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Episode 1: The Son's Battle: Tele Vs. Moonblitz!

The sky darkened over the castle. Tonight was a tense night. Last night, Miss Zelda left to visit her brother, and before she left, her and an advisor had a huge fight. He was incredibly powerful, and so fluid in his movements. He was truly evil, and he was a fear of great evils. Even Fierce Deity got cold feet while trying to encounter this evil. His name was Haku. Haku always wore a large leather coat. One guard leaned against the wall when the faint sound of foot steps approached. He stood quickly, and looked around a corner. The footsteps stopped, and the guard relaxed. The atmosphere welcomed this, as the only sound you could here was the man's breathing. The guard started to walk his patrol, when the footsteps returned. The man's heart froze, and he turned around slowly. The hall in front of him was silent. A single shadow tainted the view, and a smirk of pure evil disturbed the air. The guard moved forward, and something slashed him around his waist. Then something was stabbed into his head. He died before he hit the floor. A group of elite guards rushed to the site, and they surrounded the man who killed the other guard. The man had a large leather coat, a large sword, and he wore a cold, evil smirk. He took his coat off, and threw into the air. He then struck every guard, without spilling a drop of blood. Then he caught his coat, and he walked to the room where Zelda usually slept. He walked up to the top tower, and he was welcomed by another group of incompetent guards. He killed them, and walked into the room. An altar was in the middle, and it was pointing to Death Mountain. On the altar was an inscription. It talked about the legends, and at the bottom, there was a piece that would take you to Sky Temple. He put his hand in the piece, and he was teleported to the sky. He now knew how to get Zelda.

The sky was a golden orange color, the clouds were painted in a purple hue. The wind was calm, breezing through a man's hair without stopping. The man wore a long-sleeved tunic, nice for the cool crisp weather of a Hylian winter, and good for the warm summers. He wore a forest green cap on his golden hair. His boots were the finest Dodongo leather, as so his gloves. He would normally have the straps of his scabbard and his famous Skidder Shield, but he was out casually. To hi side, his wife was standing next to him. She had flame red hair, great blue pools for eyes, a smile that the goddess would envy, and the sweetness that the honey the bees made would bow to. The man looked at his wife and smile, before staring at the ring. That man was a man of destiny, courage, and wonder, and his name is Link. He stands in the field with his wife Malon.

Link was not the only one there. He was part in a group. They were there watching the most famous event in all of the world. The annual Fighting Tournament, now called the World Combating Tournament. Link, the World's Strongest, had decided not to partake in the tournament. He had been in three, and he won two. Now, he decided to watch his son become the greatest.

His son was ten now, and he was the talk of Hyrule. The adults talked about his potential as a fighter, as well as a person. His friends, like Moonblitz and Saria, would talk about his enthusiasm and his ambition. And the young girls of Hyrule would chant about his looks. Tele, the son of Link was ten and leaving his mark, and he didn't even know it. He had Malon's flaming red hair, a quality that separated him from the Kokiris, his close friends. He had Link's eyes and fighting spirit, as well as Fierce Deity's strength and Toray's characteristics. He was Link's pride and joys, while his fighter's wished that Link hadn't have seen his potential. Link started training his son at five, while Toray and Deity gave him lessons. Malon disagreed with Link's decision until a group of monsters attacked the ranch. There, Tele saved the day, as well as getting a lot of battle training. Link then intensified his training, in hopes for this day. Now Tele was the youngest to reach the final round, not to mention he was facing his beast friend, much like Link did. Link stood by the ring when The announcer walked out with the two fighters.

Beside Link were three friends. The first was Link's best friend, Toray. Toray was a young dreamer when Link met him. They became instant friends, and the were combat buddies. Link had a whole adventure set around his brown, messy headed friend. Toray was now Pamela's, Malon's gorgeous assistant, husband. Beside Toray was the famous Princess Zelda. Zelda waited for her counterpart to come, but even in frustration, Zelda was purely beautiful. Most people say that Zelda and Link should have been married, but the truth is that Zelda is Link's sister. Link found this out when a man named Donovan tried to get his hands on a Triforce. She was the ideal wife for every Hylian. She stood by another friend, although this one doesn't have a great history with Link. Fierce Deity. He was the only fighter that the earth nearly lost to. He had platinum hair, and he had a mysterious eye painting. He was calm and cool in every action, while his anger was clearly expressed in every blow. Link had to kill him in his greatest adventure, but he came back to life. Now he was good. Link would rather he be a friend than an enemy.

