Ocarina of Time Tribute by Red Sparrow
Summary: Ocarina of Time retold with a more unique way. This is kinda of like a roundrobin sort of thing. If you're good with words and want to join in, PM me!
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Premonition by Red Sparrow
Chapter Two
"Premonition" Written by: G3mini_Sage

"Darkness, rain,
lightening and thunder.
What is this place?
With omens asunder?

I hear something,
hoof beats, clatters,
something is running,

The drawbridge lowers,
I stare through the rain,
my heart is pounding.

I see her, once again,
This frightened princess in pink,
Under the protection of another,
riding into the darkness, they slink.

I hear something else,
I turn and let out a fearful yell.
He turns his evil glare to me and I know,
within this tall man...is where evil dwells."
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