Legend of Zelda: 4 Heroes of the Universe. by Sairasfairy
Summary: Coming from a dimension hole is three creatures who help Link fight off an ancient demon that takes control of Zelda's body.
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Chapter 1: Fast or furious wind? by Sairasfairy
Other Main Characters: Sonic, Yoshi, Kirby, Goddesses and Bloho.

In the Spade Wind Island Chain on Link's boat.

(Enter Sonic, Link, Yoshi, & Kirby.)

Sonic: So what is in the Spade Wind Temple, Link?

Link: It is said that an ancient civilization hid seven jewels of ultimate power on the islands of Spade Wind.

Sonic: Chaos Emeralds?

Link: Yeah that was the name of them.

Sonic: So where are we headed for now?

Link: The island known as Ace Spade Island.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi? (What will we find there?)

Link: On that island is the ruler of the Spade Wind area, King Bloho.

They arrive on Ace Spade Island to find the whole island's inhabitants scared stiff.

Link: What happened?

Villager: The king has turned evil by the touch of Princess Zelda.

Link: It's the work of Babi.

Villager: The king took all seven jewels of ultimate power and took them to Spade Wind Temple.

Link: Let's go to Spade Wind Temple.

Villager: The only way to get there now is through the castle. I am the not only a villager. I built the castle and I know of a way that anyone can go to Spade Wind Temple. Used to a person would have to have a jewel of ultimate power. Behind the king's throne there is a button, if it is pressed, the doorway will open taking anyone to Spade Wind Temple.

Link: Thank you kind sir.

Villager: No problem just free his Majesty.

Link and company find themselves in the throne room of King Bloho. Sonic examines the king's chair and notices a strange button and pushes it. A door opens up at which a strong gale that forces Link, Yoshi, and Kirby to the other side of the room.

Sonic: I guess this is where I come in. Everyone grab a hold tight of my hands.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Okay.)

Kirby: Hoya. (Sure.)

Link: Yes, Sonic.

Sonic starts to pick up speed in the room and suddenly they find themselves on the other side of the gale and in Spade Wind Temple.

Link: Here we are.

They all come to a door that need to be blown away and they all notice a creature spinning round and round like a tornado.

Kirby: Hoya hoya hoya hoya. (I guess this is where I come in.)

Kirby then swallows the creature and becomes Tornado Kirby and he blows down the down in 5 seconds flat.

Link: What power... (Link's mouth opens wide with astonishment.)

Sonic: Oh my word.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi. (Way to go.)

Kirby: Hoya hoya. (Thank you.)

After the door was knocked down our heroes find themselves in the company of Princess Zelda and King Bloho.

Zelda: Take care of them my pet.

Bloho: Yes master.

Then comes in the three goddesses.

Goddesses: A king with gusts of wind, a evil controlled princess, and not a place for rest. We think it's time for a true hero that is as fast maybe even faster than wind. Sonic it's your Hero Time.

Sonic must now get the Seven Chaos Emeralds and beat Bloho. Bloho makes the first move by using his mighty wind breath. The king did this several times before having lost some energy from blowing wind. Sonic then struck the king and stole one of the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Alright now I can use Chaos Control to stop time and/or teleport through time.

Bloho: You will pay dearly for that strike.

Bloho then struck Sonic with his mighty arm but not before Sonic used the power of the Chaos Emerald.

Sonic: Chaos Control.

Time suddenly stopped and Sonic swiped another Chaos Emerald.

Bloho: What just happened?

Sonic: Alright I have two emeralds.

Zelda: Bloho, get that hedgehog.

Bloho: Yes, master.

Sonic then used Chaos Control again and this time he took three more Chaos Emeralds giving him a total of five.

Sonic: Surrender Bloho. You don't have a chance.

Bloho: Never!

Sonic then used Chaos Control once again and took the remaining Chaos Emeralds from the king. With all seven gathered together Sonic became Super Sonic.

SS: You are going down.

With one hit from Sonic the king was freed from Zelda's hold.

Bloho: Thank you. You may have the seven jewels of ultimate power.

They then use the Master Sword to track down the princess and the found that she went to Heart Woods.

Link: We are off to Heart Woods.

They all took off to the south and found themselves at the entrance of Heart Woods. They then rested for hours for the moment.
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