Worlds Apart by Articunomew
Summary: Five Worlds, ten people. When the worlds fall into darkness and danger, it is up to these people to save their world.
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1. Chapter One: Crest of Hope, Digimon by Articunomew

2. Chapter Two: Crest of Determination, Final Fantasy X by Articunomew

3. Chapter Three: Crest of Friendship, Pokemon by Articunomew

4. Chapter Four: Crest of Power, Kingdom Hearts by Articunomew

5. Chapter Five: Crest of Courage, Legend of Zelda by Articunomew

6. Chapter Six: Visions of the Past, Final Fantasy X by Articunomew

Chapter One: Crest of Hope, Digimon by Articunomew
Chapter One:
Crest of Hope

Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the Champions!
Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the Champions!
Change, into digital champions
To save the digital
Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the Champions!

Takeru, or ‘T.K’, glanced across his English room and caught the eye of Kari, his best friend. The two grinned at each other. The reason for this, was because Davis, the holder of the Digieggs of Courage and Friendship was making a fool of himself as usual. It was the last class of a very hot day and everyone was eager to come home and stick themselves to a seat in front of an Air-Conditioner. Only T.K, Kari and Davis weren’t going to do that, they were going somewhere where it was actually cold. The one place most other people couldn’t go: The Digital World.
The Digital World was different from the actual world, mainly because it was made up of the digital data from the internet. It had its own climate, and was inhabited by Digimon- Digital Monsters.
Only a few people, like T.K, Kari, Davis, a girl named Yolei, a boy named Ken and another boy named Cody could actually enter the Digimon World. They were what were called, ‘Digidestined’, kids who the Digital World called on when times were bad. There were Digidestined all over the world, but Kari and T.K were among the first wave to have entered the Digiworld.
In the first wave, Tai, Kari’s big brother, Matt, T.K’s big brother, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe and T.K had entered the Digiworld to defeat an evil Digimon called Devimon. Soon afterwards, to defeat another Digimon called Myotismon, they had to bring Kari into the Digiworld.
A few years after that, Izzy discovered a way to open a portal at will using a computer, between their world and the Digiworld. When Davis accidentally got dragged in, he discovered that he was a Digidestined to. When he found the Digiegg of Courage, he got his Digimon Partner, Veemon.
Soon after that, Yolei and Cody went in too. Yolei found the Digiegg of Love and got her partner, Hawkmon. Cody found the Digiegg of Knowledge and Armadillomon.
Ken, on the other hand, knew about the Digiworld a long time before Davis, Yolei and Cody. He was an evil guy called the ‘Digimon Emperor’, a person who found ways to build small machines that enslaved Digimon and made them do his bidding. After Davis and the others defeated him, he discovered he had the Crest of Kindness. Since it was Tai, Matt and the others who had gotten the Crests, it had come as a surprise.
And after THAT, they had to defeat two Digimon who were trying to revive Myotismon. He did get revived, but as a more dangerous Malomyotismon. Soon after, they defeated him.

Right now, T.K and the others didn’t have anything to do. So when they didn’t have anything to do, they went to the Digiworld.

Finally, the bell went. T.K quickly grabbed his stuff and pushed it into his bag. He jumped up at the same time as Davis and rushed over to Kari, his white hat almost coming off as he half ran, half jogged.

“Come on Kari.” He began as Davis said the same. They had arrived at Kari’s desk at almost the same time. Kari goggled up at the, as did almost half the class. T.K felt himself go slightly red.

“Wow T.K, I didn’t know you could move so fast.” She said, standing up and grabbing her books. T.K laughed slightly and went redder.

“Yeah T.K, maybe you’ll provide some competition at the cross-country.” Davis jeered. While fairly fit, T.K hated the cross-country, mainly because it was one of the few things that Davis could beat him at.

“Yeah, right, shut up.” T.K muttered. He also hated to give Davis a reason to tease him.
He silently walked through the door, temporarily forgetting about both Davis and Kari.
How can I tell her I like her, before Davis does? He asked himself gloomily.
Before he knew it, he was at the Computer Labs. He stood, frowning at the door, wondering where it had come from. He shook his head and pushed the door open.
His backpack suddenly started squirming as he shut the door.
“Ok Patamon, I’ll let you out in a ‘sec.” T.K said. He gently placed his bag down on a desk and opened it.
And animal that looked like an orange pig jumped out. It had a white underbelly and its wings, while bigger than the actually thing, were wiry and bat like.
As T.K watched, it shook itself and looked up at him. It blinked, and then grinned.

