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As I sat there, I wondered why everything had left me. My family… My friends…

No. They did not leave me. They did not ever betray me. I know they didn’t. It’s not and never will be my companions’ faults or mine. It was their fault.

And it grew to this hatred of them. It made me go mad, yet I did not ever think of it that way. I hated them, more than anything in the world.

And at first I ignored this, and went along my way, trying to make new friends and companions. Someone to talk to, but they never listened. They thought me an old, weak, and poor man who would be on his deathbed the next day.

And I waited for that day that I would finally meet death just like my friends and family. But it never ever came.

I still remained the same old man, night and day. And I longed for the day that I would never wake from my sleep.

Then I had the idea of killing myself right there and now, but fear took me away from the idea. It was confusing. I was an old courageous warrior who grown to an old man, and after all that experience, I was still afraid of death. Even after I longed for it to come soon enough. It was shocking and embarrassing to think about.

But I only thought about that once. And the rest was hatred of them. Those who took them away to peaceful and joyful places while I stayed down here on this corruption... On the hell… Whence I had always been good to them in my younger days. I swore to them that I would remain loyal and serve them.

And now, I still hate them, for what they tortured me with. I cannot forgive them. I envy my friends and family, but not only that, I envy them.

And besides my hatred for them, I had this confidence in my sword that I kept by my side. I wondered how skilled a goddess was with the sharp metal that released life’s precious fuel, and even had the power to take life away with one gesticulation.

And that was when my hatred and curiosity bonded together, for me to cry.

“Goddesses of the Great Hyrule and the Golden Land of the Triforce! Upon my revenge for your torture, I challenge you! If you hear me, please answer my call and correct my ways if I fail. Remove me of this body! I ask of you!”

And I knew right away that they had listened, for a flash of light appeared before my eyes.

When my vision had cleared, I was no longer in my dull old house that was crumbling and old like I was. I was now in a different room; far different from any other room I had seen before.

It was a large room that seemingly stretched out for miles and miles. I didn’t bother guessing how far it was. Red curtains hung from the ceiling, blocking my vision from some parts of this room.

All besides that was the black stone ground upon my feet and the tall ceiling of the same color.

But another had entered this room, which surprised me the most.

She was a simple white skinned girl, in her late teens, with both blood red eyes and long hair that flowed like a river and swirled around as if alive or had no effect of gravity. She was only seen with matching red robes.

No words were spoken from her beautiful and haunting mouth, but I could understand what she was trying to say.

My request was received and fulfilled. Din, the goddess of the shaped land of Hyrule, had accepted my challenge.

She took out a large battle-ax that seemed too large for her to hold it, yet she held it upright with amazing strength from those slender arms and beckoned me to come forth in battle.

I unsheathed my sword from my side and charged. Din, had put up a great fight, and she gave me a hard time as well, but I kept going, urging myself to believe I could win against a goddess.

Soon we both backed away, and Din smiled. She seemed to float as if to deceive me into playing hide and seek. I frowned, not wanting to play a game, but fight a battle.
But she corrected me, for she glided behind a curtain and appeared on the other side with a different weapon in hand. This time, a large saber was held from her hands. It looked slightly different, for it was one larger than a normal Gerudo’s saber.

We started our battle again, and although her attacks were less powerful, they were quicker, causing me to have a harder time. After a while, I became well aware of her strategy of attacks of the saber.

We backed away again, and Din hovered back behind a red sheet. I became angered and didn’t want her to change her item again. So I foolishly ran up and cut through the silky material.

But this was regretted, for Din stood not to far from me with a bow and arrow out and ready to fire, as I was wide open.

Din smirked and then shot the arrow that signaled my defeat. I saw it go straight for my face.

But before it could touch my face, my vision went blank again, and I never felt the arrow.

But I realized that the goddess Din was toying with me all along…

The blankness had died away, revealing my vision again. But now I was in a forest. But this was different from wood or any tree abundant area. Leaves had not fell to the ground, but hovered in different places, as if frozen in time. The winds blew had no effect or power over them. They merely stood there, frozen solid.

Suddenly, they surprised me by moving and whirling around in front of me like a tornado as a trick or a show. But as soon as they gathered and danced around in a circle, they moved away and back to their original places.

But they did not do this action for no reason, by to reveal someone, and it was quite obvious.

A small, pale child stepped forwards. Her forest green eyes seemed to show of excitement and life as her long green hair twirled around like Din’s did. It was not hard to guess that this was Din’s sister Farore.

She had also worn a robe, but a much smaller fit that matched her hair and eyes. She pulled out a slender dagger, encrusted with emerald designs on the hilt and beckoned me forward, with more of a happier demeanor.

I obeyed her command and charged, as she prepared herself for the battle. As I tried to make a slash down with my sword, she rolled into a ball and popped up from the side, surprising me, but I still managed to block the attack.

She was a more amazing fighter than Din. Her dodges and parries were amazingly acrobatic. And she seemed to do some acts that no great acrobat could achieve, whether it was high jumps up in the sky, or amazingly complicated flips that dodged every attack that I made.

Soon enough we both backed away. She smiled and nodded. She then snapped her fingers as the leaves around her began to dance and spin.

After this slight change, we attacked again, and I found it much more difficult to attack. These annoying leaves that swirled around had blocked my vision, but every time I had the chance to remove them from my eyes, they simply moved away as I swiped at them furiously.

And I found it no use to attack them, but that was my mistake. They became closer around me, blocking my vision from the young goddess as she smiled as if nothing had gone drastically wrong.

They had closed in on me like ravaging wolves and I swiped them from my eyes to realize it was too late to block Farore’s last attack.

Another flash of light had clouded my vision once more signaling that I had lost once again.

But I realized that the goddess Farore was toying with me all along…

Now once my vision was regained after the third time, I was in a different place. Now I was at a clear, blue lake that sparkled under the moonlight.

Of course, then I realized that there was no ground for me to stand on, but only a large lily pad for only enough room for I to sit on.

Another lily pad had appeared from under the water along with a woman standing on it.
She at first looked like Din, but then I realized her form seemed much older than her sister’s teenage form. Nayru, as I guessed, looked much older, even though no wrinkles appeared on her white skin. And her eyes had just as much energy. Her lively flowing long hair had no strand of gray.

But unlike the others, she removed a long sword slightly like mine, yet it seemed brand new, while mine was rusted with age.

She wore a royal blue robe that matched her hair and eyes, and she amazingly walked upon the water, and beckoned me forwards.

“It’s safe,” she replied in her beautiful singsong voice that sounded like a lovely harp being played. “You will not sink.”

I trusted her words and took a step upon the water. A ripple formed as I stepped on the still and calm seas.

Nayru then beckoned me for a battle, like every other one of her sisters, and I charged with my blade out.

She was one of the best fighters of them all. For she seemed to know all my moves and how to block them... She predicted every attack and parry I made and dodged them. She was simply not giving myself any chance of winning, and soon I was bit by her sword, but not bleeding at the least.

Instead I landed on the lily pad with a pant, wanting to give up and end my life right now. She understood.

“Your wish,” she sang. “Are you sure that you want death to come upon you, now?”

The words filled my heart with joy. “Yes, I believe my time is over! I have nothing else to live for.”

“Then so be it,” Nayru said in a lower pitch. Her eyes grew with sadness as my vision began to darken this time, as I drifted away.

And I regretted it the very moment I was removed from my body; I had embraced death for it became such pain and agony. It tortured me as I wished I could’ve waited one moment longer.

My mind had played tricks on me.

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