New Hylian Letters

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New Hylian Letters

Postby Kasuto of Kataan » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:46 am

This is a repost from the old version of the Vinculum (from 2002), that is only here for my own sanity because it took me forever to find it. So the one or two people a year who still visit might appreciate it.

I finally brought my N64 home and was able to look at some of the glyphs in the game, and I picked a few out to use for new letters in the Hylian Language. Some of the characters in the game are exactly the same as ones I already have, and some are so close that I didn't bother to use them. But I found a few that are unique enough to add to the official language. Here is a list of new characters and their sounds, which will eventually be added to the official pages and to the Hylian font:

Image kh
This letter is kind a cross between a K sound and an H sound. It's almost like a hacking sound. It is just like the "ch" in the German "Bach".

Image dh
This sound is quite common in English. It is a voiced version of the Hylian th, it sounds like the "th" in English "the" or "this".

Image û
This is a new vowel, the only English vowel sound that I didn't have originally. It sounds like the "oo" in "book" or "good".

Image ts
This is closer to the Japanese "tsu" than it is to simply t and s put together. It should be pronounced as a single sound. It would be similar to the japanese "ts" in "tsuzuku" or the initial "z" in German words like "zwanzig".

Image ch
Sounds just like the "ch" in English "church".

Image ñ
This one is more tricky. It is NOT pronounced like the Spanish ñ, which sounds like ny. This letter is a nasal letter, that is common in English. It sounds just like the English combonation "ng" like words ending in -ing. This letter always comes directly after a vowel. The Hylian word "langve" previously used the "ng" combination to create the "ng" sound. But I will change the spelling to "lañve" to make it fit the new letter. So basically, this letter sounds like "ng" in English "sing", "sang", "sung", or "song".

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