Legend of Zelda : Nazo Unleashed Stage 4 by OniShadLink
Summary: Note: this Story happens After the Story of TLOZ : Twilight Princess, And Power Of Nazo Stage 3

After Shadic Had Dispelled Nazo into the Reaches of Space, Nazo Crashes into a Planet, where Hyrule is placed. Now, finds out about the Mystical Triforce, He Sets Out to find it. Meanwhile While Link Is sound at Home, Doesn't know about Nazo. He Eventually Meets Sonic, Shadow And other Characters in this Epic Battle against Nazo.
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1. Chapter 1 : A Rude Awakening by OniShadLink

2. Chapter 2 : Castle Crashers by OniShadLink

3. Chapter 3: Nazo's Revival by OniShadLink

4. Chapter 4: the Plan by OniShadLink

5. Chapter 5:Werehog In Ordon by OniShadLink

6. Chapter 6 : Shadow's Power by OniShadLink

Chapter 1 : A Rude Awakening by OniShadLink
Author's Notes:
Some things You should know....
This is the Fanfic that would happen after TLOZ Twilight Princess And The Flash Movies: Nazo Unleashed and the Power of Nazo, by Chakra-X and may contain Super powered Hedgehogs, werehogs, misspellings, Rudeness, and violence.
You May Need to have watched Nazo Unleashed parts 1 through 3, or the Power of Nazo, which can be found on Newgrounds or YouTube respectively, Unless you won't understand what is happening.
Its Super Shadow, NOT Hyper Shadow.
Nazo Is NOT Silver the Hedgehog
All Characters Depicted in this Fanfic Belong to their original owners, Nazo, Sonic & Co. Copyright to Sega and Sonic Team, Link And the Legend Of Zelda Are Copyright to Nintendo. The Design for Hedgehog Link, Hedgehog Zelda, Hylian Nazo, Twilit Sonic and OniShadLink are mine :3
Perfect Nazo's Design is Chakra-X's
Nazo was a Unknown Hedgehog found in the Intro of Sonic X, However, Chakra-X Made a Backstory For him. Being created from pure negative Chaos energy, the Energy from the Chaos Emerald became too great for it to handle, and Nazo was Born. Im Not giving out the Rest of the story, I'll Let You figure it out by yourself. ; )

Readers Descretion is Advised.
Link had lain in his bed, it was nearly dark out and it was time for bed in the Ordon province. Link thought to himself, if there were more worlds bound to ours, like Princess Zelda said, would there be any evidence of their existence somewhere in Hyrule? He couldn't sleep on that thought. He couldn't think of the thought that Midna is gone now.
He also pondered what she was doing at the moment, or what mischief she was making. But he just lay there, just thinking of what to do next, he had put the Master Sword to rest in the Lost Woods, and peace as returning to Hyrule once more... or at least there was...something odd was happening in the forest. It's been quiet, too quiet...
As the stars shone in the night sky through Links open window, his eyes began to get heavy, and he then fell asleep, in his hammock.

In the morning, Link was too tired to get up. But hen he heard a call from outside. He rolled in his hammock to shut out the noise from outside. But the door had opened, with the Ordon Kids peering through the crack in the door. They then quietly opened the door and tip-toed towards Link. Talo, the most mischievous of the four, had then yelled,
Link, undisturbed from that yell, he still lay in his hammock. But then Talo then pulled on the hammock, with Malo and Beth helping him, they all managed to pull the hammock from underneath Link, who then landed on the floor.
Link, Now awake, was about to punish the kids, but until Beth said,
"Colin's Dad wants to talk to you."
Link, understanding now that he had not been woken up for no reason, had then put on his shirt and sandals, and then headed outside, where Rusl lived.

Uli, who recently had a baby, was outside enjoying the warm sunlight, with the infant quietly cooing beside her in the basket. Rusl, who was beside her, and then looked at Link, with a smile.
Rusl was an older brother to Link, had cared for him since he was a child. Now old enough, Link had become a noble, handsome man.
"Hey Link," said Rusl, getting up from his seat beside Uli, "Do you remember, before the children were kidnapped and the strange Happenings had begun?"
Link nodded his head. He remembered rescuing them when the Ordon children were stuck at Kakariko.
"Well," Replied Rusl, "Now that the children had been rescued, we can finally present that gift to the Princess."
He paused for a moment and looked at his child. He couldn’t be any happier; he had his beautiful wife and 2 children.

