Rambling in this Forum (please read)

Are you a new member? Never been to the site before and just discovered the message board? Or have you been to the site but just never bothered to come to the message board? No matter what your story is, this is the place for new members to introduce themselves. So come on in and join the party. This forum is also for old members who are returning, i.e. "I'm back" messages, and for people who are leaving the forum.

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Rambling in this Forum (please read)

Postby Lysia » Fri Oct 03, 2003 2:43 pm

Some members do not seem to be clear with the 'rules for this forum' so I will reiterate - spamming and useless messages are not allowed.

The idea of this forum, in particular when welcoming new members (as this seems to be where the problem is) is to say Hi and make new members feel welcome. Instead, what I often see is members using every topic here as an excuse to ramble. If you look at it from the new member's perspective, when they log back in and read their topic, they are going to have no clue what is going on.

So if someone says "Leave your sanity at the door" do not take this as your cue to post whatever you feel like. And don't just go into every topic and post the same message over and over, like "HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", because this is also spamming. Please try and make each user feel welcome, because this is the idea of the Vinculum, that it is a place for everyone, and no-one should get put off by nonsense posting, or some of the topics people have gone off on. (and some of these have been inappropriate in general).

Please just stay on topic. If the problem continues I will delete any posts that are not related to the topic, so don't use this forum to raise your post count (this is not on).

Also, to any new members, if you have questions about any part of this forum, you can post them in the "Forum Help" section, or PM one of the moderators if you are not clear on any aspects of the rules.

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