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The Power of The Triforce by The Power of The Triforce
[Reviews - 69]
Summary: All my official stories of the Legend of Zelda games! I write the entire of the game into a book, although with comedy and some improvements. NOTICE: THIS SERIES DOES INVOLVE SWEARS AND INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT. THIS MUST NOT BE SHOWN TO ANYBODY BELOW THE AGE OF 17.
Categories: Fan Fiction
Characters: Darunia, Ganondorf Dragmire, Impa, Link, Malon, Nabooru, Princess Zelda, Rauru, Ruto, Saria
Genres: None
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Parent Series: None
Stories: 1
Open Series: Closed

The Power of The Triforce: Twilight Princess by The Power of The Triforce Rated: NC-17 Round robin starstarhalf-star [Reviews - 56]
Summary: The official full-length story of Twilight Princess.
By the way, This story involves high language and high amounts of violence.

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Link, Princess Zelda ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 1 | Completed: No | Word count: 297 ]

Published: Apr 09, 2013 | Updated: Apr 09, 2013

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