Zelda gets kidnapped by JoshChandra the god
Summary: Zelda is captured by a pervert named Ganondorf. Can Josh save Zelda before anything gets intense
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Chapter 3 Capture by JoshChandra the god
Zelda wakes up to find herself in a shack completily nude and tied to a bed. out of the shadows comes the pervert Ganondorf. Ganondorf says Heh heh heh you look even more sexy nude. Wha- but grrrrrrrrrrrr you wont be touching me you idiot! Zelda retorts Tut tut Zelda if you dont do what I ask then you will be punished Ganondorf grabs a whip and lashes it at Zelda, Zelda gasps and screams in pain. Mabey that will teach you you slut hah hah hah bellows ganondorf. Zelda sobs on the bed. Now I will go to the market to buy some food you be a good girl and dont try anything. ganondorf says. ganondorf leaves Zelda says to herself Mabey I can use telepaphy to tell Josh. Meanwhile in Kakiriko village Josh says Well she must be here bu- A voice comes into Josh and Joshes brothers minds Josh Josh can you hear me? says Zelda Yes we can hear you Zelda Good can you help me Im in some shack the culprit is ganondorf I hope you save me Please goodbye. says Zelda Hmmmmmmm there is only one shack and thats the Abandoned shacck in Gerudo desert ok lets go there then. Josh says happily. At the shack ganondorf tries to touch zelda`s vagina but zelda kicked in the jaw YOU WONT BE TOUCHING ME AND DONT THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL. Zelda shrieks YOU STUPID GIRL I WILL PUNISH YOU SO BADLY CRUCIO Ganondorf screams. Zelda sceams as she got an electric shock like pain in her body. MABEY THAT WILL TEACH YOU YOU BITCH Ganondorf bellows. Zelda was knocked out
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