Zelda gets kidnapped by JoshChandra the god
Summary: Zelda is captured by a pervert named Ganondorf. Can Josh save Zelda before anything gets intense
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Proluge by JoshChandra the god
A sleepy Josh put his arm around Zelda. Zelda let out a big sigh. ``What is it Zelda?`` Josh asks. ``Somethings been bothering me alot I keep having dreams about evil coming to our castle.`` Zelda replies. ``Wait evil at our castle...Zelda what time is it!. Josh hastily replies `` Its 11:35 why.`` Zelda asks, ``Dammit Zelda quick go get ganondorf``. Josh says worringly. ``Ok Josh.`` Zelda says. Zelda teleports off to get Ganondorf. Ganondorf comes running into the room. ``King Josh whats wrong.`` Ganondorf growls. `` I need you to get my army now!`` Josh bellows ``Yes sir`` Ganondorf growls and he teleported to get Josh`s army. Just at that moment a guard comes in. `` King Josh enemys coming toward the castle what are your orders?`` the guard says panicking. `` I need you to hold your ground for 1 minute can you do that for me?`` Josh asks calmly. ``Yes sir.``
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