going to go see him,” Zelda said, standing up.
“Okay…he is wounded though…so don’t be too frightened. He refused to come here just yet,” Impa warned.
“Okay…and Impa?” Zelda asked, turning before she left the room.
“Yes?” she asked.
“Thanks…” she answered.
“It’s what I’m here for…I know your father was proud of you…he wouldn’t have given his life for a lost cause,” Impa said with a warm smile. Zelda returned the expression and left quickly for the throne room, eager to see Jet.

“It’s all part of his master plot. It has to be. Agahnim has never had a free will of his own. He always just a pawn of Ganon’s. He used that spell, and I must say it was a genius plan. He thought the Aku-Mari would kill us, then the demons would swarm from Hell, including Ganon. Quite good, but with one flaw: you can’t kill us that easily,” Link said slowly.
“Yeah…we have to kill the Master of Curses though…his revival could prove worse than Ganon’s, if he’s really as strong as the Black books say,” Jet said.
“Yeah…What about Zelda?” Link asked.
“I dunno, man. She seemed pretty drained from the whole thing with the Aku-Mari…I couldn’t just ask her to fight after her father died,” Jet said.
“You don’t have to,” Zelda said, entering the throne room.
“You’re sure?” Jet asked.
“Yes…I am,” she replied quietly.
“You dad told me somethin, Zel. He said there is no such thing as a lost action…everything happens for a reason…at least that’s what I’ve always believed…so…I just…hope you can get over this pain,” Jet said lowly. She kissed him on the lips.
“You won’t lead our people astray…you’re going to be a great king…I can sense it,” Zelda said.
“Let’s hunt some wizard!” Link yelled.
“Yeah!” Jet roared in agreement. Zelda said nothing but followed the two eager warriors.

Apparently the Triforce quickly caught the attention of the ancient Hylia sorcerer, and he hobbled quickly out of the temple, acting more as a corpse-like zombie than a revived living man. He was dressed in a brown robe, a hood about his aged face. Two glowing red eyes shined from behind the shadow of his hood, and his bare hands were brown and sinewy. He wore aged sandles, his legs thin and without muscle, the bone covered only by loosely hanging skin.
“This is it?” Link asked.
“Don’t underestimate his power, man. He has tons of experience in Black magic,” Jet warned, unsheathing both of his swords.
“Something I’ve learned not to do in the past couple of days is underestimate people. Or demons. It’s just…he looks dead,” Link said.
“We don’t know what kind of revival spell he attatched to the Death spell, remember that. There are many different kinds. The Black revival spell tends to bring back the corpse, and the physical strength and mind. White revival tends to bring back the spirit, but with drastically lowered physical energy. And this is a Black wizard,” Zelda said slowly.
“Yeah…let’s get him!” Link yelled, rushing forward.
“Hahaha…so it has happened! Hyrule really has declined to this! The Hylia have faded…and these weak excuses for creatures are all that walks the realm?” the Master of Curses asked.
“We can get you, you old decrepit excuse for a wizard!” Link taunted.
“Oh…insulting. I will kill you first then!” the Master of Curses yelled, holding his hands up. Link and Jet were surrounded by a ring of fire, and when the flames subsided, they were in the middle of a pit, the land literally torn out from around them.
“Hold on, man,” Link said. Jet obeyed, grabbing onto Link, and the Hero of Time pulled out his Hookshot, going across the gaping hole in the earth with ease.
“Hahahaha…time to die, foolish inheritors of this land!” the Master of Curses yelled. He raised his arms toward the sky, and several bolts of green lightning struck the team, singing their clothing and electrifying their weapons. They now stood, bleeding and aggrivated at the skill the wizard had. Jet ran forward, both blades in hand, and attacked the wizard with a spin slice.
He now bled, a sickly blue fluid, much like the demons, and was angered. He shot a magical sphere of dark energy at Link, and the hero blocked the magic blast with his Mirror shield. It flew back at the Master of Curses, and he fell to the ground, electricity coursing through his body. He got back up slowly, ready to continue his assault, when Zelda stepped forward.
“Mystic Light Attack!” she yelled, the blinding energy of the powerful magic burning away at his bleeding, frail body. When the light of Khmer’s magic subsided, and sight entered back into the eyes of the warriors, they were all disgusted at the face of the wizard. His hood had been knocked back, and his face consisted of a skull, brown flesh hanging loosely from it, being devoured by maggots. He was now ready to end the battle and conquer Hyrule.
He let loose his most powerful spell, an attack known in the Book of Mudora as the Serpent Bind spell. He blasted the attack out of his dead hands, and a glowing, morphing blast of magic, snake-like in appearance and movement flew at Link. It went through his left shoulder, blood spurting in all directions. It then shot through Jet’s chest, and into Zelda’s arm, working its way back around to Link and going through his chest. Link took his bow out slowly, aiming a Light arrow at the attack carefully. He let the arrow fly, and it pierced the attack, sending magic particles into the damp air.
The Master of Curses stood hunched, bleeding and near to a second death, angered that his chance to conquer Hyrule had nearly passed. He moved his hands in a circular motion very slowly, gathering energy all around him, an electrically charged glowing red sphere forming near his hands. He shot the magical blast at Jet. It hit him in the chest, then grew, eventually surrounding his whole body, the electricity swarming around the outside. It began to shock him, trying to grow smaller and literally crush him. This was an Implosion spell. He began to scream, the pain of the spell slowly crushing his body unbearable.
“Jet!” Zelda yelled, beginning to run toward him.
“Stop!” Link called out, restraining her.
“Why?! We can’t just leave him to die!” Zelda argued.
“What if that spell is sealed?! You would try to stop it and it would…self destruct or somethin…we have to be more careful than this, Zelda,” Link said.
“But…look at him…he’s going to die,” Zelda said, a worried look in her blue eyes.
“Come on man, you’re stronger than this…I know it,” Link whispered in regard to Jet.
“Yes! Give it up! It will all be over soon! If you don’t fight it, it goes so much quicker…just let it do its work, and die in peace, instead of torment,” the Master of Curses said happily, a smile crossing his dead looking face. Jet’s screams of pain continued to fill the open field, the pain more intense than anything he had ever felt before. He clenched his fist tightly, then screamed louder and louder, more electricity filling the sphere, his muffled screams growing louder and louder. The sphere suddenly turned a glowing gold, and all thought Jet had met his end. When the golden light and the swarming electricity had passed, there he stood, alive, but changed.
His hair was golden and spiked straight into the air. His eyes were still completely white, his brows golden. His muscles had increased greatly in size, a six pack about his chest. His nipples were pierced with heave silver rings, and razor sharp bone-like spikes came out of his shoulders, knees, elbows, and hands. He wore black combat boots, a single buckle on them, and baggy blue training pants. This was Super Saiya-jin Gotet.
“Thanks to this spell, you have hurt many people. Not just physically. No one gets away with hurting my wife, my friends, or me. I am Gotet. It’s time for you to die, once and for all,” Gotet said slowly. He extended his hand and shot a Ki blast at the Master of Curses. He held up his hand, blocking the move. Gotet ran forward quickly, stabbing the wizard in the chest. Gotet stood tall, extending both of his arms. He called forth every bit of strength he could muster, then began to spin, he moved like a tornado, slicing the Master of Curses hundreds of times, until his body was beyond recognition, a bleeding mass of dead flesh. He kneeled on the ground, out of breath and strength. He powered down, and to his surprise remained conscious.
“You did it! You stopped him! The Aku-Miriu won’t get to Hyrule now!!!” Link yelled proudly.
“I didn’t stop a thing. There is more than one way to Hyrule from Hell ya know. I just set em back a little, that’s all. There’s only one way to really stop em,” Jet said slowly.
“How?” Zelda asked.
“…On Death Mountain, at the very top, there is an entrance to Hell through Turtle Rock…if the team goes down together, and we sneak, we can find Devil. I have no idea what chances we have, but if we really wanna stop the demons, killing the Devil is the only way,” Jet answered.
“Let’s go back to the castle and discuss this one with the team,” Link suggested.
“Yes…that would be a good idea,” Zelda agreed slowly.
“Alright,” Jet said. The three mounted their steeds and rode quickly for the castle.

“So you will all come with us?” Jet asked, astonished at the response of the team. They were all seated at the throne room, Jet upon the king’s throne for the first time. They had discussed their idea of going to Hell to seek to combat Satan, and everyone had agreed.
“Yes…I have been to Hell before. I defeated Asmodeus once. That is how I came across the Mace of Tannis,” Lord Deimos answered.
“I travel with Deimos,” the executioner responded.
“It is not enough to chop down the tree, you must take out the roots if you want to keep the seed from sprouting again. I will go with you and remove the roots of evil,” Yoshimitsu answered in his usual vague manner of speaking.
“Mhmm….I will come,” Ogre answered.
“Yes…I will go also,” Marth answered.
“And I must follow him,” Roy said.
“Yeah…I’d get a lot of renown for this one,” Samus agreed.
“Yeah…I’m going…two saiya-jins is a lot better than one,” Goku said cheerfully.
“Make that three,” Trunks said.
“I’m bound to the princess…where she goes, I do too,” Impa said.
“And there is no way I’m letting you go without me, Jet,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…there’s no way to get rid of us,” Link said.
“Then it’s settled. We’ll all go tomorrow…remember…you all decided to go of your free will…if you change your mind, I won’t hold it against you…good night and good luck, all of you,” Jet said. It was decided. The Triforce Team would venture into Hell to try to do the impossible. To try to kill the Devil himself.
The Journey into Hell by BOEG
Chapter Four: The Journey into Hell

It was a beautiful sunny day in Hyrule, light shinning on the doubtful faces of the members of the Triforce Team, the king and queen of the realm marching straight into Hell to combat the Hell lord. Dark thoughts had been in Jet’s mind, not of the task at hand, but at the road behind him. He hated himself for many things, the death of his parents, the death of the king, the pain of Zelda, but recently, he felt that the conflict in the temple of Death with the Aku-Mari was his fault. That somehow if he had never touched the Black books in the library, the demon would have remained stuck in Hell, and he wouldn’t be the king, and Harkinarian would be alive and well on his golden throne.
They walked slowly up the mountain trail, surprised that there was actually a cleared out path to the gateway of Hell. Perhaps the legends of Gruid-noms, meaning Black Rock in the Black Beyuntanian language were true. Apparently, a very small amount of Gorons worshipped the dark fire spirits, Khmer, Asmodeus, and Satan. These were Gruid-noms, and they hid in the dark caves of the cloud shrouded mountains. Never did they go out in daylight, for they were jealous of their brothers, the Gorons, who rolled about without fear, eating whatever rock they wanted, going to whatever cave they desired, living free. The Gruid-noms were bound to a lifestyle of hate and worship under the arms of fear. They despised Devil, but feared his wrath much too greatly to rebel against him.
It was also told that the Gruid-noms did not eat rocks anymore, but they feasted upon flesh, eating Guay and Tektite, and travelers who ventured up the steep rocks at night. None had ever seen a Gruid-nom, but those who hunted for them never came back. Legends even told of a Demon Lord composed entirely of solid stone that the Gruid-noms worshipped, but such a creature was never seen.
They continued up the path, and one stretch of narrow land was not much different from the next. Every area in the mountain path was devoid of features, the same red and black and white stones linning the sides of the road, the same orange colored soil littering the pathways. Their destination was apparent enough, but it was high up. A black mist rose over an area high up on the mountain. It was almost smoke-like in appearance, except it lingered, like a shadow of a still creature, it did not move, and did not go hither or thither, but simply remained in one place, ebbing, obviously a substance, but paranormal in movement, or more truly, the lack therof.
After nearly four hours of climbing, they made their way to the entrance of Turtle Rock. Near to it was the large gaping hole they had been hunting for, the black smoking shape gone. The hole was very large, close to the whole of the Kakariko graveyard in width and length. There were hundreds of teeth like rocks jutting out of the top of the entrance, and there was a narrow staircase cut into the stone, winding around the maw shaped hole, descending down steeply. This was the entrance of Hell.
“We all ready? Everyone done their equipment check?” Jet asked, making sure he still had his two swords and the Digivice he never left home without. When all agreed, he started slowly down the steps, holding tightly onto the wall, not wanting to lose his balance. It was a very narrow descent, and any mistake on the way down would most definitely prove fatal. The colors of the winding wall morphed from black to red to black again, consumed by shadow, then overrun by flames, the blue of the sky and the warmth of the sun forgotten.
When at last they reached the bottom of the dark staircase, they took a moment to rest, breathing in the toxic air and sitting on the moist soil. There was a passage descending downward to their right, and a passage going deeper into the ninety-ninth level in front of them. Both entrances were dark, not a single light, and both were as inviting. The decided to head downward, as it was their main goal. It would be a long journey, but they hoped that the demons stayed off of them, or else they would be dead in minutes.
They traveled through the passage, and it led narrowly down, though there wasn’t a staircase. The smell of rot was very strong within the entire place, and it was apparent that the dead lingered in great numbers within these tortured halls. There was a dim light at the end of every cavernous tunnel, red and orange, the glow of distant fires. The scent of burning flesh grew ever stronger as they traveled downward, as did the sense of fear in their hearts.
By and by, they heard a rumbling sound below them, and it grew slowly stronger and louder, but they could not tell if it was mining projects or something darker. They kept walking, an unsettling feeling in their bodies, their weapons clutched tightly in their sweaty hands. They kept walking, frightened to go farther, but knowing full well that they couldn’t turn back now. When they reached the end of the dark cavern the source of the rumble became apparent. out of the ground came five deathly pale claws, splotched with blood, and a large white creature attatched to the ground, covered in blood, two stubs where real arms used to dwell. Its head was like a skull, and it had sharp jaws. This was a Dead Hand, one of the fiercer demons of Hell.
Link pulled a bomb from his bomb bag and struck the fuse, throwing it at the creature in the hopes of ending the battle quickly. One of its large hands picked up the explosive and threw it back at Link. The Hylian ducked quickly, and the bomb hit the cavern wall, the explosion sending chunks of rock in every direction, no doubt alerting demons to their presence. Marth ran forward and with a single mighty swipe of his Falchion, he cut three of the pale arms in half, blue blood flying everywhere.
Samus stepped forward, shooting several electrical blasts of her Wave beam at the demon, and he was surrounded by electricity, angered. Trunks finished the battle, charging a small amount of Ki energy into his blade, stabbing the demon through. It fell to the ground, dead.
They continued on, not exchanging a word. They traveled for several hours, their confidence still low as ever, despite their victory against the Dead Hand. They kept traveling, in fear of what was around the next dark corner, of what demon they would have to face. They walked through black tunnels for close to two hours, until they were close to the sixtieth level.
They entered a large chamber, too afraid to go forward, to afraid to go back. Without warning, Trunks and Samus were lifted into the air, and surrounded by a pillar of flame that went high into the black of the chamber. Their tortured screams grew louder and louder, and until finally, their bodies burned to black, charred ahses, and fell over the heads of the members of the Triforce Team.
Jet stepped forward slowly and spoke, “…Devil?” he asked.
“No,” the shape veiled in shadow answered.
“Then who?” Jet asked.
“Heh heh….I got the wrong two…oh well,” he said, laughing.
“Who are you! Show yourself!” Jet yelled. Out of the shadow of the large black chamber came a figure that none believed. There stood Ganondorf Dragmire, a grim smile on his face.
“Not you!” Goku yelled, flying forward, pinning the King of Evil to the ground. He flipped Goku over and stood, stepping on top of the saiya-jins chest. Goku shot a Ki blast as his leg and he fell again, giving the saiya-jin the chance to stand. He ran forward, into another wide chamber. There was a small stone walkway, below it a boiling pit of steaming acid, an incredible downward draft sucking anything that stepped off of the walkway down to their deaths.
“Good idea for a battle spot, saiya-jin. The pits of the Damned,” Ganondorf said with a laugh. Goku kneed him, and the Gerudo grabbed his leg, flipping him around. He spun into the air, doing several backflips and landing in the middle of the walkway. Ganondorf punched the saiya-jin in the chest, then kicked him in the face, and he went sprawling off the walkway, into the acid pool below, his screams loud, but the sound of burning flesh louder. Ganondorf threw his head back, laughing, then disappeared into the shadow.
“No…not another one…that’s three we’ve lost…to someone who is dead!!!” Jet yelled.
“It’s unbelievable…we have to keep moving, Jet,” Zelda said.
“Yeah…I know…everyone! Be careful! We can’t afford to lose anyone else!” Jet yelled. The group went over the catwalk, trying their best not to look down at Goku’s urning carcass.

They had been walking ceaselessly, too afraid to rest, or stop, or even speak. They had just been moving in a straight line, further and further down into the heart of Hell, into a battle they had no chance of winning. They stopped in a large chamber like the one they met Ganon in, and they heard a loud noise from above them.
“What’s that?” Roy asked aloud.
“Shh!!!!” Jet said, trying to figure the mystery out himself.
“What do you think that noise is?” Yoshimitsu whispered.
“I have no idea…but knowing this place, it can’t be good,” Jet answered quietly. Almost as quickly as the question was asked, a dark force moved to answer it. The ceiling which Yoshimitsu and Ogre stood under collapsed on top of them, a cloud of dust forming, chunks of rock flying in all directions, littering the black floor of the dark chamber. Yoshimitsu and Ogre were dead.
Out of the gaping, clouded hole in the ceiling came a torrent of Keese, a cloud blacker than Jet’s heart at this moment. They bit and gnawed at the team, leaving them bleeding and in pain. The team tried to attack the Keese, blades and ranged weapons attacking with speed and force. Everytime one Keese was slain, another that still lived became enraged, attacking with much more force than before. Arrows flew into Keese, teeth bit into flesh, blade cut through wing, and wing slashed at limb, the amount of blood on the floor incredible.
Suddenly, out of the darkness of a nearby cavernous tunnel came a man who stepped forward fearlessly. He alone killed all of the Keese, with nothing but a pair of black gloves. He was a tall Japanese man, black hair spiked high into the air. He wore a white buttoned shirt, purple pants, and a coat of the same color. He wore shiny black dress shoes, the laces tied in a double knot, and he wore a bright red tie. The man wore a dark look on his face, and his eyes were a caramel color.
“Who are you?” Impa asked.
“My name is Kazuya Mishima. I am an Earthling, son to Heihachi Mishima,” he answered.
“Why are you here?” Jet asked, stepping forward to face the strange man.
“My business is my own. Why are you here?” Kazuya asked.
“…to kill the Devil,” Jet answered. The calm look in Kazuya’s eyes disappeared, and he grabbed Jet by the shirt, throwing him against a wall of stone in the black chamber.
“You cannot! Your life is mine now!” Kazuya yelled. Jet unsheathed his sword and slashed at Kazuya, and he backed away, the blade missing his flesh, but cutting his shirt open. On his chest there was a large diagonally cut scar, glowing bright red. He fell to his knees and began screaming, his human yells soon sounding evil and horrible.
His eyes turned red in color and reptilian in appearance, and two long horns burst out of his head amidst his black spiked hair. Two wings shot from his back and spread out, leathery skin hanging down from them. A large tail emerged from his body also, smashing against the stone ground with incredible force. His toes and fingers became pointed and claw-like, and his hair grew quickly, covering his legs completely. His skin turned a dark purple hue, and a third, red eye appeared on his forehead. He stood, a grimacing smile on his face, his teeth pointed, the scar on his chest glowing a fierce crimson.
“W-w-who are you?” Marth asked.
“I am the one you seek to wage combat against….or so you claim. I am the Devil, Lord of Hell,” he answered. Impa ran forward, machete in hand, and attacked Devil. He stepped to the side of the stab and grabbed Impa’s arm, twisting it around and impaling her upon her own blade. She fell to the ground at Devil’s feet, dead.
“Everyone! Give him everything you’ve got!” Jet ordered. In that moment, the might of Devil was proven to them in all of its horribleness. He absorbed fire, arrows, skulls, bombs, blades, all attacks thrown at him. He launched the attacks back at the team, and Marth and Roy stepped forward, taking all of the attacks head on for the team. There they breathed their last, and fell to the ground of the cold stone chamber, dead. He laughed and disappeared into the black of the chamber, leaving them alone for the moment.
“…Come on….we have to get going…now…I dunno how we can possibly defeat this…but we need to try,” Jet said.
“Jet…do you really think there is any point?” Zelda asked.
“Let’s take a vote…who here will stay?” Jet asked.
“I came to kill him…I’m not leaving until I do so,” Lord Deimos said, his dark voice echoing loudly through the chamber, several more stones falling from the chamber.
“He has taken several of our comrades…for that he shall suffer immense pain indeed,” the executioner said.
“You know that I’m in, man,” Link said slowly.
“And that I’m with you too,” Zelda said.
“I’m here till the end too…I’m indebted to you, Link. I will protect you until I die,” Kafei said.
“Then….let’s go….now. Leave the dead,” Jet said lowly.
“What?” Lord Deimos asked.
“You heard me….it hurts so much to do this…but we can’t hope to escape with their bodies added weight…especially now that the Devil knows we’re here,” Jet said.
“Okay…” Lord Deimos said quietly. They traveled on, into the tunnel that Kazuya emerged from.

