A lost queen by godess of love
Summary: I had been treated terribly my whole life, not that I can remember it.I can only remember from when My god father became my gardian.I get a vision and set out for a beutiful land.There I learn about my past and destiney.
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Please reiview.I`v never gotton one and it would be cool to see how I can improve it to make it awsome.

1. Chapter 1:The vision by godess of love

2. Chapter 2:Two legends by godess of love

3. Chapter 3:The conversation by godess of love

4. Chapter 4:Meeting new freinds by godess of love

5. Chapter 5:A horses freind by godess of love

6. Chapter 6:The shopping spree by godess of love

7. Chapter 7:The sexy two by godess of love

8. Chapter 8:The princess of Hirule by godess of love

9. Chapter 9:Finding the sage of light by godess of love

10. Chapter 10:The six clues by godess of love

11. Chapter 11:A shocking surprise by godess of love

12. Chapter 12:Breaking a curse by godess of love

13. Chapter 13:A first kiss by godess of love

14. Chapter 14:A tunnel to Hirule field by godess of love

15. Chapter 15:Finding angels by godess of love

16. Chapter 16:Love by godess of love

17. Chapter 17:A marrige by godess of love

18. Chapter 18:A missing Link by godess of love

19. Chapter 19:Drowning by godess of love

20. Chapter 20:Death by godess of love

21. Chapter 21:The rescue by godess of love

22. Chapter 22:A terrible dream by godess of love

23. Chapter 23:Waking up by godess of love

24. Chapter 24:The perfect proposal by godess of love

25. Chapter 25:A mysterious girl by godess of love

26. Chapter 27:Brainwashing by godess of love

27. Chapter 26:A wedding to remember by godess of love

28. Chapter 28:At the cafè by godess of love

29. Chapter 29:Regaining memories by godess of love

Chapter 1:The vision by godess of love
The stars twinkled and told me to calm down.I was a slave in my own home.I was sitting by the small window in my very small bedroom.It only had room for a small cot and a chair.I had tear stanes down my cheeks.My god father was a selfish, stupid, dumbass.He always took me for granted and treated me like a pile of shit.Tonight was expeshually terrible because he had said something terrible to me.
I was giving him his tea when I tripped over his shoes.The hot tea flew in the air and hit him."You good for nothing bitch.Your worthless and I bet your parents left you because of this.Your stupid parents should have gotton rid of you.Your a useless basterd."When I picked myself up off the ground he saw the tears in my purple eyes and he slapped the life out of me.His many gold rings left gashes on my delicate cheek.I quickly stumbbled to the ground."Your weak."he spat as he kicked me in my stomach and left.I layed there, trying to regain my strength.But I had no strength.He was right,I was weak.I was the weakest person in this dreadful world.
Remebering that memory from an hour ago made my eyes well up with teaars.The gashes were still placed on my cheek along with a srong pain in her shoulder.I had felt pain emotionally and physically but this was inberible pain.I moaned in pain as the pain became worse.Soon it became so bad I passed out.

I was standing in a beutiful field when three lights apeared and spoke to me."Do not fear, young Samantha,we are the three godesses of the kingdom of Hirule.We have come to tell you to leave this selfish man.He has nothing but torture planned for you.Come to Hirule and live peacefully among the old race of Angels.We are awiating for you."
I opened my eyes and was in my room.