“I have a letter telling me of this” he then said, pulling a small envelope from his back pocket.
Link read the letter,it said,
We have informed you that a special Day in Hyrule is coming up. We expect you to come As soon as possible. We'll inform you as soon as you get into town.
Yours truly,
Princess Zelda
Small but very informant, Link couldn't help himself from smiling. He had been invited personally by the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. And he couldn't wait, now that he had been invited, He would have to leave soon.
"Go on, Link," Rusl then said. "We'll take care of ourselves. Now, go on, the Princess is waiting."
Link nodded, And then ran back to his house. Link had then grabbed his travelling supplies: a sleeping Bag, a lantern, and his trusty sword and shield. And he Should bring Epona, his trusted horse. She was indisposible to Link, and Without her, would not be able to get to certain areas,and as another plus, he would get there faster. Link then mounted Epona, But then heard a familiar voice, and then Ilia appeared from town.
"Link! Wait!" she Cried
Link turned around to See that Ilia, with something wrapped in a bundle of small cloths. She then walked toward Link.
Link, Suprised that Ilia had come to see him, turned in his saddle, and focused his sharp, elven eyes toward her.
"Link..." She then said, with her eyes focused on the bundle of cloths in her hand. "Remember when I had lost my memory, back when were still in Kakariko?"
Link nodded, he still remembered when he saved Colin From the Bokoblins That had carried him and the other Ordon children with them.
"Well, " She then said, "I picked this up during that time." She uncovered a small green emerald from underneath the cloths. In awe, Link Picked it up, its glowing surface shone on it with a crystalline wonder.
"I want to give this to you. I think it will help you on your quest. "
She turned around and then said,
"Don't do anything... out of your league."
Ilia then turned back to the village, and Link was ready to start his journey.
Link managed to get to Kakariko Village before sundown. Link checked in to the Elde Inn, where many Gorons had stayed. Link Sat up at the top of the Inn, looking at the stars, just wondering, just if... there was another world bound to this one...
Link then went to bed... he had much to do in the morning.
Chapter 2 : Castle Crashers by OniShadLink
Author's Notes:
Where Link Meets Sonic.
Link Woke up to the sounds in the Inn. He looked out the skylight, and he then realized he was late. But he then heard a slam, like that of a door, and heard a voice coming from downstairs.
"Hello? Anyone here? HELLO?!"
Link Got his clothes on, and went downstairs. To his surprise, instead of seeing a normal person at the door, it was a blue hedgehog!
Link paused for a moment. What strange clothes he was wearing! He surely wasn't Hylian for sure.
Link stood there, and stared... Until the hedgehog turned his head toward Link. A bit confused, the hedgehog tilted his head in confusion.
"Do you live here?" the hedgehog asked, tilting his head to thevother side. Link Shook his head. The hedgehog looked around the room, but noone else was there.
"Do You know where I am?"
Link nodded.
The hedgehog looked around a bit more impatiently
"Hmmm.... It seems that I'm in some kind of ghost town."
The hedgehog paused for a moment, and then thought for a moment. He then looked at Link once more.
"The name's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!"
Link, now finally meeting Sonic, Link went downstairs to get a closer look at him. Standing at 3 feet tall, Sonic didn't reach the height of his chest. Link looked down at the spiny creature in surprise. Where did he come from? Link thought, And, how did he get here?
