Legend of Zelda: 4 Heroes of the Universe. by Sairasfairy
Summary: Coming from a dimension hole is three creatures who help Link fight off an ancient demon that takes control of Zelda's body.
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1. Prologue: Who, What, and When? by Sairasfairy

2. Chapter 1: Fast or furious wind? by Sairasfairy

3. Chapter 2: Gone but not forgotten? I think not. by Sairasfairy

4. Chapter 3: Rolling and bouldering by Sairasfairy

5. Chapter 4: Link vs. The Diamond Earth Mines by Sairasfairy

6. Chapter 5: Link, Sonic, Yoshi, & Kirby vs. Babi & Ganondorf? Yeah right. by Sairasfairy

Prologue: Who, What, and When? by Sairasfairy
In the world of Hyrule, three heroes find themselves on another planet greeted by Link.

(Enter Sonic, Yoshi, & Kirby.)

Sonic: Where am I?

Yoshi: Yoshi. Yoshi. (What am I doing here?)

Kirby: Hoya. Hoya. (Who are you guys?)

Link: One question. Who are you three?

(Enter Din, Farore, and Nayru.)

Din: The blue creature is known as Sonic, the world's fastest hedgehog.

Farore: The green creature is known as Yoshi, the egg-laying dinosaur.

Nayru: And the pink creature is known as Kirby, the Pop Star Black Hole.

Link: Why are they here? I can't understand Yoshi and Kirby and neither can Sonic.

Din: We will bestowe upon both of you...

Farore: The ability to understand them both...

Nayru: Because they already understand both of you.

Din: You will need their help for this journey, Link.

Farore: In this journey an ancient demon was released about three days ago and has now taken control of Zelda's body.

Nayru: The only way of beating it is bring forth items of ultimate power, a bunch of egg shells, and a creature that can absorb anything and use that power.

Link: What is the creature's name?

Din: The creature is known as Babi.

Farore: Babi was sealed away long ago by the powers of the sages by bringing forth what we just brought forth.

Nayru: When you four beat the demon each of you will go back to where you came from.

Sonic: Okay.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Let's fight.)

Kirby: Hoya. (Alright give me an ability so we beat this demon and go home.)

Link: How do we find this demon?

Goddesses: You have the Master Sword?

Link: Yes.

Goddesses: The Master Sword was made from Babi and can be used to track it down no matter who it is in.

Link: Okay. I will use it to track down Babi.

Link uses the sword and finds that Babi is in the temple known as Spade Wind Temple. In this world there is Spade Wind, Diamond Earth, Heart Woods, and Club Mountain Temples. The sword pointed to the north toward Spade Wind Temple. All four decide to travel to Spade Wind Temple. Its takes them about three days to get there because they also have to go through the Spade Gale Archeipelogo, an island chain in which all of the islands are in the shape of Spades.
Chapter 1: Fast or furious wind? by Sairasfairy
Other Main Characters: Sonic, Yoshi, Kirby, Goddesses and Bloho.

In the Spade Wind Island Chain on Link's boat.

(Enter Sonic, Link, Yoshi, & Kirby.)

Sonic: So what is in the Spade Wind Temple, Link?

Link: It is said that an ancient civilization hid seven jewels of ultimate power on the islands of Spade Wind.

Sonic: Chaos Emeralds?

Link: Yeah that was the name of them.

Sonic: So where are we headed for now?

Link: The island known as Ace Spade Island.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi? (What will we find there?)

Link: On that island is the ruler of the Spade Wind area, King Bloho.

They arrive on Ace Spade Island to find the whole island's inhabitants scared stiff.

Link: What happened?

Villager: The king has turned evil by the touch of Princess Zelda.

Link: It's the work of Babi.

Villager: The king took all seven jewels of ultimate power and took them to Spade Wind Temple.

Link: Let's go to Spade Wind Temple.

Villager: The only way to get there now is through the castle. I am the not only a villager. I built the castle and I know of a way that anyone can go to Spade Wind Temple. Used to a person would have to have a jewel of ultimate power. Behind the king's throne there is a button, if it is pressed, the doorway will open taking anyone to Spade Wind Temple.

Link: Thank you kind sir.

Villager: No problem just free his Majesty.

Link and company find themselves in the throne room of King Bloho. Sonic examines the king's chair and notices a strange button and pushes it. A door opens up at which a strong gale that forces Link, Yoshi, and Kirby to the other side of the room.

Sonic: I guess this is where I come in. Everyone grab a hold tight of my hands.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Okay.)

