Legend of Zelda: The Chaos Dream by Sairasfairy
Summary: Link has a dream.
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1. Prologue: A plea from Link's mind. by Sairasfairy

2. Chapter 1: Fire Chaos and The Diamond Dragon. by Sairasfairy

3. Chapter 2: Legend of Spirit Chaos Islands by Sairasfairy

4. Chapter 3: Hope & Water Chaos Island by Sairasfairy

5. Chapter 4: Shadow Chaos Island Flies in the Sky. by Sairasfairy

6. Chapter 5: The 3 Guardians of Forest Choas by Sairasfairy

7. Chapter 6: Light up my night, Light Chaos. by Sairasfairy

Prologue: A plea from Link's mind. by Sairasfairy
After the defeat of Ganondorf, Link is found asleep in his boat. Then suddenly he hears a sound of laughter. He finds himself at an island and sees a creature with a teardrop-shaped head and a yellow ball on top. "Aww. How cute", says Link wondering where he is. He then takes out a cherry from his pocket and offers it to the creature. The creature takes it. "Chao", says the creature. Link then realizes that he is on Chao Island located far north of Forsaken Fortress.

Suddenly a woman appears. "I see that you met the only thing that is happy here right now." says the woman. "What's going on", says Link. "Oh a creature that was supposed to protect these Chao has turned evil and destroyed the only power of beating it.", so says the woman. "That's strange I just had a dream of a creature destroying these priceless gems of ultimate power. And right beside them was a person that had blue hair and everything and he was missing a heart.", said Link. "That was no dream. The creature's name is known as Chaos and the person with no heart is known as Sonic. Oh pardon me for being rude. My name is Tikal. I am one of the guardians. Sonic was killed because Chaos needed a heart and he took Sonic's.", said Tikal.