"I guess you're Link then..." Sonic continued, tapping his red and white shoe on the wood floor. " That Shaman dude told me about you. "
Renado, The shaman of Kakariko, was the only resident here other than Barnes, the bomb salesman, Luda, his daughter, and a few old Gorons that help in the Malo Mart.
Link wasn't too sure what 'Dude' ment, but he seemed that it was a slang in his language, but was still wondering about the hedgehog, Sonic. Link wondered about how he came to Hyrule...and where he came from.
Link, realizing he was late, had bolted out the door, past the hedgehog, and then noticing that Sonic had already come out with him.
"Hey, what's your hurry?" asked Sonic "Mind if I tag along with you?"
Link turned to Sonic and shook his head. Link wouldn't mind the company.
"So, I guess we're off then!"
Link mounted Epona and rode off with Sonic running at Links side. Even though Link had met Sonic and had known each other for a few hours, an adventure waits for them at the Hyrule Castle.
Chapter 3: Nazo's Revival by OniShadLink
Author's Notes:
Nazo Comes in.
Nazo was where he had crashed, the Hyrule Castle Courtyard.
"Impossible!! How can I still be alive?!" Cried Nazo, who was partially stuck underneath rubble. Nazo then blasted himself out of the rubble.
Nazo looked around the courtyard,and then said,
" This is alot differint than I Expected...I feel...A much more powerful energy than what I feel from the Chaos Emeralds... But thank them that they kept me alive..."
Nazo peered out to the marketplace, observing the clothes of the Hylians.
" Now to find garb for disguise...."
Nazo looked around the courtyard to find a deep red cloak, the color of blood. Nazo had found it fitting, and with the hood over his head, he strode off into the marketplace. Unknowing that Link and Sonic were on their way there.
Nazo walked around the marketplace, found nothing interesting but a library.
"This is where I may find the answers"
He peered through a few books until he found something about the Legend of Hyrule
" The three Goddesses of Hyrule Left the three peices of Triforce in the Sacred Realm of legend..." Nazo read aloud, "When all three are gathered, it will grant the user with any wish they please...Hah! Sounds easy enough..."
Nazo Read on,
"Now, the Sacred Realm has been hidden ever since the King of Evil had raided the realm, there has been some Civil unrest, until the Hero Of Time has been awakened from his seven year rest... the Warrior in Green garb slayed the King of Evil, and peace had reigned in Hyrule once more... they say that the Decendants of the hero, and the decendant of the late Princess Zelda still hold the Triforce peices"
Nazo Let out a grin.
"This Might be too easy."
Across the feild in the Eldin Province, Link and Sonic were on their way to the marketplace, also unknowing that Nazo was there, but Link could feel a disturbing presence.
"Whats up?" Asked Sonic, as Link Shuddered.
" I feel the same way..." Sonic could feel it too....
As they reached the castle gates, he knew something was up. Link could feel that ominous cold breeze.
Link dismounted Epona and they both walked into the courtyard, which shocked Link, the courtyard was ruined. Worried, Link ran inside the castle, to find Princess Zelda bound in chains and being carried by a cloaked villan.
Link drew his sword, and before he knew it, the villan tackled Link, making his sword fly across the room, but as soon as the villan seen Sonic, he Levitated out of the castle, making him unreachable to both of them.
"HEY! You Get back Here with the Princess!!"
But it was too late. Princess Zelda was abducted.... Again.
Link, now in the crumbling wall, unconcious, Link began to have a vision.

