Twilight Awaits by Red Sparrow
Summary: Searching for a purpose, cursed by a mark given to him. Link and a little girl wander through the lands searching for a life, one wants to run away from his fate, the other wants someone to look up to. When the wheels of destiny turns, Link will have to make a choice...will he keep running, or will he stand up and fight? Every legend has a beginning, it's time to search for your origins.
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1. Breezy Afternoon by Red Sparrow

2. Not the Most Heroic Moment... by Red Sparrow

Breezy Afternoon by Red Sparrow
Proven only by a science
undecided for us,
in a world that we all lack,

Even though there are demons
in the shadows
I have no intention of turning back,

And it seems like the moon is falling
and the sky comes crashing down,
and my fate is ever calling
As I traverse the trail of time.

I seek only where to find you,
One day at a time I'll try to,
make sure that I'll be beside you,
again once more be
the one who guides you.

And it seems like the moon is falling
and the sky comes crashing down,
and my fate is ever calling
As I traverse the trail of time

I seek only where...

Our place, our time.
Right here, right now.


Twilight Awaits
Written by: Red Sparrow

Chapter 1
Breezy Afternoon

“Link, I found something!” A little girl exclaimed. She was ten years old, had a blond hair and blue eyes and wore traveler’s clothes. Around her neck was a thread of sturdy yarn with miniature carver’s pick.

Link trekked over from the nearby river, wiping the water from his face as he walked. He also had blond hair and blue eyes. The two looked like father and daughter, but they weren’t. They were simply partners.

Link wore a plain white shirt. At his waist was a plain straight sword. He wore long brown pants. They both looked like traveling peasants.

He knelt down beside her and looked at what she had in her hand. It was a beautiful looking bracelet.

Link smirked and slowly took it from her to examine. The girl asked slowly, “So…do you think it’s worth anything?”

He glanced at her and said, “…Well, Majora…it’s kinda old. I don’t know.”

Majora pouted, taking the bracelet back. She placed it around her left wrist and said, getting up, “I don’t care…I’ll still wear it.” She fixed her short hair and said, “Can we go now? We’ve been doing nothing but sitting here for hours!”

Link sighed, shaking his head, “Fine, fine…go get our stuff and let’s go.”

Minutes later, they were back on the dirt trail once again.

“So, where to next?” Link asked with a sack slung over his shoulder, not bothering to look at her.

Majora looked at the map and said, “We’re heading towards this place called Hyrule. They just started building it, a lot of stupid people. It’ll be a piece of cake.”

Link raised a brow, “…Hyrule?” he shook his head and scoffed at the thought, “That’s a stupid name. Why name a town after an entire race? What’s next? Gerudia for the Gerudos?”

Majora smirked and said sarcastically, “Makes me feel proud of being a Hylian.”

“Are we there yet?” Link asked for the hundredth time, after fifteen minutes of walking.

Majora stared at the road with a dull expression, “Please…just shut up. You’re acting like a little kid.”

Link laughed to himself, “That’s how you act when we got lost in Termina. Don’t think I forgot. Consider this revenge.”

Majora frowned. Link thought about this and laughed again, “How can you get lost in your own hometown? I mean, that’s just a bit stupid don’tcha think?”

Majora shot him a glare and said, “Yet you’re the moron who followed me.”

Link shrugged, “Oh, well…” he looked at her and winked, “If I hadn’t we wouldn’t be traveling together and making loads of money, now would we?”

Majora looked up at him and said glowingly, “…All thanks to me!”

Link stared back at the road and replied quickly, “Tch, yeah, riiiight. I’m the scam artist; you just stand there and look good.”

Link suddenly flinched and smacked the back up his left hand. He examined it. Besides the Triforce of Courage, he didn’t notice anything strange. Majora looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

“Something bit me…” Link said and shook his hand.

Majora sighed, “Probably just a fly or something…I told you, you should’ve taken a bath in the river.” Link looks at Majora with a bewildered expression, “…I don’t think flies bite.”

Majora countered, “Then how do you think they eat?”

“Why the hell are we talking about flies anyways?” Link exclaimed, irritated.

Meanwhile, while the two babbled on, a very tall man with a bluish hue on his skin smiled, the two had caught his interest immediately. His name was Scelus. Behind him was a small moblin. Scelus smiled and said, “Moblin. Inform King Dragmire of their whereabouts. We’ve found the second piece of the Triforce.” The moblin rushed away into the foliage without another word.
Not the Most Heroic Moment... by Red Sparrow
Chapter Two
“Not the Most Heroic Moment...”

“…What a dump.” Link muttered. They had arrived in Hyrule. Tents were scattered everywhere within a thin line of brickwork. Thousands of people populated this area. Majora stares on and sighs, “I’ll bet a hundred rupees that this town doesn’t take off.”

Link shakes his head, “It’s just a few hundred tents with a few bricks around it. It’s more like a camp than a town.”

Finished gawking and poking fun at the developing town of Hyrule, the two trekked on.

A girl about Link’s age wore an elaborate white robe. She was in the center of it all, giving out a few orders here and there.

A man, presumably a worker judging by his clothes, said, “Princess Zelda, your father has requested your company.”

Zelda sighed and said, “Alright…” she looked sternly at the man and said, “Watch them and make sure they don’t slack off, we need these walls done as soon as possible.”

The man nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Link and Majora enter town and looked around. They saw a thriving shop. What caught their interest was a young cashier they saw through the window. She looked to be quite arrogant as well.

Link smirked and said, “What do you think, Majora?”

Majora smirked, “Easy…let’s do Plan D, shall we?”

Link pulls out a red rupee worth 20. He borrows Majora’s pick for a moment and carves something into it.