Kirby: Hoya. (Sure.)

Link: Yes, Sonic.

Sonic starts to pick up speed in the room and suddenly they find themselves on the other side of the gale and in Spade Wind Temple.

Link: Here we are.

They all come to a door that need to be blown away and they all notice a creature spinning round and round like a tornado.

Kirby: Hoya hoya hoya hoya. (I guess this is where I come in.)

Kirby then swallows the creature and becomes Tornado Kirby and he blows down the down in 5 seconds flat.

Link: What power... (Link's mouth opens wide with astonishment.)

Sonic: Oh my word.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi. (Way to go.)

Kirby: Hoya hoya. (Thank you.)

After the door was knocked down our heroes find themselves in the company of Princess Zelda and King Bloho.

Zelda: Take care of them my pet.

Bloho: Yes master.

Then comes in the three goddesses.

Goddesses: A king with gusts of wind, a evil controlled princess, and not a place for rest. We think it's time for a true hero that is as fast maybe even faster than wind. Sonic it's your Hero Time.

Sonic must now get the Seven Chaos Emeralds and beat Bloho. Bloho makes the first move by using his mighty wind breath. The king did this several times before having lost some energy from blowing wind. Sonic then struck the king and stole one of the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Alright now I can use Chaos Control to stop time and/or teleport through time.

Bloho: You will pay dearly for that strike.

Bloho then struck Sonic with his mighty arm but not before Sonic used the power of the Chaos Emerald.

Sonic: Chaos Control.

Time suddenly stopped and Sonic swiped another Chaos Emerald.

Bloho: What just happened?

Sonic: Alright I have two emeralds.

Zelda: Bloho, get that hedgehog.

Bloho: Yes, master.

Sonic then used Chaos Control again and this time he took three more Chaos Emeralds giving him a total of five.

Sonic: Surrender Bloho. You don't have a chance.

Bloho: Never!

Sonic then used Chaos Control once again and took the remaining Chaos Emeralds from the king. With all seven gathered together Sonic became Super Sonic.

SS: You are going down.

With one hit from Sonic the king was freed from Zelda's hold.

Bloho: Thank you. You may have the seven jewels of ultimate power.

They then use the Master Sword to track down the princess and the found that she went to Heart Woods.

Link: We are off to Heart Woods.

They all took off to the south and found themselves at the entrance of Heart Woods. They then rested for hours for the moment.
Chapter 2: Gone but not forgotten? I think not. by Sairasfairy
Our heroes are at the entrance of Heart Woods.

(Enter Sonic, Kirby, & Link.)

Sonic: That was easy.

Link: That's because youu had the Chaos Emeralds.

(Enter Yoshi.)

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi. (I just saw Zelda and she was taking over the mind of some stone creature!)

Link: Oh no. Not Queen Clarisse Goron.

Sonic: Who is that?

Link: Queen Clarisse is one of the most powerful creatures on this planet.

Kirby: Hoya hoya hoya? Hoya hoya hoya hoya. (What are we standing around here for? Let's go get her.)

They then arrive at the village known as Heart Woods Village.
They are then greeted by the queen's son, Reginald.

(Enter Reginald.)

Reginald: Help my mother please Link.

Link: Okay but how?

Reginald: I know my mother's weakness. She is afraid of heights.

Link: Okay but how are we supposed to get her to fly.

(Enter the Goddesses.)

Goddesses: A queen afraid of heights. It sounds like hero time for that cute lovable puffball, Kirby.

Link: How is Kirby going to get the queen to fly?

Din: Easy. He will use his power known as Hammer Kriby.

Farore: You do have your hammer right Link?

Link: Yeah.

Nayru: Give it to Kirby and let him swallow it up.

Link hands over his hammer and Kirby sucks it up and becomes Hammer Kirby.

Goddesses: Now travel through the Heart Woods Temple and fight the demon's hold over the queen.

They then come to the entrance of Heart Woods Temple and they find a door that can't be blown up but smashed with a hammer. Kirby then uses his hammer and breaks the door down and they all find themselves in the fight room with the Queen and Zelda.

Zelda: Get them Clarisse.

Queen: Yes your highness.

Link: Go Kirby.

Sonic: Yeah Kirby.

The queen then charges at Kirby and he sends her flying with an uppercut with his hammer. The queen then finds herself up in a tree made entirely out of stone. Zelda's control over the queen was destroyed.

Queen: Awww. I am afraid of heights. Get me down.