I thought about my dream,should I really leave?Will I really go to Hirule?What do I have to loose?I thoufght as I snuck out the front door.I ran to the woods behind the house.I kept running untill I came to a cliff I lost my balance and fell.
Chapter 2:Two legends by godess of love
Link was picking berries in the lost woods wile Saria and Navi set up the table at Saria`s house.Link whent to a bush with blackberries and found me lying there unconsious.Link put his basket down and picked me up out of the bush.He layed me down on the soft grass.I opened my eyes to find the dirty blonde haired and deep blue eyed Link."Are you OK?"Link asked"Yeah I think."Link spotted the gashes on my cheek"Your cheek, does it hurt?""Now it does.""Oh, sorry.Anyway I`m Link.""Samantha, but you can call me Sam.""Come on Sam.We need to get you healed.I guess Saria could help since she`s a sage.""A sage?Whats that?""You dont know the six sages?""No.Just a few minuetes ago I was running away from home.And now I`m here."I put my platinum hair behind my ears and Link asked"Are you from Hirule?""No.The godesses said somthing about Hirule and the old race of Angels.Why?"Link stared at her wile replying"Your ears are rounded, not pointed.Your not from Hirule."I looked at Link`s aers.Sure enough,they were pointed"The old race of Angels.Zelda told me a legend about that.It said;A race lived long ago and disapeared.They had wings to fly and the power of everthing powerful ever created.They were said to live forever.But that was soon proved wrong when they all died out.Then Zelda told me of another one;When a girl falls out of the sky and makes contact with the hero oof time then someone else will do the same.""Who`s the hero of time.I mean I know that I fell from the sky.""Link looked at his left hand.The triforce of courage was on it."I`m the hero of time.I saved Hirule from a great evil.""You are.Well, I`v made contact with you.Were`s the oth..."before I could finish a girl fell on Link."I think this is her."the girl looked up and said"What the hell.I was arguing with my parents when I fell.And that reminds me of the dream I had.It was li....AHHHHHHHH.WERE IN HIRULE.""How do you know about Hirule"Link asked."You`ve never heard about the legend of ZeldAHHHHH!!Y-yo-your Link"
Chapter 3:The conversation by godess of love
"You know, now that you mintion it, some kids at school were talking about like a new zelda game or somthing like that."I said after the girl explained how she loved to play the games."I`m in my own game?Thats cool.""I know right.I dreamt of coming here, but everyone kept saying 'grow up it`s a vedeo game, its not real'but I knew it was I knew it.Oh I`m Natellie, but you can call me Nat."Nat gasped when she saw the gashes on my cheek"What happened to you."I looked down to the ground as my eyes welled up with tears"I...well...my god father...ok.You see my god father treats me like a buttler and when I was bringing him his hot tea, I tripped on his shoe.The tea landed on his head.He said'You useless bitch, I bet your parents left you because your a good for nothing dumbass.'I hate him.Once I got up he slapped me wile wearing his rings and I fell.Before he left he kicked me in the stomach.Jackass.He doesnt diserve to live he`s a selfish basterd.I HATE HIM.He told once that my parents were a couple of smartasses.I nearly grabbed the gun that was in his room and shot him.But I`m smarter than that."I gentily touched the gashes and Link remembered about Saria and Navi."Well, we should be getting back to Saria`s house for breakfeast."I wiped my tears away and stood up."I`m sorry...""Sam, call me Sam."I followed Link along with Nat.Once we exited the woods we came to kokiri forest."This is kokiri forest.I live here along with the kokiri."For once Nat didnt say how much she knew about here.I guess she was sad for me.I wasnt as sad anymore but I was wondering what happened to my parents.Before I knew it we made it to a house that was made out of a huge tree stump.Link opened the door and sitting in a chair was a small girl about ten years old.She had short green hair and blue eyes, and she wore a green long sleve shirt and green shorts along with ggreen boots."Link what took you so long?We`ve been waiting.""Sorry."
Chapter 4:Meeting new freinds by godess of love
Saria spotted Nat and I as Link opened the door widder."Who`s this.""I`m Nattelie, but call me Nat."I was still thinking"Oh...umm I`m Sam.""Your hurt.Does it sting.""Yeah it stings a bit""Come here." I walked over to Saria and she placed her small hand on my cheek.I became amazed when her hand started glowing green and the pain soon stopped.Though the gashes were still there."It should finish healing in a week."I nodded and Saria asked Link"Did you bring some berries?"Link then held out his basket"Oh, right.I got blackberries, blueberries, rasberries...""Ok Link.We get it."Said a floating blue ball."right, this is my fairy partener, Navi.""Your a fairy?""Saria, dont all kokiris have fairy`s.Were`s yours.""Oh, he`s up stairs trying to take a bath."Then Navi said"I told Caleb it`s hard to turn the nob."Saria walked over to the kichen and started chopping up some fruit."Would you like some break feast Nat and Sam."then I heard my stomach growl."At home I barly got fed.I`m starving.""I would love to have some breakfeast."Link walked over to the cabnets and grabbed four wooden plates and cups.Saria finished cutting and put the fruit on the wooden plates as Link put some milk in the cups from a jar that reads: Lon Lon milk.The best milk in Hirule.No artifical flaver and made and breeded at Lon Lon ranch."Were`s Lon Lon ranch?"I asked"It`s in the middle of Hirule field."Link said as he finished pouring the milk."Speaking of Lon Lon ranch, we need to get some more milk from Malon."I thought for a second"Malon must be the ranch ow...""Malon is the ranch owner ,Talon`s, daughter.The have a ranch hand,Ingo.He`s mean."Saria stared at Nat in amasment as she wisperd to Link"Is she alwys this annoying.""she`s about as annoying as Navi""I HEARD THAT"Navi scremed across the room."Well, you should know,Saria, that Sam and Nat aren`t from Hirule."Link explained"Really?"Saria looked at our ears."Right.We dont have pointy ears."Nat said
Chapter 5:A horses freind by godess of love
After breakfeast Link led us to his house.There we saw a brown hourse with a white mane."It`s Epona.Oh your an awsome hourse.I feel sorry for you when you were stuck with Ingo.It`s a good thing Link won the race.But it was you that whent very fast."Epona nodded and nieghd. "Come on, have to stop by Lon Lon ranch so we`ll get you hourses there."I was about to climb on after Link to get behind him when Nat came and hopped on.I starngly looked and said "ooookkkk"and I hopped on behind her.Link looked behind with a strange look also.I shrugged and we headed out.On the way there Nat had her head on Link`s back.I could tell Link was uncomftable.I just giggled as Link looked back and mouthed"Help me"I burst laughing.When we arrived at the ranch,Link dismounted.Awww, we`re here already.Link`s so awsome.Nat thought.I jumped off and followed Link.A cheerful red-headed girl with blue eyes came running up to Link.iShe was wearing a tan shirt and a pink skirt.She wore an aperon and a yellow scarf."Link, how has Epona been.""I`m fine thanks for asking."Link said sarcasticaly"Sorry.I just haven`t seen Epona in a while.Are going to introduce your freinds to my""Oh, right.This is Sam and Nat.Their not from Hirule.""Oh really.Thats cool.""You must be Malon.I love your scarf."I said"Thanks.""We need some milk back at Saria`s.And we`re going to see Zelda, so it`d be nice if their own hourses."Link said. Shit,now I cant put my head on Link.Nat thought."Well, come choose wich one you want."She led us out to the big field in the back.There were thousands of horses.My eyes caught a speicific one.It was a beutiful tan horse with a white mane.She had stars on her side and blue eyes."Whats her name?"I asked Malon"Her name is star, obviously."I walked over to her and she already had a saddle on her, though,all of them do.I grabbed the saddle horn and jumped on.Malon came over with her reins and slid them on.Star acted like I was her freind.This horse had like a connection to me.
Chapter 6:The shopping spree by godess of love
After Nat chose a brown horse with a dark brown mane named Coco, we headed tword the castle before we got to the draw bridge to the market Nat yelled"WAIT.I cant see the princess of Hirule dressed like this."Nat was wearing jeans and a tee."Why not.I go dress like this all the time.""Well, your a boy.Sam?" "Well, I dont whant the princess to see me in this tatterd old dress.It`s kind of makes me think that everyone thinks I`m a maid."Link sighed and said"Fine, you out vote me.Dont take to long though.Or else I`ll drag you to the princess."Me and Nat giggled at the angery hero and we in the entered the market.I whent to a clothing store near the poition shop.Inside were thousands of clothes.I walked to a rack and pulled off a few clothes.A man walked over and asked"Can I help you?""Acually, how much are these.""Those are fifty rubees."I looked at the man"Rubees...oh it must be the money hear.I dont have any rub..."
"SAM."I turned around and saw Nat running to me"Here.Link gave me some rubees to give to you"She handed me a poch full of multi colored rubees."Thanks."I smiled at Nat and noticed the man had left.Nat saw the clothes and grabbed some and pulled me to the dressing rooms.I whent in one next to Nats and tryed on some.When Nat came out she said."Hirule`s clothes are kinda wierd.""I agree."I said from inside the dressing room."I think I put my own stile to these.Nat grabbed the tangtop she had on under her tee and jeans that were tight.She also grabbed a black jacket that was a big on her.When she entered the dressing room I heard tairing and when she came out the jacket was slevless.The bottom of the open sleve was low to the top of her stomach.I grabbed a jean skirt and a black tangtop.I also grabbed a pair of black snow boots.I tore the skirt and slipped it on.It whent down to my thies and I pulled tha tangtop down over my head.I dressed my feet with my boots and walked out to see Nat buying two brushes and a few hair ties and head bands.
Chapter 7:The sexy two by godess of love
After Nat brushed her ,oddly, pink hair she put a head band in it.Her hair was to her sholders.I had pulled mine in a ponytail.When we walked out of the store,Link stared at us."You know, I`m surprised Ganon didnt think of doing this when they were fighting."Nat said.I walked up to Link and shook him "LLLLIIIINNNKKK"He fell to the ground."I think that woke him up.""Godesses.Did you have to screme." "Apperently.But do we really look that sexy.I mean we do look awsome but do we really look sexy.""I never said you looked sexy.""Well, if a boy stares at you, it means that they think you look sexy.If a boy whispers somthing to others it means your hot."Nat finished."I guess I`v always been ugly then."I said bummed."It`s ok.Your sexy now."But what we didnt know was that Link was mostly staring at me.Why hopped on our horses and headed off to the castle.When we made it to the castle gate the gaurd said"Good afternoon Link.Here to see the princess?" "Yes.We need too talk to her."The gaurd nodded and slamed his spaet on the ground.As soon as he did the gate slowly opened.We resumed up a dirt path to a beutiful castle.We dismounted and a gaurd took the horses to a barn.We arrived in the castle lobby and Nat said"Link, weres the bathroom.I shouldnt have gotten five bottles of milk.""Just down that hall"Link answered.After Nat left,Impa came by and saw Link.
