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Link was at the castle after he had help defeat Ganon and was talking to Zelda."Link,are you sure your not hurt.You seem like your in pain and Ganondorf flew you around the room slaming you against the wall.It was like you were a feather in a typhoon.I think you should stay here untill you heal." Zelda explained."Zelda,I`ll be fine.It`s not like I`m hepless.I`ve gotten hurt way worse and still faught."Link asured her."Ok.I`f your so sure then I guess.But still."Link rolled his eyes"Zelda you worry to much."Link had all these scratches and bruises.He had a noise bleed and he sprained his wrist and broke his leg and arm."all I need is Epona to take me home then I`ll rest."Link said"How will you get on Epona with one arm and leg, not to mention a sprained wrist?"Zelda asked"Easy.I call Epona.And I`ll show you."Link pulled out an orcarina that Saria had given him before his journey and played Epona`s song.Epona came galloping over to them."Watch."Link grabbed on to the reins tightly with his left sprained hand and he kicked his broken right leg over.He and got comfortible on her."I told you I could."Zelda looked at him annoyed."Well heal fast."Link rode off to Kokiri forest and thought,now that my adventure is over what should I do tomorrow?Before he new it he was at his house.He carfully climbed up the ladder and headed strait to his bed."I wounder if Saria`s made dinner yet?"He didn`t whant to get up so he pulled out his orcarinia again and played saria`s song."Yeah Link.What is it?"Saria asked"Have you made dinner yet?""I just got home from the fight with Ganon.""Oh, right I keep forgetting your a sage.Well, when you finish can you bring it to me.""Fine."Then Link laued his head down and yawned.A few minuetes later Saria came in with a tray of food."Mmmmmm.That smells great Saria.""Thanks."She set it down on the table and sat down.Link sat down across from her.

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