It went down very steeply, but the soil was dryer here, an obvious sign that fires lurked nearby, and had been burning for quite some time. The team did not want to spend any more time in the mining level of Hell than they had to, as it was where the majority of the demons worked and dwelled. Their group was now small in size, not nearly enough to even hinder Devil’s plans in the least. The smell of burning was strong in the tunnel, but it was not the burnoing of metal or wood that was strong, but rather the burning of flesh. Hell was a horrid realm indeed, and Jet wanted nothing more now than to leave.
At the end of the steep tunnel the team ran into difficulty, an area where one faulty error would almost certainly result in all of their deaths. The tunnel opened into a very large chamber that had obviously been discovered by burrowing into the ground on a higher level, as none of the walls or even the ceiling was of stone, but of crumbling mounds of hard dirt, held together by a metal framework that was sturdy in reality, but shaky in appearance. The room was giant, the last chamber they entered tiny in comparision to the one they now stood in. the ceiling of the room was at least two hundred feet into the air, and the walls were nearly four times as far apart. Hellknights walked back and forth in the room, hammers and axes in hand, gold armor about their bodies. They chattered in their dark language as they worked, hammering out new paths and burning things in the flames that were nurtured in the middle of the room.
Across the room was another tunnel, but if they were seen, the massive amounts of Hellknights would get to them instantly. They was hardly any protection or shelter at all, and the group, though incredibly small when compared to the army of Hell, was still large enough to be noticed if they attempted to cross to the tunnel at the other end of the massive room.
“Ugh! There’s no way across it! We’d be spotted easily. All this way, all of these deaths, lives nearly lost, all to come to a dead end,” Lord Deimos said darkly.
“Link…may this be my way of fulfilling my debt to you…you were more than aid to me and my wife Anju…you were a true friend, a light in the darkness that was my life. Thank you for helping me get my Sun’s mask back from Sakon so many years ago…those were the best four days of my life, friend…go now, all of you, across the chamber into the tunnel…kill Devil! Link! May we meet again someday, in a different place! And a different time!” Kafei said, nodding toward Link. Before anyone could try to persuade him not to, Kafei unsheathed his long dagger and ran into the middle of the room, and was quickly overtaken by demons. He fought bravely, limbs and weapons scattering around him, nearly twenty corpses littering the ground before he was silenced and thrown into the fire. He made no scream, or cry of anguish, and for this, the team was greatful, though their hearts weren’t eased in the least. They had made it across into the tunnel, but they had lost another life in the process.
“I can’t believe this!” Jet yelled, sitting down.
“There’s still five of us…and we have as good a chance as we did when there were fourteen if you ask me…so…let’s go…and fight…for those who died for us,” Zelda said, extending her hand toward Jet. He took it and stood up slowly, brushing the dry dirt off of his gym leader tunic and continuing slowly down the tunnel, his hope diminished. They made it somewhere around the second level of the cursed realm, and they were stopped once again, by a force they were not ready to battle.
It moved quickly, unlike the others of its race. It was composed only of bone, but had the fluidity of one with muscles and tissue. It was robed tightly in black, with a hood about its face, and it wore black boots and gloves. It unsheathed a mysterious blade, a purple hilt with a glowing gem placed inside of it. The blade was long, and shone with a light very bright, reminding the team of the sun, the comfort that now seemed so far away. This was a Shrouded Stalfos.
“I don’t know who you are….but we don’t have time for you,” Jet said angrily.
“Oh?...make time,” the Stalfos said in a whisper. The executioner ran at the Shrouded Stalfos, axe extended. The Stalfos brought his blade down upon the executioner, and he blocked with the handle of his axe. He sliced at the Stalfos, but it did little, and it retaliated with a fatal stab in the back. The executioner was dead. Lord Deimos ran forward, enraged at this. He slammed his blade into the ground, and flames flew from it, careening toward the Shrouded Stalfos with speed. He absorbed the fire with his blade, and shot it back at Deimos, who batted it back with his blade. The Stalfos spun his sword around, and sent the fire into a wall.
Zelda attacked him now, both of her daggers moving quickly. She cut it several times, but it soon grew aggravated, and impaled Zelda. She fell to the ground next to the executioner, among those who were dead. Jet no longer cared what fate befell him. he ran forward, both blades in hand, and attacked the Stalfos, cutting at its black robe, hitting blade, cloth, and occasionally, bone. It hit Jet in the head with its hilt, then stabbed Lord Deimos in the throat, all in a single movement. It was all but over. There were three left living, Jet, Link, and the Shrouded Stalfos.
Jet moved forward again, attacking with a fierceness he didn’t even know he had. He began slicing feverishly at the Stalfos, hitting nothing. It was then that he remembered the lessons Link had taught him so long ago. He breathed in deeply, then began to fight in rhythm, counting to five, then trying another rechnique. This caught the Stalfos off guard, and Jet gave a well placed slice, and its cloak fell to the ground. There it stood, its power gone, a regular Stalfos. Link readied his bow, then shot a single arrow through its skull, and it fell to the ground, bursting into green flame.
“She’s….dead….” Jet said slowly, the look of pain in his eyes apparent to Link.
“Listen…I’m here…and as long as we’re both alive…we’re still a team…so…let’s go get him!” Link yelled, unsheathing his sword. Jet picked up the blade that the Shrouded Stalfos had used and examined it slowly. He then sheathed it and put it at his side.
“I think I’ll call it the Mirror sword,” Jet said in a dark tone.
“Fitting name for it,” Link said.
“Yeah,” Jet said slowly, walking down another tunnel. It was pitch black in the tunnel they entered, and they soon held onto each other in order to stay together. It was a blackness like none either had ever experienced before, and it truly frightened them. They were alone, two mortals, in the first level of Hell, on the doorstep of the Devil’s lair.
“So…your digivice hasn’t started working?” Link asked grimly.
“Nope…tried it almost every level…and nothing. We have to kill him…or escape…but…the digivice is almost useless here…I’m nearly certain,” Jet said lowly.
“Here we are,” Link said, staring at the chamber ahead of them.
“Yeah…let’s go,” Jet said, walking into the large room. It was devoid of features, black rock against black rock. A familiar voice echoed through the large room.
“Hello…congratulations…I somehow expected you two would be the survivors of this pointless romp to your death, but I would have killed whoever came down here anyway,” Devil said, stepping forward out of the shadow.
“Shut up!” Jet yelled, punching Devil. He grabbed Jet’s fist and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground of the chamber.
“Your turn, Hylian,” Devil offered, opening his arms wide.
“Ah!” Link screamed, unsheathing his Master sword and slicing at the Hell Lord. Devil stepped to the side, turning slightly and whipping Link in the face with his massive tail. He spun backwards and hit the stone ground hard. Neither of them felt like getting back up, or had the energy.
“It is the fear I wield…it is why you feel weak, tired, exhausted, when you came in here so fukll of vigor and life…I shall suck that out of you soon enough…after you have been my slaves for awhile…yes…to make it down here alive is a great acheivemet, and great acheivments don’t go unnoticed down here,” Devil said, a smile on his purple face.
“Why…thank you,” Link said, spitting in front of Devil’s feet.
“Heh…you’re very welcome, Hero of Time,” Devil said, amused by Link’s attitude.
“D-d-d,” Jet tried to say, the cold feeling in his heart preventing him from speaking easily.
“Hmm?” Devil asked, looking down at Jet.
“D-di,” he said again, still struggling.
“Say it, fool!” Devil yelled, kicking him in the side. He rolled over, and grabbed onto Link’s arm.
“Digi…..Port…Open!!” Jet yelled weakly, pulling out his digivice. To everyone’s shock, a glowing blue warp portal appeared in front of them. Jet stood slowly, along with Link and the two made it through the warp quickly, escaping the grasp of death and the evil of Devil. They had failed, but they were alive. It had been usueless. They had accomplished nothing, and out of the fourteen that set out, two came back. Link and Jet had no idea where the warp would take them, or if it would even be safe, but neither cared anymore. They drifted on the currents of time, caring not where they arrived, or if they arrived at all.
The Life Given by the Desert's Breath by BOEG
Chapter Five: The Life Given by the Desert’s Breath

The portal faded from blue to green, then to black, and finally to red, then morphed into blue again. The bright colors gave off fleeting flashes of light in the darkness, like a television on with the lights off. The flashing was intense, indeed it was seizure inducing, but the two had their eyes closed, to weak to hold them open. They were not asleep; just drained. The colors kept changing, and the feelings of Link and Jet were bathed in darkness, darker than the deepest tunnel in Hell. They tried many times to exchange words with each other, but the physical and emotional pain kept their tongues behind their teeth, and no voice echoed from their dry throats, nor was a gaze exchanged between their tearful eyes.
They simply drifted, alone in the black, floating on to a location that they had no control over. Going through a digital portal, though requiring no movement, was not relaxing in the least. One’s body was forced into a standing position, with little control over where they went, and for the two fighters who had just knocked on the door of death and escaped with a miracle, it was like Hell all over again. They finally knew they were drawing closer to an actual location, and farther from the endless time streams they were floating through. Neither could see the end of the portal, but they felt heat, and a tiny amount of light on their faces. They would have grinned at this feeling, could they move their weak muscles.
After close to five more minutes in the digital portal, they felt the data around them fade, and real oxygen flow back into their lungs, gravity come back into their actions, and weariness grow greater in their bodies. Neither lifted their head, or even opened their eyes, but they simply lay still. Their bodies were lying atop damp soil, despite the dry feeling in the air. It was warm, almost chokingly so, and they had difficulty breathing.
Jet slowly moved his layed out arm to his side, forming a fist. He tried to get up, clutching the ground tightly, the damp soil gathering in his hand. Very slowly he lifted his weak and aching body up and sat on his knees. He tried to move again, but a sharp pain shot through his spine, and his upper body strength crumbled to dust. This whole time his eyes had been closed, partly from weakness, partly from fear. Wearily, he opened one eye lid, and a deep sorrow entered his heart. They were still in Hell, albeit the ninety-ninth level. They were in the first chamber, the long staircase winding upwards very near.
“...leh….leh….Link?” Jet asked, coughing throughout the whole effort to utter his friend’s name.
“………..yeah?” Link said slowly, standing up, clutching the wall tightly for support.
“What are we gonna do, man?” Jet asked.
“First…we gotta get outta here…our first big challenge is gonna be getting down the mountain,” Link said lowly.
“…Yeah…well…no use wastin any more time here than we have,” Jet said, working his way on his feet with difficulty. They both started for the massive staircase leading up, praying their stamina would keep, as falling would be fatal. They made their way up very slowly, each step a daunting challenge. When at last they were at the top they sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking Kakariko village. It was close to nightfall, and the candlelight in the houses would soon be glowing fiercely, the people safe and asleep.
The feeling of pain in their hearts was too strong to bear. Jet stared out at the small village, his eyes dark. Link looked at his face, and he exchanged the gaze. He embraced Link, sobbing uncontrollably. Link did the same. There, in shadow, on the very top of Death Mountain, the two strongest warriors in Hyrule wept, their tears falling to the bottom of the mountain, cold and lonely.
“It’s not fair! I led them to their deaths!” Jet screamed, the tears falling quicker.
“You did all you could!...we all failed! We didn’t complete what we set out to do! We lost them all to the shadow and the fear and the fire!” Link sobbed, hopless as Jet in this moment.
“What do we do now?!” Jet asked, the moonlight hitting his wet face, the streams of tears shinning like stars in the cloudless sky.
“…We do whatever we can to honor them...” Link answered quietly, putting his hand in front of his face as he continued to cry.
“…We made it…you and me,” Jet said.
“Yeah…” Link said, calming down, looking Jet in the eyes.
“You and me…let’s make an oath, okay?” Jet said, a small hint og hope in his voice.
“Okay…what?” Link asked, agreeing.
“We stay together no matter what…we’ll always be there for each other…we got each other’s backs. And that…one day…be it soon or distant…we go back…and kill him,” Jet answered, looking at the radiant moon.
“You got it man…we’re the Triforce Team,” Link said.
“Let’s get off of this mountain, okay?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…good idea,” Link said, standing up. Jet followed. Their strength had returned somewhat, and they could now walk without too much difficulty, but neither had the courage to attempt running, especially not down the dusty slopes of Death Mountain. They worked their way down the dusty hills, staying true to the winding path, as it was the safest way down, steep as it was. They had traveled for an hour and several minutes, when they stopped, listening intently to a dark sound.
“What’s that?” Link asked.
“No idea…sounds like chittering,” Jet answered.
“Why are you here?” a dark voice asked.
“We’re on our way down,” Link answered without turning.
“No one comes up this path unless they have business with the almighty,” the voice said.
“We did,” Jet said.
“Who are you?” the voice asked.
“Give me your name first,” Link said.
“Fine. I am Darmal, chief of the Gruid-noms,” he answered.
“You’re real?!” Jet asked, spinning around, Mirror sword in hand.
“Where did you get that blade?!!!” Darmal asked, backing away in terror.
“From a Shrouded Stalfos,” Jet answered.
“Then…t-t-then…the guardian of the second level of Hell has been slain…b-b-by…you?” Darmal asked.
“Yes,” Jet answered.
“Quickly, leave this mountain, and I will not tell Devil about your passing,” Darmal said, ushering them away, then fading back into the shadows.
“Apparently that guy was some pretty bad news,” Link said.
“Yeah…he was…he killed my wife,” Jet said darkly.
“Then why do you carry that blade?” Link asked.
“I dunno really…but apparently, it’s a sign that we command some sort of strength, so despite personal conflicts, it stays,” Jet answered.
“Okay,” Link agreed. The two made their way down the mountain into Hyrule field.

“Where do we go now?” Link asked, out of breath. They had emerged in Hyrule field after the long descent down. They ran into several Gruid-noms on the long trip, but Jet simply unsheathed his Mirror sword, and they backed away, fearing the dark metal for some reason unknown to Link and Jet. The only reason they came up with was that the guardian of the second level wielded the blade before him, and he was a great warrior who would not part with it unless he was slain. They put the thought behind them.
The night was fading, the sun rising above the horizon of the mountain they had just ventured down, the warm rays very comforting in the midst of all of the darkness both of them had faced the past few days. They had no idea where to go, but they knew that their friends were in Hell, their spirits being tortured, and they could do nothing about it. It was a very uncomfortable thought to have stuck on one’s mind, but it was there, and very strong.
“Let’s go get Moonlight…and put her in the stable at Lon Lon Ranch…I don’t think Zelda is gonna need her anymore,” Link said, a tear falling from his dark face to the ground.
“Good idea…then we should hang out in Talon’s house for awhile. We need to have some company,” Jet said.
“Yeah…they’re always real cheery…they should be able to calm us down some…the pain we’re feelin…ya know it’s never gonna go away, right, man?” Link asked.
“Yeah…I do,” Jet said quietly.
“Even if we kill the Devil…revenge never really solves anything,” Link said.
“Yeah…but it’s part of our oath…he will die…I dun care if I go down with him next time, but he’s gonna die,” Jet said angrily, clenching his fist tightly. They walked into the castle market, the drawbridge opened after the long night. There were amazed gasps to see Jet and Link alive, despite their condition. They hadn’t realized until now their horrible appearance, wounds and ragged clothing, bloody weapons sheathed at their backs and sides. They walked through the cobblestone streets toward the castle, not paying much heed to the large amount of villagers overjoyed that they were still alive.
They walked quietly up the dirt path and made it to the gate. The sun was shinning brightly now, but there were dark clouds forming to the west, an obvious sign of a storm. West was near to the Gerudo’s territory, and despite the fact that they had been enemies with Hyrule for longer than anyone could remember, Jet was still glad they were getting needed water. He just hoped the storm stayed away from Hyrule. For once he was grateful to see the sun, but he was sure it was only a passing thing, and soon he would wish to dwell again in darkness and solitude, whether he was allowed to or not.
“Fourteen left here on the first light three days ago…and two return?” Jonphor asked, concerned.
“All the rest were lost…including the…queen,” Jet said, tears falling to the ground once more.
“All? did you slay the Hell Lord?” Jonphor asked.
“No….he got the best of us…we just barely escaped,” Jet answered.
“I see…so many blows to the Royal Family in one month…it is truly a blessing that our king has returned safely,” Jonphor said, bowing in front of Jet.
“…Thanks…we will get revenge on him of course. He will die,” Jet said.
“Of this I am assured. Little that you set out to do you fail, and that which you do fail, you try again and accomplish with twice the valor. I assume you two have come to rest and recover?” Jonphor asked.
“No…we’ve come to take Moonlight to Lon Lon Ranch,” Link said quietly.
“Ah…you will return afterward?” Jonphor asked.
“We’re gonna stay and chat with them for awhile…try to raise our spirits a little…then we’ll be back,” Jet answered.
“Okay, your highness. But might I advise some…caution?” Jonphor asked.
“From what?” Link asked, raising an eyebrow at the mention of more trouble.
“There have been several reports of desert thieves coming in the night, slaying innocent and stealing loot,” Jonphor said.
“We can handle Gerudos,” Jet said.
“No…not Gerudo. This is a band of men, and they use a style of fighting I have never seen. They combine the art of the blade, and the art of…magic…in the most evil of manner. Their leader is supposedly a man who was born long ago on Earth, but got lost in a time stream. He came to Hyrule less than five years ago, the same age as when he left Earth. He was named the King of Theives on Earth,” Jonphor said, leaning toward Jet and Link, speaking the words quietly.
“We’ll try our best to be back before nightfall,” Link said.
“Okay…I’ll prepare you a room, Link. Jet, your bed has been made, and the curtains were replaced as Zelda requested. Be careful,” Jonphor said, pounding his spear into the ground, the black iron gate raising up slowly. Link and Jet nodded at Jonphor, then slowly made their way under the gate, into the stable of the castle.