Its me, Zelda....
Do you hear me?....
I'm fine....This is not Ganondorfs doing... It's something else...More Powerful......but you won't be able to Defeat it in your current form. But if You let it get the other triforce peices, this world might end....I'm giving you the form to defeat this new Evil, Be prepared for both, he new evil and Ganondorf. Thats what Nazo the Hedgehog is planning to do.
Link began to wake up, Zelda began to cut out.
Don't....do anything .... stupid.....
Link Could feel himself change. He felt himself shrink, but get stronger at the same time. But Link then succumbed into unconciousness once again.
Link woke up with a severe pain on his head.
"It's about time you woke up." Replied a gruff voice from behind him. A large fuzzy pale claw gave Link a bag of ice, which Link reached to grab it. But as Link seen his new hands, and his new form.....a hedgehog.
Link put the bag of ice to his head to soothe the pain a bit.
" What Happened?" Link asked, but shocked most of the people there. Link barely talked but was able to speak now that he was now in his hedgehog form.
"I seen you transform into your hedgehog form" replied the scruff voice from before. Link turned to see that it was a shaggier, darker blue with lighter tips that looked more like a wolf hedgehog, but Link looked at his shoes, they didn't look too differint from Sonic's.
"Yep thats me alright..." replied the Werehog, showing off his pointed fangs.
"Yeah, hun, he brought you here" that voice you can recognize from anywhere.
Telma giggled in recognition.
"Well, everybody thought you had died" replied a voice from the other side.
Link turned around to see a black and red hedgehog, unlike Sonic's, his quills went upward.
"Shadow, You don't have to be so downhearted....You're going to be a father soon and you're going to have to be a bit more lighthearted"
Shadows head went down, and let out a grin.
"Heh, you can't tell me how to raise a child.... yet...."
Sonic grumbled a bit, but he did prove a point.
They were then interuppted by another gruff voice, but was a female.
"Be quiet both of you! I'm the one going to have it!!"
A white and red werehog broke up the arguement, Link noticed the female werehog was nearly in the full term part of her pregnancy, and boy, did she look angry.
Now that both Shadow and Sonic had piped down a bit, she looked a bit happy, She then turned towards Link.
"Oh, hi," She said waving a claw to him, " My name's Sarah, and this is my fiancee, Shadow." Link turned his head toward Shadow, who glared at him, with a look that would say: You hurt her, or even touch her, You get your face ripped off.
Shadow then looked at Sarah, had then softened up with a grin, he did get a little light hearted after looking at his pregnant wife.
Link then interupped them.
"Look, We have to find the guy that kidnapped the princess."
"Eggman?" Shadow replied
"No, It surely wasn't Eggman, It was something like us..." Replied Sonic
Link remembered the vision, he remembered Zelda Saying something like another evil...And then he remembered The Name.
The two hedgehogs Looked at Link with fright.
"A-are You sure?" Replied Sonic
"Then-then....He's Still alive........"
"We Haven't Killed Him off!!" replied Sonic slamming his fist on the table. Link knew it was serious, Even though this 'Nazo' Character may be unkillable, but he can be defeated.
"He can be hiding anywhere...." Replied Shadow, " he might be after the Chaos Emeralds again...."
Then Link remembered the small Emerald that Ilia had found from before. Link looked around in his rucksack, until he found the bundle of cloths that held the Chaos Emerald.
"Awesome......But, If you had this Emerald when You were near Nazo, Nazo would be after you..... He is not after the Emeralds.......He's after something else....."
" The Triforce! " Link cried. "Like the legends say.... Whoever has all three parts, the user can grant any wish they wanted, too bad he doesn't know...."
Link had then taken off his left gauntlet, showing the Triforce mark. The Triforce Of Courage shone brightly on his left hand, And just then, the roof over their heads had was blown off with a powerfuf force, and nobody expected it but they all knew who had caused it..... Nazo.
Everyone ducked underneath tables for cover from the falling debris and dust from above. Nazo's evil laugh can be heard from above. The Teal hedgehog was levitating above the three.
"Well, well....Look what we have here...." Nazo said, with a grin. " I knew I would find the Hero Of Time if I kept on looking here."
"What Have you done with the Princess?" bellowed Link.
Nazo Let out a wider grin.
"Nothing... But all that I needed was the Triforce Of Wisdom that she had. Now that I have one...And, besides, The Chaos Emerald's power won't be able to match this new power that I will have!"
Nazo held out the back of his left hand to show the Triforce of Wisdom glowing on his hand.
This had Angered Link, But Nazo could only let out a scoff.
"I'll leave you here for later.... I'll keep the best for Last. I'll Find the Triforce of Power Before I deal with you."
Nazo then Sped Northbound, to the Zora's Domain to start searching. Link fell back into the chair with sweat dropping from his brow.
Sonic had brought up an idea.
" What if we can find the Triforce of Power before Nazo does?"
This Shocked Link a bit, but it wouln't be easy. Taking the Triforce of Power from the Dead King of Evil,would be a difficult task, awakening him would be harder.
" If thats what it takes, Then, We'll do it!"
Chapter 4: the Plan by OniShadLink
Author's Notes:
Where The Plan Starts.

