Shadow and Light 1: Princess Tears by Red Sparrow
Summary: Shadow and Light. Good and Evil. They are only words. A Princess loses her savior and descends into the abyss, taking Hyrule down with her. (WARNING: Graphic Violence and Strong Language)
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Anniversary! by Red Sparrow
“I often wonder what I’ve been doing all these years. I wonder if it’s worth it. I wonder what I would do if I were to get caught. Where would I go? What would I do? This is my mess, and I’ve dragged many souls down with it. I shall fix my mistakes. I shall undue my childish actions.

...What am I saying? I must wait...I can’t act yet, can I?

...Seven years...It’s just too long a wait.”


Chapter One

The sky was bright and peaceful. The birds were singing. There was a soft rustle of grass as a pair of boots flattened the grass with each brisk step. It was Link.

Link smiled at everyone around him. He was very popular. Of course there was no mistaking why. He was a hero. He had saved Hyrule from destruction time and again.

Link was wearing an arm sling and had a bandage wrapped tightly around his forehead, but that didn’t stop him from feeling like he was on top of the world.

Finally, he had reached his destination. The castle courtyard, this was the place where it all began. More importantly, this was the place where he met Zelda.

Zelda was standing there as she was 7 years ago, looking into the window. Link smiled and stepped forward. Zelda heard the sound and turned around, “Who are you? What are you doing here?” she said jokingly, thinking of the time they first met.

Link played along, “I’m here because the Great Deku Tree sent me, are you Princess Zelda?”

She walked forward and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, “Yes, I am...happy 7th anniversary.”

Link smiled back, “Has it been that long?”

Zelda nodded, “Yeah, it was so long ago! Wait...don’t say that! You’re making me feel old!”

They both laughed.

Link reached behind his back and pulled out a small black box, “Here, happy anniversary!”

Zelda’s eyes lit up as she took the box and opened it, inside was a plain, yet beautiful silver ring, engraved in it were the words ‘Forever Your Hero”.

Zelda beamed, she placed the ring on her finger, “Is this what I think it is?”

Link blushed, “Well, uh...”

Zelda laughed, “I’m kidding...I know, a princess can only marry those of royal descent.’s still a nice thought, though.”

They both thought of the possibility of getting married, but they knew it was only a dream, nothing more.

“Here!” Zelda said, holding out a box with a tarp on it. “I hope you like it!”

Link took the box and pulled the tarp off, then opened it slowly. He jumped in surprise as a little winged dragon popped its head out of a hole in the box.

“’s so cute, look at the little wings!” Link said, talking to the tiny dragon, which blew out a small fireball, scorching Link’s face. Luckily it was still too weak to do anything harmful. Link blinked and laughed.

“What’s its name?” Link asked. Zelda thought for a second and replied, “I think its name is Volvagia or something.”

“Volvagia? What kind of name is that?” Link thought again, “Wait a minute, isn’t that what the dragon at the Fire Temple was named?”

Zelda shrugged, “Who knows? Maybe it’s a popular dragon name?”

Volvagia let out a coo and fluttered up with its tiny wings, landing on Link’s head. “Aw, see Link? She likes you already!”

Link smiles nervously, “Ok, you can stay there. As long as you don’t go to the bathroom on my head, its cool.”


Link and Zelda were at Lake Hylia, having a picnic. Volvagia was chasing the butterflies around, squeaking and cooing at them.

Zelda looks at Link’s arm sling and finally asked, “So, are you feeling better?”

Link looks at his arm, “Yeah. I can’t believe I’m still alive, though.”

Zelda looked down at the ground for a moment, “I thought you were going to die, Link. He seemed really strong.”

Link put his working arm around her, “Its alright now, Shadow Link is gone. He won’t come by anymore.”

Zelda closed her eyes, “Link, have you ever wondered why he was so intent on killing you?” Link shook his head, “No, he was my opposite, he was evil, I was good. There doesn’t have to be a reason.”

Link saw where this conversation was taking their picnic, so he changed the subject, “Anyways, let’s just forget it. We’ll leave the past behind us. Plus, it’s getting pretty hot. How’d you like to go for a little swim?”

Zelda smiled, “You’ve read my mind.”

Meanwhile, within the Kokiri Forest...

Saria opened her eyes slowly. She was inside the Forest Temple. She knew something was wrong. It was as if everything in the world went haywire. She had felt a shiver run up her spine, and then she had fainted. She breathed slowly, but her breathing was shaky. As she was trying to catch her breath, she stood up slowly, using the wall to help prop her up. She said quietly, “Something’s up, and whatever’s going to happen, it’s not good.”

Saria took a step forward, but her knees buckled and she collapsed again, she lay there for awhile, trying her best to catch her breath. Her recent premonition was intense. Images had blown so fast before her eyes that she couldn’t make anything out.

Her body trembled, “I think....that almost killed me!” She said, astonished. Her body wasn’t built to handle such stress.

Then, another image flashed before her eyes, she started to fade away again, she whispered softly, trying to drag her way outside, “...Link.”
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