“About time! When are you going to get your gym clothes from the bottom of your bag.? I swear I saw your socks moving!” Patamon declared. T.K grinned and playfully pushed Patamon slightly. In response, Patamon took to the air and landed on T.K’s hat.

“You know, it does look weird for a stuffed toy to fly and then land on its owner’s hat.” A voice commented from behind T.K. T.K’s heart leapt to his throat as he turned around. When he saw who it was, he relaxed and grinned. “Y’know Matt, it’s rude for people to sneak up on others?”

“Nope. But then, sneaking around wasn’t really a crucial part to traveling in the Digiworld.” Matt declared from where he was leaning against the wall. “So, did you have the same idea as me?”

“Which is?” T.K asked, asking even though he knew the answer.

“Going somewhere where you can see snow.” Matt said, smiling. He wandered over to T.K and looked at Patamon. “I think you feed him too much.”

“Actually, not enough.” Patamon piped up. Matt shook his head and turned to the door as it slammed, admitting the old group of Digidestined and the new group.

“Looks like great minds think alike.” Sora declared, grinning. “Ok, let’s go!”

T.K took his cue from that and took out his Digivice. “Digiportal, OPEN!” He declared, pointing his Digivice at a computer. The computer lit up, glowing purple, then yellow. Suddenly a vortex emitted from the computer and sucked everyone in.

{ Now here’s something new, at the end of each chapter I’m going to put a song or a quote from whatever will be staring in the next chapter. When someone can guess the song / quote and match it up to the correct game.

And today’s is:

I know that you’re hidin’ things,
Using gentle words to shelter me
Your words were like a dream
But dreams could never fool me
Not that easily

I acted so distant then
Didn’t say goodbye before you left
But I was listening
You fight your battles far from me
Far too easily
Chapter Two: Crest of Determination, Final Fantasy X by Articunomew
Chapter Two
The Crest of Determination

Far beyond the hazy borders of my heart,
I can see a place,
That’s something like this.
Every now and then, I don’t know what to do,
But still I know that I can never go back

All those things I’ve seen
In those hazy dreams,
Can’t compare to what I’m seein’ now
Everything’s so different,
That it brings me to my knees

And, though, I know, the world of Real Emotion
Has surrounded me,
I won’t give into it
Now, I know,
That forward is the only way my heart can go
I hear your voice calling out to me:
“You’ll never be alone.”

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
I can hear you.

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?

And if, I find
The real world of Emotion has surrounded me,
And I can’t go on
You are there, the moment that I close my eyes to comfort me,
We are connected for all
Of Time
“I’ll never be alone.”

Tidus rocked back on a chair, his hands clasped behind his head as he sighed.
Besaid is really a nice place, but it’s too quiet. He thought to himself. He sighed again. Ever since the Aeons, magical creatures who could use magic and other sorts of attacks, had restored him to Yuna, Tidus had been feeling restless.
Three years ago, since Yuna had restored the Eternal Calm, which had crumbled under a gigantic Machina called Vegnagun, Tidus had been dead. Well, as dead as a 1021 year old guy could be.
Five years ago, at the beginning of the Eternal Calm, Tidus had discovered he was nothing more than a dream of the Aeons, a vision sent to help Yuna in her Pilgrimage. While he had been solid and everything, Tidus had been a dream, a dream that vanished when the Aeons all woke up, when Sin, a mammoth water dwelling terror, had been defeated.
But then, Vegnagun had come. A Machina so powerful, it could have taken on Sin, who was an entity born out of the hatred in people’s hearts.
When Tidus was just 17, he witnessed Sin being born, and witnessed his homecity of Zanarkand, now called the City of the Dead, being destroyed. And all because of a war that no-one wanted to fight, a war that tore Spira in two.

“Tidus? Come on, we need to get to the camp fire for the Naming.” That was Yuna’s voice. It was Yuna who had brought Tidus back to life. When she had defeated Vegnagun, the Aeons felt that they owed Yuna something. So they had restored Tidus to life.