It smelled rank there, as one would expect, but it was an intoxicating scent compared to the fires of Hell. There were many steeds there, at least twenty in that single room. Moonlight was noticeable among the others, her white mane and hair a shinning light among the other brown horses in the stable. Link walked slowly to the stable and unlatched the wooden gate, bringing Moonlight out. She had always been a good horse, calm and obedient to her master but fast and fierce in the face of danger.
Jet and Link looked at the ground as they walked, not wanting to see anyone’s face, or look anyone in the eyes. Like many of the other events in Jet’s life, he blamed Zelda’s death on himself, and felt it was his fault. The mystery of the Mirror sword was becoming greater in his mind also, but whenever he thought about it, his thoughts turned to Zelda, the look in her face as she died, and the pain was too great to bear.
Although riding would have been much quicker, they decided to walk from the castle’s stable to Lon Lon Ranch, guiding the beautiful horse with the reigns. They made their way across the dirt path of the field to the ranch’s stone structure. Jet eyed the tree that he had broken a branch off of for training so long ago. They entered and went up the slight hill covered with grass, and emerged in front of the stable. They led Moonlight in the stable, and Ingo greeted them, taking the reigns and placing the horse behind the wooden fence, latching and locking it securely. They left and went into the house directly across from them, Talon’s.
“Well hi there Link! And if it isn’t Jet! Well I’ll be, who woulda ever thought you’d be the king of Hyrule? I can bet my bottom rupee I sure didn’t! congratulations, buddy! Come over here! Lemme take a good luck at ya,” Talon said, motioning Jet toward him. He complied and moved forward slowly, a little nervous. Talon eyed him up and down, then told him to turn around. He did so, and Talon stepped back, breathing heavily.
“What’s wrong, Talon?” Jet asked, placing his hand on the man’s shoulder.
“…Where did you get that sword?!” Talon asked, gasping for breath, choking slightly.
“…why do you want to know?” Jet asked.
“…You…actually went into Hell?” Talon asked.
“….yes,” Link answered for Jet from across the room, leaning against the door, arms folded, hair over his eyes, face pointed downwards.
“And you’re alive? Not one of them Poes?” Talon asked.
“We made it out…and yes, we did find this sword in Hell,” Jet said, unsheathing it and offering it to Talon to get a closer look.
“I don’t wanna go meddlin with none o’ that witchcraft and demonology and whatnot! Whaddya take me for? I’m a farmer your highness, not a wizard or sorcerer! Ain’t no warlock goin capturing damsels in the day and drinkin blood at night! I’m a hard working farmer, growin crops and shoveling cow droppins! Give a man a chance at a life in Heaven!” Talon said, backing against the wall at the very sight of the blade.
“Okay…Talon. You’re gonna tell me just what the hell this thing is, okay?” Jet asked.
“Yes your highness. Ya see, I really can’t believe neither of you have heard of it. Dampe’ tells everyone the legend once or twice, usually when they’re kids, and those he misses read about it. But that sword is called Black Sunset by Hylians…in legend it was said that the warrior who fights the one who weilds that blade will look into its metal, and like a bad mirror it’ll morph that person’s face and they’ll see everything about themselves that they hate…every person who escaped that sword alive committed suicide short after,” Talon said.
“Did you look into the blade?” Jet asked.
“No siree bob! Ain’t no way I’m lookin in no blasted sword that’ll make me go n’ off myself! Not now, not never I say!” Talon said.
“…Look in it,” Jet said calmly.
“W-w-what?” Talon asked.
“Trust me…I’m your king…look into the blade, Talon,” Jet ordered, holding it vertivally in front of his face. He slowly looked at the blade, and was greatly relieved. He saw himself, his own image. No evils or anything he hated, just his round, red face.
“Well why didn’t it do nothing? Why don’t I wanna go jump off some cliff? Don’t it work no more?” Talon asked.
“Talon…you’re a good trustworthy man…you have nothing to hate about yourself,” Jet said slowly, sheathing the blade.
“Well then why don’t you look at it? After all you are our king, so why should you have a thing to hate?” Talon asked.
“….No….I hate myself for a deal more than you could hope to understand…I can’t,” Jet said slowly.
“Dad?” Malon asked, opening the wooden door atop the staircase in Talon’s house.
“Yes darlin?” Talon asked.
“I heard voices, and…oh…you have company…hi Link!” Malon yelled happily, running down the stairs quickly.
“Hey…Malon,” Link said slowly. She looked beautiful today, her hair tied back into a pony tail, her eyes shinning brightly at the sight of him. She wore a pink dress today, and had the same odd necklace on that she had worn since she was a small child. Link would not admit it if asked, but he did like Malon, and as of late, he had been wanting to get a chance to talk to her.
“Hey, Talon, I need to talk to Malon about Epona, okay? You and Jet stay here and talk about that sword…we’ll be back in awhile,” Link said, scratching his head.
“Okay,” Talon said.
“…Right,” Jet said quietly.
“Okay…let’s go talk then,” Malon said cheerfully. They walked out of the house quickly, into the sunlit ranch, and went under the shade of a tree that was around the corner. They both sat.
“Umm…Malon….i’ve been havin a pretty bad life lately…almost all of my friends are dead…me and Jet were the only ones who escaped,” Link said.
“Escaped?” Malon asked.
“..Hell. we all went to Hell…and only us two came out,” Link explained.
“And…? Is there a point to this?” Malon asked nervously.
“Yeah…there is…Malon…I’ve known it for awhile…and well…I…have…really strong feelings for you,” Link choked out.
“…good feelings?” Malon asked, pretending to be dumb.
“Yeah, well…uhhh…yeah, umm…I uhh…l-l-l….love…you…errr…actually…I have loved you…for the longest time,” Link said, his face turning bright red.
“You have?!” Malon asked, amazed.
“…Yeah,” Link said.
“I love you too!!!” Malon yelled happily, hugging Link tightly. He eased his shoulders and rested his head on Malon. Her hair had a very nice scent to it, particularly good for one who works in a stable all day. The person he had feared to tell his feelings to for so long finally knew, but Link couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt he had. That he now had someone to love, and Jet was alone. The two stayed at the ranch much longer than they intended, taking a well needed break. They had lunch with the family, cold Lon Lon milk giving them back their energy. They discussed many manner of topic all day, and when nightfall came, so did the sense of duty to Jet and Link. They left the ranch quickly, trying to get back to the castle with as much speed as they could.
They didn’t make it far before they were both struck hard in the neck, and time and space disappeared, and were replaced by black. They fell to the ground, unconscious, by means unknown to them.

He was back in his house. He didn’t know how it was possible, but it happened. Jet was sitting on his old couch, the one he hadn’t been to for nearly a week, the one he missed greatly. He was in his home again, and he was overjoyed. He called Link’s name a few times, but got no answer, and came to the conclusion that he was still in Hyrule somewhere.
Putting the matter aside he grabbed a magazine off of a nearby stack of old reading material, eager to read English, as opposed to Hylian or Beyuntanian. He flipped through it, looking at pictures of all the familiar faces, just skimming over the articles of who was with who, who broke up with who, and who had developed an eating disorder seemingly overnight. That was how media seemed to work to Jet. Things seemed to happen overnight.
It was always the biggest icon who fell, like a mighty statue crumbling at the base then collapsing, breaking into millions of shards, the pieces impossible to put back together. Or it was the least together person, the one with the drug addictions, four children, and a large criminal record that became dirt rich, and was adored by millions. It made no sense to Jet. In a way, he wished Hyrule and Earth would melt into one, all of the good qualities coming together.
It was a fleeting thought though, as he knew it would never happen, and the line between Earth and Hyrule was wide and great, and impossible to merge both sides. He continued flipping through the pages, reading articles about bands going on tour, movies being made, things that made little impact on his life anymore, but were interesting to a certain degree. He became bored again, looking at pictures of Chester Bennington, Britney Spears, Orlando Bloom, all of the people he once admired so much, he now nearly loathed. They were great and had accomplished much in their realm, but their lives were cake walks compared to the things Jet had to do, with no renown whatsoever more times than not.
He looked at the pictures, people who were labeled “hot” or “sexy” or “studs” by the media. People who had no idea what it was like to suffer, or lose. It was then that his train fo thought was broken. He flipped the pages some more, and for a fleeting instant, in one of the pictures he saw the man with long black hair and black eyes. He clutched a blade, and wore a white robe, a black belt around his waist, black pants on under the robe. He flipped the page back again, and the man was gone. He closed the magazine and layed his head back, and then shadow took over his mind and body once more, and all faded away.

“Jet…” a voice called out lightly. It was very soft spoken, barely audible.
“Jet,” the voice called out again. It was hazy, but louder.
“Jet! Come on, wake up!” the voice yelled, very loud and clear. Jet opened one eye, then the other, cautiously eyeing his surroundings. He was laying down, tied at the hands, both of them behind his back. His feet were shackled, and his weapons were gone. He was laying on sandy ground, and the walls around him were dark, probably bare rock, but the shadows kept him from telling. He looked around slowly, and saw a metal door to his left. He didn’t have to check if it was locked or not, he could tell.
Memories snapped back into his head, and he slid to the left of the room, fearing that the voice came from one of his captors. He looked over slowly, and was relieved to find Link, in the same position as him. His neck was throbbing, but aside from that, he was free of physical pain. It was cold here, and Jet assumed it was night, though he had no idea where he was.
“Uhh…wow….where are we?” Jet asked groggily.
“Remember what Jonphor told us?” Link asked.
“…about the thieves…the men…who kill people at night?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…I think we’re their newest find,” Link said grimly.
“That isn’t good….what are we gonna do, man?” Jet asked.
“…wait I guess,” Link answered.
“Hmm…but…what if they decided to kill us or something?” Jet asked.
“Well…I have no idea where our weapons are, so….” Link’s voice trailed off.
“Who are these guys and what do they want with us?” Jet asked angrily, not expecting an answer. Almost if the captors were listening, three men came into the shadowy chamber, locking the thick metal door behind them. The two men in the back held long swords and were dressed in brown robes with red capes and masks about their face. The man in the front wore a large round red hat, and had green bandages wrapped tightly around his nose and mouth. He was very muscular, and wore a pair of golden gauntlets on his arms. He wore a gem inlaid shirt, and baggy green pants, a tight belt around his waist. He wore golden sandles, and had two scimitars at his back. His gaze was dark, though his eyes were the brightest thing in the non-descript room.
“Do you know who I am?” the man asked.
“No,” Jet answered angrily.
“Such is expected. Renown is given only to those who appear as hero…who do kingly acts such as slay foul beasts and rescue damsels from burning castles. The ones who do the real work, ensuring that foul beasts aren’t born, capturing vile walkers in the night…they are labeled as thieves, and compared to the vile Gerudo. I am not a villain, but I will not say that I am not an enemy. I wish you no harm, but I do not garuntee no harm will come to you. You see, to be in Hyrule in these tortured days is to be in harm. To live, walk, eat and breathe in it. I am Al’Rashid…in my own planet, I am called the King of Theives by some…scoundrel of the red sands by others. I steal from the evil…give to the poor, but I kill those who are undeserving of the fortune they have happened upon. Punishment without mercy. Mercy without debt. These are the values that I have been taught all my life. I came here not but five years ago, and I have seen the chaotic state of the land. Homicidal creatures, demons running rampant in the starlight, horses galloping where feet should tread, Hyrule is no longer a kingdom…it is a bomb…and each outrageous occurrence makes the fuse burn a little faster, and eventually, it will run out, and explode…and all that will be left of Hyrule’s former glory will be a few soldiers, a king who is in hiding from his own people that would wish to see him dead, and demons jeering the whole time. I pity you if you cannot see it, for it is what will befall this land,” Al’Rashid said darkly.
“…but why us? Why capture us?” Link asked.
“You have things we are in need of…you cannot be allowed in Hyrule so armed as you were. The Black Sunset…the Master sword…these weapons could destroy Hyrule…and let me assure you, that is no mere trinket you have brought here,” Al’Rashid said, looking at Jet. He struggled with his tied hands to feel around his belt, and in horror, discovered that his digivice was gone.
“What did you do with my digivice?!” Jet asked.
“It has time travel properties…once we figure out it’s full potential…I shall go to my home, recruit my army, and come back here, to truly save the world,” Al’Rashid answered.
“You don’t understand! Just making us sit here is allowing any evil in Hyrule to attack! Can’t you tell?! I am the king of Hyrule!” Jet yelled.
“And I am the Hero of Time!” Link said.
“If you are indeed the King of Hyrule as you say, then where is the queen?” Al’Rashid asked.
“She died,” Jet said lowly.
“Ah, yes…the queen just happened to die when you got captured?” Al’Rashid asked.
“No….she died in Hell,” Link said quietly, closing his eyes.
“In Hell?! Heh heh heh…what could you hope to know about Hell…if you ever do go there, maybe you won’t lie about it anymore…for it is a suffering like you could never imagine,” Al’Rashid said, laughing at the claim.
“Beyunte Beyunte Sha! Malenios Syentarios Sha! Beyuntre Beyunte Sha! Syentocurious!” Jet yelled darkly.
“…the….black spell of Death,” Al’Rashid said slowly, stepping back.
“…is that enough proof for you?” Jet asked.
“You two, cut their bonds and unchain their feet!!” Al’Rashid ordered. The guards did so with haste, and Jet and Link stood slowly, still in pain.
“Thank you,” Link said.
“Come with me…now…your weapons will be given back to you…but I have a gift I must bestow upon the king,” Al’Rashid said. They followed him out of the room quietly.

The winds blew the sand around, creating whirlwinds and preventing one from seeing too far ahead in the chamber. There were walls and a ceiling in the room, but there were small vents that allowed wind into the room. It was still very cold, and Jet didn’t completely trust Al’Rashid.
“It is at the end of the room, on the altar,” Al’Rashid said, extending his arm forward. Jet slowly walked toward the end of the room, half expecting to fall into a pit or get shot with arrows. When he reached the other side, he saw a shinning circular disk of metal on an altar of stone. He picked up slowly, and latched it onto his belt. “That is a chakram that has been in my family for a long time…may it serve you well,” Al’Rashid said.
“Thanks…but..well….you’re a good warrior, obviously…and we’re in pretty desperate need of help…so…will you join our team?” Jet asked.
“My fellow guards shall protect this fortress…I would be honored to fight alongside the king of Hyrule,” Al’Rashid said, bowing.
“Get up…that makes me uncomfortable,” Jet said, turning red.
“Whaddya say we get to your house after we pick up our weapons, eh?” Link asked.
“Yeah…I need to get home for awhile,” Jet said, almost to himself.
The Wizard Returns by BOEG
Chapter Six: The Wizard Returns

“Aah…no matter how many problems we have right now…it’s always good to be home,” Jet said with a sigh. He lay his head back again, incredibly happy about being back at his house once more. It was amazingly quiet, despite the fact that only one person was missing. The team had made plans for everyone else to move into Jet’s house, sleeping in the training unit at night, but that day had not come, and now it never would.
“Yeah…it is a nice place…it took me awhile to get used to, but once I did…yeah,” Link said, standing next to Jet’s bed.
“Zelda never got to sleep in this bed…that’s my fault…I let my wife die…I just stood there…I could have done something, man…I could have,” Jet said, sorrow strong in his voice.
“We said we’d get back at Devil, and we will…but right now…we can’t do a thing. I mean, we just aren’t strong enough, and ya know it,” Link said.
“Yeah…but what are we supposed to do then? I mean…it’s just…so many things have been going wrong lately, and all of the sudden, they’ve just…stopped. And personally, I don’t really know what to do with myself anymore,” Jet muttered lowly, the sense of boredom and uregency in his voice evident in every syllable he spoke.
“Trouble is coming…you do not take peace very seriously. If I were you I would have been taking this time to get my strength back, and not be cursing the fact that for once you are not being forced into battles you are not ready for,” Al’Rashid said, standing at the doorway to Jet’s room.
“Yeah…but speakin of that…we’ve already spent too much time here on Earth…we told Jonphor we’d get back to the castle last night…come with us Al’Rashid, I’ll explain,” Jet said, standing up.
“If you insist…” Al’Rashid’s voice trailed off.
“Digi-Port Open!” Jet called out, opening the digital portal to Hyrule.

Hundreds of miles from any kind of civilization. Devoid of life, except for one, and the tortured spirits that lingered there after their death. Behind Death Mountain, in the darkest area of Hyrule, where shadow forever loomed, was the Dragon temple, one of the most ancient of Hyrule’s temples, even before the great Temple of Time was built by the Sages so long ago. The one who breathed life into the black temple had been sitting still for hours, uttering curses in the Black Beyuntanian language, his dark voice weak and raspy from the long hours of reciting spells, but still fierce.
The spell casting finally achieved its goal, and the ancient stone gate of the temple slowly raised, dust and dirt forming in large clouds, the land disturbed for the first time in centuries. The man stood slowly, gripping the Dragon key, an item sacred to the temple, tightly in his right hand. This man was Agahnim, and at the moment, his sense of duty was great. He journeyed through the dark doorway and came to another stone wall, a lock near the top of it. Agahnim placed the key inside the black slot and twisted it with shaking hands, not completely trusting what he was about to release.
With his left hand he took a black jar from beneath his robe and set it on the ground, carefully removing the lid. A black mist rose from inside the jar, three evil red eyes glowing in the black of the mist. Agahnim bowed down in front of the mist.
“Everything has been done as you asked my lord. The key has been set, and the lock opened. With the spell I cast earlier, the Dragon spirits have been revived, their spirits drawn from Hell, and they will soon kill the two who are left, and once the Triforce pieces have gone from their bodies, the seal in this world will be gone, and you shall return to Hyrule,” Agahnim said proudly.
“Very good, wizard. Don’t go too hard on them just yet though. Release the Dodongo king…make sure he brings them back alive…we can kill them while they sleep, then trap their spirits in the Dragon temple,” Ganon said from Hell, the power of the Evil Jar Agahnim’s only link to Ganon.
“Yes, my lord…” Agahnim agreed. The mist faded, and Agahnim placed the lid on the jar. He then turned to face the opened lock. He said several more spells, and King Dodongo was released to Hyrule to capture Jet and Link, destroying the kingdom and all of its people in the process.

“So…there’s no trouble here?” Link asked.
“No…evil has been deeply rooted in Hyrule…and cutting a few branches off of a mighty tree doesn’t kill it. The evil which you faced before still lingers, and I do not speak of Devil,” Al’Rashid answered.
“Ganon?! We killed him!” Jet yelled.
“…His spirit lives on…he is still a mortal in one sense, so a very real possibility is that he is not meant to die yet…and he has traveled through the land of the dead. Another possibility would be-,” Al’Rashid was cut off.
“Agahnim! Damn! I never killed him in the temple of Death! Ganon could be working through Agahnim again to get back to Hyrule!” Link yelled, angered at himself. All were silenced in this moment. Their fears came to life, and terror entered Hyrule field. The ground shook with every step that the mighty King Dodongo took. His skin was green and tough as metal, and his eyes were black. He walked on all fours, and his mighty tail thrashed about wildly.
“…This isn’t quite what I had in mind,” Link said, opening his bomb bag.
“Kill him, man! You’re the only one with bombs here!” Jet yelled. Link nodded at Jet then threw a bomb at King Dodongo’s open maw. He turned around with lightning speed and whipped the explosive with his tail, destroying it with ease, not harming himself in the least.
“Wow…that was unexpected,” Link said, amazed. He pulled two bombchu out of his bomb bag, then set them down on the grassy field. They went off, their fuses burning brightly behind them. They ran up the beast’s legs, then blew up in his eyes. He fell to the ground in pain, blood running from his wounded eyes. He got back on his feet slowly, and Link unsheathed his Master sword, running quickly at the beast, then rolling under his stomach. He stabbed the Dodongo in the throat, and it yelled loudly, its inhuman shrieks filling the air. Link removed his sword from the creature’s flesh, then quickly rolled out of the way as it fell to the ground, dead.
“Nice one, man,” Jet said, patting Link on the back.
“Uh..thanks. Dodongo’s are…really easy to kill if ya know their weak points. Throat, and belly…but I know Agahnim has something more to send at us then Dodongo’s,” Link said nervously.
“Yes he does. By the rules of Hylian magic, dragons are not allowed to be revived. There is but one spell that can bring them back, and it brings not one back, but all of them. It is the Dragon spell, and if it has been cast, Agahnim must be in the Dragon temple. He is going to send the dragon spirits after you two, in hopes of killing you, so Ganon may be allowed back in Hyrule. You see, your lives, are the only thing sealing the King of Evil in Hell…and once they are gone…Hyrule is his again…as well as the Aku-Mari’s,” Al’Rashid said grimly.
“So…we die…and it’s over?” Jet asked.
“Yes,” Al’Rashid said grimly. Their conversation was cut short, as a glowing portal appeared in front of King Dodongo’s carcass. The light blinded all, and when it faded, Jet and Link were astonished to a point of shock. There before them was Yoshimitsu.
“Yoshimitsu! Are you, ya know, umm…alive?” Link asked.
“Yes…the shadow and flame around me faded, and in its place was sunlight and the cool breeze…evil will beg for mercy before me, for Yoshimitsu has returned!” Yoshimitsu answered, raising his arm into the air proudly.
“Okay…Al’Rashid, this one you’re gonna have to explain,” Link said in an overjoyed voice.
“Hmm…the Dragon spell is more like a transfer of energy…it is used to revive evil spirits so that they can revive other evil spirits. With death comes life. But…apparently, it can also work to revive good spirits. What I mean, is the Dragons were sent to kill you, so that Ganon could come back to life…but…you killed a dragon, and someone else who was sent to Hell came back,” Al’Rashid explained.
“So…are you tellin me that for every dragon we kill, someone on the team will come back?” Jet asked.
“…it appears that way,” Al’Rashid said.
“Then…we can get Zelda back!” Jet yelled happily.
“And what’s better…King Dodongo failed, and Agahnim has no idea what is happening, so he’ll just keep sending them after us! We don’t even have to look for em!” Link exclaimed in a happy tone.
“So…we are going dragon hunting then?” Yoshimitsu asked.
“Nope…we just sit here, and when one comes by, we kick its ass…and someone gets revived,” Link said, sitting down on the grass.
“…We have it made,” Jet said to himself.

“…They are not here…and King Dodongo is not alive,” Ganon said.
“…I’m sorry master,” Agahnim said in an apologetic tone.
“Sorry means nothing! Throw your apologies off of a cliff, and spare me trouble by taking yourself with you!” Ganon yelled.
“You don’t mean that,” Agahnim said in a hurt tone.
“No…I don’t. but take it as a warning…your performance while I am dead determines your lifespan when I am alive once more. Now..forget about bringing them alive, obviously enough a lizard can’t take orders that specific, be it ancient or newborn. Send out Aquamentus…he shall take to the air, and his mighty horn will scorch the lands,” Ganon ordered.
“Yes…my lord,” Agahnim said, placing the lid on the Evil Jar once more. He loved and hated Ganon at the same time. He was a father, and at the same time he was a ruthless fiend, treating Agahnim as a piece of property as opposed to a man. Agahnim complied with the orders, and sent the winged terror to Hyrule field.