"Is there anyway that I can get his heart back?", asked Link. "Yes there is. To get back what was lost, thou must find an ancient item known as The Chaos Dream.", said Tikal. "Where can I find The Chaos Dream?", asked Link. "Why right here on the Islands of Chaos. You need to start at Chaos Fire Island." said Tikal. Link then takes off for Chaos Fire Island.
Chapter 1: Fire Chaos and The Diamond Dragon. by Sairasfairy
Link sees an island in plain sight. The island was Chaos Fire. Then he sees a sword pointing downward to the bottom of the sea. He then sees beautiful diamonds imbeded in the sword hilt. He picks up the sword and suddenly Nayru appears. "You have just drawn The Diamond Dragon which gives you the ability to have wishes dealing with water and ice come true that you ask of the blade." Link then arrives at Chaos Fire Island and notices a creature of red color and a pair of gloves with spikes on the end laying on the ground. He then notices that the creature's heart was stolen too. Suddenly, Tikal comes to Chaos Fire Island. "Ahh you're here Link. Oh my, Chaos has now two hearts. What is it trying to do?" "I don't know Tikal, but it is going to stop.", says Link, "right now." Link then goes up the mountain that on the island and notices a bridge of fire. "I wish there was a bridge of ice instead of a bridge of fire." Suddenly, the sword he found flashes and it summons forth clouds in the sky above and it freezes the fire and turns it into red ice just like in Ice Cavern in LoZ: OoT. Link then crosses the bridge and enters a cave and finds on the ground in the cave is a beautiful medal that looks like it has been broken. He then picks it up and then suddenly it levitates itself and places itself into The Diamond Dragon. Nayru suddenly reappears. "You now have the ability to do Dragon's Rage, which allows you to strike your opponents 10 times without missing. Link then goes deeper into the cave and sees a dragon laying down on the ground. Link swears to himself that he met this dragon before but he does not know where. The dragon wakes up and screams and roars. Tikal then enters and says, "I see you met our guardian, Volvagia." "Volvagia?", Link ponders to himself. "I heard that name somewhere before, but where?" He then looks at the wall and notices a picture of a man holding a hammer and smashing a dragon's head with it. "That's me!", Link yells out loud. He remembers now. In his past life he defeated a dragon by the name of Volvagia. He then pleads for forgiveness from Volvagia. Volvagia then notices that this Link in front of him is different than the Link that defeated it. Volvagia forgives Link and roars in the ancient Hylian tongue, "You are forgiven." Volvagia then spirals upward and gives Link another medal to go with the one he found. Nayru suddenly rereappears. "You now have learned Dragon's Claw, which increases your attack every time you succeed in striking your opponent." Tikal then says, "Now go to Chaos Spirit Islands. There are three of them. You have visited two of the 12 Chaos Islands." Link then gets in his boat and takes off.
Chapter 2: Legend of Spirit Chaos Islands by Sairasfairy
We find Link on the beach of the first of the three Chaos Spirit Islands. "Ahh. This is relaxing," says Link. He then gets up and walks toward the jungle on the island and finds a two-tailed creature. "That's strange. Foxes don't have two tails," Link thinks to himself. He then taps the creature and it doesn't move. He then turns the creature over and finds blood on his hand. "Oh my word. This creature has no heart," Link yells. Tikal comes up and says, "Oh no. Not Tails, guardian of the Spirit Islands of Chaos. Tails had the ability to fly and now without a heart, he isn't free to fly anymore. Link, go talk to Koume and Kotake, the witches of the islands of these parts." "Okay. Where can I find them?", Link asks. "Go to the other two islands and find the Cave of Heat and Cave of Freeze.", Tikal explains to Link. "Okay." Link then jumps in his boat and goes to the next island of the Chaos Spirit Islands and notices that the island is hot. So hot that his normal arrows become Fire Arrows. He then comes up to a cave and finds a witch with hair of fire. "Come in young one.", the witch says. "Oh no, not you.", the witch shrieks. "Listen, I already ran into Volvagia and begged for forgiveness. I ask the same from you because it was my past life that harmed you not me.", Link explains to the witch. "I'm sorry. My name is Koume, Witch of Flames and Heat. You are here for the medallion to let you do Fire Blazer which let's you set things on fire from a distance with your sword. You shall have it", Koume tells Link. "Now go to the next Island and get the medallion that will let you use Ice Storm which freezes anything with your sword." Link leaves and gets in his boat. Link arrives at the last island and finds himself freezing. he then faints and a woman flying on a broom comes up and says, "Oh my. A boy frozen here on my island. I'll take him to may cave and see if he has anything to let him warm up." Link wakes up half an hour later and notices a fire in a cave full of ice that keeps the cave cold but lets the inhabitants be nice and warm. "Ahh. I see you just woke up Link, Hero of Winds. If you look beside you, you will see that there is a medallion beside. It will let you do Ice Storm. Now go and save the three that have already lost thier hearts to Chaos. I am Kotake, Witch of Ice and Cold." Link then leaves with the medallion and leaves behind a silver rupee for the witch to have for warming him up in her cave of ice. Link then finds in his boat another part of the medallion he found at first which gives him the ability to use Dragon's Outrage, an attack that lets him paralyze his opponents but leaves him dizzy for a while. Link then leaves for the next island or set of islands in the Chaos Archepelogo.
Chapter 3: Hope & Water Chaos Island by Sairasfairy
Link decides to head north and he runs into a creature with three hearts. "You must be Chaos," said Link. Chaos shrieks a scream loud enough to bust some eardrums. Another creature comes in and says, "Hurry, use the power of the Dragon's Rage." Link calls upon the medallion to activate the power of Dragon's Rage. He successfully strikes Chaos 10 times. Chaos then disappears but not before taking the other creature's heart. Link goes on to pick the creature up and takes the creature to Tikal at Chao Island so Link heads back south toward Chao Island. Link arrives no sooner than noon at Chao Island. "Tikal, who is this?," Link asks. "Oh my. That is the guardian of Water Chaos Island, Amy. Her island is to the north of here. You better take her back to Water Chaos Island and then talk to Morpha. Morpha is the spirit of the water and he will grant you the medallion to use Dragon's Wave which allows you to create tidal waves anywhere no matter where you are." "Thanks Tikal. I'll take her back to Water Chaos Island and then I'll talk to Morpha." Link gets back in his boat and heads back to the north and then he arrives at an island. An ameoba waits for him to land on the island. "Oh my, are you Morpha?," Link asks the ameoba. The ameoba draws in the sand: Yes I am. I see you made it to here Link. Come with me and bring Amy. I know what's going on and why Chaos is stealing hearts of the ones that saved his islands. They then arrive at Morpha's cave. On a side of Morpha's cave is a chalkboard. Morpha then writes: Link, Chaos is the god of these islands and protector of the Chao. If ever he sees destruction, he will take the hearts of the ones that did the destruction. We also name him God of Destruction. The ones with the missing hearts all saved his islands and now are being hurt by Chaos for he took their hearts. It is said that if Chaos can get 12 hearts, he will be able to destroy the world. Legend has of a way to retrieve the hearts that were stolen by using Chaos Control, the ancient magic of stopping time. Then you can steal back what was stolen. Here take this medallion and protect these islands with its magic. Now go east and visit Shadow Chaos Island and its guardian, Shadow, and its spirit, Bongo Bongo. They will help you even more than I can. Link then leaves and goes to his boat and notices a medallion in the sand. He then picks it up and he learns how to do Dragon's Twister. He gets in his boat and travels eastward wondering if can get help at Shadow Chaos Island.
