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This section is to expose all the dregs of the Internet. Most people out there are perfectly cordial and respectful, but some fall through the cracks. This small part of my site is to humiliate those losers out there in the hopes that they will never bother us again, and perhaps to discourage future lamers. This section contains a couple flamers that put nasty comments in my guestbook, as well as the lowest of the low: plagiarizers. Yes, if I find out that anyone is stealing someone else's work and claiming as his own, he will be publicly humiliated.

Another Flamer

From: Stephanie Johnson

Hello. I'd like you to know that I'm spreading bad word about your site. In your ramblings, you say left handers are better than right. I happen to be ambodextrious and you are insulting half of me and praising the other? That doesn't make sense! It's inside what counts, not what hand you use. All you seem to care about is insulting people, writing fanfics with extreme violence and not telling people what is in it, and let people cuss, use sexual content in whatever they write. And only half the time you warn us! I'm sick and tired of putting up with this crap, and my friend Meg is too. We're on the edge of starting and I hate kasuto club, and having a bunch of people join it. You even insult people because they don't like the new look of the next Zelda game! You insult people because they like iMacs. You insult people because they like ps2s. Well I'm sick and tired of it. Dude you're goin down if you don't delete that crap! You act like your better than everyone else just because you're left handed. My best friend is left handed and she never makes fun of anyone, or acts like she's better than anyone else!

~A person who is sick and tired of this crap

The first thought I had was that this was a joke. This person obviously is super-sensitive, and if someone can't take a joke, then they shouldn't read my editorials. Anyone who reads "Kasuto's Ramblings" should know that they are not meant to be taken seriously. That's why I call them ramblings. The person I seem to have offended obviously has no sense of humor, and doesn't have the intellectual capacity to understand sarcasm. Last time I checked, this was my website. I have the right to free speech, and I have the right to put whatever I want on my website. I'm not going to let some stupid bleeding-heart who can't understand a joke tell me what to do with this site. Although I cater this site to all the Zelda fans out there, the fact remains that this is MY site, and I will write and post whatever I damn well please. If you are offended, then that is your problem. Deal with it. And you should know that I always put flames in my hall of shame. So you were just asking to be made fun of. Go ahead and do your worst. Spam me or whatever. I don't care. I have hundreds of people that disagree with you. Maybe you should ask them how they feel about me and this site.

Central Chat

Description: An IRC network that hosts various chatrooms
Web site:
IRC Address:

Please note that this issue was resolved long ago. The owners of Central Chat apologized and fired Enzo. So they should be fine to use now.

The first chat room that I got for this site was hosted on the Central Chat network. For a while it was just fine, people chatted there and I had no problems with it. I had it going for a couple months until an incident happened. On May 8th, 2002, at about 9:00 PM Central Time I received a complaint from one of my frequent visitors that he and other people were being harassed in the chat room. Upon visiting the chat room, I received the same treatment. I was being demeaned, teased, and called various dirty names. The offenders were also kicking out chatters and banning them from the chat room just for kicks. At first, I figured that they were immature punks who were somehow toying with the system. Upon further research, I discovered that the guilty parties were not just jackasses with no lives, they were administrators of the chat network. This simple fact infuriated me, that the people who run this chat network, the ones who are supposed to prevent stuff like this, were breaking their own rules and harassing people. The fact that they were treating my friends like crap also made me very angry. I went into the chat room and made sure to let the idiots know that I was pissed off, and that I would do everything in my power to discredit and humiliate them. I immediately posted a notice on my site telling people not to visit that chat room. Needless to say, I was royally pissed off at these people. I immediately emailed the person who founded the network and expressed my dissatisfaction, but I have received no response. I also emailed the support person, the one who is supposed to fix problems like this, only to find out that he was one of the perpetrators. Basically, I was snubbed by these people while they sat on their high horses and got a high from acting like idiots. So this is my form of retaliation, public humiliation. I recommend that you email these people to express your dissatisfaction, and to tell them that they should act like adults. I wouldn't be surprised if the people that run this service are little whiny brats who still wear diapers. What follows are the nicknames of the offenders, and all the information I was able to find out about them.

Nickname: Enzo
WHOIS Information: Enzo is guardian@ * Anonymous
Enzo is a registered nick
Enzo using Centralchat server
Enzo is a Technical Administrator
Enzo is available for help.
Enzo is a Services Root

Yes, it's true that this guy is an administator of the site. He also owns one of the servers that hosts the Central Chat network. Regardless of what the WHOIS information says, I wouldn't recommend going to him for help. This guy is obviously an immature little brat who doesn't know how to behave. Mommy needs to give him a time-out.

Nickname: Pikachu

WHOIS Information:  Pikachu is * [#mercyground infobot]
Pikachu using Centralchat server

He is obviously one of Enzo's lackies. He is what they call a "bot" on the network. He's another person who is supposed to help users and give them useful information. I have some useful information for him: The Pokemon fad hs gone, get a life.

Nickname: Togepi

WHOIS Information: Togepi is * Herbal Bot
Togepi using Centralchat server

Another "bot" and another one of Enzo's cronies. There's really nothing new to say about him, except that he was also abusing people. I don't know what it means that he's an "herbal" bot, but I wonder if he's been smoking a little too much of the herb, if you know what I mean.

