Ocarina of Time Tribute by Red Sparrow
Summary: Ocarina of Time retold with a more unique way. This is kinda of like a roundrobin sort of thing. If you're good with words and want to join in, PM me!
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1. Great Deku Tree's Plight by Red Sparrow

2. Premonition by Red Sparrow

3. Link Meets Navi by Red Sparrow

4. Link's Journey to Hyrule City by Red Sparrow

5. Malon and Talon by Red Sparrow

6. Link Meets Princess Zelda by Red Sparrow

Great Deku Tree's Plight by Red Sparrow
Ocarina of Time Series Tribute

Chapter One
"Great Deku Tree's Plight"
Written by: Red Sparrow

"Navi, oh, Navi,
Where art thou, dear Navi?"

"I'm here Great Deku Tree,
What is it that you need?
I'll do what you ask of me,
Anything, I'll heed."

"Fetch me the boy-"

"There are many boys,
can you be more specific?
Searching out every Kokiri
doesn't seem very terrific."

"Let me finish,
a boy with-"

"A red boot?
A stick?
An owl that hoots?
A D-"

"Silence Navi!
Let me finish, I'm sick!
Find the boy
with no Fairy!
Find him before I keel over,
Bloody quick!"

Premonition by Red Sparrow
Chapter Two
"Premonition" Written by: G3mini_Sage

"Darkness, rain,
lightening and thunder.
What is this place?
With omens asunder?

I hear something,
hoof beats, clatters,
something is running,

The drawbridge lowers,
I stare through the rain,
my heart is pounding.

I see her, once again,
This frightened princess in pink,
Under the protection of another,
riding into the darkness, they slink.

I hear something else,
I turn and let out a fearful yell.
He turns his evil glare to me and I know,
within this tall man...is where evil dwells."
Link Meets Navi by Red Sparrow
Chapter Three
"Link Meets Navi"
Written by: Red Sparrow

"Hey, kid, wake up!
The Great Deku Tree needs you!"

Link groans and sits up
awakening from his slumber,
the dream was fresh in his mind,
he can still hear the thunder.

"Finally! You're awake,
come with me!
Hurry for the Deku Tree's sake,
I have to take you to see-"

"Hey, you're a fairy!
Is this a dream too?!
I'm so very happy!
What do I call you?"

my name is Navi.
But never mind that,
Please come with me!
We have to go to
where the tree is at!"

"Wow, a fairy!
I still can't believe what I see!
I'm gonna catch you,
To make sure you won't run from me!"

yeah, thats good and all but--
--Wait a minute, WHAT?!"

"C'mere! Stop flying away!
You're my fairy, right?!"

"Get away from me, I say!
Keep that bottle out of my sight!

"Gotcha! I'm gonna show Saria!
She's gonna be proud!"

"Let me out, moron, will you listen?
I'm talking to ya!
...Oh, he still can't hear
even when I'm yelling really loud."
Link's Journey to Hyrule City by Red Sparrow
Chapter 4 "Link's Journey to Hyrule City"
Written by: ZeldaFreak701

Link: Wow! Hyrule is this big. I’m surprised out of
my wits.

Navi: Oh Link, don’t dawdle. It’s not all that big.
We must get to Hyrule Castle, very, very quick.

Link: Navi, why do you rush me so? According to the
Great Deku Tree, I’m Hyrule’s only hope.

Navi: Yes, but see, I don’t care about him, he is
dead. We must get to the castle, or the night we
will dread.

Link: Ok, I won’t waste time, we’ll reach Hyrule
quickly and be fine.

Owl: Hoot! Hoot! Who goes there? I must sleep during
the day while you are up, that is no fair. Why do
you wake me now. Oh wait, you are the legendary

Link: My goodness, Navi. What the heck is thee? Is
that a talking owl perched up on a tree?

Owl: I am here to help you on your way. You must
reach Hyrule Castle by the end of the day.

Link: You don’t let me talk much. You’re just like
Navi. You tell me such and such. But all for me is

Navi: Come on Link, we must hurry. Just ignore that
owl. He’s not even furry.

Owl: No! Wait, come back young child! For now my
temper now is not so mild.

Link: Navi, it’s been hours. My feet are tired and I
fell awful sour.