“I’m coming.” Tidus labored to get up from his comfortable position. He had just gotten that seat warm too! He stumbled out of the tent towards the campfire in the middle of the village.
Besaid was small, as Villages and Islands went. While it had a cave, two waterfalls, a shrine, a temple devoted to the Fayth, and other such things, Besaid was still small. The village only had thirty three people in it! Well, thirty four now.

Wakka, a tall red head spotted Tidus first.
“You finally up, ya?” He asked, grinning at the filthy look that Tidus gave him. “About time, I was considering getting Lulu to change the baby’s nappy in your tent, ya.” That earned him another dirty look.

“Don’t make me get Caladbolg out.” Tidus said wearily. He had been training for Blitzball all day, under the Tyrant called Beclam. He had been made to run up and down the beach twenty times, normally that wasn’t a problem, Tidus was an active guy, but he hadn’t been getting sleep lately. Mainly because Lulu’s and Wakka’s new baby girl had decided to give the whole village a wake up call at 3 in the morning, every morning.

“I’m sure you would. I’d just get Lulu to cast a spell on you then, or maybe my little angel will shoot you with a lightning bolt.” Wakka said, gazing down at his daughter with admiration. “She’s like her mother, in more ways than one.”

That got Tidus interested. “She can use magic already? He asked, in spite of himself. Her mother, Lulu, was one of the most powerful Black Mages in the world. Adept at casting elemental magic, she was a force to be reckoned with.

“Yep. I thought she’d might develop a bit later, but she must be strong. Or smart.” Wakka said, adding the last one as Lulu sidled up beside him.

“You’re talking about our daughter. I can tell. There’s always that tone in your voice when you do.” Lulu’s voice was like her hair, and magic. A sort of black voice, it seemed eternally amused, but also reprieving and every other emotion. Lulu herself wasn’t a surprise. Her dress was black, with a white fringe at the bottom, and some chains on it as well. She rarely spoke, but people listened when she did.

“Er, ya.” Wakka said, sounding hopeful that he wasn’t about to get a scolding.

“I hope you’ve chosen a name by now.” With those words, Lulu turned away, her total purpose for talking to Wakka now complete.

Wakka turned to Tidus, who had a grin on his face. “What? Don’t look at me, I’m not gonna interfere with Lulu. No-one with half a brain cell would.” Tidus said, his voice carrying a laugh.

“Which reminds me, where’s Yuna? Another lady who you don’t want to cross.” Wakka retorted.

As if on cue, Yuna walked up from behind Tidus, walking from Besaid Temple.
Wakka frowned as Yuna walked by.
“She goes there a lot now, always to look at that hole. You know what I mean?”

Tidus shook his head. “I still don’t understand how it was made. She mentioned something about Vegnagun, and then about Valefor, and then she trailed off.” Tidus looked down. Like Yuna and Wakka, Tidus had gone on the long journey to defeat Sin. Valefor was Yuna’s first Aeon.

“Well, one day fiends started pouring out of the temple. Yuna, Rikku and Paine went in to follow me. Beclam threatened to set the Temple on fire, so I had to do something!” Wakka looked down, biting his lip. But then he continued. “So, anyway, Yuna and the others went in. And when we found the source of the fiends, Yuna wasn’t happy. Not at all. It was Valefor, but it was an evil one, for some reason. It had created every one of those fiends. So, the Gullwings did what they had to do. They sent it to the Farplane.” Wakka said, looking thoughtful, a rare occurrence for him.

“Oh. No wonder she was upset.” Tidus said softly. Yuna had come near to them. She looped her arm around his own and started dragging him towards the fire, where Wakka and Lulu were about to name their new daughter.
But, invisible against the light glow of the bonfire, a glowing orange symbol glowed over Tidus’s heart, when he lay down to sleep that night, it was gone.