Chapter 4: Shadow Chaos Island Flies in the Sky. by Sairasfairy
Traveling from Water Chaos Island, Link figures his next stop will be exciting. He then notices an island in view. He then wonders if that is Shadow Chaos Island. He then meets a talking fish and it tells him that the island up ahead is Shadow Chaos Island, the flying island of the Chaos Islands. Link then travels onward wondering how in the world is he going to get up on the island. Suddenly, he notices another creature that is the same shape as Sonic. "Hello. My name is Shadow. I am the guardian of Shadow Chaos Island. As you see the spirit of the island is very protective of me and the rest of this island so he uses his magic to levitate the island. Have your boat shoot you from a cannon. Link then takes out a bomb and sets up his cannon. Suddenly, instead of being shot out of his cannon, a giant phantom hand comes out of the sea. "I guess Bongo Bongo wants you to get up here right away," says Shadow. Underneath Link's boat no one knew was Chaos ready to take Shadow's heart. "Link, are you ready to go see Bongo Bongo to be able to learn Chaos Control?," Shadow asks. "Yes I am," Link replies. Shadow then grabs Link's arm and in 3 seconds flat they arrive at the cave that Bongo Bongo resides in. "Go down the hole in the cave. There Bongo Bongo awaits you and he will give you the medallion to learn Chaos Control. After that, go to the islands of Forest Chaos and see the three guardians there: Cream, Big, & Rouge. I figure that Chaos came here with you and is after my heart and if he does go on forth you are not ready to take on 5 hearts and Chaos. Also, see the spirits of Forest Chaos: Phantom Swordsman and Kisse Diemos. Phantom Swordsman used to be called Phantom Ganon. They will give you the medallions of Wind and Vegetation, the two parts of Forest. After that you will have only one group of islands left to visit, Light Chaos Islands. On those islands is four guardians and one spirit. The guardians are Omega, Espio, Charmy, and Vector. The spirit on the island is... Akkk." Shadow's heart gets taken by Chaos. Link rushes in and meets Bongo Bongo. "Link," says Bongo Bongo, "take this medallion and exit through the doorway behind you. It will take you to your boat on the sea. After that go on to Forest Chaos and meet the guardians and spirits of those islands. Now go!" Link takes off with the medallion in hand. He steps through the door and finds himself falling and he lands in his boat. He then hoits the sail and takes off. Bongo Bongo the screams, "Head to the northwest toward Forest Chaos Island and the rest of its islands." Link then heads northwesternly and rushes with the wind at his back watching Shadow Chaos Island disappear from sight.
Chapter 5: The 3 Guardians of Forest Choas by Sairasfairy
Link is still heading in the northwestern direction. "I wonder where Forest Chaos Island is at?", he says to himself. "You must be Link. I am Rouge the Bat, one of the guardians of Forest Chaos. There is no way to get to Forest Chaos by boat. Grab my leg and I will show you the way." Link grabs her leg and sees that Forest Chaos wasn't on the sea or even above it. Forest Chaos Island was below the sea itself and its only entrance was a small hole on a very small island. They go down the hole and find the other two guardians of Forest Chaos, Cream and Big. "What took you so long Rouge?", asked Cream. "Nevermind about that Cream. We have more important stuff to deal with right now like raising the island out of the sea.", explain Big. Big continued, "Go forth and use Chaos Control and cause the islands of Forest Chaos to rise out of the sea. With the power of Chaos Control the mightiest force of power will shine forth from the sea on Light Chaos Island. The spirit of Light Chaos Island is more powerful than Chaos. It is known as Angel and Devil. there is not one but two spirits of Light Chaos Island but they work as one spirit. After getting the medallions of this island, you will be able to use Whirlwind Dragon and Photosynthesis Blade. Those two powers have the same capabilities as the others: To stop Chaos, now make the island rise from the sea." Link goes into the deep jungle of Forest Chaos and finds two caves. Link also finds a sign saying, "To those who search for a way to bring forth the whirlwinds and let plant life grow, choose the right cave and let it be known." Link thinks to himself of which cave to choose for in that riddle was the answer. The right cave would take him to the Phantom Swordsman and Kisse Diemos where the other would take him to his death. Link then enters the right cave and finds a swordsman floating in the air. "Ahh, you must be Phantom Swordsman, the spirit of wind on Forest Chaos Island." "Yes, I am the spirit that controls the wind and so are you for here is the medallion to use Whirlwind Dragon. Now go forth and get the medallion from Kisse Diemos." Link continued on his way to find that the cave split into three separate ways now so Link had to make another choice but there was another sign right there. "To find Kisse thou must let the whirlwinds guide thee to Kisse in hopes that the winds will take you to the center of your soul." There it was as plain as day. The center cave would take him to Kisse and the medallion then he could use Chaos Control and beat Chaos once and for all. He went inside the center cave and found a flower as big as an island. "Here is the medallion you seek. Now go and beat Chaos once and for all.", said the flower. After getting the medallion, a bright flash of light automatically took him to his boat and in front of him were the three guardians of Forest Chaos without their hearts. Link headed northward for the last island he had to visit was Light Chaos Island and its guardians: Omega, Espio, Charmy, and Vector.
Chapter 6: Light up my night, Light Chaos. by Sairasfairy
Link sees in the horizon an island to the north and right behind him is Chaos and in its rage it races Link to the island. Link then remembers that any power can beat Chaos. Link then summons forth Whirlwind Dragon with his Diamond Dragon. Suddenly, winds from all directions surround the Diamond Dragon and Link raises the sword and strikes Chaos sending him to another island and allowing Link to get to Chaos Light Island.

