Dreams by Sairasfairy
Summary: In this I am Saria's fairy and I am seeing others dreams. Can you tell who I am seeing in their dreams?
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Certain People by Sairasfairy
In the first person
I see darkness,
turmoil, and despair.
I see three golden triangles
breaking apart from this person's touch.
I see him being beaten by a kid
who comes from the forest along with a princess.
Who is it?

The next person I see
dreams of her future husband
in his green tunic.
She gave him a beloved treasure
that her mother said to only give it to
the man she is supposed to marry.
Who is it?

The next person I see
dreams of horses
as far as the eye could see.
Her favorite horse she gave to a friend
who knew the horse's favorite song and always played it to the end.
Who is it?

I have looked into three people's dreams
now tell me who they are
If you guess right
I will know that you are a true Zelda fan.
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