Legend of Zelda: The Dream Blade by Sairasfairy
Summary: Legend of a sword stronger than the Master Sword.
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1. Prologue: A Plea From The Sages. by Sairasfairy

2. Chapter 1: Dark Zelda and Ganondorf should never be mixed. by Sairasfairy

3. Chapter 2: Zelda meets Zelda. by Sairasfairy

4. Chapter 3: Link meets a nice Ganondorf. by Sairasfairy

5. Chapter 4: The Triforce people become Gods. by Sairasfairy

Prologue: A Plea From The Sages. by Sairasfairy
Other Main Characters: Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, Rauru, Din, Farore, Nayru, and Ganondorf

A darkness fills the world of Hyrule but is not Ganondorf. This new evil is more powerful than Ganondorf and seeks destruction of Hyrule. The evils grows with power hoping to destroy Hyrule. Everyone looks up into the sky and wonders what is going on.

Saria: I sense a great evil here more powerful than Ganondorf.

Darunia: I think you are right Saria.

Zelda: What in the world is going on here?

Link: I'll go get the Master Sword and Mirror Shield.

Ruto: Let's see what's going on?

Link: The Master Sword and Mirror Shield is gone!!

Nabooru: What!!!?

Impa: Oh no. We are doomed.

Rauru: Maybe not. There is the Dream Blade.

Everyone: What's the Dream Blade?

Ganondorf: The Dream Blade is an ancient sword that can destroy evil and seal it away into a place called the Nightmare Realm which keeps evil at bay.

Everyone: Ganondorf! What are you doing out of the Evil Realm?

Ganondorf: I am out because that evil arrived.

Rauru: When an evil comes that is more powerful tham the evil sealed in the Evil Realm, the evil in the Evil Realm will be released.

Ganondorf: Correct.

Zelda: Is there a way to find the Dream Blade?

Ganondorf: Yes, there is.

Zelda: What is it?

Ganondorf: Link, me, and you Princess Zelda must summon forth the gods and have them grant a wish to take us to the Temples in the realm of the gods.

Zelda and Link: Well let's summon them.

Ganondorf, Zelda, and Link: Triforces of Power, Wisdom, and Courage. We say to thee bring forth the ancient goddesses Din, Farore, and Nayru.

Din, Farore, and Nayru enter the picture.

Din: Who calls us forth?

Farore: Who needs our help?

Nayru: Ahh, its the princess, the warrior, and the evil king.

Ganondorf, Zelda, and Link: Goddesses, take us three to the temples that house the Dream Blade.

Din, Farore, and Nayru: Are you three sure you three want that?

Ganondorf: Yes.

Zelda: You bet.

Link: Come on.

Sages: We will hide your tracks as you guys go to the Temples of the Dream Realm.

Ganondorf, Zelda, and Link: Here we go.

Din: Triforce of Power, take Ganondorf to the Temple of Wishes.

Farore: Triforce of Courage, take Link to the Temple of Fantasies.

Nayru: Triforce of Wisdom, take Zelda to the Temple of Nightmares.

They left that instant and appear in three different temples that the goddesses protect. Din protects the Temple of Wishes. Farore protects the Temple of Fantasies. Nayru protects the Temple of Nightmares.
Chapter 1: Dark Zelda and Ganondorf should never be mixed. by Sairasfairy
Other main characters: Ganondorf, Older Ganondorf, and Dark Zelda (demon of the Temple of Wishes)

As Ganondorf arrived in the temple.

Ganondorf: Oh man, what a dark and dreary place. I would not want to live here.

???: Ehh, it is not that bad.

Ganondorf: Who are you?

???: Why I am Ganondorf but I am 20 years older than you, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: How is that possible? How can I be talking to myself when I am right here?

Older Ganondorf: I have been trapped here forever, ever since the beginning of time.

Ganondorf: How did you get trapped here?

Older Ganondorf: I was battling Dark Zelda, the demon of this temple.

Ganondorf: Who is Dark Zelda?

Older Ganondorf: Dark Zelda is the demon of the Temple of Wishes and controller of wishes. In her hands is the weapon of wishes, The Wishing Star, one of the parts needed to create the Dream Blade. When she used The Wishing Star on me, I was sent back to the beginning of time, when Hyrule was created.

Ganondorf: Wow. How can I beat her?

Older Ganondorf: You have your Triforce of Power?

Ganondorf: Yes. Why do you ask?

Older Ganondorf: If we fuse the two triforces, we will create Din's Flaming Arm or the Triforce of Power Dagger. Then you can beat Dark Zelda.

Ganondorf: Cool. Let's create the sword.

Suddenly two beams of light shine forth becoming one and in the light is Din's Flaming Arm.

Older Ganondorf: Now I must go and let you beat her. Don't ask me why I must leave. It was just my destiny to help myself get Din's Flaming Arm.

Ganondorf: Okay.