The crowds around the yelled and roared, and fireworks flashed off in the horizon. Link was watching on the ground floor. Tele had dazzled his crowd, as well as his competition. Now only one obstacle stood in his way. His best friend, Moonblitz a.k.a. Kleiter. Link had always wondered where Moonblitz and his father had gone to over the last couple of years. Moony, Link's friend, was a talented fighter, though he used to be in love with himself. Link defeated him at his first tournament, and Moony changed. Now he had a son, and he had left with his son to train him. Moony now stood on the other side of the ring, waiting for the fight to start.

Tele wore a blue tunic and red gloves. He held a sword made by the greatest wielders, and he held a shield that used to belong to the king of Hyrule. Moonblitz wore a blue long-sleeved shirt with a black design in the middle, and he wore all black pants and boots. He had a bandana to cover up his hairline, although strands of his black hair rose above his bandana. Tele wore a large grin, while Moonblitz gave a classic smirk. Tele unsheathed his sword, as did Moonblitz.

"So, you finished your training? Good," Kleiter remarked. Tele was still grinning, "Tele, what is so funny?" Moonblitz gave a look of confusion. Tele then breathed in and spoke.

"I'm just excited. I finally get to fight you again. We haven't fought since the time you ran away!" Tele busted out. Kleiter then laughed out.

"Well, I was trained by the second best. You may be stronger, but I will be great! Defend yourself!" Kleiter yelled. He rushed Tele, and gave a shattering blow upward. Tele threw his sword up, and then he lowered it to dodge Kleiter's second shot. Tele then back flipped to get away.

"Wow, you got stronger!" Tele yelled. Even after two throws, Tele could notice the power rise that Kleiter went through. "Blitzer! How did you get that much stronger! Usually, I would have won already!"

"You're unguarded! Big mistake!" Blitzer rushed forward.

"Oh! You wanna fight like that! Oh, you got me mad!" Tele rolled left to dodge Blitzer's attack. Blitzer turned around and swung madly at Tele. Tele ducked under the first throw, and he blocked the second. Kleiter slashed upwards at Tele, and missed, slicing a few hairs in the process. Tele then hit Blitzer's hand up, and he punched him in his unguarded stomach. Blitzer doubled over, and coughed loudly. The crowd stood in cheers and claps, while Tele stood over Blitzer.

"Look at them fight! They fight better than most adults!" Toray yelled out. Zelda and Malon were holding each other's hands and jumping up and down. Link and Deity stood in complete attention.

"Deity, do you feel that? Tele should have finished him. Kleiter is so much stronger," Link whispered to Deity. Deity nodded slowly, and he regained his eagle like stare.

"Moony did a great job training him. I think Blitzer is holding back, but Tele is, too. This is going to be a great match," Deity remarked. They concentrated on the match again.

Blitzer got to his feet, and he wiped some sweat away from his face. His eyes darkened, and he rushed again. Tele was caught off guard, and Kleiter knocked him back. Tele kicked up, and he slashed at Blitzer. Blitzer and Tele got into an amazing melee fight, one that the crowd could barely keep up with. The announcer was yelling at the top of his lungs as the two kids slashed and hacked at each other. Blitzer and Tele hit each other's swords away, and the leaped back. Tele charged his sword up, and Blitzer sped towards Tele. Tele spun around on one foot, and the sword discharged the energy in a circle. Blitzer jumped high in the air, and he brought his sword crashing down. Tele then angled his swing, and he still hit Blitzer. Blitzer landed hard against the ring, and he was bounced up in the air. Tele rushed Kleiter while he fell, and he hit him before he fell again. Kleiter then regained himself in mid air, and he rushed forward. When he almost hit Tele, he looped around, and hit him from behind. Tele shot up, and they swung at each other's head at the same time. Tele and Kleiter stood in the middle of the ring with their sword together.

"Whoa! That was amazing! They could get stronger than us if we get lazy!" Toray yelled. Link and Malon were yelling and cheering, and Deity and Zelda had even hugged each other when Tele hit Kleiter with the spin attack. They caught themselves, and the backed away, blushing furiously. Link laughed out loud when he noticed that. Zelda then cheered around, and Deity got into his eagle like stare again.

"Tele! Great fight! Now, I have to beat you," Kleiter stated, "I know that you are stronger than me. My father said that it was in your blood. You are fulfilled by being great. Your power could be unparalleled. That's what my father said. But he took me to twenty different tribes, and I fought five people from each tribe. You have power, I have experience. Now let me show you!"

