Legend of Zelda : Nazo Unleashed Stage 4 by OniShadLink
Summary: Note: this Story happens After the Story of TLOZ : Twilight Princess, And Power Of Nazo Stage 3

After Shadic Had Dispelled Nazo into the Reaches of Space, Nazo Crashes into a Planet, where Hyrule is placed. Now, finds out about the Mystical Triforce, He Sets Out to find it. Meanwhile While Link Is sound at Home, Doesn't know about Nazo. He Eventually Meets Sonic, Shadow And other Characters in this Epic Battle against Nazo.
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Chapter 1 : A Rude Awakening by OniShadLink
Author's Notes:
Some things You should know....
This is the Fanfic that would happen after TLOZ Twilight Princess And The Flash Movies: Nazo Unleashed and the Power of Nazo, by Chakra-X and may contain Super powered Hedgehogs, werehogs, misspellings, Rudeness, and violence.
You May Need to have watched Nazo Unleashed parts 1 through 3, or the Power of Nazo, which can be found on Newgrounds or YouTube respectively, Unless you won't understand what is happening.
Its Super Shadow, NOT Hyper Shadow.
Nazo Is NOT Silver the Hedgehog
All Characters Depicted in this Fanfic Belong to their original owners, Nazo, Sonic & Co. Copyright to Sega and Sonic Team, Link And the Legend Of Zelda Are Copyright to Nintendo. The Design for Hedgehog Link, Hedgehog Zelda, Hylian Nazo, Twilit Sonic and OniShadLink are mine :3
Perfect Nazo's Design is Chakra-X's
Nazo was a Unknown Hedgehog found in the Intro of Sonic X, However, Chakra-X Made a Backstory For him. Being created from pure negative Chaos energy, the Energy from the Chaos Emerald became too great for it to handle, and Nazo was Born. Im Not giving out the Rest of the story, I'll Let You figure it out by yourself. ; )

Readers Descretion is Advised.
Link had lain in his bed, it was nearly dark out and it was time for bed in the Ordon province. Link thought to himself, if there were more worlds bound to ours, like Princess Zelda said, would there be any evidence of their existence somewhere in Hyrule? He couldn't sleep on that thought. He couldn't think of the thought that Midna is gone now.
He also pondered what she was doing at the moment, or what mischief she was making. But he just lay there, just thinking of what to do next, he had put the Master Sword to rest in the Lost Woods, and peace as returning to Hyrule once more... or at least there was...something odd was happening in the forest. It's been quiet, too quiet...
As the stars shone in the night sky through Links open window, his eyes began to get heavy, and he then fell asleep, in his hammock.

In the morning, Link was too tired to get up. But hen he heard a call from outside. He rolled in his hammock to shut out the noise from outside. But the door had opened, with the Ordon Kids peering through the crack in the door. They then quietly opened the door and tip-toed towards Link. Talo, the most mischievous of the four, had then yelled,
Link, undisturbed from that yell, he still lay in his hammock. But then Talo then pulled on the hammock, with Malo and Beth helping him, they all managed to pull the hammock from underneath Link, who then landed on the floor.
Link, Now awake, was about to punish the kids, but until Beth said,
"Colin's Dad wants to talk to you."
Link, understanding now that he had not been woken up for no reason, had then put on his shirt and sandals, and then headed outside, where Rusl lived.

Uli, who recently had a baby, was outside enjoying the warm sunlight, with the infant quietly cooing beside her in the basket. Rusl, who was beside her, and then looked at Link, with a smile.
Rusl was an older brother to Link, had cared for him since he was a child. Now old enough, Link had become a noble, handsome man.
"Hey Link," said Rusl, getting up from his seat beside Uli, "Do you remember, before the children were kidnapped and the strange Happenings had begun?"
Link nodded his head. He remembered rescuing them when the Ordon children were stuck at Kakariko.
"Well," Replied Rusl, "Now that the children had been rescued, we can finally present that gift to the Princess."
He paused for a moment and looked at his child. He couldn’t be any happier; he had his beautiful wife and 2 children.

“I have a letter telling me of this” he then said, pulling a small envelope from his back pocket.
Link read the letter,it said,
We have informed you that a special Day in Hyrule is coming up. We expect you to come As soon as possible. We'll inform you as soon as you get into town.
Yours truly,
Princess Zelda
Small but very informant, Link couldn't help himself from smiling. He had been invited personally by the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. And he couldn't wait, now that he had been invited, He would have to leave soon.
"Go on, Link," Rusl then said. "We'll take care of ourselves. Now, go on, the Princess is waiting."
Link nodded, And then ran back to his house. Link had then grabbed his travelling supplies: a sleeping Bag, a lantern, and his trusty sword and shield. And he Should bring Epona, his trusted horse. She was indisposible to Link, and Without her, would not be able to get to certain areas,and as another plus, he would get there faster. Link then mounted Epona, But then heard a familiar voice, and then Ilia appeared from town.
"Link! Wait!" she Cried
Link turned around to See that Ilia, with something wrapped in a bundle of small cloths. She then walked toward Link.
Link, Suprised that Ilia had come to see him, turned in his saddle, and focused his sharp, elven eyes toward her.
"Link..." She then said, with her eyes focused on the bundle of cloths in her hand. "Remember when I had lost my memory, back when were still in Kakariko?"
Link nodded, he still remembered when he saved Colin From the Bokoblins That had carried him and the other Ordon children with them.
"Well, " She then said, "I picked this up during that time." She uncovered a small green emerald from underneath the cloths. In awe, Link Picked it up, its glowing surface shone on it with a crystalline wonder.
"I want to give this to you. I think it will help you on your quest. "
She turned around and then said,
"Don't do anything... out of your league."
Ilia then turned back to the village, and Link was ready to start his journey.
Link managed to get to Kakariko Village before sundown. Link checked in to the Elde Inn, where many Gorons had stayed. Link Sat up at the top of the Inn, looking at the stars, just wondering, just if... there was another world bound to this one...
Link then went to bed... he had much to do in the morning.
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