“Flapping wings, from not far away. What dragon do you know of that is gifted with flight by use of a terrible set of wings?” Yoshimitsu asked, listening intently to the air.
“…Hmm…Aquamentus is the only one I can think of…and he’s not too bad,” Link said.
“Aquamentus?” Jet asked.
“Yeah…his skin is weak, but his muscles aren’t. He has the horn of a unicorn, and wings of a demon. He has this one attack though, a tri-ball move. He shoots three energy blasts, and…they’re a little hard to avoid,” Link answered.
“We can take him,” Al’Rashid said, relaxed.
“We have to,” Jet said. Aquamentus’ shape became visible in the sky, and in minutes he was in front of the four, his mighty wings extended. Jet unsheathed Black Sunset and held it in front of his face, closing his eyes to make sure he didn’t look into the blade. Aquamentus shot his mighty tri-ball attack, and Al’Rashid and Link rolled to the side, Jet absorbing the third fireball in his blade. He spun around and launched it at Aquamentus, hitting him in the face. He bled a little, and charged forward, hitting the team with his massive body.
They got back up quickly and resumed attacking. Al’Rashid crouched down, holding his scimitars tightly. He lept up suddenly, crying out loudly, spinning in the air several times, cutting Aquamentus’ horn. He yelled out in pain, hitting Al’Rashid with his left wing. He flew into the ground, out of breath. Yoshimitsu and Link ran forward, stabbing Aquamentus with their blades. Jet looked the beast in the eyes, then shot the Tetraforce’s shinning lights at the creature. Its horn was destroyed, and it fell, dead. Its corpse disappeared, and a beam of light replaced it.
The light faded, and Ogre was alive. He stepped forward, the red glow in his eyes strong, even in broad daylight. He stepped forward, then pulled Link close. He spoke, “You don’t know what it is you’re meddling with. You can keep reviving us if you want, but hat if something goes wrong? Do you want to take the risk of bringing Devil himself to Hyrule instead of one of us?”
“That’s a risk I am willing to take,” Link said.
“…so be it…I’m part of this team, and I will fight with you despite your stupidity,” Ogre said.
“Thanks…I think,” Link said. Two were back, and more would soon follow. It seemed like they had an unstoppable plan, but Ogre’s words had gotten under Link’s skin, and he worried slightly. However, fear or no fear, he would continue to slay the dragons, and bring back the team.
The Fire Dragons by BOEG
Chapter Seven: The Dragons of Fire

“Air and earth have failed my master and I. I shall turn to the element of fire to complete Lord Ganon’s task. Volvagia and Barba! Come forth! Light the shadow with the mighty flame that you hold sway over! Go now! Kill the Triforce Team!” Agahnim yelled. The spirits of the two dragons of flame left the temple to take on the task of killing the Triforce Team.

“Who do you think will come back next?” Yoshimitsu asked, sitting down on the grass, his long katana on his lap.
“I know who I want to have come back next…” Jet said lowly.
“…evil will come forth…that is what will happen. This is the stupidest idea I have ever had the disgrace of taking part in,” Ogre said.
“You know what?! Leave then! If you don’t want to be a part of our team, then no one is making you stay! So why don’t you just leave!” Jet yelled, pointing toward the castle.
Ogre walked toward Jet and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling hard on the fabric. He leaned in close to Jet’s face, and he could smell the creature’s hot breath, the scent far from appealing. He spoke, “You do not want to anger me, Earthling. I have learned to tame myself to an extent but when something like that little outburst occurs, I tend to throw all of my discipline out of the window. As I said…you don’t want to anger me.”
Jet pulled away from Ogre’s grasp and turned quickly, walking back several feet, his cape swaying in the cool breeze. He spoke in a dark voice, “So…you aren’t leaving?”
“No,” he muttered, sitting down quickly.
“Something’s coming,” Link said, standing up. He unsheathed his blade again, and saw the flying shape of Volvagia approaching. Volvagia was an ancient dragon that once dwelled on Death Mountain. This was now the second time it was revived, the first without the aid of the Triforce. Its two arms were long, and its claws sharp. It had two long headtails that looked as if they were made from fire, and its face was grey and plated like rock, its eyes glowing a fierce blow.
Out of the ground came another dragon, one very similar in appearance to Volvagia, but wider. It had spikes on its back, and no arms, but its mouth was very large, and its teeth sharp. This was Barba, the second dragon of fire.
“Two of them!?” Yoshimitsu asked, astonished.
“Stay together, and we can take em!” Link yelled, twirling his blade around and keeping his shield close to his body. The Hylian charged forward, using a Spin slash on Barba. The attack left a small wound on the dragon’s body, but it didn’t bleed. Al’Rashid ran forward, slicing at Volvagia’s tail. The dragon fell to the ground, swiping its claws at the man. He was hit, and Ogre attacked Volvagia, hitting him in the back of the head with his mighty shield. The dragon yelled out in pain, wrapping his tail around Ogre and throwing him into the air. To everyone’s shock, he stayed there, floating effortlessly.
“Nice trick,” Jet spoke quietly. Link pulled out of his tunic a white crystal that shined with all of the colors of the rainbow in the sunlight of the field. It had been a long stretch of time since he had used the Moonjump, but he raised himself into the air and slashed Barba’s head, and the dragon was instantly down. Jet stabbed it in the head quickly, and the first fire spirit was dead.
Volvagia flew low, shooting its mighty flames over the field, knocking several on the team down. Yoshimitsu rolled under the flames and stabbed the dragon in the chest. it fell, and Al’Rashid held both of his blades tightly, then brough them down upon the dragon’s neck, severing its head from its body. Two rays of light shined down upon the field, and when they dispersed, Lord Deimos and the executioner stood where the dragons used to lay, alive and unharmed.
“…We are back?” Lord Deimos asked, amazed.
“Yeah…we found a way to get you outta there,” Jet said.
“But why do I have the feeling it’s just gonna get harder and harder from this point on?” Link asked.
“Because you’re right,” Ogre answered darkly, landing on the ground in front of the team.

“Two more spirits return to the temple, destined to be locked inside the doorways once more…you are failing me, wizard. Slowly but surely you are running out of time,” Ganon said grimly through the mist.
“Master…not all is lost. There are more spirits…and they shall come forth and destroy them all,” Agahnim reassured Ganon.
“Oh? I know of your dragons! I fear the might of the team! Our numbers mean nothing if they keep decreasing! Release the three terrors! Let loose the Gleeoks! They shall kill them!” Ganon ordered.
“Yes my lord,” Agahnim agreed, placing the lid on the jar quickly. They were running out of dragons, and if Ganon wasn’t released from Hell, Agahnim knew he would regret it for the rest of his undoubetly short life.

“How many more could there be?” the executioner asked.
“A lot,” Link answered.
“A lot?” Jet questioned.
“Yeah…” Link said darkly.
“How do we know?” Al’Rashid asked.
“Because he’s right…there are three coming this way, they will be here in less than ten minutes…I can feel it in the earth,” Ogre answered.
“Damn…” Jet muttered in response to the bad news. From seemingly nowhere, three green skinned dragons marched. They were very large and fierce looking, each of them bearing two large heads at the end of very long necks. Their tails thrashed about wildly, slamming into the ground and sending chunks of dirt and grass into the air. This method they used to send large amounts of rock down upon the team, who barely blocked or dodged the attacks.
When the dragons finally got close enough to make an actual physical attack, they whipped their tails around with haste, lashing the Triforce Team, cutting them and sending them into the air as if they were little more than toys. Jet and Link ran forward to meet the first Gleeok, blasting it with their Triforce pieces, the golden light blinding the other two dragons in the process. The first Gleeok was bleeding and close to death, and Lord Deimos stabbed it in the chest with his mighty all-seeing blade, and it fell to the ground of the field, defeated.
The executioner threw one of his skulls at the next Gleeok, forming a large wound on its first head. It fell motionless against its body, dead. The second head bit at the executioner, and he backed away, stabbing its eye with his axe. He twisted it around and cleaved its neck, killing it. The last blew streams of fire at the team, burning the field. Ogre slammed his shield into one of the Gleeok’s heads, disorienting it. It moved from side to side, confused and in pain, and was quickly silenced by Al’Rashid’s scimitars meeting its flesh. The last head was stabbed by Yoshimitsu, and the dragon died.
“We did it!” Link yelled proudly.
“Then why hasn’t anyone come back like they’re supposed to?” Lord Deimos asked.
“You don’t think Ganon has caught on and has done something to seal the transfer of magic do you?” Yoshimitsu asked.
“…Link…behind you,” Ogre warned. The Hylian spun around in time to meet the second Gleeok’s skeleton, headless but powerful. It charged at the Hylian, and he jumped to the side, slicing it. Several bones were disconnected, but it was still alive. It lashed its claws at the hero, cutting his chest. He fell to the ground. Jet ran forward, hacking its spine from behind. A great mist left the skeleton, and the bones fell apart, the magic sealing them together gone. Three glowing lights came forth, and when they were gone, Impa, Kefei, and Samus were back to life, bewildered, but unhurt.
“Is Zelda…no. She was killed then?” Impa asked.
“Yeah…and it’s all my fault,” Jet answered, looking at the ground.
“She’ll be back soon, man. And then me and you and her and Malon can all be happy,” Link said.
“Malon?” Jet asked.
“Oops…I guess you know now,” Link said.
“Know what?!” Jet asked, growing agitated.
“That me and Malon are together,” Link answered.
“You do this…to me…” Jet said in disbelief and shock.
“Do what? Fall in love?!” Link asked.
“Why did you do this behind my back?!” Jet asked.
“So I didn’t hurt you!” Link answered.
“Oh, and that sure worked out well, now didn’t it?!”
“Why don’t you just shut the hell up!”
“Why don’t you make me!”
“Fine!” Link yelled, unsheathing his sword and slashing at Jet. He pulled out his hand crafted blade and blocked the blow.
“What are you-,” he was cut off by another slash. He blocked four or five blows, then kicked Link in the legs. The Hylian punched him in the face then spun around, slashing him. Link saw the blood fall from Jet’s chest and he instantly backed away, sheathing his blade.
“Jet…I’m-,” he didn’t get to finish the sentence.
“You’re gone from my kingdom!” Jet yelled.
“…what?” Link asked.
“You heard me! I want you to-,” Jet began.
“Both of you, shut up. you’re both idiots. Arguing isn’t going to save anyone. No one is banished from anywhere…let’s just wait for the next dragon to strike,” Ogre said, calming the two angered fighters down.
The End of the Dragons by BOEG
Chapter Eight:The End of the Dragons

It moved forward again, blasting the cold chilling particles of frozen matter at the team. Areas of the field were frozen solid, then burned to millions of pieces. Trees were left cracked and ruined, blades of grass shattered upon the dead soil. It was a nearly impossible fight, and the dragon had been given more power than ever before. Blades bounced harmlessly off of rock, and teeth gnawed into flesh, fire scorched skin, ice froze blood.
It had been a painful battle thus far, and it seemed to be far from over. Trinexx was one of the worst battles Link had ever been in, and now he was larger and much more powerful. Kafei blasted its fire head with his Mystic Ice, and the attack had enough force that it killed the head. The dragon moved even quicker now, an extreme amount of weight gone from its body.
Lord Deimos stepped forward, slamming his blade into the ground over and over, flames flying at the ice head. It shrank, growing very small and weak. Impa ran forward and decapitated it in this moment. Most of the team though the battle was now over, but the dragons tough outer shell of rocks broke, and a snake like reature was in its place.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, the triangular beam piercing the glowing area of the dragon’s abdomen. Lifeless rocks fell to the ground, blood covering them. Two beams of light shot to the ground, and Goku and Trunks were alive once more.
“We’re back? We’re back!” Goku yelled happily.
“We missed you too,” Link said.
“Yeah…it’s horrible down there…they just torture you, and torture you…and…it’s almost like you have this infinite amount of blood…because no matter how much you bleed…you always seem to bleed more…and they take your weapons…I’m in awe to have my sword again,” Trunks said, a pained look on his face.
“Yeah, well you’re out now, and you’re never gonna get hurt like that again…I swear I won’t lead you to your death again,” Jet said quietly.
“Just in case you’re wondering Jet, we forgive you,” Goku said.
“Yeah…but I’m hungry now…” Trunks said, holding his stomach.
“We don’t have any time for that right now,” Link said.
“You know what’s good?” Jet asked in a thoughtful tone.
“What?” Yoshimitsu asked.
“Butterscotch morsels….it’s been so long since I’ve had any of those…I used to just sit around my house and eat bags of them….mmm…they’re so good,” Jet answered slowly.
“I’m partial to white chocolate myself,” Yoshimitsu said.
“Nah…they blow, butterscotch all the way,” Jet argued.
“I’m telling you, white choco-,” Yoshimitsu was cut off by the sound of a heavy object moving swiftly against the wind. Its shadow instantly covered the sky, and all were in awe. It was grey in color, and had two long horns. It rose close to fifty feet into the air. It had a red jewel in the center of its forhead, and two glowing ruby eyes. Its arms were long, half as long in length as its body, and its claws were sharp. It had no legs, but a long tail. It floated by use of two very small leathery wings.
“Butterscotch butterscotch butterscotch! Heh, you lose,” Jet yelled at Yoshimitsu quickly, unsheathing his blade.
“Do you remember me, Hero of Time?” the dragon asked in a voice that was similar in sound and volume to thunder.
“..Onox,” Link uttered.
“Onox!? That Iron Knuckle we fought on Hyrule field?!” Jet asked, astonished.
“Yeah…in his true form…let’s make this short and sweet man…I throw a bomb at him, you jump on his hand, then do the rest,” Link said quietly.
“Okay...” Jet agreed doubtfully. Link pulled a bomb out of his bomb bag and lit the fuse, throwing it with all of his might at Onox. He blocked the bomb with his massive hand, and Jet jumped on top of it. He raised it once more, and Jet jumped into the air, stabbing the dragon in the forehead with his blade. It screamed, and blood spurted from the wound, drenching Jet in body fluids. It fell to the ground slowly, the crash incredible in size.
“With my death the spell has ended! No more dragons live, but I will come back and kill you, Hero of Time!” Onox screamed. Link threw another bomb at the dragons face, and he was silenced. Two rays of light shot forth fro the cloud filled sky, and Marth and Roy were back. In this moment, Jet was filled with a great sorrow.
“The spell is over…then…Zelda….isn’t coming back?” Jet asked.
“I’m sorry, man,” Link said in an apologetic tone.
“No! no more apologies! I’m going to Hell myself and getting her!” Jet screamed, running toward Death Mountain.
“Jet, stop!” Link yelled. He began to follow Jet, but Al’Rashid stopped him.
“He will do what he feels is right…it may lead him to Zelda, or eternal damnation…that decision is no longer up to you,” Al’Rashid said darkly.
The Wizard's Final Attempt by BOEG
Chapter Nine: The Wizard’s Final Attempt

“You let the Dragon Spell fail!?” Ganon questioned, the black mist swarming around Agahnim, shadow everywhere.
“Master, they defeated all of the dragons! I could not help it!” Agahnim pleaded.
“You fool! Go out there, and use the Siphon spell! Absorb every last piece of energy they use against you, then open the portal to Hyrule! I will take care of the rest,” Ganon ordered.
“..yes my lord,” Agahnim complied, placing the lid on the jar and beginning the long incantation.

He worked his way silently up the path. The darkness in his heart was blacker than the night sky. He had been sure the Dragon spell would bring Zelda back. With Onox’s death died also every hope Jet had. He was hoping it would rain. The heat the past few days had been intense, the metal of his own armor burning him. Rain was very settling to Jet, the cool kind that made the loud noise on rooftops. He could remember sitting outside on his front porch as a small boy when no one was outside, watching the rain fall. It always relieved him, made him feel as if he was safe.
“When it rains…no one can see your tears,” Jet said to himself as he continued up the steep mountain path, the rust colored soil and dark rock walls looming around him all awakening memories he didn’t want to have. He continued up, tripping on rocks and uneven stretches of ground in the darkness. He was near to the top, near enough that a fall would prove lethal. He slipped and in a moment he was on his knees, bleeding and alone in the black of the night.
He began to fall backwards, his legs slipping out from under him. He continued to dexcend without control toward the jagged rocks at the bottom, and certain death. The sands didn’t hinder his trip down, but every element acted together, as if nature itself was an evil force moving to kill him. He clawed at soil and it went underneath his hands and fingernails, scraping his palms. He tried in vain to stop his fall by digging his feet into the ground in front of him, and he kicked up rocks that pelted his chest and face as he fell. He wasn’t nearly focused enough to fly, and he was losing time quickly.
In what seemed like an eternity but was mere seconds, the fall was over, Jet’s limp body bouncing around helplessly, hitting rocks for at least twenty feet heading steeply down, then landing on the solid rock of the trail. Blood dripped to the ground of the path, the sound of every drop as loud as an explosion in the deserted mountain path. He drew no breath at the moment, and from the numerous wounds flowed blood like a river of red.
Chittering and evil voices were heard in the shadow, the noises morphing into one, a constant buzz, like an insect swarm to a rotted corpse. They came out of the shadows of their caves like maggots, and hobbled over to Jet’s limp body like the starved creatures they were. One sniffed Jet, and another licked the large wound on his arm dry, savoring the taste of his blood. Soon a small group of them were on his motionless, unresisting body, licking blood off of his open wounds eagerly, desiring nothing more than to bite into his flesh and get to his organs, a true meal.
One of them spoke, “Is he alive?”
“Check him Lagor,” another spoke.
Another of the creatures stepped forth from the shadows and placed two of its long bony tan-skinned fingers to Jet’s throat. It felt his neck for near to a minute, then shook his head. “This one doesn’t breathe the air of a living man,” it declared. There were muffled words spoken, but the majority cheered in excitement.
“What shall we do?” the first creature asked.
“Take him to the cave…if he stirs…then we eat him nonetheless…they always taste better when they struggle. Tonight we eat like kings! There is enough flesh here to feed our entire clan!” Lagor, the old one stated. More cheers came from the shadows. The strongest and youngest picked Jet’s body up and took him into the shadows of the mountain’s caves.

“I can’t believe it…he just decided to march straight into Hell!!!” Link yelled, kicking the stone wall with all of his might. Several small pebbles fell from it. He stood near to the inner fence of Lon Lon Ranch, looking up at the night sky, the sound of the numerous Guays loud yet distant. He had been explaining the whole situation to Malon, and now his anger and worry hit a boiling point. He wanted to kill Jet, and at the same time feared for his life.
“It’s okay,” Malon tried to reassure Link.
“Okay? Nothing’s okay! Nothing’s gonna be okay until Jet gets back here! He’s the king for Nayru’s sake!” Link yelled.
“He knows what he’s doing…he must,” Malon said.
“But he’s gonna die in there, and then they’ll both be gone forever, and it’ll all be over and then Devil will-,” Link was cut off. Malon kissed him quickly on the lips, and embraced him tightly. He smiled lightly, and held onto her. He hoped she was right about Jet. He hoped with everything in his heart.

“Heh heh! Yeah, I loved that one! What about that time Chester messed up in Live in Texas? Ya know, on From the Inside? He totally screwed the last part up…he didn’t hold the one word long enough…inside…he finished it way too quick and it ruined the whole thing…ha…I was laughing so hard,” Jet said happily between laughter.
“Yeah, I noticed that one too! That was great! But do you remember that time that that magician came to Pallet town? He said he could pull a rabbit out of his hat and he actually expected us all to close our eyes while he reached in his back pocket…haha…what an idiot,” Lee jeered. Jet and Lee had been friends for as long as he could remember, though they hardly ever talked anymore. He had no idea how it was they were together now, but he knew he was glad. They were in a video store of sorts, though it sold other things too, like batteries and some videogames, outdated as they may be.
“Yeah…God that guy was a retard,” Jet said laughing.
“Heh…hey, I’m gonna go use the bathroom, gotta drain the main vain as they say,” Lee said.
“And who says that?” Jet asked laughing.
“…ya know, they do,” Lee said.
“Haha…whatever, get goin,” Jet said.Lee ran in the direction of the bathroom and Jet continued to search through the DVD’s and videos. Almost everything there he had seen before, and the selection was rather boring, but in a moment, he forgot all about the store. Someone grabbed onto his shoulder and jolted him around hard, and in that moment, a great terror entered his body. The man in front of him had long black hair and wore a white robe tied by a black belt. He had a long katana sheathed at his back.
“Ta-Huna,” he said, tonelessly.
“Pardon?” Jet asked, raising an eyebrow, trying to remain calm, despite his great fear.
“My name. Kenji Ta-Huna,” the man repeated.
“Kenji I’ve heard, but Ta-Huna?” Jet asked.
“What about it?” Kenji asked.
“That isn’t Japanese…you sound like some fat Hawaiin dude who’s gonna eat me alive or somethin,” Jet said.
“It isn’t Japanese…it’s Beyuntanian,” Kenji responded.
“W-what?” Jet choked out.
“Go back,” Kenji ordered.
“What?” Jet asked.
“You can’t be here anymore…it isn’t a part of your life anymore. Go back, now. they need you. Wake up, now,” Kenji ordered. Jet closed his eyes, and shadow covered everything.

