Crowd Pleaser by Aprilspring
Summary: April had always been a crowd pleaser, ever since her kiddnapp.Her being a crowd pleaser puts her life in more danger every day, but she still pleases.
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1. Prolouge by Aprilspring

2. Ashamed by Aprilspring

3. Dreaming by Aprilspring

4. Avoiding me by Aprilspring

5. A huge surprise by Aprilspring

6. Another dream by Aprilspring

7. Thia isn`t a dream by Aprilspring

8. A real live dream by Aprilspring

9. The princess by Aprilspring

10. The dead stable boy by Aprilspring

11. Really? by Aprilspring

12. Chapter 12 by Aprilspring

13. Chapter 13 by Aprilspring

Prolouge by Aprilspring
It was like a nightmare.No, it was worse.It was much`s like, dieing.You were happy when you were alive, but that all changed with a gunshot.You fall to the ground, cold and lifless.Like me.My family was a nice little family.My mother, father, older brother, and younger sister.But one stormy night, a man came and killed them all, but me.I thought he`d leave me to die, but instead, he kiddnapped me.Though, I had just learned this recently.You see, I`m seventeen now and when I was kiddnapped, I was two.I had always thought he was my step father after my real parents died of cancer.But ever since that dreadful day, he had abused me and started rapping me when I was thirteen.He was wealthy, and treated me like his princess, but only if I wouldn`t tell any one what he did.I kept my mouth shut, just because if I told, he`d go to jail and I`d have to talk to the police, but I didn`t like to talk, only when needed.Darel, the kiddnapper, dated a few people, but the realationship never lasted.I always gave him what he wanted, a matter of fact, I always gave everyone what they wanted, even hurting myself.That`s a crowd pleaser for you.
Ashamed by Aprilspring
I sat on my plush king sized bed, looking out my window at the stars.I loved the stars, they seemed to be the only thing that didnt hurt me.I jumped when the door creped open.Darel stepped in and locked the door behind him.He sat down next to me and placed his hand on my inner thigh.I sighed"Please, let`s just get this over with."
"Very well then"He turned my head to face him and slipped off my tee-shirt and shorts.He undid my bra and threw it to the floor.Darel cupped my breast and caressed it.He sucked and nibbled on my nipple for a while before slipping my painties off.He looked at my vagina and sank to his knees.He put his face in between my thighs and tuck his tounge in side me.I wimperd some as he buried his tounge deeper.He swished his tounge around and tasted the salty juices.After an agonizing few minuetes of this, he finally pulled out and stood up.He forced me to my knees and took his boxers off.He pushed his throbbing hard on in my mouth and I felt so ashamed.He thrusted in and out faster and faster.I gagged a few times and he reached his climax.His sperm squirted down my throat.He pulled his crotch out and set me down on the bed, legs spread apart.He aimed his manhood towrd my vagina and thrust it in quickly.I scremed in pain and he drove in faster.I yelped and wimperd and he laughed.He finally climaxed again and fell down onto the bed.He gatherd his clothes and dressed.Darel smiled wikidly before leaving me hopelessly in my room.I stumbled to my bathroom and started the shower.I stepped in and let the warm water spray my face.I washed my hair with my vinilia sented shampoo and body wash and climbed out.Wrapping my towel around my body, I blow dryed my blonde hair and braided it.I dressed in clean pajamas and laid down in my bed, looking out the window one last time before falling asleep.