Navi: The castle is just beyond the gate. We must
hurry before it’s too late!

Link: Hurry now the gate is closing! And under it,
cold water is flowing.

Navi: Oh no! We’ve missed the gate. We can’t see
Zelda until tomorrow, oh waiting I hate.

Link: Oh Navi, don’t feel bad. OH MY GOSH! WHAT THE

Navi: It’s a Stachild, they feed on your bones! If
you don’t draw your sword, we’ll be turned into

Link: Never fear, Navi. I am here. I shall destroy
these demons that come so near.

Navi: Link, you’re my hero, for saving my life. With
you here, there is no more terror of the night.

Link: Hey look, the sun rises sooner than the drop
of a stick. Hm…..don’t you think that was rather
Malon and Talon by Red Sparrow
Chapter 5: Malon and Talon
Written by Red Sparrow

"Hyrule sure is big!"
Navi yelled over all the sound.

"I'm not sure I'm up to this gig."
Link shouted, looking around.

They saw the castle up ahead,
"Let's go!" Navi cheerfully said.

They passed by a red headed girl
without a second glance.

The girl stopped them and said,
"Are you two heading for the castle, by chance?"

Link nodded, "Yeah, we are, why?"

she laughed, she obviously wasn't very shy.

"My dad, he delivers milk to the castle, but
he's very lazy." she said, "Can you
two please find him for me?"

"Sure!" Link said, in a hurry, "We'll find him,
don't you worry!"

"Then you'll need this!" the girl said,
handing him an egg of some sort.

Navi sighed, "Let's go, we're wasting time."
Link accepted the egg,
he agreed with his cohort.

"By the way, I'm Malon." she stated.
"I'm Link, thats Navi." Link said, feeling belated.

Minutes later, after sneaking in.
They found Malon's father sleeping again.

"Hey, sir...wake up." Link shook him and said.
Navi muttered, "He snores so loud he can wake the dead."

Having tried for five minutes Link gave out a sigh.
"What now, Navi? Theres nothing to wake this guy!"

Navi had an idea, "Use the egg, Link!"
Link pulled out the egg, "How?"
they both began to think.

They both quickly came to a conclusion with elation.
Link smashed the egg over Talon's head,
Talon woke up, "What 'n tarnation?!"

After a moment of explaining, Talon bolted out,
fearing his daughter's accusing shout.

"What a bum." Navi muttered,
"I bet he would've slept here for days
if he wasn't bothered."
Link Meets Princess Zelda by Red Sparrow
Chapter 7 “Link Meets Princess Zelda”

Written by: Alex Hemming

Link and Navi were apprehensive
As they crept from hedge to wall
But though the gardens were extensive
They got through them after all

“Phew,” said Navi, “That was close.
“I thought we would be caught back there.”
But Link had seen the Princess Zelda
With sunlight gleaming in her hair

He stood transfixed and watched her staring
Through the window at the King
She didn’t notice the fairy boy
Standing behind her, dressed in green

He called to her, and she turned around,
Looking startled and amazed
She asked him who he was and how
He’d gotten past the guards and maze

But when she saw his fairy,
All her fears fled from her
When she asked him if he had the stone,
He showed the Kokiri Emerald to her

She seemed delighted at the sight
And bade him look through the window
She told him quickly of her plight
And what to do, and where to go

Link realized his destiny
Was bigger than it first had seemed
He had to get the Spiritual Stones
So they could stop the Evil King

Ganondorf could not succeed
And use the Triforce to do wrong
So Zelda told him her handmaiden,
Impa, would teach him a song

Impa whistled through her fingers,
Played a song relaxed and sweet
Link followed on his Ocarina
Keeping time with is feet

Zelda’s Lullaby

Lullaby, Lullaby
As the moon drifts in the sky
Lullaby, Lullaby
Stars will guide you with their light

Sleep as the shadows fall
Sleep as the night birds call
I will protect you from your fears

I will be here with you
Watching, protecting you
Here to wipe away your tears

Link put down his Ocarina
Impa seemed to be impressed
She said he must be courageous
And never falter in his quest

A “crack!” and a flash and she was gone
Vanished into empty air
Our hero headed to Death Mountain
To see what he could find out there
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