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Post Your Own Work

This section is provided for everyone to post their own fanfiction and poetry, without having to wait for the webmaster (I like giving myself lofty-sounding titles) to update the site. You can freely post any type of fanfiction or poetry, as long as it relates to Zelda in some way. That includes things like crossovers, movie-script type stories, or pretty much anything you can think of. I don't censor stories like some sites, but if your submission could offend some people (things like graphic violence, vulgar lanuage, sex), use the appropriate rating.

Most Recent Story:

When 9 decades quite a few years
By: rubizhong


| Rated G | 1 Chapters | 193 Words|

Random Story:

Teh Best PWP Evar!!!!!!!7
By: Bongo Bill

It's the entire cast of the previous six fics of the same series as this, written by the same author and on the same computer using the same copy of Microsoft Word 2000, in another wacky adventure that's...

| Rated PG | 1 Chapters | 2562 Words |

If you want to post a story, and you're new here, please read the rules first.

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