Zelda gets kidnapped by JoshChandra the god
Summary: Zelda is captured by a pervert named Ganondorf. Can Josh save Zelda before anything gets intense
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Chapter 2 Josh`s 34 brothers by JoshChandra the god
``Josh weve come to aid you in the war.`` says Joshs Brothers. ``Ah my brothers so glad you could make it.`` says Josh heartily.'' '' Alright TO ARMS MY MEN TO ARMS''! '' Zelda I want you to stay inside ok''? says Josh. '' ok Josh'' says Zelda. During the battle. ''Hello Zelda heh heh heh''. ''wha-mmmmmmmmmmph". Zelda was gagged and getting knocked out. After the battle Josh could not find Zelda. ''GRRRRRRRRR THE WHOLE BATTLE WAS A DEVERSION SE-.'' ''Way ahead of you Josh I've sent out search Parties already set out for you." Linksays ''thankyou Link.'' replies Josh.
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