He opened his eyes. He blinked. He blinked again. Nothing changed. Black. It was all he saw. Black shadow. A face appeared so close to his he could feel its breath against his face. He let out a yelp of surprise.
“He’s alive!” Lagor yelled.
“Good…” another responded. Jet examined the figures. They were short and hunched, and their backs were hard and rock-like. They had several strands of grey hair on their heads, and dark circles under their reptilian eyes. They developed small sharp teeth, and were incredibly thin.
“Gruid-noms…” Jet said lowly.
“Yes…that is us…we are them…however you want to say it,” Lagor said, licking his lips.
“Darmal gave me permission to pass though!” Jet yelled.
“Oh? Why’s that?” one of the Gruid-noms asked.
“Because! I have the Black Sunset!” Jet yelled.
“…no you don’t,” Lagor said. Jet looked at his back and waist and in terror realized he had left the blade with Link.
“But I had it!” Jet yelled.
“Lies, lies, lies,” Lagor whispered, breathing on Jet again.
“Let me out!” Jet screamed, kneeing Lagor hard. He rolled to the side and fell to the cold stone ground, unconscious. The Gruid-noms leaped on Jet and he rolled onto the ground, slicing his bonds on a nearby blade. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed one of the Gruid-noms through. He smashed the other with his hilt, and it bled from its nostrils. Jet stabbed it in the face and it fell to the ground.
Lagor stood and picked up a blade, stabbing Jet in the already bleeding back. He fell to his knees and reached behind him, pulling Lagor by the hair. He kicked the Gruid-nom down, then stabbed him near to fifty times in the chest. He stumbled out of the black cave and made his way again up the dangerous path.
He moved up the path as quick as he could, which was very slow, his blood falling to the ground, staining the soil red. He tried to travel quickly, but it was daylight before he made it to Turtle Rock. He stumbled down the stairs as quick as he could, desperate to get down and then out again. He traveled through tunnels and holes, down stairs and up steep hills, until at last he came to the second level of Hell, nearly three days later.
“I’m afraid this is a dead end,” Ganon said, stepping forward. He wore strange black armor and his fingers were long and sharp. Two horns emerged from the side of his head, and his third eye glowed red. He took a large blade out of the dark soil behind him, brandishing it in front of his face.
“I have to get through,” Jet said, unsheathing his sword. He attacked Ganon, slashing at the King of Evil with all of his might. Ganon blocked with his massive Gerudo blade, countering with a magically charged blow. Jet stepped to the side and sliced Ganon in the back, the blade bouncing harmlessly off of the strange black armor. He moved the blade up quickly and tried to slice at Ganon’s neck, but he blocked and countered once more, bringing his blade down upon Jet. He just barely blocked and shot the Tetraforce at Ganon’s face. He was hit, and stumbled into the darkness, uttering curses.
Jet sheathed his sword slowly and stumbled forward. Every emotion he had felt came back to him in this instant. Before him was Zelda, or what used to be Zelda, breathing heavily on the ground. Her Sheikah cloth was tattered beyond repair, very little of the clothing still intact. Her skin had been flayed, and what now remained of her body was a bleeding mass of flesh that resembled a human. Her left arm had been gnawed to the bone, and bled profusely. Her eyes had literally been eaten out, blood oozing down her red and half devoured face. Her tongue was split down the middle, and blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. She cried out in pain and agony, begging to be killed.
Jet fell to his bloody knees and was sick on the ground in front of her. He wanted to absorb her pain, take it away, be the one who was tortured instead of her. He cried loudly, his sobs filling the tunnel. He worked up his courage, hoping he wouldn’t get sick again, and walked to Zelda.
“Zel….can you hear me? please? Please tell me you’re still there,” Jet cried out. She let out another cry of pain. “Please honey…answer me!” he pleaded again. She moaned in pain begging again to be slain. “No! I know it’s hard but please..get up…” Jet pleaded. She called out Jet’s name and extended her arm in the air. He moved quickly and held onto her hand, gently picking her up. He worked his way up the levels of Hell, Zelda’s weight and the scent of her rotting flesh making the trip anything but pleasant.
They at last made it to the long staircase up. Jet made sure his hold on Zelda’s weak body was strong, and he began making the long climb up. He traveled as fast as he could, slipping occasionally, but never losing his footing completely. They made it to the top, and cold drops of rain poured down over their heads. Zelda’s blood washed upon Jet’s hands, and her body went limp under the dark sky. He wept, and it was the most he cried since his parents died.
“When it rains…no one can see your tears,” Jet said to himself again, sobbing lowly. He closed his eyes, praying his suffering would end. The loud rumble of thunder shook through the skies, and lightning struck, cutting through the sky in its amazing patterns. Jet sat on top of the mountain of Death, his wife in his arms, his life behind him. He wanted it to end, for his life and memoreies to wash away in the waters that flowed gently down the mountain paths. He wished he would die in this moment with his wife, and that his life would fade quickly, by prayer instead of blade or magic.
In his greatest moment of doubt, when shadow overtook every inch of his mind, and hopelessness filled every inch of his heart, two gloved hands met his wet neck, and he felt two arms wrapped around his body, and a pair of soft lips touch his. He opened his eyes, and in his arms was Zelda, his wife, his queen, his love, his life, alive and unhurt. There they kissed once more, the Royal Family of Hyrule, and as the lightning cut through the sky and the thunder roared in the distance, and the rain fell all around them, they continued their kiss of passion, of pure bliss, and in that moment, all faded.
That kiss held to both of them more meaning than anything else that ever occurred in their lives. That kiss was a beautiful death to the shadows they both carried. Their pain and worry and sorrow disappeared as their lips parted and they held each other, and the fear and anguish was gone from them, and they had strength and confidence anew. They made their way slowly down the mountain together, the king and queen of Hyrule, together once more.

The Triforce Team waited in front of the gate to Lon Lon Ranch, the cold rain falling down upon their heads, their cloth growing very wet. None cared, and all mourned for Jet, for the fear that he was dead was ever present and powerful in their heads. Hope was gone. None believed that he would return. And all were wrong.
Out of the fog and rain came Firestar, the mighty steed, Jet and Zelda upon his back, alive and well. The horse halted in front of the team, and Jet and Zelda dismounted. All were overjoyed, and made their greetings to the queen. Before any had a chance to do anything else though, a shadow was again upon them.
“Pain…it was dealt to you all…but now you are all back…and my spell has failed…for this, you will all die,” Agahnim said calmly, blasting the team with lightning magic. Lord Deimos slammed his blade into the ground, and fire flew forward at Agahnim. He countered with an Ice spell. Marth ran at the wizard, moving his Falchion around quickly slicing at Agahnim’s arm. It was cut, and the wizard was angered. He raised his hand into the air and slammed it down once more, lightning flying from the sky at Marth. He was hit and rolled to the side.
He blasted a Fire spell at the team, and Link and Jet stepped forward, absorbing the magic with their Mirror shield and sword, shooting it back at Agahnim. The wizard was knocked off his feet, his back cracking as it hit the ground. He got up quickly, just in time to have fire and decapitated heads launched at him. He spun his hand in a circle and activated the Sheild spell, reflecting the attacks back.
Zelda aimed her Mystic Light at Agahnim, and he could not properly defend against the magic, and was hit head on. He bled prfuesly now, and shot a large sphere of magic energy at the team. Jet sliced the sphere back at Agahnim, then blasted him with the Tetraforce. The wizard was hit once more, then stood.
“…Good job, congratulations…now I must leave though, I believe that was enough energy…” Agahnim said, letting loose a blue sphere then warping away. Out of the sphere came a figure none wanted to see, but all accepted. Ganon was alive once more, in demonic form, and more powerful than ever. If they didn’t defeat him now, the chances they ever would were very slim. The Triforce Team readied themselves for combat.
The King of Evil's New Power by BOEG

Chapter Ten: The King of Evil’s New Power

With a spinning motion the King of Evil slammed his Gerudo blade into the ground, leaving it embedded in the soil as he slowly walked forward. The rain fell with increasing speed to the ground, pounding against the warrior’s armor, giving the whole confrontation and odd feel thanks to the noise. The king of Evil was now terrifying to look upon, his oddly fitted black armor and the demonic glow in his eyes unsettling. He moved forward, shadow around him, darkness coming increasingly closer to the team with every step he took. When he was mere feet away from Link and Jet, he stopped.
“Now now, don’t be stupid,” he began, his voice completely changed from his demonic transformation in Hell. “You didn’t honestly think you could keep me away from Hyrule for too long, did you? We are bounc together, Hyrule and I,” Ganon explained, looking around at the land.
“I know that you’re evil…and I can’t allow you to live,” Link responded, stepping forward.
“At any cost,” Jet added.
“You can’t allow me to live. As if it is now suddenly your choice as to who lives and who dies. It is a pity you are such a moron. Let me fill you in on a small piece of information, hero. Back in the days of my mortal life, you and I were formidable foes for each other. But now, now it is I who decides who lives and dies. The gift has been stripped from your weak body and taken out of your frail hands, given to the Knight of Satan, the King of Evil,…me,” Ganon declared darkly.
“You mean…you…” Marth tried to say, amazed.
“The beast sold his soul to the devil,” Zelda uttered, just as amazed as the rest of the team.
“Thank you for the compliment, your highness. But might I venture to say that you looked a bit more attractive back in Hell?” Ganon asked.
“Enough of this, we all killed you once, what’s stopping us now?” Samus asked, pointing her gun straight at Ganon.
“What makes you feel ready to take an immortal being? Was it the same feeling that moved you to combat Devil? You saw how that worked out. It would serve you better if you just killed yourselves with your own weapons…it would save me about five minutes of work,” Ganon answered.
“Enough of this, come on Ganon, let’s go!” Jet yelled.
“If you insist,” Ganon agreed. He moved his hand forward, and hundreds of bolts of electrically charged energy flew at Jet. The energy flashed, lighting up the darkened sky, leaving behind a smoking cloud, despite the downpour. All in this moment thought they had lost Jet, and all mourned, until they saw Jet, in the air, alive and well. He landed and unsheathed his Black Sunset, running forward and slicing at Ganon. He blocked the attack and grabbed onto Jet’s blade, charging it with electric magic. Jet yelled out in pain and backed away, still holding onto the sword.
“Mystic Light!” Zelda called out, blasting the blinding light at Ganon. It hit him in the chest and bounced harmlessly off of his armor. “Oh?...fine then. Triforce of Wisdom!” she yelled, using the sacred traingle’s power. It hit Ganon and he was knocked back several feet, but did not lose his balance, nor look wounded in the least. Ganon shot a large black sphere of magic at Zelda, an attack which she could defend against, as she still wore her royal dress, and had no weapons. It flew at her with incredible speed, and nearly as fast, Jet ran in front of her, slashing the attack back with his Black Sunset, still clutched by his wounded hand.
“Oh…you want to do this?” Ganon asked, a grim smile growing on his green skinned face. He slapped the sphere back at Jet, and he again hit it back with another desperate slash, now clutching the blade with both hands. Ganon effortlessly hit it back near to five more times, and the last, Jet’s arm was too weak to raise. The sphere went toward him, the shadow near and terrifying. Link stepped forward and batted back the sphere with his Master sword, then slashed at Ganon.
He spun around, avoiding the sword, and punched Link in the back, knocking him to his knees. Ogre flew at Ganon, landing in front of the evil king and engaging in hand to hand combat, their skill both amazing and terrible. Punches were countered, kicks were dodged, neither seemed to have an advantage. Ogre slammed his shield into Ganon’s face and he fell backwards, throwing fire magic at Ogre. When Ganon again got back up, he removed his sword from the ground of the field and warped away without so much as another word to the Triforce Team.
“Did we hurt him?” Jet asked.
“It certainly didn’t seem so,” Ogre answered darkly, the red glow in his eyes seemingly brighter than usual, and his tone even colder.
“Something wrong, Ogre?” Jet asked.
“He made me…a little mad,” Ogre replied emotionlessly.
“Oh…but he sold his soul to the Devil? Who would do that? And why?” Jet asked.
“Ganondorf has been a leader all of his life…whatever the reason it can’t be to follow Devil. There must be something in it for him,” Zelda answered thoughtfully.
“Well…let’s just try to forget about Ganon for awhile…we should all be happy tonight…Zelda is back! The king and queen are finally together again! Now they can go back to the castle and live happily ever after,” Link said in a joking tone.
“Oh my God…the castle!” Jet yelled, mounting Firestar and riding hard for Hyrule castle. He rode his horse quickly into the market and up the dirt trail, stopping in front of the gate to Hyrule castle.
“Your highness…you’re alive?” Jonphor asked.
“Yeah…ahh….I’m so sorry I didn’t come back…I must have had you guys all worried to death…I’m being a horrible king! I told you I wasn’t too good at this royalty stuff. Ugh…I’m horrible,” Jet said apologetically.
“It’s fine! Heh heh honestly, no one is born a perfect king, it takes time. I bet Harkinarian wasn’t the best when he was a young man. What of the queen?” Jonphor asked.
“I brought her back,” answered.
“From Hell?” Jonphor asked, in awe.
“…yeah,” Jet answered slowly.
“You truly amaze me sometimes, your highness. I am truly sorry for labeling you a villain,” Jonphor apologized, bowing down.
“…it’s okay. You were trying to protect Hyrule…and um…please get up,” Jet reassured Jonphor. He did so with haste.
“Thank you your highness,” Jonphor said.
“Yeah, you got it,” Jet said.
“I assume you want in to the castle then?” Jonphor asked.
“Yes, well err, actually no. tonight Link and Zelda and I are gonna go back to Earth and have dinner somewhere…and then I’m gonna show them the wonders of the mall…I can’t believe they haven’t been out and around that much. But we’ll be back tomorrow,” Jet answered, turning and mounting his horse.
“Okay, sir. I’ll inform the soldiers that you and the queen are alive,” Jonphor stated. Jet nodded and rode off to meet the team in front of Lon Lon Ranch.

“You guys are comin with us now,” Jet said, opening the warp portal into Hyrule. They were back. The Triforce Team was again complete, and the Royal Family had never been happier. With the allies they had, and the connections they had made, Hyrule would be very safe in the days to come. They knew they would face challenges, but through their strength and trust in each other, they would overcome them one by one. They now had but two shadows left to remove from Hyrule. The Devil, and Ganon his lesser knight.
Part 5: Bird of Prey by BOEG
Part V

Chapter One: The Bird of Prey

“You better make us proud this year falc,” the man behind the metal counter stated with a deep yet happy voice. The room was large, but it felt very crowded and small despite its actual size. It was a local pub in a town on the planet the man seated at the counter had just landed on. It was very dark here, except for fiercely glowing neon illumination. There were aliens of all manner and type here, and of the creatures he could distinguish in the darkness, there was only one other man there, and that was the large one with the long brown beard behind the counter.
“Yeah…I never fail, I always deliver. Thanks for the drink,” he said getting up slowly and turning for the door. He flicked several golden coins out of his hand into the air, and the man behind the counter caught them with relative ease, the smiled to himself as the man left the room.
“Heh heh, that falcon, I can’t wait until the season begins,” he said to himself.

His appearance wasn’t the most normal for a man, but it was necessary for the races. He was a pilot in the F-Zero tournament, and almost always won first place, despite the fact he was a man. He wore a purple body suit, and his muscles were large. His arms and feet were covered with tough metal gloves and boots, yellow in color. He had a yellow belt around his waist, a double function gun holstered at his side, serving as both pistol and laser. He had a black mask about the top half of his face, and almost always wore his helmet, visor down, with a falcon inscribed on the front. In the races and in real life he went simply by Captain Falcon.
The racing season was nearing, and the first race was to occur in this town, on a small track compared to the grand finish of last year, but still challenging enough by the looks and age of it. He was a bounty hunter of sorts when the season ended, doing anything for anyone as long as he could gain money. He had sustained himself in both areas, racing and hunting, and was an all around warrior to be reckoned with.
He walked out of the pub and into the dusty streets. The town was old and rundown, wooden houses and sandswept streets, few people or aliens walking about them at day or night. There was an odd figure who stood out like a sore thumb in the street in front of Falcon. He was robed in black, with a hood around his face. He hobbled slowly over to Falcon and spoke, “You…bounty hunter…can you please do me a favor?”
“What? You know the racing season starts at the end of the month,” Falcon complained.
“Yes, but please! I will give you anything I still have,” he pleaded.
“I suppose I have time for one more bounty…well, hurry up now, what is it?” Falcon asked.
“Several months ago, I was beaten to a pulp by two fighters in a clan known as the Triforce Team…they simply wouldn’t stop. I begged and sobbed, and they jeered. The more pain I expressed the more pleasure they took in their dark task…please, kill these warriors,” he pleaded in a sad tone.
“Fine…when I come back here, who should I look for…I mean, what do you call yourself, in case I can’t find you?” Falcon questioned.
“You will be able to find me I garuntee it. But…I am known in this place as Mandrag,” he answered.
“Okay…I’ll leave now…,” Falcon said, turning. It would be a tight squeeze, but if he traveled fast, he could hunt out the warriors and still make it back in time for the first race in the old town.

The grass was neatly trimmed, the scent of the mowed down blades strong in the hot air. Jet’s backyard was likely the neatest part of his house, even though it was outside. There was a large grill atop several cinder blocks on the sidewalk near to the sliding glass that was his back door. His yard was surrounded by bushes, but it was large compared to most in the town, and in recent days, privacy in his yard was something he was becoming increasingly thankful for, with good reason.
The training unit, though large was in a way incomplete. After becoming a gym leader and returning to his house, Jet had wasted nearly every bit of money he had saved to do work on the training unit, and couldn’t afford lighting. It was dark, and very cold in the training unit, so he enjoyed opportunities to get outside and practice his skills.
“So, Zelda finally unleash ya for a little sunlight?” Link asked.
“Ha ha, you wish. Look at you Mr. tough guy,” Jet jeered.
“Oh? Well what have you accomplished that’s so great lately, eh?” Link shot back, sure he’d stumped Jet.
“I am proud to say I can now fly…whenever I want,” Jet answered.
“Wow…show me,” Link said, awestruck. Jet closed his eyes, and in seconds, his feet were off the ground, his body levitating several feet in the air. “Awesome!” Link yelled in excitement. They were then silenced by an unfamiliar voice.
“You must be the ones!” Captain Falcon yelled, running at Link. He stepped to the side and unsheathed his Master sword, slashing at Falcon. The man kicked the sword, the blade not cutting his foot in the least. Jet landed behind him, and he spun around, kicking him in the face. He turned quickly and moved his hands in a circular motion.
“Tetraforce Power!” the familiar yell rang out, the golden light shooting through the air.
“Falcon punch!” Falcon yelled, moving his right hand in front of his face, then extending his left. It was surrounded in flames, and the two attacks cancelled each other out, neither doing damage. He backed away and began to ready another attack, flames gathering around his foot.
“Wait! Who are you?!” Link asked, angered.
“I am Captain Falcon, you two warriors beat a poor old man,” Falcon answered.
“What was this old man’s name?” Jet asked, stepping closer to the man.
“Mandrag,” Falcon answered.
“Ganon!” Link yelled.
“Hmm?” Falcon asked.
“He is an evil warlord in Hyrule. He disguised himself to get you to kill us. His name is Mandrag Ganon. You have to help us get him,” Jet explained.
“Fine…looks like I’m going to miss racing season. You can try to explain this to me some more now,” Falcon said in a disappointed tone.
The Third Venture into Darkness by BOEG
Chapter Two: The Third Venture into Darkness

“I’m going to kill him, man,” Jet said slowly, hesitation in every syllable, as he knew the minute he uttered the words he couldn’t turn back.
“You aren’t serious…you can’t be! We got everyone back! What reason do we have to go back there?!” Link asked.
“No…not us…just…me…the king of Hyrule,” Jet stated coldly.
“If we take out the master before we ge the apprentice then he’ll take over the throne,” Link warned.
“We’ve killed Ganon before…a title won’t give him anymore power, it’ll just inflate his ego,” Jet assured Link, strapping his belt to his waist and securing his sheathe to it.
“Don’t do this!!” Link yelled.
“Digi-Port….” Jet began, hesitating slightly once more.
“Don’t do it…it isn’t worth it, man. It isn’t…please don’t,” Link begged.
“…Open,” Jet finished, opening the warp portal to Hyrule.
“…damn,” Link muttered under his breath. Out of all of the things Jet had ever done, this was the stupidest in Link’s mind. The chances of him coming back after going in alone twice were very slim, especially given his grim goal. He sat down on his bed slowly and put his head in his hands.

