Legend of Zelda: The Dream Blade by Sairasfairy
Summary: Legend of a sword stronger than the Master Sword.
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Chapter 2: Zelda meets Zelda. by Sairasfairy
Other Main Characters: Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, Rauru, Ganondorf, Older Zelda, Dark Link

In the Temple of NIghtmares, Zelda wakes up and finds herself with an old woman in a room that has no trace of evil.

Zelda: Oh boy. That was a good sleep. It felt like I hasd been sleeping for ages.

???: You were princess. You have been sleeping for 7 days but don't worry it was only seven minutes in Hyrule.

Zelda: Oh my, who are you?

???: My name is Queen Zelda, Empress of Hyrule. Well I would be the queen if I could get back to Hyrule of my time.

Zelda: I see... You are me from the future, Correct?

Older Zelda: Yes.

Zelda: How far?

Older Zelda: 20 years.

Zelda: Wow. How did you get trapped in here?

Older Zelda: I was fighting Dark Link who is the demon of this temple.

Zelda: What do you mean by that?

Older Zelda: In Hyrule, there is the good side of people but in the realm of the gods there is the bad side of people. Your dark side is the demon of the Temple of Wishes. Link's dark side is the demon of this temple. And Ganondorf's alternate side is the demon of the Temple of Fantasies.

Zelda: Oh my word. Why are you trapped here?

Older Zelda: I was beaten by Link's dark side.

Zelda: Is there any way I can beat Dark Link?

Older Zelda: Yes. Create the sword known as Nayru's Law of Wisdom.

Zelda: How can I create that?

Older Zelda: Fuse together two diferent Triforce of Wisdoms. Let's create the sword so you can get the sword part of this temple known as The Nightmare Storm.

Zelda: Okay. Let's do it.

Both: Triforce of Wisdom, fuse with the other Triforce of Wisdom and create Nayru's Law of Wisdom.

Two bright beams of light come together and create the sword known as Nayru's Law of Wisdom.

Zelda: I neverr felt so much good energy coming from a sword.

Older Zelda: Now I must leave. I can go to my time of Hyrule.

Zelda: Thank you for your help, Your Majesty.

Older Zelda: No problem.

Her Majesty disappears without a trace and goes to her time of Hyrule's history.

Zelda: Time to move on and get The Nightmare Storm from Dark Link.

She walks on to find a room with a man holding a sword in his hands.

Zelda: Who are you?

???: I am the bewielder of The Nightmare Storm & and I am the one who beat your older version, Princess Zelda.

Zelda: So you are Dark Link?

Dark Link: You got it Your Highness.

What Princess Zelda found out later is that the sword known as Nayru's Law of Wisdom gave her the sight of the future as Dark Link drew out his sword and tried to strike the princess so she could take the place of her older self and be trapped in the temple forever. With one strike of Nayru's Law of Wisdom, Princess Zelda was able to defeat Dark Link.

Zelda: That did not take very long.

Dark Link: You have beaten me. Take my sword Your Highness.

Dark Link vanishes without a trace. Then Zelda returns to the Sages to find out that there is a shield stronger than the Mirror Shield known as the Galaxy Shield, a shield that is equal to The Dream Blade.

Zelda & Ganondorf: What!!???

Saria: It's true. There is a shield stronger than the Mirror Shield known as the Galaxy Shield but it is only found when the three parts of The Dream Blade is created.

Ganondorf: How?

Darunia: By fusing the three swords of the Godesses, Din's Flaming Arm, Nayru's Law of Wisdom, and Farore's Soil of Life.

Zelda: Wow.

Meanwhile in the Temple of Fantasies.

Link: Oh man, this temple wold make a nice home for me and the princess, but first I am going to take a nap.
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