{And this time, the song should be easy to guess.}

The magic feeling
It’s grown so strong
Always leads me
To the place where I belong

Won’t go away
Never lettin’ me down
I’ve got the greatest friends
That ever could be found

Across every river
Behind every tree
On top of every mountain
They’re a part of you and me

One world
One world, now and forever
Best friends
Best friends, loyal and true
One dream
One dream that’s side by side
There’s nothing we can’t do

One hand
One hand, helping the other
Each heart
Each heart, beating as one
We live
We live, always together
Sharing the same white sun
Chapter Three: Crest of Friendship, Pokemon by Articunomew
Chapter Three:
Crest of Friendship


There’s no time to question my moves
I’ll stick to the path that I choose
Me and my friends are going to do it right
You’ll never see us walk away from a fight

To be a Master is my dream
All I’ve gotta do is believe
I’ve got the chance to win
I’m on my way to victory

I can be a Champion
If I just believe
I’m on a Master Quest
I want the whole world to see
That I believe

Gonna be the very best
‘Cause all I’ve got to do is believe in me


Sam looked up at the clear sky. Every so often, a Pidgey or a Nymbis would cross it, so that did add some scenery.
After he had gotten tired of looking up, he rolled over and clambered to his feet. A Marshtomp ran up from a nearby stream, his stomach bloated from eating underwater plants and the occasional insect.
A Polienix flew down from a tree to rest on Sam’s shoulder, like the rest of her species; she looked like a small, blue bird. Her tail spread out in blue streamers, her wings small, yet powerful. She had a small, yellow beak and red eyes.
A Cumbulos floated down from the sky, the evolved form of a Nymbis, it looked like a gigantic thunderhead cloud. He was large from drifting above the river, soaking in evaporated water which would soon be turned to rain.
An Eevee dashed towards Sam from where she had been dozing against the trunk of a tree, she had a healthy sheen to her coat, a testament to a recent brushing and a bath.
A Flaaffy opened one eye and bleated at Sam, his pink fur shaking, inflating and spiking from the electricity running though it. The visible skin was shining, without a patch of dirt.
A Holipus floated above Sam’s head. It was a blue cat, with white spots and golden wings that were just big enough to lift it up. Its tailed whipped through the air, occasionally tickling Sam’s ear.

Around them all were hundreds of different pokemon. From Krabbys to Clamperls, from the common Caterpie to the elusive Kingdra, most of those sorts of species were there. While they weren’t all Sam’s, some of them were, Pokemon gathered by other trainers and transported to the laboratory of Professor Rowan.

Sam sighed and took out a small earring from his pocket. He took it apart and put it on, wincing as he did as the world’s sound became clearer. The distance, indiscernible Pokemon cries suddenly became words as the Translator took effect.

“Good, now you can understand me again. Brush me immediately.” The Holipus, or Angel, said, sounding like a stuck-up girl. She floated down to the ground and started twining around Sam’s legs, purring at the same time. “Please?”

Sam sighed. “This is why I took it out. The constant chattering gave me a headache.” He informed Angel. Angel, in response, started cleaning herself.
“Ok Artemis, Zeus, Hera, Diana, Helios and you too Angel, we’re going home.”
‘Home’ was Sam’s mother’s house. While Sam was resting after finishing the Diamond League of Dictioy, he made plans as to where he was going next.
So far he had narrowed it down to Johto, Kanto, Metone or Janera.
Sam’s idea of ‘Resting’ was finishing Southern Island’s own League, the Red League. There were twelve main regions and five mini-regions.
The miniature regions were the Orange League- Orange Archipelago, the Red League- Southern Island, the league in Tinitia, the Blue League- Artegos Islands near the Artic Circle and the Green League- The Rainbow Islands near Kanto.

So far he had gotten only one of the four badges needed, the Opal Badge, the gym being the Rock type. It only took two days to get from one side of the Island to the other, the reason why Sam considered this a rest. He had done the furthest Gym first, the one in Latias City on the other side of the Island. He was planning to go for the one in Rayquaza Village in the East of the Island.

“Good, I’m getting hungry.” Artemis the Marshtomp agreed. While he had preferred battling to eating when he was a Mudkip, now his stomach came first as a Marshtomp.

When they had reached Sam’s house, passing a pond, several trees, the occasional pokemon and trainers, they encountered Sam’s brothers returning home from school. Daniel’s (The younger brother) face lit up, he loved Pokemon and Sam’s Pokemon were a mystery to him. Josh turned a blind eye. Every since Sam had won the chance to train Pokemon eleven months ago, Josh had been distant to Sam.

“Cloud!” Yelled Daniel, as he rushed to jump on Zeus. Zeus looked startled, but then stiffened himself up so that Daniel could jump on him.