Farther and farther up he went, past the red glow of the volcanic caves and the orange tint of the setting sun on grey rocks. He traveled up the path, alone again, Black Sunset and the Royal Family’s blade in his hands. He was not about to be captured by Gruid-noms again, not after the urgency of his last quest. He had no idea how he could defeat a Hell Lord, but he was going to try. His saiya-jin skills had improved, and he was a little more confident, but he took little comfort in his less than amateur skills.
He traveled to the staircase of stone, next to the dark gaze of the mountain prison Turtle Rock. Down the cold dark stairs he traveled, past all life, past all shadow and light, into a realm of nothing more than pain and doubt. He ventured on, sneaking past the masses of demons that walked the tunnels and open chambers, past the horrible sounds and scents and sights, rotting flesh, tortured screams, flayed corpses, all were here, in this realm of evil, to the very belly of the beast, to the first level.
He walked through the tunnel entrance of the dark cavernous room ahead of him, and memories of Link’s stories came crashing into his mind as a large stone door fell down behind him, tough iron bars blocking it. He walked forward slowly, his blade almost slipping out of his sweaty palms, the fear in his heart strong.
“Show yourself Devil! I will kill you!” Jet taunted, raising his Black Sunset into the air.
“Such a bold claim from a worm! What are you doing in my realm again? What is this now, the third time your filth has entered my throne room!? You’re so full of life…yet you are in my kingdom!” Devil screamed, spreading his wings.
“Your kingdom? Heh, you don’t rule a thing, you’re the biggest prisoner here!” Jet jeered, trying to keep his confidence in himself up.
“Fool…you would enter my very chamber, and speak these lies to me? I shall correct your error in judgement now…by ripping out your tongue with my bare hands!” Devil yelled, flying at Jet. The demon tackled Jet to the ground, grabbing his head with both hands and slamming it into the stone ground repeatedly. He tried to break free, but the strength he commanded was incredible, and Jet could not pry a finger off of his body.
“Let…me go,” Jet ordered slowly.
“Gladly,” Devil agreed, picking Jet up off of the ground and throwing him at a nearby wall. Jet kicked the wall and flew into Devil, his saiya-jin training saving his life. The demon was caught off guard and fell to the ground, Jet on top of him. He didn’t delay in stabbing the Hell Lord in the leathery wing, red blood running onto the dark floor. Devil yelled in painand tried to stand up, the blade embedded in his leathery flesh tearing it as he moved. He yelled louder and back handed Jet to the side of the room.
“L-l-looks….like I hurt you,” Jet said, standing.
“I am hurt…but you, my living friend….you are dead!” Devil screamed, running forward and charging electricity into his fists. He punched at Jet, who stepped to the side. He was instantly awed. The wall was literally gone, no trace of rock left. Devil punched at Jet again, and he stepped to the side, focusing all of his Ki energy. He transformed into a Super saiya-jin with haste, running at Devil and attacking him with all of the force he could muster, charging his spikes with Ki energy.
Devil was wounded, blood running down his arms from numerous cuts given by the blades. Gotet charged a Kame Hame Ha wave at Devil, and the attack knocked him into a nearby wall, rock and dust falling around his wounded body. He emerged again, angered to a boiling point. A grim smile entered his face when he saw his opponent. The attack had wasted his energy, and Gotet was now again in his regular form, out of power.
“Like a fly…an insect…you evade death until you stop to take a rest, and then you are crushed…your organs and blood all over me,” Devil said happily. Gotet rushed forward, blasting Devil with all the Ki energy he had. Almost all of them bounced off of his skin, and the ones that made contact didn’t break the flesh. Devil kicked Gotet in the face, knocking him to the stone ground. He then rose into the air, spreading his massive wings. His eyes glowed a fierce yellow, and two beams came from them, blasting in Gotet’s direction, burning a hole in the ground of solid rock. Gotet rolled to the side and stood on one knee, spreading his arms far apart. He charged Ki energy into both of his blades, and the two beams formed into one, the same attack he used on the Aku-Mari in Hyrule.
The beam shot through the red scar in Devil’s chest, and a fierce scream rang throughout the entire realm as Devil’s foul spirit left his body for the first time in countless years. He was not willing to leave Gotet alone. He flew toward the human with speed, the black ebbing shadow that was his body still potent enough to kill a man.
“Tetraforce Power!” Gotet screamed. Golden light filled the Hell Lord’s chamber, and with a terrible cry of anguish, like one thousand men being killed at once in the most horrible of manners, it was over. The horrid darkness of the realm was gone. Devil was destroyed. The king of Aku-Mari, strongest of the blessed of Heaven in his days of grace, was dead.
Upon the floor there was a body that Gotet recognized from the team’s first journey into Hell. It was the body of the man that claimed to be Kazuya Mishima, the disguise that Devil had used. Apparently, Kazuya was a real man. Gotet powered down and fell to the ground. He slowly edged his way over to the man’s body, and felt his wrist. He was alive.
“Umm…come on…the darkness is gone from this place…so please work…Digi-Port Open!” Jet yelled, holding onto Kazuya’s body. To his relief, the warp portal to Earth opened in front of him. He picked up Kazuya’s body, and slowly went into the vortex of blue light. The lord of Hell was dead. Ganon was all that remained.
The Knight of Hell by BOEG
Chapter Three: The Knight of Hell

Jet stumbled out of the warp portal slowly, his wounds making it difficult to carry the heavy man. He ccarefully placed Kazuya’s limp form down upon the sidewalk and fell to his own knees, gasping for breath. The man wore tattered white pants, and red gauntlets, a dark look on his face. Jet took a deep breath. He almost choked on the clean air, the feeling reminding him of eating a mint then taking a drink of ice cold water. It was chilly today, especially considering he had just left Hell, the first level, the Devil’s old body on the ground next to him.
He slapped Kazuya’s face, speaking, “Kazuya…wake up! Wake up now! Before I kill you!” he stirred a little, and Jet continued trying to wake him up, “Wake up! Come on, you’ve been cooped up in Hell for how long, so just wake up!”
“You….freed me,” he said, opening his eyes and looking into Jet’s.
“Um,” Jet stammered uncomfortably.
“You freed me from the Devil’s grasp! I’m free!” Kazuya yelled, sitting up slowly.
“Free? Just what happened? You aren’t simply a disguise Devil wore?” Jet asked.
“No…I am not. My story is little less than pity worthy…I brought all of this upon my own head. I was young, and my father, a man named Heihachi Mishima…Devil spoke of him to you, anyway, my father threw me off a cliff’s edge into darkness. I was weak then, just a little boy…but then I saw the most beautiful figure shrouded in light…and he offered me a chance to live and take my father’s life…in return for giving him my soul. I agreed, and only later did I realize what I had done…so here I am, free. I will do whatever you want me to now, I am indebted to you,” Kazuya explained.
“Well then…you will join my team of fighters…and help us kill Ganon, your servant,” Jet said, standing.
“Devil’s servant. We are not one in the same…although I will forever have his blood in my body…the blood of an Aku-Mari,” Kazuya said darkly, eyes fixed on the ground.
“Come on…we’re gonna get Ganon, once and for all,” Jet said. Kazuya followed.

“You brought who used to be the Devil….in here…to help us kill Ganon?” Link asked.
“Yes,” Jet answered calmly.
“Heh heh…okay…we better be able to trust you though. Now that Devil is dead, you’ll find that betrayal will get you death…quick death,” Link warned.
“I would never. If I am a member of this Triforce Team, I aid the team, not attempt to destroy it,” Kazuya said slowly.
“Good,” Link said with a smile, getting up from the wooden chair in the dining room.
“Gather the troops, man. We’re headin out,” Jet instructed, readying his blades and his chakram.

“Do you really think he’s going to come out in the middle of the field just because we are standing here?” Zelda asked to no one in particular.
“We have something that we didn’t have before though,” Link answered vaguely.
“What’s that?” Al’Rashid asked.
“Him,” Jet answered, pointing toward Kazuya.
“Servant! Come forth! Destroy the Triforce Team! Kill them all!” Kazuya yelled in the most demonic voice he could manage, which was much fiercer than anyone else could muster, as the demon blood in his body ran strong. A black cloud of smoke appeared from the sky, and the armored form of Ganon fell from it, Gerudo blade in hand.
“Master- no…you didn’t…you worms!” Ganon yelled, seeing Kazuya.
“What? I’m finally on the winning side,” Kazuya declared proudly.
“You are not my master!” Ganon screamed.
“Fine…let me give you one more command…something that Devil wanted to tell you to do all along. Servant….fuck yourself,” Kazuya ordered, spitting on the ground in front of Ganon. The King of Evil ran forward, slashing at Kazuya. He charged his fists with electricity and punched at Ganon. He was knocked to the ground, out of breath, but unwounded. He rolled to the side and stood, charging his blade with evil energy and slicing at Kazuya. He ducked and hit Ganon with an uppercut. The blow didn’t possess enough force to left him off of the ground, but it succeeded in knocking him back.
Jet stepped forward, throwing his chakram at Ganon. The spinning disc hit Ganon in the chest, cracking his armor, then flew back at Jet in a perfect circle. He caught it sheepishly and latched it onto his belt, unsheathing his sword. Yoshimitsu sprung forth, engaging in a sword battle of sorts with Ganon, trying to buy the rest of them time.
“Triforce of Wisdom!” Zelda yelled, the golden triangle piercing the armor on Ganon’s back. He yelled and spun around, shooting black spheres of dark magic at the team. Several were hit, and all now knew the extent of Ganon’s power. He was strong when angered, but weak when surprised. Magnum pelted him with a sharp piece of ice, the quickest magic he could conjuer in the amount of time, and Ganon was hit in the side of the head, and fell to the ground. Samus shot several beam blasts at the King of Evil, and he rolled to the side, standing on one knee and blasting magic at the hunter. Link ran in front of her and bounced the magic back with his Mirror shield, the sphere hitting Ganon.
Ganon was on the ground, his armor cracked and ruined, his blood upon the grass and soil. He was defeated. Link stepped forward, unsheathing his Master sword.
“I…no matter what you do to me here…am now the Lord of Hell!” Ganon yelled proudly. Link slammed his sword through Ganon’s chest in this moment, and he died, his darkness leaving Hyrule. He was gone, and the shadow had been lifted.
“We did it! We saved Hyrule! It’s over!!!” Jet yelled.
“You did no such thing! You should have captured him, done anything but kill him!” Kazuya yelled.
“Why’s that?” Link asked.
“Now he commands the entire army of Hell…he is what Devil was…the Hell Lord,” Kazuya said grimly.
The Revival by BOEG
Chapter Four: The Revival

Fire. Darkness. The glowing red swallowed by the strangling black. Life. Death. The living flame drowned by the dead blackness. Struggling and acceptance. Trying desperately to escape, but becoming too weak to try. Screams and silence. Tortured cries of anguish, and the blade moving to silence them. Hell was the realm full of opposites that worked together to bring the same thing. Punishment. Normally it should be left alone, normally it shouldn’t have been dealt with. These are the sinners, the murderers, the thieves, the dictators and warlords, these are the souls that are supposed to be here. Naturally they shouldn’t be granted ease. Or mercy. But when the demons try to unleash their fury on those who do not deserve it, that it when action is taken. That is when those with a sense of duty try to stop the evil by any means possible.
In the very first level of the realm was a king, a Hell Lord who wanted nothing more than to unleash his fury on the living. Mandrag Ganon had taken the throne to Hell, and the army of demons along with it. Former King of Theives, but more recently, former King of Evil. Before him stood an ancient demon, an Aku-Mari who had been slain in Hyrule by the Triforce Team.
“Why should I give you another chance at life?” Ganon asked.
“Because…I hate them…I can get them now…my strength has increased…please..give me a chance,” the Aku-Mari begged.
“Fine…go to Hyrule…and try your best,” Ganon agreed.
“Yes master…thank you,” the Aku-Mari said, walking out of Ganon’s chamber.
“Yes…such a waste of a good demon…pity,” Ganon said to himself, sure of the fate that would befall the Aku-Mari yet again.

“Ganon is the Lord of Hell. I can’t believe what we’ve done,” Jet said to himself in disbelief. The entire team still remained where they had slain Ganon, his corpse burned much earlier by Lord Deimos and his massive sword’s magic. They had sat in disbelief of what they had done to Hyrule, thinking they saved it, when they really put it in more danger than it had ever been in before.
“You guys are guiltless…don’t feel bad about Ganon. It’s my fault…I killed him! I’m the one who did it! I put my own planet into this incredible danger!” Link yelled in anger.
“Wait…the shadow…the grass feels it,” Yoshimitsu said calmly.
“What?” Zelda asked.
“The forces of nature are working together to warn us. The wind is moving and the grass, and the grass is making a noise…a very desperate noise. There is another dark force on its way here,” Ogre answered for Yoshimitsu.
“But what?” Samus questioned. She was almost immediately answered. The entire team was put into fear by a dark shadow, a shadow which three who were present had felt before, not long ago. Zelda fell to her knees, sobbing. Those who were newer to the team looked at her with a bewildered gaze, wondering what her reason was for crying. The reason was all too apparent to Jet and Link.
It absorbed the fear of the team, gaining an immense amount of strength and armor, including an elongated spring loaded metal claw in place of a right arm. The Aku-Mari of Hell was back, the very same demon that had taken king Harkinarian’s life, and Jet instantly remembered the feeling of the dark claws through his chest.
“You…” it uttered slowly, raising its long black arm toward Jet.
“Stay back you guys…it wants me…and that’s who it’s gonna get,” Jet said, unsheathing his blade and stepping forward.
“I shall make you pay for what you did to me,” it said darkly, launching its metal claw at Jet. He stepped to the side and the claw tore through the earth like it was little more than brittle cardboard. Jet spun around and brought his blade down upon the Aku-Mari’s chest, its small breastplate protecting it. It slapped Jet with its one real arm, and he flew to the ground, spitting out blood when he landed. He regained his posture and ran forward, blade tightly in hand.
He sliced at the demon quickly, turning the blade and delivering blow after blow in an attempt to cut past armor and into black shadowy flesh. The Aku-Mari blocked the blade, grabbing Jet’s hand with force, causing him to slice his own arm. The wound was deep and delivered quickly, and Jet was caught off guard. He sheathed his sword and readied his Royal Family’s blade.
“How does it feel? Facing your enemy once more?” the Aku-Mari asked.
“…just…great…buddy,” Jet answered in a cocky tone, panting. The Aku-Mari reached his arm out, trying to pierce Jet’s flesh as he did before. Jet sliced off the creature’s fingers, not willing to let it do the same painful move again. He stabbed at the Aku-Mari, and it wrapped its tail around Jet’s blade, cutting itself in the process. He threw it at Jet with full force, and it flew into his shoulder. He screamed out in pain, and did the only thing he could think of to catch the Aku-Mari off guard; he turned and rammed his back into the demon, the sword that was sticking through his own flesh piercing the skin of the demon.
“Jet! Get outta there! He’s gonna kill you!” Link yelled.
“…this is my battle,” Jet said quietly, not caring whether Link heard him or not. He pulled the blade out of his shoulder slowly, the pain of every inch of metal sliding against his innards incredible and nearly unbearable, the fear and urgency the only thing working him through the pain. He sheathed the sword, not even wiping his blood off of it, and unsheathed his Black Sunset.
“I do not fear your demon blade, foolish king,” the Aku-Mari warned.
“…whatever,” Jet uttered, attacking the demon slowly. The blows he delivered were weak and easily parried and countered, but Jet would not give up. The Aku-Mari whipped Jet with his mighty wings, growing tired of the game of slash and block. Jet hit the ground and sheathed his blade, standing slowly. All who saw the battle in this moment prayed they had strayed into a dream, or that their eyes were deceiving them. They wanted nothing more than to wake up and open their eyes, and see Jet proud and victorious over the shadowy carcass of the Aku-Mari, but what they saw was altogether different.
The Aku-Mari had slammed his metal claw through Jet’s chest, the pressure the only thing keeping him alive. The moment the claw was removed he would die, and he knew this. He tried his best to look dead, despite his urge to cry out in pain. He remained silent, his eyes closed.
“Hahaha…you are dead...goodbye…king of Hyrule,” the Aku-Mari said proudly. In this moment Jet’s eyes shot open, and he unlatched his chakram from his belt, launching it into the demon’s throat from nearly point blank range. It gargled loudly, blood spilling out of its fang studded mouth. Its blood red eyes closed slowly, and it fell to the ground of the field, bringing Jet’s equally limp body with it. Both were dead.
“Jet…”Link said silently, almost a whisper.
“No!!! …it took him too! It took him….just like daddy!” Zelda sobbed out loudly, still on her knees. Impa sat slowly next to her, placing her arm around Zelda’s shoulder and trying to calm her down. They had lost Jet to the shadow. He was now dead, and none knew to where he had been sent. Hoplessness was the feeling in everyone’s heart.
The Out of Body Experience by BOEG
Chapter Five: The “Out of Body” Experience

“Judgement will be given to you, according to how you act in this trial my friend,” a slightly familiar voice rang out.
“W-what?” Jet asked, confused.
“The Aku-Mari has taken you into shadow,” he answered.
“I’m dead?” Jet asked in awe.
“It is not so hard to believe…you died once before and were returned…but the way you act will judge your placement in one of the three realms,” the voice said again.
“Three realms?” Jet asked.
“According to your actions…you will stay in one of the three realms. Heaven…Hell…or you might return to the land of the living,” the voice answered.
“Who are you?” Jet asked, worried.
“Try opening your eyes,” the voice answered. Jet slowly did so, and the first thing he took in was the face of the man who had been in his dreams and visions of late. The man who had called himself Kenji.
“Trial?” Jet questioned yet again. His surroundings were non descript, black against black.
“Yes…there are three trials…one in the realm of the Heavens….one in the realm of the fires…and one in the realm of life,” Kenji answered.
“And I’m judged? Like some video game from hell?” Jet asked.
“Yes,” Kenji answered.
“By who?!” Jet questioned angrily.
“…by God,” Kenji answered.
“…this is serious…” Jet stated quietly.
“Indeed…the three trials will test how you act in the face of three different truths. The truth of good, of love and peace will come first. The truth of life and death will come next, and then the trail based upon the truth of evil,” Kenji said slowly.
“When does this start?” Jet asked.
“Quite soon,” Kenji answered.
“These trials…what are they testing?” Jet asked Kenji.
“Your heart…the decisions you make during these trials will prove where you should go…do not be hasty during these trials...they determine where you will be for eternity,” Kenji warned.
“But that’s one of my main problems,” Jet complained.
“Oh? These trials will test every personality trait you have…impulse is a horrible thing to act upon. It is like attempting to jump across a chasm with iron boots on. You’re going to have to act accordingly in each situation. As I said, it is a trial of the heart, and you should follow your heart through it,” Kenji said.
“Yeah…why am I here? I mean, shouldn’t I be in the land of the dead?” Jet asked.
“So many questions…well, from what I know, yes you should be. But keep in mind I’m not dead. In your dreams, I am quite alive. I reside usually in the Dreamshrine. But to answer your question…you go the land of the dead if your purpose has not been fulfilled…suppose yours has? And maybe that’s why you are being judged?” Kenji asked.
“But…all I did was kill a few creatures,” Jet almost complained.
“What creatures?” Kenji asked.
“An Aku-Mari, and Devil,” Jet answered.
“And you act like it isn’t a big deal?! Maybe your purpose was to destroy Devil,” Kenji suggested.
“But I can’t be dead yet. Zelda still needs me…there are so many people I’m letting down just being here,” Jet said in a worried tone.
“Which is why you are undergoing the trials…remember…you could end up in Heaven or Hell…but then there’s that chance you will wind up back in the land of the living,” Kenji reminded him quietly.
“Well when do they start?!” Jet asked again, more urgently than the first time.
“This is a place to rest before you start,” Kenji said quietly.
“You haven’t answered me,” Jet complained.
“Your physical body is frail…and the trials may or may not be physically tasking. So you’ve come here to rest until you feel ready,” Kenji stated, ignoring Jet.
“I am ready!” Jet yelled.
“Fine…gather your weapons,” Kenji ordered, standing. Jet did so with haste, and when he was ready he looked at Kenji, a flare in his eyes.
“Let’s go,” he said.
“As you wish,” Kenji agreed, stepping forward. He opened a hole in the black that covered the entire room, and before the two was an opening about eight feet into the air. The ground was a cold granite here, and there were three entrances in front of Jet and Kenji. To the left there was a door covered in a fog like mist, a shining light bursting forth from the entrance and piercing the low floating clouds. The entrance in the middle was simple in appearance, and looked like a normal cave. The entrance on the right of Jet was black and shadowy except for the fires that raged through it.
“Where…do I go?” Jet asked.
“Whichever way you want…but let it be known…paths that appear easy could very well prove to hide the biggest horrors of all, depending upon your heart,” Kenji warned.
“Mhmm…let’s go in order then…through the entrance on the left,” Jet said.
“The trial of Heaven. Oh, one more thing…we are not going anywhere. This is not my trial, it is yours, and yours alone,” Kenji said, stepping back.
“Alone?” Jet asked fearfully.
“Yes...follow your heart, and don’t act on impulse…be wary of your surroundings, and careful in the decisions that you make,” Kenji answered.
“Right,” Jet said nodding. He silently headed toward the entrance on his left.

