Zelda's adventures in exidia by Zelda_dragon15

I don't know exactly how this will end but hopefully it will get some reviews.

I don't own legend of Zelda or Legends of exidia

This is a legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword/Legends of Exidia cross over.

This is a five-part story

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Series: Zelda's adventures in exidia
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Olinor -a ruined city- and Zelda meets Daraka. by Zelda_dragon15
Zelda looked around in disbelief at the ruined city around her. "What happened here?" she asked. "A major battle." said Sofia. Her green eyes were very sad yet serious at the same time. "What happened?" Zelda asked softly. "I almost lost my beloved." replied Sofia quietly. Louis slowed down allowing the two women to catch up. "To who?" asked Zelda. "Daraka." said Louis. "Who's Daraka?" asked Zelda. "I am Daraka! ROAR!" roared a voice. A dragon swooped out of nowhere. Zelda just stared at him calmly.
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