Nazo Stood at the top of the waterfall, grinning.
'They'll Just Lead Me to the Triforce peice... Once I get it.... the Master Emerald, and Earth Will be no more.' Nazo thought 'and..... I'll Destroy Hyrule while I'm at it '

"Look, We Have to stop here, in the Gerudo Desert. Thats Where the King Of Evil is Sleeping."
"Dead Sleeping or, Normal sleeping?"
Sonic let out a small sigh, after all, he didn't want to be messed up with a mummy.
"But...It will be impossible without one thing..." Link replied.
" What?" replied Shadow.
" The Master Sword....The ---Evil Destroying--- Sword, is the last key into the Sacred Realm. Without it... I am unable to defeat Ganondorf"
"What Do You mean by that?!? You Mean To Wake that Dead Guy up?!?"
They all paused in silence, if they ment to take the Triforce of Power from Ganondorfs' Dead Corpse, or mean to take it when he will be alive, Something or other, Link Still needed the Master Sword.
"What are we waiting for? We got to hurry before Nazo finds the Triforce of Power!"
It was nearly the time that dawn would come. Sonic and Sarah Reverted to their Normal Forms. As a precaution, Sarah stayed at the Marketplace as the three went. She didn't want to slow them down, due to her shape and her state.
They reached the edge of the Faron Woods before the Twilight fell upon the Forest. By the time they reached the fogged area of the wood, they reached to a stop. both Shadow and Link watched in amazement as Sonic shapeshifted into his werehog form.
Now finished, Sonic Let out a roar and the birds in the trees above them flew off.
"Now that thats done..."
"I feel Some kind of energy..."replied Link
"LOOK!" Shadow cried as he pointed toward the trees. A white Chaos Emerald was seen in a bird's nest.
"Heh, Looks like we have found our 5th Chaos Emerald," replied Sonic, Even though, had a headstart on Finding the Emeralds. But before Sonic could react, Link took out his clawshot and snagged the Emerald from the nest.
Shadow thought for a moment. "There might be a slight chance of us winning if we have the seven Chaos emeralds. Sonic Should get a head start on finding them."
"Sure, Great Idea Shadow, " Sonic growled in sarcasm, "While I go search for the emeralds, you and Link go ahead and search for the Triforce Of Power without me!"
"Sounds Like a Plan, then," Answered Shadow. "Go on ahead."
Sonic let out a low growl and went his way, arguing with him would only make it worse.
"C'mon, We're running out of time here."
Shadow nodded in agreement. Theres no time to lose here, the longer they would wait, the more chance that Nazo would get the Triforce of Power before they do.
"So, where is this magical sword that is supposedly the all powerful weapon?" asked Shadow, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
"Should be at the end of this forest." Repied Link with a serious tone, Who had began walking to the Gates of the North Faron Woods. "It's not far from here."
Now After they had passed the Forest gates, and past the heavily foggy area, they found themselves at the entrance of the Forest Temple. The moon was shining behind the trees, making little light, but enough for them to see.
"It looks like we're at a dead end." Replied Shadow, Who then Looked over the side of the cliff. A few pebbles had crumbled underneath Shadow's feet, making them fall into the abyss. "Suppose, how are we going to get across this chasm?"
"Like this."
Link grabbed a nearby stalk of bird reeds, and blew into the bird-like stalk. A soothing tune was heard from the reed. And, after the tune was played, a small clucking like a chicken was heard from beneath the forest brush. A gold colored Cucco was seen running towards the two.
" A chicken?" replied Shadow.
"No, a Cucco"
"You have GOT to be KIDDING!" Retorted Shadow. " Like that dodo Bird will Magically Fly us to the other side, and--"
Before Shadow could carry on, Link grabbed his arm with the Cucco in the other, Link had then jumped off the ledge. the Cucco flapping its wings wildy, and Shadow held to Link tightly and looking down, the darkness of the chasm crept up on him.
They made it to the other side. Shadow, who had not let go of Link, did not show any sign of fear. Instead, he grabbed Link and furiously cried,
"And look where we are now." Replied Link calmly. Shadow looked around and seen the Entrance to the Sacred Grove. Shadow immediately Let loose of his grip from Link, making Link fall to the ground. "Maybe you should have Jumped off the cliff without the chicken"
End Notes:
Its Unfinished D: But i will have enough time to finish this chapeter.
Chapter 5:Werehog In Ordon by OniShadLink
Chapter 5 : Werehog In Ordon

"Hey, at least its better than falling into the bottomless pit!" Link Exclaimed.

