Zelda gets kidnapped by JoshChandra the god
Summary: Zelda is captured by a pervert named Ganondorf. Can Josh save Zelda before anything gets intense
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1. Proluge by JoshChandra the god

2. Chapter 2 Josh`s 34 brothers by JoshChandra the god

3. Chapter 3 Capture by JoshChandra the god

4. Chapter 4 getting ready to rescue by JoshChandra the god

5. Chapter 6 help by JoshChandra the god

Proluge by JoshChandra the god
A sleepy Josh put his arm around Zelda. Zelda let out a big sigh. ``What is it Zelda?`` Josh asks. ``Somethings been bothering me alot I keep having dreams about evil coming to our castle.`` Zelda replies. ``Wait evil at our castle...Zelda what time is it!. Josh hastily replies `` Its 11:35 why.`` Zelda asks, ``Dammit Zelda quick go get ganondorf``. Josh says worringly. ``Ok Josh.`` Zelda says. Zelda teleports off to get Ganondorf. Ganondorf comes running into the room. ``King Josh whats wrong.`` Ganondorf growls. `` I need you to get my army now!`` Josh bellows ``Yes sir`` Ganondorf growls and he teleported to get Josh`s army. Just at that moment a guard comes in. `` King Josh enemys coming toward the castle what are your orders?`` the guard says panicking. `` I need you to hold your ground for 1 minute can you do that for me?`` Josh asks calmly. ``Yes sir.``
Chapter 2 Josh`s 34 brothers by JoshChandra the god
``Josh weve come to aid you in the war.`` says Joshs Brothers. ``Ah my brothers so glad you could make it.`` says Josh heartily.'' '' Alright TO ARMS MY MEN TO ARMS''! '' Zelda I want you to stay inside ok''? says Josh. '' ok Josh'' says Zelda. During the battle. ''Hello Zelda heh heh heh''. ''wha-mmmmmmmmmmph". Zelda was gagged and getting knocked out. After the battle Josh could not find Zelda. ''GRRRRRRRRR THE WHOLE BATTLE WAS A DEVERSION SE-.'' ''Way ahead of you Josh I've sent out search Parties already set out for you." Linksays ''thankyou Link.'' replies Josh.
Chapter 3 Capture by JoshChandra the god
Zelda wakes up to find herself in a shack completily nude and tied to a bed. out of the shadows comes the pervert Ganondorf. Ganondorf says Heh heh heh you look even more sexy nude. Wha- but grrrrrrrrrrrr you wont be touching me you idiot! Zelda retorts Tut tut Zelda if you dont do what I ask then you will be punished Ganondorf grabs a whip and lashes it at Zelda, Zelda gasps and screams in pain. Mabey that will teach you you slut hah hah hah bellows ganondorf. Zelda sobs on the bed. Now I will go to the market to buy some food you be a good girl and dont try anything. ganondorf says. ganondorf leaves Zelda says to herself Mabey I can use telepaphy to tell Josh. Meanwhile in Kakiriko village Josh says Well she must be here bu- A voice comes into Josh and Joshes brothers minds Josh Josh can you hear me? says Zelda Yes we can hear you Zelda Good can you help me Im in some shack the culprit is ganondorf I hope you save me Please goodbye. says Zelda Hmmmmmmm there is only one shack and thats the Abandoned shacck in Gerudo desert ok lets go there then. Josh says happily. At the shack ganondorf tries to touch zelda`s vagina but zelda kicked in the jaw YOU WONT BE TOUCHING ME AND DONT THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL. Zelda shrieks YOU STUPID GIRL I WILL PUNISH YOU SO BADLY CRUCIO Ganondorf screams. Zelda sceams as she got an electric shock like pain in her body. MABEY THAT WILL TEACH YOU YOU BITCH Ganondorf bellows. Zelda was knocked out
Chapter 4 getting ready to rescue by JoshChandra the god
Author's Notes:
Ummmmmm listen only 7 characters in these 3 more chapters rest stay behind
Back at castle Josh Takes his most trusted brthers they are Link, Jonathan,Nathen and Tre. Joosh says All right lets go to gerudo vally and save zelda said Josh in a sad type of voice Link asks Hey Josh whats wrong? Josh replies You see Me Zelda And ganondorf used to be friends I never new that he would do this to Zelda. says Josh sadly Link exclaims in aw But it cant be you used to be friend I saw you always laughing. Jonathan says Who knew this would happen. Tre says Danm thats tough friends are now enemies god thats tough. Josh says Oh well at least I get to kill him. Link says No more talking lets go we re wasting time. Josh says your right lets go. At Gerudo valley gate The woman says WHO ARE YOU STATE YOUR BISNUSS HERE. Im Josh the god please let me through Josh says politly The woman says So sorry your highness please go through. Josh says Thankyou and walks off to the shack.
Chapter 6 help by JoshChandra the god
At the shack. Well well well zelda ready to cooaperate now? said Ganondorf in a gleeful voice. I will never cooperate with you Zelda retorts. Dear dear you will pay says ganondorf advancing on her. Zelda hastily reared back and kicked him the batteries. Zelda took the advantage and ran for it but ganondorf was quicker zelda only ran 2 meters when ganondorf caught up with an evil look on his face You will suffer CRUCIO Zelda let out a scream that pierced the sky JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! she shouted. meanwhile Josh and his brothers are running as fast as they could to the scream. What Josh saw made his heart stop for a second when Josh quietly threw his sword at Ganondorf but Ganondorf saw and stopped the sword and threw it at Josh. But Josh caught it and shouted GANONDORF YOU FOOL WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS... LINK GRAB ZELDA AND TAKE HER TO THE SHACK AND HEAL HER WOUNDS NOW! Josh shouted Ues Josh link says Zelda gets up for Link to carry her into the shack. In the shack Link saus Danm what did he do to youZelda? Zelda replies through grunts of pain Well... he whipped me and then used an... unforgivable curse... crucio... What crucio but he doesnt know that unless that isnt him. Outside. BROTHERS STAY BACK ILL DEAL WITH HIM MYSELF. GANONDORF YOU IDIOT WHY WHY DID YOU DO THIS? Josh asks questoinly. Ganondorf replies with a different voice. BECAUSE I AM NOT THE REAL GANONDORF THE REAL GANONDORF IS SLEEPING OFF A NASTY BUMP ON THE HEAD I AM REALLY YOUR FATHER JOSH YOUR DAD. Josh looked shocked BUT WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ZELDA? Joshs dads says I DID IT TO SEE IF YOU COULD PRTECT ZELDA AND YOU PAST THE TEST. Link comes out OH YEAH IF YOU WERE JOSHES DAD THEN WHY DID YOU USE THE UNFORGIBABLE CURSE ON HER. Joshs dad says THAT WAS NOT ME THAT WAS MIDO FROM THE KORKIRI HE WAS JEALOUS HE STOLE A BIT OF YOUR DARK POWER AND USED ON ZELDA. So that explains the fairy floating around his head then said zelda weakily. Josh says to Link LINK GO GET MIDO FROM KORKIRI FOREST TELEPORT THERE.
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