Zelda's High School Life by TwiliDragonRin
Summary: Zelda woke-up one morning thinking that her life will be the same. However, she starts to have bad luck all around her. She suddenly meets this new boy in school and things get more complicated for her than ever than before. She starts to get all weird about the boy, as if she met him before. As she is around that new boy, she starts to learn more than she ever intended.

Warning, this contains mature language. I advise you not to read this if your not old enough to see these words.
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Chapter 1 by TwiliDragonRin
Author's Notes:
Author's Note: This is all in Zelda's point of view.

The morning sun rose and the bright glistening light shined against my face. I wondered if I should even get up, but I knew that my mother would have barged into my room and drag me out of bed herself. I didn't want that to happen so I sat up my bed and stretched my arms, feeling my heart race from only that action.

"This is going to be another boring day for sure," I said as I got out of bed. For a while, I just stared at the floor. Doing nothing and just losing all thought until...

"Zelda, are you ready? The bus will be here in 10 minutes!" my mother yelled.

I snapped out of my trance and looked at my clock. "Shit, its 7:35! I'm going to miss the bus!" I shouted as I ran into my closet and put on my school clothes. A formal skirt and a pink T-shirt (all I had for clothing were pink clothes).

I ran down the stairs, nearly falling down on them.

"Bye mom, see you after school!" I shouted.

"Zelda wait!" but I was already out of the door when she yelled my name.
I ran to the bus stop, that's 5 blocks away, as fast as I could but just my luck. I tripped on a rock a few blocks over, landing on the hard pavement and the bus already left me. All I did was watch it drive away farther and farther from me. I couldn't even get one word out of my mouth without it being screamed to the heavens.

I looked down and wondered if I should walk to school or if I should ask my mom to drive me there herself. She would be pissed off if she knew I missed the bus, so I got up, brushed the dirt of my legs and started walking. Then I felt this slight sting on my right leg. I looked down and to my luck again; I was bleeding from falling on the concrete. ‘Of all days, why did it have to be today that I chose to wear a skirt?'

Usually I am a very lucky girl, bad luck once every week. Nothing but good things happened to me every day since my father passed away (which wasn't very lucky). Yet, ever since I woke up I had bad luck every time I turn around. Then I realized, "Today is going to be different...I just know it." I limped to school from there and tried to ignore the sting from my leg.

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