"Link.How are you.""Thank you.She acually asks how I`v been.""Ookk." "Malon didnt ask how he was"I replyed."Oh.Well,Impa Zelda`s nanny and the sage of shadow.""I`m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.""Link is Sam your girlfreind." We both started to blush"What, no...I mean.....ahhh...umm no! " we both mumbled.Impa laghed and left.Once Nat came back,she saw us blushing and asked"What`s with you two""Nothing."We both said.We all walked to the castle courtyard and looking through the window was a girl with golden hair and she was wearing a pink dress.
Chapter 8:The princess of Hirule by godess of love
The princess saw Link and said"Link,How`ve you been.Have you seen Impa I ne..."She stpped and we all looked over at Nat who was bowing in the grass."Nat?"I asked"Yeah"She said raising her head"Why are you bowing""Because. You should to.She`s princess Zelda.The princess of destiny.The sage of wisdom.The...""OK!!"Zelda smiled at Nat and I said"Hi.I`m Samantha and this is Natellie."Nat looked up as I shook Zelda`s hand"You may call me Nat if you would like your highness.""Ummmm is she always this ummm""Yes, yes she is."Link replyed"Well, Samantha you and your freind may call me Zelda.""I`ll be more than willing to your...I`m mean Zelda."Nat said"well anyway"Link began"we`re here because the godesses spoke to Sam and said somthing about the old race of Angels."Zelda gasped and said"Well, this means you must save the angel race.""But arent they exstinct."Link asked"Well not technally.You see I cant tell you much but I can tell you that their not really exstinct.They lived in the town in the sky.Its called Cloud city.""OMG, thats like the city in the sky in...never mind"Nat said after everyone started looking at her."Like I was about to say before I WAS INTERUPTED.How do we get there.It`s like a thousand feet in the air."Link asked"Well, acually its five hundred miles in the air.""Zelda.You know what I mean.""Sorry.Well, you should go see Rauru or maby Impa.She`s wise.""Your wise too.I mean you have the triforce of wisdom."Nat said."How do you know about the triforces.Link I thought no one knew of your journey to save Hirule when you whent back to your real time.""Well, you see Zelda, their not from Hirule."Zelda looked at our ears and I said"Does everyone have to look at our ears."Zelda looked at our clothes and said"Well, your clothes also make you stick out.But they look so cool and different.""Thanks.Were we come from if you dress like this you become the center of attention.Maby we`ll give you some clothes later.We bought a whole bunch today."
Chapter 9:Finding the sage of light by godess of love
We soon finished our conversation. "Well, we should problibly go see Rauru soon."Link reminded us as we told Zelda how to make clothes like Nat and mine`s."Oh right we problibly should."I said."Awwww. But talking to Zelda is so awsome."Nat said"Aww thank you.I like talking to guys to.Your intresting.""Well come on.The sooner we set out the sooner you can come back and talk to her."Link said"Ok.Bye Zelda.It was so cool meeting you.""Yeah.Bye Zelda.It was cool.""We`ll come back after we`re done doing whatever we have to do.""Bye guys.Hurry back."Once we were back in the market I wonderd were this Rauru guy is."Were should we look for Rauru."I asked Link."Well, when Link met him it was in the chamber of sages.Can he come outta there?"Nat wonderd."Yeah but he prefirs not to.""Then lets go to the chamber of sages."I yelled"It`s not that easy.""Why not Link."Nat asked"Well,when I first whent there I pulled the master sword.The other times is when I defeated a boss.""You havent seen him ever since you defeated Ganon."Nat asked"Nope.I`v seen the other sages.""What about the temple of light or time.""I`v never really been to the temple of light.Though we could give the temple of time a try.""Great.Now weres that."I asked"Over there."Nat sayed pointing to a huge building that seemed like an old one."Wow.Thats huge."I said "Yup."Nat replyed.We walked up to the old temple and whent inside.Inside was white and shinny.Link and Nat walked over to pa pillar with an emerald, ruby, and sapphire.I quickly snapped back to reality and followed the other two."Do you still have the orcarania of time?"Nat asked Link."Yeah."Link said as he pulled out a small blue orcarania of his pouch.He played a beutiful song and the triforce on the wall started to glow.The ground started to shake and I fell.The wall opened to another room.Link and Nat enterd so I followed.It had a pedestal with sword in it."Should I pull it?"Link asked"Sure.Lets hope we dont get trapped in there for seven years."Nat said
Chapter 10:The six clues by godess of love
Link walked up to the sword and Nat gestered for me to come closer.Once I was standing next to the pedestal with Nat Link pulled the sword and held it up like he was still pulling it.Nothing happened."Link.Why are you pulling the master sword?Ganon hasnt returned has he."Link turned around and saw a fat old man."Rauru?""Your Rauru.Oh.Is this supposed to be the chamber of sages?"I asked."No.This is still temple of time Samantha.""Oh, hey, how do you know my name?""I know Natellie to.I am Rauru, sage of light. ""Hi Rauru.You can call me Nat.""Hey,Rauru,do you know how to get to the cloud city?"Link asked
"Well I do.You must travel to the top of death mountain and play a song on the orcarania of time.It is called the melody of air."It was silent for a minuete."Well, are you going to teach it us."I aske"Oh, right.For the sage of light Im not the brightist.Go to all the sages and they will teach you a clue to were you learn the song.Your first clue is:Somewere full of air.I believe you should go see a freind in the sacred forest meadow.""Link you can play the minute of forest to bring us there."Nat said."Sure."Link pulled out his orcarania again and played a different tune.A green light surrounded us and when it disapeared we were in the forest.On a stump was saria playing a song on her orcarania."Link,your back.I know why.""Yeah can you tell us that clue."Saria smiled and said."Sure thing.Somewere very bright.Next go meet a brother."Nat looked at her funny"But Link doesnt...oh.Never mind."Link played another tune and we were surrounded by a red glow.It was hot were we were and Link said."Can you tell us the clue before we`re BBQ.""Sure"Said a rock like peson."Somewere blue."Link played his orcarinia again and we were at a lake.After we whent to a graveyard and desert.'somwere calm', 'somwere cool', and 'somwere you look up to see' are the clues we recieved.
Chapter 11:A shocking surprise by godess of love
We were at Hirule field thinking "Were is somwere full of air, bright,
blue, calm, cool, and up."Link said.Nat and I looked at each other as Link looked up."How do we get in the sky."then a blue light surrounded us and we were in a blue room."I guess thats how"I said."But this isnt the sky.This is...in the castle."Link said looking through a window behind me.It was millions of feet from the moat.Then notes apeared on the wall.Link pulled out his orcarania and played the song.Then a white light surrounded us.When we landed, we were in a beutiful city in the sky.The buildings were silver and tall.There was a castle in the background.Suddenly the sages apeared."A curse was put amoung the angel race.Sam, Nat.You must break this curse."Said Rauru"What!?!?" We both said."You must by finding your powes in the castle.""Well,lets go."Link said and we ran off tword the Castle.We walked up the steps and found in,a room,a pillar with two necklices.Nat and I walked up to them and put them around our necks.A big flash happened.And out of mine and Nat`s back were wings.They had feathers and were whiter than snow.Link had fell back words.When the flash stopped a boy about our age came in the room.He had smaller wings than us and were shaped different.He had silver hair and blue eyes."Princess Natillie and princess Samantha."We looked at eachother and asked"What!?Princess?!?!"The boy walked closer."Are you here to break the curse.If you have your to late the rst of the angels have died."We gasped."How are you here?"I asked"I followed you."What?Hold on and tell us everything."I said"Well the day after you turned five you both were wondering around when an evil man put you to a different world.I followed you.But I quickly returned.I`m not sure how though.With you gone the man cast a curse on the angels.The had died.And now every angel that is born here dies.""Your twins,Natillie and Samantha."
Chapter 12:Breaking a curse by godess of love
Nat and I were twins.Though we did look alike.We both had purple eyes.She said she used to have platinum hair.Our facial features were the same and we both were smart.The only difference was she was annoying."You are also the princesses of cload city.But Samantha was chosen to be the queen and Nattilie to be the sage of air.But to fully remember, you must put on the crowns of air."Link stood up and Rauru held out his hands and two silver crowns apeared.Nat and I grabbed them and set them on our heads.Then another flash began but this time ot lasted.Our hair grew to our ankels and Nat`s was Pltinum again.Our outfits became a white dress that was strapless and whent below our feet.When I opened my eyes, I remembered everything. "We`re the princesses.I remember.We whent exploring and we whent to the other dimension."Then the boy that was standing there."David."Nat said.The boy was a freind that we always used to play with.Nat loved him."David, your alive."David loved Nat to but they were to shy to tell eachother.Nat ran over and gave him a hug."Oh David.I would have missed you if I remebered you.I`m sorry.""Dont worry about it."I looked over at Link.who walked over to me."So I guess you`ll have to break the curse.""Right.Nat come on.
We have to break the curse."Nat ran over to me and grabbed my hand.We closed our eyes and concentrated"Retred curse begone!"Then the neckliceses started to glow and they made another flash."Is that it.Is it gone"Nat asked"Yes"said a familar voice to me and Nat.We looked and it was our mother.Except she was a gohst."Mother.I`m sorry this happened to you."I said"Its alright child.I`m proud of you two."Then she flew up.
Chapter 13:A first kiss by godess of love
I was standing on a balcony of the castle in cloud city, when Link walked out."Hey, how are you?""I`m fine.Its just that we never really got to meet our parents."I was wearing my tangtop and some sweat pants.I put my hair in a ponytail.My wings were folded up behind on my back.Link wore his regular green tunic.Link walked up closer to me and a tear came down my cheek.Link saw this and rapped his arm around me.I layed my head on his sholder and wept."Sam.It`ll be alright."I wiped the tears away and looked in Link`s deep blue eyes."Sam, I... umm...I...uhhh..."he sighed and I looked at him"Yeah.""I...uh...I mean"Link mumbled."I...lo...I umm..."I knew what Link was trying to say and I scooted closer to him.I put my hand on his wich was holding himself up on the railing.Link looked down at me and I kissed him.He was surprised but son closed his eyes.I had my eyes closed.We waited a few minuetes before we broke."Sam,I really like you.""I do to,Link."

