Poetry Diaries by Lone Soldier
Summary: This is a book I've kept since last year, where I've written all the best poems that pop into my head, so I'm writing the poem book I have onto this website. Enjoy! R&R!!
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1. The Red Rose by Lone Soldier

2. Destiny by Lone Soldier

3. Shattered by Lone Soldier

4. Nocturnal Serendae by Lone Soldier

5. The Master Sword by Lone Soldier

6. Summer Sea by Lone Soldier

7. Outkast by Lone Soldier

8. My Heart and Soul by Lone Soldier

The Red Rose by Lone Soldier
Red rose, my flower in full bloom
A man I love in silver armor under the pool of a pearl moon
His hair is gold like a fall’s eventide sunset
Seeing his handsome face with icy eyes is the closet I get

His skin is tan, like swarthy sand
His body warm, the warmth traversing through his hand
When he touches me I quaver
My soul shaking, shivering cold
As if touched by cold water, his skin as if smooth fur

I love it when he kisses me under the moon of night
And carrying me off into a scarlet sunset, the sky so bright
As he wraps his arms about me and pulls me into him
He kisses me, and I’m suddenly in a swirl of bliss I’ve longed to be in with only him

My Hero of Time, knight in shining armor
Were we meant to be?
So romantic
Our passion of such staunch ardor?

My emotions for you grow stronger each day
Hoping our love will become more, God I pray
Asking Him to see to it that no harm shall tear our way to Heaven everlasting

So here you are, my red velvety rose
You love in the wind that blows
I look out at the sunset in the distant horizon
Holding a token of your love in my hands: the red rose
Destiny by Lone Soldier
Your destiny I am
True, indeed
Your love so true
Hollow like the sea

Cold, beautiful are your eyes when I stare into them
Alone we stand, the ocean’s waves washing over my feet at the hem
Here we kiss, under a red sun, a love to remember
The cool breeze about us, the breeze of September

I feel safe with you, only us
My heart for you is strong, heavy with trust
You thrust your mouth onto mine
Then your warm tongue, your dexterity oh so kind

The wind blows, the sea ruffles with soft waves
It reminds me of our erotic younger days
Sitting by the shore barefoot under a tuscan sun
Along the crashing waves we run, wet feet and knees, hand in hand, so much fun

Then I falter into the brawn of your arms
Your strength and love, how could it be harm?

Destiny we are, ripe as the leaves of September
Your precious love I will forever remember…
Shattered by Lone Soldier
I want to hold you again
One more time, the last
One last kiss this time
To long for the longest lasting

My wish, to be with you again
Praying, wishing we were back then
When he was not there
To steal you from me
To make you a slave
In matrimony, a slave to his spiteful dignity

If only my ring were upon thy hand
Our love, by him, would not be banned
But now it is forbidden
My promise ‘till death we part
And now, I’ve died
Of a broken heart
Nocturnal Serendae by Lone Soldier
Sweet voice was yours
Last song I ever heard
Your lips brushing my ear
Slow and concupiscent thy words

You hold me down, pressing me to stay
My attention never to stray
Focus my mind on the sound of love
You purr, moan, sough like a weeping dove

Hold, touch, kiss on me while you can
Ecstasy a hallowed land
An imaginary line between hate and truth
My love, your love, one, no lie, forsooth

Whisper to me, rub against me
I live within your secret place
Let me live, love me, I’m free
Serenade hushing me to sleep
The Master Sword by Lone Soldier
Here, it resides, hilt up in marble
A beam cast on the steel blade for eye marvel
Monks’ low voices fill the deep Temple’s room
Their voices in praises instead of gloom

A boy comes, heart ready
Eyes on the sword, steady

He comes to the pedestal, hands on hilt
Great figure it is, best blade ever built

He pulls the sword, surrounded by blue light
The Temple of Time darkening into night

He falls to slumber, silence of seven years
Of hate, not a word
Because out of bravery,
He pulled the Master Sword
Summer Sea by Lone Soldier
Oh, summer sea, sweet blue sea
Sea of summer, sea of playful glee
The summer of love, summer of romance
The strength of fornication flows through my hands

I close my eyes and think of us, you, Zelda, my love
How soft your skin would be, softer than the feathers of a dove
Lay beneath me, my dexterity divesting your salacious form free to breathe
Then I become within you, where I should be

Your round breasts
Against my sinewy chest
Your hair of golden locks betwixt my fingers
An eavesdropping soul sure to linger

We make love, sweet and slow
I serenade you to sleep, to Ecstasy we go
You moan and let me be free within you
What we share, concupiscence, no lie, thus true

The sea ruffles, the moon shines
The boats on the sea sound like little chimes
The sound of your moan entices my soul
Your body and love making me feel so whole

I am inside you, loving you until the rising dawn
Making love until the moon is gone
The silken sheets against my naked skin
We begin to go to Ecstasy, where we’ve never before been

Me your ruling king
You my salacious queen
You moan to me in a vixen voice
My body shall rejoice

If your mean father knew
I’d be hanged at the gallows
The haters happy
Their evil hearts shallow

My groin within you, the tension grows
My lips to your elfin ear, my voice sweet and low

My lips upon your feminine breasts
Your world I’m in
I feel your love
The summer sea’s wind it’s in

Angel, my love, my beauty, Juliet, my soul
Our love with a warm glow
I’ll never abandon you, for good God let us be
Take my hand, and we’ll sail away to free land, love’s freedom, upon a summer sea
Outkast by Lone Soldier
My heart is crushed
My cheeks are blushed
The others are mean to me
And they seem to think I don’t belong

I am only ten
Seldom with friends
They treat me like any other dog
And poke fun at my battle scars

It hurts me oh so much
No one to love me
No one to turn to
No one to trust

I cry in my pillow, curled up in my room
My poor, broken heart in deep dark gloom

I’m parentless, I live by my lonesome
My parents died in war when I was a baby
I am being searched for to have…maybe

At night I listen to the cricket’s band
And alone, I sit by firelight, crying my heart out in my hands

Alas, why am I treated so bad?
What have I done
To be shun?

It seems God turned His help and love away from me
I might as well had drown in the sea
Since no one loves me
So I am alone

Alone, I cry, looking for some comfort
Shelter from a storm would be a loving parent

My heart is broken, soul shattered, so long I may not last
And maybe forever, ‘till death, I’ll be an outkast
My Heart and Soul by Lone Soldier
My heart and soul you are, my queen
Your harmless, innocent love taking over my entire being
Oh, how I sit and think of you everyday
I think of you in a vivid, romantic way

How bad my lips ache to kiss you
Your lips to mine, increasing my level to the highest it’ll get
The Master Sword, mighty blade of legends, I pulled or only your precious sake
Mustering all the strength my soul would take

When I look over the green declivities of the mountains, high
The wind that blows, in it is your love, sweeping by
Thunder rings over the skies, ruling the ground
As you rule my heart, which is for you; oh how it pounds

A peregrine falcon passes overhead with a red ribbon in its beak
I look, feeling the cold air on my cheek

My love for you will still live on, endless, never to freeze cold
Because now and forevermore…you, Zelda, are my heart and soul
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