Dreaming by Aprilspring
I walked in a giant field, not knowing were, how, or why I was there.I was wearing a white dress that swayed in the wind and it sure was a windy day.But last thing I remembered was fallng asleep in my bed."Hello!"I called out"Any one there?!"No one answered.Wind swirled around her and then in front of her.A man apeared that had dirty blonde hair and deep indigo eyes.He was smileing wide and held out his hand.I felt happy around him, so I touched his hand when he grabbed me and his blue eyes turned crimson red and his hair turned black.His toned and warm skin turned snow white and freezing.His green clothes turned black like his hair and his smile turned evily.I gasped and tried to pull back but he was too strong.He laughed minacingly that sent chills down my spine."Let go!"
"Never"Wind circled around us again and we were about to disapear when three lights, green, red, and blue, from behind me shot something at him, making him disentagrate.I turned around to face three women at least eight feet tall.One had short, curly green hair going to her sholders and forest green eyes.She had a green belly shirt on and a green slanted skirt that.A green quiver was tied on her back and she held a golden bow in her hands.The one in the middle had blue hair going to her ankels with baby blue eyes.She wore a blue dress going to her shin and she had a blue round harp in her arms.The last one on the right had acual red hair in a high pony tail that whent to her butt.Her eyes were crimson red, but not like the man`s.She had a red belly top that was conected to her tight shorts by a strip going down her tanned stomach.A small red staff was in her hands."Do not fear us, April.We are the Goddess Sisters.I, Farore, am the Goddess of Courage.This is my sister, Nayru, the Goddess of Wisedom.And this is my sister, Din, Goddess of Power.We are here to tell you of your desteny.Your mother was very important to you, no?"
"Yes she was.But, now she`s gone."
"No, April.No she`s not."
Avoiding me by Aprilspring
An irritating noise filled my ears as I sat up in my bed.If there was one thing I hated more than Deril, it was waking up to go to school.I slumped to my closet and picked out a small white dress that whent to my mid-thigh and a pair of light blue jean kuprees.I slipped my hair band out of my hair and brushed it out, putting it back in a long braid.My hair was almost platinum, but still just blonde and my pale magenta eyes always got boy`s attention at school.After tieing a white ribbon around the ponytail holder keeping my hair from unraviling, I slipped my black, no heal dress shoes on and grabbed my jacket.I walked down the stairs and sat down in the large dinning room.Daril was never home when I got home or in the mornings, fortunatly.The maid, Olivia, placed a plate of pancakes in front of me and thanked her.Daril never said thank you to any of the servants, but I did all the time, and they appreciate it.I ate my breakfeast and walked to the front door and grabbed my expensive bookbag.I opened the door and left to the bus stop.As I walked up, the big yellow bus stopped and I boarded.Kids suddenly stopped throwing paper and guys punching eachother when I stepped on.I sat in the last seat alone, and no one sat in seat twelve, eleven, ten, and nine just to get away from me.Everyone feared Deril so they feared me.They feared if anything happened to me, they`d be punished greatly, so no one talked to me.In class, I sat in the far corner, the teacher didn`t even talk to me.When I sat down in my seat, they contenued their wild behaivor.I stared out the window when I saw a little girl looking at me.Her brown eyes suddenly turned green and the same happend to her hair.I shook my head and when I opened my eyes, she was gone.My thoughts were inturupted when somthing tapped my head.Every one gasped and I looked at a crunched up piece of paper next to me in the seat.I looked up to see every one looking at a girl with red hair and red eyes.
A huge surprise by Aprilspring
Once at school, I opened my locker and neatly placed books in my bookbag.I walked into homeroom and sat down.I pulled out a book that I had checked out of the library and started reading chapter twelve.Aperently time goes by when you read, because the bell rung once I reached chapter fifteen.I put it back in my bag and walked to first pariod, Language Arts.I sat down in my seat in the corner and read my book.Soon, Mrs. Moore came in and wrote somthing on the board.What really surprised me was that a boy sat down next to me.He smiled at me and I smiled back.Then a girl sat on the other side."Hi, I`m Eric and this is my friend, Jade."
"Hello, I`m April."Eric had light hasel hair and deep turquiose eyes.Jade had long black hair that was in six braids with blue highlights and she had bright green eyes."We`re new."
"Yeah, I can kinda tell.No one ever sits next to me."
"Why not?"Asked Jade.
"Well, they`re afraid of my step father.And me."
"Really?You seem so nice."Jade added"Well, my step father isn`t.Every one knows that he`s rich and mean.Everyone still remembers what happend to my ex-boyfriend when he was accedently late for a date.I don`t know what happend to him, but some say he moved to England, changed his name, appaerence and let`s just say he`ll never have kids."
"Well, I highly doubt you`d do that, right?"
"Of course not.I realy liked him.But now everyone avoids me."The bell rand again and Mrs. Moore began the lesson"Class, open your grammar books to page thirty seven."

Later on, after last period, Jade and Eric caught up to me going to the bus."Hey, what bus are you?"Eric asked"Twenty-one.You?"
"Yeah, us too."Jade said happily.
"Cool, I sit in the last seat, no one sits anywere near me though."
"We will."
"Of corse."I smiled at my new friends and climbed on the bus.Everyone stopped throwing their paper until I passed.I sat down and Jade sat next to me and Eric sat right in front.Everyone gasped at this."Seriously, people need to grow up."
Another dream by Aprilspring
I sat at my desk, doing my homework.Dispise the fact everyone avoided me, I had great grades, and it wasn`t just because my step father.I wrote down a math problem and figured it out in less than three seconds."You got mail."Called my laptop.I clicked on an e-mail that Jade had just sent me."You wake April?"
"Yeah"I answered
"Great, do you know what our language arts home work is?"
"Page twenty three."
"Thanks."I closed out and headed to my bed.It had been a wierd week.On Monday, I made new friends and the rest, people weren`t just avoiding me, but rembling in my pressence.I shook it off and fell asleep.

