4th August 2011

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4th August 2011

Postby FightingTorque » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:26 pm

I'm not letting it be a whole year between poems. Anyone care to suggest a name for this one?

Sunlight, August-angled,
Encroaches on curtain fold.
Its stark geometry, mirth-yellow, cast on the wall
Heralds the day, scalds the blood,
Sets dust stars ablaze.

With reptilian languor,
Fingers slog across a fractal landscape
Of duvet and arid skin.
Lids slide back and glazed visions meet again.
Faces snake through acrid breath,
Lip scrapes lip, and crumbles.

And those few words
Crackle from the throat oases,
Quenching the lethargy, whetting the first moment of always.
"Little bug, little bug... I might mistake you for a grain and put you in my cereal..."
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