Zelda's adventures in exidia by Zelda_dragon15

I don't know exactly how this will end but hopefully it will get some reviews.

I don't own legend of Zelda or Legends of exidia

This is a legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword/Legends of Exidia cross over.

This is a five-part story

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Series: Zelda's adventures in exidia
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Crash Landing and meeting Louis and Sofia!!!! by Zelda_dragon15
Zelda flew through the skies -on a purple Loftwing- her eyes searching for a red Loftwing when suddenly a blast of black light knocked her off her Loftwing. Zelda screamed in pain and fear as she landed on her back and a giant spider came towards her. Suddenly a hero attacked the spider driving it away.A woman helped her to her feet. "Are you alright?" asked the woman. Zelda could only nod. "Louis is that monster gone?" the woman asked the hero. "Yes." said the hero named Louis. "I must find my way home." said Zelda. "Don't worry we'll help you." said Sofia.
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