“In the back Zeus.” Sam said, pointing over the roof. Zeus nodded, jostling Daniel a bit and floated over the house into the backyard. Sam followed Josh in, putting his foot in the door as Josh tried slamming it.

“Ok guys, I’ll get you food in a minute.” Sam said, leading the way upstairs to his room. A flashing light attracted Sam’s attention to the desk. A pokemail had been sent to Sam’s computer while he had been out!

Hey Sam

Its Nick here, how’re you doing? I’m going well, but I’m bored.
I was wondering, could I come to stay with you? At least until I decide where I’m going, or we’re going next.
Sparx is doing great, I’ve managed to teach him Thunderbolt (with a lot of pain, but Mum says he might evolve soon! Ash Ketchum took a look at him too, he said Sparx is really healthy. Not to mention Ash’s Pikachu gave Sparx the thumbs up too!
Kat’s been sulking, she still can’t believe she was knocked out in the second round of the Diamond Tournament. Drake’s been crying for you too.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go, G’bye!

I made a face, and then established mind contact with my Mum.
Hey Mum, you remember that guy called Nick I told you about?
In case you couldn’t tell by now, Sam is psychic.

Nick? Isn’t that Bruno’s child? The Elite Four Bruno? The one who’s father you didn’t know?

Oh, shut up about that. Anyway, he wants to know if he can stay here until we decide what’s happening. Please?

Um, I don’t know. Ok, why not? I’ve got three children to look after, why not another one?

Sam ignored the sarcasm in his mother’s mental voice. Thanks. He thought, as he answered the email.
Later that night, as he was curled up in bed, a blue symbol shone on Sam’s chest, a symbol that only Angel saw.

{Time for song number four}

When you walk away
You don’t hear me say
“Please, oh Baby, don’t go”
Simple and Clean is the way that your making me feel tonight
It’s hard to let it go

You’re giving me
Too many things lately
You’re all I need
You smiled at me
And said
“Don’t get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet
Your father?”

When we are older you’ll understand
What I meant when I said ‘No’,
But I don’t think, Life is quite that simple
Chapter Four: Crest of Power, Kingdom Hearts by Articunomew
Chapter Four
Crest of Power

When you walk away
You don't hear me say please
Oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
It's hard to let it go

The daily things that keep us all busy
Are confusing me
That's when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you
But does that mean I have to walk on water?
When we are older you'll understand
It's enough when I say so
And maybe some things are that simple

Sora slashed his Keyblade at a Shadow. The Heartless jumped back, but then sank down into the ground and disappeared. Sora flicked his brown hair from his eyes and then swore silently, but then dodged a lightning bolt as his wizard friend, Donald Duck, used the magic spell Thundaga.

“Watch what you’re doing next time!” He yelled at Donald. Donald grinned maliciously at Sora and turned around to fight off the next wave of Heartless.
Sora felt invisible eyes staring at his back and twirled just in time to stop the Shadow from taking his heart. The Shadow was instantly replaced by an Invincible, a large, demon-like Heartless that was also one of the strongest.

“Gwash, why do ya think they keep on comin’ like that?” Sora’s other companion, Goofy asked. Goofy was a large black dog, and Donald was a white duck. Goofy was the head of the castle guard, while Donald was the Court Wizard for Castle Disney. They were currently looking for a “Door to the Light” which Sora and their King had sealed a year ago. King Mickey had sealed himself inside Kingdom Hearts, a giant ‘thing’ that created the hearts of everything. Riku, a young, sixteen year old boy had been trapped inside too.

“I dunno.” Sora said. “At least we aren’t facing a Behemoth.”
As if to prove him wrong, an earthshaking thump suddenly filled the air. Sora looked around the small hill he was fighting on and blanched.
“There are Behemoths coming from every direction!”

“Quick, use Trinity Limit!” Panted Donald from Sora’s left.

In response, Sora held up the Keyblade. Goofy held up his shield and Donald, his staff. Several energy globes left the shield and staff to enter the tip of the Keyblade. When the last one had entered, Sora jumped high into the air and plunged the Keyblade into the earth as he landed. With a twist of the wrist long practiced, he turned the Keyblade and ducked as long, straight beams of energy poured from the handle in every direction. When Sora looked up again, the battlefield was cleared of every Heartless.

