Legend of Zelda: Night's Shadow(MMORPG)

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Legend of Zelda: Night's Shadow(MMORPG)

Postby anonamis » Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:46 am

this is my game I started it around august it uses Zelda Sprites but not tiles(sorry to say I couldn't find any) The server is not yet 24/7 buthopefully it will be soon:


And yes for all the legal ppl in the world their is a legal disclaimer
but if yu want to skip that go directlly to the forums
(The game is right now in BETA so all help in finding gliches and all will be appreciated)

Edit: The sites aren't Up-To-Date just so you know
I hope you guys/girls like it
EDIT: My Character names in game are:
HK Kayokane(Admin Character) (Lvl: 999),
Albrecht Kor(lvl 6), and
HK Siegfried(lvl: 26)

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