A Shattered World by Linkthefireemblem

When Twilit Dragon Argarok comes back Midna is somehow there to. Link then see's armies of goblins and other Creatures coming back to Hyrule.

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1. Chapter 1: 2 Reunions by Linkthefireemblem

2. Chapter 2: A Few Mettings by Linkthefireemblem

3. Chapter 3: The Truth Revealed by Linkthefireemblem

4. Chapter 4: The First Attack by Linkthefireemblem

5. Chapter 5: Death Of A Friend by Linkthefireemblem

Chapter 1: 2 Reunions by Linkthefireemblem
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Months had passed and there had been no sign of Ganon or Zant trying to cover Hyrule in twilight again. Although a bigger problem was about to arise. A few of the kings new recruited horsemen had noticed numerous numbers of a new type of goblin entering Hyrule field. They were twice as big and looked much stronger. Goblins weren't supposed to go anywhere without being commanded to.


“KING” yelled Link “Goblins bigger and stronger they are in hyrule field as we speak!”


“How many are coming 5,10,20?” Asked the King.

“100 roughly. Me and a couple soilders could try to attack them. Maybe they will retreat for now.” Link suggested.


“Fine but if anything goes wrong get the hell out of there understand?” Asked the king. Link agreed and went to get as many soilders as he could. He got roughly 45 soilders to go ambush the Goblins.


They went to the castle to talk of the plan.

“ Okay, I want the archers go up on the hill and fire arrows when I fire my first fire arrow. Then Knights when I say go down and ambush the camp and slaughter as many as can. I will follow behind you. Then archers when the horses go down the hill you take out your sword and run down the hill and do the same okay?” Link was hoping that the plan would work perferctly if it didn't then they would be screwed.


It was time to go ambush the camp. Link grabbed epona and the slowly moved up the hill. They could see the bright glow of the fire. The goblins seemed distracted. The archers crept to the side and started to fire arrow after arrow. They pierced the goblins. The scream was horrible. Then Link fired one fire arrow and rushed down the hill with the other horsemen. Suddenly out of the shadows came a dark figure. Link looked in horror. What was it. It was the Twilt Dragon Argorok. Link remembered this beast. It was a total ass. Link had barley survuived. Then a twilight portal opened from above.

It was the Twilight Princess...Midna. How did she reenter Hyrule?. The mirror to transport between the two worlds was destroyed so she couldn't cross to the light world.



“Is that important Link? We have to kill this thing now!All I can tell you is that we were experementing” Exclaimed Midna




Link saw pea hats in the sky. If he could claw shot from one to the other maybe he could jump onto the dragon and kill it!. Link pulled out his claw shot.


“LINK!” yelled Midna “Get out of here! “I'll kill it.I am going to create twilight darkness and if you are in the middle of it you could die! So get out of here!. Come back tommorow at dawn. NOW GO!”


Link didn't want to, but he had no choice. He had to. Link really trusted . They headed back to the castle as fast as they could. Link saw darkness and then a huge roar. Was this good or bad?. The next day the goblins were gone but from inside the forest he saw more come through the western entrance of Hyrule. With them a few more bosses and the Dragon form the night before. Had Midna survived or did she go down?


Chapter 2: A Few Mettings by Linkthefireemblem

. Link was so mystified on how the bosses got here. This wasn't right. Zant led them toward the castle. The only boss missing was ganon. Is he hiding, planing something or was he still dead. Link got all the representitives from the provinces so they could discuss what was going on. They all went to Hyrule castle and meet in the meeting room.


“O.K, we have a problem. Goblins are now stronger and bigger, bosses are resurected and we have attacks from the twilight again. The twilight is starting to rule again and if we don't do anything you can say hi to hell.” Link told them the rest of the story but added. “The major thing for me does anyone know anything of Ganondorf?” Asked Link


Prince Ralis of the Zoras spoke up. “ I think the gods resseurected him to protect his piece of the triforce it was the gods will”


“Okay I will go see him for some answers.


He set off. First he needed to see if the mirror was still broken so he could go to the Twilit realm. When he got to the mirror chamber he found the twilight mirror was fixed. How was the mirror fixed? He stepped into the portal and arrived in the Twilt Entrance. Link was somehow still a human. He should of been a wolf. In hours he finally found Ganon in the prison.


“Look what the hell is going?” Asked Link




“ I think that a few cells down two guys are trying to kill each other” Replied Ganon.

“Seriously you fag. Stronger goblins are all over Hyrule and the bosses I slaughtered are now revived.”


“Well the goblins being stronger I really don't know but the bosses I created them they are part of me I die they die I get revived they get revived.”