Shadow gave Link a Ignorant look at him, as if he weren't listening. Link Shrugged it off as he didn't care. They both went on into the cave.

It smelled like the forest leaves that littered the ground. The moonlight can be seen slightly through the trees.
Link’s hedgehog ears twitched. He could hear a small trumpet like tune from afar. It would be a Skull Kid that may have been around the Sacred Grove. What would he be up to?

“Come on, This way. “ Link said, as he began walking toward the tunnel connected to another part of the forest. “Not much far to go. “
Shadow obediently followed Link in a serious manner. And they Both Went together through the forest on their quest to find the Master Sword.


Sonic, that was after the rest of the emeralds, was now in Link’s Hometown in the Ordona Province. He and only he was the only one awake.

He Sniffed the ground, He Knew there was an emerald somewhere. He can Smell it. Sonic glided from branch to branch of every tree in the village, until he spotted one. He climbed to the middle limbs of the tree above Fado’s House. The purple Chaos Emerald glowed brightly in the dark. Sonic reached for it with his long arm, but, it fumbled out of his grasp. He was on a branch that may not be able to support him, and would break anytime soon.
He tried again to reach out and grab the Emerald, but failed. It Had fumbled out of his Grasp again. The Branch was about to snap.
“Come on, come on...”He Growled under his breath as he tried to reach the Emerald once more. The Branch Creaked underneath his weight.

“HEY!” He heard a cry, like that of a child.
Sonic turned his head to see Talo, Ready With a Slingshot, which was aimed at Sonic.
Sonic, Who was now under attack, Reached for the Emerald for the Last Time, Grabbed it successfully, but the Branch began to break underneath his weight. Talo Fired his Slingshot, which had shot the tree branch, breaking it. Sonic fell, along with the Emerald, Fell a 18 foot Drop. Talo Reloaded his slingshot, and readied it to Sonics’ Head.
“Don’t Make me shoot!”
“Shouldn't kids like you be at home and in bed at this time?” Replied Sonic, with his face in the dirt.
Talo, Surprised that the Wolf-hog could talk, jumped in fright.
“You can talk?”
Sonic lifted himself from the dirt and stood up.
“Yeah, So?”
Talo Stared at Sonic for a moment, then Smiled.
“I Can tell your Not Bad. “ Talo Said, with a Smirk. “ But its been Hard to find Good creatures around here. Theres Been Animals that are out of control lately. Those monsters are appearing everywhere again.“

Talo Paused For a moment, and Looked around the Village. Starting from the entrance, he Spotted a bokoblin, and in which Talo immediately hid behind Sonic.

Sonic Looked at the Entrance, and one after the other Bokoblins have appeared in great numbers in Ordon.

“You can take ‘em Can’t you?” Talo said in fright.
Sonic nodded. Any Enemies in hoards usually go down easily in Sonic’s Were-hog form. Sonic Roared at the at the hoard of Bokoblins. None of them had cowered in fear. But as soon as they were alerted but his roar, they all charged at him.
Sonic Readied his claws for action, as he had to protect Talo From either being Kidnapped or killed. The werehog Bared his fangs and charged at the hoard of bokoblins. Sonic, now hacking and slashing at the Hoard of Bokoblins, had woken up the whole town. Rusl, Who was the first of the ones to wake up, Spotted Sonic and the hoard of bokoblins attacking him. Rusl Grabbed his Sword and began fighting along the furry werehog. Talo, who has already got to his family, had told about Sonic Helping out defeating the bokoblins.

“Look out!” Sonic Cried as one of the Bokoblin’s makeshift Sword nearly hit Rusl. Sonic had then punched that bokoblin.
“Thanks.” Replied Rusl

After the hoard was defeated, the sun began to rise in the Ordon Province. Sonic began Changing back into his hedgehog form. However it shocked the Town of Ordon to see that.

Now, Sonic in his Hedgehog form, had then looked to the townsfolk, who have paused and stared at him.