Sora grinned and got up from his crouching position. “Wow, my magic’s getting stronger!” He said proudly, looking more like a ten year old than a fifteen year old. “I mean, a year ago I could knock down one Behemoth with a single Trinity Limit!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Donald growled. “C’mon, we need to get to Twilight Town before nighttime.”

“Yeah, ok. Let’s go! But that battle took a while, so we might not make it.” Sora pointed out, raising his eyebrows in a silent challenge.
Donald was tempted to take it, but he simply frowned back. His orders from the King were to stick with the Key to survival, and unfortunately for him, Sora wielded that Key.

“Thank you. Now let’s go!” Sora declared, pointing at a distant town.

“What d’you mean, not allowed in?” Donald demanded, stabbing the ground with his staff in frustration. “We are messengers of King Mickey and we demand entrance!”

Sora rolled his eyes. Donald acted like this a lot: like he expected special treatment from everyone, just because he was part of the Royal Court of Disney.
Didn’t Donald understand that some people could afford to give others a free meal?

“I’m sorry, but it’s town rules. ‘No-one is allowed to enter the town unless they have special permission of the Mayor.’” Stammered a young guard who was leaning from a watch box up above. “And the Mayor is away on special business, so no one is allowed in at night.”

“Gwash Donald, we should, if it is the rules” Goofy said, putting a comforting hand on the duck’s shoulder.” Anyway, we do need to protect the world border.”


“Donald, let’s go. We’ll come back at dawn.” Sora directed the last comment to the guard, who look relieved to have escaped any further comments from Donald.


“Because I said so. And I’m the leader here.” Sora said, pointing a thumb at his chest. Without waiting for an answer, he walked away towards a small mound of earth which protruded from the landscape.

That night, as everyone slept, a soft, light green light surrounded the campsite, a light that only the guard on patrol saw.

Magic. He thought and gave a shudder. He would be glad when that small group would be gone.

{This song is gonna be a little different. Imagine a N64 control, and now press these buttons to play a song:

C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left

That will play the song)
Chapter Five: Crest of Courage, Legend of Zelda by Articunomew
Chapter Five
Crest of Courage

(Play Saria’s song if you have it on your computer)

A flash of light warned Link seconds before a Stalchild’s hand came down, exactly were he had been before. Link spun, cutting the Stalchild’s head off, but still the Stalchild came on, and another swipe of a sword singed the air as magic whipped around the blade. A single blow shattered the Stalchild’s ribs, causing it to split in two. The young, skeletal monster fell to the ground, and vanished as mysterious blue flames ran up its bones.
Suddenly, the sun rose over the horizon. Almost simultaneously, a Cucco crowed to signal that dawn had come, and the Stalchild that had been sneaking up on the boy vanished, digging into the ground until it was out of sight.
The boy named Link sighed with relief. He sheathed his sword and his watchful eyes scanned the field around him, looking for other monsters that might threaten Hyrule Castle. When he saw no monsters, he relaxed, letting go of the blade’s handle which had kept a hand on, just in case.
The sword itself was a marvel. A fine, gold dust was embedded into the hilt, dotting around a single, small, red ruby. It was a leaf blade, its edge razor sharp.
From a distance, the sword was a gold colour, up close, it was gold, but had green as well.
The boy himself was no different. His skin was tanned from staying in the sun of the desert for days on end, his clothes a deep, shade of green that reminded you of deep forests. His hair, a gold-blond had a hat perched on it, the hat the same colour as his clothes. His eyes were blue, the blue of a deep lake. His boots had seen long use, almost too small for him, in their prime they had been a chestnut brown.
His clothes, a tunic that cut off just above the knee and his hat, the hat had seen long use too, but the tunic wasn’t as old.

Suddenly, the boy took off, moving at speeds faster than the average teenager. His goal was a small ranch, surrounded by tall, log walls. A solitary tree stood, almost looking like it guarded the entrance to the ranch.
A lone neighing noise drifted towards Link’s ears, pointed like all the other Hylians in Hyrule.
Inside the formidable walls of the ranch, it was noisier. Horses whickered and snorted, scratching at the ground with their front hooves, and then taking off like there was a demon on their tails. You could practically feel their energy vibrating the air as they passed. All the horses did this, but one. A middle sized horse, not long out of foalhood. She was a chestnut brown, but had a long, white stripe down her head and white socks.

