Servants Of Thorns by Linkthefireemblem

In the gripping conclusion to the series Link must find a way to get rid of Ganon. One problem. Link has been captured and Hyrule is failing. Link must find a way to escape. Answers such as who his parents are and other questions. will be in answered

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Bloody Petals by Linkthefireemblem
 Zelda rushed down the hall way to her fathers room. BANG, BANG, BANG. She knocked on the door as hard as she could

“OPEN THE DOOR” She yelled at the top of her lungs. Her father opened the door slowly. When he saw who it was he opened the door and walked away back into his room.

“You saw it didn’t you?” Zelda asked “look what your bargaining got us! Nothing good came out of it. Now the ceremony must go forward. You know the prophecy. If the hero is captured and killed by the enemy the bloody petals ceremony must be arranged”

“I know the prophecy I have already arranged it” The king gave his daughter an envelope with a letter inside of it. It was the notice to the ceremony.

It read

Attention all citizens:

If you don’t know by now the hero of time Link has been


This is a message to all citizens.

The bloody petals ceremony is going forward

Tomorrow at twilight come dressed in white with the triforce painted in goat blood on your shirt:

Yours truly: King Of Hyrule


“It’s perfect, thank you daddy” Zelda once again broke down into tears. She went to get ready for the ceremony. Ten of the towns people went out to the field of the goats and slaughtered some. They took them home and cut the fur off two of them. The fur was going to the King and Zelda as coats. The townspeople then lined up by the towns square and got the triforce painted on their shirts.

Zelda was sitting in her room. It was a couple hours before the ceremony was beginning. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to stand through the whole ceremony. Her father then came to the door.

“Zelda? Do you mind if I come in? I wanted to see if you are okay”

“Yeah….come in” She replied. She looked at the floor. She knew what her father was here for. During the bloody petals ceremony the princess must read the speech that the gods had written thousands of years ago that when the hero of time dies, the speech must be read.

“I know why you are here. You are here to tell me that I must go get the scroll with the speech on it. I was just on my way.” Zelda told her father.

“I know how much you liked Link. It was the same as when I lost your mother.”

“Dad I just have one question. Who are Link’s parents? He never talks about them and he has no birth history.”

“Zelda I couldn’t tell you. Maybe he will know when he gets back. I know he mentioned that the Ordon mayor told him that his parents are dead. When Link dies he will go to the spirit world. Maybe he will meet his parents there.” Those were the last words between the two before the ceremony.

As soon as twilight hit the ceremony began. The towns people entered first and circled around the fountain in the square. A podium stood in front of the fountain where the king and the princess were already standing.

“ Attention all Hyrulians. This is a time of grieving and sadness. I would first like to take the blame for what has transpired. I sold Link to Ganon thinking that he would keep his promise and not attack Hyrule. I was wrong. I apologize and hope that you can all forgive me for what I’ve done. Now to continue with the ceremony” That was a big step for the king. To admit what he had done but will the townspeople ever really forgive him. Zelda then stepped forward with the scroll from the gods.

“From fire and water and earth and ground the hero of time was born. He was created for purpose and one purpose only to rid the earth of evil. When the time passes and the hero dies all of Hyrule shall perish. Unless the city has the ceremony all shall go to hell. Don’t be controlled by the other powers who threaten you with death. They say the teachings are the only way to get up to heaven but they are all the liars. Those who are persuaded, kill them, those who lose faith kill them. I tell you this for your own good. The hero is dead. Grieve and be sad. That is all I ask. Now join with me in a minute of silence.” That was what Zelda spoke. That was the speech that Zelda gave from the gods. What was this new “belief” that the scroll talks about. Zelda didn’t know and hope she never finds out.

After the minute of silence the crowds people opened a bag of petals that were covered in goat blood also. They took handful after handful and through them in the air. Watching as they blew by.

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