“We’re sitting ducks without Jet! We can’t do a thing! We need every person on this team!” Link yelled.
“I let him die,” Zelda said darkly.
“It wasn’t your fault,” Impa tried to reassure the queen.
“Dark times are upon us,” Kazuya stated to the air.
The Heavenly Trial by BOEG
Chapter Six: The Heavenly Trial

Light. An incredible light. Jet walked through the entrance to the heavenly trial and instantly had to shield his eyes from the light in which the entire area was bathed. He stepped forward, his feet hitting solid ground, though he could not see it through the thick layer of white cloud at the bottom of the room. He walked on and he saw people, faces of people who were happy, overjoyed to the point they could cry, were there any tears in the realm.
He continued to walk, laughter and joy all around him, the mood very bright in the realm. He couldn’t help but smile himself in the midst of all of the happiness that was so strong. There were family’s that were reunited, children playing, men laughing, all were at peace, and it was wonderful. Jet had never remembered so much bliss in his life, despite the fact that he was dead.
Jet felt something tug at his pant leg, and he turned and looked down, startled. There at his feet was an old man with a long grey and dirty beard on his knees. He had a sad look in his eyes, a look that made Jet want to cry in the realm that was so full of joy. He couldn’t stand seeing the man like he was, when there was so much happiness around him. He was dressed in rags, barefoot and very dirty, a small satchel on his waist, and an empty bottle of whisky hanging from a frayed string around his neck.
He looked Jet in the eyes and spoke slowly with a southern drawl, “Sir…please an old man,”
“How?” Jet asked. The man not only had sadness in his eyes, but the look fo shame that Jet recognized quite clearly from all the times he looked in the mirror in the past and saw his reflection haunting him. He could tell the man was not proud of where he was in life, and that if he had even slightly better conditions, he wouldn’t be begging.
“J-j-just…get me some money or somethin’. I mean, don’t you got no spare cash? I’m sorry sir…but please…I really need it,” the man begged.
“Why?” Jet asked.
“My story is one that you probably don’t wanna spend yer time hearin’ but if you listen I’ll be more than glad to tell ya, and I’m sure you’d have a change a’ heart,” the man said.
“Go ahead,” Jet said, giving the man permission to tell his tale of woe.
“Well…ya see my entire family was real poor,” the man began, tears welling up in his old eyes, the tears that dropped to the ground a black color from the dirt and grime on his face. “And well…we did what we could to git along, ya know, none o’ that stealin’ or nothin’ that’s so popular with most folks, no, not us. We went beggin’ and pleadin’ and offerin’ to do work where work was needed to be done,” the man explained.
“Go on,” Jet said.
“Well, ya see, we were in a real rut, I mean, every last piece of change we had was gone, and we had run out o’ bread, and well, I was almost about to go and steal myself a real nice turkey from that market down near the corner of the street when my wife smacked me a good one and put me back in my God lovin’ place. So we went on about a week or so, the wife and the kids and I, and-,” the man was cut off.
“Kids? You have kids?” Jet asked in awe.
“Please let me go on,” the man pleaded, crying loudly.
“…sure, go on,” Jet said, stepping back a little, saddened at the response of the man.
“Well..we went on ‘bout a week er so, goin en’ beggin’, cuttin’ grass and things like that to try to get some spare money, anythin’ to buy anythin’ with, ya know how it is. Well that’s when things got real good for us,” the man said, pausing for longer than usual, as if he was reminiscing or trying to remember a forgotten detail about the story.
“Yes?” Jet asked.
“Welp, ya see, we were cuttin’ grass and things, and a man took note a’ how my boy Jedabor cut his grass, and he come along one night when we was huddlin’ together, tryin’ to keep warm like usual, and he started sayin’ all sorts o’ things to us. Real nice man, actually seemed to care about us as people, instead of the kinda people we was,” the man continued.
“Okay…and this man has something to do with this?” Jet asked.
“Yeah….sure does. Well, he tells us this real fancy tale about how he’s this big fancy knight in this kingdom and how he can set it up so we won’t have to sleep on no street, or do none o’ that no more. He says my boy, my Jedabor, says he can make my boy a knight because of the way my boy cuts grass with a knife, and that it would be lethal if it was a blade instead of a knife, and flesh instead a’ some grass. So he takes us to this mighty fancy place, and we have dinner with these mighty nice people, only thing is they go en’ wear hoods the whole time,” the man said slowly.
“Oh?” Jet asked, the mention of hooded people catching his attention for some reason.
“Well they give us a real nice meal, nicer than anythin’ we had the past year er’ so. En’ then he goes en’ says he’ll take Jedabor into his house en’ train him as a knight, en’ we’ll be sittin pretty. So we agree, and by en’ by, we come upon a mighty fortune from battles and competitions and things that my boy won. Now…this is where it starts getting’ bad. They try n’ take my son, sayin’ some hooplah ‘bout him being royalty or somethin’ and denyin’ that we were ever his parents. We naturally disagree, and so the knight steals every coin we have…and he…he,” the man tried to choke out words but began to sob uncontrollably.
“What did he do?” Jet asked in a calm pleasant tone.
“He went en’ killed my wife…and my girl…and my baby…and then he went en’ slit Jedabor’s throat right in front o’ me…I ran, and he chased, but then he just stopped, and here I am, tryin’ to live like before,” the man finished.
“No one takes a family away from someone. No one has that right,” Jet said.
“So can I please have some coins? Please sir?” the man asked.
“What’s your name?” Jet asked, ignoring him.
“Lieolas,” he answered.
“Well Lieolas, I’ll do you one better, we’ll confront this knight together,” Jet said proudly, extending a hand toward Lieolas. He stood slowly, and they walked in the direction of the house that he had spoken of. It was a very short trip, and they were there in less than an hour. Jet didn’t know to what extent this knight had trained, or if he was a knight at all, but he knew that they were soon to find out. He didn’t buy that there was even a kingdom, and believed that the so called knight was likely a warlord or a mass murderer.
The road darkened slightly, the clouds on the ground going from a white to a grey. Jet almost forgot he was in Heaven during the midst of the conversation he had had with Lieolas. He went forward down the road, people still laughing and jeering and having merry fun, but instead of being part of it, Jet felt now as more of an outsider, like he was in a house looking out the window as opposed to being on the street himself. His thoughts were dark, and a hatred boiled deep inside of him for this knight, as the murder was made against a family, something that Jet had first hand experience in.
The house that they stopped in front of was one that was not of royalty, obviously enough, but he believed Lieolas nonetheless. It was very old looking, and of poor construction, and Jet did not see how a knight of royalty and high renown could possibly live there. The house was made of wood, and the roof was of straw only. Jet slowly made his way to the door and knocked hard on the old wood. A man with brown hair down to his shoulders and a neatly trimmed beard wearing a scarlet shirt opened the door slowly. He held a lantern, a small fire inside casting shadows on the wall inside of the dark house.
“You, what are you doing here? And why did you bring that scum bag with you? I thought I taught him a lesson. Speak quickly before I become angered,” the man warned.
“You killed this man’s family. Why?” Jet asked coldly.
“His family was making an attack on me…they tried to plunder my house and I was just properly defending myself,” the knight claimed.
“Yeah…right,” Jet said sarcastically.
“You…you tried to steal my son….then you stole my money…and killed my family!” Lieolas yelled between muffled sobs.
“You stole a member of our kingdom and claimed him to be your son!” the knight yelled.
“Jedabor was my son! Not yours…mine! En’ you went en’ killed him anyway! My boy wouldn’t hurt no fly either, so don’t go sayin’ he attacked you,” Lieolas yelled.
“Who cares anyway?! Your kind is a waste! You serve no purpose on this earth, so why do you even live? You are simply born to die and remind us of our own mortality!” the knight yelled.
“Us?” Jet asked.
“The normal ones…the ones who matter,” the knight answered.
“Everyone matters,” Jet stated.
“You wish. Maybe in a perfect world, but here, in the real world, this is how it goes. The normal ones thrive and succeed. And these…people…wane and die,” the knight said.
“That gave you no reason to kill his family,” Jet said coldly.
“His family was there to be killed!” the knight yelled, outraged. At this Jet unsheathed his sword and stabbed the knight through the chest, the blood on his scarlet shirt barely noticeable. He fell to the floor of the run down house, and in seconds, the latern he dropped caught the entire foundation on fire, and there Jet stood, bloody blade in hand, black smoke rising into the air, fire raging around him, until the house was burnt to the ground, the knight’s body burnt to black ashes below it.
“I did it wrong…this was the trial of love and peace,” Jet said in a sickened tone, as if he was about to vomit. He fell to his knees, and he slowly turned to look at Lieolas. The poor man threw his head back and laughed hysterically, overjoyed and entertained at Jet’s spectacular failure. A dark entrance appeared behind the burnt down house and Jet took it with haste. When next he realized where he was, he was in the room with the three entrances again.
“How did it go?” Kenji asked, arms crossed, leaning against the black wall.
“Really…badly,” Jet answered slowly.
“Well…if you still want to go in order, the Earthly trial is next,” Kenji reminded Jet.
“Yeah…I do,” Jet said, walking slowly into the entrance ahead of him, into the second of three trials. He was sure they would become more difficult as he went on, but what he hadn’t counted on was that he would fail the first one with flying colors. Indeed he doubted himself walking into the Earhtly trial, but he had no choice in the matter, and had to either go on, or sit in the room for eternity. He breathed in heavily, and stepped forward.
The Earthly Trial by BOEG
Chapter Seven: The Earthly Trial

His surroundings were very familiar. The green grass and blue sky and glowing sun of Hyrule field. The grass made a squeaking noise against his boots as he walked, and the air was rather hot, Jet drawing the conclusion that it had rained very recently. He walked slowly to the dirt path of the field, where he had had so many memories. The first time he looked into Zelda’s crystal blue eyes, when he had slain the Aku-Mari in front of the castle gate, when he had galloped back to Link with his new steed, Firestar.
He thought about both the good and the bad on the trip, everything he had accomplished, and that which he had failed to do. There was so much in his life that was hidden, that no one knew, that he thought no one should know. He even hid a small amount of secrets from Zelda. His past was one that he despised, and it was evidently apparent when he spoke about it on most days. His answers were very short and had little explanation when he was asked about his childhood, and if a person lingered too long on the subject he would either become angered or gently change the topic.
In front of the gate to Hyrule castle was the entire Triforce Team, or at least what appeared to be the entire Triforce Team. Jet was fully aware this was a trial, and did not know to what extent he should trust characters that appeared in the course of them, especially after his confrontation with Lieolas the lying poor man in Heaven.
“Man! You’re back!” Link yelled proudly.
“Yeah…I am,” Jet agreed in an exhausted tone, playing along with what he felt was an illusion.
“When that Aku-Mari got you, what happened?” Link asked.
“I went to this place, and I had to go through this trial,” Jet began.
“Oh…?” Link asked slowly.
“Yeah, well it was a trial based on the truths of love and peace, and I ran into this poor man named Lieolas…he said a knight killed his entire family…so…I killed the knight…and failed the trial,” Jet explained darkly.
“Why’d ya kill the knight?” Link asked.
“…no one has the right to take a family away from a person who isn’t ready to be alone,” Jet said in a soft yet angry tone.
“Sounds a lot like you, man,” Link noted.
“Huh?” Jet asked in a defensive tone.
“Don’t bite my head off I was just noticin…you have this thing with people and their family’s,” Link said.
“Because mine was taken,” Jet said pitifully.
“Yeah, but you act like you have to avenge them, like it was your fault or somethin,” Link said.
“It was,” Jet said softly.
“It wasn’t though! You told me yourself that your dad was shot and your mom committed suicide like…right after that,” Link said.
“What if….what if….I lied?” Jet asked, a tear falling from his eye.
“Explain this man. Once and for all, so you can move on,” Link ordered.
“Fine…it goes like this….”

Sunlight shone past the sky blue curtains of the open window, the gentle breeze blowing them around lightly and occasionally rattling the windows. It was a very nice Spring day, and everything was as close to perfect as possible nature wise. A tall man with slightly graying hair and blue eyes sat at a wooden chair, hands on the glass dining room table, eyes fixed on a piece of paper.
A woman with blonde hair and green eyes walked into the room and slowly placed a plate with buttered toast on the glass table and sat across from the man, a concerned look on her face. The man was dressed in a white buttoned shirt tucked into black dress pants. He wore a red tie and a grim face. The woman was dressed much more casually, a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt.
“Honey, please eat…” the woman begged.
“Rayanne, I can’t. look at this,” the man said, handing her the piece of paper.
“What…does this mean?” Rayanne asked, though in her heart she knew it was bad news.
“I have a week to finish a working prototype for the dual Master ball…” the man said sadly.
“Or…?” Rayanne asked.
“Or they cut the funding…and the project is over. And if it’s over…then we can pretty much kiss this house goodbye,” he said darkly.
“Rob, come on! I thought you said you had this one finished! I thought everything was-,” Rayanne began.
“Everything was under control….yeah, so did I, but you have to understand, we have to be completely sure it will work. If we send defective Master balls everywhere, then hundreds of poke’mon would be killed and I would lose my job anyway,” Robert explained.
“But you can’t just lie to me like that!” Rayanne yelled.
“I didn’t lie! I just stretched the truth a little bit! I need some time! I have to support all of us! How do you think I feel!?” Robert screamed.
“Daddy….mommy….are you fighting again?” a small boy with messy blonder hair asked. He was five years in age, and dreamed of becoming a poke’mon trainer.
“William honey, me and your father are just discussing some things, go upstairs and wash up for dinner,” Rayanne instructed.
“Okay mommy,” William agreed, running quickly up the stairs.
“Great job Robert, starting a scene right in front of our son!” Rayanne scolded the man.
“You know what, I won’t start another thing….I’m going to the office…I’m not about to let my family down,” Robert said, starting for the door.
“I love you,” Rayanne said sheepishly.
“I love you too…oh! That’s right! I forgot something! Will!!! Hey Will! Come down here!!!” Robert yelled at the bottom of the stairs. The boy ran down the steps quickly.
“Yes?” he asked with a large smile.
“I want to give you something. I know it isn’t your birthday yet, but, I want you to have it now. It’s a yin-yang that used to be my dad’s. I wore it all the time, and I want you to have it,” Robert said, taking it off and placing it around William’s neck. He smiled and ran back upstairs. Robert left the house quickly.

“I can’t believe I finally have it! I can’t believe it actually works!” Roberrt yelled to himself as he left the building where he had conducted his research and work. He had finally constructed a working Dual Master ball, and he couldn’t wait to get home and tell his wife the good news. It was late, past midnight, but he walked with a certain confidence that pushed the shadow away from him.
He walked down the streets with speed, excited beyond anything he had ever felt before. He saw a black van following him, but he payed no heed to it, and continued walking until he reached his front door. Before he could walk in, the van parked in front if the house, and a man with a trenchcoat stepped out of it, a grim smile on his face.
“Congratulations…now, if you give me the prototype and all of the credit right now, I’ll even let you live,” the man said. It was one of Robert’s business rivals, even though in the past they were best friends.
“Okay, now you’re off your rocker. Let me live? What kind of weed are you smoking, buddy? Because I sure want some,” Robert jeered. William slowly stepped out of the front door but no one noticed. He was too frightened to speak, but only silently watched.
“I mean this,” the man said, pulling a gun from his coat. Robert punched the man in the face and he backed away. He regained his composure and shot Robert in the chest. He fell to the ground and died there on the sidewalk.
“Is something wrong?” Rayanne yelled from inside the house.
“…” William tried to speak.
“Robert?! Are you back yet?!” Rayanne asked.
“…” he attempted words again.
“Robert?! Are you back yet?” Rayanna asked, stepping out of the house. A look of shock and dread overcame her face at the same time.
“Mommy no! go back in!” William screamed at the top of his lungs. The warning did nothing, and soon Rayanne too was on the ground next to her dead husband, a bullet hole in the center of her forehead. The man looked William in the eyes and put the gun in his coat. He kneeled down in front of Robert and felt around in his pockets, stealing the Master ball and every dollar he had. He then left in the black van. William did the only thing he could; ran.
He ran with a speed he had never used before, and in moments, he was in Viridian forest, alone. His parents had died, and he did nothing. He could have saved his mother, could he have spoken before it was too late. The boy sobbed silently, too afraid to make a noise.

“Shortly after that I started calling myself Jet,” Jet finished the story, another tear falling from his eyes.
“Wow….umm…let it go,” Link said.
“What?” Jet asked, confused.
“Let it go…they don’t blame you…trust me…I’ve talked to them,” Link’s shape morphed into a mist, and before jet was a heavely creature.
“They…don’t?” Jet asked.
“No…they are proud…incredibly proud,” the angel said in a gentle tone.
“…Did I pass?” Jet asked, crying.
“Yes…this one you passed completely…letting go of the past and going on with the future is a important part of living,” the angel said, fading into the sky. The drawbridge lowered, and instead of the cobblestone of the market, there was a black entrance. Jet took it, and found Kenji waiting for him on the other side.
“How did you do this time around?” Kenji asked.
“…A lot better,” Jet said smiling. He walked without another word into the final entrance, to a trial he felt ready for.
The Hell Trial by BOEG
Chapter Eight: The Hell Trial

He walked on now, through the final entrance, and into shadow. Black shadow. The fire was not near, and its light was not present either. It was a black tunnel very similar to all the rest in Hell, and when Jet finally reached the end of the long tunnel he emerged in an even blacker chamber. He heard a muffled voice, and it grew slowly louder, until finally the entire room was lit by small purple flames.
The room was tire-like in shape, and Jet couldn’t imagine what kind of trial could be held in a room like this except for a battle. He was all too correct in his assumption. The Lord of Hell, Ganon, stepped forward out of the shadow, all of his armor back, his Gerudo sword in his hand.
“Let it be known that this isn’t a trial…there will be no trial. I will not let the likes of you into my kingdom,” Ganon said in disgust.
“Oh? Then what is it?” Jet asked.
“I’m making sure you don’t step into my realm,” Ganon said, swinging his blade at Jet. He rolled to the side and unlatched his chakram, throwing it with all of the might he had. It richoted against the wall and broke past Ganon’s armor, sticking in his chest. He threw a sphere of Black magic at Jet and he unsheathed his sword quickly, batting it back at the Lord of Hell. He slapped it back at Jet and the magic hit him in the chest, tearing past his tunic and breaking through his skin. He clutched his chest tightly with his right hand, sheathing his blade.
“Tetraforce Power!” Jet yelled, blasting the triangle’s light at Ganon. He was blinded for a moment and Jet focused all of his energy into a Ki blast and launched it at the Hell Lord. He was hit and fell to his knees, blood hitting the ground. Jet had had it. Ganon’s evil had to end, and it had to end now. The Hell Lord swung his blade around and Jet ducked, then wasted no time in unsheathing his Black Sunset and slicing off Ganon’s arm. He yelled in pain, clutching the maimed limb.
Jet flashed the blade in front of Ganon’s face and he looked into it, seeing all of the evils he had committed and everything about him that he knew was wrong, and that he hated; he saw his true self. He screamed in terror, and Jet showed him mercy by silencing him. He spun the blade around and with one swift movement cut the head from Ganon’s shoulders, and so passed the second Hell Lord. The entrance behind him opened, and he walke through the tunnel once more, and when he emerged, Kenji greeted him.
“What happened? There was a great shadow in front of the entrance…a darkness that saddened me,” Kenji asked in a curious tone.
“I killed Ganon,” Jet said in disbelief.
“You…killed the Lord of Hell?!” Kenji asked in awe.
“Yeah….did,” Jet said with a smile.
“Come on….let’s go,” Kenji said, turning.
“Go where?” Jet asked.
“You are now to be judged…you do want to know where you are destined to stay right?” Kenji asked.
“Yeah…” Jet said slowly, doubt in his voice. He followed Kenji out of the room to discover his fate.