Kleiter clenched his fist, and gathered energy. Tele rushed, and he was knocked back by a sudden burst of energy. Tele got up, and a blue energy shield was no visible, and it seemed to make a point. Kleiter rushed forward, and the point hit Tele in the chest. Tele landed on all fours, and he stood up. He rushed at the shield, and he hit it right above the point. The shield shattered, the shards struck Tele, burning into his flesh. Tele then charged the tip of his sword, and he shot a beam out of the tip. The beam struck Kleiter, and it crated a suit of ice all around him. Tele swung his sword up, and the ice shattered and cut Kleiter up badly. Blood fell down his forehead, and Tele was kneeling on the ground.

"Nice attack, Kleiter," Tele commented.

"Great move. I couldn't block it. I have an attack just like that, but I can't control it. Tele, look in the sky," Tele glanced at the sky. Now, the moon had risen above the horizon, and the sea of diamonds called stars stretched across the velvet blanket called the sky. Tele's eyes were fixed on the moon when his dreams were interrupted by Kleiter, "Tele, how about after I beat you, we train together."

"Well, I have to change one thing." Tele grinned, and he spoke through a laugh, "I still have to beat you!" Kleiter laughed, and he looked at the stands of cheering people. A group of beautiful girls were yelling at the top of their lungs to attract attention. They all yelled out their affections of Tele and Kleiter. Tele felt his face burn, and Kleiter laughed.

"Well, we should have expected this. We are two educated, strong, and famous boys. And we are at the age where we will start to grow feelings to girls. That's why you are blushing. Now, back to the fight. That moon is gonna give me strength. You see, I am a Tsukikage. A Tsukikage is a person who is one part Palinon, three parts Hylian. We get a tremendous strength from the moon. And now I will show you my other special technique!" Blitzer clasped his hands together and he drew more energy. The moon cast a beam at Blitzer, and his energy shot higher than ever. Tele gathered spare strength, and shot a beam of fire, as Blitzer shot a beam of energy. The two beams collided, and when the smoke from the enormous, earth shaking shot cleared, Tele and Blitzer were fighting in the middle of the ring.

Tele was hit hard, and he fell back. He kipped up, and he lowered his leg, as he charged his sword. I hope this works. Green power surrounded the sword, and Tele rushed. Blitzer tried to block, but the power from the blast knocked him down. He got up, and threw a punch at Tele. Tele leaned back, and did a thrust at Kleiter. Kleiter blocked it, and Tele and Kleiter looked in each other's eyes. Kleiter then swung up, and Tele's sword went up with it. Moony released one hand from his sword, and made a dragon fist at Tele. A powerful beam shot out of fist, and Tele was launched back. He landed against a stand pole, and the pole snapped his hand. The match was finally over. Kleiter had beaten Tele. Kleiter punched the sky, and he threw his sword away.

Floods of people stormed out into the ring, and they surrounded Kleiter. Link and the others who were with him were in shock.

"I don't believe it. Tele lost! Aw Man!" Link and Toray sighed. Deity exhaled loudly, and walked out. Malon leaned against Link, she looked crushed. Zelda walked off to her assistants, and she silently congratulated the two brave boys.

"Tele!" Link yelled. Tele had his face hidden, and it sounded like he was crying. Link walked up to him, and lifted the pillar off. He patted Tele on the head, and tried to see what Tele looked like after defeat, "It's okay. You gave a good fight. You took a good blow, you should cry."

"I'm not crying," Tele said. He raised his head, to reveal a large grin, "I'm glad that I had so much fun!" Link grinned too, and he was relieved. "Dad, can I go celebrate with Blitzer?" Link nodded.

Tele and Blitzer were shaking hands, dancing in celebration, and the group of girls and a couple of other friends were hanging around Tele and Blitzer. Tele was having a great time when a person caught his eye. She wore the Bremen mask on the top of her head, so that you could see her face. She had brown eyes, and in her hand was a green ocarina. Blond hair fell from under the mask. Tele stared at her in amazement. He had never seen such a beautiful girl in his short life. He was about to walk to her, but one of the screaming girls hugged Tele tightly. Tele looked at her pleadingly. She gave a mischievous smirk, and she played a song on her ocarina. The song echoed off, and a horde of large birds came down. They rounded up the people, and they directed them to work. They were Bremen. They would round people up if the song was played, and make them do hard labor. Tele had been in the presence of a Bremen when his mother wanted to punish him. Now, everyone was doing various jobs for the Bremen, all because a fanatic girl couldn't stay away from Tele.

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