Meanwile David and Nat were in Nat`s bedroom
and David said"Natillie,I...I...l-love...you."Nat looked at him"I love you to David.I always have."Nat kissed him and David pushed his tounge into Nat`s mouth as did Nat.They kissed passionitly for a few minuetes then when they broke Nat fell on to her bed taking David with her.They started kissing and Nat pulled his shirt off and his pants.Soon they were both naked and making love.

Link and I were still on the balcony kissing."Sam,are you going to stay here?"Link asked"Well, I`m the queen.Though theres no one here."I looked down at the city and sighed"I love this place.It`s so beutiful."Link had his arms around my waist and his head was on my sholder."I guess we should go see Zelda tomorrow."I said"yeah".I yawned and Link said "I guess we should go to bed now."We walked to my bed and I said"Theres a guest room next door."Link smiled and said"Good night Sam.""Night Link." I layed down and quickly fell asleep.Link did the same in his bed next door.
Chapter 14:A tunnel to Hirule field by godess of love
The light seeped through the white curtens and on my eyes.They flttered open and I rubbed them quickly followed with a yawn.I sat up and climbed out of the bed"Well, I better get ready to see princess Zelda."I walked over to the closet and pulled off a tangtop.I slid it on and walked over to the dresser.I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and my boots.I brushed my hair out and braided it that whent to my ankels.After I walked down stairs were I smelt food.I entered the kichen and saw Link making some pancakes."Goood morning Sam.""Morning"I walked over to him and gave him a quick peck on the lips.He put the pancakes on two plates and he sat down at the table.I sat down next to him and asked"Is Nat up yet?""Yeah.David and her came down stairs and whent outside."We finished eating and got ready to go to the castle.Link and I walked outside and a surprised look swept across my face.In front of me was Epona and Star.Link walked up to them and petted Epona`s neck."How did they get here?"I asked as I walked twords Star."I dont know."Then Nat came."Hey guys.Are we gonna go see Zelda.""Yeah"Link said.He mounted Epona as I did to Star."Were`s Coco"I asked Nat."Oh she`s coming."Then Coco walked up to us and Nat jumped on."How are we going to get them down?"Link asked.I looked to the right and saw a path."We go that way."I said pointing to the path.We galloped down the bright path and soon we whent through a white tunnel.When we came out, we were in Hirule field.I looked behind me and saw the tunnel.It was there for people to go up and down.We made our way to the catle courtyard and Zelda was looking through the window again.She turned around"Guys, your back.I see you have found your true self.Welcome back."We all smiled and Link added"How is Sam suposed to be queen of Cloud city if there isnt anyone there.""Well, acually. Some angels hid them selves as hileans or other races so they could stay safe.You can go find them and bring them back."
Chapter 15:Finding angels by godess of love
Link, Nat, and I were in the market after Zelda told us to look for people that have a necklice on that looks like the one that Nat and I were wearing except silver.Ours were golden with dimonds."Well, maby we should split up."I suggested.Then David came."I thought maby you`d whant my help.I kinda knew you`d go looking for the others so I thought I`d help.""Great, Sam and I wil go to Kakiriko village and you to saty here and look."Link said.We all nodded and Link and I ran out to our horses and whent to Kakiriko.When we arrived there people were everywere.We looked at eachoter and ran tword the people.We kinda split up and started looking.After awile I found a man wearing the necklice"Excuse me sir,umm wait"He looked over tword me and droped his basket."Queen Samantha.You have returned.I shall get my familiy and head back to cloud city.""Ok, that would be great."He ran tword a house and I kept looking.Link found a lady walking by with a baby and a child about five.The child was a girl wearing a pink dress.They all were wearing the necklices."Ummm, ma`am.May I ask were you and your children got those necklices"She looked over and saw Link."Excuse me."Link walked closer and asked"Are you part of the angel race?Your wearing the necklice""Is the curse broken""Yes,oh and do you know any others here.""No just a man that lives over there.Him and his familiy lives there."

