Shadow of a Hero by Total Darkness
Summary: Link pulled his sword out of the deflated body of the Like Like. He let out a sigh, this was to never end. He walked up to the door behind him. Sheathing his sword, he turned the handle...
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The Battle is over but not the War by Total Darkness
Warning: blood and violence


There was a great tension in the air, which hung still and heavy. All fell quiet at the strange boy's appearance before his two trespassers. Link was only capable of staring in shock and the boy stared back, his gaze never faltering which was beginning to drive Link insane with the stone still expression. Navi slowly floated out from Link's back, which she had returned to when he stood up. Her quick breathing was almost inaudible but Link heard her clearly. She seemed to be more impacted about this than he was. She was shaking her head, her lips trying to form words but could not. She could only float there, a small fairy at the loss for words. Link could see the fear coursing through her trembling body. He turned his eyes back to the boy whose only movement was to rest his hands on his hips. A somewhat amused smile was on his face, as if he thought it was funny to see the fairy cower in fear. For all Link could determine, he did. Rage began to flood into his veins. Even though Navi could sometimes be a pain, she was still his friend and nobody harms his friends; be it physically or mentally. Link wanted to draw his sword and cut this boy down to nothing but something held him back. The boy seemed to read Link's mind for his smile grew and got colder. This boy hadn't yet spoken but both boy and fairy were scared of him. That made Link madder. He hated showing that he feared his enemies and the fact this boy was acting so calm really made Link nervous. He wasn't even sure this boy had his guard up and his hands were nowhere near his sword. He was beginning to think that trying to strike this boy would be a big mistake. Link's eyes traveled back to Navi who seemed to be trying to say a name but the word would not leave her throat. He shot a glare at the boy who seemed to be impressed by the act.

"Well, are you going to attack me?" The boy asked in a voice that was identical to Link's but cold and mocking. "Or do you plan on killing me with looks?"

Link clenched his teeth angrily and growled from his throat. The boy's calmness was getting on his nerves.

"Why don't you stop standing there and fight me?" Link hissed unsheathing the Master Sword.

The boy chuckled at his words. He unsheathed his own sword, its blood- stained surface glinted in the light.

"A foolish gesture I must say," The boy laughed. "I could crush you right now like the bug you are, or," His eyebrows rose in pleasure. "I could watch you suffer."

Navi made a choking sound that caused both boys to turn their heads to her.

"His name-" She stuttered. "I-is-D-Dar-Dark Link."

After saying so, Navi appeared to get a lot off her chest and seemed to be able to breathe. Link's eyes darted back to the boy who only smiled coldly back, resting his sword on his shoulders. Dark Link. The name ran through Link's mind many times. What kind of trickery was this? He had never heard of him before. Link shrugged it all off. Right now, Dark Link was standing between him and his way out.

"Dark Link, huh?" Link asked. "What are you trying to do, impress me?"

"Not in the least," Dark Link answered, holding his sword in a attack ready position. "I just hope you die well."

The attack came so sudden that it caught Link off guard. Dark Link had pounded him in the face with his sword hilt, apparently enjoying the moment. Link was up in an instant and rubbed his jaw. He drew his hand away to see it smeared with his blood. He roared with rage and swung at Dark Link's throat, who somehow stepped back avoiding the slice. Link swung at Dark Link as fast and hard as he could but his opponent seemed to move faster than his eye could follow. Link halted his attack and saw that Dark Link had blocked his sword with his bare hand. He took a step back but Dark Link stayed at the sword's tip. He ran his finger up and down the Master Sword's slick surface.

"The sword of evil's bane," He spat. "You really need that much help? You're more foolish than I thought. You're way out of your league. You're strong to have made it this far I must admit but," Dark Link's sword was at Link's throat before he knew it had moved. "if you think you can beat me, you're sadly mistaken." Dark Link pulled away from Link, his sword going back to its attack stance. "Let's see what you have before you go," He chuckled.

Link glared at his opponent hard and swung madly. Dark Link's sword blocked every blow in an explosion of sparks but he kept his cool. Link kept the barrage up until his strength and stamina began to waver. Dark Link noticed the slowed attacks but just kept blocking, waiting. Link had been swinging at Dark Link for what seemed like hours, to his arms, and couldn't keep it up. Dark Link smiled and jumped back out of the Master Sword's reach. He swung and his sword's tip purposely caught Link's cheek. Link clasped his hand over his cut, red blood slowly seeping out between his fingers, and he realized that Dark Link had been playing with him, he wasn't even trying. That's when Link saw how much power his shadow possessed. Link's eyes darted around. He had to think of something. Without even thinking much, Link rushed forward in an attempt to punch his opponent but Dark Link grabbed his wrist tightly, threatening to snap it in two. He tried to kick him but Dark Link caught his ankle in the same manner. Link was stuck. He was about to accept defeat when he remembered his sword.

