A Shattered World by Linkthefireemblem

When Twilit Dragon Argarok comes back Midna is somehow there to. Link then see's armies of goblins and other Creatures coming back to Hyrule.

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Chapter 2: A Few Mettings by Linkthefireemblem

. Link was so mystified on how the bosses got here. This wasn't right. Zant led them toward the castle. The only boss missing was ganon. Is he hiding, planing something or was he still dead. Link got all the representitives from the provinces so they could discuss what was going on. They all went to Hyrule castle and meet in the meeting room.


“O.K, we have a problem. Goblins are now stronger and bigger, bosses are resurected and we have attacks from the twilight again. The twilight is starting to rule again and if we don't do anything you can say hi to hell.” Link told them the rest of the story but added. “The major thing for me does anyone know anything of Ganondorf?” Asked Link


Prince Ralis of the Zoras spoke up. “ I think the gods resseurected him to protect his piece of the triforce it was the gods will”


“Okay I will go see him for some answers.


He set off. First he needed to see if the mirror was still broken so he could go to the Twilit realm. When he got to the mirror chamber he found the twilight mirror was fixed. How was the mirror fixed? He stepped into the portal and arrived in the Twilt Entrance. Link was somehow still a human. He should of been a wolf. In hours he finally found Ganon in the prison.


“Look what the hell is going?” Asked Link




“ I think that a few cells down two guys are trying to kill each other” Replied Ganon.

“Seriously you fag. Stronger goblins are all over Hyrule and the bosses I slaughtered are now revived.”


“Well the goblins being stronger I really don't know but the bosses I created them they are part of me I die they die I get revived they get revived.”


“ ya right well you will be in deep pain if you don't tell me the truth.”


“Link look go ask Midna or Prince Ralis maybe they will tell you” Said Ganon


“Ya whatever good luck in jail you fag” Replied Link


Link headed back to hyrule immediatley. He ran to the meeting room with his new information.


“O.K Ganon said that the bosses are part of him so if he get's revived they get revived.Midna also told me that they were experementing but she didn't say what. I think that Midna was experementing on resseurection because while in Twilight Realm I saw a paper saying RESSEURECTION GONE WRONG. She needed ganon for the triforce to take over. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why because she helped me destroy ganon? So why would she do it.


“It makes sense.” Said Ralis “But it's too risky to rely on that. We need something that doesn't have something to do with Ganon or Zant.


“Well they are behind this Ralis! Take your head out of your ass and look. War is upon us and she is our only clue we are bringing her in for questioning.” Exclaimed Link.

The dessert sage then replied. “he's right Ralis. Could Midna be involved? She gave you one clue. After she told you to leave. Maybe that was a secret meeting so they could make an alliance with each other. She had dropped a note but I decided to give it to you..here.”


Link read the note it was instructing the goblins,bosses and the others to kill Zelda and Link. At the bottom it said. Next Metting in City In the Sky. Link knew he had to head to The City before they did. He went to Lake Hylia and entered his giant canon. He got up there and landed in a pool of water. Infront of him he saw Midna.



“Midna youre under arrest” Link said and with that he knocked her out and took her to the Hylian Jail.


“LINK WHAT THE HELL! You hit me on the head and why am I in jail am I being accused of taking Zelda's Sexiness?” Asked Midna.


“You know why you slut, you want to kill Zelda, release Ganon then kill me!! I read the note you dropped. Why would you?” Questioned Link.


“I helped you Link I HELPED YOU. I helped you rescue Zelda and destroy Ganon. Why would I want to rule?”


“You have 48 hours to prove you're innocent.”




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