Link: That's enough Kirby.

Kirby: Hoya. (Good.)

Zelda: You may beaten two of my demons but you will never beat me you four useless creatures because I am invincible.

Zelda disappears.

Kirby hands over his hammer back to Link.

Link: Thank you Kirby.

Kirby: Hoya hoya. (You're welcome.)

LInk & company then use the sword and find that the blade points to the east to Club Mountain Temple. Who knows what trials await them there at Club Mountain.
Chapter 3: Rolling and bouldering by Sairasfairy
Our heroes find themselves at Club Mountain as they try to climb up the steep mountain.

(Enter Link, Kirby, Sonic, & Yoshi.)

Link: This mountain is really steep.

Sonic: Tell me about it. I am the world's fastest hedgehog and I can't even climb that.

Kirby: Hoya hoya? (Where's Yoshi?)

Link: Yoshi, where are you?

In a far place they hear a sound.

Yoshi (echoing): Yoshi. (Here.)

Link: Where are you?

Yoshi (echoing): Yoshi yoshi yoshi yo-yoshi. (At the top of the mountain.)

Link: What!!? You are at the top of the mountain? How are you up there?

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi. (I used my Egg Roll attack to roll up the mountain.)

Link: Come down here and help us get up to the temple.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (I can't.)

Link: Why not?

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi. (I am only strong enough to bring myself up here.)

Link: Rats. Goddesses come forth.

(Enter the Goddesses.)

Sonic: How are we going to get up the mountain?

Din: You're not going up the mountain.

Farore: For now it's Hero Time for Yoshi.

Nayru: And Yoshi must beat the demon by itself and not get help from anybody else.

Link: But who is the demon?

Din: The demon is known as Prince Metas.

Link: Prince Metas is a Rito prince of the mountain.

Farore: Zelda used her touch to take control of Metas and as we recall Metas is allergic to eggs, correct?

Link: Yeah so?

Nayru: Yoshi can lay eggs and throw them at Metas.

Sonic: I see what you mean Goddesses. Yoshi, you are going to have to do this on your own. The whole entire area is too steep for us to even get up there.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Okay.)

Yoshi then enters the Club Mountain Temple and finds himself in a room with two creatures in the room.

(Enter Zelda and Metas.)

Zelda: Attack my pet.

Metas: Yes, master.

Metas swoops down to attack Yoshi and Yoshi hits him with an egg.

Metas: Oh no. I am allergic to eggs.

Zelda: Get him.

Metas attacked again and again until he was covered in egg from Yoshi. Yoshi then struck Metas one final time and finished him off and broke the spell off of him that Zelda casted on him.

Metas: You must be a friend of Link's. Here take this Angel's Feather. It will give you the ability to fly in the sky and use your attacks in the sky.

Yoshi then starts to roll down the mountain when suddenly he heard a sound from behind. There was a rock slide and Yoshi was in the path of it.

Goddesses: Yoshi use your Angel's Feather.

Yoshi then used the Angel's Feather and got some wings on his boots and quickly flew down the mountain and picked everybody up with his new found ability. They then used the sword and it pointed toward Diamond Earth Temple at which it was said that was where Babi was sealed. They then realized that Link would be the next contestant in Hero Time.
Chapter 4: Link vs. The Diamond Earth Mines by Sairasfairy
Link and Company come into the picture and discover that they are at the Diamond Earth Mines.

(Enter Link, Sonic, Kirby, & Yoshi.)

Sonic: Well here we are. So what are we going to do, Link?

Link: I have no clue. I can't think of how we are going to blow up the entrance to the Diamond Earth Temple.

Kirby notcies a Foley that drop down from its hat and Kirby swallows it up and becomes Bomb Kirby.

Kirby: Hoya. (Move.)

Link: Okay.

Kirby places a bomb and blows up the door.

Link: Alright we are in.

They enter the room.

Sonic: So what is so important about Diamond Earth Temple?

Link: It is said that Babi was sealed in here by a powerful force to keep it at bay known as the Suits of Hyrule. About 100 years ago the suits were lost forever and said to be never found again. Each suit meant something. The spade meant speed. The heart meant change. The club meant flight. And the diamond meant courage.

Sonic: Haven't you noticed that each area that one of us beat describes the area of our experience?

Link You're right. You conquered Spade Wind, Yoshi conquered Club Mountain, Kirby conquered Heart Woods, and I am guessing that I will conquer Diamond Earth.

(Enter the goddesses.)