As soon as she saw Link, she left the side of a young woman with long, red hair that fell to her waist. A beautiful song had filled the air, giving the ranch a calming aura, but once it stopped, almost everything on the ranch stopped as well.

“Link, I’m starting to think that Epona likes you more than me now.” The young girl said, feigning insult. “Anyone would think you’re stealing her from me. I’ll have you know, she costs 2500 rupees!”

Rupees were the currency of Hyrule. Since Hyrule was a rich land, having more emeralds, sapphires, topazes, rubies and diamonds than the people knew what to do with. Eventually, the crystals became the country’s currency. But the stones each had their own monetary value. Emeralds’, being by far the most common rock in Hyrule, was worth the least. Sapphires were the next common, followed by rubies, and then diamonds, and finally topazes. A single topaz was worth two hundred emeralds!

“Don’t worry, I’ve got enough.” Link replied, his voice a light baritone. “I mean, whoever heard of the Hero of Time being poor?”

“Hero of Time? If I were you, I’d working on being a farmer so you can be doing some thing useful, like pulling up weeds. Then you’d be the Hero of Thyme!”
The girl said, her voice had a vein of humor in it.

“Ha-ha, very funny Malon.” Link said dully. “I wonder if Zelda knows that the greatest jester in the land is right in front of her castle? Anyway, I want to know. Can I take Epona for a ride? She’s been restless lately and I feel like a ride.”

“Sure.” Malon said, flicking her hair from her eyes. “Just make sure she doesn’t get hurt. Otherwise I’ll hunt you down.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Link muttered, and pulled out an ocarina. The instrument was a wood-wind, it was egg shaped, except for a long, hollow spout sticking out from the side. And no egg had eight holes in the side.
A pure note erupted from the ocarina, showing that Link was adept at playing it.
A second note issued from the instrument, grabbing the attention of the chestnut mare that had run off after sniffing Link, looking for treats in his pockets.
At the third note, she came running and pulled up in front of Link, showering him in dust and pebbles.

Link hoisted himself on and gave Malon a playful salute. “See ya later ma’am!”
With that, he kicked off, heading towards one of the ranch’s walls. Just before Epona would have hit it, she jumped, over the wall and out of sight.

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Far beyond the hazy borders of my heart,
I can see a place,
That’s something like this.
Every now and then I don’t know what to do,
But still I know that I,
Can never go back.

And the things I’ve seen,
In those hazy dreams,
Can’t compare to what I’m seeing now,
Everything’s so different,
That it brings me to my knees!

And though, I know,
The world of Real Emotion has surrounded me,
I won’t give into it.
Now, I know,
That forward is the only way my heart can go
I hear your voice calling out to me:
“You’ll never be alone!”
Chapter Six: Visions of the Past, Final Fantasy X by Articunomew
Chapter Six
Visions of the Past

I know that you’re hiding things,
Using gentle words to shelter me.
Your words were like a dream,
But dreams could never fool me,
Not that easily.

I acted so distant then,
Didn’t say goodbye before you left
But I was listening
You fight your battles far from me,
Far too easily.

“Save your tears, ‘cause I’ll come back.”
I could hear as you whispered as you walked through that door.
But still I swore,
To hide the pain, when I turned back the pages.
Shouting might have been the answer
What if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart?
But now I’m not afraid to say,
What’s in my heart.

‘Cause a Thousand Word,,
Calling out through the ages,
Will fly to you,
Even though I can’t see,
I know they’re reaching you,
Suspended on silver wings

Oh, a Thousand Words,
One thousand embraces,
Will cradle you,
Making all of your weary days
Seem far away
They’ll hold you forever!