Nat and David had found a few people and tgere was no one else."Should we go help Link and Sam"David asked.Nat diidnt answer because Link and I came running tword them."Did you find everyone in Kakiriko"asked Nat"Yeah.You?" Link asked"Yup."David replyed"Should we go back to the city?"I asked"Sure"Said Nat.We hopped on our horses and David got a ride with Nat on Coco.We exited the market and found the tunnel.As we whent through we could hear people talking.Everyone was surronding the castle when we were in the city.
Chapter 16:Love by godess of love
Everyone that had disguised themselves as other races had already gotton jobs and homes.Since the city was as big as a country, everyone was given a home and job good enough to feed their familiy.Nat and David were in a field and they were waching the clouds.Clouds were close enough to touch in cloud city.Thats one reason why its called cloud city, and because its on a cloud.David sat up and Nat did after him"Is everything alright, David"Nat asked her boyfreind"Yeah.Just,"David sighed"Natilie, will you marry me?"Nat`s eyes wihdend and her wings did as well."Y-yes, David.Yes I will."David smiled and Nat hugged him and kissed him.

Link and I were in the living room couch.Link playing with my hair as I though, Is this what it`s like being a queen."Hey Link.""Yeah""Do you think it will easy being a queen""I dont know, why not ask Zelda.""I`ll do that.""S-sam.""Yeah""I-I...umm...
never mind."Then Nat came running in."WE`RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!" Nat yelled"Really.Oh my god.This awsome.I whant to be your brides maid.When`s the wedding?""In a few months.You want to help me plan""Of corse"Nat and I ran off and Link sighed"Why cant I tell her I love her?""Maby because your scared that she doesnt like you."Link turned around and found Navi floating over to him."I just want to tell her.I love Sam.She`s so beutiful and smart.I just get so nervous every time I try to tell her."Meanwile on the other side of the door, I was standing there smileing as my ear was to the door listening to Link`s conversation."Yes, I knew it was true.""Sam are you coming"Nat called"Yeah"

I was with Link that night on a balcony starering at the stars. "Hey,Link.""Huh""Ummm,I...uh love you"Link`s eyes widend and he said"I love you too,Sam.I`v been trying to tell you, but I`v been to nervous.I love you."We shared a kiss
that lasted for minuetes.

Chapter 17:A marrige by godess of love
On the wedding day, Zelda, Malon, and I were helping Nat get her dress on.It was spegetie strap and whent way below her feet.Her hair was curled and up.Malo,Zelda and I opened the door and walked down the aslie with Nat right behind us with Saria in a dress like ours,light pink with a white strap at the belt line was holding the botom of Nat`s dress so she wouldnt tripp.We whent to the end and
Stood next to Nat.Saria stood next to Zelda wich was next to Malon and I was next to Nat.Link was next to David.I smiled at Link and he smiled back.Rauru was the preist."We are gathered here today to wittness the marrige of Queen Natillie of cloud city and David.David, do you take Natilie to have and to hold, through health and through sickness,through
wealth and through poor?"David looked at Nat and answered"Of corse, I do""Do you,Natilie,take David to have and to hold, through health and through sickness, through wealth and through poor""I do""Is there anyone who objects of this marrige?"No one anwsered "David, Natilie, you are now husband and wife.You may kiss the bride."David grabbed his wife and they kissed.

The day after, wile David and Nat were still on there honeymoon Termina,Link and I were on a hill."Hey Link,you know,for the time I`v had my wings I`v never used them."I said"Yeah,your right.Are going to fly now""No,we`re going to fly now"Link`s eyes widened"Come on.It`ll be fun"I held out my hand and Link haesitated"Do you trust me or not""Ok"He grabbed my hand and I spread out my wings.They were very long.I started to move them back and forth and soon we were in the air.Link didnt notice untill I told him to look down.He jumped and I grabbed him."Are you ready?""Sure" We started to fly faster and Link seemed a little scared.
Chapter 18:A missing Link by godess of love
Link and I were flying and I let go of Link`s hand.I had put a spell on him so he could fly until his feet landed on the ground.Link didnt notice.I closed my eyes felt the air brush against my sensitive and delicate skin.We were sitting on the roof of Hirule castle when the sun was starting to set."It`s beutiful, Link.""Not as beutiful as you, though."I started to blush"Thanks." But my smiled faded when I thought about how no one had loved me before."Are you ok, Sam""Yeah.No one`s ever loved me before I came to Hirule.This was the best thing thats ever happened to me.Your the best thing thats ever happend to me. Link I love you.""I love you too."Link pulled me close and then Link said"Should we be getting back" "yeah"I grabbed Link`s hand and jumped off the roof and flew to a balcony at the castle.Once there we whent to our beds and instantly fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up and walked down stairs.Link wasnt there or anywere.I thought maby he whent out so I got dressed in a pair of jeans and tangtop.I pulled on my boots and ran outside.Epona was still here.I started to get worried so I took Star and whent to Zelda to see if she knew.When I arrived in the courtyard Zelda was once again looking through the window."Zelda, have you seen Link?""No.No I havent.Do you think he`s in the forest?""Maby.I`ll go check."I hopped on Star and raced to the forest.When we walked through the hollow tree sump, I walked to Saria`s house.She was sitting on her bed talking to her fairy,Caleb."Oh, Sam.What`s up.You seem worried." "Link`s missing.""What!?!Is Navi with him?"Caleb asked"I dont know"I said agetated"Sorry, I dont know"Saria said.I mounted Star and left.When I was in Hirule field I tryed to think of a place Link would be.I spent the hole day looking for him.When it was about one in the morning I whent home.A few tears came down my face.Then I thought maby he`s already at the casltle.Star started going faster and we soon made it to the castle.
Chapter 19:Drowning by godess of love
When I opened the doors to the castle, I found that Link really was gone.He wasnt there"LINK"I scremed to see if he was anywere in the castle.No answer.I fell to my knees and started to sobb."Link, were are you"I managed to stumble to my bed still sobbing and I cried myself to sleep.