I was in the giant field again in the same flowy dress.I looked around to see a little girl with very bright blonde hair and pale magenta eyes.She was wearing an angel costume and had a doll in her hand.Then I relised who it was.Me.Me when I was five.She had fear in her eyes and her face seemed to call out for help.Suddenly, her eyes shot wide open and she fell to the ground.The man from before was there, laughing.His red eyes burned my insides.He disapeared and the Goddesses apeared again."Hello, April."Din greeted
"Why, why did he do that?Who is he?Were am I?Were is my mother?"
"Calm down child.He is the shadow of the hero of time, Dark Link.The Gerudo king, Ganondorf, created him to defeat the hero.He failed, though, and the hero sent Ganondorf to the evil realm, were he rests today.April, you are in grave danger.I wish you good luck until we meat again, child."My vision started slipping away"Wait, what about mother?"
"You will know soon enough."

I sat up in bed and looked at the clock."Another dream."
At school, I told Jade and Eric about my dream"Well, it sounds kinda creapy.Hee-hee"Eric said nearvously.Jade elbowed him and contenued"I`m sure it`s nothing, April."
"I sure hope so."
Thia isn`t a dream by Aprilspring
Another day passed and I was searching the hero of time on the internet.Nothing.Notta.Not even a single link.I sighed and leaned back in my chair."What do I do?"I rubbed my face"April, I believe it is time for you to know."I, puzzeled, turned around to see the Goddesses in my room.I pinched my arm and winced"Oww.Hey, this isn`t a dream?"I asked
"No, child, this is real."Farore said. Then, the window opened and Jade fell to the floor.Next came Eric."What`s going on?"
"April....we were the on a second"
Eric said in between pants.Jade rolled her eyes"We were sent here to be your friends and keep you safe while the Goddesses prepared you for your desteny.I`m sorry we couldn`t tell you."
"You see, child, Dark Link is after vengeance for the hero.But he`s missing one more important ingrdient."
"Me"I stared at nothing
"Yes.Your power is the last ingrdient for his plain.You may not believe us now but, April, you are a very powerful being.You see, your ancestors were fairies, but your mother somehow became more powerful by marring your father.She couldn`t handle her powers with three children, so passed them on to you, wich made your powers even more powerful.Now you are the most powerful being in all lands, and your ancestors pleadged to help protect our beutiful land of Hirule for as long as the familiy goes on.Now it`s up to you."
"We`ll bring you there.Do not worry."The Goddesses their hands on top of eachother and wisperd a spell.A green dimond apeared around all of us and we disapeared.
A real live dream by Aprilspring
I opened my eyes to find myself in the same field, except different.The air around me felt more, real.As expected, I was in the flowy dress again instead of my pajamas.My long hair was down and wavey.I looked around, half expacting the man to arrive and try to take me away."Jade?E-Eric?Goddesses?Anyone?"I silently caled out.I seemed to be alone.It was about mid-day and very windy, like every other time I came here.The wind swirled around in front of me and I knew what would happen next.A snow white man apeared and looked at me evily."There are no Goddesses to protect you this time, girly."
"D-Dark Link."He started towrds me so I turned and ran the other way.I looked back to see him melt into the shadows.When I looked in front of me again, he was there.He grabbed me and the wind circled around, but this time, there were no Goddesses to save me.Right before we were lifted into the air, an arrow flew through the air and struck Dark Link in the sholder.He hissed evily and lossend his grasp on me.I took this oppertunity to run away.I heard a horse niegh and I looked back to find the man with blonde hair and blue eyes on top of a reddish steed."The hero of time."I mumbled.I turned, though, and kept running.I ran and ran, ran and ran.I ran until I collapsed on the ground.I laid there painting and gasping for air like a fish on a river bank.I felt some one pick me up and I looked at him."Th-thank you."I thanked him.
"Don`t worry.It`s my job."I fell limp and my vision slipped away.