Link arrives on the beach of the island and is greeted by Omega. "Come with me, warrior. The others are waiting.", says Omega. They then arrive in the company of Espio, Charmy, and Vector as they all stand in front of the statues of Angel and Devil, the spirits of Chaos Light Island. "To release them from their stone forms, thou must have true courage, pure power, and ultimate wisdom and combine them with the Diamond Dragon.", said Espio. "Release them thou shall only if to protect the islands in the Chaos Archepelogo.", said Charmy. "Hopefully Chaos will be defeated with the power of Angel and Devil.", said Vector. "When released they will become The Angel Sword and The Devil Shield, the only weapons with the power to destroy Chaos.", said Omega. "Now we give you our powers by giving you two medallions. The bright yellow one gives you the ability to use Angel's Cross and the dark yellow one gives you the ability to use Devil's Touch. Each one will wake up the two sleeping ones. Use Devil's Touch on Devil to release him and use Angel's Cross on Angel to release him.", said them all. Link picked up the two medallions and stood between the two statues. Link focused his powers upon the dark yellow medallion. "Devil's Touch", screamed Link as he thrusted forward his hand and destroyed the statue of Devil releasing him from his stone state. Link the focused his remaining powers upon the bright yellow medallion. "Angel's Cross", screamed Link as he thrusted forward with the Diamond Dragon destroying the stone barrier around Angel freeing Angel. "I am Angel, spirit of Light of purity." "I am Devil, spirit of Light of darkness." Suddenly Chaos appeared and took the remaining four hearts of the guardians. "Thou has freed us and now we will help you.", said the spirits. Suddenly in a bright flash of light Angel became a sword and Devil became a shield. "Use us as protection against Chaos and power to defeat Chaos to return the hearts back to the guardians.", said the spirits.

Link suddenly glowed with true courage, pure power, and ultimate wisdom. He was ready to take on Chaos. With the power of Angel and the wisdom of Devil at his back, he was unstoppable. Chaos armed his claws an dlink raised his sword and with one strike Link struck Chaos destroying him and ridding him of the hearts of the guardians. "Thou has done well, Link.", said Tikal who suddenly appeared. "You have saved us all. I thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Link then got in his boat and suddenly took off to find out where home was to him. Suddenly, Link fell asleep and woke up at home. "Was that all a dream? I asked the King of Red Lions about my dream and he said it was a dream but I don't think so.", Link asked himself. "Well at least I'm home.", said Link with a sigh of relief.
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