The room he entered was the same as the last, except instead of being completely black, the room was white. Jet sat with Kenji on the non existent floor of the room, and a feeling of dread entered his mind. It was the same fear that he had had everytime he was in a waiting room in a doctor’s office, or everytime he was beside a friend in a hospital bed, wondering if he or she would wake up. It was this dread that kept him entertained in a dark manner during the long wait. At last a voice spoke.
“You failed the Heavenly trial…killing the knight was not an act of peace, nor love, and certainly not mercy…” the mighty voice rang out with a fierceness Jet had never before heard in his life or death.
“You told your tale and moved on, letting go of pain….you passed the Earthly trial,” the voice said happily.
“And the trial of Hell…you overcame evil…you passed the Hell trial,” the voice boomed proudly.
“…now where do I go?” Jet asked.
“I cannot tell you…it would be an evil to reveal your fate here…now…fade into sleep, and where you awaken, is where you shall remain,” the voice faded out. Jet complied, overcome by a weariness suddenly, and closed his eyes slowly, his fate sealed.
The Rise of the Hell Lord by BOEG
Chapter Nine: The Rise of the Hell Lord

His eyes opened once then closed tightly. He slowly attempted to open his eyes once more, much slower, and the sight that greeted him was familiar and welcome. He saw a blue sky, with white clouds floating gently across it. He knew where he was instantly, and was thankful beyond words or thoughts. He was in Hyrule field. He stood slowly and then ran to the gate of Hyrule castle, overjoyed to see that the Triforce Team still remained in the same spot.
Jet slowed to a stop and embraced Zelda tightly, telling the entire team of his journey in the crossroad, and of the trials, and what really happened to his parents, and the death of Ganon, all the way to the current moment. All were impressed and entertained by his story, and all were overjoyed that he was again alive.
“So…Ganon is dead, like once and for all?” Link asked hopefully.
“I killed him in a realm of dead creatures. By law of the afterlife, when a spirit is killed, it leaves this universe, the entire plane of existence, for eternity. So I’d say so,” Jet answered.
“Yes! Then that means we saved Hyrule! If the Hell Lord is gone, then no evil still haunts the world!” Impa yelled, jumping into the air.
“ is so, as long as the army of Hell is contained,” Ogre stated.
“But without a leader aren’t they powerless?” Lord Deimos asked.
“Confused? Yes. Powerless? Not in the least. They draw strength from numbers, not intelligence,” Al’Rashid answered.
“So…assuming the Aku-Mari gathered together the army…and launched an attack, which planet would they be most likely to hit?” Jet asked.
“If they were following Devil’s wishes, they would go for Earth…but in terms of magic, and strength in the kingdom and purity in the royal line…they would attack Hyrule,” Kazuya answered.
“Then what should we do?” Zelda asked.
“There’s nothing we can do is there?” Roy asked.
“Little,” Captain Falcon answered.
“We could destroy Turtle Rock!” Samus suggested.
“It would take more explosives than we could even carry,” Marth noted.
“Yeah…we can’t be hasty with this one…it’s gonna take some thought…and I think for once…we actually have some time,” Jet said. The team agreed, and they sat down on the field to begin discussing possible plans for how they could take down the army of Hell, or at least insure that they never entered Hyrule.

In the shadow of Hell an ancient demon lurked in complete solitude. He was strong, very powerful, and hat sat biding his time through centuries and wars, and ages gone by. He had masked his true intent through the years, and masked also his power. He had foretold the fate that would befall Devil, and he didn’t have time enough to predict the fate of Ganon. The former Hell Lord was now banished into the realm of the damned, the acid lake where flesh was burned and spirit tormented. It mattered not to the demon. Ganon had had his chance, and wasted it.
This demon was looked down upon by most, only four feet in height, grey gargoyle-like skin, walking on all fours, with a short tail and glowing red eyes, very short horns. He was thought to be weak, not a reliable fighting force in the army of Hell during the reign of Devil. So for hundreds of years he had sat, channeling his strength, building his magic and every other force within his body, so that when at last the time came, he, Modeus, could take the throne of Hell.
“The time has come…for me to show…my true power,” it spoke for the first time in nearly a millennia. Cracks ran through its body, and skin chipped off like stone, and an ebbing red light shot out of the cracks, and the creature moved with haste through the tunnels of Hell, trying desperately to make it out before the transformation completed itself and he inadvertedly destroyed part of his future kingdom.
He at last made it to the spot where he planned to launch his attack, the spot where he would begin his invasion. Hyrule field. His skin cracked to pieces, and the red light surrounded him, crimson beams shooting all around the field, slowly growing larger and larger until they filled the sky. When Modeus’ body was gone, and the red lights faded, in his place was a mighty creature truly worthy of the title Hell Lord.
He was one hundred feet in height at least, red skin on his entire body. He had two horns on his head, and his eyes glowed a fierce yellow. His tail was long and had spike-like appendages growing from the sides and tip, and it lashed about fiercely. He was very muscular, and he had an elongated neck of nearly thirty feet. The Triforce Team immediately ceased their conversation and they all stood, readying their weapons.
“Ah…Triforce Team, you will be my first conquest in this tiny planet!” his demonic voice roared out.
“Who are you?!” Link asked in a loud voice.
“I am Hell Modeus! The new Lord of Hell!” he answered stepping forward.
“We can’t allow you to live,” Jet said, looking up at the gargantuan beast.
“Allow? Who do you think makes the decisions here?!” Hell Modeus asked in a slightly entertained voice.
“We don’t fear you, Hell Lord,” Zelda said, daggers in hand.
“You should fear me….it would do you very well. You don’t know me, but I’ve spent my entire life watching all of you! I’ve known from the start that each of you would come together, even you Kazuya, I knew that fool Devil would let you go!” Hell Modeus roared out.
“Then you should know how this battle turns out already! So why did you come here to be killed?!” the executioner asked.
“Oh? Killed? Check this one out!” Hell Modeus yelled, blasting a thunder bolt at the bridge that led across the small stream to Kakariko village. The stone was instantly broken through, fallen into the stream.
“Nice trick,” Trunks commented.
“You like?! Then you’ll fall in love with this one!” he screamed, blasting lightning in the saiya-jin’s direction. He lept to the side, instantly regretting his foolish decision. The grass on the field immediately caught fire, the black smoke obscuring his vision to a point.
“Hya!!!” Trunks yelled, shooting Ki blasts at Hell Modeus quickly. He thrust his mighty head forward, and the Ki blasts bounced harmlessly off of his flesh and back at Trunks and Roy.
“Nice one ape. Anyone else want to throw their best at me?” Hell Modeus questioned, not worried in the least. Link responded to the Hell Lords challenge by pulling out his hookshot and running forward. With his usual yelp he let the hook loose and it stuck into the Hell Lord’s leg, not causing a drop of blood to appear, but sticking. Link began to scale the demon’s leg, praying the team would cover him. The executioner stepped forward, launching heads at Hell Modeus, they exploded upon impact, shattered bone and brain flying to the ground in front of the team with a sickening crash.
It was almost as if the Hell Lord was incapable of pain, and all of their attacks were completely useless. Zelda aimed up as far as she could, holding her fingers down tightly, then letting loose her needles as hard as she could, hoping they would fly somewhere useful. They hit Hell Modeus above the ankle, and he didn’t even notice the attack. Link reached the Hell Lord’s back after several more moments, and unsheathed his Master sword. He planted the blade in the Hell Lord’s back then removed it quickly before he was thrown off of the demon’s back. Goku rushed into the air and caught the Hylian before he hit the ground, and the Hell Lord laughed as a small amount of blood fell from his back.
“Hahaha….it looks like the fool has made me bleed,” Hell Modeus jeered.
“Ugh…just die!” Jet yelled.
“Heh…I will give you some playmates, since you are becoming frustrated with me,” Hell Modeus said laughing. He shot a swirling sphere of smoke to the ground, and out of it came one hundred demons of different types, Stalfos and Hellknights the majority, but the occasional Redead and Iron Knuckle as well. The team instantly got to work, Marth and Roy blazing through the crowd with their mighty melee techniques, the others taking it slower.
Limbs and blades flew into the air and back to the ground, green and blue fire all around the team, blood splattering on weapons and flesh, the entire field a gruesome battle field before long. When at last the crowd was defeated, Hell Modeus laughed loudly, then launched a flaming ball of energy into Lon Lon Ranch. The outer stone wall was instantly broken, and a massive fire broke out several seconds afterward.
“Malon!!! Epona!!!!” Link screamed in shock, falling to his knees. Not only was the Hell Lord winning, he was taking his sweet time, and hitting the Triforce Team where it hurt the most; their loved ones.
The Wounds of the Land by BOEG
Chapter Ten: The Wounds of the Land

“It’s okay man! Epona and Firestar and Moonlight are at the stable in the castle!” Jet reminded Link.
“But Malon! And her father!” Link yelled.
“They’re delivering milk at the castle! Calm down! It’s okay!” Jet yelled back.
“No one scares me like that…not even a giant demon!” Link yelled, standing.
“It looks like I just did, unless my actions are not true, and let me assure you, this is no dream,” Hell Modeus said in a dark voice.
“No…it’s a sick nightmare,” Yoshimitsu stated.
“I grow tired of your mouths! Be quiet! All of you! Insolent worms!” Hell Modeus screamed, jumping high into the air. He landed, and all in the team fell to the ground, and a massive crack ran through the field near the ranch, the land separated, a black crevice in place of what was once part of a beautiful green grass covered field.
“Look what you’re doing! Stop it!” Roy ordered, blasting fire at the demon.
“I can do it…so much better!” Hell Modeus yelled, blasting fire at Roy. He was knocked to the ground, and another raging fire started behind him.
“Why are you doing this?!” Lord Deimos questioned.
“Because…Hyrule is mine…and I hate it as it is!” Hell Modeus answered. Yoshimitsu spun around quickly and disappeared, reappearing on the Hell Lord’s shoulder. He stabbed the demon in the neck, and was then thrown to the ground quickly. The Hell Lord whipped around in anger, his tail destroying the ledge of stone that held the drawbridge in place. It collapsed, stone and dust and water flying into the air. A grim smile appeared on his face at the site of the destruction all around him, and he laughed. It was a truly evil laugh, one so dark that was finding pleasure in something so evil that none on the team could comprehend how a creature with such a black heart could even have been born in the first place.
“You are an evil that cannot remain!” Ogre yelled, launching his shield into the Hell Lord’s leg. It stuck tightly, and blood dripped to the ground of the field, splashing from the distance it fell. Marth took this opportunity to use one of his lightning fast sword techniques, and he stabbed the Hell Lord in the toe, and his posture faltered slightly, but it was not a pain it felt, but more of an irritation, like an itch. It yelled out in anger, launching afireball at the rock wall next to the staircase leading to Kakariko village. It collapsed quickly, rock flying at the team and into the stream, aiding the flooding process even more.
Hell Modeus laughed loudly and extened his hands in front of him, launching two sizeable light ing bolts at the ground, one of them hitting the dirt path of the field, destroying it completely, the second hitting a tree near to the entrance of Kokiri forest and catching it on fire, the flames slowly spreading to other trees. It slammed his massive foot into the ground in joy, knocking many on the team down once more. It was the most powerful opponent any of them had ever fought, and it was not hurt in the least.
Lord Deimos spun his blade into the air, launching flames at the Hell Lord. He was hit in the chest, and the attack did nothing to harm him. Link readied his bow and launched a light arrow into his chest, the attack forming a bleeding wound in his chest. He yelled in pain and launched lightning at Link. They now knew one of his weaknesses.
“Mystic Light!” Zelda yelled, blasting the magic at the Hell Lord. He was hit in the neck, and he screamed in pain, the sound of burning flesh loud. He continued to yell, launching lightning at Zelda.
“Zelda!” Link yelled, throwing her his Mirror shield. She caught it and held it in front of her face quickly, launching the lightning back at the Hell Lord. He was hit in the chest, and his anger was now stronger than it ever had been. Pain was obviously something he had little experience in, and didn’t handle well.
“Beyunte Aqui Syentocurious Sha!” Hell Modeus screamed, lifting his hand into the air.
“What did you do?!” Impa asked, worried.
“The water from your precious lake…all gone,” Hell Modeus answered, laughing.
“Now he’s done it….you guys! We have to attack together! We gotta take this thing down!” Jet yelled. They all agreed, and were ready. The real fight was about to begin.
The Raging Fires by BOEG
Chapter Eleven: The Raging Fires

He flexed his massive arms, tensing his legs and flailing his tail all around him, his mighty gaze seeing the entire Triforce Team at once, and his incredibly intelligent mind thinking of plans of destruction as he fought the maggots that were hindering him. Compared to the power that they commanded he was almost invincible, a fact that they were learning very quickly.
Captain Falcon began his assault by running forward and charging a large laser bolt from his gun. The blue beam grew larger and larger until it reached its maximum size, then Falcon let it go. It flew at the Hell Lord, but he was not hurt.
“Double Reversal Beam!” Hell Modeus yelled out in a proud and triumphant tone, blasting a similar laser beam back at Falcon that was nearly four times as wide. He was hit in the chest, and the laser shot past his costume and into his flesh, knocking him to the ground, the wound smoking.
Samus stepped forward in his place, readying her arm cannon. She began by firing a Wavebuster at Hell Modeus, an electrically charged stream of power. It flew to his neck and began lightly shocking him, an attack with power that would instantly kill most other creatures. The demon shot a flaming ball at the bounty hunter, and she jumped to the side, missing the attack, but letting her Wavebuster cease. She continued her attack, launching several missles toward the Hell Lord’s head. He opened his massive maw, catching the missles and charging their explosive energy into a large flaming stream of energy.
More areas of the field were set ablaze, and all on the team were hit by the massive attack. A surge of electricity ran through Samus’ arm cannon, and she painfully ripped the weapon from her arm, the energy flying to her helmet and cracking her visor. She removed the useless helmet and threw it to the ground, her long blonde hair flowing down behind her back.
All in the team were too weak to move, and trying was equally pointless. The Triforce Team had fallen, and were helpless in front of the Lord of Hell, waiting to be slain. None could believe it had come down to this, and none could believe they were not going to die fighting, but rather die helpless. Hell Modeus laughed wildly.
“Well…I think it is time to raise the stakes a little, wouldn’t you say?” he asked. He charged a large sphere of black energy, electricity swarming around it. It grew larger and larger, until at last, he launched it into the sky, and it exploded, turning into a swirling black warp portal.
“This is a death portal…you have one hour to kill me, or Hyrule will be swept into the void, and all will die,” Hell Modeus stated proudly. Sixty minutes. They had sixty minutes to take down a demon who was at least twenty times their size, and hardly hurt, when they couldn’t even stand.
The Transfer by BOEG
Chapter Twelve: The Transfer

The death portal had been opened. Hyrule would be lost to an infinite void of death in less than an hour. Hell Modeus had completely lost his calm, and was launching fireballs of destruction in all directions of Hyrule, setting grass and tree ablaze, and destroying that which could not be burned.
“Y-y-you guys?” Jet asked as loud as he could muster, clawing at the ground with his hand in a desperate attempt to stand.
“Yeah?” Link asked.
“I dunno what I can do…but…give me your energy,” Jet said slowly.
“What? We need it!” Ogre yelled.
“Yes he will slay us with even more ease if we give him what remains of our power,” Yoshimitsu said.
“Maybe we should trust him,” Goku said.
“Yeah…if he has enough power, he can go Super saiya-jin,” Trunks said.
“No…I don’t plan on doing that…but I do have an idea….I just need to be able to stand to make it come to life,” Jet said.
“Fine…” Ogre agreed.
“Okay…” Yoshimitsu agreed also.
“You know I’ll give mine,” Zelda said with a warm smile.
“You have mine,” Lord Deimos said.
“What little remains of mine is now yours too,” the executioner said.
“I’ll give it willingly,” Marth said.
“I’m with him,” Roy agreed.
“You have my strength,” Samus said.
“And all I got to give I will!” Captain Falcon said proudly.
“The life I have…the desert’s breath…it is yours,” Al’Rashid said.
“And I will make up for my past wrong as Devil by giving you my power,” Kazuya said proudly.
“I don’t have too much, but I’ll donate for a good cause,” Goku said with a smile.
“Yeah…me too,” Trunks said.
“Thanks you guys…the transfer has been made…I have enough energy for a final stand. Now Link when I tell you to, get your Mirror shield ready,” Jet instructed. He stood up slowly, pulling the remnants of his tattered shirt off and facing the Hell Lord, an angered look in his eyes. He slowly walked toward the demon, the flare in his eyes that meant he was ready for a battle.
He readied his Royal Family’s sword and threw it at the Hell Lord with all of the force he could muster with the limited energy he had, charging a tiny amount of Ki power into it. The blade was surrounded by a faint aura, and it flew with great speed toward Hell Modeus. The sword cleaved through his horn, one of the things he took the most pride in. He was now angered.
“Foolish….worm. that…is the last mistake you will make in my presence…the last mistake you shall make period,” Hell Modeus said slowly, in a very deep, menacing voice. Jet unlatched the chakram from his belt and threw it to his left. The spinning disk of metal flew in a circle, hitting the Hell Lord in the back. He was in slight pain, but no enough to make a difference in the battle. The time was slowly ticking away, and the death portal would absorb Hyrule in thirty minutes.
Hell Modeus launched a flaming ball of energy at Jet in anger, and the earthling barely outran the flame. He slowly unsheathed Black Sunset, his trump card in all of the past battles he had engaged in since aquiring it. He held the blade in front of his face with both hands, breathing heavily, closing his eyes to make sure his gaze didn’t meet the cursed metal.
With one swift motion he held the sword up above his head, and the Hell Lord looked into the blade. He yelled loudly, a truly inhuman scream of unmatchable force. Jet spun around quickly toward the team and aimed his sword at Link. The Hylian held up his Mirror shield, and the light reflected off of the sword and to the shield, bouncing back and hitting the Hell Lord in the eyes. Everything he hated covered his vision, and he was driven mad, the light frightening him.
He sucked in a large amount of the smoke infested air, trying desperately not to cough. He blew out the smoke and air, knocking Jet and Link off their feet. Their weapons numerous feet away from them. Hell Modeus laughed at the ease in which he ended the attack, the single plan which he knew the team depended on.
“Why do you even try? Can you not see it before you? Soon, your entire world will be nothing but a black void before the might I command, and yet you still try to slay me with pathetic magic tricks such as the gaze of the Black Sunset? A mind with a little bit of self control can form enough of a defense against the blade to not be wholly absorbed by its powers. Tell me, heroes, what now? When all faith crumbles before you, when the ropes holding up the bridge to freedom and peace are cut? You have all done well in your individual journeys and quests, but this is a challenge you will not overcome. There is no overcoming me, no destroying me. I am the Lord of Hell. I wield a power more terrible than you will ever know, or you could ever hope…to know,” Hell Modeus yelled. The team now had but ten minutes, and all would then be lost.
They were all incredibly weak, the power that the team had given Jet nearly depleted, and all other strength gone. In ten minutes it would be over, and he would win. Hell Modeus, the master of evil, would kill the only ones who could have possibly stopped him, and Hyrule would be no more.
“No….” Link said slowly.
“Excuse me?” Hell Modeus asked, turning his head.
“No…you cannot tell me that everything we’ve done has no purpose…that our labors aren’t meant to bear any fruit…that all of this is a dying cause! You can’t tell us that!” Link yelled, sitting up.
“I tell you anything I want, Hylian!” Hell Modeus screamed, moving his arm forward quickly, the gust of air knocking him back to the ground.
“Gateway Open….send him into the void!” Kazuya screamed, shooting a white sphere of energy surrounded by purple electricity at Hell Modeus. He held up his hand and the attack bounced off, no harm done.
“You can’t banish me! Your time for supernatural reign is over!” Hell Modeus screamed, surrounding his body with a red flame. He shot a stream of fire at Kazuya, and Link lept in front of him, Mirror shield in hand. The attack was mighty, and the metal of the shield cracked, but the attack was repelled. The flame bounced back at the Hell Lord, and again became part of his fierce aura.
“From the Sage of Shadow…I am telling you…you cannot remain here…your darkness is too great!” Impa yelled, throwing her blade at the demon. It did nothing, melting upon impact with the mighty flame.
“Three minutes! You persistent maggots! You have three minutes! Any more final attacks of desperation?! Three minutes until the end of your lives, and the lives of your people, and the very life of your planet!!!!” Hell Modeus screamed in a surprisingly high voice, fire swarming all around his body now. All were too weak. It was almost certain the fate that would befall Hyrule. The Hell Lord’s power was great, and they all stood on the edge of the apocalypse, the great fire demon nearly unhurt, all of them cowering in pain at his feet. Jet struggled once more to his feet.
“There is one thing I will not accept. The destruction of my kingdom. Take my life, take our lives, but you sure as hell…won’t get Hyrule…be it three minutes or an eternity you can try and try again, and I will protect this realm to my death!” Jet screamed at the top of his lungs.
“As you wish!!!” Hell Modeus screamed, stepping forward. Jet unsheathed his sword, the handcrafted one he made on Death Mountain. He threw the blade at the demon, and it flew into his chest. He was hurt, but not to the point of death. In a taunting manner he leaned down, putting his massive face in front of Jet’s and blowing smoke in his face. Jet shot a Ki blast in the demon’s face, and he stood, dazed.
“You should never have come here………Tetraforce Power!!!!!!” Jet screamed, putting his hands in front of his face once more, the sacred golden light shining forth and cutting through the shroud of the darkness. The beam of light shot through the demon’s chest, and with a scream he fell to the ground, dead.
The death portal slowly dissipated into nothingness. Hyrule had been spared. The Hell Lord was dead, and for now, Hyrule was at peace. The exhausted warriors looked at each other slowly, not saying a word. It was over for the time being at least, but the challenge of the army of Hell remained, and as long as the Aku-Mari lived, a large attack could still be made. They had a daunting task ahead of them, but for now, they focused only on the dark one that was now behind them.

The End
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