I opened my eyes to find my self on the floor in an opened cell.A man walked in and was holding Link tied up squirming around"Link!"He had tape over his mouth so he couldnt
speak.The man spoke"If you would like to see your beloved Link again alive I suggest you bring yourself to lake hilia.Bring no one."

My eyes flutterd open.It was a dream.I climbed out of bed and slid on a jacket on over my close I fell asleep in.I mounted Star and rode to lake hilia.After I jumped over the gates I was in lake hilia.I saw a man up on a very high ledge holding Link over the water with canon ball attached to a chain.I gasped and dismounted Star.I ran across the bridges and was quickly on the same ledge.Link was unconsious.The man was standing there in a cloak, the hood down.He had pale skin, pitch black hair and blood red eyes."You have showed yourself"He said"Please dont hurt Link.I love him""I will give you what you whant and let Link go if you come with me."I sighhed and said"Ok.But you have to let Link go first."the man threw Link in the water and I gasped"You basterd, you said you werent gonna hurt him."Tears came steming down my eyes when dark purple handcuffs apeard on my hands.I tried to use my power but it wouldnt let me."Let me go, you asshole.""No.I will never let you go."IHe grabbed me by my hair and made me watch as Link fell to the lake.Under water Link opened his eyes and started struggling.He could hold his breath for a wile but when that wile ran out I saw him drown to the bottom.The man made us disapear and soon after Zelda came with her boyfreind,Duke, to have a picnic.Zelda looked out at the lake and saw Link`s hat floating over by were he drowned."Duke look.It`s Link`s hat."
Chapter 20:Death by godess of love
Zelda and Duke suspected that Link might be in trouble so they whent in the water to look for him.Zelda looked over by his hat and saw him in the water."Duke, I found him. Hurry."Duke ran to Zelda and helped her bring Link to the shore.Once there Zelda put an ear to his chest to check for a heartbeat.What Zelda heard broke her heart.She knew I`d be devestated."Link, he`s h-he`s"She burst in to tears and cried on Dukes sholder."I`m sorry Zelda."

I was in a cell with the man sitting in his chair outside the cell.He was sharpening a sword."What do you want from me."I managed to mumble.
I had used all my strength on trying to brake out."I whant you dead.Your to much of a threat for my plan.""What are you going to do""Conquer the world and make the angels suffer for what they
did.""What did they do?"He stared in space and said"I used to be an angel.Being an angel was somthing everyone whanted.I had that privlege because I was born into it.Then I was trying to get us more power.I thought that no one needed it.We were Hirules main power source.I did a favor for the angels.You banished me from cloud city.Then I met Ganondorf."I gasped"He knew he couldnt controle Hirule with the angels there so he gave me the power I have today to get rid of you and your race.He couldnt gey in cloud city but I could.I just wasnt allowed."He removed his cloak for me to find his black wings.They were full of pure evil."Now I plan to get my veangence.Since your stil alive.I`ll get the sage of air later."He opened up the cell and got his sword ready.I gasped and knew trembled in fear that I wouldnt get to see Link again, but then I rememberd that he drowned.My tears flooded my face.Then the man pushed the sword in my chest.I gasped and my face became pale and freezing.I was dead.

Link was in a dark hallway.Then three lights apeared."Young Hero, you are beleived to be dead but you are alive.The evil man who took you has taken Sam to a cave in Hirule field.Good luck."
Chapter 21:The rescue by godess of love
Link`s eyes flew open and he coughed up alot of water."Link!Your alive."Zelda called cheerfully"I have to save Sam."He pulled out his orcarania and played Epona`s song.Epona came running twords them.Link hopped on her and ran to the cave.In Hirule field, Link was riding along the wal into the market when he found the cave he qietly enterd and found no one in there.He saw a cell and looked in side.He dropped his sword he had unshealthed before he came in.He fell to his knees.Tears flowing like a waterfall from his eyes."Sam, no, you cant be""What are you doing alive.I thought I disposed of you."Link turned around, and the man was standing there"You basterd,
how could you do this to the most perfect girl in the world?""Easy.And I`ll do the same to you just as easy."Link grabbed his sword off the ground and pulled off his shield. "Oh, you wanna fight now do we.I guess I have a minuete to kill another
useless weakling."Link charged him with his sword but he disapeared and came behind him.A sword apeared in the man`s hands.He slashed at Link but missed"Hold still
bitch."He used his magic and shot it at Link.Link flew back and made a crack in the wall.Link fell unconsious and the man laghed.He exited the cave and whent to cloud city.

I opened my eyes to find Link by the wall unconsious.I pulled the sword out of my chest and the wound healed as I used it to break the chains.I ran to Link and he opened his eyes"Sam, I thought you""Angels live forever""But how did all the angels""They were killed by a spell that could on ly be used once in a life time.That is the only thing that can kill us.And since our love was strong, it just made my chances of staying alive were higher."I hugged Link and he kissed me."Wait, shouldnt we go stop the guy"I asked"yeah"We grabbed some weapons we found in the cave and Link jumped on Epona as I flew to cloud city.When we arrived,it was like a horror movie.Everyone was running and screming in terror.
Chapter 22:A terrible dream by godess of love
The man (who`s name is Drage)was holding Nat as she struggled to break free."Let me go asshole"Then a light arrow shot and hit Drage`s whrist.Nat dropped to the ground as Drage became periliezed.Link had shot the arrow.Link and I walked tword him and Nat helped David as he regained consiousness."Link, I have an idea."I ran to him and whisperd somthing in his ear."Nat come here"I whisperd the plan to her and me and Nat held our hands tword Drages.He couldnt move and Link unshealthed his sword"You think you can kill me eh.I`m still just as much angel as you are.I cant die."
"You wanna bet smartass.NOW!"I said as Link ran up to him and stabbed his sword in his head"You said being an angel was a privledge.Well, you`ve lost your priveledge."His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell to the ground.Nat ran to her husband and I stood there, but not for long.I suddenly fell unconsious and Link caught me.