Coinsiousness came back to me as my eyes opened.I was in a plush bed much like the one at home.I sat up and looked around."Were am I?"I stood up and looked around the large room.I walked to the window and saw kids playing in a market place down a dirt path.I seemed to be in a tower or, castle.
The princess by Aprilspring
The wooden door creeked open and a woman wearing a rust colored dress stepped in."Oh, your awake, Miss April.Your highness has requested to meet you in her study.Do you wish me to escort you there, April?"
"Yes, thank you...."
"Olivia.My names Olivia."I turned around."Olivia?Is that..."
"Yes, April, it is me.As you know, I quit my job for your 'step father'.I moved here with my grandmother.It was tough getting here, but I managed to pursaud my friend to open a portal.Now, I`m a servant for the royal family.Shall we go now?"
"Yes."I nodded and followed my former servant down the shiny corridors and to another wooden door.She opened it and lead me inside were a gloden haired woman my age sat at the desk looking at a picture.I sat down in the chair across from her and Olivia left."Hello, April."The woman said putting the picture down."I am Princess Zelda.Link brought you here after the incounter with Dark Link."
"The hero of time"I wisperd.
"What was that?"
"Oh nothing, just mumbling to myself."I assured.
"Well, I heard that you were an ancester of Catylin.Is this true?"
"She`s been in many legends.Catylin was related to fairy and had a fairy`s powers, but more because her mother`s side were fairies, her father`s, sorcerers.And because she was the only child, she was granted the power of a very powerful sorceress and fairy.Great fairy to be exact.In other words, basically, have the Goddesses spoke to you?"
"Yes, yes they have.In my dreams.Farore and Nayru and Din, right?"
"Yes, the Goddesses are the creator of our kingdom of Hirule.They shaped this land to perfection."
"They sure did."There was silence then I spoke up"M-may I see, Link?"
"Well, I believe he took his horse to the ranch for some excerise."
"Oh, well, when do you think he`ll come back?So I can thank him for saving me."
"He left a little after dawn so he should be back soon."I smiled at her and she smiled back.I stood up and left without another word.My legs were sore from running.
The dead stable boy by Aprilspring
I walked into the stables and found a boy petting one of the horses.I looked at the very fine steeds"Do you work in the stables?"I asked.The boy jumped."Oh, I`m sorry.I didn`t mean to scare you."
"Y-you can see me?"He asked.
"Yes.Why?"I asked dumbfounded
"I-I`m dead."He looked back to the horse he was petting."Oh, s-so your a ghost?"
"Basically.I used to be the stable boy here for princess Zelda`s grandmother.She even gave me my own horse."
"This one?"
"Yes, she`s gotten old, though, and problibly won`t live long.Mostly because people don`t respect her as much as I did.They barely take care of half the horses in here let alone Cara."I felt pity for this young, dead boy"How`d you die?"
"Well, I was visiting my family with my brother when there was an attack in the village.They killed anyone they heard or saw.And they saw me.My brother escaped though."I saw tears come to his eyes".He grew up, got married and moved to Kakiriko village to start a family.He had a son and daughter, but, unfortunatly, it was during the imprisoning war.And every one knew that was a bad time to start a family.Danger was every were, even in people.The Gerudos attacked the village and I tried to help my brother protect his family.He could see me, like you can.He told me to protect his wife and children.He whent off to help the villigers while I helped his wife and kids to saftey.On the way to the Kokiri forest, his wife becam sick and died as soon as they got there.A gerudo came and took her daughter but not the little boy, who is now the hero of time."
"Yes, that`s what his name is.He grew up to be such a fine young man.But, I`m still a boy, like the kokiri, except I`m dead."
"Oh, I was just going to see Link.He saved me yesterday from Dark Link..."
"Wait, Dark Link?"
"He`s after you?"I nodded"Your April, aren`t you?"
"Yes, yes I am."
"That`s why you can see me.Oh, April, your just as beutiful as your mother."
"You know her?"
"Knew her"He corrected.
Really? by Aprilspring
The boy contenued"Your mother and I loved eachother.She was devastated when I died and swore she wouldn`t love anyone else.Though, I`m glad she married your father.He was a close friend of mine so I kept trying to get them together.Apperently it worked."
"So your the reason why I`m here, basically?"
"I wouldn`t put it that way."Once again, silence.Then he spoke"When you go see Link, tell him that I said hi.I gotta go now.Bye, April."
"Bye."He faded away and I walked over to his horse, Cara."Don`t worry girl.He`s in good hands."I didn`t think she looked old at all so decided to take her to the ranch.I put a lighter saddle on and climbed on.Since Deril was rich, he bought me a horse and I loved her.Like how the boy loved Cara, and my mother.I trotted to the field, then it hit me.I had no idea were the ranch was.Luckly, a gard was garding the draw bridge so I asked him.He pointed to a barrier on the field, and I took off.Once I reached the entrance, I climbed off Cara, ran my hand a few times down her snout and led her up a small slope and imbetween two buildings.I heard someone talking in the corral so I decided to check it out.Link was sitting on the ground talking to his horse.I sat down next to him and he looked at me"I didn`t expect to see you here."
"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday."
"Is that the only reason you came here?"I shrugged."Were`d you get the horse?"
"It`s your uncle`s"He looked at me strange"My uncle doesn`t have a horse and he lives in Termina."
"What?No, your...wait, did your father tell you he had a brother?"
"My father died protecting my mother and me when I was barely one"
"Did, your family tell you anything?Okay, your father`s brother was the stable boy for the royal family.But he died when your father and him were going to visit their family.Link I saw him in the stable peting Cara"
"His horse!And Link, you have a sister."
"Yes, the gerudos kiddnapped her."
Chapter 12 by Aprilspring
As soon as I had told him everything I knew, he jumped on his horse, as did I, and took off towrd the gerudo valley.I just followed him, curious of what he did.We reached the gate on the bridge and a woman with red hair stood gard."Oh, hi Link.What`s up?"
"Is it true that the gerudos who attacked my village as a baby kidnapped my sister?"The gerudo seemed to be in deep thought."Well, now that you mintion it, there was a girl who left a few years ago that looked like you.I don`t know were she went but before she left, she gave Naburoo this piece of paper."She handed it to him.It read:
Dear, someone
I am on my way to find my parents, as I know I am not gerudo.I mean, I`ve never seen a gerudo with bright blue eyes or dirty blonde hair.So, I`ve made my desition.I`m going out to search for my lost family.First, I`ll look in Hirule, but if I have no luck, I`ll move to Termina.The skies are beginning to turn dark.I heard that a boy had accedently let the gerudo king in the temple of time a few days ago.I hope Hirule will be alright while I explore.All I have left of my family is this necklice I`ve had since I can remember.Wish me good luck!
Link looked at the gerudo and tried to forget that he was the boy who had let Ganon in the temple.He turned his horse around and trotted away.So I followed.