As Older Ganondorf disappears, another figure appears.

???: Hi. You must be Ganondorf and you have come to take The Wishing Star that I hold in my hand.

Ganondorf: Correct, and you must be Dark Zelda.

Dark Zelda: That is correct.

With a single strike of Din's Flaming Arm, Ganondorf was able to beat Dark Zelda and return to the Sages.

Ganondorf: I have The Wishing Star. Yahoo!

Now as Zelda arrives in the Temple of Nightmares, she falls asleep for it took a lot of energy out of her to travel to the Temple of Nightmares.

Zelda: I think I'm going to fall asleep right now.

As she falls asleep, she thinks about how she gets to travel in a temple now and dreams about peace on Hyrule.
Chapter 2: Zelda meets Zelda. by Sairasfairy
Other Main Characters: Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, Rauru, Ganondorf, Older Zelda, Dark Link

In the Temple of NIghtmares, Zelda wakes up and finds herself with an old woman in a room that has no trace of evil.

Zelda: Oh boy. That was a good sleep. It felt like I hasd been sleeping for ages.

???: You were princess. You have been sleeping for 7 days but don't worry it was only seven minutes in Hyrule.

Zelda: Oh my, who are you?

???: My name is Queen Zelda, Empress of Hyrule. Well I would be the queen if I could get back to Hyrule of my time.

Zelda: I see... You are me from the future, Correct?

Older Zelda: Yes.

Zelda: How far?

Older Zelda: 20 years.

Zelda: Wow. How did you get trapped in here?

Older Zelda: I was fighting Dark Link who is the demon of this temple.

Zelda: What do you mean by that?

Older Zelda: In Hyrule, there is the good side of people but in the realm of the gods there is the bad side of people. Your dark side is the demon of the Temple of Wishes. Link's dark side is the demon of this temple. And Ganondorf's alternate side is the demon of the Temple of Fantasies.

Zelda: Oh my word. Why are you trapped here?

Older Zelda: I was beaten by Link's dark side.

Zelda: Is there any way I can beat Dark Link?

Older Zelda: Yes. Create the sword known as Nayru's Law of Wisdom.

Zelda: How can I create that?

Older Zelda: Fuse together two diferent Triforce of Wisdoms. Let's create the sword so you can get the sword part of this temple known as The Nightmare Storm.

Zelda: Okay. Let's do it.

Both: Triforce of Wisdom, fuse with the other Triforce of Wisdom and create Nayru's Law of Wisdom.

Two bright beams of light come together and create the sword known as Nayru's Law of Wisdom.

Zelda: I neverr felt so much good energy coming from a sword.

Older Zelda: Now I must leave. I can go to my time of Hyrule.

Zelda: Thank you for your help, Your Majesty.

Older Zelda: No problem.

Her Majesty disappears without a trace and goes to her time of Hyrule's history.

Zelda: Time to move on and get The Nightmare Storm from Dark Link.

She walks on to find a room with a man holding a sword in his hands.

Zelda: Who are you?

???: I am the bewielder of The Nightmare Storm & and I am the one who beat your older version, Princess Zelda.

Zelda: So you are Dark Link?

Dark Link: You got it Your Highness.

What Princess Zelda found out later is that the sword known as Nayru's Law of Wisdom gave her the sight of the future as Dark Link drew out his sword and tried to strike the princess so she could take the place of her older self and be trapped in the temple forever. With one strike of Nayru's Law of Wisdom, Princess Zelda was able to defeat Dark Link.

Zelda: That did not take very long.

Dark Link: You have beaten me. Take my sword Your Highness.

Dark Link vanishes without a trace. Then Zelda returns to the Sages to find out that there is a shield stronger than the Mirror Shield known as the Galaxy Shield, a shield that is equal to The Dream Blade.

Zelda & Ganondorf: What!!???

Saria: It's true. There is a shield stronger than the Mirror Shield known as the Galaxy Shield but it is only found when the three parts of The Dream Blade is created.

Ganondorf: How?

Darunia: By fusing the three swords of the Godesses, Din's Flaming Arm, Nayru's Law of Wisdom, and Farore's Soil of Life.

Zelda: Wow.

Meanwhile in the Temple of Fantasies.

Link: Oh man, this temple wold make a nice home for me and the princess, but first I am going to take a nap.
Chapter 3: Link meets a nice Ganondorf. by Sairasfairy
Other Main Characters: Older Link, Ganondorf of the Light, The Sages, Din, Farore, Nayru

Link finds himself not alone and draws out his sword.

Link: Who are you two?

???: Don't be afraid warrior. I am you from the future and this is Ganondorf of the Light, keeper of The Fantasy Wing.

Ganondorf of the Light: How do you do, Link?

Link: Phew. I am guessing you both know why I am here, correct?

Older Link and Ganondorf: Yes.

Older Link: You are here for The Fantasy Wing.