It wasn’t Long when Talo piped up to tell of his heroic deeds. Sonic, however, had Already Left, Emerald in posession, and off to find the last one.
Chapter 6 : Shadow's Power by OniShadLink

Sarah Lifted herself from the bed, Sweating from the Dream she Just had. It wasnt that she was in Labor, but she knew that something bad was going to happen.
She put her claw on her near full term pregnant belly, and felt a small kick of the unborn child. She felt her heart skip a beat as another kick was felt. She knew she couldn’t wait for he baby.

The Door to her room opened.

“Sarah, What’s Wrong?”

It was Telma, The barkeeper. She came to check in on Sarah, who had been having bad dreams.
“ Nothing, Just a bad dream.”

She knew that Sarah was Lying.
“Tell me, hun, whats the matter?”
Sarah let out a sigh.
“It...It’s just that...me and Shadow haven’t been this far away from me ever since I have met him.” Sarah Paused for a moment. “And even when I have a Child that would be born anytime soon, so I’m worried.”
“Don’t Worry about it. “ Replied Telma. “It’s Normal for This to Happen. He’s Probably out there thinking about you as well. He loves you, From what I have seen ever since you have been here.”
“ You’re right.” Sarah said with a small sigh. “But, its getting Lonely without him.”
“Just Wait, You won’t be for a while.”
Sarah Giggled at that comment.
“Hahaha, You have a point.”
“Well, I have to go to Sleep, Just try and have no more nightmares mmkay hun?”
Sarah nodded, and laid back int the bed, and her heavy eyes shut in drowziness. Yet, She couldn’t sleep.

She Woke up again, but this time, Whe was sweating again, And Chills were going down her Spine. She looked around. And to her fears, She Saw him...Nazo, Standing before her bed, holding the Full Triforce in his hands.
No...This Cant Be... She Thought. This Cannot Happen! This must be a Dream...
Nazo Lunged at her, But She Woke up, Screaming.
“I-it must be a dream. “She Said Panting. “But it felt.....Real....”
Dawn has just Settled in, the sun came up and Shone as she was reverted to her Normal form.

Meanwhile, in the Sacred Grove,

“ Are we going in circles or what? “ Shadow replied in a annoyed tone, as they passed the same tree the fiftieth time. The Sun began to shine beneath the trees, signalling it to be close to morning. “ Its that same tree that we passed an hour ago!”
He was Right, Link Thought. We are going in circles. It Could be--
Just then, as if it fell from the sky, the Skull Kid landed in front of the two.
“Eeeeheeeheehee!” The Skull Kid Cackled. He Blew his trumpet, and then Ran off, opening a way through the forest.
“ Hey! Get Back here! You’ve been Tricking us the WHOLE time!!” Shadow Cried, As he also ran off after the Skull Kid.
“Agh!” Link Groaned as he then too, Ran after the both of them.

After Running after the two, Link finally caught up with Shadow. After catching his breath, he Looked at Shadow.
“Looks like I lost him.” he replied Angrily.

There was a rustle of leaves behind him.
It was the skull kid.
“It was Fun playing with you Shadow~!” It said, Even though the skull kid was unable to be located.
Shadow Growled underneath his breath.
“How Do you know my name!?” Shadow yelled into the forest.
The Skull kid jumped from a tree and in front of the two.
Shadow readied his chaos Spear, but Stopped as The skull Kid spoke to him.
“That is for you to know!” It Said.
Shadow was angered by what it had said, and re-readied his Chaos spear.
“Eeeheeeheee!” Replied the Skull kid, Disappearing near a wall, making the entrance to the Master Sword visible.
“See you later!”
The Skull kid had then disappeared. Not to be found again.
The two hedgehogs walked through the clearing. the Master Sword had reflected the light off the sun’s Rays. Shadow Stopped, as he couldn’t go further. Link Kept walking, and stepped up to the pedestal. He Grabbed the hilt of the Sword. the Master Sword began to glow. As he knew it contained the power from the twilight realm. The Sword continued to glow as Link had pulled it out of the pedestal. Link Raised the Master Sword above his head.
Then Link heard Shadow Say something. Shadow was looking at his Left hand, and soon enough, the Triforce of Power had shone on his hand.
“W-What’s- What’s ...going on?” Shadow asked in Shock.


"It looks like You have the Triforce of Power."

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