I opened my eyes to find myself in Hirule market."Excuse me sir""Stay away from me, freak."I walked on.Everyone looked at me like I they hated me.I walked to the castle and at the gate the gaurd said "Why are you here.I`m sure the princess made it pretty clear she didnt want to see you ever again.""What?""If you dont leave I`ll make you leave."I walked away and decided to go see Link.I walked to the forest and to his home.
I opened the door but no one was there.I walked to Saria`s home and the kokiri`s stared at me in disqust."Saria?"Saria looked up.It looked as if she had been crying"Saria whats wrong""Why do you care.You dont care about anyone but yourself"I left her house and whent to Lon Lon ranch.Malon was in the field."Go away.You not allowed here""Malon, what did I do.Where`s Link.""Haha very funny.Now get your ass off our ranch.""Malon.I I-I dont know what I did to make you so mad.I`m sure I can fix it.""GO!"I walked away and tears came to my eyes.I then stumled
to vloud city and to the castle.Nat was in the living room with David.
Chapter 23:Waking up by godess of love
"Nat, will you tell me what I did"Nat stood there with an angery look"Oh, let`s see, you broke Link`s heart.He whent somewere to rott and got attacked by wolfos.Link`s dead."My
heart sank from hearing those words.Link`s dead.It ehcoed in my mind.The one I loved so much died because I did somthing.I dont even know what I did.Tears flowed from my eyes."No, no, no, Link.".

I quickly opened my eyes and sat up.I was in my bed with Link sitting next to me.I pulled Link into a loving
embrace."Link, your alive.I love you,
and I`ll never break your heart. Please dont leave""I`m not going to leave.I love you too."we kissed then Nat, David, Zelda, Duke, Malon, Saria, Impa, and Rauru enterd the room"Sam, your ok"Zelda yelled"We all missed you."Malon said"How long was I out.""Two days"Link said."I had a terrible dream.I had broke Link`s hgeart and he got attacked by wolfos, he didnt make it"my eyes well up from thinking of that horrible dream,"Everyone hated me.It was like before I came to Hirule.I had hurt Link.But if I did that in real, I`d never forgive myself."Link gave me a big hug and kiss."I`m never going to do anything
that would make you want to hurt me."My eyes glistened with tears"I`m sorry, even if it was dream.I love you
more than anything""And we all love you too."Nat said.We got in a group

Duke and Zelda were getting married
and I was sitting next to Link.He was wearing a white tunic with maching hat.I wore a dress to my feet and twirled when ever I did.It was light blue and sleveless but it tied behind
my neck.My hair was curled like Zelda`s, Malon`s, Saria`s, and Nat. Nat wore the same thing as me.Zelda wore a poofy dress at the skirt and was strapless.Malon wore a pink dress that whent to her ankels.It was spegetie strap.Saria wore a green dress that whent to the middle of her shin.It had a white belt that tied around her waist.Rauru was the priest again"You are now husband and wife.You may kiss the bride."
Chapter 24:The perfect proposal by godess of love
Three years after Zelda got married,
Nat had two children.Marie was four and Luther was one.Marie had platinum hair with purple eyes like Nat.Luther had green eyes and platinum hair.Zelda and Duke had one child with another on the way.Dianna was two with golden hair and hazel eyes.Link and I were still not married though.I was standing on my favorite spot,on the
balcony.It was a little windy so I could feel the wind brush against my delicate face.I felt like I was flying, although for all I know I could have been flying.I couldnt feel the ground.I spread my arms out not knowing Link was in my bedroom looking at me.I closed my eyes and then I really felt like I was flying.Link
crept up behind me and rapped his arms around my waist.I jumped and grabbed his hands"Oh, it just you. You scared Link.""Sorry.You look beutiful this afternoon."I blushed a little"Thanks."I turned my head to look at his eyes.Link and I kissed. When we broke Link thought to himself,it`s now or never.He knelt to one knee and pulled out a small black box."S-Sam, ummm I love you.I
whant you to be my wife and be happy with me forever."He opened the box and inside was a dimond ring.The ring was gold.I gasped and coverd my mouth.A tear came down my cheek"Link...I dont know what to say...I...I...Link I love you.Of corse I`ll be your wife."Link smiled and twirled me around."Thank you Sam.I honestly have no idea what I would have done if you said no.I love you.""I know you do Link.I love you to.I`v been waiting for you to ask
me."We embraced and stared in eachothers eyes for awile.

Two months later,Link and I were in a meadow watching the clouds talking about wedding ideas"Should we do light blue, light pink, light yellow, or light green?"I asked"Whatever you want honey""Maby light yellow.Yeah light yellow."then all a sudden a huge crash happened."What was that?"I asked"I dont know but I`d better go check it out""Link, be careful.You
know I`ll come too." we walked tword the crash.
Chapter 25:A mysterious girl by godess of love
When Link and I reached the crash, a girl was inside a crater.She had a tiger tail, and furry ears.She had two sharp teeth hanging from her closed mouth.The girl had on a pair of jeans and a black tangtop.Her black hair was in a braid.She didnt have any shoes or socks.When she opened her green eyes and spotted us, a tiger soon stood were the girl stood.The tiger growled at us."Calm
down, were not going to hurt you."She spotted Link`s sword that was in it`s shealth and pounced on him"LINK!!!!"The tiger stopped and looked at me.I started to tremble in fear of being killed and eaten.The tiger glowed white and the girl was back"Who are you?"I asked"I`m an orphan named Jade"I looked at Link who was holding his arm as he stood up"Why the fuckin hell did you attack me""You had a sword""That doesnt mean I was going to attack you.How did your parents raise you."
The giirl looked at me and my heart broke.They tears in her eyes made me want to cry."My parents died when I was six."

"I was in my house with my parents and my brother and sister.We lived in Kakiriko.I was playing with my doll when a pack of woolfos and stalfos barged in and killed my parents.They idnapped my brother and sister.I dont know why they left me, but I ran after them.I soon found myself in a jungle.A pack of tigers helped me.One day I was wondering the jungle when I found a rock the shape of a tiger.I touched it and grew a tail and fangs."