Nickname: Silence

WHOIS Information: Silence is ~TryHarder@ * Guess Who?
Silence is a registered nick
Silence using Centralchat server

I really don't know who this guy is, or what connection he has with Enzo. But my gut says that he's probably another one of Enzo's dumb friends. As far as his degree of guilt goes, he was on par with Enzo.

I was informed a few days ago by one of the frequent contributors to the site, Alexandra Spears, that someone on the Internet was plagiarizing her stories. Since I enjoy reading her work and have respect for her as an author, it outraged me that something like this could happen. As a friend to her, the thief will be mocked for all time. Here are the details you might need to know:

Name: Jesse Wilson
E-mail: I was informed that this person used his cousin's computer to post the plagiarized stories.
Website: (Former) Staff member of

This loser was caught by Alexandra posting stories that she wrote on his website. He is, or was, one of the staff members of the Zelda Quest web site, a hostee of Zelda Games. He posted two stories on his page's fan fiction section under his own name and under the titles "Hyrule's Nightmare" and "Spell on Zelda". These stories were actually written by Alexandra Spears under the titles "Nightmare in Hyrule" and "Under His Spell" respectively. Did he think that changing the titles would magically make the stories belong to him? I read these stories and the text exactly matches Alexandra's stories. What kind of person has the audacity to steal the exact text of someone's story and claim it as his own? This person must either be very dumb, very mean, or have some kind of desperate need for praise and attention. I have been informed that the website will remove the plagiarized story and that the staff member has been fired. If you hate plagiarizers as much as I do, feel free to email him and tell him what you think. People should let thieves like this that they won't stand for plagiarism.

Sent: Thursday, July 5, 2001, 18:08:26
Name: Eric Draven
E-mail: 6(sic)
Hometown: chicago, ill-uh-noiz

i feel bad for you man, get out of the house and get a life, u have an mp3 of your dog for fuck sake, what`s  wrong with you? that`s not normal, anyways im gonna leave this site and pretend i didn`t come here. That dog should be put to sleep. Have you ever had a sexual relationship with " buffy wuffy woofums" ?    that`s gay man.....anyways have a nice day :)

MY RESPONSE: First of all, who's the one here who doesn't have a life? Wasting your time to send a message like this seems to also constitute not having a life. Frankly, I don't see why you should even care what I do in my free time. Are you me? Do you live my life? You have no right to tell what I should do in my free time. It just so happens that I don't like to "go out". Sure, I hang out with my best friend a lot, and he doesn't like to go out either. It just so happens that I derive no enjoyment from cruising around the town and doing stupid things like you probably do. I prefer to spend my time inside, that's true. But I don't sit around and do nothing like you probably do. I instead like to do things that better myself. Taking pictures of my dog just happened to be a small thing I did that took up only a tiny amount of my spare time. I spend my time expanding my mind and my horizons. I do a lot of reading, I watch the Discovery channel, and I write. Unlike some people, I plan to make something of myself. I am going to college this fall, and I will major in biochemistry. If you had the audacity to pollute my guestbook with your sick comments, then I think it's safe to assume that you either have severe mental problems, or that you're not the shiniest coin in the fountain. I have probably forgetten more than you'll ever know. So don't try to tell me what to do. And why do you have a problem with my dog? What did she ever do to you? I can handle people making fun of me, but making fun of my dog is something else. You must have never had a dog. You couldn't possibly understand that the dog is not just some animal, she's a member of the family. If I didn't like your sister, or mother, or cousin, would you want me to suggest euthanizing her? Accusing someone else of having a sexual relationship with an animal when they haven't is often a sign of the person's own insecurities about his sexuality. I hope for your sake that you're not just trying to hide your own deep-seated mental problems by trying to project them onto someone else. This is the type of person I was referring to in my AOL editorial. Notice the nonsensical comments and disorganized syntax and grammar. Next time you use model glue, make sure not to inhale so much of it. One more thing. I know that you obviously don't live in Chicago. I traced the IP number of the computer you used to send this message. It came from a computer connected to the New Brunswick telephone company routed through the University of New Brunswick. That's quite a ways from Chicago.

Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2001, 21:37:30
Name: Mark Maibroda
Hometown: Calgary

Hey Kasuto you and your whole *&%$!@# website suck only cause your american and they all suck.

Could this message be from the same person as above? I'm not quite sure, but I suppose anything's possible. First of all, this flamer incriminated one of the frequent contributers to my site, who will remain nameless. This message came from the same computer as one of my online friends. Apparently, this loser use the other guy's computer when he wasn't looking. Next time you want to send a flame, use your own damn computer. Now, this person obviously has some kind of beef with Americans. I believe there is a term for hating a group of people because of their nationality. I think it's called...let me think...oh yeah, racism. This is a prime example of a racist who is wasting the Internet's bandwidth and is breathing our air. If you hate my website so much, why are you going to it, and why are you wasting your time to post a message in my guestbook? Next time, keep your hateful comments to yourself. I belive in free speech, but if you want to exercise that, use someone else's guestbook, not mine.