The Legend of Zelda: Darkness of Time by DarkForceLink
Summary: After Link saved Termnia from turmoil from the Moon, he decides to continue to find Navi. When he comes back to Hyrule, his friends rejoice and have a festival. As the night continues, Link goes to sleep. While he is sleeping someone or something tries to kill Link. The next day, Link decides to investigate. While he does he spots dark clouds everywhere in Hyrule. He must save Hyurle and Termnia once again.
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Story Notes:
May contain blood, harsh language, and some other things.

1. Prologue: Deep in Lost Woods by DarkForceLink

2. Chapter 1: A Warm Welcome by DarkForceLink

3. Chapter 2: A Lost Friend by DarkForceLink

Prologue: Deep in Lost Woods by DarkForceLink

 As Link saved Termnia from complete turmoil, he packed up his belongings and headed for Lost Woods. He looked back at Tael, and thought of Navi. When he arrived in Lost Woods, he looked at the trees. No sunlight. He thought of Zelda, and the rest of the girls he met. Every time he shows up with one of them, he starts to become shy, and then runs away. The girls don't know it. But Navi knew it. "Link, how come you always run away from them? Come on. You know you like them, but you gotta stay." Navi's words repeated itself over and over in Links head. He chuckled.

 About a couple of days later, four days to be exact, Link got off his horse and started to cry. He didn't know how long it would take to get back to Hyrule or Kokiri Forest for that matter. As he was crying he started to hear a familair smell and tune. It was Saria's tune, and the smell was from Kokiri forest. He danced, and rejoiced. He spun and spun and clap his hands, and laughed. All of a sudden Epona got spooked and galloped into the forest. Link chased Epona, but got sidetracted by red eyes. He tremebled in fear as the eyes came closer. Was it a Skull Kid, a StalChild? No matter what it was, he drew out his sword. The eyes jumped into the sky and onto Link. Blood spurtted everywhere.

 Link screamed and woke up. He looked at Epona. She was still there. He got off of her, and listened to the forest. Nothing, until minutes later Link heared Saria's tune. He got on his horse and started to follow the tune.

Chapter 1: A Warm Welcome by DarkForceLink
Author's Notes:
May contain blood, and strong language.

 Link finally returned to Kakario Forest without a scratch for once. When he returned, a huge bonifre warmed his skin. Everybody from the forest welcomed him, and Mido for once. "I, the great Mido, welcome you back. It's... it's... nice to have you back." he said with displeasure. Mido walked behind the bonfire. Link dropped his sword and shield, and became relaxed. A mysterious shadow appeared in front of Link. Link looked up. It happened to be Saria. Link got up and saw tears running down her face.

 "Oh Link, I missed you so much. Where have you been all this time? Its been at least two months." Saria grabbed Link and hold him tightly. Link wondered how long he has been gone. Two months? A year? No matter, Link was happy to see every one in the forest. Link patted her back as she was crying. Mido came up and saw Link holding Saria in his arms.

 "The Great Mido asks why you are holding his girlfriend in your arms?" he asked. Link tried to find the right words. Saria let go of Link's body, and explained to the "Great" Mido.

 "I tell you why. He's been missing since the day he left. Didn't you see him coming out of the forest? Did you?" she backed talked. Mido stummbled over his words and left to his house. Saria looked at Link and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Link blushed, and she left without saying anything. Everybody went to bed, except for Link. He decided to stay up and watch the last embers from the bon fire. He looked up in the sky, and decided to go into his little tree house.

 As he fell asleep, he heared screaming. Link woke up, and jumped out of the tree house and found the screaming. Blood covered the walls. Link started to freeze up. He saw the red eyes from his dream. Could it be? Link noticed that this house is Saria's house. He ran out, and grabbed his sword and turn back and face the red eyes. When he did, the eyes were gone except for a lifeless-grey body. He turn around the body, luckily it wasn't Saria. The Kokiri's kids came into the house, and saw the blood. "What the hell did you do? You killed Saria? How dare you? The Great Mido bands you for coming here. Leave at once." Mido commanded Link.

 Link grabbed his belonings and his horse to Hyrule Field. As he came out of the forest, he noticed strange lightning bolts that strucked the field. Link got on his horse and commaned her to run as fast as possible to get out of harms way. The closest place that is safe for him and his horse is Lon Lon Ranch. As he was escaping the lightning a huge bolt of lightning stucked in front of Link. Epona got on her hind legs, letting Link's balnace throw off, and made him fell. His horse trampled to the ground as well. Link looked up in the sky, and fell unconcious.

Chapter 2: A Lost Friend by DarkForceLink
Author's Notes:
May contain blood, and strong language.

"Link... wake up... it's me... Navi." the voice said. Link woke up from his sleeping state, and notice the bright blue light. Link laughed. He was glad to see Navi again. Link looked at what he was standing on. He was floating on a lake. He looked at Navi and the lake. Puzzled he was. "You finally woke up. I knew you would. It's good to see you again Link. How long has it been? Days, weeks, months? The good thing is that you woke up. Now Link, I don't have enough time. I must tell quickly that the lands of Hyrule, and Termnia are covered in a storm so strong that it can quickly thorw them into internal chaos. But there is a way to defeat it Link. You must find the temples in the sky, and retreave the three Orbs of the Goddesses. You must hurry, you don't have a whole lot of time. Quickly. When you return, talk to a strange little Skull Kid who can show you where to go." Everything dissapeared. Link treid to catch up with Navi, but fell down into internalness.

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