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bEnkati kaz niatore d@a taz langve hilana

Bėnkati kaz niatore da·ia taz langve hilana

Welcome to the Hylian Language Institute

I've seen a couple web sites out there that have so-called "Hylian dictionaries", but there are few entries and most of them are not very useful. This page is different. While other sites only have a few random entries, this one will develop a whole language. I am currently creating an alphabet, grammar rules, and a dictionary. I intend to create a working, speakable language. Please feel free to submit words and phrases, but I will correct them to follow the grammar rules.

fonte hilana

Fonte Hilana

Hylian Font
Download this True Type font if you want to be able to type Hylian characters on your computer. The keystrokes for all the characters are explained along with a tutorial on how to install the font. Necessary in order for the Hylian text to display correctly.

nioSe kaz langve hilana

Nioshe kaz langve Hilana

Introduction to the Hylian language
This gives a basic overview of the language and its history. I also explain why I decided to invent this language, and some inspirations for it. I recommend you read this first.

taz akt@e hilana

Taz akta·ie Hilana

The Hylian alphabet
Learn the rules and sybols for writing in Hylian script. It lists all the characters as well as how to transliterate Hylian characters into standard Roman characters. Also learn the proper pronunciation of Hylian letters.

wirtEn hilanan

Wirtėn Hilanan

Hylian Verbs
Learn the rules for conjugating and using Hylian verbs. Very important if you want to learn the language.

sonEn hilanan

Sonėn Hilanan

Hylian nouns
These are all the rules for using Hylian nouns.

asonEn hilanan

Asonėn Hilanan

Hylian Pronouns
These are all the rules for using Hylian pronouns.

taktEn hilanan

Taktėn Hilanan

Hylian Adjectives
These are the rules for using Hylian Adjectives.

nImSEn hilanan

Nļmshėn Hilanan

Hylian Numbers
The symbols used to indicate Hylian numbers and mathematical notation. Also explains how numbers are used.

arkTEn j@nan

Arkthėn Ja·inan

Common Expressions
These are some common expressions and phrases you might hear in your travels to Hyrule. It includes greetings, salutations, forms of address, and slang. Please note that this section includes Hylian expletives, or swear words. If you are offened by swear words, skip the Expletives section in this page.

taz daksunare hilana

Taz daksunare Hilana

The Hylian dictionary
Looking for a particular word? This is the largest Hylian dictionary on the net, and the only one based on real grammar rules. Has both a Hylian to English and an English to Hylian version.

lErdiSe hilana

Lėrdishe Hilana

Hylian Literature
See examples of Hylian literature, such as prayers and poems.
Sections Hylian to English