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BBcode Update

Postby SilverXCIV » Thu May 30, 2013 11:49 pm

I noticed while trying to make my latest post to Gaming Discussion that some of the code listed on BBCode's tags reference page don't work.

1. [S] for striking out text. Usually only used in the sarcastic comments but I feel like this was here before at one time unless it's a different code.

2. [ol][ul][li] Ordered list, unordered list, and list item respectively. this is just a shorthand code that can number a list of things or sort them as bullet points is [ul] is used. Ordered list isn't as useful because we can number things ourselves but I'll address this more later.

3.Full version: [img width={width} height={height} ...]{url}[/img] Another variant (shorthand): [img={width}x{height}]{url}[/img] These are used to edit the height and width of a linked image. Something I was trying to do so the new topic would be a bit more appealing but I had to do it by hand and failed.

There are a few more but I'm mainly wondering if this would be doable? I understand that some tags like video playing on the forum could conflict with our bandwidth but others like strike through, lists, and image re-sizing are just nice little additions that can help members make their posts more organized and maybe even promote higher quality content on The Vinculum. Or maybe I'm just being a dreamer because I'm an older member who wants to see life pumping through this place once again.

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