I'll just leave this here...

Do you have the habit of going off topic, or have the unconscious desire to do nothing but ramble endlessly? In this subject, being off topic is the norm. If you want a conversation, or just want to ramble, here's the place to do it.

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I'll just leave this here...

Postby Kasuto of Kataan » Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:59 pm

Here's an interesting little tidbit I found while browsing the Something Awful forums. I like to read the various TV and movie discussion topics, and I saw this little gem in the Seinfeld topic. It's basically a bit of dialog from Seinfeld if it took place in the Zelda universe:

George: She had a fairy, Jerry.

Jerry: A fairyjerry?

George: (sarcastically) Ha. HA, ha. A fairy. It's like a little point of light. Apparently they all have 'em. They just follow you around. From birth.

Jerry: So? What's the problem?

George: Well... do you think... it has to watch? When you're...

Jerry: Visiting Gerudo Valley?

George: Yeah.

Jerry: Not only does it have to watch, I hear that sometimes they join in. Some men would call that a threesome.

George: *perking up* Really?

Jerry: *nodding* No. At best, what you've got there is a two-and-a-tenthsome.

George: A two-and-a-tenthsome?

Jerry: Yup.

George: I've never had a two-and-a-tenthsome before.

Jerry: Few men have. You have to ask yourself - is the extra tenth really worth the risk that you'll be disappointing two women? It is a woman, right?

George: Well, it's a fairy. They're all female.

Jerry: No they're not!

George: They're not?! Oh, god! It's our third date tomorrow! I can't ask now!

So please, use this thread to post any silly things you come across on the Internet or real life. There are no rules, just post any crap that comes to mind. This will be the epitome of Off-Topic Bantering and Rambling.

:smug: (I love the smug face. It should be automatically assumed that every post I ever make will include this emoticon)

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