“ ya right well you will be in deep pain if you don't tell me the truth.”


“Link look go ask Midna or Prince Ralis maybe they will tell you” Said Ganon


“Ya whatever good luck in jail you fag” Replied Link


Link headed back to hyrule immediatley. He ran to the meeting room with his new information.


“O.K Ganon said that the bosses are part of him so if he get's revived they get revived.Midna also told me that they were experementing but she didn't say what. I think that Midna was experementing on resseurection because while in Twilight Realm I saw a paper saying RESSEURECTION GONE WRONG. She needed ganon for the triforce to take over. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why because she helped me destroy ganon? So why would she do it.


“It makes sense.” Said Ralis “But it's too risky to rely on that. We need something that doesn't have something to do with Ganon or Zant.


“Well they are behind this Ralis! Take your head out of your ass and look. War is upon us and she is our only clue we are bringing her in for questioning.” Exclaimed Link.

The dessert sage then replied. “he's right Ralis. Could Midna be involved? She gave you one clue. After she told you to leave. Maybe that was a secret meeting so they could make an alliance with each other. She had dropped a note but I decided to give it to you..here.”


Link read the note it was instructing the goblins,bosses and the others to kill Zelda and Link. At the bottom it said. Next Metting in City In the Sky. Link knew he had to head to The City before they did. He went to Lake Hylia and entered his giant canon. He got up there and landed in a pool of water. Infront of him he saw Midna.



“Midna youre under arrest” Link said and with that he knocked her out and took her to the Hylian Jail.


“LINK WHAT THE HELL! You hit me on the head and why am I in jail am I being accused of taking Zelda's Sexiness?” Asked Midna.


“You know why you slut, you want to kill Zelda, release Ganon then kill me!! I read the note you dropped. Why would you?” Questioned Link.


“I helped you Link I HELPED YOU. I helped you rescue Zelda and destroy Ganon. Why would I want to rule?”


“You have 48 hours to prove you're innocent.”




Chapter 3: The Truth Revealed by Linkthefireemblem


Link only had one other suspect...Prince Ralis. He had tried to protect Midna from being arrested. He secretly snuck into Prince Ralis's Room. He found a letter on his chair.


Dear Midna and Others:

Link is stalling us plans are not going as planned. Free Ganon now.

-Prince Ralis


Link fueled with anger. The prince walked up behind Link


“Can I help you snoop around?” Asked Ralsi


“ No it's okay I found what I was looking for” Link ripped up the Letter “ Why would you do this Ralis I helped your mother. Is this what she would of wanted?”



“Yes she was planing this from the day she became Queen. She wanted me to carry on but I couldn't that is why I was crying at her Grave.”



“You have been planing this ever since I was a farmer on Ordon?” Asked Link






“Yes. We meet and decided we wanted to rule. So all of us went with Ganon and the Twilight plan. We decided Midna would befriend you and help you. Then we would resseurect Ganon and then Strike. Midna has proven useless so we will Just Kill her” Ralis Told Link


Just then Goblins came behind Link and tried to capture him. Link dodged and did a slice attack he stabbed all them except for one. It was one of the strong Goblins Link knew he was to weak to kill it so instead he turned around and sliced off Ralis's head. The head rolled down to Link feet. Link suddenly Jumped out the window and Into the River. The river carried him down to Hyrule castle. He told Zelda and then Slowly moved forward and Kissed her. Zelda quickly pulled away and stormed out of the room.

ZELDA! I'm sorry!” Yelled Link.

Chapter 4: The First Attack by Linkthefireemblem

Link knew he had more important matters than his and Zelda's relationship. Scouts had reported that the goblins had been moving closer and closer to the castle. None of the bosses were with them though. Maybe it was a trap or maybe it was a tacical. If the goblins got rid of the soilders little by little with lot's of these little groups, then the bosses from the past would have very little chance of being stopped. Link rushed to the king as fast as he could. Link knocked at the door.


“Come in” The king answered.

“King we have a situatuion with the goblins” Said Link

“Well what about my daughter explain why she is crying Link”

“If I may King your daughter at this point is not that important. If you look outside your window you will see a group of about 50 goblins in the way right now to try to take down the castle and capture Zelda so if I may I need to know what to do now!” Link was fuming at the King . How could he tell Link that his daughter was more important that the future of the castle.


“Link take four other soilders and go defend the castle. We only roughly have 2000 soilders to spare. So you go now before I lower how many soilders I give you.”


“Thankyou Sir” Replied Link.