"Is that all you've got?" Dark Link asked, his face wearing an expression of mocking pity to match his voice tone. "A shame you have to die like this." Dark Link licked his fangs.

"Actually," Link said, delighted in seeing his dark side's surprise. "It's a shame you do."

Dark Link released Link and staggered backwards. He was unable to breathe and couldn't make a sound. He felt his chest and his hands wrapped around the hilt of the embedded Master Sword. His navy blue blood soaked into his tunic and when it could no longer do so, ran into the water. He fell to his knees, the blade that protruded from his back glistened with his blood. Dark Link bowed his head, his hands still gripped the hilt firmly. Link let out a sigh of relief and gently rubbed his still bleeding cheek. His eyes went back to the trembling form of his defeated foe. Dark Link wasn't crying, in fact he was laughing. His laugh dripped with ice and he looked up at Link with rekindled blazing red eyes. His entire lower lip and chin were covered with his blue blood as it poured from his mouth. Dark Link stood, the sword still embedded in his body, and wiped the blood off his face with his left forearm. He fixed his eyes on Link and wrapped his hands around the hilt once more. With a sickening sucking noise, he pulled the Master Sword from his chest; his blood dumping off the sword's surface. The sight of Dark Link's wound was a little too much for Link and he turned away.

"Aww come on," He heard Dark Link's raspy voice hiss. "You afraid of a little blood and carnage? How sad."

The next thing Link felt was a searing pain slash down his back. He could already feel his warm blood run across this skin. Dark Link's hoarse laugh, from taking so much damage, soon reached his ears.

"Didn't they ever tell you to never turn your back on your opponent?" He sneered.

Link turned around. The impact of the blow to his back forced his own mouth to bleed and it running down his chin. His ocean blue eyes burned with hatred. He thought he could vaguely see the beating of Dark Link's heart behind the shredded flesh. Link frowned in disgust. The blow he gave to Dark Link was the strike that should've finished the fight but apparently, it took more to kill him. He saw Dark Link smile a bloody smile.

"Like I said," He laughed hoarsely. "you're way out of your league."

Link looked around quickly and noticed Dark Link's discarded sword. He had to slap a plan together quick. He ran for the sword and then for the tree. Even with the hole in his chest that was gushing blood, Dark Link could keep up with Link easily. He darted in front of Link, who was facing the tree, blocking his way. Link backed up a couple of steps and held Dark Link's sword defensively before him. Dark Link chuckled at the sight.

"Ran out of options?" He asked in a raspy tone.

Link smiled threateningly like he had never done before.

"Not quite," Came his answer.

Link thrusted the sword back through Dark Link's chest wound and through the tree. He then ran to the other side, summoned Din's Fire to his hands, and used it to meld the tip to the side so the sword could not be pulled back out. All struggling on the opposite end seemed to cease. He slowly went back around to see the still form of Dark Link impaled to the tree. Link wasn't all sure he was dead but was brought out if his trance by the clatter of the Master Sword slipping from Dark Link's nerveless fingers. He retrieved his sword, sheathed it, and turned back to Dark Link. After all Link did to him, it wasn't all possible being impaled would kill him. Blue blood ran down his entire body and his red eyes seemed to stare at a nonexistent location. He looked dead enough to Link but he still didn't believe that he was dead. At least he won the fight and was one step closer to getting out of the temple. With an injured ankle and slashed back, Link staggered over to the door that had been locked and stumbled through, Navi right by his side.


The hours passed as the sand of the island became stained blue. All was quiet except for the creaking of the dead tree. Dark Link remained impaled to it. Suddenly, his blood covered fingers twitched as his life- force returned. He shifted his body on the sword blade. His hands wrapped around the handle and tugged to no success. Then he remembered what had happened. With a loud roar of rage, he wrenched the sword free in an explosion of blood, flesh, and splinters. He wrapped one hand around the base of the blade and pulled upward in a screech of steel bending as he straightened his sword, drawing fresh blood. The air now reeked of his blood and the sand was stained blue by it. He glanced down at his chest and saw the blue gaping hole. He tightened his jaw as he tensed his body. Almost immediately the flesh and muscle snaked and twisted together, filling the openings like he had never been stabbed. He sheathed his sword and walked away as the tree fell over with a thunderous crash and eruption of water. Dark Link knew he needed about one year to fully heal but time meant nothing to him. His strength and rage rekindled, he laughed.

"Didn't I tell you kid!?" He roared with cold pleasure. "You are way out of your league!"

He laughed manically as he crashed through the exit door and ran through the dark halls. He was to soon be free. He planned to show his rival a whole new meaning of the word, pain.
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