It had been eight years since Aryill left the gerudo fortress.She had found a family member, her uncle in Termina.He told her that she had a brother named Link.She longed to see him.
Chapter 13 by Aprilspring
Aryill was sitting in the kichen of the stock pot inn talking to her friends, Romani, she lives at Romani ranch with her sister, Cremia and her husband and two kids, Isibelle, Anju and Kafei`s daughter, Pamela, who lived in Ikana canyon with her father, and Loriana, Lulu the zora singer`s daughter.Pamela was messing with her doll thing that was in the shape of a gibdo, trying to do who knows what to it.She hated gibdos for what they did to her father.Romani was helping Isibelle make some soup, and Loriana and Aryill sat in a chair just looking out the window.Then, Aryill blurted out,"I have a brother."They all looked at her"Y-you do?"Pamela asked"You never told us that!"Isibelle pouted
"Wow, cool, is he cute?"Romani asked."My uncle said his name was Link."All the girls eyes grew wide.
"Link?Link helped me when I was little.I called him grasshopper because he wore green, completly green.He helped with the allian investation."Romani explained
"He helped me in Ikana canyon when dad was cursed.Though, he snuck in the house."Pamela said.
"My mom and dad said there was a boy in green who helped them get back together."Isibelle added
"My mom says that this guy named Link helped her get her voice back."
"Really?Wow, he got around.Wait, when?"Aryill asked
"When the moon was falling.He somehow did it all in three days."
"Who you talkin' 'bout girls?"Anju said, walking down into the kichen."Oh, my brother."
"You have a brother, Aryill?"
"Aperently.He lives in Hyrule.His name`s Link.Isibelle said you knew 'em."
"Link, huh?"
"Well, I do remember him.Kafei had been turned into a child by the skull kid and his wedding mask was stolen, so he whent into hiding.I was devastated and my mother told me that he was a traitor.But Link came in three days before the carnivel and checked in.He came up to me wearing Kafei`s mask and I told him to meet me in this very same kichen at 11:30.And that`s when he started getting us together."
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