Link got the four soilders he was told to get and went to the Plains to take on the goblins. There Leader was one of the biggest,Strongest and merciless goblins he had ever seen. He seemed to riding a boar about three times as Link. The goblin itself was about 8 feet tall. It weilded a hooked sword about 5 feet long. While it stood at the back it had the other goblins attack Link.


“Die you fags” Screamed Link. These goblins actually knocked Link down a couple times Linkd didn't really care if he got a couple. Link needed a health potion bad. He was almost worn out. He and only one soilder were left. Link slashed the last of the two goblins down. Now for the boss.


“Ah..Link I see you have improved in your sword skills alot but not enough to defeat the new imoproved powers of Ganon. Your little friend Midna was the only reason you had any way of defeating Ganon. Since that Midna isn't here you will have a zero chance of defeating Ganon. If you get passed me first that is.” Said the Goblin.


“Oh trust me I will I will” Link replied.


Link knew that the goblin wouldn't be that hard to be that hard to beat anyway's.

Link ran as fast as he could towards the goblin soilder. He jumped up in the air and went for the strike but instead the goblin took out a sword and slashed Link about 10 meters across the ground. Link got back up and killed the boar with some arrows.


“Jeez that's the smartest move you've made all battle”. The goblin then swung the sword at Link's head and knocked him back again. Link had to kill this goblin. So he shot his chain-ball at the goblin to knock him out long enough for link to go in and strike him out. Link ran in and started striking the goblin. Once the goblin started to move again Link jumped up in the air and drove his sword into the back of the goblin. Blood was spilling out all over the place. Link was just knelling over the body. He collected each head off the goblins stuck them on wood stakes and drove them into the ground. Week by week Link drove off the Goblins with a mere four extra soilders. All of Hyrule castle along the outside of the castle was covered In wood stakes with heads stuck on top of them.

Chapter 5: Death Of A Friend by Linkthefireemblem

Chapter 5: Death of a friend


After the Incident with Zelda Link was forced to stay away from Zelda permanently. Link didn't really care because the future of Hyrule was alot more Important than the future of Zelda's and his relationship. Since Link was continuing to defend all of Hyrule with four soilders goblins had given up trying to attack so openly. Hyrule had numerous numbers of bombings, Kidnaps, and murders over the past two weeks that Zelda now needed four bodygaurds around all the time. Link was quietly reading a book untill he heard the door to the triforced opened. Link rushed down there to find midna trying to kill two goblin warriors. Suddenly something rushed past Link. It stopped infront of Midna.


“Oh Midna for long you have amused me. Hiding in Link's shadow while trying to help me” The mysterious voice said. Link couldn't help but notice that it was a girls voice!


“Link killed the man..well Zora that I loved. He killed Prince Ralis we were in hyrule together. I lost my memory trying to save Ralis. I know I was captured by Twili Beasts but they captured me to recruit me as one of them. I said no and escaped. I saw this boy unconcious in the river. I dived in brought him up. When he woke up he said he dropped his earing in the river. I dived in and hit my head on a rock. He dived down and hit his head to. We floated down the river to Hyrule castle together. We were then found and Link came later on to find us. My name is Illia and Link will die after you.”


Illia? How did she turn into a twili beast. She must of joined Ganon, Link thought



“Well Illia I will do everything in my power to both destroy and deny you! Link will kill you if I fail anyway's so try to kill me.” Midna replied. Midna then pulled out the three peices of the mask. They suddenly stuck to her face and she turned into a giant orange,green and black coloured monster. She grabbed Illia and clutched her in her hands she squeezed Illia harder and harder. Then Illia inside Midnas hands started to shine brighter and brighter. She suddenly floated through Midna's hands.


“Nice try Midna but I am more skilled in the way's of the Twili dark magic than you will ever be. Did you learn to instantly kill and oponent? No? Well let me show you.”

Illia suddenly turned around and shot the spell at Link. Midna jumped in the air and landed infront of Link


“LINK RUN TRUST ME” yelled Midna. Link ran faster and faster away from the battle. Link then heard Midna scream and heard a loud boom. Link ran to see what happened. Midna was laying on the floor as her regular form. Since Midna was dead the Twili would need a new King or Queen. Link found a letter on the floor adressed to him.


Dear Link

if you are reading this I am dead I did all I could to protect you & Princess Zelda. I will be back stronger and more powerful. You will not see me but the enemy will feel my wrath at the right time. I will never forget the quest we went on to save both your land and mine. The succesor is unfortunately is Zant I have no power over who is the next succesor. Build a resistance with my people against Zant.

Best of luck



When Link went to see of Illia she wasn't there.

“Great another enemy” said Link

The king finally let Link and Zelda mend their relationship once more but the enemy was still growing stronger and stronger & Hyrule was growing weaker and weaker.

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