I re-registered at Fanfiction.net

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I re-registered at Fanfiction.net

Postby Kasuto of Kataan » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:16 pm

The long feud is finally over. I decided to re-register at Fanfiction.net. Unfortunately, my old account there was deactivated, and they said it couldn't be reactivated. So I registered again under the name Kasuto of Kataan I. So in case anyone sees my stories pop up there, it's me and not an impostor.

I decided that I could use a little more exposure. I'd like to eventually see this site and community become more active again. Hopefully introducing a new generation of readers to my stories will help drive a little interest. Remember that I posted my first fanfic 11 years ago. That's a long-ass time.

Anyways, work continues on "In Thine Image".

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