Ganondorf of the Light: You may have it if you beat me in a game of Chess.

Link and Ganondorf play for hours and hours until Link corners Ganondorf with his two rooks and his Queen.

Ganondorf of the Light: You win. You may have The Fantasy Wing.

Older Link: Hold up your hand Link. Triforce of Courage, fuse with the other and create the sword known as Farore's Soil of Life.

The Triforces come together as one and take the shape of a sword in a bright flash of light.

Link: Wow. I never felt so much power in two different swords.

Link is then transported to Hyrule. He then finds himself in a ring of everybody.

Link: Ahh. I thought I would never get back after that Chess game.

Saria: You have The Fantasy Wing?

Link: Yes, I do.

Darunia: Good, now fuse it with The Wishing Star and The Nightmare Storm.

Link: Okay.

Ruto: Once that is done, the blade will call forth the goddesses and fuse the other three swords together as a shield but not before taking a triforce piece from each of them to create The Galaxy Shield.

The three swords, Wishing Star, Nightmare Storm, and Fantasy Wing come at each other and combine together as The Dream Blade in a bright flash of light.

Impa: Now call forth the goddesses.

Link then touches the sword and the goddesses come forth.

Din: Is now the time to create The Galaxy Shield?

Farore: Is now the time for the darkest evil to begone from the world of Hyrule?

Nayru: Is it time to bring back the light to Hyrule?

Rauru: Yes it is.

Goddesses: Then let it be. Swords of the goddesses, become the ancient shield known as The Galaxy Shield.

Part of the swords leave the form of the swords and become together one shield.

Goddesses: Warrior, Princess, Evil King, you must fight as one team to free Hyrule.

Link: Okay.

Zelda: Yes.

Ganondorf: Bring on the demon.

They then leave to go fight the demon up in the sky high above Hyrule.
Chapter 4: The Triforce people become Gods. by Sairasfairy
Other main characters: Ganondorf, Din, Farore, Nayru and Tituo(Ti-2-oh)

Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda find themsleves together to fight Tituo.

???: Almost done, a few more hours and this planet will be destroyed.

Link: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Link then strikes Tituo with The Dream Blade and Farore's Soil of Life. Tituo screams in pain and sends Link flying.

Link: Owww. That thing is strong in defense.

Zelda: It seems like it. Let me have a go at the demon.

Zelda raises up her sword, Nayru's Law of Wisdom, and strikes Tituo. Tituo then screams in pain again and strikes Zelda but she barely receives damage.

Zelda: That thing just gave me a scratch. Ouch.

Ganondorf: Let me try.

Ganondorf then raises his sword, Din's Flaming Arm, and strikes. Tituo screams in pain again.

???: Enough. Who dares strike down Tituo, dark demon of the galaxy?

Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf: We do. We are the keepers of the Triforce parts.

Link: I am Link, wielder of the Triforce of Courage.

Zelda: I am Zelda, keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Ganondorf: I am Ganondorf, master of the Triforce of Power.

Tituo: So you are the three who struck me? But what did you strike me with? I collect all things that can beat me but why is it that I do not have those swords and that shield?

Link: These swords are found only in the Realm of the Gods and the shield is only created when the sword is created.

Zelda: Now it's time for you to go and be sealed into the Nightmare Realm.

Ganondorf: Indeed.

Tituo: NO!!!!!

The goddesses appear.

Din, Farore, and Nayru: No, you all must strike together and work as a team of power, flight, and speed.

Link: But who is who?

Din: Ganondorf holds true power.

Nayru: Zelda holds true flight.

Farore: And you, Link, hold true speed.

Goddesses: Go into Speed formation and strike using Farore's Blades of Wind.

Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf come together and start spinning and create a whirlwind that cuts things.

Tituo: Owww.

Goddesses: Now go into Fly formation and strike using Nayru's Repelling Love.

Link and Ganondorf grab Zelda's legs and struck Tituo with his own attack that he launched at them.

Tituo: Owww.

Goddesses: Now go into Power formation and use Din's Barrage of Fire.

Link and Zelda grab Ganondorf's arms and get into a form of a ball and Ganondorf punches the air and creates fireballs.

Tituo: Owww.

Goddesses: Now use Team Strike also known as Trueforce Wish.

Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda all touch The Dream Blade and combine Farore's Blades of Wind, Nayru's Repelling Love, Din's Barrage of Fire, with each other and seal Tituo in the Nightmare Realm.

Tituo: I'll be back and when I get back you three are going down.

Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and the Goddesses: You won't ever be back.

Goddesses: Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, you are now proclaimed gods and shall be in the realm of the gods as protectors of The Dream Blade and The Nightmare Realm.

Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf: Thank you and we accept but only if evil ever rises again we shall leave and protect Hyrule.

Goddesses: Agreed.

Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf shall never return to Hyrule until evil comes to Hyrule.
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