Yuna woke with a gasp, her chest heaving as she swallowed air. Beside her, Tidus stirred, muttered in his sleep and turned over and resumed snoring.
Yuna looked around, her eyes scanning every shadow. The air was stuffy in the tent; the cause was the hot air outside and little wind. Yuna looked at Tidus, who seemed determined to stay asleep. With a sigh, she took the light sheet that was a blanket off and got up, her nightclothes moved without rustling. With another look at Tidus, she took a small Garment Grid from the table, the Highroad Winds Garment Grid. The Garment Grid had four, small spheres embedded in it. Yuna silently touched one, and several small lights called pyreflies surrounded her, blocking her from view. Magically, her clothes changed, turning from a simple nightgown into a thin skirt and a small top that clung to her. A staff suddenly appeared from nowhere and she had a tall witch’s hat on her head. A circle of flame appeared around and the pyreflies suddenly disappeared, leaving no sign they had even been there, apart from Yuna’s clothes, nothing had changed.
She sighed deeply. These were clothes she could easily breathe in!
Making no noise, her footsteps light with long practice, Yuna left the tent and silently made her way out of the village of Besaid. As she climbed the hill that separated Besaid Village from the beach, Yuna thought about the strange turn her life had done. Ever since becoming the Grand Summoner when she defeated Sin permanently, everyone had treated her as a kind of god. Add to that, being inhabited by the soul of a Songstress and uniting Spira simply by singing a song, defeating Vegnagun and other such things and people almost worship the place you had walked twenty years ago.
A Dingo fiend suddenly leapt from the bushes to her left. From reflex, Yuna pointed her staff at the small, dog-like fiend and muttered “Thundaga’. Several thin lightning bolts appeared from the sky, circling around the fiend before every single one connected with it at the same time. The Dingo disappeared in a cloud of pyreflies, which streamed off towardsa the sea, towards Luca and Guadosalam.
The river was one of Besaid’s main sources of water and fishing. Yuna had gone swimming in there many times, usually with Wakka around to make sure she didn’t drown. Wakka, being a Blitzball Player could hold his breath for ages. Tidus could hold his breath even longer than that.
Blitzball was a sport that was over 1000 years old. It involved a gigantic sphere that held over a kilolitre of water. The players would swim around in the sphere, knocking around a ‘Blitzball’ and trying to get it into the opposing team’s goal. Blitzball had been Spira’s main source of entertainment until Sin had been defeated.

Reaching the top of the hill that looked upon Besaid Village; Yuna paused and stared at a small shrine, tucked into a small crescent near the edge of the cliff. It was here, five years ago that she had left on her Pilgrimage. The original goal of the pilgrimage had been to obtain the Final Aeon, a creature of incredible power. But that goal had changed as Yuna had started to achieve that goal. In the end, it turned out that the Final Aeon was a weak creature, but one that would end up becoming a new Sin, after it became processed by Yu Yevon, an ancient summoner who had never gone to the Farplane, but had remained in Spira, trying to summon something. A summon that would go on for eternity. And Yu Yevon, the one who had caused all of the sorrow in Spira even had a religion, one that many people followed.

Suddenly Yuna blinked. One area of the shrine was lighting up, an orange symbol appeared. Intrigued, she edged closer to it, before briefly touching.
The thought of Tidus entered her mind in a flash of white light. Blitzball, a sword, his love for his friends and Yuna and his care for all of Spira, a world he had been taken to by his father. Other memories flashed in her mind, ones of when Yuna was on her pilgrimage.

Yuna suddenly wretched her hand away from the orange symbol, staring at it apprehensively. Its centre then hollowed out, to show her what looked like the sphere screens at Luca, the second largest city in Spira and home to the Blitzball Stadium of all of Spira.

Images flashed past, Rikku, Wakka, Kimahri, Lulu, Yuna herself, Tidus and Sir Auron.
To that were added Cid; Yuna’s uncle, Shelinda; a woman who was bound to the culture of Yevon, Rin; an Al Bhed, Belgemine; a Summoner who had died trying to defeat Sin and Seymour Guado. Yuna’s blood ran cold at the sight of Seymour, who had forced her to marry him.

Abruptly, the landscape around Yuna went completely black. Another symbol, black edged with white was just visible against the darkness. As Yuna looked upon it, memories of Seymour forced their way out of her mind. As Yuna started struggling against her own mind, the symbol started to go blacker, its edges whiter. Deeper and deeper went Yuna’s struggles, when a glyph appeared in front of the black one, Seymour’s, she realized.

The new glyph was purple and shone with a purple light. It battled against Seymour’s, when the orange symbol joined it. Together, they drove the black symbol back into the darkness. When it was gone, the orange one disappeared as well. Yuna only had a fleeting impression of her own symbol before natural darkness overtook her.

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“……. I choose you!”
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