PWNED by Red Sparrow
Summary: Link uses a computer for the first time WARNING: Strong language
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Pwnt by Red Sparrow
rauru1000: im back midget

Saria720: welcome back, fatass

rauru1000: thanx...asshole

Saria720: So, hows the fridge doing?

rauru1000: ...

Zelda234 has signed on

Zelda234: Hey guys! ^_^

Saria720: Hi.

rauru1000: ...

Zelda234: Whats wrong with Rauru?

Saria720: His fridge ran away.

rauru1000: Goddammit, Shut the hell up!!!

Linkypoo has signed on

Saria720: hi link! wats up?

Linkypoo: 1107I-I1*IIG //I_ICI-I.

Saria720: ...What?

rauru1000: The hell?

Zelda234: -_- Link discovered l33t speech.

Saria720: mido does this...its noob speech or something.

Linkypoo: 1 @// t3I-I L337 H@x0rz!!! pI-I33R //3 4 1 @// L337!!

Saria720: Can someone translate this?

Zelda234: sorry but i have no idea what he's saying. doesn't rauru kno l33t?

rauru1000: a little.

Linkypoo: j00 I-I@/3 I3*33II p//II7!!!

Zelda234: Whats he saying?

rauru1000: The dialect is too advanced for me...

Saria720: Will it be too advanced for you if we put it on a plate?

rauru1000: wtf!

Zelda234: This isn't the time for that

rauru1000: Since when IS there a time for that?

Saria720: lol

Linkypoo: 0//GoRz!!! P//II7!!!!111 XD

Zelda234: Link! Stop that! Stop being...

Linkypoo: l337?

Zelda234: No! Wierd!

Linkypoo: OI-I 2 T3I-I 5II@Pz!!! @ /1RI_I5!!!! 0_0

Saria720: guessing from the smilie I think somethings wrong?

rauru1000: i wonder wat it is.

Zelda234: Link, are u ok?

Linkypoo: T3I-I /1RI_I5!! I_0G 0I_I7zorz!!!!

Saria720: he really likes that exclaimation mark... >_>

rauru1000: I wonder wats wrong....

Saria720: watever it is im sure it isn't as bad as watching rauru bite the head off a chicken and shoving the body down his pants.

Zelda234: lol wat?!

rauru1000: shes lying!

Linkypoo: T3I-I /1RI_I5!!

Saria720: Look. Ill send you guys the clip.

rauru1000: stfu! dont!

Zelda234: k. Im downloading it.

rauru1000: u fuckers!!!

Saria720: well?

Zelda234: hold up. im opening up the player.

Linkypoo: /1RI_I5!!! Y //0IIT J00 RI_III?!

Zelda234: ...

rauru1000: ...

Linkypoo: 0 SII@PZ!!!

Saria720: lol

Zelda234: Ew...thats just disgusting!! I almost lost my lunch! That poor chicken!

rauru1000: I was drunk!!!!!!

Saria720: LMFAO!!!

R3dSparrow has signed on

R3dSparrow: oops. wrong room.

R3dSparrow has signed off

Saria720: who the hell?

rauru1000: wasnt that...

Zelda234: huh.

Linkypoo: D@IIG3R!

Saria720: godammit Link. Just stop with the l33t!

Saria720: what the hell?

Saria720: OMG!

Zelda234: Wat?

rauru1000: wats wrong?

Saria720: This thing just popped up! its a freakin virus! its a goddam porn virus! its playing this really...really...nasty scene with some hylian woman and a horse. i can't click it off! T_T

Zelda234: ew.

rauru1000: hot.

Zelda234: wat?

rauru1000: typo. I meant thats sick.

Linkypoo: 533?!

Zelda234: Omg!!! It popped up on my screen, too!

rauru1000: lol!

Linkypoo: I tried to warn you!

Saria720: Wat?! that was the crap you were trying to say?! Damn you Link! y the hell didnt you say it normally!?

Linkypoo: uhm. I'm gonna go before i catch it, too.

Saria720: Dont you dare leave! i swear im gonna cut it off!

rauru1000: cut what off?

Linkypoo has signed off

Zelda234: Link!!!!!!

Zelda234 has signed off

Saria720 has signed off

rauru1000: >_>

rauru1000: revenge is so, so sweet. ^_^
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