Din: You finally figured it out. Each of you look upon your hands.

Farore: You will notice that each of you has a suit marking.
Each marking is in the shape of the suit you conquered or will conquer.

Nayru: Sonic has the Spade marking.

Din: Kirby has the Heart marking.

Farore: Yoshi has the Club marking.

Nayru: And you Link will have the Diamond marking.

Goddesses: Link you must beat first Princess Zelda then you four can beat Babi. Good friends that end up enemies because of a demon. A princess and a warrior. We guess it's time for Hero Time for Link. You must beat now your best friend Princess Zelda but first you must get through the Diamond Earth Mines.

Link: Okay. You guys ready?

Sonic: You bet.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Yes.)

Kirby: Hoya. (Let's go.)

Link: Alright let's beat Babi and seal it away again.

They continue on into the temple when they come up to a door and discover that its lock must be destroyed with an arrow for beyond the door was Princess Zelda. Link then fired an arrow at the lock and entered the door leaving his friends behind for then he confronted the princess.

(Enter Zelda.)

Zelda: You beat my minions now you must face me Link.

Link: Bring it on Babi. I know you took control of Zelda but she can't hurt me because she loves me.

Babi: Oh yeah. Do you think that your princess woould do this?

Babi attacks Link with Din's Fire using Zelda's body and burns Link.

Zelda then overcomes the control and speaks to Link for about 30 seconds.

Zelda: Link help me. To defeat Babi you will need this: The Light Arrow. Get him out of... Babi regains control.

Babi: Shut up princess or you will suffer the same fate as him.

Link grabs the Light Arrow and shoots it at Babi. Babi falls down and Link strikes and destroys the control that Babi had on Zelda and prevents him from regaining control over her.

Babi: You may have stopped me here but you won't stop me from doing something that I want to do. I will revive Ganondorf and ask him to destroy you and all of Hyrule so he could rule.

Link: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The door opens and enter Sonic, Kirby, and Yoshi.

Link: We must get to where Ganondorf is for Babi is know going to revive Ganondorf.

They then leave the Diamond Earth Mines and Link notices on his hand is the Diamond marking and head toward where Ganondorf is and where Babi is going.
Chapter 5: Link, Sonic, Yoshi, & Kirby vs. Babi & Ganondorf? Yeah right. by Sairasfairy
Link and Company find themselves where Link last left Ganondorf when he and Zelda defeated Ganondorf and put him into the Evil Realm.

(Enter Link & Company.)

Link: Where is Ganondorf?

(Enter Babi.)

Babi: Right here. And now with the four crests here I will resurrect Ganondorf and he will rule the world.

Sonic: What's going on Link?

Link: Legend has it that the only thing that counteract the power of the Triforce Wish is the crests of the Four Suits.

Sonic: But can it counteract the power of the Master Sword?

Link: The Master Sword was created by the Gods so if the Four Suits counteract the power of the Gods, Ganondorf will be released and the Master Sword destroyed and then evil will reign forever until the end of time.

Sonic: Oh my. Let's beat them both before the Four Suits meet.

Link: Sonic, the Four Suits will activate for when we strike Babi.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi? (Is there any other way?)

Link: Yes. We must call forth an ancient power that has been sleeping for thousands of years on Hyrule.

Kirby: Hoya? (How?)

Link: With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Eggs, Powers of the Black Hole, and three arrows: Fire, Ice, and Light.

Sonic: Let's combine the powers of all of them.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Okay.)

Kirby: Hoya hoya. (Right on.)

Link: Powers of the Four Suits, we ask of you combine the powers of the items we have and beat that demon Babi.

The Four Suits leave the their hands and come together and became known as the Joker's Ace, a sword of complete and ultimate power. Link grabs the sword and becomes Suit Deity Link and in the bright flash of light Sonic becomes Super Sonic, Kirby becomes Star Rod Kirby, and Yoshi gains the ability to throw two eggs at once.

SD Link: Time to finish you off, Babi.

Babi: Yeah right.

Super Sonic: Link, let's combine our powers with that of Yoshi and Kirby.

SD Link: Okay.

They all strike together and send Babi into a demension-hole which also sends Sonic, Yoshi, and Kirby home. Link then sticks the Joker's Ace in the ground.

SD Link: Goddesses, I would like a pedestal to be put here and on it say that no one must remove this sword or a great evil will befall Hyrule.

Goddesses: It shall be done.

Link then leaves the sence as the pedestal gets created and lives happily on Hyrule with his girl, Zelda.
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