Ilia`s life by godess of love
Summary: Ilia has lost alot of things in her life even her memory, but will that somhow change when a hero saves the whole land?
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Ambush by godess of love
Ilia and Link had taken shelter in the basment of Link`s house wile the attack was still going on.About te
wenty hours after it began, Iia`s father came down."It`s over."They climbed the ladder and walked outside to see all the villiger`s dead bodys, even Alex and Yasmin were lying lifless.What hurt Ilia was to see her mother, on the ground cold and pale"No, NO!!"Ilia buried her face in her hands and wept.Tears rolled down Link`s face.

Nine years after the attack,Ilia was washing Epona, Link`s horse, in Ordon spring, injoying the fresh spring air.Link had pushed Epona to hard jumping fences.Colin ,Rusl`s and Uli`s ten year old son, came up to the locked gate."Ilia can you let me in?"
"Fine but not Link, I`m still mad at him."She walked over to the gate and opened it.Colin stepped in and said"Ilia, you dont know what happened yesterday.Talo chased after the monkey and Link whent to save him."
"What?N-no one told me."Just then Link came in through a hole.He dusted himself off and said"They need to make that hole bigger.My back hurts now."Ilia ran tword Link"AHHH!DONT HURT ME!"She rapped her arms around him and said"I`m sorry, Link."Then the ground shook and the gate threw open.Moblins came in and shot Ilia in the back with an arrow and hit Link and colin with a club.They grabbed colin and Ilia but left Link to die.But he didnt he ran after them and came to a wall.A black hand came out and pulled him in.
Ilia awoke a few hours later and found herself in Hirule field.She walked on the path.She spotted a light blue figure on the ground.Ilia ran tword it and when she got to it she flipped it on it`s back.It was a zora.She threw him over her sholder and contenud but running to help the zora.She arrived in castle town and whent to the docter."Hello, whats your name and how can I help you."Iia thought for a second,but when she thought about it, she couldnt remember anything!
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