House Hylia by Emilee o
Summary: Deri and Fraya aka the king and Queen are killed their daughter Zelda spared.Zelda Hylia is the future queen living with her servant Ike.She must get through 7th grade with her fiance and a boy named Link.
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Chapter 2 Unake Origin by Emilee o
Hi my name is Zelda Hylia I'm the princess of a place called Hyrule.My Parents Deri and Fraya were murdered when I was one so I don't remember them.I am finaly allowed to go to Hyrule academy.

Link Forester
"Link get up." screamed Links mom Ami Forester.Link has 5 siblings Gray 16 Link 13 Day 11 jenni 9 Kai 6 and the 2 year old torture Skyler.Link is the only one adopted he has Brown hair and blue eyes.Gray has black hair and green eyes and the rest has blond hair Brown eyes.My Dad or adoptive dad has black hair and green eyes and my adoptive mom has blond hair Brown eyes.

13 years ago
Rei Unake and Link Unake had just given birth to Link.They were part of the Unake house.The Unake house opposed The idea to collide the blood and Hylia houses so they were killed.The forester house was close friends to the Unake house.The Foresters not noble anymore took on link Jr after his parents were murders.
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