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This is where you should post if you want to tell the world about your website. It doesn't have to be a Zelda site, it can be anything. The only restriction is that there is to be no plugging of sites that are hateful, or unsuitable for young people, like hate sites or porno sites.

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Rules for this subject

Postby Kasuto of Kataan » Thu Jul 31, 2003 7:15 pm

This section is for all you established or newbie webmasters. Here you can publicize and promote your web site all you want. It doesn't have to be a Zelda site or a gaming site, it can be just about anything. But please make sure the site you list is appropriate for this forum. No hate sites (KKK, Nazis, etc.) will be allowed. And please don't post links to sites that are inappropriate for young people, such as porno sites or sex sites. If any site your linking to has content suitable to younger people, but may contain unsuitable content, make sure to tell people that. For example, a site like "", or "" would not be allowed. But a site such as a fanfic site that might contain "lemon" stories is okay, as long as you make sure to let people know that it has some adult material. And please, not hentai sites either.

You can also link to sites that you didn't make, such as recommending some site that you like. But the same rules apply to those sites as well.

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