Link walked over to the shop while Majora kept her distance. Link looked around the shop and saw a nice new pair of boots which costs 15 rupees, it even comes with a free complimentary package. He also saw a cute ribbon for Majora, he smiled. The ribbon costs 5 rupees. He bought those items and paid with the marked red rupee. The cashier never looked at it.

He walks out through the doors and out of the shop. He stops beside Majora, “Work you magic.” He said.

Majora cleared her throat and pulled out a green rupee worth one.

She walks inside the shop and pokes her head around the candy section, staring on like a curious and na´ve child would do. “Can I help you?” the girl whom was the cashier asked in a bored way. Majora pointed to the small cheap piece of candy and said, “I want that one!” the woman obeyed and handed her the candy. Majora handed her the green rupee.

She walked towards the exit before she turned back and walked back to the cashier.

Majora said timidly, “You forgot to give me change…”

The girl stared at her and said, “You paid with a green rupee, you don’t need change.”

Majora frowned and pouted, “I gave you a red rupee!”

The woman shook her head and said sternly, “What are you talking about, girl? You paid for that candy, and it was worth one rupee!” Majora nodded, “Yeah, but I gave you my red rupee! My daddy gave me that rupee for my birthday!” Majora then began to sob, “Why are you trying to steal my daddy’s money?”

The manager, an elderly woman walked up to Majora and asked sweetly, “What’s the matter, little girl?”

Majora pointed at the cashier and said, “I gave her a red rupee and bought some candy, but now she won’t give me any change! It was my daddy’s present!” she cried.

“Are you sure?” the elderly lady asked. Majora sniffed and nodded, “He carved a little message in it. It says 'Happy Birthday, from daddy'”

The woman walked to the chest and opened it. She retrieves the red rupee with the message carved in it, “Here you go.” She said sweetly while the cashier looked on in astonishment.

Majora blinked and said, “Its ok…I just need nineteen rupees…I bought only one piece of candy.”

The woman shook her head, “Consider it a gift. Here you go, little girl. I’m terribly sorry for the trouble we’ve caused you. And Happy Birthday.” Majora smiled softly and nodded, “Thank you.”

The cashier’s jaw dropped, “But…but…”

Majora skipped out of the shop happily. The woman looked at the cashier harshly and said, “Stealing from little girls?! I don’t want to hear another peep from you, understand? How low can a person go?”

The cashier merely stared.

Link had a new pair of boots in a nice looking package; Majora had a piece of candy and a nice ribbon on her head, all for the price of one rupee.

“Hold it.” A voice said sternly as they stepped inside a more partially built part of the camp, it had walls built twelve feet high. Link turned around and stared at an angry looking girl that looked to be about his age. It was Zelda.

Link and Majora looked at each other before Link asked, “Can we help you?”

Zelda narrowed her eyes, “I saw that little stunt you pulled at the shop.”

Majora and Link looked at each other before Majora spoke sweetly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, miss…me and daddy bought this…”

Zelda raised her hand to silence Majora and said firmly, “Don’t give me that cutesy crap. Just by seeing you in action, I know how you two work.” Majora frowned and took on a heated expression.

Link smiled and walked up to her. He looked at Zelda vigilantly, “So? What are you gonna do?”

Zelda smiled, “I don’t think you know who you’re talking to…I’m the princess here, and I think you should refer to me as ‘Your Highness.’”

Link and Majora looked stunned for a moment before recovering themselves, “Right…I don’t care, cause I don’t live here.” Link countered.

Zelda narrowed her eyes and shouted, “Thief!” Link quickly covered her mouth, muffling her voice before she can shout again. Majora’s jaw dropped. Zelda struggled to scream, but Link held her tightly, keeping his hand firm over her mouth. He dragged her behind a wall and out of view. Majora looked panicky, “Link! What are you doing?! You’re kidnapping the princess!”

Link shook his head, “No I’m not!”

Zelda tried to scream again, but Link’s hand kept her voice muffled. Majora said nervously, “We’re gonna have our heads chopped off, idiot!”

Zelda then bit down hard on Link’s hand.

Link cries out and lets go, “Ouch! Dammit, woman!”

Zelda glared and slapped him upside the head, “Woman?!”

Link exclaimed, “Ow! What! You want me to call you a man?!”

Zelda slaps him again, “No! I’m a princess! How dare you treat royalty this way!” Link rubs the back of his head and shouts, “Listen you!” Zelda slaps him yet again, she yelled, “And how DARE you kidnap me!”

Link blinked and shouted, “I didn’t kidnap you, Dammit!” Zelda slaps him again, “Don’t use that language towards me!”

Link closed his eyes tightly and yelled to Zelda’s face, “Stop slapping me!!!”

Zelda slaps him and yelled back, “Don’t use that tone of voice with me!”

She turns and shouts “Help!!! I’m being…” Majora grabs Zelda by the collar of her robe and pulls Zelda’s face down to her level so she can look Zelda in the eyes. Majora gave Zelda a hard slap to the face and said, “Shut it, will you?!”

Zelda looked stunned. Link had a shocked expression on his face, he muttered, “…You just slapped…the princess.” Majora blinked, realizing what she’d done, “Eep!” she exclaimed and instinctively lets go.

Zelda wore a furious expression. She took a deep breath and was about to scream for help when Link takes his brand new boots out of it’s package and smacks her hard in back of the head, knocking out the princess before she could scream.

Zelda crumpled before them, unconscious. Majora stared on in complete and utter bewilderment, “…Link…you just knocked out the princess…”

Link pulls off his old boots and tosses them aside before donning his new boots. He said quickly, “At least she won’t be able to tell on us until she wakes up…until then,” He tightened the strap on the new boots, “I suggest we run away as quickly as possible and never, ever come back.”

“Sounds good to me!” Majora shouted and they took off, leaving an unconscious Zelda lying on the ground beside Link’s old boots.
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