The girl was now on her knees pouring out tears."I`m sorry, sweatheart.We`ll bring you to the castle and get you cleaned up."We walked her back to the castle and to a spear bedroom."Wow.This is like Hirule castle."Jade said as she looked around her room.It had a big fluffy bed and a desk.The room also had a closet and dresser.It also had a balcony.Jade plopped down on her bed.She sighed and thought,I`m kinda like the princess.
Chapter 27:Brainwashing by godess of love
Jade was pushing Luther on the swings as Marie swung next to them wile Dianna was playing on the slide.A boy wearing a black shirt with skinney jeans.He had black hair and brown eyes."Hey sexy, you wanna come home with me I`ll give pleasure like never before""Beat it basterd.Go hit on some blind and stupid chick.Maby she`ll go home with you.""Oh so your playing hard to get.I can too."Then purple handcuffs apeared on her wrists"You bitch.I knew there was somthing odd about you.Marie, Luther, Dianna run and tell your parents...."Jade was being electrified
by the boy.But before he could catch the kids to stop them from telling, they had already left."Dammit
Well, they`ll never find us."He said as they melted into the ground and disapeared.Jade was unconsious so she couldnt screme.

Jade opened her eyes to find herself in a bed, but she was tied to the corners.What made her mad was that
she was naked.She tried to struggle out but failed.The boy entered the room and looked apon Jade."You`ve awaken.I`v been waiting."Jade tried to change to a tiger but she couldnt. "What are you going to do to me."She asked nervously."Oh, nothing."Jade got more nervous.The boy clapped his hands together.His eyes turned black and so did his hands.He whisperd a spell and black tenticals,coming from his back, whent into Jade`s body.Her eyes whidend and her eyes turned black as well.When the tenticals exited her body, Jade couldnt remember anything except he made a false memory.The boy had fallen in love with Jade and whanted her so bad.He
made her think that they`d been dating for a few years and that he had saved her when her family was attacked."Zackery?What happened? Why am I naked?""I found you here after someone stole you.I knocked them out before he raped you."Zack walked to Jade and untied her.Jade sat up and slid her clothes on.Jade embraced Zack and kissed him.Zack felt like he was a bomb ready to blow any second.They kept kissing wile Zack slipped his tounge in Jade`s mouth.
Chapter 26:A wedding to remember by godess of love
The day of our wedding, I was getting
my dress on.It was the same as Nat`s
dress.Zelda wore a light yellow dress.Jade wore a light yellow strapless dress.Saria wore the same dress.Nat wore the same dress as Malon, and Zelda.Marie was the flower girl."Marie, go and throw the flower petals on the ground, ok."Nat told her daughter.Marie nodded her head.She grabbed her white basket and walked through the doors.She did her job and we walked down the aisile.Rauru, once more,is the priest.
He says his lines and Luther walks up with the pillow and rings.We exchange them and he says to kiss.We do exacly that.Link and I then ran down the aisile.We hopped on Epona and I grabbed Star`s riens.We galloped to a meadow we had set up for the reception.

That night everyone was asleep but Link and I."Hey,Link""Yeah""Now that we`re married you think we could...ummm...you know..."Link smiled"Are you ready""Yeah""Then I dont see why not.""Ok"I moved closer to Link and we started to kiss
passonatlly.I pulled my nightgown off and his shirt.I yankked off his boxers and he slid my painties off.Link caressed my breasts and we spent the whole night making love.

In the morning we got news that last night Zelda`s water broke.We all rushed to the hosbital and Zelda had their second daughter,Helen.

A few years later Jade is fifteen and Marie is seven.Luther is five and Dianna is four.Of corse Helen is just three.Now Link and I have a little boy,Andrew.
Chapter 28:At the cafè by godess of love
Marie, Luther, and Dianna ran as fast as they could to the castle.Once they arrived at the living room, Link
was sitting shinning his sword "Were`s Jade"Link asked the panting children.The three kids started shouting random words"Jade.... Kiddnapp....Boy....Zapping..."That was all Link could make out of their bable."Wait, what?Slow down guys" Marie took a deep breath"Ok.We were happily playing when a boy came up and took Jade.He zaped her after she told us to run.""Were`d he take her?!""We dont know!!!!""Oh shit."Link ran to the nursery were I was taking care of Andrew."What`s wrong Link?"I asked my worried husband"Jade was kiddnapped" "WHAT!!" Jade was in the bed she woke up in with Zack.They were kissing and embracing."Zack, that was awsome.I love you."Zack thought for a minuete,The girl of my dreams loves me.Zack smiled"What?""Nothing.I was just thinking.""About?""I dont know.How much I love you"Jade kissed him and got out of the bed.She walked to a pile of her clothes and slid a black tangtop on.She put her jeans and boots on."I`m going to go out to get something to eat.You comin?""ah, sure."Zack answerd as he got out and dressed.At a cafè, they sat down at a table."I`ll be right back"Zack said as he stood up and whent to the bathroom.Jade sat there and a boy walked up."Hey, you need a real man""I`v already got one""Yeah that dude...thing...is not a real man. Lucky for you, I`m acceptible.I`m all yours.""Shut up moron""Oh so you gonna be a bitch."Jade`s eyes shot open"What did you just call me""You heard me, B-I-T-C-H,bitch.""Your really gonna go there basterd.I`ll play your fuckin game"The boy`s eyes sht open and he winced in pain. Jade had kicked him in his groin."Teach you to mess with me basterd"Jade punched his face and stomach."God....mommy"The guy fell to his knees.
Chapter 29:Regaining memories by godess of love
"JADE!!!"Jade turned around to see Link and I.Jade didnt remember us though."Ummm...do I know you?""Umm yeah.Remember.We found you after you fell from the sky""You must be mistaking me for someone else.I never fell from the sky.""But.You attacked Link when you were a...""Link it`s no use.She was brainwashed."I put my hands together.My eyes turned white and my hands did the same.Jade`s eyes turned white as Zack came back."JADE!"Link turned his head to Zack as I contenued to concentrate.Zack pointed his hand at
me and Link unshealthed his sword and shield.Link ran over to Zack and Zack changed his aim to Link.A black ball shot from his hand and knocked Link back.Wile Zack aimed at me, Link grabbed his sword,wich had slid out of his hands,and started tword Zack.Link slashed his sword at him and found a different sword blocking him.Zack was fighting with his sword and I finished restoring Jade`s memory."No,Jade.I finally got her to love me."Then Link shriked at him and hit a jewl that was his jacket.It cracked and Zack fell to the ground.Jade opened her eyes and found him there."Basterd."Then his hair turned a dark blue."He was under a curse."I said.He opened his eyes and saw everyone staring at him"What?"Then he spotted Jade"Jade.I mean umm...I...umm... hi."Jade smiled."Your cute."Zack blushed.Jade held out her hand and helped him up."Come with me."Jade led him to a small alley were there was a hole."Can you fit through?" "Sure."They crawled through to find a room with a large bed and a chair."Jade?""Yup""I know we kinda just met but I`v loved you ever since I first saw your beutiful green eyes."Jade smiled"Your not so bad your self."They giggled and hung out in that little spot.
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